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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  December 13, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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[ gunfire ] ending the conflict in libya - can a summit in libya end the chaos and block i.s.i.l.? hello, you're watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up, france's far-right leader stares into the face of defeat after a key vote an incident involving a russian warship triggers tension between moscow and turkey and at least two are killed in the central african republic
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during a referendum meant to bring stability bad habits have to be broken, those are the words of the u.s. secretary of state john kerry as his country and other world powers were in rome to push factions to form a unity government. they are expected to meet in morocco on wednesday. the country had two parliament when armed fighters overran the capital, forcing the internationally recognised government to take refuge in the east. diplomacy reflects fears, that instability in libya will allow i.s.i.l.-led groups to expand around the si of cert. zeina khodr reports from rome. >> rome is where a united voice
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was expressed to bring about a government of national accord in libya, it was in rome where some of libya's rival factions showed support for the international community's plan. they are expected to sign the deal an wednesday, but there is opposition to the plan. >> there's some inside and outside of libya. for their own selfish purposes, who are uninterested in reconciliation, unwilling to compromise, and who want this process to fail. those who are responsible for violence and those that obstruct and undermine the libyan democratic transition need to be held strongly accountable. >> libya has two governments - the general national congress in the west. and another in the east. there are splits over the deal. the delegates that came to rome represent powerful groups from
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both sides, among them a dem tryings from misrata -- demonstration from misrata, their forces are among the powerful, and they can guarantee the newly form government's security. >> the consensus was to address the problem of security, security in tripoli, to bring the government, which must be based at the end of the day in tripoli back to the capital. the future seeds of the institutions and government of national unity. >> there were encouraging statements by leaders, and they warned that problems need to be resolved, and it could be a long road ahead. the envoy is warning that libya is in a race against time. the military conflict is taking a toll on the population. lawlessness is worsening. it's not just that. world leaders gathered here amid concerns that i.s.i.l.'s growing concerns will give it o gate way to europe.
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that's why libya's rivals are pressured to come together, stop fighting each other and focus on defeating i.s.i.l., under the plan the government will be able to request international military assistance in the fight against the armed group. >> the military option is on the table, and the world is in agreement to prevent libya becoming a base for i.s.i.l. the threat that i.s.i.l. poses is significant. it's concentrated in the area around cert. the international community will tackle this threat in the next few months, the same way we tackle it in other countries. for now, this is a victory. libya seems to be on the road. and in the words of the envoy, the train left the station. power struggles and divisions means that the road ahead could lead to a turn for the worst
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results show that french voters flocked to traditional parties to keep the far right national front out of power. a party led by marie le pen failed to win a single victory had the final round of voting. the ruling socialists appear to have won five regions, and former nicolas sarkozy's center right republican party won 7. jacky rowland with the details. >> reporter: there was no clear winner really from these regional elections, although the center right did gain a couple more regions than the left. however, there was very clearly a loser. and that was the national front. it was a reversal of fortunes for the far right leader marie le pen. hear national front watched as the first-round gains
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evaporated. for a moment the party looked well positioned to win several regions, in the final round french people decided otherwise. le pen tried to put a brave face on the outcome. >> now the separation is not between the right and the left, but the globalists and the patriots. the globalists fight for the solution of france and its people. the patriots believe the nation is the protector of the french, and that is each and every one of you. >> voter apathy worked in the national front's favour. the turn out was higher. with 60% taking part before the elections, the socialist controlled almost every region in france. now it is more evenly divided between the republicans and the socialists. it's clear that the republicans, to an extent benefitted from tackle voting, because in two regions, the socialists pulled
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out of the conflict after the first round and structed the supporters to vote for the republicans to block the extreme right. >> arriving to address the republican party, the former president sarcozy, there was no triumfulism, but a promise to learn a lessen from the first round. >> translation: this mobilization in favour of our candidates must not, under any pretext, make us forget the warnings given to all politicians, including us, in the first round of the regional elections. >> the socialist party bounced back in the second round. the president saw his personal popularity soar after the paris attacks a month ago. nevertheless, the socialist prime minister struck a cautious tone. >> there is no sense of relief or triumph for victory. the danger of the extreme right has not vanished. far from it. i cannot forget the results of
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the first round or recent years. i'm conscious of my responsibility and that of my government. all that obliges us to listen to the french people more, and act. >> reporter: this was the last time french voters went to the polls before the presidential election. >> that is still more than a year away, and the evenly balanced outcome of these elections offers few clues as to the way ahead. >> so a lot of stock taking to be done by the main parties, the government and socialists, looking at the lessons to be learnt by the strong showing for the national front. and seeing how they want better address voter concerns and frustrations before the presidential elections of 2017 earlier i spoke to a
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political analyst at the university of paris. despite their loss, he is says the national front will make an impact on french politics. >> they'll still be a vast politician inside the regions, and it's with local and regional support that you can gain the presidential campaign. so the risk is still here. i think that you will definitely continue to oppose the parties, and, clearly, today, even though there's no national front region, clearly the national front is composing the third party with a three party system in france, and not any more, just two. >> russia's defense military summoned an attache after warning shots from fired. it happened near the greek islands in. one of its destroyers fired to prevent a collision. the russian military says small
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arms were used against the boat after it failed to respond to warning flares. we have more. >> reporter: the turkish foreign ministry confirmed that the turkish military attache was summoned by the foreign ministry and the turks were not giving detail. we know the version of the event was coming from one side, and coming, according to the details, or the version of event that the russians are saying, that the russian ship was close with the approaching turkish ship, and was about 550 meters between the - the distance between the two. the russians tried to establish communication with the turks. that did not work. they used visual signals, and other means to try to persuade the turkish ship to go away. then, according to the russians,
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they had to fire some small arms. after that, the turkish ship went away. all of that comes after the deteriorating relations between russia and turkey. turkey downed a russian fighter jet last month. turkey said it violated turkish air space. the russians were angry and imposed economic sanctions on turkish products. there's heated rhetoric between the two, and things could escalate further a fellow at the washington institute for middle east policies says russia's moves against turkey is an attempt to sow division among the n.a.t.o. members. >> i don't think either side wants a military escalation, and russia is limited.
