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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  December 19, 2015 10:00am-11:01am EST

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>> hello, and welcome to the al jazeera news hour. i'm martine dennis in doha, and these are our top stories. burundi's presidential administration said that it will not allow peace keepers into the country. voters against extra terms. a rare moment of unity.
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endorsing peace for syria. one distric school districts against islamic indoctrine natioization. >> first, burundi's presidential spokesman has told al jazeera that it's government does not want african troops to help keep the peace. a short time ago, we learned why burundi will not accept peace
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keepers. >> there are regulations in accepting peace keepers. we as the government will believe that these regulations have not been followed because the government has not been consulted on this, and we're surprised that troops are being prepared to be sent to burundi, which has fully functioning government, and which has police, which are fully functioning. we don't believe that the u.n. security council will bring a resolution. the peace keepers should be native of burundi. and just recently, the under secretary council here in burundi received an audience by the president of burundi, and he
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went back to the u.n. and said there was no need for burundi to be considering under consent. >> well, that was the presidential spokesman talking earlier. we're live in the capital, so the government really resisting a.u. efforts in order for the african union to send in 5,000 that they have signed up on. what do they now need to do? >> well, martine, burundi has 24 hours to respond officially to the africa union, but they're
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already saying they do not want foreign forces in their countryish and they want to make that legal. parliament will hold a special session where they'll discuss the proposition by the africa union council to bring 5,000 troops to burundi. what the government is saying is that there is peace in burundi. they're only fighting, and it there is absolutely no reason to bring 5,000 troops when they have more than 7,000 troops serving in africa union peacekeeping missions in central africa republic and somalia. they have announced they're going seek another third term in office, and so far the violence has affected every aspect of
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life in burundi. >> burundi is at a critical juncture. the fall out is effecting the economy in one of poorest countries in the world. unemployment is on the rise as well as prices for basic goods. >> there is no business to talk about. we rare regret customers. the prices of goods have gone up, and most people cannot afford them any more. >> supermarkets that people once shopped at are now empty. one of the few foreign businessmen brave enough to stay on. he runs this mobile phone shop. >> i'm doing better than most
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traders. we're hopeful better times are ahead. >> they expect the country economy to shrink this year. the mayor o says it is not well. >> it's difficult for hungry people to listen to the words of their leaders. we ask them to pay taxes and take part in development community matters. >> more than half the population suffers from malnutrition. rising food prices are adding to the pressure on them. diplomatic efforts are made by the international community to stop burundi from sliding back
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into civil war. for most, the fighting may not b be the end of the economic crisis. >> an indication there of how every day life is affected by this--what is still a political crisis, mohammed. tell us more about this initiative that seems to have been revived, this dialogue process that seems to have been received led by the president of uganda. >> yes, appointed mediator by the east african community that is the local--the eveningal groupinregional grouping, they're bringing everyone in the conflict.
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the talks where the africa union has donated money to begin them. the a.u. peace and security councils proposal. >> okay, mohammed. thank you. our correspondent live in the burundi cap pal. >> the ferry with more than 100 passengers on board having sunk off the coast. the ship was on route in the southeast of the island to
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southern suluwsi. we'll bring you more as soon as we get it. voters back the constitution change in the referendum, and it could mean that the president will stay in office. >> the results of the controversial referendum were exactly as expected. people at this pre-planned event celebrated the total from each district was announced by the electoral commission. in all districts nearly 100% of people voted in favor of changing the constitution. he has been president since 2000 but effectively in power since his rebel group ended the genocide and took control in 1994. the changes mean that he can run elections until 2017 and stay in
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power in 2054. >> what is happen something people's choice. ask the people why they want. >> since the referendum was announced ten days ago politicians have been urging support for the changes. they were told people were pressured into attending rallies, but the government said they came freely. >> we'rwe are we are asking parliament to change the constitution because it was against reelecting the president. >> since early in the morning people have been lined up and voted in a quiet and ordinarily manner. supporters of the president said that it's an expression of the people's will that they want to keep him in power. but very few have been openly critical about this. somit's easier to find vocal
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critics in other countries. thithis man speaks out about it and says he's threatened for it. >> the president's supporter said that he's loved for bringing so much to a country that suffered so much violence. but critics say that the political climate makes it impossible to know how popular he really is. >> the police in somalia say that a car bomb has killed at least one person in the center of the capital of mogadishu. 17 were wounded, and the police say that the death toll is likely to rise. the device went off in a busy street close to hotels and
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supermarkets. world powers at the u.n. have agreed on a road map to peace and syria. questions remain over just who will be taking part in those attacks well as the future of of president bashar al-assad. >> an unanimous vote endorsing a clear and ambitious timeline for political transition in jaar with face-to-face talks and possibly a cease-fire in just a matter of weeks. but this resolution was the result of very last-minute negotiations and it's a demonstration of the difficulty of the task ahead that is talks were still under way. diplomats ultimately reporting to the russian foreign minister were fighting with their counterparts over many of the words and details of the resolution.
