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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 31, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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hello, you are watching the news hour live from london, coming up, the huge fire rips through a high-rise hotel in due bay, at least 13 people are injured. a key town in syria. after reports of new sanctions from the united states.
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>> amido the security fears a world welcome in 2016. >> in doha, happy new year, everybody robin adams here with sport, an eventful 2015, the new year will also see two of the biggest names in world tennis, go head to head in the semifinals in world championship event, those details are coming up. >> the new year sell race has taken place despite a massive fire. the blaze at the 63 story address hotel and apartment block in the downtown area, started at about 9:30 p.m. local time. authorities say it is now 90% under control. 14 people were reportedly injured in the blaze, one person suffer add heart
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attack, because of smoke inhalation and overcrowding during the building evacuation. the dubai media office says four or five squads were deployed to tackle the fire. the sky scraper. they decided to go ahead with the plan using the fireworks display. saw 1.6 tons of fireworks light up the sky, to welcome the arrival of 2016. >> he joins us now on the phone, and it's been about 45 minutes since we last spoke. can you tell me what he has been hearing since then. after the new year, from
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dubai. >> he -- however, right next to it, there was a hotel and still with fire coming right inside of it. >> you can still see people down below. and on the ground.
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they are keeping them updated in air big and english, they have been saying the fire is 90% under control, but just to be absolutely clear about this, because you are there and witnessing what is happening this is not consist with what you have been seeing, you have seen absolutely no change in the scale and severity of the flames in front of you in the last half an hour. >> i can see some change, the flames have to be -- the situation has i really don't believe that the figure that the authorities here in dubai only 90%. they are still quite dangerous. personally from my own eyes say around maybe 70%, it was
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still a lot of big smoke coming out of the hotel, and winds coming to dubai, and it was originally around three-quarters of the way,en it was about 600 meters and now it was dropped down to half way just over 400 meters so still. rising pretty high, and a lot of downtown. >> so the smoke is emanating from the fire as you would expect, you know for building on this scale, can you tell me if the flames have impacted any of the buildings in the surrounding area? >> . >> around the sources around here, saying that the lights -- weather that was caused by an electrical item or anything like that, but
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apparently there was -- and the rest was history as they say. but they say the fire, they come out here from here, all i do know is that the explosion -- just around ten minutes, 15 minutes before, the actual fire was -- which took place in dubai. >> you were telling me about hearing a number of explosions, you said there have been roughly four explosions heard, has -- have you heard anything else. since we last spoke, have there been any further explosions? have you seen any debris falling from the hotel? >> i am not seeing inning, or heard anything since you last spoke. i think around 40 -- a little bit at the flames have considered since we last
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spoke. and the traffic, however, is still at a standstill, people can't really move around here. >> yes, the traffic would indeed have been very congested on new year's eve. you will have had many people
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not just foreigners and tourists but also ex-packs. out on the streets, celebrating new year's eve. which has just gone -- it is now new years day in dubai. we will get back to you later, but for you thank you very much. he has been monitoring all of this from our headquarters in doha. and gerald we have been seeing some remarkable scenes emerging from dubai, we are looking at the fire engulfing the address hotel in the one hand, on the one hand, but that didn't stop the festivities from going ahead in the new year. >> . >> you are right, and the five category, about 3 1/2 hours ago, we have been monitoring some really dramatic pictures coming out of dubai in that time. the latest that we know right now, is that 14 people have been injured by the fires. one more seriously than the other.
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>> the crews at the site of the address in dubai, have contains about 90% of the fire. this is really difficult to verify, because as we have been seeing live pictures and the latest pictures fires -- the flames still quite strong there, we have seen smoke, and as we heard from the witness that situation still looks quite serious, so it is very difficult to say if it is 90% contains but that is the official line. that have been given updates on social media to this. they have been updating us in
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both air big and in english. some of the latest that they have suggests that 14 people were slightly injured, one moderately. >> a very popular time of year for tourists and locals, it would have been fairly difficult and complicated to evacuate everyone. >> yeah, absolutely right. this is new year's eve, rather it is new years day now in dubai, and they are consistly have one of the largest if not the largest
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new year's eve celebrations in the region. this was the middle east at large, converging on dubai for the celebrations from what we are hearing 14 people. no deaths -- it is pretty remarkable, considering the size of the building the address is a 63 story building. and the fires broke out in the 20th floor. so the fact that they managed to evacuate the building was successfully is as we see it quite a success, but again, only about 3 1/2 hours the fire is still going on. no official, what might have caused it, not hearing any word about possible foul play.
