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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 31, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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from hour live coming up, rebels battle to stop government forces taking control of a key town in syria. fighting to save yemen's children, doctors warned that lives will be lost, without more medical supplies. we will build missiles iran's president is defiant after a new u.s. threat of sanctions.
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a massive fire breaks out, and we will have the latest. welcoming in around the word. hello, everyone. with sport live for you from doha, a look back at what has been an eventful 2015. go head to head in the semifinals of the world champion event in abu dhabi, those details are coming up. a battle is underway in syria, that can have a big impact on the course of the country's war. a major campaign to recapture a key city that controls roots.
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>> these rebel fighters are on the counter offensive. they are launching an attack to repel government troops. an opposition strong hold in southern syria. they say that many turns that were part of the government offensive were either destroyed or forced to retreat. but the army backed by russian fighter jets say the fight is almost over. and that the city will song be under control. more intelligence, since we flow earlier, when president asaad and his speech said we are -- i don't have enough personnel in order to fight,
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so accordingly the russians are here, trying to limit the spin back of the regime. the birthplace of syria's uprising while the capitol of the province is still under government's control, the rebels have captured most of the towns. if captures by government forces the rebels will have to pull out. it will be bad news for factions based on the outsecurities of damascus. it is also a vital supplier. in. >> there are many armed groups. mainly a front free syrian army break guys. but the opposition rebels have been weakened by divisions and internal fighting. >> the opposition has called
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on the rebels to set their differences aside and defend. a defeat of this particular moment could undermine the chances of the rebels pushing for more concessions from the government, in the upcoming talks that will be housed in geneva. al jazeera, southern turkey. >> arsenal your fellow at the politics program, he joins us live now, from washington, d.c. thank you so much for joining us here, so first of all, how much of a significance do you think this advance or sheikh has in the sort of in the whole panorama of the war? i think the advance is something that the government has been planning for some time. in other parts of the country, but the real story of the war is not if you can take an area, but if you can hold it.
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>> and in a liability to the government. >> but i guess the change we have seen since september, of course, is the aid of russia and there have been about 5,000 russian air strikes targeted various groups since september, so much of a game change they are will be. >> certainly the amounts of russian air strikes as well as the equipment they put into syria. they have been able to capture little amounts of territory, i think the move was designed to prep up the machine. i don't think that analyst see this as in the cards. even russians are skeptical that the regime can come back over even large squads of the
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territory. the main motor way that goes down as well, is the real question is will it be able to capture other points. there's a lot of territory in the plain that is still in rebel hands. think it would be very difficult to do that, and i also question whether neighboring countries such as israel or jordan, would actually like that or permit it. >> we are of course, we have come to the end of the year, when it comes to 2016, there's meant to be a frame work for peace, when it comes to a syria provision nally, there's hopes that elections will be held for a new government in 2017, all these shifts on the ground, do you think that they make it more
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or less likely that any kind of peace agreement is reached. some key concessions will be needed to go along with the cease fire, the transitional governing body, and how everyone fairs in election in 18 months, i think that this is probably not going to go according to schedule, and we will have to see what happens next month, during these peace talks. >> andrew senior fellow at the washington institutes. now the fire hassening gulfed
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the address hotel, that is the united arab emirates and it started just hours before a large fireworks display was set to start from the tower, that is the world's largest building, it is of course, new year's eve, it is about 10:00 p.m. now, so that was due to start. you can see the flames engulfing the hotel, we are getting live pictures of this, it certainly doesn't seem that the fire is under control, we will bring you more on those developments from the u.a.e. in the coming hours. but you can see right there, the address hotel in downtown dubai engulfed by flames. >> a commander has been killed in a drive by shooting in the yemen city of adan. he was shot dead just hours after handing over control of the kooistra teenic port to government troops.
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in nearby one of the last working hospitals says it came under attack on wednesday, rob matheson has more now on the challenges facing medical staff working in a war zone. >> no let up in the fighting in yemen, houthis rebels fire shells. hospitals are on the front line in the battle between the rebels and supporters of the internationally recognized government. medical staff are struggling to cope. >> the hospital they plead for more oxygen supplies. without them they say medical care will suffocate. >> there is no oxygen, no surgery equipment. people are having to bring in marry own oxygen bottles. >> i had to get it outside
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the hospital, because none are available here. >> the united nations says more than 21 million yemen now need aid that's roughly 80% of the population. but aid agencies say houthis fighters aren't allowing the supplies through. some of that aid is now being provided by saudi arabia, which has led a coalition fighting the rebels. both sides have been criticized for the number of civilians killed and injuries in bombing campaigns. saudi arabia says it's convoys are being targeted. >> there are attacks on other organizations. >> the hospital are unlikely to care, where the aid comes from. just as long as it comes. rob matheson, al jazeera.
