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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 30, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> it can be different. >> securing the city. in ramadi, the iraqi army says it has freed hundreds of civilians that i.s.i.l. had used as human shields. syrian government advances. with the help of russian air strikes the syrian army is rolling towards a strategic opposition strong hold in the country's cell. high alert. in brussels, the city's new
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year's celebrations have been cancelled. now cities around the world concerned about possible attacks are clamping down. and critical vote. polls have closed in central africa republic's presidential and parliamentary elections, voters there hope it will end years of violence. hello everybody, i'm david schuster in new york. you are watching al jazeera america's international news hour and we begin tonight with the battle against i.s.i.l. in iraq. coalition leaders say there are as many as 700 i.s.i.l. fighters hiding in ramadi three days after iraqi forces recaptured the city. iraqi soldiers have also found hundreds of boob 80 traps.
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escalating between iraq and turkey, baghdad has gone so far as to threaten military action. turkish leaders say the troops were deployed to train iraqi militia, no control over a third of its country. al jazeera's osama ben javad has more from iraq. >> more iraqis have been forced out of their homes in the fighting against i.s.i.l. and the military. these civilians had been living under i.s.i.l. control in the central iraqi city of ramadi. >> translator: currently the force he of the antiterrorism unit are in the center of the city of ramadi. we freed more than 52 families who were used as human shields by the gangs of i.s.i.l. and we gave them first aid and food. we thank god we freed them and now we are transferring them to secured locations.
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>> on wednesday, a large number of sunni fighters will sweep the area for traps left behind by i.s.i.l. what's not clear is how many iraqi soldiers or civilians have been killed in this latest offensive. as i.s.i.l. remains active media access is limited. many are thankful for the soldiers who helped them. >> translator: when the security was gone from anbar province life was dead even if they tell you we were living this is not true. god bless the soldiers not big officials but the soldiers who came and rescued them with beat, they have no islam. >> reporter: thousands of people have been displaced from ramadi a city that's mostly in ruins now. houses, electricity, roads, basic services have been badly damaged. as iraqi sol year soldiers stren
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their positions, they also face the threat of i.s.i.l. suicide bombers. osama ben javad, al jazeera, erbil, northern iraq. egypt ss i.s.i.l.' says practice of raping young women has nothing to do with islam. >> translator: this organization is a criminal and terrorist organization. and one of the goals of terrorism is the spread of its ideologies and the spread of its propaganda that will attract people's attention. researchers who study terrorist organizations know this very well that the media division is considered one of the most important tools for a terrorist organization to achieve its goals through instilling fear in people. >> the i.s.i.l. document was seized by u.s. forces in syria.
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it classifies women as property of the captors and allow them to be bought and sold. it indicates acts of rape that i.s.i.l. considers legal. in the southwest part of the country the syrian army says it's regained territory from damascus down to darra. operation has gotten a lot of help from russian air strikes. first counteroffensive conducted by bashar al-assad since russia began their help. hashem ahelbarra has the story. >> the rebels say that despite the losses, they are regrouping and they are planning to launch a counteroffensive to push the government troops out of the
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area. the whole darra area is very crucial for the government and for the rebels because it is on a strategic route that connects darra and the capital damascus. for the rentals it has been a platform for which they could easily send weapons and fighters. so the eastern in boosting the presence of the opposition. that's why president bashar al-assad has always been concerned about rebel groups present this darra. there are different factions operating there. the al qaeda affiliate el nusra front, and the free syrian army. where they are trying look for different routes to go to areas which are strongly under the control of the opposition. this is quite a delicate moment for syrian occupatio oppositione
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related groups. >> turkish owned construction and hotel groups have been barred from doing business with moscow. new sanctions take effect on new year's day. the pentagon is providing more details from an iranian live fire incident that took place last week, iranian attack boats last friday fired rockets within 1500 yards from vessels passing through strait of hormuz. jamie mcintire has more. >> war planes have begun bombing i.s.i.l. nargts iraq and syria. but four days ago as the carrier and its escort ships were moving through straight of hormuz they
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were greeted by what could have been seen as a small gesture of defiance. the small boats fired several unguided rockets in close proximity about 1500 yards to the u.s. carrier truman, american destroyer buckley and the french frigate problems. province. even though rockets held little threat against the carrier, highly provocative. it said, firing weapons so close to passing coalition ships and commercial traffic within an internationally recognized maritime traffic lane is unsafe, unprofessional, and inconsistent with international maritime law. the u.s. navy says there have been two similar incidents in
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the past, one more than a year ago and the other back in april. but in those cases the rockets were fired miles away from the shipping lanes. senate armed services committee senator john mccain was quick to portray the incident as another instance of unchallenged iranian aggression. he says in part the administration continues to turn a blind eye towards iranian saber rattling, continued state sponsoring of terrorism and international commitments for fear that iran will walk away from nuclear deal. iran has often tried to intimidate the united states navy and assert control over the strait of hormuz but the navy spokesman says it will operate freely on what it insists on calling the aarabian gulf not the persian gulf.