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and any kind of electrical accidents, so we really have been saying that dubai press office says that they are 90% -- 90% of the flames we should continue to monitor this. >> we are just looking at pictures now. the tallest building in the word, and these are pictures. emergency crews are in there. try accessing the area, coming the floors. presumably assessing the damage possibly, but perhaps more likely looking for anyone else. that might be inside the bidding.
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seven restaurants across 53 floors and a very popular time of year, would have -- there would have been a great many people inside, so perhaps as complicated process, to actually evacuate everyone in time. the latest reports suggest there have been 14 minor injuries but we have not had a update for a little while. from the -- they have said the insurance the guests eadvantages waited from the downtown hotel, with alternative that is the latest update. you can see the fire engulfing the hotel, it hasn't been extinguished emergency crews on the scene, the building has been evacuated. the cause for the fire, there
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were a number of explosions. and witnesses saying that about the collapse, they have seen debris falling from the building and even though the dubai authorities say that 90% of the blaze is under control, witnesses we have been speaking to say that is not consist with what they have been seeing. we will keep you updated with that, let's bring you the other stories a battle is underway in syria. they have a big impact on the course of that war. launch a major campaign, a key city that controls roots to the south of the capitol from the capitol damascus. rebel factions are fighting back, as they report. >> these fighters are on the counter offensive. they are launching an attack. the opposition strong hold in southern syria.
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they say that many turns were part of the government offensive, were either destroyed, or forced to retreat. but the army backed by russian fighter jets say the fight is almost over. and that the city will soon be under it's control. >> more military assets more air power, more intelligence, since we know earlier, when president asaad in his speech said that we are -- i don't have enough personnel to fight. so accordingly, the russians are here. trying to -- you know limit the spill over spill back of the regime.
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>> if captures by government, forces the rebel will have to pull out. it's fall is also going to be bad news for rebel factions based on the outskirts of damascus. doha is also vital supply rout of weapons and recruits, for groups based in eastern huertas. there are many arms groups operating in doha. mainly on the front. free syrian army brigades and fighters. but the opposition rebels have been weakened by divisions and internal fighting. >> they have been called on the rebels. at this particular moment, it would undermine thens thats of the rebels pushing for more confessions from the government, in the upcoming talks that will be held in geneva. al jazeera, southern turkey. more to come from you,
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fighting to save yemen's children, doctors warn lives will be lost without more medical supplies. >> and in sport, heading out in 2015, with a bang, how a footballer can find himself in trouble. >> a report that the united states is planning a new round of sanctions against iran, over ballistic missile tests. iran condemned the report says it has a right to develop missiles as long as they are not designed to develop war heads. let's get analyst on this now, research director at the national iranian council, he
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joins us live, good to have you with us. why would iran choose to send a powerful message about it's development of it's missile program after this point in time, and the aftermath of a deal on the nuclear program. >> they essentially agreed to put five year limitations on iran's missiles after the deal was signed and then the limitations would be removed. so it is never not been a sticking point. it continues to be. and we also have to remember that there are hardliners still in teheran, and also in washington that are trying to continually escalate the overall conflict, to try to chip away at the nuclear deal bit by bit, and this is a perfect example of that. so i think both sides are looking for ways for cooler heads to prevail without adversely effecting the deal
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that they have concluded in july. >> how difficult is it going to be to resolve this sticking point, though, because technically, iran is banned from carrying out ballistic tests under a u.n. resolution from 2010, but actually even the u.n. resolution just a couple of months ago, endorsing the deal called for iran to restrict it's activities on it's missiles. so how is this likely to play out. >> well, the difference of opinion that not only emerged in 2010 when the original security council resolution was passed but even in july, when the nuclear deal got done, was whether or not iran's ballistic program should be a part of the u.n. security council resolution in h the first place. so iran disagreed with it in 2010. iran disagreed with it today and claims that it is not behold ton the security council resolutions. obviously, the permanent members of the security council disagree of the ascesesment, and that's where the conflict comes in.
