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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 4, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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>> this is al jazeera. o. >> hello i'm lauren taylor. coming up. saudi arabia withdraws from iran and cancels ought flights. after the embassy attack. fears of an economic slow down in china deepen. refusing to give up. an armed group takes over government buildings in oregon.
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and. >> it will potentially take care of some violence in america. and sport, former france international replaces rafael for real madrid. saudi arabia's allies have rallied to its side in a growing diplomatic dispute with iran. for the kingdom's execution of a dissident shia cleric. cut all ties with iran, while saudi arabia says it will hold all air traffic and commercial relations. andrew simmons reports. >> transiting here and dubai airport, as they were evacuated, comes similar action he by some of saudi arabia's allies, among them neighboring bahrain.
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after two days of protests from shief muslishia muslims. the action he followed the arson attack of the saudi embassy in tehran. saudi arabia accused iran of doing nothing to prevent it. a war of words is escalating. >> we decided to cut off all diplomatic relations with iran. we would also be cutting off all air traffic to and from iran and commercial relations with iran and have a travel ban against people traveling to iran. >> translator: unfortunately, the government is escalating tensions in the region, in recent days, it has had policies in line with that. >> shia across the middle east have been demonstrating after
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the execution of nirn nimr al n. he and 36 others were accused of plotting to carry out terrorist attacks. saudis are adamant he got a fair trial. there are fears it could cause more violence. in an incident in a village in eastern saudi with people are mourning nimr al-nimr's death, one was reported to have been killed and a child injured. been told the cleric will be buried in an undisclosed location a move that ocould cause more protests. andrew simmons, al jazeera. >> they and other major powers try to end two of the middle east's major conflicts in syria and yemen. the saudis and iranians are in opposite sides in both these wargs. wars.
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iran supports bashar al-assad and hezbollah. along with their gulf allies back the rubble groups fighting to force assad from power. in yemen, saudi arabia and its gulf allies are conducting air strikes and military operation necessary support of government forces. they are fighting shia houthi rebels who took over large parts of the country last year and are backed by iran. demonstrators have also been back out on the streets of tehran for a third consecutive day, some 3,000 demonstrators gathered in the square outside tehran. people have been out protesting in baghdad, demanding their government cuts its ties with saudi arabia. thousands of follow erst of the shia cleric muqtada al sadr, protest the slowing of the
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embassy. are at least two sunni mosques have been attacked just south of baghdad. the dome and several walls of the mosque have been destroyed. it's been reported the attacks are in retaliation of the execution of the senior shia cleric in saudi arabia. diplomatic editor james bays has more from the diplomatic headquarters in new york. >> relations between these two heavy weights in the middle east have all been strained but now at a new low. ban ki-moon speaking first to iran's foreign minister and then to the foreign minister of saudi arabia. details of the second call were given by a spokesman to the secretary-general. >> the secretary-general reiterated his views of capital punishment and knowledge
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expressed his disappointment. the secretary-general reiterated the attack of the saudi embassy on tehran was deplorable but added that the announcement of break between saudi arabia and tehran was deeply worrying. the secretary-general urged saudi arabia to renew its commitment to a ceasefire. >> the real consensus centers on two places. one is yemen there had been a truce in place there, that truce no longer exists, the saudi led coalition says it's restarting its military operations. the other place is syria. there they even set a sedate for peace talks, 25th of this month, three weeks from now. this new effort built on the fact they got all the regional players to sit around the same table including saudi arabia, and iran. the u.n. special envoy stafffan
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de mistura is in iran. >> j.j. has words on this. >> the state department says the u.s. is of course very concerned about the growing tensions between saudi arabia and iran and calling on the leaders of both countries to try the resolve their tensions to try resolve their differences because they say that these two countries are instrumental in trying to resolve some of the problems which james bays just outlined, the ongoing civil war in syria, the ongoing fighting in yemen, if situation with refugees, as well as other regional concerns especially the fight against i.s.i.l. now, one senior administration official is telling reporters that this is not a situation where the u.s. should be in the middle of trying to mediate this dispute between the two countries. this person went on to say that frankly you might understand why the u.s. would not want to,
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quote, own this situation. now, what we are also understanding from officials here at the state department is that they ever very much planning that the talks on january 25th to try the get some sort of peace process started between the syrian government of syrian president bashar al-assad and the government may not happen as originally scheduled. >> is it at all awkward in terms of what language they used, saudi arabia is an old ally, puts them in a fairly difficult position with this going on. >> reporter: well, what one senior administration official is also telling reporters is that this isn't a case of trying to elevate the status of iran, of theist in essence trying to decide picking and choosing.
