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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 21, 2015 11:30am-12:01pm EST

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before the rocket docks on monday. you can find more on our website. and you can also watch us live by clicking on the watch now icon. once again, >> a taliban attack in afghanistan and american soldiers could be among the dead. crowded field of potential presidential nominees shrinking by one. refusing to go without a fight, the head of international soccer vowing to appeal his eight-year ban.
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this is al jazeera america. i'm del walters in new york. we're learning more about this taliban attack that killed at least six nato soldiers in afghanistan. it happened near kabul. a bomber on a motorbike attacking a joint u.s.-afghan patrol injuring anothe more. this is just a series of taliban attacks. what is the significance of this one? >> well, dale, this comes as the pentagon has issued assessments in the turn of events in afghanistan, and on the heels of defense secretary ash carter's recent visit to afghanistan last week. during that visit he noted the up tick in taliban attacks. and said that the u.s. would stand steadfastly by afghanistan.
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here is a little of what he said during that joint appearance last week. >> taliban advances in some parts of the country even if only temporary underscore this is a tough fight, and it is far from over. it is also a dynamic fight. >> so, the taliban has been making advances in various parts of the country. interestingly last week the pentagon issued a required congressional report to congress highlighting the deteriorating the situation in afghanistan. it said that insurgents on the second half of the 2016 the overall security situation in afghanistan had deteriorated, that there had been an increase in effective insurgent attacks and higher casualties inflicted against the afghan security forces. the bottom line of the assessment of this report, del, if i can read it for you says insurgents are improving their ability to find and exploit
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security force vulnerabilities, making the security situation still fragile in key areas and at risk of deterioration in other places. del, this latest attack just under scores the trend in afghanistan, and by the way, at this point pentagon officials are not confirming the reports from the area that u.s. troops were among the dead. they say they're still waiting for official confirmation before they say the nationalities of the troops that were killed. again, six killed, three wounded in that suicide-bomber attack. >> jamie, with all of this said is there any consideration in the change of strategy? >> there has been a slight change. you may recall in was the year that the u.s. must draw down it's troops to zero. and president obama on advance of his military commanders and recognizing the situation in afghanistan decided to extend that 10,000 troop presence
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there. if this trend continues it will create more pressure for the united states to stay longer and maybe do more to assist the afghan forces. >> our national security correspondent jamie mcintyre, thank you very much. more raids in connection with the paris attacks. five people under arrest in the past two days alone. it is unclear what role they may have played. and i en enrique marquez is accused much buying guns in the plans that were carried out. there was detailed threat of violence to staff and students in two high schools.
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they said its way too early if the threat has any connection to the threats in l.a. and new york. >> time will tell whether it becomes more of a pattern. and if it becomes a pattern schools systems may decide to deal with it differently. these are difficult decisions and i don't know what the los angeles threat was specifically. it may be very different from the threat we received. parents are very concerned about the safety of their children, which was one of the reasons we decided to close the entire district. if we're saying two of our schools housing four of our grade levels are unsafe, we just felt many parents would have determined to keep their children away from school today. >> conrad saying he expects classes will resume on tuesday. investigating the arrest of a young man outside of a bar this weekend.
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>> the cell phone video showing three officers trying to put a man in the ground. another appears to punch him in the face several times. they issued a statement saying that the department takes the use of force seriously and will review the incident with compliance with use of force training. it appears that the officers did escalate the use of force as required by the baltimore county police department policy. there is breaking news to the presidential race. >> today i'm suspending my campaign for president. i want to thank everyone who has taken this journey with me. you've honored me with your support. i believe we've run a campaign we can be proud of. we put forward bold and practical solutions to big problems. >> that is lindsey graham saying he's out. he has hit a wall trying to gain support. graham has been polling near the bottom of the pack for months and in that address he affirmed troops on the ground in iraq and syria. there is a new survey
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showing cruz leading with 40%. donald trump sliding to second and marco rubio coming in third, and ben carson is now fourth. hundreds of protesters marching outside of the trump tower. [ protesting ] >> they also called trump a racist on saturday during the democratic debate. hillary clinton said trump is also helping isil. >> he's becoming isis' best recruiter. they are going to people, showing videos of donald trump insulting islam and muslims in order to recruit. >> she just made it up. it was a sound bite. >> trump said, quote, clinton lies about everything, saying afterwards there was no particular video to which she was referring. the family of former president jimmy carter mourning today. carter's grandson died, and he
