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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 21, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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thanks for staying with us. this is al jazeera america. public danger. the man accused of buying the guns in the san bernardino attack will stay behind bars while he awaits trial. taliban strike - group claims responsibility for a suicide attack that killed six american soldiers. the u.s. takes a step to protect the african lion. but the designation may not fix many factors that are killing
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the animals. and we begin this hour with breaking news, just coming into the newsroom. texas prosecutors say a grand jury decided not to indict any gaol county employs in relation to sandra bland's death. you might remember she was found dead in a gaol cell, three days after being pulled over for failing to signal. she was arrested after apparently arguing with a state trooper. american examiners said she hanged her death, and it was ruled suicide. now prosecutors are telling the kou tv that the grand jury will reconvene in january, and may consider other charges at this time. at the moment there's no charges or indictment in the case
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the man accused in connection with the san bernardino massacre appeared in court. enrique marquez brought some of the weapons used in the deadly shooting. we have more. >> the headline from enrique marquez's appearance in court - he will remain in custody without bail. prosecutors argued that he posed a flight risk. although the judge denied bail. he was not doing so because marquez posed a flight risk, and a danger to the community. this based on one of the charges marquez faces, which is conspireing to commit acts of terrorism. during today's brief hearing, marquez did not enter a plea, he was present, wearing a white jump suit, he had his public defenders on either side of him at the defense table, his hands were handcuffed and wearing leg shackles. today's hearing is on the heels
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of marquez being arrested and charged on thursday. he is facing three federal charms, one, a gang conspiring to commit acts of terrorism, and another charge is the illegal purchase of assault weapons, the semiautomatic rifles used during the shooting in san bernardino, and the third charge faced are allegations that he defrauded officials by engaging in what they described as a sham marriage to a member of syed farook's family. if marquez is convicted for all three counts, he faces 35 years in prison. and his next court appearance will happen after the first of the year. back to you. >> joined consider in los angeles the taliban is claiming responsibility for the deadliest attacks on american forces in afghanistan this year. a suicide blast killed six u.s. soldiers. al jazeera's jamie mcintyre has more from the pentagon.
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>> reporter: in afghanistan's southern helmand fighting is intense as taliban claims success in capturing the police headquarters, government buildings. the government says it left afghan soldiers and citizens begging for food. like the attack killing half-a-dozen troops outside bagram air base, it's more evidence that the taliban is back. >> kabul has been the focus of what the pentagon calls high profile attacks. and it counts the deadly motorcycle suicide bombing as the 29th such attack by the taliban in or around the afghan capital since the beginning of the year, a 27% increase over the same period last year. at the same time the taliban has shown that it can take key terrain outside of its traditional stronghold, as it did in late september or early october when it held the northern city of kunduz. >> the taliban's advances in
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some parts of the country, even if temporary underscores that it's a tough fight and far from over. it's a dynamic fight. >> defense secretary ash carter was in afghanistan to meet with general john campbell, who admitted to reporters the fledgeling afghan security forces are struggling. >> they have been around for 240 years, the army 7-8 years. we have to put it in perspective. we are trying to build it while in flight. >> a harsh assessment was offered as to the lack of progress, and said despite being better armed and trained by the afghani forces. they are reluctant to pursue the taliban into safe havens. currently, they cannot ensure security and stability without further improvement. >> right now they are static. that's where they took a lot of casualties on checkpoints. >> a big factor, the u.s. is no
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longer providing air strikes for offensive operation, a finding of the investigation into the mistaken bombing of the doctors without borders in kunduz, is that the mission should not have been authorized. u.s. air power is supposed to be used to protect u.s. troops on the ground or afghan troops in distress. >> u.s. forces are helping afghan forces in the air, not as much as the past, but that's part of the plan, getting to the point where afghans provide their own air support. the u.s. has been straining pilots to sign an attack plane so afghanistan can supply its own report. the first group of pilots is finishing training at an air force base in georgia u.s. army sergeant bowe bergdahl will be formally arraigned before a military tribunal in north carolina. he is facing a court martial on
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charges of disertion and misbehaviour of an enemy. he walked away from his post in june 2009, and the taliban captured him and helped him for nearly five years, until he was exchanged for five taliban detainees. if convicted, bergdahl could face life in prison the centers for disease control says there's an epidemic of drug overdoses in the u.s. an epidemic. the deaths from openiads are up 200% since the year 2000. and while inner cities have been hit by heroin, they have been hitting suburbs like before the big problem. it's a big problem and appears to be growing. in the suburbs. it was left out at the fancy home. most ages, all incomes, tend to
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get hooked on opioid pain-killers first. >> sergeant jeremiah has been patrolling the streets for 20 years. the small affluent town is 40 minutes uds new york, the busiest highway in the country cut through it. >> we are wedged two two cities of tampa and naura. >> heroin addicts can buy their fill in the cities. >> i grew up. i have never seen anything like this. a line of addiction from pain-killers to heroin, 10 bucks a bag. >> we have faced the problem for the last five years, the addicts and use exercise overdoses, they are in the early 20s. if you bring it back five years, they were here. >> right. >> at the high school.