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this is a matter of pragmatism on the part of the obama administration. for one, dealing with the iran's nuclear program, is key to bringing peace and stability to the region. as well as trying to get both countries to focus their energies on the fight against i.s.i.l. another key matter. however, the official was very careful to stress that this is a situation where the leaders in these countries need to be doing the hard work themselves, and trying to resolve their differences. even though there are these religious overtones that have definitely come to the fore, because of the cleric al-nimr on saturday. as far as the secretary of state john kerry is concern, this can be worked out, but suffice to it say it's not as if the u.s. is simply sitting on its hands. there are a lot of phone calls and a lot of conversations from
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to leaders in both countries to try the tamp down this tension. -- to tamp down this tension. >> rosiland jordan, thank you very much indeed. >> still to come on this news hour, what about the disappearance of another worker from a controversial bookshop. plus, how sweden and denmark are planning to cope with a record number of refugees. and word number 2 how andy murray has started 2016. the major global financial markets have posted losses as fears of an economic slow down in china deepen. mainland chinese stocks plunged by 7% before trading was suspended for the day. the drop came on the back of weak chinese manufacturing data and a following currency. monday was also the first test
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of a stock market circuit breaker. al jazeera's adrian brown is in beijing with more. >> this is the worse start ever on the trading year on the shanghai and shenzhen trading markets. a new system was being used on monday, which was supposed to contain market volatility. so when the markets fell by 5%, trading was temporarily halted for 15 minutes. trading then resumed and the index then fell by more than 7%. so it seems that a system that was brought in to try ocalm things down actually had the reverse effect. why is the market down? a number of factors. data on monday showed that manufacturing output had contracted for the 10th conditioconsecutive month. also, china's currency is continuing to contract.
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demand is slipping, because economies in the rest of the world are slowing. why are they slowing? because china's economy is slowing. it is a vicious circle. and in the middle of this china is carrying out a vast experiment. it is trying the shift from heavy industries to a economy that is service-led. monday's performance on the shanghai and shenzhen stock markets was a reminder why. >> in the last few minutes financial markets in the united states also closed after a poor start to 2016. u.s. stocks fell otheir lowest level since october. dow jones industrial average fell almost 300 points, s&p also posted a loss and nasdaq composite index ended down almost 100 points. u.s. manufacturing had contracted to its lowest level in six years further dampened
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investor confidence. let's join al jazeera's kristin saloomey, who is in new york, a bit of a gloomy start to trading for 2016. >> reporter: absolutely. towards the end of the day there was actually a little bit of a rally and stocks rose some 200 points off their lows earlier in the day but still closed about 1.5% down, dow jones industrial average and standard & poor's were down about 100 points at the end of the day. not as bad as the start to the day. china's worst start ever, here in the united states the worst start to the new year in more than 80 years so very bad start to the day. although some recovery. and again we have the united states reacting to china's economic slow down. certainly news of a lower currency, and a less productive than expected december for china's manufacturing sector,
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china the second largest economy in the world. and so stocks across the board were lower today. oil an interesting note today, prices were up for a while. reacting to news of increased tensions between saudi arabia and iran, two of the biggest oil producers in the middle east. for a while had analysts speculating that maybe oil prices would rise, oil closed back near where it started down a little bit around $36, $37 a barrel where it's been for the last few weeks. a lot of turmoil, lot of uncertainty in the markets here in the united states with 2014 getting off -- sorry 2016 getting off to a slow start after a down 2015. as well, 2015 was the worst year on record since the financial crisis of 2008. >> and so in those circumstances, can we expect it to carry on, in point of poor fashion in the next few days or is there any kind of room for
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optimism there? >> some of the analysts that i saw and that i spoke with, weren't ready to write off the whole rest of the year or the rest of the week based on these shows today. there are -- showings today. there are some big selloffs promised by the end of the week when large investors release some of their stocks to be sold. that could be a factor. but issues that have been at play at the end of the year promise to continue into the new year in terms of concerns about global market slow down. so we'll have to keep watching to see where that goes. >> okay, kristin saloomey, thank you very much indeed. armed protesters continue to occupy a government building in the u.s. state of oregon. the group is demonstrating against an order for two farmers to return to jail. the father and son were convicted of arson on public land in 2012 and served some jail time but the court ruled that their sentences were too lenient and ordered them back to
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prison. the group says they want the federal government to stop interfering with the rights of public land owners. >> white and stephen hammond are being forced to report to prison today. for a crime they did not commit. and they have been put twiet in jeopardtwice injeopardy for. they have now served prison time for this already and now they're forced to go back again. it's been left to us to decide whether we allow these things to go on or whether we make a stand. so they will not happen to other people across this country. >> u.s. president barack obama says that his executive action he to tighten gun laws will respect the second amendment. he met attorney general loretta lynch to discuss ways to curb gun violence and the unregulated selling of firearms.
