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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 23, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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>> hello, i'm maryam nemazee. you're watching the news hour live from london. coming up in the next 60 minutes. >> the agreement now this resolution come at a crucial time for libya. the. >> the u.n. votes to recognize libya's new unite government as it seeks another ally in the fight against isil. reports of a deadly gas tack. reports that sarin gas was used. russia said that th there is a
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lack of evidence in accusations of russia committing war crimes in syria. and the 19-year-old founds in the china landslide. >> the guide byes as th goodbyes as the manchester boss storms out of the press conference. >> we begin this hour with news that the united nations has agreed to recognize libya's new libya government. the recreation was created last week. >> there have been concerns that
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lawlessness and violence were allowing imto gain a food hold there. we have more from the united nations in new york. how important of a vote was this? >> it's a significant step for libya as they bring parties together to form the unity government. the government of national accord is officially recognized as libya's government. remember, libya has been so deeply divided since the far of muammar qaddafi with two competing rival governments in two different cities with armed groups fighting against each other. now there is so much instability in the country as a result the government has not been able to function for a benefit of the people so with all of that going
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on, the security council is behind in new unity government, they're ready for stability and they're willing to back this government whether it's melt support, financial support, training support. that would depend on requests coming from the government. and now they're poised to get to that spot. this is what the u.k. ambassador had to say during his remarks. >> we therefore strongly back the security council's call to member state to support fully the support mission in libya to build the capacity of the government of national accord. the united kingdom stands ready to play our part in that effort. in adapting resolution 2259 today we've given a strong
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collective sign of this council's commitment to libya and it's sovereignty, independence and national unity under a single government of national accord. this is just the start of the process for libya, and we must redouble our efforts to insure that the huge potential of this agreement is realized. >> of course, they'll be hoping that the goals of this new government in libya will be aligned with their own in terms of the fight against isil. >> absolutely. and this resolution could open the door to more intervention from foreign countries in libya should the government request it in fighting isil. we heard the libyan ambassador talk will fighting armed groups as one of the big concerns that they have there. the resolution calls on member states to urgently respond to request for assistance from the
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government of national accord and dealing with libyan security and dealing with isil. now, the libyan ambassador said nothing during his remarks about inviting in other countries at this stage for military operations. we asked the u.k. delegation about that before the meeting. they said look, it's really early days here. the government has to form first, and any request of course we would consider, but at this stage we're laying the groundwork for better assistance and hopefully for a more unified libyan government because there is still a lot of division within the country there, and a lot of groups that have not signed on to this government of national accord. the hope is with all these statements of support from the international community more people in libya will now come and back the government as well. >> thank you very much, kristen saloomey from the united nations in new york.
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now let's to our guest, does it look like militia's fighting on the ground in libya will abide by this peace deal and support the new unity government? >> well, in the first cases we still have this massive elephant in the room that has not been addressed, signing of the accord between the unity government. there is not this principled stance from all the different parts of the fighting. they want to end this, and the fear is they'll import this from the battlefields into the ministries, the desks and the bureaus, and they can take the monopoly of the central bank to pay for this kind of work and to conduct it from within. that's one of the main questions and the main spoilers that has been there. they have the delegates into the presidential council, which is one president and eight deputies that will share power and find a way in which to conduct a coherent government.
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that's the concern. getting these names in by proxy you can hold back. but there is this sense of ire from the parties colleague the ambassador to the u.n. who has said on the record that he doesn't want to invite international intervention. >> we're getting conflicting reports from libyan officials. why would he be making that comment now. is it to reassure those who oppose the deal back at home? >> i think its more of the case that they want the report. when they asked for the investigation, don't bring in intervention, perhaps bring in aerial intervention. they want to fight properists, but they want to fight political resources, and that's been the case over the last 18 months. nobody has talked about the way they will--the government has not had a principled position saying going from war to peace.
