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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 15, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EST

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>> fierce fighting continues in yemen right up to a ceasefire that is just gone into effect. hello i'm hazam seeker you're watching al jazeera. ending the war in syria. a new attempt is underway. saudi arabia announces a new alliance saying it will lead a group of 34 mainly muslim organization he against terrorism.
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and off the coast of south america, what is happening to the whales of chile. we begin in yemen, where after nearly a year of fighting, a truce is set to begin. the war is when saudi arabia began targeting houthi reckless. deep divisions in yemen, the war broke out in september last year when houthi rebels took control of the capital sanaa. they are backed by the former president ali abdullah saleh, and fighting force he loyal to abd rabbu mansour hadi. the trigger for saudi arabia and its allies to step in and
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support yemeni rebels with air strikes. the united nations estimates almost 6,000 civilians have been killed since march. 2.4 million people have been forced from their heems and 24 4 million 80% of the population require humanitarian support. zeina khodr is there. will this ceasefire hold and what does the u.n. hope to achieve? >> well, yes, as we understand, the ceasefire has now taken effect. just a few minutes ago, 9 gmt, is that the ceasefire should have taken place on monday, something the united nations announced. all the sides including the saudi coalition.agree coalition.
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but just last night, the government delayed the ceasefire, saying it would take place at a. responsible for the deaths of a saudi and uae commander and we also understand a number of other soldiers in that coalition were killed. now very fact that the warring sides are still committed to this ceasefire is a positive step. like you mentioned those talks are now underway. the united nations is holding the negotiation in an undisclosed location. there is a media blackout but what we do understand is that the negotiating parties are meeting in the town of biel which is approximately 150 kilometers from geneva, so the u.n. imposing a press blackout hoping that this will give every chance for success. they want to avoid statements being made to the media to jeopardize the talks. now the u.n. is hopefully. we heard the u.n. envoy say that
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the conditions are now in place for a political solution but he did not elaborate. >> and zeina, given the attempts to bring an end to this what is the chance of succeeding and is there anything being done to address the taper e-terrible humanitarian situation there? >> this is a chance for success. the government wants the unconditional implementation of u.n. resolution 1226, now the houthis say that they're ready to discuss this resolution but they haven't said that they would agree to it. the houthis want broader discussions, talk about the possibility of a power-sharing deal. now conditions are in place. some analysts will say yes because both the warring sides really are tired. there is exhaustion and it's not just that, the humanitarian
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crisis on the ground is worsening. the u.n. is saying up to 21 million people that's 80% of the population are on the brink of famine. if there is no political settlement, the united nations is hoping to get some kind of agreement to alleviate the suffering of the yemenis, open supply roots so aid can get in, lift so this is something the uniteunited nations also wants o discuss with the warring sides. but like i mentioned the position he of the warring parties are quite far apart and we also have to remember: this is a regional conflict. you have saudi arabia backing the yemeni government of the and being played out across the region. a political settlement is difficult but the u.n. is determined especially since the international community has been issuing warnings ever groups like i.s.i.l. and al qaeda
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exercising influence in the country. >> zeina khodr, thanks for that. informants tell al jazeera, there have been at least 12 suicide attacks in northern and eastern ramadi in anbar province. osama ben javad is in erbil. osama what more do we know about that? >> now then the details are emerging. it's been a bloody day for iraqi forces in anbar province in ramadi in the east in the west and in the north there have been 12 car suicide bombings. we have been told in the north there were six tribal convoys. these are sunni tribes who are fighting along side the government forces. there were six convoys hit by suicide bombings, in the east there were 15 people killed as the tribal sunni fighters and another convoy which was supposed to bring in
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reenforcements are in the front lines in ramadi and that was hit. there were two suicide bombings in the east of ramadi. now, the explosions, one of the most significant attacks that we are hearing of is in the western part. there have been clashes and the i.s.i.l. fighters, after the attack can of the front lines they have taken positions and they have taken over in the area called tami nrveaminshada. this houses iraqi troops but as a forward operating base to try and take ramadi. bearing in mind that ramadi is one of those place where last week we heard iraqi forces made a lot of advance he and it was commendation from all over that after months of fighting they have taken it over but looks like i.s.i.l. is still there and they are still carrying out
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massive attacks. >> osama ben javad live for us in erbil. thanks for that. now u.s. secretary of state john kerry is in russia for talks with his russian counterpart at the start of the meeting with sergey lavrov carey took time to speak out against the islamic state of iraq and the levant. >> on i.s.i.l. or daesh, russia and the united states agree that this is a threat to everybody, to every country. that there is no negotiation. these are the worst of terrorists. they attack culture, and history, and all decency. and they leave no choice but for civilized nations to stand together and to fight and push back and destroy them. >> well, despite all the rhetoric about i.s.i.l. the
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talks between carey and lavrov are expected to focus on the wider war in syria. president assad's role in the future. as one of assad's most powerful allies, russia is conducting air strikes on the regime's behalf. peter sharp has the latest. >> i think the encouraging talks from both sides before the talks got underway, no one is underestimating the difficulties that lie ahead. both russia and the united states will try and narrow down their differences over the next set of diplomatic talks. basically, the future of president assad and also trying to bring together opposition politicians and militias who are prepared to sit down at the table and continue the process. now, that is set on paper anyway, for friday in new york. it seems unlikely that that will