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revealed the death at sunday school where he teaches. >> he told his mother he might lie down for a while. she went to see if he was okay, and his heart quit beating. >> carter saying that geremi was revived at the hospital, but his heart stopped again. the cause of death unknown. two weeks ago the former president announced he was in remission from brain cancer. the police in las vegas trying to figure out why a young woman plowed into pedestrians with a toddler in her car. one person was killed, three dozen injured. the police say it was not a terrorist attack, but it was on purpose. al jazeera has more. >> a chaotic scene on the vegas strip. >> you could see she was running over people. >> a driver ran over dozens of
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people near planet hollywood, the venue for the miss universe pageant. >> she just plowed over people, children, families. >> oh, my god, what is going on? this is las vegas, this is christmas. >> the driver steered on the curb multiple times. >> it looked like she was not trying to stop the car. she had both of her hands on the wheel looking straightforward. >> investigators ruled out terrorism but said that the crash was done on purpose. >> we have determined this is an intentional act. >> the police say that a child was also in the car. >> we do know that there was a toddler in the vehicle with the driver, who is three years old, and that toddler is unharmed. >> some witnesses tried to stop the driver. >> people were trying to get the child out of the backseat. >> the woman was taken into custody. al jazeera. >> in china, crews are still searching for 90 people missing after a landslide at an
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industrial site. that is the building as it collapses during the landslide. dozens of people were injured. dozens of buildings droid. a huge manmade mound of earth and construction debris collapsed causing that landslide you just saw. up next, defiant sepp blatter after being banned by fifa. and a rare look of life on the streets of aleppo and the plight facing syrians still stuck in that war-torn country.
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>> there are reports that iranian hackers have gotten into
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a security system. the department of homeland security believes the hackers got into the dam. the bowman avenue dams homeland security saying they have no comment on the report but did say it is working to secure critical infrastructure across the country. two men at the top of international soccer say they're going to appeal. both have been banned from the game. both sundayed for eight years. an internal ethics panel both men are linked to a $2 million bribe, blatter said that's not true. >> suspended eight years. suspended eight years for what? >> al jazeera's paul reese has more from zurich. >> yes, a few years ago the
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president much fifa and the president of uefa being banned for eight years would have come as a total shock but such hazard been the atmosphere in corruption and scandal around fifa in the past five years ever since the world cups were awarded to russia and qatar. this ban really wasn't too much of a surprise today. referring to those decisions sepp blatter said in his press conference that had usa been awarded the 2022 world cup instead of qatar, he never would have been in this position, but it did cause fifa to be scrutinized, and it ended up with the ethics committee that blatter himself founded, banning him, and if his appeals are not successful he will leave the organization in disgrace after an association of 40 years.
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for him that means he would not be able to leave in triumph, but more seriously for platini, head of uefa he is governing body, he hoped to be elected the new president of fifa. this is a man who brought france the championship glory in 1984. one of the greatest to play the game of football. he has been seen as the real successor to blatter for years now. he's in a race against time. the appeals he's open to go do, if he's going to do them, he has to wait firstly for this ethics committee to provide a full report with the reasons for this ban. it is just a summary decision, and this report could take a couple of weeks. then he needing to through fifa's appeal committee, and then through the independent court of arbitration for support. he only has until
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january 26th to become a candidate for the fifa presidency after years of hoping for the top job in football, platini is running out of time. >> before i let you go, sepp blatter promising to fight that eight-year ban. what are his chances for him to get that reversed, and he was already going to resign. >> his chances of getting that ban seem very, very slim. >> he does have a bit more time before those elections when he hopes to go out in triumph, but it really seems like the ethics committee has shown its teeth and is not prepared to let go of this. i think probably given some confidence by the u.s. indictments by swiss authorities making arrest in zurich in may,
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i think that really, really showed the body that they could take the sort of action that was needed to--they'll say to end the sort of scandal that has been engulfing fifa for a number of years. blatter's chances don't look great, but we'll have to wait and see what happens with those appeals. paul, thank you very much. we have breaking news on the update of the taliban attack that we told you about in afghanistan. six troop u.s. troops were at that air base. two other troops hurt in that bomb from the better mike. france said it wants russia to increase its bombing campaign sharing intelligence as well. they're talking about it.
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peter sharp has more from moscow. >> the french defense minister will be meeting with his russian counterpart at the kremlin where france will formerly ask for an extension and increase in the airstrikes being carried out by russia in syria. they also will be consulting on how to share intelligence between the two countries. the french defense minister said that he knows there are many russian speak necessary isil, and he would be asking for information on them and be prepared to supply information on french speakers in the jihadist group. russia now has about 60 aircraft, fighters and bombers in the latakia air base, and is carrying out continued strikes against isil and other what it deems terrorist targets.