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they want an union the government, but that's a question, and there are question marks on the ground and those who are opposed to that. >> is there perhaps enough of a convergence between foreign objectives and convergence in the sense that the country has spiraled into such a sense of chaos that it is producing less oil than it did under gaddafi. could that encourage militias to back isil for now. >> yes, i think it could u and they realize this has to be a negotiation and bargaining of sports. if we fight isis we have to have more credibility and more say in the political table and in the political spectrum, and we need more leverage, but there is a degree of tragedy, four and a half years ago libyan who is came out on the streets asking for their political dreams, now they have nightmare with the
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strategy. i think whether the militias fight isil or not, is that going to be an answer. but the libyan government, how it functions, trying to find a group that they'll form against, isn't going to be an answer of how you find the resources and many of the names there, i don't think there is enough for everyone to eat at the table. that's why it could dog the country for five or 15 years. there needs to be a guaranteeing of the powers that have dogged the government, whether it's through foreign politics, removing the former regime or anybody who isn't on their political color, so to speak, but there is going to be a massive argument over the financial resources and military resources and it being spread out that will dog the country
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for years to come. >> thank you very much. five people have been killed southwest of the syrian capital damascus. it is believed that sarin gas is used in the attack. dozens of people have been left injured as we now report. >> this is not the first time that there have been reports of gas used as a weapon in syria. opposition sources say these people were exposed to gas when government helicopters fired missiles. "n" the rebel-held area on the outskirts of damascus that has been a battleground for some time now. it's also under siege by government forces. >> these rockets were carrying sarin gas. as a result, 12 people were killed, including a 12-year-old boy. the victims showed certain
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symptom such as runny nose, saliva, bleeding, shortness of breath, and dilated eye pupils. >> the area in the countryside where chemical agents were deployed against the population in 2013. hundreds of people were killed. an u.n. investigation team later confirmed sarin had been used. it didn't blame any side but many western government said that the forces loyal to the syrian government were responsible. a deal was later reached between russia and the u.s. to destroy syria's chemical weapon arsenal. the prohibition of chemical weapons then confirmed that syria's equipment two mixes and filling chemical weapons had been destroyed. since then there have been reports of attacks. earlier this year the opcw concluded that sarin had been
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used in aleppo province. the mission was not mandated to assign any blame but the area had seen fighting between isil and an opposition group. the finding findings added to evidence that isil was using chemical weapons. that was not the only attack investigated. in idlib there were syrian problems in march and may in which the fact-finding mission said likely involved chlorine. the opposition blamed government forces. the chemical weapons watchdog has warned that the use of chemical weapons has become increasingly common in the syrian war. >> well, as mentioned in that report there has been previous incidents of chemical weapons used in syria.
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back in 2013 more than 300 people were killed. that led to the voting to destroy syria's chemical weapon stock pile but there have been reports of barrel bombs containing chlorine gas. can i start by getting your thoughts on the reports of this latest attack, which happened in your hometown in syria. >> i tell you how much i feel angry, disappointed, disgust by all of what the russians are doing, iranians as well since i arrive here in the united states after i received the chemical weapons attack in 2013, and two
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years of hunger and siege, to step in front of the security council several times, i talked about the chemical massacre, the starvation and regime weapons that the regime is using. unfortunately all the testimonies that i did was with other syrian activists and other human rights organizations were not enough to push the united nations or the western government to take serious action against assad regime. i was talking with my friends of modemia and it's the first town that did a cease-fire with assad regime in 2013. they're telling me how the regime is using barrel bombs and heavy artillery and all different kinds of heavy weapons. they're accepting their special forces trying to invade that town. we have videos and documents
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from modemi is with, and showing how assad is using firepower against civilian population. yesterday while i was watching the videos of the chemical weapons attack-- >> i was going to ask but that, actually. you have he seen the pictures from the latest attack. but i wanted to ask you about your experience because you survived a chemical attack. can you tell us what it felt like and what happened to you? >> itch repeated my story so many times. i inhaled sarin gas, and i was left between the dead bodies. the doctors thought i was dead.