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when it was finally passed, it was praised by the current president of the security council the united states. >> after four and a half years of war this is the first time we have been able to come together at the united nations in the security council to embrace a road forward. during that time one syrian in 20 has been killed or wounded. one in five is a refugee. one in two has been displaced. the average life expectancy in syria has dropped by 20 years. >> here in the corridors and office of the united nations they now face a tough challenge convening peace talks between the syrian government and syrian opposition. and there are still unresolved questions despite this the man
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charged with leading the peace efforts says it is now do youible. >> do you remember michiga "mission impossible"? well, it is happening. >> but still the president assad is still in dispute and it is again stressing in the address with any which two things. another nation from outside certain vision of what it's leadership should look like.
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>> at one point as he spoke in russian, secretary kerry was not getting the translation on his head set. this on the day the two men as well as the rest of the security council finally negotiated the exact language of the resolution but will those carefully agreed words still make sense to both men when they're put to the test in the coming months. james bays, al jazeera, united nations. >> now, turkey's primary said that you are resolution has not resolved the main issue of bashar al-assad still being in power. >> such resolutions have never sorted out the syrian problems. assad is still there. those people don't want peace for syria. the more assad is there in syria, the more chaos will
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always be there. and assad is not serving their interests. assad is only increasing chaos in the region. that's why all decisions of geneva have not tackled the main issue of assad being there. and turkey will always sort out and bring democracy and stability to this country. >> we've got a lot more to come on this news hour. candidates meet for a third round of debate. we look at the issues dominating the presidential race. hundreds of people protesting nigeria, accusing the government of trying to clamp down on social media.
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we have coming up in sport. >> now sunday's general election in spain is predicted to be one of the tightest races in recent history. neither the ruling people's party nor it's traditional rival the socialist workers' party likely to win the majority. we go to barnaby phillips, spa spain, like greece, has reacted to those years of austerity by changing the political landscape in such a profound way. >> yes that's right. it appears it's on its last leg.