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has destroyed 80% of the city, the local government is telling residents that it is not safe to return immediately, the arm reclaims control. >> at that time, everything was in disorder, the crew punishment is above all else. the extremist groups enjoyed slaughter and bloodshed. my 12-year-old was killed by them, they said the child took pictures of them, they killed him and took him into a garbage bag, and we weren't allowed to bury his body. >> joins us now, a professor of political science. thank you so much for joining us here on al jazeera. some of and violence seen in
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ramadi across iraq, all too frequently in the past year, starting with ramadi now, the governments say that they have got their government compound, but still not totally liberated, do you think it will be as inevitable now? >> well, one cannot judge really the result now. we have to wait and see, because judging by other similar operations, it took a very very long time to complete, decite. and other areas, areas like beijing situation is still touch and go. nobody can say whether beijing is liberated or not. but without belittling the achievement of the iraqi armed forces i think there are a lot of things to be done in order to complete this victory. everything in the arm forced does not liberate or clear
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falujjah. >> the isil has proved to be very flexible. they lose in one area, they strike in some other areas. so one cannot really say whether this is is claiming -- in ramadi but more generally in the past weeks. >> well, the conduct of the armed forces i am not enlined because it was not. >> the ramadi was far far better than what happened in mosul, and in ramadi before that. so maybe this is a new beginning if they are really continuing on this line, whether they have been assisted be the americas or
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other forces this is not known. ramadi this time. >> . >> will be the year of the big and final victory when the presence in iraq will be terminated. >> very much. >> the professor of political science and economics. looking back. a fire at a hotel in downtown dubai. let's show you these pictures now. now the address. the situated close to the and a major fireworks display was due to take start there, in just a few hours. few details coming it of
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dubai just yet as to what exactly happened. >> now all over the boards in that -- again the address in downtown dubai one of the most exclusive parts of dubai. of course just a few hours away from new year's eve, a lot of fireworks celebrations are being planned, we will bring you more information as we get it here out of dubai. >> for a french journalist, and in sport, heading out of 2015, with a bang. how one australian footballer can find himself in trouble.
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and iranian president has ordered an expansion of the ballistic missile development program, the announcement is seen as a direct response to reports that the united states is planning a new round of financial sanctions against iran, over ballistic missile tests. iran condemned the reports saying that it has a right to develop missiles as long as they are not designed to carry nuclear war heads. rosalyn maz the latest from washington, d.c., you have been following the story, it does seem there's a bit of a miss understanding if you want to call it that, about whether the missiles ballistic missile program was actually part of the nuclear deal, what more can you tell us? >> .
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>> there are international prohibitions against iran for iran trying to expand it's program. but the iranian president has been saying on twitter, is that this is part of the country's national security program, and that he has cented the military to expand the building of additional missiles for their arsenal. obviously a very strong response, how are they likely to respond to this? >> well, i have received comments from a state department of official, and i am going to quote this person now. we are not going to respond to every comment from iranian officials. we will continue to do so, including works closely to bolster their defenses against such threats.
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while thed a ministration is not confirming the details of the original reports which came out overnight, about the plans to carry out sanctions, one senior administration official does tell al jazeera, that the u.s. is looking at ways of holding iran accountability, especially in light of the fact that it launch add ballistics missile back in mid october. we just don't know who is going to be targeted and when they will be imposed. rosalyn, thank you. >> the german chancellor has thanked the public for helping refugee whose have moved to the country this year. in our new years speech, she looked back at europe's on going refugee crisis, and warned that they would also present a challenge in 2016.
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especially in the view of the task of integrating those who will stay here permanently. we want and need to learn from mistakes of the past. our values our traditions our understanding of the law. we make up the society and they are a prerequisite for a co existence in the country that is good and shaped by mutual respect. this applies to anyone who wants to live here. >> hundreds of children are believed to be stranded at a refugee camp in northern france. >> and believe rules are being broken. >> has grown and grown this year.