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hundreds, hundreds of people from exposed to sarin that day, and we had only one field hospital to look after all these injured civilians. i honestly don't know what to say. i've been talking to the entire world for more than two years so far, and nobody seems to listen as long as assad is doing all these ait wasties and war crimes, he's only pushing more and more angry syrians who are seeking justice and freed to join radical groups. it will never succeed until you get rid of assad. he is a magnate of terror. the united nations were doing a session about peace talks in syria, and all that i see and noticed over there they're practically giving real life for assad and the russians to do
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whatever they want in syria because there are not true intentions from the international community to stop assad from all these atrocities. i just want to say that we started the revolution in 2011 hoping that we could bring justice and peace and freedom for all syrians, but i hope its christmastime that if santa will come anywhere clear to syria he'll bring missiles to defend themselves because it doesn't seem that the war is going to do anything to defend civilian who is are facing the brutal assad regime and isis as well. i don't know honestly what to say about this disgusting silence that i'm seeing from all of the western government and the united nations. yesterday, i was pushing to have session in the security council
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about the use of chemical weapons, but unfortunately, nobody even cared. when they used the chemical weapons yesterday, there was a team from the united nations just two kilometers away from the eastern entrance of modemia trying to get aid to the civilians. so assad used chemical weapons right in front--there was three days ago. >> we appreciate you speaking to us. it's difficult to share your experience. i know you've done it many times before, but nevertheless thank you for talking with us. now russia has denied using cluster bombs. the group has read from reports that 200 civilians have been killed in the past three months. it alleges that authorities lied to cover up civilian damage in two airstrikes.
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they have accused russian and syrian forces for using banned cluster bombs. >> we've spoken with many survivors. there are dozens and dozens of credible video clips and images of dead civilians, of bodies in parts and so on it would be interesting to know what more they would like. there is a ton of evidence that they have committed probable war crimes. >> they rejected the report saying it was full of lies and clich├ęs. >> so far they have been
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reluctant to comment on the very serious claims by amnesty international. today they category. >> categorically deny. >> we familiarized ourselves with the contents of this report, and as huge there is nothing concrete and nothing new published in it. the russians airport does not use them. >> the russian defense ministry said that they were unprecedently opened about their situation in syria, and they say that categorically there were no munitions such as cluster bombs on the air base in the country. for the purpose of all these
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manipulations by amnesty is to smear others. >> al jazeera's roslind jordan joins us live now from washington, d.c. we're seeing mounting pressure over its airstrikes in syria. what are you hearing from officials there in washington. >> well, the u.s. has not been pleased with the russian air campaign pretty much since it started earlier in the year. >> the u.n. process seems to be slowly getting and way. the other concern nat u.s. has had is the air campaign seems to be aimed at those who are fighting the assad government and not going after isil, which the purpose of the u.s.-led
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campaign there in libya. there are concerns of misread signals between those who are flying along side the u.s. and the russians some how getting in each other's way and leading to some inadvertent confrontation over syrian territory. now the u.s. has said if the russians are serious about going after isil they would very much welcome their participation, but they're not seeing much of a motive or demonstration of intent that they're actually committed to going after isil. >> but isil claims to be not the only ones in the skies right now. there are concerns of casualties as a result of the u.s. coalition bombardment. >> that's right. that started in mid-september 2014. there has been one investigation
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after a coalition of forces went after courts on frow startings, in that report the u.s. u.s. military found that even though they believed they were going after isil targets, they did, in fact, kill two children in the area, as well as injuring two adult who is were not affiliated with the khorasan group nor isil. they said they're taking incident. there is an end next to a rock. they say when they get credible evidence of allegations that they may have injured or killed civilians, they say they'll investigate. but as of right now we just have these two cases. one in iraq and one in syria. >> thank you very much.