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congress has refused to adopt proposals to close loopholes that currently spare unlicensed gun dealers from requiring background checks from their customers. let's go to tom ackerman in washington. what more did obama say about this? >> reporter: well, he did not go into very much specifics other than to say he was confident that the executive authority he would be exercising was certainly within his legal boundaries. despite the objection he of many republicans, who say that he is -- what he's done is extra-constitutional and that ultimately he will be overthrown in the courts. what obama said was that even though this is not exactly the optimum that he can expect it was what he felt he must do. >> although we have to be very clear that this is not going to solve every violent crime in this country, it is not going to prevent every mass shooting, it's not going to keep every gun out of the hands of a criminal,
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it will eentially save lives in this country. and spare families the pain and the scroor are extraordinary lot they suffer. >> how might these measures beinbelimited as they are? >> that's just it. they are limited. we don't know exactly the specifics but some indications are this would more narrowly explain or define the definition of a licensed gun dealer or making the requirements to be a licensed gun dealer more rigorous. there are many, many gun dealers who can sell their weapons, without any need to register them or to indicate who has given those weapons, because they are considered dealers who are just doing this as a sideline.
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and -- but most particularly there is a large loophole in the law that affects gun shows, where such part-time dealers really do most of their business. and the white house concedes that these executive orders would simply not cover those, that those would require action by the congress. and several years ago, after an atrocity at the schoolhouse in connecticut, which killed dozens of children, congress did make an effort to make those background checks practically universal and congress simply refused to act on it. they even refused to vote on it. so he is aware of the political odds against him but again, he's using his political capital in his last year in office to do what he feels his constituency says he must do in order to do whatever is possible to reduce the toll of violence which, by the way, is some 33,000 deaths
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every year by gun shots in the united states. and by the way, two-thirds of those are suicides. lauren. >> tom ackerman, thank you very much indeed. democracy leaders in hong kong are urging the government to investigate the latest disappearance of a book publisher. lee bo is the fiefd to go fiftho missing. hong kong's leaders say there's no indication so far that chinese agents are involved in the disappearance and chinese leaders have no jurisdiction over hong kong. >> the jurisdiction only legal enforcement agencies in hong kong have the legal authority to enforce laws in hong kong. no other law enforcement agencies outside of hong kong has such authority. >> stephen vines is a journalist based in hong kong.