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it has been fractured. it's been broken. they have been hit the hardest by the terribly high unemployment rate looking for mu alternatives. indeed, those alternatives have emerged both on the right and on the left. that makes it exciting and very unpredictable election. my colleagues have been looking at the campaign. >> the force they think is with them. the latest recruit for the anti-austerity party are smashing records and they hope to do the same at the ballot box. yes we can is the message of its young left wing leader. an university lecturer whose party is less than two years old but aiming to break the back of
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spain's political establishment. the prime minister does look set to lose his absence majority, but the center right people still have the highest number of seats in the spanish parliament. the fastest growth in the economic union. close your eyes and dream of what kind of country you want. his nightmare is the new reform citizens party. led by a charismatic 36-year-old from catalonia who used his opposition to launch a year in national politics. our time has come, is his message, a time of hope. struggling against the new tied is an once dominant socialist
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party and it's leader pedro sánchez. they imagine a future where they look back with pride on their victory in sunday's election. the message, build a future for the majority. a new generation of political leaders will be joining the congress to challenge the old two-party system. but what real impact will they have on the system. >> they are in position to try to solve one of the main issues which is political corruption. we've never seen so many young people in politics, and that is also could be a healthy change. >> the political landscape is being remolded here. the prime minister shared a christmas dinner with its people's party activists. if the polls go badly for him it could prove to be his last
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supper. al jazeera, madrid. >> barnaby, it seems that there is a huge amount resting on the way young people, a newly motivated class of young people vote. >> yes, and the expectation, martine, is that it will be something of a generational gap that older spanish people will go to the party either on the right or left. they'll lookin look for a new alternative. it's all very unpredictable how the results will break down. one of the problems we have is that the opinion polls are not allowed during the last week. there are a lot of speculation about late shift voters in this direction or that direction, but it is not very substantive. i think what most people feel if
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the parties are going to get into the spanish parliament it is be extremely difficult for any single party to have a majority by itself. probably impossible. and we will then see a period after the results come of coalition building or at the very least partnership building whereby a party may say to another all right, you can go into government as a minority party and we will support you on certain crucial votes. all of that will become a lot clearer after the polls close. i think 1900, maybe 1900 martine here in madrid on sunday evening. >> a very interesting moment then for spain. barnaby, thank you very much, indeed. we look forward to talking to you tomorrow after the vote. now in the coming hours democratic presidential hopefuls will come together for a third debate in the u.s. state of new hampshire. many voters will be looking at what distinguishes them on the issues of security and religion. kimberly halkett now reports.
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>> we have spent four-- >> for three years nadia has collected tons of donated clothing and medical supplies in this warehouse it is time to ship. >> we're not going to let hateful rhetoric be our mantra. we want to make a difference. so we have actually seen people wanting to connect with us. >> she's talking about comments from donald trump, republican presidential who has suggested banning muslims from the united states as necessary for its security. >> a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. >> democratic presidential candidates have been working to distance themselves from the
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rhetoric. bernie sanders running behind hillary clinton in the polls even participated in an interfaith round table this week in washington to speak directly with muslim leaders. controversies are expected to be a key issue with candidates taking to the stage saturday for the third democratic debate. >> all of the democratic candidates will criticize donald trump for his comments about security and religion. and i think that that will give an opportunity for the democratic candidates to show that they are not donald trump and present a much more nuanced picture. >> voters of all faiths are watching especially in reports of incidents of destruction and vandalism of mosques has risen. >> they have not really made clear americans are fellow americans and we have to honor that.
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>> she's leading by example. collecting almost $1 million in goods to send a message of uni unity. >> the class in arabic writing has caused threats of violence. administrators in augusta county, virginia. >> the halls of the high school in virginia were empty on friday more than 10,000 students at augusta county public schools were told to start their christmas breaks early. schools she had they had been threatened by social media because of of of a can
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caligraphy assignment. some parents said that th the assignment is trying to convert students to islam. others say that it is symptoms of wider anti-muslim sentiment fueled by campaigns. >> when we're fed fear day in and day out we act as human beings we act out of that fear and we act irrationally. >> during the last debate by republicans hoping to replace
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president obama, candidates refer to islamic terrorism isil and terrorism hundreds of times. health experts say that americans are 40,000 times more likely to die from heart disease and obesity than terrorism. >> the reality on the ground right now in america we have 30% of republican primary voters saying that they want to bomb agraba. it is a fictitious country where aladdan and jasmine fell in love and road off on a magic carpet. >> that fear led to the closure of the second largest school district in the u.s. on the day of the debate. 60,000 students returned to classes in los angeles after a
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gun and bomb threat it received was a hoax. >> still to come here in the al jazeera news hour. britain's last deep coal mine is finally closed. and in sport an olympic champion crashes during a world cup down hill race in italy. details coming up. of an ecological disaster. >> this coral is not dead. >> techknow's team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> this is what innovation looks like. >> can affect and surprise us. >> i feel like we're making an impact. >> let's do it. >> techknow - where technology meets humanity.