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>> at the high school. >> a mopping the homes, the iron problem is hidden. no dealers. no one slumped in a doorway. addiction taking place in surrounding houses. his son jack was hooked on heroin. >> he is a big guy. investigator 6.5. >> kevin spent a small fortune, and slipped back into the addiction. a shock to the distance. jack who was 21 who died. i think back being in the city, crack houses in heroin. >> if you don't, you will - you
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won't win. down the road, a different father, tells he. his son was caught by heroin. he was burdened by his addiction. >> burdened by the addiction, the cravings, the shame. >> brian killed himself over the shame he felt addiction brought to his family. his dad was stunned, he founded shatterproof, a none profit. >> it's time to make the family shatterproof. >> if you ask me how many fathers in my town had a son who was addicted. i would have raised my hand and said i'm it. >> i figured there was 2-3 others. i didn't know who they were. everyone was ashamed. >> it's a father's promise to his dearly missed elder son. >> shatterproof is raising money, pushing for state law to cut the number of overdose deaths nationwide. >> back on the streets of
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darian. sergeant marion said 80% of crime is directly related to narcotics. >> it could be in this house, in the parking lot of that restaurant. it's pretty. >> well, there are a lot of statistics that we could pick out. >> we are talking about two young men. the heroin use doubled among the adults. 18 to 25 in the past decade alone. >> thank you for shedding a light on that, it's affecting so many families. prosecutors filed charges. they were accused of ramming the car into a crowd of people in the strip on sunday. 24-year-old la keesha is charged with one count of murder with a deadly weapon. one was died, dozens injured. this was not an accident. it's intentional. police are samping for a motive. the 3-year-old daughter was in the carat the time of the wreck the mother of a fugitive
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texas teenager has been reported missing. evan couch was convicted of killing four in a drunk-driving catch. his lawyer said he suffered from aflun za, his parents spoiled him and that contributed to irresponsibility. officials say that he violated his parole, disappeared and suspect that his mother could be helping him hide. >> we have been notified by the juvenile department that they are searching for him. and we need the public's help in locating this vehicle. we know that this vehicle, that you see a picture of over here may belong to his mother. we are looking for that vehicle. we need the public's help. >> authorities say that couch and his mother may have left the country. >> the judge set a trial date for a baltimore police officer charged in the death of freddie
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gray. the judge declared a mistrial after the jury said they were deadlocked. grace died after suffering a broken neck -- freddie gray died after suffering a broken neck in the back of the van. another police officer is going on trial in the new year the republican field of presidential candidates is one smaller tonight. lindsey graham dropped out of the race. the south carolina senator issued an online statement formally suspending his campaign. he was barely registering in the polls and rely dated to under-card debate. there's 12 g.o.p. candidates left, with six weeks until iowa caucuses. >> donald trump is the front runner. in an interview with m p.r. president obama spoke about trump's popularity, due in part to the trump exporting american fears about the job market and financial security.
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>> the fact that wages and incomes have been flatlining for some time, and that particularly blue collar men have had a lot of trouble in this new economy, where they are no longer getting the same bargain they had when they were going to a factory, able to support their families on a pay check. you combine those things, there's going to be potential anger, frustration, fear. some justified but misdirected. i think someone like mr trump has taken advantage of that. that's what he's exploiting during the course of his campaign > the president is confident a democrat will win the white house in 2015. protecting the lions, the u.s. offers an effort to stop hunters
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killing african loins. we talk to a champion of the move and why the species is in
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danger. the u.s. is trying to stop big game hunters killing the african lions, putting them on the endangered species lift. the effort coming after a popular lion was shot and killed this year. alfisher has more. >> how are you feeling today? >> do you regret what you did? >> reporter: he was an international hate figure. walter palmer was forced to close his dental patrick for a few weeks. the killing was illegal, but the dent it had no idea he had -- dentist had no idea he had broken the law. >> there was an advocate at the meeting held by civil society meetings. there was an advocate for trying
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to protect wildlife in africa. this is an issue that is an important policy issue in africa. this is something we are aware of the u.s. government says lions in central and west africa will come under the protection of the endangered species act. the move under consideration for five years, making it harder for trophy hunters to import heads, lions and skins. >> it's the focus of the american public, what it is putting on trophy hunting and is relevant to the effort overall. cecil's situation was not unique. there are hundreds of linings every year. and that is evidence that we documented going back to 2011 when we submitted our positions joining france in taking tougher action, the u.k. will bring in tighter legislation in
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2017. more than 40 stopped. the step introduced by the u.s. can't stop hunting abroad. it's hoped the new measures will reduce the numbers of lions killed in it the name of sport let's dig a little deeper and bring in adam roberts, c.e.o. of the advocacy group born free u.s.a. his group's petition set the stage for the move. he is joining us from washington. thank you for being with us. i'm curious how big of a difference will this make having the protections in the u.s. when you have france involved, and the u.k. coming on board. there's a lot of other countries. where people can trophy hunt. >> it's a significant victory for a number of ways. the first victory is for the co-petitioners. born free. international front for animal welfare that led the charge, and did so in the face of