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looking ahead, for cooler heads to prevail. to make sure it doesn't spill over into other areas. just how much has it produced conflict resolving solutions and the ability for both sides to deescalate the conflict. this is not only the real test, but i think the first time that this has been testing since this got done. >> i suppose -- it is unlikely, that any potential new round of sanctions and then what we are are hearing from president rah hanie, is likely to jeopardize the deal. but going forward, in the next six months and certainly as we go into implementation day, we don't know when that will be. we can see from both sides kind of continues to chip away, at it.
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so the white house -- they need to be doing something, is about the violations to relieve pressure coming from congress. is this going to keep going. >> . >> there is a cycle of escalation between the u.s. and iran, was frozen in time. and then reduced. and hundreds of thousands that got the nuclear deal done. it was a negotiation. so if the two sides are going to get revolved they are going to take reinvigorate this cycle.
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>> thank you very much. from washington, d.c., appreciate it. >> . >> let's move to iraq now where officials say the battle to retake ramadi has destroyed 80% of the city. the local government is telling residents it is not safe to return immediately, the army claims control of central ramadi. many people also remain trapped but thousands have managed to escape and are now living in camps nearby. >> at that time, everything was in disorder. was above all else, the extremist groups just enjoyed the slaughter and blood shed, my 12-year-old cousin was killed by them, they said the child took pictures of them, they killed them and put him
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into a garbage bag and we weren't allowed to bury his body. >> a progovernment commander has been killed in a drive by shooting in adan, ahmed was shot dead just hours after handing over control of the strategic port. meantime, it has come under attack. >> the closing of the year, no let up in the fighting in yemen. houthis rebels fire shells at a hospital, killing a child. between the rebels and supporters of the internationally recognized government. medical staff are struggling to cope. at the hospital they plead for more oxygen supplies. without them, they say, medical care will suffocate. >> we are protesting today because we are no longer able
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to save our patients. they arrive injured but we cannot help them, there is no oxygen, no surgery equipment. >> people with family and friends being treated in the hospital are are having to bring in their own oxygen. >> i have to get it from outside the hospital, because none are available here. that's roughly 80% of the population. but aid agencies say houthis fighters aren't allows the supplies through. some of that aid is now being provided by saudi arabia which has led a coalition fighting the rebels. both sides have been criticized for the number of civilians killed and injuries in bombing campaigns.
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>> they are unlikely to care where the aid coms from. just as long as it comes. rob matheson, al jazeera. >> a french journalist has been expelled from china for questioning communists party policies. ursula is the first foreign journalist forced to leave china since 2012, when al jazeera own correspondent was expelled, adrian brown reports no uh from beijing. >> .
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>> china had ulterior motives for declaring solidarity after the attacks in paris. the real reason she implied was to try to win support of the chinese government own policies in the trouble western province. >> the government is blamed recent violence there on groups seeking an independent state. i wouldn't apologize about something i have not written. i didn't write that i supported terrorism. that was -- >> her home is just around the corner from china's foreign ministry, where an official said the french
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journalist article has incited the outrage of the chinese people. >> china protects the lawful rights and interests of permanent officers and foreign news agencies and foreign journalists on news coverage in china. but will never tolerate speaking freely on terrorism. >> they are now effectively the first foreign journalist to be expelled since 2012 when the al jazeera correspondent was also asked to leave this country. >> abuse earlier on. >> he has been subjected to death threats and abuse online. one government controlled newspaper celebrated her expulsion, with a poll purported to demonstrate overall support.
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>> adopted by many western countries and it is not designed to help any ethnic minority. al jazeera, beijing. >> authorities are are still struggling to bring that under control. also, india's gender imbalance, how a disparity in the male female ratio can have some serious consequences. and it's been a turbulent year for football's governing body, robin will look at the sporting highlights in 2015. in a moment.
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>> at 9:30 - "america tonight" - top investigative reporting, uncovering new perspectives. >> everything that's happening here is illegal. >> then at 10:00 - it's "reports from around the world". >> let's take a closer look. >> antonio mora gives you a global view. >> this is a human rights crisis. >> and at 11:00 - "news wrap-up". clear... concise... complete.