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russia has economic sanctions and we are seeing angry rhetoric coming out of vladimir putin, the ban on tourism and to forth. beyond that, there's little vladimir putin can do. i think broadly what is important to keep in mind here is that vladimir putin wants to divide the west. everything that he's doing, including what he's doing with cert, in turkey and syria, is he wants to divide western institutions and n.a.t.o. syrian and russian jets targeted the rebel held region killing dozens. that's according to witnesses and activists, saying it's in response to rebel mortifier attacks hitting neighbourhoods in damascus. >> reporter: in this moment of sheer panic and desperation, talk of a truce is irrelevant. bloodied bodies cluttered the floor of a temporary basement clinic. in this rebel strong hold lifeless infants are checked for
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vital signs. on another table, a doctor tries to save another child who lost his legs. the streets of duma are littered with debris and chards of glass, making it difficult to meet those in need. at least 28 were killed, and dozens injured in eastern huta on sunday. most of the victims were children and women at a market and at a school. activists say syrian and russian jets were targetting rebels, who shelled damascus. syria's state-run news agencies said rebels launched mortars, killing a young girl, injuring three others. the latest comment of fire between rebels and the government cams as the huge-- comes as the humanitarian chief toured homes and areas.
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>> the u.n. proposed a ceasefire teel allowing humanitarian aid in, and some civilians to leave. and it's hoped it will lead to a united nations truce. the leader of one of the most prominent armed groups, nusra front is criticizing the proposal, saying the government is no longer in garage. >> translation: the regime lost the power. the army has turned into groups of factions. >> now the armoured troops has more weapons than the regime has. the u.n. says 220,000 has been killed since the start of wash in march 2011. and for the millions of syrians living in this devastation, there appears to be no end in
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sight. more to come on al jazeera. we meet the palestinian family fighting a complicated legal battle to stay in the place they called home for more than 60 years. and why brazil is falling deeper into an economic crisis.
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welcome back, you are with al jazeera, an update of the top stories, a major meeting on libya's future wrapped up in
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rome. political factions urged to establish a unity government. >> the france far right is in third place after the second round of regional elections, voters rallying to the call of traditional parties. and a russian civilians ship fired shots. there has been tension as a fighter jet has been shot down burundi's police have been accused of killing 85 civilians between friday and saturday. most young to middle aged men. police deny the claims, the army saying it killed 79 armed men attacking three compounds in the capital by friday. saturday, witnesses say dozens of bodies were laying in the streets. more than 300 people have been killed in the violence since april when the burundi president announced he was running for a third term. which opponents claim was
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unconstitutional. there are reports that two are dead and 20 others injured in the central african republic as people voted in elections. there was heavy weapon fire in the muslim district in the capital. machine guns and rocket launchesers used near a school where people were cueing to vote on a new referendum. the country is supposed to hold free elections later this month after two years of instability, we have this report on how french and u.n. troops my struggle to stamp out this latest violence. >> french soldiers on patrol in bangui. they have been here for two years. they are not welcome by everyone along with suspects, french and foreign troops have been accused of schoolly abusing children and -- sexually abusing
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children and women. >> beyond this case, there's widespread issue of sexual violence against children. french commanders told al jazeera those involved have been dismissed from duty and are awaiting trial. >> they have denied the application. >> when one interferes, there can be clashes. our mission is to protect all civilians from eminent assaults. >> in muslim areas, the welcome for the french is guarded. the french intervention helped, reduced killing, destruction and looting. the roll is on the decline. the country is vast. we do not have an army.