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david. >> thank you. home land and national security law program, joins us from washington this evening. what do you make of this incident? >> david, thanks for having me. look i mean this is obviously an example of iran sort of trying oshow its role in the region and trying to assert itself as a major regional power. >> there was no communication obviously between iranian ships and u.s. ships. isn't it a problem? you would think if they were all operating in the same territory and if there is a nuclear agreement between iran and the west, there must be some coordination if iran wanted to conduct these exercises. >> they decided to i do it in te strait of hormuz. they did give 15 minutes of warning on maritime radio that's sort of not typical activity. this is clearly trying to send a message saying look we can act here and you're not going to do
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anything about it. it wasn't threatening but it was clearly designed to send a messenger. >> it was also designed to send an internal message inside iran, given that president rouhani is facing an election in a few months. and saying i'm not afraid of the americans. >> it's unclear how much control president rouhani has over the forces. this could be a message from the supreme leader himself. making it clear they're not going to take any guff. in the context of the nuclear deal, we're able to be involved in yemen, test ballistic missiles and test traffic in the strait of hormuz. you should be careful. >> is there any protocol they tend ooperate in the strait of hohormuz?
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>> it's a tight waterway, everyone is watching out for everyone else. back in the '80s the iranians mined the gulf, we were escorting tankers. it is a dangerous area, iran has threatened to close it before. people firing off rockets that tends people to feel a little worry. >> is the strait of hormuz potentially the place, if there was conflagration between the united states and iran it would start there? >> i think that's right. it is very tight. the gulf itself is a very large waterway but iranian gun boats patrol between escorts and their gun ships, my chairman, we saw an iranian gun boat patrol between the line of a u.s. controller and its destroyers. >> anybody nervous as they saw this? >> it was pretty standard
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activity. you know, it's not unusual, iran claims a large swath of that waterway as theirs. we claim it's international waters, internationally recognized as the strait of hormuz there's a little bit of dispute there. it is standard operating behavior but firing off rockets isn't. >> do you think this portends anything different for 2016? what is your feeling over the next couple of months? >> what worries me is iran -- we have this nuclear deal with iran, they are getting $100 billion of essential relief. yet they are testing ballistic missiles and actions in yemen and syria. it's not a good sign yet we continue to have this hope that iran is going to become a better actor and it is not panning out that way.
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>> jamil, thanks for joining us, we appreciate it. in turkey police detained two men suspected of plotting tomorrow night's celebrations in ankara. investigators say the men had an explosive filled vest as well as equipment to make bombs. in brussels, belgium, fears have prompted officials to cancel new year's eerve festivities. the mayor said it would be impossible to guarantee everyone's safety. this week belgian authorities arrested two men suspected of plotting attacks. new year's eve will go on as planned in paris, but increased security and a spirit of togetherness. the year began with attacks on chabchebdcharlie hebdo magazine.
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>> the presence of these forces across the country and what we've seen today shows that we have to be extremely vigilant but that vigilance doesn't stop. >> a planned fireworks display in paris has been cancelled and the light display at the arc de triomphe will be short he than usual. two million revelers in rio, a stepped up police presence as you can see is already visible at cop cope copa cabana beach. rore oh may be ready for new year's eve but is it ready for the olympic games? it prepares to host the 2016
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olympics. >> voters in the central africa republic, there have been problems at the polls.
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>> brazil is trying to claw its way back from its woors economic recession in 25 years, saying it has paid back its debt to state
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run banks. but the country still faces economic troubles. fitch down graded from investment status to junk status. the international sports world is becoming increasingly concerned about the 2016 summer olympics in rio de janeiro. facing the city, challenges including pollution, homelessness and secures. al jazeera april natasha guinane reports from rio de janeiro. having a good time is a way of life. rio de janeiro also has experienced hosting an international sporting event. it hosted world cup soccer matches in 2014. add to that the pride of making history. this is the first olympic games to be held in south america. >> it's going to be wonderful.