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opposition. and we were able to prevail at the end of the day. secondly, it's a shuj victory for lions across africa, west and central african lines, put on as endangered species, and eastern and southern african lions, and third, it's a significant victory for the u.s. government, showing that they are able to work this kind of scientific process to the end of the process, that they are able to have it successful and show that the act is relevant and will be a conservation leader. across the bored it's an impact in protecting lions in the wild in africa, where they belong i don't know if you have seen numbers on this, do we know how many americans engage in trophy hunting, how many loins could be saved from this. >> the data over the past
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few years suggest more than 2,000 lions have been killed in the four years since we have been waiting, since march 2011, when we petitioned the government. you are looking at literally hundreds of lions killed every year. most of them by american sport hunters, some by european. >> most by american sport hunters. >> that's right. >> that's what the stat substantial stay? >> the u.s. has the biggest price to pay in all of this. >> fly the koint. i have read the arguments in favour of big game hunters, the organizations that promote this, and they say they help with the conservation by putting money into the economies, and that can go towards helping the animals in the long run. what is your response to their argument? >> well, quite frankly, it's a myth, is the response. just because tens of thousands
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are paid for the thrill kills, bringing bark the trophy in the name of sport. somehow it comes back to association. there's no evidence that money is ploughed into local communities or wildlife conservation, and, secondly, overall, there's a greater economic benefit to the african economies by other forms of tourism than by lethal trophy hunting or other exploitation. 1.8% of the revenue coming from tourism in countries that allow hunting comes from hunting tourism as opposed to 98% frz other forms of tourism. whale watching off the coast of cape town or driving through the wine country, there's a greater revenue generated by nonlethal tourism than by trophy kills. >> so much more to talk about, the issue of poaching and loss of habitat. perhaps it will save some of the
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loins. >> still to come on al jazeera america the future of space travel. tonight's space x launched a rocket and landed it safely back on earth. the new era in commercial space flight. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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a 30 year ban on blood donations by gay men have been lifted. a major restriction is in place. the fta says gay men can donate blood, but only after 12 months since the last sexual contact. some gay advocates say the policy is discriminatory. and would increase the h.i.v. through blood supply. >> a big night for space x. the company hitting a milestone in a bid to make rockets reusable as air planes. space ex launched a rocket from cape canaveral. >> the first stage of the rocket safely to florida. where spacex is one of a new breed, pushing the envelope on space travel. >> reporter: cheers of joys, spacex celebrating an historic
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landing of her rocket. it marks the first time space x managed to reuse a rocket for future use, setting up new renovations to trim costs and change completely how mankind approaches space flight. >> a ship like no other. a place history secured. the face shuttle pulling into port for the last time. when they landed a shuttle. the mission of delivering payloads to space came to an historic close. left in its wake, a race to space between traditional air and defense contractors, with the shuttle grounded. n.a.s.a. hired orbital htk to fly cargo missions to the
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international space nation, the capsule arriving at the i.s.s. of delivering thousands of pounds of equipment. spacex. founded by tesla's elon musk has had several launches under its belt, using its own rockets. n.a.s.a. is reportedly paying 2.6 billion for spacex to transport crews to the space station by 2017. in 2012, spacex's dragon was the first craft history to deliver cargo to the i.s.s. blue origin's new shepherd got it right first. history was made last month went the rocket touched down on a landing pad in west texas. >> they went close to 400,000 feet. it went into space and came back
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down and landed under rocket engine propulsion. the idea was to make blue origin, and the capsule named for the first american in space available to companies and individuals, so that space travel is second nature. >> you took a 737 air bus or airplane and used it once, and you had to build a new plane to take another plight. >> a proposition spacex and blue origin will spend billions to perfect. as it hopes what goes up comes back down president obama is showing off his funny side. the president will become comedian jerry seinfeld's first guest for the new online season comedians in cars getting coffee - that's the name. white house says they circled the lot in a 1963 stingray, chatting about life in the white house over coffee.
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the new season debuting september 30th. i'm excited to see seinfeld on television. i don't care who he inters. good to have him back. i'm adam may. ray suarez is next with "inside story". have a great night everyone. night. [ ♪ ] using marijuana for fun in colorado and washington state is already legal. and there's a longer list of states where meddiesinal marijuana is -- medicinal marijuana is available. but the federal government lists cannabis as a schedule one drug. that big disconnect between federal and state law left sellers trying to make a profit in an odd cul-de-sac of the law. the business of pot is


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