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final they have moved their aircraft into the gulf and it has 26 bombers on board. >> that is beater sharp reporting from moscow. this is only the second bilateral meeting. relations there suspended after the annexation of crimea by russia last year. more syrian refugees on its way to canada. canada's minister meeting in jordan's capital before their flight took off last night. they'll be resettled in different locations across the country. canada plans to take in 25,000 syrians by the end of january. there are incredible images coming out of syria today. while the war focuses on solving the crisis. the red cross is warning that winter is approaching. more than 12 million lives are at risk. >> her name is oom ahmed. this young mother of six begins
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each day scouring the alleys of aleppo when there are no jets dropping bombs she looks for things to burn. she gathers twigs, leaves. >> even garbage. anything to burn to make a fire so i can heat water to feed my children, clean them with at least warm water, even with what we can find, everything is expensive. >> her husband abandoned her and her kids without an income without any means she struggles to find milk for her infant. every day she worries about how to put food on the table. these are desperate times for millions of syrians. in another named devastated by bombs dropped by government forces and another bonfire. this keeps the children warm. >> we came down here to warm up with the fire behind us. on the way we found nylon bags,
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paper just to keep the paper burning. at home we have no blankets or anything to warm us up, so we come here until the fire goes out. >> aleppo is one of the longest continuously inhabited cities in the world. the fires of this city has not gone out for 5,000 years. the five-year-old civil war has now turned brother against brother. it has permanently destroyed and changed millions of lives like this man. an ire strike just destroyed the home he has lived in for more than 40 years. >> i came back to my home four days ago and found it destroyed by strikes. i just picked myself up and now i'm roaming. >> before the fighting more than 2 million people lived in aleppo. many are now hopeless, some lost, most looking for a helping hand. >> it's the regular people who feel sorry for me and they're helping me survive. every few months i get some aid but it's not enough.
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i yell and scream from time to time realizing my situation is so dire. >> drones flying over what was once a favorite tourist destination now shows destruction. the urban warfare in this once financial part of syria destroyed it's future and it's past. those who could leave have left. those who have been left behind try to find ways to survive. >> in the u.s. the faa requires drone registration and the website is up to do so i to do so is now up and running. the $5 registration fee will be waived if the device is registered in the first 30 days. positive train control is up
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and running between philly and new york. the technology takes over the train if the train takes a curve too fast. experts say that the new system could have prevented crashes. when al jazeera returns remembering a teen hero who put his life on the line to save the lives of others. and the bounty is announced of an team as the search for he and his mom continues.
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>> the fda has formerly lifted it's lifetime ban on blood donation from gay men. that politica policy has been in place for three decades. the ban will be replaced barring donations from men who have had sex with another man in the last year. and federal investigators say they received a number of tips after releasing this wanted poster of ethan couch convicted of killing power four team in a drunk driving accident in 2013. he was known as th the aflew we know did team after using his
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family's money in his defense. . >> he lost his life to help his friends. dobson was sitting on this porch with a group of school kids on thursday night when several men with gang ties randomly shot at them. >> that 15-year-old high school student and football player was struck and killed after he had jumped on top of three girls to shield them--to shield them from the shooters. >> the girls were not injured. but they were shaken. >> i came back, to make sure everything was, and he had got shot in the head.
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>> dobson's high school football team released this photo to honor the linebacker tweeting: >> you know, to think that bullets were flying and he is trying to get some young ladies to lay down so he can get on top of them and try to protect them speaks of his character. >> on sunday president barack obama tweeted about the teenager's death saying dobson died saving three friends from getting shot. he is a hero at 15. what is our excuse of not acting. one of the girls that dobson saved tweeted: >> roxana saberi, al jazeera. >> there was a rather controversial ending to the miss universe pageant on saturday night. >> miss universe in 2015 is
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colombia. >> shortly after steve harvey crowned the winner this happened. >> i have to apologize. the first runner up is colombia. miss universe 2015 is philippines. >> it was my mistake. it was on the card. >> a pageant officials apologized to both of the finalists, and harvey apologizing again on twitter for his error. robin leach tweeted out a photo of the ballot card saying the mistake was an easy one to make. earlier this morning donald trump issued his own tweet saying very sad what happened last night at the miss universe pageant. news continues live from london next.
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>> sepp blatter accuses fifa of betrayal after he and uefa's football boss are suspended for ethics violation. i'm lauren taylor. this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up, the taliban takes control of a key district as six nato soldiers are killed during an air base attack. no to peace keepers burundi's reject peace keepers from african union describing it as an envision. >> from


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