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live in washington, d.c. there is more to come for you on the news hour. slow progress. we'll have the latest on the iraqi army's battle toss retake the city of ramadi from isil. praying for peace. why some will be marred by violence. >> while several young men died playing football in the u.n. this yeau.s. this year coaches have come up with a way to make the game safer. >> now international arrest warrant has been issued by russia for the mikhail khodorkovsky. >> mikhail khodorkovsky may be in self-imposed exile, he sell
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democrat misses an opportunity to criticize president putin. >> no matter what the propaganda and pr wants to show us, putin is no superman and he will not go down in history as a hero. >> on tuesday police raided the offices of a corporation founded by khodorkovsky. >> when we made the decision to working with this organization, we did under our risks. that's why it has not become an u surprised event for us. >> an international arrest warned accusing khodorkovsky of organizing a contract killing in the '90s. >> the evidence of the accused mikhail khodorkovsky's involvement in homicide and attempted homicide the
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investigation decided to request the warrant in abstentia. >> khodorkovsky had already spent ten years in jail in what many had seen as punishment for his stand against russian power. president putin, he said, has driven the country in a situation where revolution was inevitable and necessary and then said, i'll help bring it about, remarks that incensed the kremlin. when asked about being charged in abstentia, they've gone mad,
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he said. >> i asked about the timing of this arrest warrant. >> you basically, mikhail khodorkovsky has been a thorn in the side of putin. it doesn't surprise me. he has done it with lots of other people. >> is there a contradiction in ordering the arrest after he was pardoned two years ago? >> you have to understand that he's not thinking about anything from a long term logic
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standpoint. he's just thinking about his emotions about current issues. it's not statical or strategic to be lashing at khodorkovsky for religious we may be able to guess or not be able to guess. >> but why would khodorkovsky be seen as a threat at this point in time after he was released from prison and when he had been living abroad in london and switzerland for two years now. glad glad claims to have an 89% popular approval rating. what is happening inside russia there is a massive economic deterioration going on where the average person is feeling very uncomfortable. what that does is it puts the regime at risk. the regime is worried about some
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type of explosion. the more scared putin and the regime are of some type of unrest, the more scared they are of people who are self declared members of the regime. >> still to come, mystery over why the prime minister of georgia has resigned. >> we'll tell you about u.s. investors flocking to put money into trailer parks.
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>> this year is blowing our minds.
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>> scientists are studying el nino from space and the oceans. >> when the pacific speaks... everybody better listen. >> techknow's team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> this is what innovation looks like. >> can affect and surprise us. >> i feel like we're making an impact. >> let's do it. >> techknow - where technology meets humanity. >> welcome back. let's take you to the top stories. the united nations security council has backed a deal to create an unity government in libya in an attempt to reconcile the two countries rifle operations. five people have been killed and dozens injured in a chemical weapon's attack. and russia suggesting airstrikes in syria could constitute war
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crimes. iraqi soldiers are battling to recapture the key city of ar ramadi from isil. >> interrogatory is slow but it's progress nonetheless. iraqi security forces close in. they're training the battle as a final push to capture th anbar province. >> it is very slow. but it is very well organized, and very well coordinated between the local iraqi bodies, iraqi army, and airstrike. >> there are just a few hundred rebels left in ramadi a sharp
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drop from when isil stormed the city in may striking its biggest blow to the government. iraqi forces have been trying to reenter the city since early november. they say they've now weeded out fighters from residential areas and leading through boobie traps in neighborhoods. they hope for victory within days. >> the forces have been trained and ready to hold the ground after liberation of the city this is going to be a great wood boost in the fight against isil. >> the shia led government has cut off supplies for months now in an attempt to choke isil fighters but it has made life worse in this mainly sunni city. winning back the city is one thing. winning back the people is a different matter all together.
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al jazeera. >> georgia's prime minister irakly garibashvili has resigned. he said he'll remain a local soldier of his motherland. he became prime minister i in 2013. only three months ago he outlined his plans for georgia. >> i decided to resign as prime minister now when our home and foreign policies and our country's development is assured i would like to wish our future prime minister the best. >> more on this, i'm joined by lee con mitchell, with us from san francisco via skype. you follow the situation in georgia more closely than men. did garibashvili's resignation come as a surprise to you? >> no, rumor of this has been going on for quite wall.
