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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 28, 2015 11:30am-12:01pm EST

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of what they had. >> plenty more news and background stories if you go to that's for the very best global news and headlines. >> an al jazeera investigation of use of performance-enhancing drugs, allegations that are denied. peyton manning, one of the athletes linked to the probe reports complete garbage. extreme weather, dozens are dead after tornado, flooding and snows terrorizes the u.s.
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>> this is al jazeera america live in new york city. i'm del walters. there are new allegations in the use of drugs in sports. according to reports, by the national football league and baseball they will investigate due to the al jazeera documentary. they recorded hours of conversations with doctors and pharmacist who is made astounding claims about specific professional baseball and football players claimed those players deny. >> on hidden camera, a pharmacist in texas charlie sly advises a british athlete on the use of drugs banned in
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professional sport. >> liam collins is not a drugs cheat. he's working undercover for al jazeera's investigative unit to expose what athletes call the dark side. the use of performance-enhancing substances. charlie sly claimed connections in football and baseball. one player was filmed usin use describing his own use. >> i used it last year. i was scared to be honest with you. i took it for like two weeks, and i was taking peptides, too. >> sly alleges when he worked as a clinic in indianapolis, a ba
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banned substance was sold to peyton manning. >> we were selling drugs. it will never be under payton's name. >> in an interview with espn, peyton manning has now responded to the allegations in the program. >> it's completely fabricated. complete trash, garbage. there are more adjectives i would like to be able to use, but it makes me sick. >> we spoke to the institute who gave us the start date charlie sly worked in their pharmacy i in 2011. in the last 24 hours sly has used his own video denial. our investigation infiltrated a doping network in canada. we filmed a pharmacist and doctor who supply an array of banned drugs and offer to destroy medical records to cover it up. >> some are doing ten injections
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a day. >> okay, hormonal enhancement. >> if you really want to go black ops, so to speak, i can document everything in my home chart. if anyone comes sniffing for it, there's the decoy. >> they did not respond to requests to comment. others deny the allegations. al jazeera's undercover investigation raises new questions about the possible use of performance-enhancing drugs in sports. >> as you just saw, payton manning is the highest profile star named in the investigation. in 2011 he was recovering from a neck injury he suffered as quarterback for the indianapolis colts. he is now just one victory shy for setting the wins by a starting quarterback. he has mounted an aggressive
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campaign against the al jazeera report. here is his interview on sunday with espn. >> it makes me sick that it brings ashley into it, her medical history, her medical privacy being violated. that makes me sick. i don't understand that. you know, i'm in the middle of my workouts, and i have to interrupt this work out to talk about this. it's not right. i don't understand it. >> have you ever used hgh or any performance-enhancing drugs? >> absolutely not. what hurts me the most, whoever this guy is, this slap stick trying to ensign you wait i-- wait--insinuate that in 2011 i had a bad neck. i busted my butt to get healthy. i put in a lot of hard work. i saw a lot of doctors. i went to a clinic red sox they
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had a hyperbaric chamber that they thought would be good for me. they went with me and thought it might help. i don't know if it helped, but it didn't hurt. time was my best medicine along with a lot of hard work. and this stings me that i cut corners or broke rules to get healthy. that's a joke. >> reporter on the sports doping documentary. earlier on your world this morning we asked about the main witness who is now recanting what he said. >> we approached liam to work with us. we guided him through every single step of the investigation. if you say someone has recanted that implies they made a statement one reason or another they changed their mind. that's not what happened here. we filmed with charlie sly over six days, two or three meetings a day hour upon hour upon hour of footage.
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every time we met him we reviewed the footage, we primed him with new questions to get more details about what charlie sly was saying. we contacted him three weeks before the program went out by e-mail, by letter, by phone to ask him if he wanted to comment. he said nothing. suddenly, 48 hours before the program is due to air he comes out with a statement saying i've recanted. so one of the whole reasons and justifications for secret filming is people with things to hide will speak openly in a way they won't if they think they're actually going to find out. i have to make a call is he being truthful in that hour upon more of filming? is he being truthful when he's on the edge of being exposed. you can decide. >> this is stephanie. good morning. peyton manning has called ari
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fleisher, and they confirmed that manning's wife ashley was also a patient. and have you explored the possibility if she was taking human growth hormones that can be prescribed by doctors. >> of course we asked the question, and it has not been answer: if you say that growth hormone is used, and if it is used in that way it is illegal. let me make it clear, growth hormone is one of the few drugs that you cannot use off label. there is federal law saying that growth hormone can be described for three incredibly serious conditions--cancer or something similar. >> but a story potentially of manning's wife ashley taking
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off-label use of growth hormone is very different than the implication that peyton manning himself took growth hormone. >> well, then they should answer the questions that we've asked. those are precisely the questions. the allegations in the program from child sly is very clear. growth hormone was shipped to ashley manning in florida. until they answer the question who was it shipped to, who was taking it and for what condition this story will continue growi growing. >> charlie sly was an intern there for three months, but he wasn't there in 2011. do you have documentation to the contrary? >> i do. i range the clinic on the first of december. i said i was doing a verification check for charles sly. they put me through to someone who said oh, yes, she immediately recognized his name.