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>> this is very, very chilling indeed because the assumption always was that in hong kong you could publish what you like. and that there would be problems if you were on the other side of the border. but if you were here, nobody would come over here, nobody would arrest you. the hong kong authorities are keeping very silent. they say they're investigating what's going on, it's not clear. but the popular inaction here is one of quite considerable disquiet. the only reason we know about this is because of a phone call made to his wife in which he sort of indicated he was ton other side of the border. she says she had no idea he was leaving. he's been missing since wednesday. the other colleagues of his have been missing a much longer period of time. so why are they on the other side of the border unless there was some kind of operation launched by the chinese authorities? if there's another explanation we certainly haven't heard about it. >> iraqi forces are advancing
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towards the neighborhood of alefa in the city of ramadi. just a week ago the iraqi government claimed to have liberated the city from i.s.i.l. but large parts are still under the group's control. meanwhile, several iraqi soldiers have been injured in a camp northeast of the city of fallujah. yemeni officials have announced a dusk to dawn curfew in the southern city of aden, after a night of gun battles killed at least 12 people on both sides. air strikes by the seward led coalition have resumed, the coalition has been bombing the shia houthi movement in the country for nine months. >> translator: first they hit the gas station with two missiles that burned the entire station. the windows from the homes nearby were blown out and the home was destroyed and after about half an hour the plane came back and hit the home and the gas station again with what seemed to be largest missile
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ever to hit yemen. >> fighters linked to the islamic state of iraq and the levant have launched a second attack on an important oil facility in northern libya after a failed attempt in october. two soldiers died in the assault on the fast near the town of al sedra. the attackers were repelled by forces guarding the oil fort. and a war plane has been shot down near the libyan city of benghazi. there are conflicts what brought down the mig-21. targeted by fighters from the benghazi council armed group. a group linked to i.s.i.l. is also claiming responsibility. while saudi media said the plane had mechanical failure and the pilot ejected safely. a powerful explosion rocked downtown kabul. second attack of the day. earlier a suicide bomber blew
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himself up close to kabul airport. there were no injuries as police spotted the vehicle as it approached the checkpoint causing the attacker to detonate early. series of attacks in recent days including a suicide bombing of a restaurant popular with foreigners which left two people dead. three day siege at an indian town, stopped by security and took over a neighboring house. attack on an indian air force base near the pakistani border. still to come this hour. puerto rico warns it only has one month of food supplies as it prepares to default on its debts. plus, we'll speak with actors taking on dangerous roles filming in syria. and best performance by the new york knicks player.
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>> at 9:30 - "america tonight" - top investigative reporting, uncovering new perspectives. >> everything that's happening here is illegal. >> then at 10:00 - it's "reports from around the world". >> let's take a closer look. >> antonio mora gives you a global view. >> this is a human rights crisis. >> and at 11:00 - "news wrap-up". clear... concise... complete.
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>> hogue gen, a reminder of the. the government of saudi arabia has announced that it is cutting commercial and air traffic relations with iran, in the latest issues with the two countries. factory data in china caused stocks to drop by 7%. a powerful earthquake has killed 11 people in india and leaving fm hundred hundreds tra. five others died in bangladesh. a 6.8 quake was felt as far away as nepal and myanmar. fez jamil has the story.
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>> people jolted out of their beds, screaming, crying. one person said a heavy bell at a temple nearby started ringing because of the sheer amount of shake going on. there haven't been a lot of damage however the rural parts of the state have poor connectivity to begin with even before the earthquake happened. so getting information from those areas is still only now trickling in. the capital itself which has quarter million people as residents has reported at least one building collapsed. now there are reports that there maybe workers underneath. local workers are checking that now and rescue teams are still on their way to the area >> a gunman suspected of killing two people in an israeli bar is also thought to have murdered a taxi driver. friday's shooting in tel aviv,
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the shooter is from an arab town in northern israel. police spokesman says he's probably still armed and may strike again. the u.n.'s special reporter for human rights in the palestinian territories has resigned. been in the role since june 2014 says israel has continually failed to grant him access. frustrated every step of the way. he also voiced concerns at the lack of protection of palestinian victims of human rights violations. turning now to the war in syria, members of syria's opposition are meeting in the saudi arabian capital riyadh, to attend upcoming talks with syrian president bashar al-ass al-assad. staffan de mistura is also attending the talks.