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there are elections in the fall, and it was felt among the leadership of the georgia dream and many of georgia that garibashvili was not the person they wanted at the top of the ticket. this was a change that they select an at some point, and it wouldn't have been good to do it two months before. but i didn't wake up this morning saying, i think garibashvili will resign today, so the timing was a bit of a surprise. >> the timing was a surprise. you're linking it to up coming parliamentary elections. why has his coalition popularity decline recently? >> well, the georgian dream's popularity has declined primarily because the economy has not done well at all. the georgian dream came in and overpromised. right now they and the
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opposition party are in a statistical dead heat. >> and to how much work do they have to do, and of course, all ice will be on garibashvili's successor. >> yes, the new prime minister, he's in a tough situation, but he's also a skilled politician. i've met both these dice. i like both these guys on a personal level. look, nobody can turn over the georgian economy overnight. if they could have they would have. will it stumble long? there have been signs that there will be a recovery at some point, but i wouldn't expect unemployment to be cut in half before the next election, that will be the challenge for the georgia dream. >> thank you very much for sharing your thoughts,ly con
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mitchell. >> thank you. >> israeli police have shot dead two felonies who stabbed three people in east jerusalem. two of the flee israelis who were left seriously injured in the knife attack has died. one from stray police bullets. the incident took place at the main intraof the walled old city. since october 131 palestinians and 20 israelis have been killed in violence in palestinian territories and israel. well, christmas celebrations across the west bank will be subdued this year. political leaders decided to tone down holiday festivities in the wave of violence. >> it's an annual tradition that 19-year-old jamil normally looks forward to. decorating the tree is different this year. he suffers from pain and can barely stand after being shot last month during a protest near
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his home last year in bethlehem. israeli police infiltrated the protesters and open fired in live rounds. while recovering in hospital he was shown a video that shows the moment that the undercover israeli forces began shooting at the protest, but also when he was taken into an ambulance by first responders clearly in shock. >> when i look at the person in the video, it feels as though i'm looking at someone else. it was a life-changing experience. all i is that people pray for peace, for us, for the war to end. i pray for all those killed for palestine, and to give patience to families, to endure their losses. i pray for people to pray for peace for palestine. >> it's not just families who are struggling to celebrate christmas this christmas. municipalities including here in
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bethlehem has decided to scale back festivities. >> the christmas tree is decorated and the nativity scene is onplay. but elsewhere the decorations were either toned down or not put up at all. political leaders say it was the right thing to do. >> this is where we'll live all the different conditions. we'll live the joy, the sadness, the challenges, and the encounters on the ground. >> at the opposite end of man injury square palestinian activists decorate an olive tree with empty canisters of tear gas and hand grenades, and they call the it the resistence tree.