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and rio is going to welcome them with open arms. >> reporter: more than half of the rio 2016 budget comes from private money and the city is taking full advantage of using existing venues from previous sporting events like the world cup. the city says construction is on time and on budget. unlike the world cup, when some stadiums were finished only days before the games began. >> translator: there are two kinds of olympics. games that take the benefits out of the city, and the city that takes the benefits out of the games. we're taking full advantage of having the olympics in rio. >> reporter: in 2015, the city held 20 test events including the triathlon. but investors are showing concern about the sailing competitions, in guanabara bay, smelling raw sewage and seeing
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garbage floating by their boats. the city promised to clean up the bay significantly, but their efforts may not satisfy the athletes. the sailing even events may havo happen elsewhere. neighborhood bulldozed to make way for access into the area. maria initially refused to leave. even though the city offered her a flat and money. now that most of the 344 families who lived here have taken the buyout, she has decided to move but feels the loss. >> it's that they destroy people here. the community, everything. >> another big concern is drug gangs and spill over of the violence inside the city's favelas. things were calm during world
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cup and they expect the same thing in 2016. 7.5 million tickets are available, more than half cost $30 or less. eric farnsworth vice president of the americas, world cup soblge soccer games were spl over the country but is the city government ready for this? >> if you talk to them they say they are. they say the financing is in place, the construction is on schedule, and that all of the targets that they have set for themselves, they are hitting with the exception as you heard in the report in terms of the environmental issues of guanabara bay which are significant. as of today it seems as if they can get there, yes. >> there are already corruption allegation involving some of the
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croorgcontractors who are doinge work. how does that work? >> that's absolutely right. there is a lot of money going into the game and rio is embroiled in the corruption scandal that the country has never seen before. there are lots of allegations. there hasn't been a lot of proof at this point, that may come out in the future but you have to put this in context. when brazil was just given these games, in 2009, the country was in a boom, this was their time. but since 2009 the economy has reald suffered. there's been a recession in 2015, doan look like 2016 is going to be much better. are you have people say all this money is going to the games, my economy is getting worse, why are some people doing better off and i'm not. they believe corruption is behind that, that's going to play negatively and really hurt
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the move overall in brazil. >> that negative public mood, let's assume they get the games and everything fine with security and whatnot but as far as the expenditure that takes to pull there off where does that leave brazil domestically in terms of the public mood? >> i think that's a really good question. the mood is pretty sour and what we saw at the end of the world cup, the games themselves were a big success but afterwards you had these large stadiums that were a constant reminder to the people that a lot of money was spent on the world cup and yet the economy itself was not doing well. i think you could have a similar scenario here whereby the games i think will be a success but they will leave behind large buildings, venues which people will say, wait a minute, there was a lot of money that went there, where did it go, who benefited and how did that benefit me and why should brazil be supporting these at such a high cost? remember the economy is already in recession. so those questions are going to
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be increasingly asked. >> will there also be a cost in providing the security, kind of security it takes now in big events like this, in the environment around the world, i would imagine the cost would be enormous. >> unfortunately, any international event like this is going to have real security concerns, brazil itself is not a particular target of global terrorism or anything like this and i wouldn't anticipate that it would be this time. but you have to understand the world is not just coming to brazil but those people who won't be there physically will be watching it on tv. so somebody who wants to have a demonstration or have display of terrorist power it is a compelling target. having said that brazil is clearly aware of those issues. brazil is working with countries like the united states and others on the security front already. to try to make sure that something like that just doesn't occur. >> and then finally how big an embarrassment would it be we saw natasha guinane's piece, if they
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have to move some of the sailing events away from the bay and the raw sewage that hasn't been cleaned up? it would be a black eye no question about it. the visuals, are stunning, it's beautiful and i think a lot of people will have that in mind. but when you get closer to the bay you see it's polluted and it's got viruses in it and people have claimed that they've gotten sick. it would be an embarrassment. that would be a story line from the game but i think that overall, that won't be the most compelling story line. i think that will be one of several. >> aaron farnsworth, vice president of the councils of the americas. thanks for joining us. >> thanks a lot. >> just ahead on al jazeera america, extradition is detained for thforthe affluenza teen.
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and why racial tensions are flaring in the central africa republic.