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>> through an interpreter 16-year-old described how he has fled that separated. she got the u.k. there 15 months. >> what can i tell you, i can't find the words. it is a disaster. he lost his elder brothers even before they reached turkey, now they too are in britain. he made the spire journey alone. >> it is not a good place, there's nothing for me here. it is horrible. >> what they have in common, hundreds of others here do too is what should be an exit rout, out of all of this. >> the so called regulation
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is supposed to mean that a refugee camp in the first european union country that they enter. has another part of the regulation, is absolutely crucial, for children living here. inside the e.u., then can claim asylum in that country. >> the u.k. government argued that the regulation meant children would have to stay in the first country they went to. but the court has overruled them. that should mean that it matches children with their parents. in the meantime, it has fall ton the one volunteer to do it, so far. >> the consequence is that children are being forced into the hands of traffickers. extremely dangerous, and some of them are dying. >> every month that passes is another one lost to
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childhoods here. and the best ever to volunteer can't really compensate. the law says that they are entitled to be with them. this is the normal rules do not apply. lawrence lee, al jazeera. >> puerto rico is on the verge of it's second debt default in five monos. the nation is struggling to deal with a mountain of debt worth around $70 billion, puerto rico is due to pay credit tors $1 billion on january the 4th. the government insists it would be able to pay most but not all the money. robert ray has more now from san juan, what more can you tell us about this? >> happy new year's eve, and sevenly the residents are hoping it is a better year, as puerto rico is in serious debt.
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over $70 billion at this point, they are going to make most of this payment on january 4th, but they have left over $37.3 million in interest payments that are not blunted according to the governor here. we had a rare opportunity to sit down with the governor yesterday, and almost exclusively, here on the island, and speak with him about all the things that are going on and the wrangling between washington congress, and the politician here. let's listen to a little pit of what he had to say. >> . >> . >> this controlled plan, and so they -- so they now have our part. and if congress -- and i
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think that will help the senate to -- or that will compel the senate to move too. >> . >> and what he is talking about, the governor is speaking about the new speaker of the house, paul ryan, he thinks that paul ryan can work with progress and come up with a plan they are not looking for a bail out, so to speak, and we know they can't fire a chapter nine bankruptcy, which only cities in the united states can do, states are not allowed that, and puerto rico being a commonwealth, the same, not allowed. now, let me give you a quick little history here, exactly why the government here thinks that they are in this massive pile of debt. they say congress took away
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tax incentives from major companies that were manufacturing companies on the island. and after ten years 2006, when those tax incentives ran out, all those big companies left. thus making a glut and a lot of people out of jobs and then the migration of all these thousands of people from the mainland here to florida, and other places. >> voices that have become main stream, donald trump,
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ben carson, bernie sanders, the first two republican candidates have never held political office, the third a long time politician thought to be at the extreme edge of the democratic party, they are getting his views a wider audience, all benefits from a angering audience. >> americans are frustrated they are fearful than they are angry, and what they keep hoping for is that all of these kind of outsiders that they keep elected will in fact bring some change there's little that can change the popularity. >> donald j trump is calling for a total and complete shut down of muslims entering the united states.
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>> she kind of sees herself as the parent, and is really in some ways embracing the idea of a third term. and i would also argue rather than running on her achievements she is spending more time focusing on the republican faults. 2016 will be a lot like 2015, in the only thing that really counts is the race for the
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white house, although now it becomes meanier and nastier, and more expensive. and in the end what seems like a long campaign, the two main parties will have their candidates and one of them will be america's next president. >> i don't think that you will see the candidates after the nominated contests try to come to the middle. i think you will see them very much focus on exciting their base. the new learn president will face many challenges both domestic and international, but the biggest might be bringing a divided country tot, after the election. no matter who wins. >> now let's take you back to dubai with a breaking news story, and that is fire you can see there, you are looking at the hotel called the address, in downtown dubai, 63 floors five starr luxury hotel, at least my estimate, 20 floors of that on fire.
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still unclear as of yet if there have been casualties. it is about 10:30 in dubai now, due to be new year's eve fireworks celebration, the address is very close to the world's tallest building. you can see that fire there, live pictures from dubai we will bring you more on that later in the program.
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>> at 9:30 - "america tonight" - top investigative reporting, uncovering new perspectives. >> everything that's happening here is illegal. >> then at 10:00 - it's "reports from around the world". >> let's take a closer look. >> antonio mora gives you
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a global view. >> this is a human rights crisis. >> and at 11:00 - "news wrap-up". clear... concise... complete. a major fire has broken out. the address is near the tallest willing where new year's eve fireworks are due to take place. doctors in one of the last remaining cities warning that patients can die if they don't get more medical supplies. and the key syrian town has entered it's second day, government forces launch add major offensive, by russian air power but rebel groups are fighting to hold the city.
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a french journalist has been expelled from china for questioning common policy. the area of the first foreign journalist since 2012 when al jazeera own correspondent was expelled. adrian brown reports. >> . >> this was one she couldn't miss. the government told her to leave the country by midnight on december the thirty-first. >> there is something ridiculous. >> .