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time-scale will be met. but the opposition groups are saying that it is totally unacceptable that president assad will be present at those talks and, in fact, they would not continue the talks if he was not going to remove himself before the transitional period. >> saudi radio has announced the formation of a new coalition to combat what it calls terrorism. including 34 inflations. gerald tan has the details. >> it was a rare news conference from the saudi defense minister. the announcement was the creation of a new military alliance of mainly islamic nations. >> translator: there shall be an operations route in r riyadh. this announcement comes from
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islamic world vigilance so it can be a partner as a group in fighting this disease. the so-called disease is widespread. the alliance will confront i.s.i.l.'s growing influence in iraq and syria. it also aims to combat the rise of armed groups from mali, nigeria, algeria, pakistan and afghanistan among others. established military heavy weights pakistan and egypt as well as economic ones qatar and the uae notely. iran is absent from the list. it is saudi arabia's main rival, part of the i.s.i.l. conflict are also not part of this. how strong is the alliance? >> i think turkey is very, very significant. they oar very, very significant military power and a member of necessitating. i do think it sends a very, very
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crucial signal that the muslim world particularity the sunni muslim world is united against this sunni led group, i.s.i.l. >> the saudi led government is leading a separate military campaign in yemen. it's been engaged in nine months of warfare against houthi rebels. channeled towards defeating i.s.i.l? that latest coalition could very well be the first step. gerald tan, al jazeera. >> stay with us here on al jazeera. when we come back, military leaders stand tr trial for a fad coup amid mounting violence. in burundi. and how star wars has revolutionized movie merchandising.
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>> hello again a reminder now of the top stories on al jazeera. after more than a year of fighting, a ceasefire is due to begin in yemen. to correspond betwee with peaces between warring sides in switzerland. us secretary of state john kerry is in russia for conference with sergey lavrov. coalition known as the islamic alliance includes
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turkey, quartz, egypt and pakistan. the european union is set to unveil plans that will affect thousands of people fleeing those conflicts. eu has proposed a new border force and coast guard agency in response to the refugee crisis in europe. under the proposal, the eu will have the power to deploy forces without their consent. close to 1,000 enhancement stock compared to about 400 at the current border agency frontex. the union is also requiring stop people from making the dangerous journey by sea. partly because of greece's border control props. the majorities of people who make it to europe do so through the greek islands. john siropolous reports.
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>> this has been the entry point for 800,000 migrants into urine this year. the greeks have clearly been in need of greater assistance than they have so far received from their eu partners through frontex, the existing european borders agency, and they are up to the task of policing european borders and fingerprinting fingg migrants but the sheer number is overwhelming so the greeks evoked emergency status, to provide them with more aid than they have voluntarily done. but the greeks only did this when they were threaten with expulsion from the schengen agreement. only when they can perform the
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position of an independent state. >> it demands that eu and the constituent member states stay divided in order to overcome the challenges of that phenomenon. and i believe the potential of the eu is more than enough to absorb the divisive effects. >> reporter: the greeks have traditionally been pro-europe, they support a european defense policy and they have even preferred to remain within the eurozone, despite years of austerity. but they appear to be reluctant to lose responsibility for border security as well. >> in burundi there are concerns political unrest is getting worse. the country saw some of the worst violence on friday. 87 people were killed. burundi has been increasingly unstable since an attempted coup
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in may. mohammed adow has administer from bujumbura. >> fewer businesses are open. the violence on friday 87 people were killed according to the government. killed in some neighborhoods considered antigovernment and the people there say police came looking for revenge. some of those people who were killed had their hands tied hin theibehind their back, some had bullet holes on the top of their heads, suggest execution-style killing. meanwhile in gete-gga, a town about 100 kilometers away from bujumbura, eight people died and five generals from the army are facing charges of having carried
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out the foiled coup attempt in may. it's this coup attack that burundi is currently experiencing and it's a landmark case watched closely across burundi. >> a human rights watch is urging people to ends the use of child soldiers. in the world's newest country it's been a year since the war began. heba morgan reports. >> with heavy heart and little hope, in the town of malaka, she had broad her six month old daughter who was born with severe defects for a doctor's appointment. >> i give birth to my child in
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june. it was very tough labor but this is what god gave me. the doctors said it's only in jubjewjuba that she can be trea. >> prepared for them at u.n. bases, in different war torn areas of south sudan, thousands of civilians are living in camps like these where it falls with aid organizations to give them food and adequate services. >> the challenges that this group was facing is number 1 this camp was designed to hold a smaller population than what it has now. so that we're having to do with a lot more patienc patients thar facilities were envisioned to support. that puts constraint in terms of supplies, in terms of staffing, in terms of space we use for constructing our facilities. >> reporter: many families live in small spaces with
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limited access to clean water and not enough food to feed all until the next food distribution. peace agreement signed in august of this year mostly remains on paper. the aid organizations may vary in the role they play and the services they deliver but they all agree on one things,ing people here need peace and stability to be able to go home and resume their lives. lives put on hold for two years and maybe a while longer if the peace agreement signed more than 3 months ago is not put to practice. hiba morgan, al jazeera, south sudan. disrupted parliament for the sixth time in just over two months. opposition law make eshe lawmakt an agreement that gives more law
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make to serbia. a u.s. soldier is to face a military court on charges of desertion and bowe bergdahl was faces life in prison if he is found guilty. police in britain have broken up a a scheme of syrian nationals, several of those who traveled using passports are allegedly former members of syrian armed forces. argentina's new conservative president has ended export taxes on key agricultural products as part of his plans to revive a struggling economy. maurice yo macri.