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wintery conditions in lebanon's baccar valley. temperatures have plummeted. united nations estimates some 200,000 syrian families around lebanon are especially at risk in the cold weeks and months ahead. >> we stayed up all night removing snow off the tent. we cleaned snow off the roof so it won't cave in and we keep the stoves on all night, so the snow on the roof melts faster. what shall we do? god help us on this. >> joins us live from lebanon's capital beirut. thank you for being with us. give us an idea, the conditions you found refugees in with the cold weather? >> well for the past couple of days i've been in the baccar valley in lebanon where most of the refugees are located, they tall told me how bad it was for the last couple of days. they stayed up all night trying
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to remove all the snow off their tents trying to keep their family warm. it was pretty bad. the temperature has reached as low as zero so it was pretty cold for them especially when they're living in makeshift tents not equipped to 75 harsh winters. >> you came across some children who actually didn't have proper shoes. >> unfortunately, no, i've seen a lot of children with inappropriate clothing and shoes. i met, yesterday i met a young person who was walking around the camp with flip flops on. i asked him aren't you cold, he said yes but i'm trying to find old shoes, wood, plastic bags that can be durn burned to keeps family warm. a lot of local ngos are trying hard to reach as many refugees as possible but there's so
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little we can do with our resources. >> you mentioned the fact that they're trying to get the snow off the top of the tents, presumably, the tents are so flimsy acknowledge if there's too much snow they will collapse or partially because it is sinking, coming through the tents? >> correct. as little as 10 centimeters of snow can threaten the tent and the people living inside. >> is there anything actually going on to try to make the tents a bill more able to cope with the winter conditions? >> well, a lot of ngos are trying to help. we have been providing stoves, woods and cash assistance for them to buy wood, fuel for heating and we distributed hundreds of thousands of blankets, for the most vulnerable, to keep their children and newborns a little bit warmer this winter. >> and what would you think is the priority from what you've seen here, what do they need the most apart from as you mentioned
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stoves and so on? is there anything else that would help them? >> well, if you ask any syrian refugee what's your priority what would you need they would tell you we want to go back to syria. we just want to go back home. basically this is their need to end the war in syria and go back. but for now for the time being they just want basic needs such as blankets warm clothes some fuel some cash assistance for them to survive these harsh conditions. >> all right, thank you very much indeed for joining us with your experiences of the camps there in bacca valley, thank you very much. frs. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> the ongoing war i in syria hasn't stopped filming. one kilometer separates the filming location from the ongoing clashes between the syrian army and rebels in jabba.
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>> sometimes during the scene i lose focus because i will be listening to the sound of the mortars waiting to hear where it lands. it is painful. syria does not deserve this. >> the record innumber ever refugees into europe in 2015 left the european union overwhelmed. contradict the idea of passport tree travel that indicates the schengen zone. all except four are members of the eu. sweden began checking documents on monday for people traveling on trains and buss. denmark then started imposing similar measures. more than 1 million people
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sought shelter in europe last year, from berlin, dominic kane reports. >> monday morning in the train station near copenhagen, officials are conducting passport controls, although according to the schengen zone she shouldn't be. passengers have been able to make use of the eu's borderless system. now swedish government has imposed these passport checks and says it's the only way to reduce the numbers of migrants and refugees trying the enter its territory. a move that divided opinion among passengers. >> some control but i'm also akin to it needs to be very smooth. the commuting. back and forth. so it's a balance. >> translator: if the trains run on time your travel time is doubled. but already this morning there are some who have had their
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travel time tripled. >> reporter: in response, denmark has introduced similar checks on people crossing its is border with germany. the danish minister says this is a step backward for europe. >> i think it is pretty obvious we are in a situation, if the european union can't protect the external borders you will see more and more countries which will be forced into introducing temporary internal border control. this is something we need to take very seriously. >> reporter: 2015 was a watershed year for migration to the eu. official figures show more than 1 million people entered the continent via land or sea. a clear majority came to germany, nowrngd b encouraged be welcoming attitude of its government. ministers, say migrants offer a
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challenge and an opportunity for europe. here the message is clear. the mass movement of refugees and migrants is a european problem that requires a european solution. but officials in the building behind me say the unprecedented number of people coming may mean the schengen zone in danger. dominic kane, al jazeera, berlin. >> two civilians among the latest campaign of turkey against the kurdish workers party. killing more than 3,000 pkk fighters last year, the mainly southeastern region of turkey. pkk fighters believed to be based, violence has norsed many loam residents to flee their homes. >> russian food markets are into their first day of trading since the introduction of a ban on
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turkish 42nd vegetables and poultry. expected to cost the turkish economy millions of dollars. al jazeera's peter sharp is in moscow with more. >> the sanctions were imposed on turkey following the shooting down of the russian aircraft that was alleged to have gone into turkish air space.that happened in mid november. they reckon the sanction he are going to cost turkey well over $700 million. turkey supplies 20% of moscow's fresh fruit, tomatoes, apples, oranges, that will have to be replaced. and if that wasn't enough, russia's now engaged in a total trade war with ukraine. this is in retaliation for kiev backing western sanctions against russia. russia's now scrapped the fair trade agreement with ukraine and that's pushed the prices of its imports up by 6%.