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french forces have been cut. there's worries that there may be fighting between the rebels. >> the worst here means a massacre. hundreds from both sides if, after two years, the desire is very much alive an explosion in northern pakistan killed at least 26 people and wounded more than 70 others. it happened at a busy market in the town of parachinar, 200 kilometres from peshawar, near the african border. some suffered injuries. >> a palestinian woman was shot after stabbing an israeli. the incident happened near the
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settle. near the occupied west bank. since october, 119 palestinians and 12 israelis died in a wave of attacks. supreme court judges in israel are considering an appeal from a palestinian family threatened with eviction. they lived close to the al-aqsa, stephanie dekker reports. >> reporter: in the shadows of the dome of the rock nora's family has been renting this house for more than 60 years. now she faces a victim. >> they talk about peace. the reality is they are taking the land. >> she should fall under protected tenants who cannot be evict based on abandonment. the family can be evicted if
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it's proven they didn't own the property. it's been proven. the family's appeal. it boils down to a law that it should be returned to the historical owner. >> so the law plies here. the group uses the loop hole. this law, of course, is discriminatory because in the same system. like most of the properties left
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behind in wefrt jerusalem and the rest of israel, all that can be returned. the fear among palestinians, the fear is over time they'll lose their home to more settlers. nora breaks down during the interview. it's not fair, she says, her mother died in the house, all the memories are here. >> over the years there has been an increase in settlement activity here. while timing, a young girl tells nora why are you here, this is our, you are delusional. when i ask what the problem is, she said the court kicked nora out the south african currency is up nearly 5% after president
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zouma appointed a finance minister. it's a familiar face. the appointment coming after the currency which has been suffering, fell to a low on wednesday, when a relatively unknown mp was ponded to the role -- appointed to the role construction is starting on a pipeline designed to take turkmenistan's gas to a pipeline crossing afghanistan, attracting investment to the war-ravaged country. it will go on to supply pakistan, and cross into neighbouring india. it should be completed by 2019. foreign policy analysts outlined the benefits and risks involved with the project. >> the pipeline is - has been
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pushed by washington and brings a variety of potential benefits to many actors. it allows afghanistan to gain a transit revenue, as well as some of the gas produced, and pakistan and india would gain needed access to energy resources. but the main problems have been that the pipeline, as currently laid out. will pass through areas which are either contested in afghanistan, in terms of war zones, or controlled by the taliban. and this was something that began when the taliban was in power, and it was difficult to get the agreement to the project. there's a lot of distrust between pakistan and india. and they've never been able to agree on a project of this magnitude. there's fears in india that
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pakistan will disrupt the supplies to the pipeline as they have done with other projects. so in the end, you have actors who will clearly benefit and there's net benefits and players that can block the project. and it will be difficult to align them all behind them. >> protesters filled the streets of 100 cities in brazil, calling for the impeachment of dilma rousseff. frustration grew over the deteriorating economy, and a scandal that rocked the government. we have this report from sao paulo. protesters filled the main avenue, wearing green and yellow, the colours of the brazilian flag. >> this is the heart of brazilian finance. sao paulo is where president dilma rousseff's workers party was established. one of the founders is 93-year-old elio, disgusted with corruption, he left the party a
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decade ago, filed the petition calling for the impeachment of the president. the crowd roared. when he said dilma, the country is not yours or the workers party. it's our country. one of the protests is a plan of popular phrase. brazilians are set up and pay for the mistakes with others, a reference to widespread corruption in government and the economic crisis in the country. >> youth leader has become a celebrity of sorts. young people who are facing 19% unemployment are immobilized for and against impeachment. >> i believe the majority is against the government. it's a generation that wants a political change. we don't believe in political parties or the politicians that are in power. >> retiree valcuria says she's been waiting for change for
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30 years. she calls dilma rousseff a puppet, and says that she knows that the president is impeached. the next one that replaces her may not be better, but feels it will send a message. >> we can implement impeachment. this is the beginning of the big exchange that we need to hear. >> organizers wanted 100,000 people to turn out on sunday. president rusev supporters are planning protests of their own next week a french street artist has been making new yorkers look up. innovator started to put his video inspired works across paris, and now the big apple is his latest conquest. some of his work in 65 countries around the world has been stolen from buildings in malaysia the latest film in the star wars franchise has been welcomed with the revival
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of an ancient art form. this is r 2d 2 and cp30 in a puppet play. the shadows are cast, projected on to a screen. >> more on everything we are covering here. the address ee tonight - democrats renew a push for gun law us, are they trying to make political capital from a tragedy. i'll ask a democratic member on the house homeland security committee. on the panel is there a right way to respond to mass shooting, and why fear is great business for the n.r.a. this is third. >> americans fear fresh attacks from i


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