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>> the policies in the western province. the government has blamed recent violence there on groups seeking an independent. >> she says she has nothing to be sorry about. >> i can't apologize about something that i have -- i didn't try that i supported. >> her home is just around the corner from china's foreign ministry. where an official said the french journalist article had incited the outrage of the chinese people. >> china protects the rights and interests of officers of foreign news agencies on news coverage in china. but will never tolerate the actor speaking freely on
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terrorism. >> now effectively the first foreign journalist to be expelled from china since 2012, when the al jazeera correspondent was also asked to leave this country. >> she has been subjected to the death threats and abuse online. one newspaper celebrated the propulsion, with overwhelming support for the decision. all part of a campaign that got they believes was officially sanctioned. >> my god, it was -- incredible, and incredible my sexual, and dirty. even facebook did sponsor ship. >> just as a new anti-terrorist law came into effect, they said the legislation is similar to measures by american western
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countries and it is not designed to target any minority. al jazeera. beijing.
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thursday.officially closes on service set up to prosecute those summited of involvement in the 1994 genocide militias from the hoo too ethnic majority killed nearly 1 million people, mostly from the tutsis minority. some of the courts indict tees are still on the run, as malcolm web reports now in rwanda. >> these men say they killed dozens of their neighbors. it was during the again side, and they all say the mayor here, organized the killings in this area. i killed because they had already filled our hearts with hate, and if you refuse to kill, he ordered overs to kill you. >> after more than 20 years on the run, he was arrested earlier this month, in neighboring democratic republican of congo.
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>> in 94, thousands of tutsiss threing had gathers around this chunk for safety, according to the indictment, they had ordered villages to kill them all, now there's a memorial next to it. >> now it is a somber scene, the people that are killed here, over on this side, some of their skulls and other human remains and here some of the weapons that were used to kill them. >> the indictment says that they oversaw the killing of thousands of his countrymen, and also rape and sexual violence against women.
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>> those were war crimes that fell squarely within the i.s.t.r. >> they deny the army committed atrocities and said it brings the soldiers to justice at home, i do not believe this idea of both sides really should count in the question of the i.c.t.r. that i.c.t.r. primarily established to deal with people mo committed again side, and they believe they had enough to do.
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>> they face trial, but the i.c.t.r. was unprecedented and it did bring justice to some of the victims of one of the worst atrocities. malcolm web, al jazeera, rwanda. palestinian witnesses say egyptian war planes have attacked targets in the city which straddled the border between gaza and egypt. this amateur video filmed is said to show an air force jet bombing targets on the egyptian side of the border. the egyptian army has demolished hundreds of homes there in the past year, as it aimed to create a buffer zone. two people have been sentenced to death for killing an atheist a blocker in 2013.
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six others received prison terms for the murder of achievement med raged. he campaigned for the party to be banned. belgium prosecutors say another man has been arrest ared in connection with the paris attacks in november, a 22-year-old man named has been charged with what they call a brotherrist murder and participation in a terrorist organization. it will be no official fireworks display in brussells that decision was made on wednesday, after the police raids. iranian also had contact with the interior minister. >> for the first time moscow
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has closed off red square to the public. put in place across the capitol. and a violent crash, and campaigning from moscow. moscow always puts on aglittersy show, it is moscow's biggest holiday. but there is a hard edge to the sell race in the capitol this year, security here is unprecedented. many people here say they are fearful that they face a violent backlash because of the participation in the war in syria. the bombing has been going on since september, more than 5,000 have been flown, as russian's gradually drawn into an extended campaign. the square has also been
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subject to body searches. and along the people, a degree of anger and frustration, at the end of a very difficult year. the year was complicated even for us, i lost my job, but i am glad because now i work for myself, maybe our government will get smarter. >> a former kgb officer now an opposition leader he predicts protests will grow. >> i think the ratings will fall, but one has to understand that only a war can prevent that, what war, will it be a war in syria, the ground operation, will it be an extension of the ukrainian conflict, or god forbid on our boarders we can't say. but any war, consolidates people around their leader. public defender putin's popularity jumped after the
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wars that they haven't produced the results he was waiting for. the foreign policy in syria would divert international attention, away from his land grab, in ukraine, he will be disappointed. there's been no concession in foreign sanctions against russia. they may find themselves accompanying a president on a very rocky road in the next 12 months. >> tonight fireworks will welcome in the new year, at the century old tradition of seeing it in on red square, has been scrapped. for the first time in it's history it will be closed off.