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a massive fire is now 90% under control according to authorities. 14 people have been reported injured after the blaze at the address he fell which is near the world's tallest building. and the iranian president has ordered an expansion of the ballistic program in response to the report that u.s. is planning new sanctions. let's bring you more on the fire in dubai, and it's impact on the address hotel in the area in the city. the professor -- from jon jay college. the details we do have, about how the blaze broke out.
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it was on the 20th floor, and it spread very quickly, up the outer edge of the building what are your initial thoughts on the nature of this fire. and potential causes. >> the materials that are used in the outside facade of the building. so -- you know, very often, particularly among more -- let's say within the last 20 or 30 years we have had a movement towards using synthetic plastics and things like that, on the outside of buildings for decorative purposes and we have has these fire oz cur in the past, one of the most notable was at the monty car lo car seen know, which again it was an exterior fire, similar to
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this one, but certainly not as large. the firefighter system to prevent the flames from penetrating the building when you look at the size of these flames is that likely? >> yes. the building is most likely fully sprinklers fire sprinklers but of course, each head flows perhaps 30 or 40-gallon as minute, but it is really designed from the inside of the building as opposed to the outside. this really pose as particular challenge to the sprinkler system, because with so many floors the fire basically is exposed in the interior, 20 or 30 floors.
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it was in fact protecting it's best possible, the spread of the fire from the outside to the inside of the building. >> from the pictures you have seen, is it likely they would have been able to prevent the fire from penetrating the inside of the hotel? >> it is very difficult, and that example you used earlier, there was penetration on a few of the floors there, fortunately for them it wasn't anywhere near the size of this, but it is inevitable there would have been penetration, again, particularly within the floors when the water pressure drops because of the increasing number of heads that are opening it is possible, that fire did in fact spread more deeply into those upper floors. >> thank you very much, it was interesting to get your analyst. society professor at jon jay college. >> thank you. >> now, vladimir putin has
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praised russian soldiers fighting against what he called international terrorism. the russian president made a special new years address that was broadcast on state t.v. >> bringing you those comments from the russian president a bit later on, not the only one that has been speaking out, angel merkel has thanked the public for helping refugees. in her new years speech, she looked back at the on going refugee crisis, and warned that it would continue to be a challenge in 2016. >> there is no question that dealing with the influx of so many people will be demanding it will cost time, effort, and money. especially in the view of the very important task of integrating those who will stay here permanently. we want and need to learn from mistakes of the past. our values are traditions our understanding of the law, our language, our laws our rules,
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they make up our society. and they are a prereck wit for a co existence in our country, that is good and shaped by mutual respect. this applies to anyone who wants to live here. >> despite the opposition, some have faced officials and volunteers across germany have been welcoming the new arrival and looking to use their skills to mutual advantage. dominic cane has more now from a refugee center. >> new year's eve at the refugee center. it houses around 300 people who fled the fighting in syria, iraq, and afghanistan. they have been here for the past three months. although their journey here is hard, the welcoming is waltzer. when it was captured by isil, he told me the problems he is faced in germany. >> it was difficult, but now it's perfect.
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we are -- i got german cause, it was good, and also now i am looking at -- for german cause after the war. it is a good life for me here. >> it is just one among hundreds of thousand whose have made similar journeys in 2015. increasing numbers of german cities have accommodated the arrival of refugees since the spring. constance helps run the center. she says that although the situation in this center is now under control, the government could do more to help these people. >> we need to enable them to go to the place where they are still needed. because germany is a society that is growing older. because we are not having enough kids. so this immigration is a gift, we just have to use it. >> there are some in germany
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who have raised concerns about the number of refugees the country accepted in 2015. but the chancellor is determined to her course is the right one. >> i am convinced that if we tackle the formidable task in the right way today, then this will represent an opportunity for us tomorrow, because we have action and a comprehensive concept of political measures. so mrs. merkel's message is clear, the germans must embrace the challenge that the influx has brought their country, in their term, refugees must embrought the opportunity that germany is offering them to integrate. and here, this center it's one they want to accept. dominic cane, al jazeera. now the stock markets have ended the year with landmark losses. the dow jones and the s&p five honeypot posts their worst year end results since
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2008. while the s&p fell .7%. india ratio among children has fallen according to recent figures. aged between zero and six for every 1,000 boys in the same age group. it is considered a crucial measure in a country where for years the preference for some has led to the abortion of millions of female fetuses. there are now officially 900 young girls for every 1,000 boys in india. that's a drop at the start of this century. and despite the years of government campaigns making abortions illegal, which have led to tens of millions of female fetuses being aborted. but despite the law and government campaigns indians are still having fewer girls.