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>> "inside story" takes you beyond the headlines,
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beyond the quick cuts, beyond the soundbites. we're giving you a deeper dive into the stories that are making our world what it is. >> hello again. you're with al jazeera and these are our top stories. burundi's government has been explaining its decision not to allow african union peacekeeping forces into the country. the president said that the u.n. recently indicated there is no need to deploy troops to his country. police in somalia say car bombs death toll is likely to
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rise. >> now iran and russia are allies of president assad, and both of them insist that his political fate has got to be decided by the syrian people themselves. let's get more on the iranian position. >> i think it's what the people of syria want. what they're concerned about is what the people of syria want. let's assume for a moment that without assad we have problems but it doesn't last forever.
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we should realize. we should consider the fact that president assad will not be there forever. what people decide from now on is what the international community should respect. i think iran, it is not in love with assad, and it does not care if assad is there or not. what iran cares about is that the terrorist groups are not in charge of the country. let's face it, syria does not need assad. >> well, the conflict has been raging for almost five years now. more than 250,000 people have been killed. more than 1 million people have been injured, and most of them are civilians. at least six and a half million
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syrians are displaced within the country. and it's reckoned that four out of every five syrians are now living in poverty. two million children are out of school. >> more than 30,000 syrians live in and around the ancient city just across the border it had turkey. they're escaping the civil war but stay close enough that if peace comes they can quickly get home. >> syrians are one people. there are no problems between us. we've lived together for hundreds of years. when the revolution came, everyone joined it.
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>> if the pies for peace is letting bashar al-assad stay in power for now, then so be it. >> let him stay if it means peace. we just need to go back to our country, our schools, our homes. we're tired of living in exile. we've had enough. >> if assad is allowed to stay in the country what would be left. now we're expected to let him and his ugly regime stay? >> all of them want the fighting to end. >> our home has fallen in on us. can it get any worse? we're so scared for our childr children. >> no one here is thinking of
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going home until they have been cleared out. >> we can get more on that ferry that has sunk off the island. >> the ship got in trouble on its way to sulawesi. it has not sunk. it is still floating and 122 people are on board. rescue workers are trying to reach the chip. i've been trying hours already for reach the ship, they have not succeeded yet. so far nobody has died.
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there is hope early in the morning. now it is dark. there is enough on board, but there will be casualties. >> that's an i don't know going situation going on off the coast of sulawesi. we'll keep you up-to-date with that. china is accusing the united states as serious military provocation and said two u.s. bombers flew over disputed islands. the u.s. disputes chinese assertions that the two b-52 were near the spratley islands. china has accused the u.s. of deliberately raising tensions in this disputed region of the south china sea. china has angered its neighbors by building manmade islands in
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this contested territory. now peace talks in yemen's war has continue. troops loyal to abd rabbuh mansur hadi has taken control of the northwestern part of the country. >> he cease-fire last the all but a few days if at all. >> we have taken control of the military base that we've been surrounding under the control of the houthis and their allies. thank god we have taken it over. >> they have been fighting to restore the power the internationally recognized president abd rabbuh mansur hadi, making it this far to the city is a milestone.
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the houthis have control of this region for months, and it's a main roo route to its main capital sanaa. >> the fighting is happening while representatives from the warring sides are meant to be talking peace in switzerland. the united nations is leading the meeting which journalists have been kept away from. >> we have letters of protests that it is the violations that have amounted to the military attack, and we're keen to put an end to the war and not only postpone it. >> what has been achieved so far is an agreement to let aid in for civilians. that is one step towards progress in a war that has killed more than 5,000 yemenis. al jazeera. >> the international criminal court of the icc has sent two
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convicted back to the democratic republic of congo to serve president terms. found guilty of recruiting child soldiers into his army in 2002 and 2003. he's due to spend 14 years behind bars. the another one is a man convicted of war crimes last year. he'll be locked up for 12 years. now to apology near i can't where twitter, facebook and other users say they feel threatened by a proposed new law in nigeria. they may go to prison for spreading what they have called false information. >> hundreds of people demonstrate outside of the nigeria parliament in abuja. they say they want to stop the so-called anti-social media bill becoming law. if it does nigerians could face