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>> the address hotel in downtown dubai is situated close to the -- that's the world's tallest building with a major fireworks display was due to start, it is about 10:44 in the evening and now in dubai, now the address hotel a five star hotel, 63 stories high, and nearly 200 hotel rooms around 600 service departments now we have heard from the official twitter feed from the government, of dubai media office.
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head putting and new year's a eve fixture. lined up wellington defender. he escaped with just a yellow card. he didn't see the incident, they snap add six match losing streak with the 3-1 victory. the fire with each goal, failed to do so and needed somebody cleared, she eventually seeing 2015 with a bang. the final of the south asian
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football champions in india, despite the competition that's been taking place since 1993, brings together the best eight teams from across the region. of the defending champions they booked their spot in the decider with a 5-nil defeat. the afghan coach however was less than impressed with the police escort that he received only the way to the match. very dangerous situation, because it was not take care of us, i have to support that organization. >> 23 points by the dallas
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team, the spurs routed phoenix, with a 19 straight home win to the start of the season, marcus had 21-points on the night. >> as many lows as indeed highs across the globe, in the world of sport january source and champions in football for the first time and guinea, and they became africa's football champions. fast forward to may, floyd mayweather jr. in one of the richest fights in boxing history, before he retired undefeated. the police on top officials meeting in switzerland, arresting a number of individuals as swiss prosecutors open the
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investigation. they became the first in 26 years. the warriors will be mentioned earlier, to become the nba champions for the first time in 40 years the united states won the women's world cup in canada, new zealand, the first team to successfully defend the world cup in england, and fast forward to november, where we saw russia ban from world athletics for widespread doping. sepp blatter was banned by the ethics committee from football for eight years for a disloyal payment, was also suspended for the scale of that investigation, surprised even those journalists. >> at the same time, it was still startling seven high
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ranking fifa officials actually arrested at the five star hotel, and the famous images that we remember of them being walked out of the hotel, with sheets and that's the timeless image of fifa's dirty laundry finally being seen in public. so i think the drama and the scale of the arrests and the scale of the american investigation, into football, and nos just fifa, into football, corruption has been actually staggering this year, and it has been a real watershed and landmark. >> that's the latest from sports the rest of the news hour team. >> . >> a journalist living in dubai, and she is at the site of the fire.
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>> that is the address hotel in downtown dubai. 63 story hotel, one of the top 50 tallest buildings in the world. now it is about 10:53 in dubai. >> despite that fire, and new years celebration. in dubai, now that hotel, the address hotel, very near the -- that's the tallest building in dubai, many people had gathered there to
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see some of the fireworks celebrations that were due to start at the hotel, let's just try now if we can speak to davey who is a journalist living in dubai. on the line for us, can you hear me? >> we seem to have problems connecting it is a 63 story building at least 20 floors if nor more, are being ravaged by the fire. there it is a hotel. 20 service flats we will bring you more on that story as we get it here.
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the news has been dominated by the battle against isil, which has led to months of deadly violence. as well as europe's biggest crisis since world war ii. people die. >> in syria? >> launched air strikes on the city of aleppo. in yemen, the station has become the norm. >> . >> .
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>> here comes another boat, no matter what triggered the movement, the war in syria, germany's implied province to take them in, and the false promises no matter what started it, no matter what perpetuated there is no easy way of stopping it. >> your family got across and you were stuck here? >> walking to germany, it is a very very long way. these people have been here for more than two hours in a stand off. [crying]. >> there's a somber realization of the people and the faces they have left behind.
1:57 pm
they have to take care of them. ♪ . >> we just saw the war. we don't want to two to europe. just stop the war. just that. >> . >> some of the most powerful moments from 2015, now let's take you back to dubai, and pictures of the five star luxury are hotel, the address you can see the flames there engulfing the hotel, we'll have more from dubai at the top of the next hour. stay with us.
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>> the only live national news show at 11:00 eastern. >> we start with breaking news. >> let's take a closer look.
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>> this is it. >> oscar winner alex gibney's "edge of eighteen" marathon. >> if i said that i'm perfectly fine, i would be lying. >> i feel so utterly alone. >> in this envelope is my life. >> if you don't go to college, you gonna be stuck here... i don't wanna be stuck here. >> catch the whole ground-breaking series, "edge of eighteen" marathon.
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>> a huge fire rips through a hotel in dubai during the new year celebrations. hello, i'm maryam nemazee. you're watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up. [ gunfire ] rebels over government forces take over a key town in syria. russian expands its missile program after new


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