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social researchers like pamela phillip says it is an issue deep rooted in india's cultural. >> we are seeing some preference in society. so that has been there for many years. but what is new is the new technology that allowed this to happen much more easily than earlier. >> among the different communities hindus recorded the largest drop in girls being born following by muslims and christians. six recorded a significant increase, as did the community of james. but both those communities already had among the worst statistic the country with fewer than 900 girls for every 1,000 boys. experts say has led and will continue to cause social, economic, and ethical problems. >> we need to confront that policies that they are applying to this wrong she not working and you need a
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much larger consultation with women and so on, to see that this violence being done to women stops right from the women itself. >> another worry is that if this continues it could lead to more human trafficking in some parts of the country, to help men who can't find women to mary. >> end yeah's capitol is no exception to these numbers. but even some areas of the city showing a low ratio despite being generally better off and better educated. while literacy rates have gone up, even among women, the number of girls being born, continues to decline. al jazeera, new delhi. >> still to come for you, seeing in the new year, celebrations take place around the world. and all your sport coming up as well, african runners maintain their domination at the year ending road race in brazil.
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killed tens of thousands ofs people. the following events for news the capitol. >> there were some isolated instances of violence, shots fired and several people are injured but on the whole, this was a peaceful election and that's been harolded success, as it shifts to the
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credibility of the election, more particularly in the vote counting process, one of the leading presidential candidates the most prominent muslim. they those those would not be too significant, and more the transparency. a provisional result, not expected for at least another ten days. all of the top five presidential candidates served under ousted president francoise so some questions as to how much of the fresh start this really will be for central africans, they all made the right noises sending a message out during campaigning. >> the government, they exists something over small
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elite political lengths and how in touch they are with the needs and concerns of people out in the region is another matter. >> two people have been sentenced to death in bangladesh for killing an atheist blogger, in 2013, six others receive prison terms for the murder, he campaigned for the islamic party to be banned. now for sport. >> thank you very much. ringing in the new year with a potentially assignment. and the semifinals of the world champion event, currently taking place. the last order of business, in 2015 was a crashing defeat. whose contest 54 minutes 6-1, 6-1 the score, they have admitted the big focus this year, is competing at the rio olympics.
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it was initially excluded from the fifa presidential race, and the world governing body rule. he failed the eligibility test. the court of arbitration for court, but there only be five candidates for the february 26 election. australian football is facing a lengthy suspension after head butting at a new year's eve fixture. lined up wellington defender, they are scheduled just the yellow card, the referee didn't see the incident, madon has snapped a six match losing streak, with a 3-1 victory. and it wasn't would have the hit, a cannon that was meant to fire with each goal failed to do so, & eventually sitting out 2015 with a bang. quite literally. the final of the south asian football champions despite the competition has been taking place since 1993,
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brings together the best eight teams from across the region. afghanistan offered the defending champions they booked their spot in the 5-nil defeat. the afghan coach is less than impressed with the indian police escort that he received on the way to the match. >> for me we have arrived today we have a lot of problems with the police, not helping us, it was very bad, and to bring us many times on this very dangerous situation, because there was no take care of us, and i have to report there to the metro organization. >> they will meet in sunday's final, the host nation beat 3-2, they are the most successful team in the competition history. having won it six times. there is still 2015 and certain parts of the world and the year saw as many lows as it did highs across the globe.
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in sport, january, there's been an asia cup champions for the first time on home soil in equatorial guinea. >> that same month, they swooped on top officials arresting a number of individuals, at u.s. and swiss prosecutors opened an investigation, into corruption at football's body. >> the triple crown, the india champion for the first time in 40 years the united states won the women's world cup that of course took place in canada, new zealand becoming the first team to successfully defend the world cup in england. november so rush are sha ban from world athletics for widespread doping, and in desks sepp blatter was banned by the fifa ethics committee
4:50 pm
for a disloyal payment made to michelle. who was also suspended. the scale of that investigation into fifa surprised even those journalists closest. >> the writing was on the wall. and the reputation is already very very -- it was toxic, it was very badly damaged obviously, for years before that. but at the same time, it was still startling, seven high ranking fifa officials arrested at the five star hotel in zurich, and the famous images that we will remember from being locked up at the hotel with sheets, and the time of fifa's dirty laundry finally being seen in public so i think the draw -- the scale of the arrest the american investigation in football.