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she went and got the records, came back and gave me a precise start date for him in 2011. we have a full transcript of that conversation. i don't know if he was there in 2013. i do know that western told that he was there in 2011. >> the al jazeera report providing nfl commentators, giving analysts plenty to talk about today. >> al jazeera's investigation into questions of sports doping is sparking swift reaction to nfl circles. >> he said he didn't do it. he said it didn't happen. he didn't do it. end of it. >> you hate that it gets legitimatized. >> the broncos say in a statement knowing peyton manning and everything he stands for, the denver broncos support him
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100%. these are false claims made to al jazeera, and we don't believe the report. manning's former team the indianapolis colts writes, peyton played the game in indianapolis for 14 years the right way. he never took any shortcuts, and it would be o absurd to think that he would take performance-enhancing drugs drugs. ari fleisher was hired as part of his pr team. he told the post that there is no truth to it. tony dungy is also defending the quarterback. >> i just don't believe it. it is not consistent with the peyton manning that i know. he has too much respect for his legacy, for the game, for what it means. i think he would do everything in his power to get well, but i do not believe he would go outside of the rules. >> an on twitter former colts linebacker gary bracket writes, i could go on record and say i've never seen a player work as hard as peyton manning, and there is no way that he would
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cheat the game. the league is not commenting on the documen documentariy, but they say they'll investigate claims against the athletes named in the documentary. >> al jazeera investigates dope. when we come back, donald trump taking verbal shots at former president bill clinic. how he has seized control of the political conversation in 2015.
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>> a landmark deal has been reached between south korea and japan regarding wartime sex slaves. the issue has long strained relations between the two countries. today the jab knees government saying it feels a deep responsibility over the issue and will pay $8.3 million to the surviving women. in in action one civilian is dead. 13 others wounded today after a car bomb explosion afghan police saying that a suicide-bomber set off a car pull of explosives in a pickup truck. the attack happened in kabul, an and a parent apparently the targets from nato forces.
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jamie mcintyre is life at the pentagon, how significant is the retaking of ramadi. >> very significant. not just for psychological reasons but military taxcal reasons. the city was liberated. the u.s. military is being confidentialititiv conservative saying there is fighting left to go. even though the u.s. said there are still pockets ofth resistence in the city, it appears a victory is well in hand. i spoke a short time ago by the u.s. military spokesman. >> we're on our way to victory. we believe that while they have work to do finalize the security
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clearance in ramadi, it will be in a short period of time. we've seen hundreds of fighters killed. we've seen more. >> one of the things that they've learned from this operation is training the iraqi forces in the proper technique to retake the city is effective combined with u.s. air power and this operation could provide a model for future operations in other parts of iraq. >> jamie, how involved was the u.s. in this operation? >> well, you know, very involved, first of all with air power. there have been more than 2,000 munitions dropped since the beginning of this campaign. it started with the shaping operations as the iraqi forces were slowly encircling the place. but also the u.s. provided all kinds of equipment and training, special devices to breach mind
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fields. all kinds of expertise and planning in this campaign. the u.s. was very involved, just not with u.s. troops on the ground embedded with the iraqi forces. >> and jamie, what's next? what happens next in ramadi and in iraq? of course the big surprise is mosul. that will be coming up in 2015. but also there is if a lou shah that is much closer to ramadi that is coralled b patrolled by the forces. but holding it and governoring it and returning to some semblance of normalcy, the sunni cities that have felt neglected by the largely shia government. that will be the test in the coming year. >> jamie mcintyre live for us.