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bilateral trade has fallen from 50 billion just to 12.5 billion. there have been 23 separate rounds of trilateral talks between russia, ukraine and brussels, still as far away as ever in reaching any sort of compromise or agreement. >> puerto rico is in desperate financial trouble. the caribbean island is expected to default on some of its $70 billion debt on monday. farmers are urging to boost food production because majority of food items are imported. al jazeera's robert ray has the details from san juan. >> reporter: four years ago, tera rodriguez basosa opened a small organic food restaurant in san juan. people are packing the tables. a sustainable farm to table menu
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and a boost for the local economy. >> what i have seen in these past few years on one end we become a poster child, right, of something that everybody wants on this island which is to have good food and good farming practices. >> reporter: now we're leaving san juan heading out to the mountains, in fact the second highest elevation of puerto rico. where tera's sister danielle is farming. danielle is growing organic produce for the restaurant. >> time is running out and it's either now or never you know. >> reporter: time is running out, is there really a food crisis on the island? >> as far as self-sustainability, yes. studies ashow we have enough food to last us two weeks if the ships were to stop coming. >> two weeks? >> two weeks and that's including canned food, probably even including dog food. >> reporter: seafood meats and staples such as rice and beans
4:42 pm
and coffee mostly come from the u.s. mainland. neighboring latin american countries and even china. puerto rico's agricultural sector is stumbling along. puerto rico's agriculture secretary say they are working towards more local foods to be produced. >> we are developing an ambitious plan where we understand we can increase the local production from 50% of our consumption to near 25%. >> while the government has implemented a plan to redevelop the island's agricultural sector that includes providing farmers with subsidies and new equipment. farm to table entrepreneurs like tera and daniele, say the 22 stirs are trying to revitalize the agriculture of the island, farming and offering organic food for the residents in the hope that people here become
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more ambitious and less dependent on imports. robert ray, al jazeera, san juan, puerto rico. missouri one of the hardest hit areas from floods. residents beginning to return home a week after the first floods hit. record high levels in the mississippi river caused levels to burst. at least 31 people have died across several states. 2015 saw rising anger in some african countries against leaders trying stay in office. even when the people want change their presidents have amended laws or even the constitution to continue ruling. aas part of our global look ahead seniors, we investigate how these efforts to stay in power will affect the future of the continent. mohammad adow reports from
4:44 pm
ouagadougo. >> are burkinburkina faso firstn leader in almost five decades, broke into song and dance to celebrate not only a new president but hard worn victory against what they say is dictatorship. >> blaise compaore decided to change the constitution to remain in power even longer. one of the leaders, a civil society organization that planned the uprising that told compaore. we met him outside the country's parliament that was purnd down n during the protest. >> we knew if we let this guy change the constitution forever, maybe after him his son, his
4:45 pm
little brother, brother compaore will be in power in this country. >> presidents tinkering with the constitution for their own purposes is nothing new in africa. shortly after taking power in 1986, uganda's are the problem of africa in general and uganda in particular is not the people but leaders who want to overstay their power. yet in 2005 he secured the changing of law housing him return to power. >> do you see yourself retiring any time soon? >> well certain i will retire, i won't say soon but i'm look forward to retirement. >> at the age of 72 he is campaigning for a fifth time in office, that will see his rule in uganda extended to 35 years. sudan's omar al bashir, in 2011 he told al jazeera he would not
4:46 pm
seek reelection in 2015. >> translator: i am currently serving an office term and will not step down until it comes to an end. at that point i will have completed 26 years in office. >> is that not enough time? >> more than enough. more than enough. >> but it wasn't to be. in 2015 bashir ran and won another five years in office, despite that questionable track record and dire economic situation in sudan. both been in power since 1982. the people of zimbabwe have not known another person in office other than mugabe since 1972. recently joined the league of african leaders eager to stay on in power. but it's in burundi that the
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fallout from africa's has been most pronounced. at least 400 people have been killed and 220,000 displaced in violence since last year when pierre nkurunziza announced he would seek a third term in office. the sustained protest against nkurunziza's third term bid, is an indication that burundians want a change in leadership. mohammad adow, al jazeera, ouagadougo,ing burkina faso. >> why mark zuckerberg wants to build an artificial assistant. we'll have the latest from the brisbane open also. also.