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>> also helped cristina kirchner's services for the poor. investigating one of the largest whale strandings in history. more than 300 dead animals were found on the pacific coast between april and june. lucia newman reports. >> this is the strait of magellan, where normally you can see whais sailin whales, but ina massive graveyard. first 30 dead whales and then 307 in the remote fjords in chile. a discovery that is baffling expert. try to discover the cause. >> translator: in samples taken from the stomach contents
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of the whales we found red tide. this is a toxic poison found in sea plans. why only the say whales and no other animals. if that was the case, we should have found other dead animals and birds. >> reporter: say whales can weigh up to 20 tons. it is not certain these died at sea and were swept to shore. or whether they became beached and disoriented. many other causes besides toxic red tide. >> translator: it could be a virus that affected their hearing system that would explain why they were beached. another reason is if they ran into rocks which changed the magnetism of their hearing which can also disorient them. >> reporter: for more than a century whales were widely hunted here in the straight of
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magellan and all the way up chile's pacific coast. they were sold for their meat for making margarine, soap, corsets, even perfume. today killing whales is illegal in chile and now local scientists are calling on experts to help them consider what is killing the whales that are dying on these shores. the appeal is being made rat this week's marine mammal conference in san francisco. >> this is something that should be studied with more detail so that is why we are asking for collaboration for international colleagues from the international whaling commission. >> reporter: this particular mass death is considered the largest registered in such a short period of time. and a mystery scientists are anxious to resolve. in order hopefully to be able to prevent a repetition. lucia newman, al jazeera, punta denas chilly.
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the crew of the soyuz spacecraft is preparing to lift off. carrying out maintenance work and scientific experiments. now to space of the fiction kind now. the new star wars movie has premiered in hollywood. people camped out for days to be part of opening night, one of the biggest los angeles has ever seen. it reunites the cast of the original trilogy and is expected to make box office records. rob reynolds reports from hollywood. >> stars from the original and newest versions of one of film land's durable and lucrative franchises, droids, storm troopers, star wars episode spefn hundredseven.
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these folks have been here on and off for over a week. >> overnight and in the rain and in the cold and i'm from l.a. so it doesn't matter, man. >> a lot of people would say people who do that must be crazy? >> we're not crazy, we're just fans. >> to be a part of this to see this to feel it, i'm living it, this is the moment. this is awesome. this is busing. >> how excited are you tonight? >> so excited, oh my goodness. i'm excited i can contain myself. >> it could be possibly the biggest in cinema history. three hollywood theaters have been dedicated to screen the premier. >> this has been for the entire year several years, everyone cares about this movie. >> the dark side. >> the movie is predicted to earn one and a half to $2 billion in global box office
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returns. but it is potentially a much larger cash cow for disney, which bought the rights to star wars from lucasfilm three years ago for $4 billion. disney will sell toys, video games, dvds and include star wars experience in its global chain of theme parks. >> i think $25 billion is a good guess for the entire universe they're creating. the movies the games, this is beyond what we could imagine how big this could get. >> in a toy store in swanky beferl hillsbeverly lils, a trus unloaded. relationshiply has got heripleye
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things. >> light savers. >> don't forget, there's plenty more on our website, >> this week on talk to al jazeera, director and producer spike lee. >> oh snap! >> we gonna make sure these fools put down these guns. >> lee's new film "chi-raq" tacklesgang warfare in chicago - and the idea that a "sex strike" could help quell it. while it's a satire based in one inner city, gun violence is an epidemic. >> how long will be... will we... will we bow down beforth


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