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>> the sports story everyone's talking about. >> don't miss the world exclusive undercover investigation. only on al jazeera america. >> welcome back to al jazeera america. coming up in this half hour of international news, burundi's president is threatening to fight african union f peace keepers sent to his country.
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but first a look at the stories making headlines across the u.s. in our american minute. missouri's worst flooding in decades. the floods have caused at least 22 deaths, hundreds of buildings and roads are submerged and hundreds of homes have been evacuated. chicago mayor rahm emanuel says the city is now going to overhaul police tactics after several police shootings. access to tasers, emanuel says all members of the police force will be trained and encouraged to use the devices as an alternative to using their guns. television icon bill cosby was arraigned for allegedly assaulting a woman 11 years ago. cosby said he had consensual contact with his accuser. the new charge of aggravated
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indecent assault could larnd cosby behinlandcosby behind baro ten years. puerto rico says it will not make a $37 billion payment owed by monday. this is second time the island has missed a payment towards its $200 billion debt. allowing the island to start renegotiating its debt obligation is. >> i think that he can lead the house to produce a comprehensive bill that will allow puerto rico to restructure its debt, we present what they ask, five year fiscal control plan. so they now have our part. we need thrairs. >> the governor added that puerto rico will meet other obligations including $320
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million in general bonds and $383 million in debt. u.s. national security agencies earlier this year monitored communications between israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and members of congress. after the white house said it would no longer spy on allies heads of state. rfnlg harosiland jordan has mor. >> because of allegations plikd in the wall street journal that the white house has continued to spy on the prime minister, benjamin netanyahu, and on other top israeli officials. the journal's story suggests that the obama administration continued to spy on the israeli government because of concerns that israel was going to try find a way to derail the negotiations between the p-5 plus one and iran over that
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country's nuclear program. even though white house has not condemned or rejected the story an official named in the wall street journal piece suggested they had to continue doing this for security purposes, something that friends just don't do to each other. >> rosiland jordan, thank you. as the violence in burundi continues to escalate, its president is warning people to stay out. the violence broke out after the president said woe run for a third term. the move was viewed as unconstitutional by observers. in a public address today the president threatened retaliation against proposed african union peace keeping force in burundi. >> we do not accept any forces coming here. in case they violate our sovereignty and our borders, every burundian will rise up and
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fight them because our country will be under attack. we will protect ourselves. >> the burundi government has also accused neighboring rwanda to train rebels to oppose its president. choosing a new president, elections have been marred in delays and lack of proper voting materials, but the voting is peaceful. al jazeera's tanya page reports from the capital of bangui. >> pk 5 in bangui is a muslim enclave. officers presence is reassures. they say if they dare to leave the area three could be killed. >> translator: we want a president so we can live in peace so we can walk and go wherever we want, so we can leave this neighborhood. we're stuck here like prisoners. if we get a good president we
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can go anywhere, we'll feel good, we'll sleep well and we won't hear gun shots anymore. >> central africans are voting to start over. many have lived in fear since members of the mostly muslim selaca group, neighbors turned on neighbors acknowledge celestei-ne icellcelestine is c. >> i've decided to come back and vote in my neighborhood so muslims and christians can be together. >> security has been improving. during the referendum less than a month ago this was where there was a gun battle between hard
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liners from within the community and u.n. peace keepers. the fighters were trying to intimidate people from voting. but now we're told some of those who were shooting then are now voting. but there were problems. this man's been told he can't vote because he's not on the list. >> translator: voting's a civic duty. i have to do it and i cannot. so i'm not happy. one vote can mean a lot. >> reporter: there were also delays at many polling stations around at two locations the parliamentary election was cancelled because there were no voting materials. >> what these people want is a new governance, a new style of handling this country. what i'm hearing is rule of law, democracy, that they want to be, they want their leaders to be accountable. >> whoever wins has a huge task to mend divided communities and build a united community. expectations are high and the