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>> hello again, giant size puppets are a centuries old transition in indonesia. they are now serving as a tourist attraction. as florence looi finds out in jakarta. >> anandel andel as they're kno, it allows the puppet master to
4:50 pm
recall inside. puppets have evolved to mere decorative roles. they are extremely popular and sought after at weddings, circumcision ceremonies, children get a kick out of seeing the puppets walk through the streets. >> translator: it's more fun around there's lot of laughter. it's entertaining. >> but on weekends and public holds, aris and his are andel andel, where families come from street entertainment, a slice of color, an alternative to a day out at the mall. >> there is at least another five pairs of andel andel in the square but there's curiosity and interest for the puppet owners to make a living.
4:51 pm
people pay to pose for photos with the puppets. he says he can earn up to $20 a day. his ambition is to one day make enough money to own at least ten puppets. >> andel andel is a jakarta tradition so i want to take a picture with them. as a batawi myself i think it's important that we preserve our culture. >> it's the pride people have for these icons of jakarta. that will ensure the andel andel keep dancing entertaining generations to come. florence looi, al jazeera, jakarta. now with sports, here is fara. >> lauren thank you so much. are replaced by french international, frenchman was
4:52 pm
replaced on monday which has left the team third, zedan will take over in his first top flight managerial role. >> it is unusual for a club third in their domestic league to remove their managers, not long ago they beat a team by 10 goals 2 but this is no ordinary club. this is real madrid and they tend to get rid of managers quickly particularly when the fans turn on them. it is surprising the fans have tide on rafael benitez, he coached the younger teams so when he came to the clubs it seems as if this was always going to happen and it was the right fit. that 4-nil defeat in september there was no way back for rafael
4:53 pm
benitez he is out of the door. what's really interesting is coming through the door, whether zedan is the right man, he knows that the fans will be behind one of the greatest footballers in history. doesn't mean the man managing their b team is going to make a hit at the highest level. >> what experience does the french world cup win are make? with the champion, both honest s for the club, coaching is quite limited. in 2013 carlo angelotti appointed him as his assistant manager. he assumes the really, really madrid top job after coaching the b team, second in the league. >> only thing can i say to you is that i will do everything
4:54 pm
possible, all my best with every player. and i think things will work out well. >> south africa's batsmen fought back in their test game against england. 629 for 6, andy richardson has more. >> the task was simple enough for sout south africa's batsmeno stay in long enough to give them a chance of saving this capetown test. set about doing just that. england needed wickets to capitalize on their huge winning, 6en 59 for 6. what they didn't need to do was miss chances. amler put down. amler took advantage to score his 24th test century. de villiers did eventually
4:55 pm
fall, taking his wicket for 88 pap saving his job for captain as well as this test carried on regardless and he passed 150. plassy is also playing his way back into form, he scored an unbeaten half-century. the day belonging to amler and south africa, finished 353 for 3. still trail by more than 250 runs but a draw now looks the most likely outcome. >> novak djokovic has opened the new year, the new world number 1 why won in straight sets. andy murray finished and took just under an hour to are seal victory. women's world number 1
4:56 pm
serena williams has pulled out of her match because of a knee injury. belarusian, finished top. ments season high 38 points as the new york knicks beat the atlanta hawks. the hawks lost top spot in the southeast division as a fellow enjoyed his best ever game as a knick. finished 111 to 97, for knicks. now with just over a month to go until the super bowl quarterback peyton manning has served notice he can still make an impact. the 39-year-old helped the denver broncos grab the top
4:57 pm
playoff seed in the afc, returning after seven weeks off with a knee injury, on the way to a 27-20 win over the san diego chargers. the result means the broncos get a first round bye in the playoffs. and that's all your sport for now. it's now back to lauren in london. >> thank you. now facebook founder mark zuckerberg wants to build an artificially intelligent assistant for him at home and at work. from jarvas in the comic book ironman. help his friends get are inside at the front door and help him with his baby daughter. that's here are and that's it for us, but i'll be back for a
4:58 pm
round of news. thanks for watching.
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>> saudi arabia pulls its diplomats from iran and cancels all flights as tensions escalate over the tehran embassy attack. i'm lauren taylor, this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up, world markets take a dive after fears of economic slow down deep owner. refusing to give up, the armed group occupying a federal building in oregon. reality checks in sweden and denmark to cope with aor