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tv   Ali Velshi on Target  Al Jazeera  December 30, 2015 1:00am-1:31am EST

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tell us what you think at al tonight. america tonight tomorrow. i'm in for ali velshi. the human growth hormones shipped to peyton manning's. red like cameras. some are rigged in chicago apparently controversy continues to swirl three days after al jazeera
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showed secrets of dope supporters. it shows how easily athletes exploit the system. the biggest debate continues to be the question of whether the allegation is true that peyton manning's wife was sent human growth more monday. in the film sly said he prescribed and sent hgh to his wife ashleigh and says that he knew that because he was interning there when he was being treated there in 2011. ahead of the institute in a written report, he apparently interned there two years later in 2013. if that is the true day it would bolster claims for manning's supporters that sly couldn't have known what was happening.
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2011 was a significant year for manning. he had three surgeries on his neck and missed an entire football season. he worked with the institute to try and recover from his surgeries and neck injuries. the next year in 2012 manning was released by the cut. the denver broncos rolled the dice on him and signed him up as a quarter back. he had 55 touch downs that season breaking the record. the unit which produced the dark side stands by its reporting and confirms that charlie sly did intern at geyer at 2011. a call was made such as journalists may before they broadcast a story to claim that witnesses are telling the truth.
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this call was recorded for the cameras. >> reporter: when our under cover athlete lim collins met charlie sigh as part of our investigation, sly immediately demonstrated his knowledge of drugs offering lee am an an bolic ban ned substance in sport. more than 27 hours of recorded conversations, sly gradually opened up about his contacts with athletes. statements he now denies. his most controversial allegation is that when he did part of his pharmacy training at an anti ageing clinic, human growth hormone was shipped to peyton manning's wife >> we would be sending ashleigh manning drugs. it would never be under name. >> reporter: since then the clinic claimed he was only there in 2013 after the mannings moved
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away to colorado, not 2011 as al jazeera originally reported. now al jazeera is releasing the phone call we made almost a month ago to confirm the dates of sly's rotation. >> thank you for calling the geyer institute. this is heather can i help you? >> yes. i need to do an employment verification on a video called charles sly. he is a pharmacist and i believe he did a rotation with you. is that right? do you know him? >> yeah. dates? >> i can. it will be just a minute. >> reporter: thank you. >> remain on a line. a representative will assist you. the start date was 1017 of 11. >> reporter: do you know how long he stayed with you? >> i think it was a couple of months. three months maybe. >> reporter: thank you. if that's how you know him then some snichlt yes.
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i knew him when he was there. >> reporter: that was a month ago. now dr geyer who never responded to al jazeera's request for comment says charlie sly has fabricated his whole story. sly says everything he said when he didn't know he was being recorded was untrue. peyton manning has issued his own angry denial saying he has never used performance enhancing drugs. however, the allegation in the program, the growth hormone was shipped to the clinic to ashleigh manning has not been denies by either peyton manning or the clinic. that leaves several key questions to be answered. was growth hormone shipped to ashleigh manning and, if so, over what period and in what quantities. can they confirm ashleigh manning does not suffering from any of the three serious medical conditions for which it is legal to prescribe growth hormone.
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if she does not, it raises the question has the geyer institute broken the law questions surrounding the use of hgh are not limited to professional athletes. anti ageing doctors and clinics are said to be prescribe hgh to hollywood stars and anybody who else can afford it. the director of sports medicine and traumatic brain injury in new york, aaron emergency anies-- an emergency physician. what are the benefits and risks of taking hgh? >> many think it will reverse the ageing process, feel younger, sleep better, their sex drive will improve, more energy, stronger muscles. they will feel better. the down sides are many. first of all, it could affect your blood sugar, raise it and we don't know the long-term effects of that. it could also affect your blood pressure, increase your hate
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rate, risk for blood clots and heart disease. joint swelling is another issue as well as carpal tunnel and other minor things. there's a whole host of things we get concerned about one of the concerns, of course, if you have a particular medical condition that hgh might be able to help it. what are those limited medical conditions where it is pribdz? >> in the case of short stature. a small child, that would be an indication. other genetic syndrome, turner syndrome or preterwillie. as well as other really generalised conditions like muscle wasting associated with aids. again, they're very specific conditions. we don't just routinely prescribe hgh for people to feel better so to speak is there a cosmetic reason. suppose a woman in her 30s does not have those, is there a
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cosmetic reason why a woman would want it? >> it will bulk up your muscles. at the same time this can lead to fluid retention. there's a dual effect there. people think, again, that it's going to make them physically look younger, but that's not the truth, actually. it's quite the opposite. it's more internally how you peel in terms of an athlete, at the top of the game a difference of 1 or 2% improved performance can make the difference between an being on a team. does it boost you enough to see eye higher performance? >> it is possible. the effects are addive over time when you use the product, but it is possible that that could provide the edge. that's why athletes search this out. they seek it out. they want the edge is there anything illegal regardless of where the hgh may be going, is there anything illegal about shipping it across state lines? >> there is.