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>> a 19-year-old has been pulled alive from the rubble of sunday's landslide in the southern chinese city of shenzhen. more than 70 are still missing after a huge pile of construction waste smashed into buildings and "n" an industrial park. adrian brown reports from beijing. >> alive against all the odds. trapped under debris for almost three days. a migrant work age 19. his voice and pulse from feeble when rescuers finally reached him. raising their morale and those of local people. >> it's a miracle. the man was rescued alive. we were so happy when we heard about it. very happy. >> tien had been in the office of the factory when the mudslide happened on sunday morning. but a man found close to him was dead. doctors are hopeful that tien will recover, but his injuries
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are serious. >> he sustained multiple injuries including soft issue injuries, bone fractures and severe crash injuries on his right lower limb. >> ality the rescue site frantic efforts to find more survivors has been intensified. they use senators to locate signs of life but they're finding more bodies. the operation has also begun to effect local businesses. >> we cannot go out now. we cannot transfer the goods in this area. there is no began efor our lives. many workers have to eat and there is no supply now. >> the. >> it happened after heavy rai rains. the official manager of the dump
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has been arrest: a local government report has identified storage problems at the site warning of a catastrophe. a catastrophe that has now happened. >> 2008 global financial crisis is still being felt by millions of people in the u.s. many families were forced to give up their homes and move into mobile homes. in the first part of our series on trailer parks, rob reynolds traveled to washington state where investors are making handsome profits from these mobile homes. >> on the road to potential profits investors are flocking to take a crash course on buying up trailer parks. 20million people in the u.s. live in low cost mobile home communities. demand is high and as more parks are bulldozed for other developments supply is dwindli dwindling. >> the apartment rents are going
4:44 pm
up. people are being squeezed out. >> a three-day seminar which is called mobile home university. rotherham owns 140 trailer parks and is an expert at squeezing money out of america's poorest people. >> to nobody this business and believe in it, you have to be a pessimist by nature. you have to put all your eggs in the basket that the economy is going to continue to go down. >> he tells park buyers toter out amenities like playgrounds that take money to maintain, and to raise rent as high as possible without forcing residents to leave. >> there is no regulation how much to raise the rents. the park owner can raise it as much as he wants. >> investigators are eagle for get in on the trailer park bandwagon. >> they have a very good return on the money. better than an apartment with a lot less management.
4:45 pm
>> if you have to live inexpensively in the united states, a mobile home park is one of the ways to go. an used trailer can cost a few thousand dollars. and the ground rent in a mobile home park like this one averages around $250 a month. >> many trailer park residents earn minimum wage or are disabled or are elderly living on fixed incomes. 72-year-old bill breedlove said he can't afford to live anywhere else. >> it's easy to move from one town to another when you have a trailer. >> as the bus tour continued, it was overshadowed by the hard edge business practices that the mobile home university preaches. >> these people come in and raise the rents rapidly, far greater than we've seen before. and they're making behalftive profimake making massive
4:46 pm
profits. >> many are making large investments in trailer parks. proof that there is big money to be made from the pennies of the poor. rob reynolds, al jazeera, washington. >> still ahead for you this news hour. the impact of urban development. and in sport australian captain steve smith is awarded two of crickets' biggest carryin accolades.
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>> welcome back: which go to sa na for your sport. >> manchester united under pressure. storming out of the press conference accuse media of disrespecting him 31 they have not won for six games. they had a total of just seven targets in the four pre-lear matches. it has been reported that the former protege is jose mourinho is being lined up to replace him as a manager. >> i do not want to go into the world of speculation. i have huge respect for louy, and i think what is going on is
4:49 pm
disrespectful. this guy works for 30 years in football, and to b has given unbelievable quality of work. i think it is disrespectful of what is going on there. >> the dutchman is well aware of the turn around. >> things are not going well. i'm glad to be back. it was a few years ago that i was here in a similar situation. >> now researchers in the u.s. are testing a novel way to teach players how to better avoid
4:50 pm
serious head injuries while playing american football. the idea of taking off protective gear in a contact sport might seem odd, but that is exactly what is being looked at. we have reports. >> american football practice with an important twist. the university of new hampshire college team dedicated part of their training session to doing drills without wearing protective helmets. the counter intuitive idea aimed at reducing the number of concussions and head injuries. >> it is a dangerous game. >> it is part of a study run by th professor eric schwartz. >> this is identified by the football helmet. it is necessary for the sport. it provides protection, but at
4:51 pm
the same time the he will met enabled. >> we can click on a specific hit that shows us where that hit occurred so you can see this hit that happened right on top of their head, on the crown. >> millions of young men play american football all over the u.s. it's one of the most popular sports, but also rough and sometimes violent. this season alone at least eight high school players have died as a result of on field injuries. the latest of those eight is the 17-year-old luke shem from kansas who suffered a traumatic brain injury after being tackled in a game.