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two years in prison and 10,000-dollar fine for making what they consider false statements on public media. this woman is against the proposed law. she has been critical of the government's response to the kidnapping of 200 girls by boko haram last year, who still have not been rescued. >> social media is a tool that it's citizens have been able to use for the voices to be heard. >> senator is behind the proposed new law. he says that millions of dollars in public money has been wasted by the government investigating false and frivolous accusations on social media. >> okay fine, if you believe
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what you're doing, we give you freedom of information. it allows you to look for whatever facts you want from any government office. if you have those facts, we're allowing to continue to there are tons of lies in social media. >> most social media users like these people in abuja who own a social media club called "fix nigeria" is meant to stop government mismanagement. they are fighting the proposed legislation. >> the law in itself has the potential to violate so many human rights that the nigerian constitution protects that nigeria has signed up in the regional and international levels. >> those against the proposed new law also say it would be impossible for the nigerian government to enforce it before
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the frivolous prohibition bill can become law it will have to be approved by members of nigeria's house of representatives, and then sent to the president. if he doesn't approve it, they can still become law. but given the controversy it has generated many say it is unlikely to pass in its current form. >> now the dust is settling on british coal mining after centuries of production. the last remaining deep mine has now closed failing to survive a long period of low prices and the shift to cleaner energy. neave barker now reports from nort north yorkshire. >> in its heyday, 2,000 people would work. now with little ceremony the last 451 miners are saying goodbye to a mine known simply
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as big k. >> i feel teary eyed, this is big. >> it's been coming for a while, and i don't think you can prepare for itness. >> once the largest deep mine in europe it's a 11 kilometer journey to the coal face it's dangerous work, jobs that coal miners hoped to hold on to for life. it's called power to the evolution. there is 30 million tons of it still underground a decade more of digging but the price of coal has crashed. as the u.k. tries to reduce carbon emissions they will move to cleaner energy. but the u.k. will rely on cole, cole imported from outside of the country from as far away as
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australia, colombia, russia and the united states. it is cleaner and cheaper than british coal. u.k. companies just cannot compete. >> at the working men's club many find distraction preparing for the final christmas dinner together. >> i feel that not giving it a fair chance. >> some miners have been forced to retire. others are hoping to retrain. when the mine goes the surrounding community will fade also. soon after the last miners have
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left, a conveyer belts have stopped, the shafts will be filled in with concrete, turning it into a monument of a bygone age. >> still to come, jose mourinho is back just days after being sacked as chelsea manager.
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>> these people have decided that today they will be arrested. >> i know that i'm being surveilled. >> people are not getting the care that they need. >> this is a crime against humanity. >> hands up... >> don't shoot. >> hands up... >> don't shoot. >> what do we want? >> justice. >> when do we want it? >> now. >> explosions going on... we're not quite sure - >> is that an i.e.d.? >> let's go to guatemala where girls as young as 14 can no longer get married.
10:49 am
but activists say there is still many challenges to recus reduce sexual vie glens the 17-year-old had plans to finish high school and find a good job. but that changed after jennifer got stuck overnight at a nearby town. her father accused her of being with her boyfriend and demand that she marry him to save the family's reputation. a month later jennifer was married. she was just 15 years old. >> it's draining to stay and work in the house all the time. if i hadn't got married i would be studying. it's difficult to have the obligations of an adult when you're so young. >> all of jennifer's friends are married and some as young as 15 have babies of their own. across the country the situation
10:50 am
is all too common. in guatemala, 70% are wed by the time they're 15 years old. but years of pressure by non-governmental groups to protect the rights of girls is finally paying off. the government raised the minimum age of marriage for girls to 18 years old. previously girls could be legally we had as young as 14. the big challenge now is defeating attitudes that see girls as male possessions. it is important to raise aware awareness among community leaders so girls can have lots. >> the right to go to school and
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choose her own future free from the bonds of child marriage. david mercer, al jazeera, guatemala. >> let's find out what the special one has been up to. here is farra. >> chelsea has announced that they have replaced jose mourinho, who was sacked this week. the dutchman is in stance that the premier league match taking place right now, they have been singing mourinho's name, but they put the blues ahead after five minutes. they added another one in the 14th minute. 2-0 the score at halftime. chelsea are 16th on the premier league table. just a single point above the relegation zone. no. a statement earlier i'm excited to return to sa to
10:52 am
stamford bridge. i'm looking forward to working with the players and staff at this great club. as for mourinho he has been attending an english championship game. earlier his management put out a statement saying that the portuguese won't be taking a sabbatical, and is already looking forward. several matches in total are taking place on saturday. logged at 1-1 at everton. the first everton player to score in eight successive games since 1984. they go up 1-0 against manchester united. and tottenham has halftime lead. hosting some of the biggest name in world football in defiance for government interference.