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at this point we know it is not legal to ship it across state lines. in that capacity, it violates certain ftcs as well as fda protocols yet it is widely available. there are a lot of clinics, places across the u.s. where you can get hgh? >> absolutely. it's very readily available. as well as on the internet. there are many products sold. again, they're not sanctioned nor are they fda approved, which bears the issue that they could be tainted. what you get when you buy something on the internet is really an unknown is it as possible lair as people-- popular as people seem to think. we hear athletes and hollywood. is this such as bow tox was years ago? >> it is. many prescribe this to their well. yo went know the data, the long-term effects-- we don't
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know the data thank you. >> i appreciate it heaver is one way to solve the whole problem of doping in sports. just let it happen. change the rules for hgh steroids, you name it, anything goes. we will explore that next. later, hour red light cameras set up to make intersections safer also make revenue, maybe too much, for the american city.
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al jazeera's new documentary film the dark sides, secrets of thes sports dopers has generated a lot of controversy. most of it around football great peyton manning and hgh. hgh is not allowed under protocols adopted by the n.f.l. and other
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professional sports leagues. there seems to be public resignation that it happens until at least athletes are caught. jake thomas is a radio host and avid sports watcher. he joins us now. you believe that putting aside the health risks, you don't have a problem with hgh? >> no. i do certainly have a problem with it, but i was saying one day and i've said it before, the last time a watched a baseball game was when mark mandela cguire was hitting 75 home runs. at this point i didn't really care. then you find out later all these horrible things. i really believe that - as a person i've had cortisone shots, i've never played on the level of those people. but i have friends who have used so-called controversial things to fix their backs, their knees,
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people putting things to regrow their cartilage. it is like if you talked to medical professionals, if you are given the risks, as you are before a surgery, and you sign off and say, okay, i know what the risk is going to be, and after a while you feel that your body is not reacting negatively, and i have no idea about peyton manning or human growth hormones or anything about that, but i believe if they're so readily available and there are people in the normal population that are using them, i think the n mandela l, somebody has to say, okay, there is a level we can use that has been proven. it might only be 10%, but i'm sure you know people that have done something for their back. a friend of mine used botox for pain. it is controversial. yet it works. i think the n.f.l. needs to look at things. stem cells and hgh, that can be administered and you know there
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is a risk, but it enhances you as an athlete. i believe that ought to start happening that enhancement, even if it plays them at greater risk, do you think it's good for them in terms of the short-term benefit of having stronger, bigger guys crashing into each other? >> no. i'm really talking injuries. i'm talking injuries, i think. i think that you would have to have a medical group that is separate from the n.f.l. which they don't like, or major league baseball or basketball or whatever, but this is prevalent in our population. so if it's prevalent in the population, then when an athlete delves into it, then it ought to be - there ought to be some - each state is different. let's take marijuana. if you smoke pot in california and you have a marijuana card can you be thrown out of the league if you test for pot in your urine. that esgoing to go to the
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supreme court at some point in the future. i think guys drink after a game, they should be able to smoke a joint after the game also and not during the game and they shouldn't be playing on it, but yeah, i think what is starting to happen is that the drugs than, for the doctor that you had on, there are other doctors that say it can be safely done. somewhere in the middle to help these athletes recover and the normal population to recover. i believe there is an answer. i mean that you mentioned people who are smoking certain things and i have to confess that i know some people who were smoking during some of those appearances you made on the david letterman's show where you threw the spirals at the christmas tree. >> you can't arrest me before that you played college football. were there opportunities for you to enhance your performance? did you feel any pressure to perform? >> yeah. when i was hurt i would take,
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sadly, you would get a shot. i would take cortisone usually. the bad thing about taking a pain shot is that you may not feel the pain, but you continue tearing up - me it was my knees: you continue tearing them up. i hope that's not being done any more. i have no idea. we do see people come into the locker room and come back out and play in the second half. i think all of us watching sports makes whatever joke or whatever comment we make. i think the fan is pretty animalisetic. i think the fan wants to be entertained. it is gladiatorial hollywood is the same. >> yes let's suppose that-- >> i have botox marks face lifted. i've had everything suppose you were up for a role against sill investigate terre st-- silvester
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stallone. he uses hgh. does that make you feel like well? >> i have to tell you, if the money was right, you're talking to jay thomas now. we don't know each other very well, but i have pretty much based my clear on if i could do something safely and not get caught, i think that's the jay thomas motto. to answer your question, if i went to someone and he said we're not going to give you a lot of it and i tried it and i felt better, yes, i would probably do it. you mean to play a guy in his 60s, my boobs are tighter, sure, i might give it a shot. you would too. don't lie to me. don't lie to me thank you. you're a successful radio hoster, you've been talking to a lot of focus and talking to-- fobs and talking to a lot of tokes. do you get a sense that people care about peyton manning or some of these other
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athletes are using what they're not supposed to or whether or not they're going to beat the spread? >> do you know what, there is a huge amount of people who want to watch the game and not think about it. the other thing about peyton manning is he had three neck surgeries. i don't know what they used and i don't know what they did, but i no ethat he purchased at a really incredible level-- performed at a really incredible level. i hope he didn't do anything illegal. at this stage i believe him doping in sports, does it become the off season story that some folks think it will be or is it just, you know, we went through the era of baseball steroids, mark mandela cguire, who admitted that they were on the joys. does it have the same legs that the story did 10 years ago? >> they just kicked the pro-ball running back from the oaklands raiders out of four games. he can't play the last game of the season.