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mistrust and violence is behind them. tanya pagan, al jazeera, bangui, central africa republic. >> thousands demonstrated outside the japanese consul. on monday the two countries agreed on a restitution deal to pay a billion yen to help set up an assistance assistance fund for the women. funeral for kim jong-un's assistant. victor victoria gatenbvictoria . >> very few details of the car
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crash. >> kim yan gons secretary of the central committee of the workers party of korea and deputy of the democratic people's republic of korea, died sadly at 6:15 at the age of 73. >> a secretary of the ruling workers party kim yan gon was an experienced negotiator who played an important role in talks with south korea. in august he helped defuse tensions between the two sides. the south korean government has paid tribute to his skill and hard work during those talks. >> translator: we offer our condolences over the death of kim yan gon. >> kim yan gon was according to
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national media, ki kim jong-un's closest confident. coulconfidant.sources say kim js executed many close to him. >> we see many signs that there is some kind of surprise on their side. so looks like unlike other cases where we really have some serious speculations, this one, i don't think it deserves as much of the speculation but it looks like and sounds like a traffic accident. >> kim yan gon's state funeral will take place on thursday. it's not sure what that will mean for north korea or its
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relations with its neighbor. victoria gatenby, al jazeera. >> tanya couch the mother of the so-called affluenza teen. a spoiled wealthy upbringing prevented him from knowing right from wrong. couch was arrested along with his mother on monday after missing a probation check in texas but a mexican judge granted an injunction today block his extradition. the legal process could take days or even weeks. >> it seems to me if they wanted to they could pay him as much money as they wanted to to drag this out as long as they want to. we are hoping the mexican court will make a quick and decisive decision and return the couches to america. >> marshals say the couches have several attorneys working for them in that country. two british teenagers will
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face trial in poland after stealing artifacts from the nazi death camp in aws auschwitz. if found guilty they could be sentenced up to ten years in prison. this is not the first time someone has tried to steal a piece of the form he death camp. several people have attempted to take bashe barbed wire. from 1940 to 19451 million european jews were killed at auschwitz. outbreak of violence on the french island of corsica. al jazeera's jonah hull report from the corsican capital. >> in a prolonged state of emergency and communication he badly damaged, france is still feeling after effects of the attacks in paris. the french island of corsica in
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the mediterranean has its own identity and harbors notion of separatism. it is the latest scene of separativity violence since the attacks. >> this is a beautiful little island but if this continues, people will be frightened to come here. >> home to a large north everyone apopulation, hooded thieves led the attack. uniforms firemen are seen as symbols of the state, pretty common in france. last year alone hundreds of firemen were attacked in similar circumstances but it's never happened here in corsica. in response, an angry crowd ransacked a local muslim prayer room and demonstrators chanted racist slogans. >> translator: we heard racist slogan such as arabs out but
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that's not like corsica. they shouted go home but this is our home. >> the french government has been quick to respond. the interior minister touring the scene and talking to residents. >> translator: i want to express my utmost condemnation of those who have created racist and xenophobic act that has no place on this island. >> napoleon was born on this island. >> we are as everyone knows, engaged in a struggle for the autonomy of corsica. this struggle is inseparable from the feeling of openness and humanity. >> where the christmas violence is connected to the separate
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identity that the corsicans feel, it is a further sign of how far france has to go to reunite its divided communities. jonah hull, al jazeera, corsica. here in the united states, the attorney general of georgia just declared that the governor cannot prevent syrian refugees if resettling in the state. republican governor nathan diehl vowed to keep the refugees out of their states. diehl says he's concerned and doesn't want to allow entry until the federal government can overhaul its screening procedures. will be required to provide resettlement and federally provided benefits such as food stamps. still ahead on al jazeera america. fleeing el nino, south america is getting slammed by the weather phenomenon. plus. >> i'm daniel lak in
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saskatchewan. i'll be reporting on new research that shows how salt lakes like this one can actually help the country cope with climate change. >> and tomorrow night, we will take a look at how successful the u.n. court was in bringing justice to those responsible for the murders of 800,000 people.