4:52 pm
but the risks have not put off 16-year-old miles strict letter, who plays safety for his high school team. he admits that his parents worry about head injuries, but the new hampshire study has changed his game for the better. >> normally i would lead with my head up and putting me more at risk for injury. now i can get my head off to the side because of muscle memory. i'm used to getting my head out of the way from contact, and it helps a lot. >> we have pretty intelligent kids, and they saw the benefits. they knew where the drills were building to. >> to make america's most popular contact sport a little safer to avoid serious head injuries that have become all too common. gabriel elizondo, bedford, new hampshire. >> recently the nfl announced it would fund research to
4:53 pm
revolutionize the way head injuries are diagnosed and treated. it could be a real game changer. >> our technology is so sensitive it can see these bio markers in the blood and be able to tell you whether or not you've had a concussion and how severe it is. most importantly it could give you a sense of when it's safe to return to death. a lot of deaths occur by having a second impact while having a concussion. it could lead to some big issues on the sidelines and it has proven to be a big issue for sports whether it be rugby, whether it be soccer, even cricket as well as football. this is a major break through that can change the culture of
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the game. the denver nuggets after trailing by 21 points kobe shot two free throws and a jumper to seal the fifth win of the season. australia cricket captain steve smith has been named international cricketer of the year. he's the fourth australian to be win the award and was named test cricketer of the year that's all your sport from me. i'll hand you back to maryam. >> thank you very much, sana. you wouldn't normally associate art with explosives and hammer drills, but one street artist is turning to untraditional
4:55 pm
techniques to portray development around the world. he's currently working in hong congress. >> his studio may be indoors, but he prefers art on all wall buildings to exhibited art. >> for the cultural life, and. >> he's an internationally recognized graffiti artist. these days instead of spray cans he uses chisels and drills and even controlled explosions to create over sized portraits in public spaces, all of which are legally approved. >> it takes an archeological process. you go through the layers, and you expose history. you make the incrisissible advisable. >> a city landscape like
4:56 pm
hong kong is a special canvas. >> i try not to reflect on the building but the shadow that is cast by the city. the shadow is where i enjoy working, that's what interests me and where i want to put the focus on. >> this building was once a busy cotton mill in hong kong. now it has been turned into a creative hub. >> it's something that we're very proud of, injecting a little different energy into the neighborhood, and the community that i think they're inte interactive with. >> the theme of the collection remains the same, to reflect the changes and pace of development
4:57 pm
by uncovering some of its past. >> what once started as an act of rebellion is one that this graffiti heartist continues to grow. >> it was thhe has now developed a stronger following in the contemporary arreste art world. he has proven himself in the art scene as an artist watching from the outside in the urban art context. >> he said he won't be short of inspiration. sara clark, al jazeera, hong kong. >> for more you can find more on everything we're covering right here. the address is you'll find all the latest comment analysis as well as background information on all of our top stories, al jazeera. that's it for the news hour. i'll be back in a few moment as time with a full bulletin for
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you. see you in a few minutes. >> the only live national news show at 11:00 eastern. >> we start with breaking news. >> let's take a closer look.
4:59 pm
>> i've been asked to keep my voice down cause we are so close to the isil position >> who is in charge, and are they going to be held to accout? >> but know we're following the research team into the fire >> they're learning how to practice democracy... >> ...just seen tear gas being thrown... >> ...glad sombody care about us man... >> several human workers were kidnapped... >> this is what's left of the hospital >> is a crime that's under reported... >> what do you think... >> we're making history right now... >> al jazeera america >> comedy great richard lewis. >> i really am in love with the craft. >> turning an angst ridden and neurotic outlook... >> i have to unravel myself on stage as fearlessly as possible. >> into an award winning career...from hell. >> it's thrilling when it's working. >> i lived that character. >> go one-on-one with america's movers and shakers. >> we will be able to see change.
5:00 pm
>> the agreements and now this resolution come at a crucial time for libya. >> the u.n. votes to recognize libya's new unity government as it seeks another ally in the fight against isil. >> reports of a deadly gas attack in syria. there are suspicions that sarin gas was used. an amnesty report lacks evidence when it says that russia may be guilty of war crimes in syria.


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