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heap can't play in the pro-ball and he can't play in three games next year. i don't know what they caught him doing. they just did that yesterday. so it is happening. it's ongoing. it's there. so don't sweep it under the carpet. deal with it. i hope it's helping these guys. i hope it can be used in the regular population. i mean that. i mean, a lot of things that are invented in supports have been now used. surgeries, my knees have been operated on three times. sports doctors figured those surgeries out on athletes, not on the regular population. then they brought them into this population. i think the hgh, what about those guys in the magazines in their 70s and they have these body builder bodies. you can get all that stuff you want and you're not going to go to jail nor are you going to lose your job. at some point there's a disconnected that i think has to be fixed when i'm in my 70s i will
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come and find you and we villi a long chat. thank you for that. >> do you know what, i'm going to make you get a card and we will smoke marijuana legally thanks very much for being on the program. we appreciate it. up next, red light cameras in focus. it is a combination of yet yellow lights and fast money that makes it hard to stop in more ways than one. >> the sports story everyone's talking about. >> don't miss the world exclusive undercover investigation. only on al jazeera america.
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police in chicago are in the news again, this time for a deadly pair of police shootings
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over the weekend. chicago's police are so understand siege that the mayor felt it was necessary to cut short his vacation and head back. when he landed back he faced a myriad of other vehiclesing issues-- vexing issue, not the least of which is how to fix the red light program. it has generated over hassle a billion dollars in revenue for that cash-strapped city. it is unable to hit the breaks on its broken red light camera program. >> reporter: captured on camera. vehicles running red lights with disastrous results. extents like these have killed nearly nine thousand people in the u.s. engineers have grappled with ways to make intersections safer. one of the most controversial cameras. >> when you throw a red light
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camera at an intersection, what happened was people started slamming on the brakes and lo and behold there is a 22% increase in rear-end accidents at these intersections that have red light cameras. david kidwell is an investigative reporter for the chicago tribute. he has been following the troubled history of chicago's red light camera program. since 2003 the city's merely 400 red light cameras have brought in 500 million dollars in traffic fines. needs. >> the city of chicago's bond rating is darned near junk rating now. anything the red light camera program only creates more problems for the government in the city of chicago in terms of making up very critical shortfall in the money they have to run the city. >> reporter: kidwell's investigation also exposed other
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issues at intersections in chicago with red light cameras. one of the biggest prosecutor is that the-- problems is that the red light intervals are too shortly. guidelines say they should last at least 3.2 seconds. chicago's center says its yellow lights are set at 3 seconds. kidwell uncovered evidence that many of the red light camera intersections had so-called yellow light intervals of less than three seconds. that means more red light violations and millions more in revenue for the city. >> this camera right behind me, it is a thief. it is doing nothing but stealing people's money. >> reporter: terry had received a $100 citation after being captured on camera going through an index whose yellow light interval was be lows three seconds. at least that's what this man's research shows. he is the red light doctor.
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using a video camera and special software, he is able to capture the exact duration of a gel low light inter valley-- yellow light interval. his program proves that this light last 2.873 seconds. >> they're hooked on it. they will go down fighting before they give up the revenue from the camera. >> reporter: kidwell says chicago became the nation's capital of red light cameras through a mix of corruption and back room politics, chicago style. it all started with an internal red flex memo which a whistleblower leaked to kidwell >> it essentially said that this city employ by the name of john bills, had received $1500 for every camera that he oversaw the installation of. there were 384 of them at that time. >> reporter: in may 2014 john
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bills was indicted on a federal bibry charge-- bribery charge. he received as much as two million dollars in bribes from red flex. on august 20 of this year former red flex ceo freeded guilty that-- pleaded guilty to a charge that she conspired. she also bribed officials in ohio. chicago may starting to be hitting the brakes on the program. on august 20 2015 the city filed a $300 million suit that it was built on red flex's systematic bribery of john bills. bills attorney says his client never had the power or authority to do what federal prosecutors allege and that john bills did
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his job in the best interests of chicago, not himself. but red flex's problems are far from over. a fired former executive of that company now working with federal prosecutors alleges in another lawsuit that red flex executives bribed officials in at least 13 other states. for it's part the company says it has new leadership, systems and policies and is committed to transparency and honesty in our business practices >> they have still got 300 cameras out there. still the largest cam rah operation in the country and it still fills a large budget hole for the city that is our show for today. thanks for joining us. the news continues here on al jazeera america >> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything
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that's going on, not just in this country, but around the world. getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> ali velshi on target. >> the agonizing wait is over. the wait list reach schools and safety schools have made their wishes known and thousands of high school seniors have had to cope with what they might see as college failure before they take a single class. they will be in school in fall just not their dream school. have we created crazy unworkable expectations at toop schools? does it matter that you go to college and less where you go? the deposits for the fall are in


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