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>> the world cup made up the sporting year with the traditional sylvester city, thousands from 42 countries taking to the streets of san paulo for the ninety-first edition of the 15-kilometer race. once again, dominated the city strong field. winning in a time of 44 minutes and 31 seconds. he was followed by the ethiopian runners and the women's field, also an ethiopian winner for the second straight year. and that is your sport for now bhakta marian in london. >> thank you very much, and happy new year to you. cities around the world are in high security alert, the usual fireworks display have been canceled in the french and belgium capitols but in
4:52 pm
most places celebrations so far have overshadowed security fears. celebrating the same city sidney hosted two fireworks displayed launching a total of seven tons of fireworks. it was the biggest ever display by the city and including 25,000 shooting comments and 100,000 effects. not far away, new zealand was one of the first countries to usher in 2016, with a colorful display of sky towers. meanwhile, taiwan launched it's new year from it's tallest building. the people of the display was nature is the future and to compensate for these impressive carbon emissions the lights will go dark over the coming days. not to be outdone, hong kong's victoria harbor was a light with color as china ushered in 2016.
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and five weeks time, they will still be celebrations for another new year, as chinese welcomed the year of the monkey. welt the news in 2015 has been dominated by the battle against isil, which had led to months of deadly violence. as well as europe's biggest refugee crisis since world war ii, as the year draws to a close, al jazeera is looking back on some of our biggest stories this year. >> people die. >> the air strikes in the divided city of aleppo. >> in yemen, devastation has become the norm. >> no other choice. it is a war.
4:54 pm
>> no matter what triggers this mass movement. promised to take all of them in all the false promises of the people smugglers in matter what started it and no matter what perpetuated there is no easy way of stopping it. >> they have given up everything to make this journey, and they say there will be no going back. >> your family got across and you are stuck here? >> working together, it is a very very long way, these people have been here for more than two hours in a stand off. >> we don't know. >> .
4:55 pm
>> the people and the places they have left behind. >> they are having a honeymoon. >> first time they have smiled since they got here. a president and a people united in their loss. the president declare add state of emergency. >> thai authorities released pictures. >> the only university in kenya. >> hit by an explosion. >> there's been an al-shabaab
4:56 pm
hit. >> it is a very sensitive case. >> there has been tear gas. >> i don't know how to say how much i lost. >> do you think you are going to get the deal in the end? >> within sings of the earthquake, completely anilelating this village, no one here survived. >> no choice, but to do this. >> ♪ amazing grace you know
4:57 pm
you are the winner, how does it feel? >> victory. ♪ russian federation. >> oh. >> australia! >> suspended eight years for what? >> on fire, hello. tackling claimant change. >> fasten your seat belts new horizons has arrived. >> you just stop the war, we don't want to go to europe.
4:58 pm
just stop the war. just that. >> let's take a closer look. >> al jazeera america brings you independent reporting without spin. >> not everybody is asking the questions you're asking me today. >> we give you more perspectives
4:59 pm
>> the separatists took control a few days ago. >> and a global view. >> now everybody in this country can hear them. >> getting the story first-hand. >> they have travelled for weeks, sometimes months. >> what's your message then? >> we need help now. >> you're watching al jazeera america. >> we're the eyes and the ears here in the arctic, we wanna be prepared. >> as the ice recedes and potential danger builds, can science keep a step ahead of disaster? >> we can't go back if we have a significant accident. the oil will make its way into the ice. >> techknow's team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> this is what innovation looks like. >> can affect and surprise us. >> i feel like we're making an impact. >> let's do it. >> techknow - where technology meets humanity.
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high-rise hotel in dubai, ata least 14 people are injured. despite the downtown new year's eve celebration went ahead in the city. hello, you are watching al jazeera live from london, also coming up. rebel fight back as government forces attempt to take control of a key town in syria. iran expands the ballistic missile program after reports of new sio


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