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>> now to our global view segment with a look at how news outlets across the world are reacting to various events. but first a look at the pakistan the nation writes, critical and the long standing distrust between the two countries has to be overcome for the talks to succeed. the paper writes the taliban is fractured and in a very unstable position, an already vulnerable afghanistan. the south china morning post commented on japan's polling to south korea -- apology to south korea. the same cripes are perpetrated against china, the philippines, indonesia and t ty warren. japan will need to apologize to
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all nations. aggressive response to the ebola virus even though guinea has been declared ebola-free. the two year long outbreak a wake up call for the world health organization and its completely unsatisfactory response early on. adding the lessons learned are critical to protecting the world from future epidemic disasters. an indonesian court has settled, with a company that burned 50,000 acres of land on the island of sumatra. wildfires in indonesia have become a yearly problem, blanketing the country and its neighbors in smoke. florence looi has more. >> ahead of the verdict, an environmental group stages a protest to remind everyone what's at stake. indonesia's people and its
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forests. a company was accused of starting fires last year in the western island of sumatra. the ministry of environment and forestry brought the lawsuit seeking $570 million in damages. but the courts found the evidence lacking and ruled in favor of the country. >> why would the company need change its practices? it has been proven in court that our client has done nferg coordinates with theverythingin. >> over this year's forest fires. >> we may appeal to the high court. we are going to appeal this decision. it is not only to bring justice to the people of indonesia but for the dignity of this country. >> reporter: forest fires and the resulting haze that blanketed indonesia and neighboring countries have become a national occurrence. this year's fires caused flight
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cancellations and school closures. more than a dozen people have died and half a million fell sick from respiratory illnesses. the word bank estimates this year's fires will cost more than $15 billion. some say a small scale farmers who use slash and burn methods to clear land are to blame. others believe it is plantation rnplantationowners who use slasn methods. >> because of this, then the company and also the people will say oh, we can burn. as big as we want because the people have already given us permission. i totally disagree and am i have disappointed. >> the court's verdict isn't the only thing that concern environmental groups. environmental groups say several
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hot spots have been detected in some parts of sumatra island and worried that once the dry season starts in march these areas could grow bigger. the yearly issue is unlikely to go away soon. florence looi, al jazeera, indonesia. apple is shelling out $348 million to italy to settle a tax dispute. the tech giant reduced its taxable income by booking profits generated in italy through its irish subsidiary. the deal comes after the eu is cracking down on profit shielding operations. a huge swath of south america remains under water tonight, argentina, paragay and other places, many are blaming
10:53 pm
the foul weather on el nino. >> things like these are repeating themselves all around south america. areas of argentina, paraguay, brazil and uruguay have been hit. paraguay has been hardest hit with almost 100,000 people forced out of their homes near the capital acunsion. those in brazil have now been affected, in the peruvian amazon are afraid. >> it's been raining too much. there's too much water. it's rained here so much it's scary. only god knows what he's doing. this is nature but it's raining too too much. >> reporter: el nino is driven
10:54 pm
buy warming surface water, in the pacific ocean. nasa says el nino is still building and could even rival the record effects of 1997. with conditions set to worsen aid organizations warn that this el nino could leave millions of people exposed to hunger. teresa vo, al jazeera, buenos aires. >> temperatures were pushed to above freezing in the north pole. today's temperatures at the north pole were 50° higher than average for this time of year. it was so warm that the north pole at lease for a time was as warm as chicago and warm he than some other u.s. cities. a get away spa, lil manatu
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lake, researchers say the lake and other lakes like it play a valuable role by absorbing carbon more efficiently than oceans and forests. daniel lak reports. >> own microscopic creatures can live in it. rivers flow in but not out. evaporation makes it even saltier. farmers have known not to plant crops on the shore. but there's a spa like the real dead sea that has been here for decades. >> people came from all over to visit manatu lake. put the mud on themselves for ex foliantses. foliants. >> taking the waters for decades they're seen as somewhat of a nuisance.
10:56 pm
but a lake like this with its saline waters may actually be providing a very valuable service. researchers at the university of regina says that such alkaline lakes absorb speaker carbon. storing the carbon in mud, up to a third of the vast carbon dioxide output of saskatchewan. >> we need to make sure we don't drain them. lakes have really been under appreciated in the carbon budget just because total surface area relative to oceans and forests they're not huge. but the rates at which they are processing carbon is far far faster than, say, the open ocean. >> as oceans become more acidic they sop up less carbon. these bodies of water are vital.
10:57 pm
this is exactly the kind of science that should transform our approach to the world's carbon problem. >> we need good applied science to figure out how we actually achieve there. if we can use the applied science to set out what we need oachieve, then we can hand over to the economists and the social scientists to figure out the detail of how we get there . >> so far governments aren't doing much with this research but there's excitement building how it might be applied. if canada can ever draw up a plan to deal with the emissions of speaker carbon. the lakes can be part of it. daniel lak, al jazeera, little manatu lake. >> that is it for the international news hour, i'm david schuster. in our next hour, the deadly flooding in the midwest.
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you'll hear from the director of emergency management from one of the most hard hit areas. are that news continues with jonathan betz. thanks for watching, al jazeera america.
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>> gierchg everyone. good evening everyone i'm jonathan betz and this is al jazeera america.lives lost and evacuations ordered. missouri facing heavy rains and a rising mississippi river. plus. no laughing matter, an icon of american comedy out on bail after being hit with sexual assault charges. and trouble in


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