10:53 am
>> they would open the scoring for the world team. several players were banned by fifa from taking part in this game. beckham stayed clear of the controversy, but the former captain had a few things to say about the sacking of jose mourinho. >> you know, i love jose. i think he's an incredible manager, great person. and he's passionate about the game. i hope he comes back to the premiership quickly. the fans love him. they love his character. >> american skier lindsay vonn has attempted to secure the win ended when she fell and crashed. she was looking to tie.
10:54 am
vonn still holds the over all championship lead. olympic champions of austria was airlifted to hospital after crashing in a world cup race in italy. the first time that a safety airbag inflated. no details about his injuries have been released. the toronto raptors beat the miami heat denying them a fourth straight win in the nba. miami attempting to secure their first four-game-winning streak since 2014. they blew the 11-point lead in the fourth quarter. the raptors would rally for the win halting the two-game losing streak. people in cuba have been embracing ease in relations
10:55 am
with the united states particularly with shared passions of basketball. however on the streets of havana, the sport has its own unique style. >> it began with a group of friends on the street corner. it's vibrant and well organized lead independent of the influence of the cuban state. >> our level is very, very good, which is why the authorities have been questioning our existence. we're now as good as them. that caused us some problems but our ideas to one day join with the organized basketball with them incorporating some of our ideas. >> the street league receives support from one of the growing number of u.s. organizations rekindling ties with cuba. this one promoting solidarity on the basketball court. >> we are americans. they're cubans. but on the court we can be friends.
10:56 am
>> the league helps to keep youngsters out of trouble. and for many cubans basketball is how they can express themselves. >> when i play basketball i'm in tune with myself and how my body works and i'm far from the temptation of society. it forces me to development my mind since basketball's most creative of sports. we're always creating. >> they use that creative to establish court wherever there is at adequate space. and theft brought the rules to a tougher, more aggressive game. this is street basketball more basketball played for the players, for the neighborhood with a passion of freedom, the expression, free of the constraints that some feel can be imposed by the states. the states use the game to notice the street teams. >> this league is very well organized. this is street basketball. my kids study basketball and ply
10:57 am
with more technique. >> but they're all learning from one another with the passion and power of cuban street basketball scene difficult to contain. >> thank you very much, sara. now the latest installment of the "star wars" franchise has set a new box office record selling $57 million in tickets. >> i was raised to do one thing. >> disney expects "the force awakens" to take in $215 million in the u.s. and canada over the weekend. that would give it the biggest opening weekend of all time beating the previous record set by "jurassic world." that's it from me for now. coming up in just a minute or so lauren taylor in london. she'll take you through the next
10:58 am
couple of hours.
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>> coming up tonight, we'll have the latest... >> does the government give you refugee status? >> they've marched to the border. >> thousands have taken to the streets here in protest. >> this is where gangs bury their members. >> they're tracking climate change. >> we're following stories of people who have died in the desert. >> the borderland marathon. >> no one's prepared for this journey. >> experience al jazeera america's critically acclaimed, original series from the beginning. >> experiencing it has changed me completely. >> follow the journey as six americans face the immigration debate up close and personal. >> it's heartbreaking. >> i'm the enemy. >> i'm really pissed off. >> all of these people shouldn't be dead. >> it's insane.
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>> burundi reject the africa union's suggestion to send 5,000 peace keepers to curb the violence there. i'm lauren taylor. this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up. celebrating as the election commission says 98.3% voted to lift presidential term limits. we find out what syrians who have fled to turkey backe for peace. and how one caligraphy


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