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thank you very much. >> all this week we're looking back at stories that define defined 2015. we can't talk about politics i in 2015 without donald trump. >> the day donald trump said he was running for president was the biggest development. it changed the way people are running for that office. it's changing the entirety o of 2015 because of the candidate he has been and the type of dialogue that he's having and people coming out to vote. you can see john boehner resigning and harry reid saying he's not going to run again. nothing effected 2015 like
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donald trump deciding to run. >> how significant is john boehner stepping down and paul ryan acceptance? >> it's too early to tell. john boehner stepping down was significant. it's a very frustrated job to have when you have a divided caucus like the republicans do. they have a freedom caucus, a group of very conservative republicans who sequester themselves. that's a convenient word to use because i sequester is something that we'll talk about in the next year or so. will paul ryan be able to deal with them? that remains to be seen. but immediately he'll face obstacles that they've put in
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place. a virginia member, you might remember david blat who beat eric cantor, the former majority whip. when you look at dave bratt saying we're happy to increase spending, but every daughter we increase spending we have to match with budgets cuts, and paul ryan may find himself in the same shoes that john boehner found himself in. >> what will paul ryan have to do to get something done. >> it will be tough if he doesn't high school diploma th --if he doesn't hold the base together. when it comes to increased spending he'll have to find a way to bring them on board without abandoning thinks base. they're chomping at the bit to go after paul ryan if he doesn't do what they want him to do.
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the numbers, the majority, the same people are there. if he can get them to return to regular record, which that means having committee chairman dictate the agenda of the congress, that was a promise he made to the freedom caucus, and he indicated he will give that. if he can get themed to that, then he takes a little bit of the pressure off. >> michael, before i let you go, how has social media changed politics across the country? >> well, it's indescribable. how congress members interact with their constituents has changed dramatically. you look at everyone from donald trump, who is a provocative tweeter, ted cruz uses social media, bernie sanders. his entire campaign is credited to social media because he has so many young people supporting him. same with hillary clinton.
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but then go down to members of congress. the 20 years ago how much interact did an average constituent have with a member of congress and their senate? probably very little. you can follow your member of congress, and let's say four people respond to members of congress. that tweet is retweeted by the news. it's picked up by the news stories and totally changes the way we discuss politics in america. >> michael shure, very very much. >> thank you. >> parts of the south ravaged by storms. and "star wars" still bringing in the big bucks at the box office. the new record smashed.
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>> people in north texas trying to salvage anything they can after a weekend of powerful and deadly tornadoes. 1 people were killed, dozens more hurt in and around the dallas area. heavy rains causing flash flooding. 1400 homes were damaged or destroyed. and parts of texas dealing with heavy snow moving through oklahoma. some areas are under a state of
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emergency this morning. there is not enough staff for the emergency medical services, tornado leaving 54,000 people without power. for the latest of where those storms are tracking. we go to kevin corriveau. >> we still have the dro tornado threat. you can see the thunderstorms that have pushed through mobile. we've seen a lot of wind damage earlier this morning, and those winds are kite gusting. one tornado reported in mississippi. but right now we're looking at that tornado warning that is in effect. that's for pensacola. we habi expect that to remain and head towards thest. we'll talk about georgia seeing warnings like that as well. now the next big threat besides
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the flooding, the next big threat is going to be the icing along with the storm. we're expected to see icing over an half inch to an inch or higher. wait until you see areas of sleet. across the northern sections of illinois anywhere between one inch and one and a half inches. we do have the warnings and watches in effect across this area. you see areas of pink and purple, freezing rain advisories are in effect, and we're looking for that to stay for the next 24 to 48 hours o'hare is call forgive delays as well. >> thank you very much. >> well, the force is strong with the new "star wars" movie making $1 billion at the box office.
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"star wars," the force awakens reaching that milestone in 12 days setting a record, and hitting the $1 billion mark. and the time square new year's eve ball getting finishing touches. there are already 2,000 triangles that create the gift of wonder design. all the delicate crystals will fall, it will usher in 2016. crowds are expected to be in the hundreds of thousands, and it could be cold. thanks for joining us. i'm del walters. you can see the full documentary al jazeera investigates the dark side, secrets of the sports dopers today. 3:00 p.m. eastern time we have
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more news next. >> iraqi forces say they have won the bottom for ramadi freeing the city from isil. hundreds of fighters and civilians are given safe passage in two besieged areas of syria. i'm david foster. we're live in london. south korea and japan reach a deal to compensate the women used as wartime sex slaves. and we have the latest on the floods that have forced tens of thousands from their homes in latin america.


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