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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 7, 2016 9:30am-10:01am EST

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so far the seventh film in the sci-fi saga has earned top dollars globally. the headlines are next. >> security worries in paris, a man is shot and killed as the city remembers the anniversary of charlie hebdo. stocks down after chinese markets are shut again. california super soaker, the el niño super storms hitting the state with a 1-2 we three punch.
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this is aljazeera america live from new york city. things are getting back to normal in paris after police shot a many carrying a knife and what appeared to be a bomb. officials say the bomb was fake and do not believe that anyone else was involved. the incident happened on the first anniversary of the attacks at charlie hebdo. al jazeera's jacky rowland has the latest from paris. >> i can tell you now that the incident is over. you can probably see behind me that the traffic is moving normally again in the 18t 18th district in the north of paris. it was a few moments ago at a the police lifted the security cordon and reopened the roads. they had closed off quite a large area around the police station nettably because there was a fear that the attacker might have been wearing an explosive vest. the bomb squad came in and they were able to establish in fact there weren't any explosives there and in fact what he was wearing appeared to be some kind of a fake explosives.
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they did search the neighborhood, carried out a routine check afterwards. of course one can never assume that the attacker was necessarily alone but on this occasion it seemed it was an individual isolated incident carried out by one person. the reason that he was shot dead while i am possiblyized in some way was because the police could see that he appeared to be wearing this explosive vest, which is why it was felt they couldn't take any risks. >> jacky rowland reporting from paris. all this as france marks one year since the attack at charlie hebdo. 11 members of that satirical newspaper were killed. today commemorations were held in honor of the victims in paris. what the attacks ended last january, 17 people were dead, including three police officers. today, french president francois hollande honored the sacrifices made by police. >> ladies and gentlemen, you protect the french nation.
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you protect also the french way of life, our freedom and little precisely this freedom which the terrorists wanted to attack because our culture, our joy inspires only hatred in them. >> president hollande said in the wake of november's terror attacks, the job of the police is unprecedented. he promised to strengthen security with 5,000 extra police posts. war requires on wall street where stocks just started trading and the do you is down. it is all because of what is happening in china. trading there was suspended after stocks slid 7%. analysts say investors are largely reacting to the chinese government devaluing the yuan and signals that the economy may be doing worse than expected. emergency crews rescued miners trapped overnight in upstate new york since
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10:00 p.m. eastern last night in an elevator 900 feet underground. they were about to begin shifts in a shalt mine in lansing when the elevator jammed. no one was injured. officials will investigate what caused the glitch. >> a standoff at a federal building in southern oregon has now entered its sixth day. >> how a handful of people have a right to come in from outside our area and tell us we don't know how to live our lives, because this county has been living their lives the right way since this state began. >> the sheriff of harney county there saying he is hoping for a peaceful resolution and has warned protestors to expect criminal charges. as al jazeera's allen schauffler reports, the origins of this dispute lie in just who owns the land. >> oregon's harney county is a big place, bigger than maryland and eight other states and the biggest property owner is the
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federal government. >> this is a very large geographic county. >> tom sharp runs a small cattle herd on a thousand cakier ranch here, all private land, which makes it easier for him than most. >> so to support one cow, you better have about 30-acres per cow to support the forge requirements for that animal there, so it takes a lot of land. >> to make the math work, many have to lease federal land and face government restrictions on water access, where livestock can graze, how fences are built, how fire prevention and suppression is handled and more. rules are required to protect water, and life in general. >> it sometimes feels as though we are being squeezed out because of issues and new regulatory measures that are imposed upon us. >> to survive, ranchers and
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farmers have to learn to deal with all of that and most do. those restrictions are at the core of the case being made by the armed group occupying federal property, and have been a source of friction between the government and the hammond family, friction that led to dwight and steven hammond being sent back to federal prison under terrorism laws on arson charges, which sparked the current protest. >> we would very much like to see the hammonds released from the federal prison system as soon as possible. i think that would go a long way in appeasing the concerns of this community and ranchers nationwide. >> it's a particularly western type of friction. the fight over water and grazing and grass lands. east of the mississippi, the federal government owns about 4% of all land, but in the 11 western states, it's 47%, and in harney county, it's 73%. >> the land mass on this planet
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is limited. we have what we have. we're not making more land, but the population is growing, and the multiple uses of our lands, whether they be private or public, continue to expand, also. >> many issues, many stake holders and certainly more conflict and compromise ahead. >> sometimes, we forget that food just doesn't come off of the shelves of the convenience store, but is actually being produced upon the land. >> allen schauffler, al jazeera, burns, oregon. there is more rain in the forecast for southern california. the area has been hit hard by heavy rains and winds this week. that has caused down trees, road closures and a lot of flooding. the rains are causing mudslides like this one threatening this house in pasadena. frequent wildfires wiped out general takes and eroded soil making mudslides more likely. parts of the rain system that
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hit california are now causing flooding concerns in the midwest. those are some areas that do not need more rain. >> both areas, california and the midwest, california for the drought but right now we could use a little bit of a break. we've had system after system. the one system in the midsection of the country right now, that was the first we saw come in. there's another one off in the pacific at i put this into motion, you can see the second system starting to pull into the interior more. there is more snow in the four regions area. a fair amount of rain in southern california and because we have had so much at once, we have flood watches and warnings up in this area. tomorrow, much more spotty again, but saturday is when the next round comes in, as we get to the national picture, as system one pulls out in the midsection of the country, some moisture is falling exactly where we do not need it.
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widespread over the next couple days, a lot of places getting one or two inches total. there have been places getting heavy rain like louisiana. if you pair that up with all the flood concerns, that's when that heavy rain and flooding we have had into last week and before, we still have a lot of that bulge of moisture. what happens is all the rivers start coming together so the flooding actually moves down the river. some places having crested from that and then you ad a that on to it. on the northern side, heavy snow replaces especially far go to minnesota, watch for that. a lot going on. >> thank you very much. the heavy rain in california is leading to growing fears of disaster, especially about the sift of bridges, dams and levees. al jazeera's jacob ward explains. >> you can't say we didn't see it coming. at the end of 2015, just five-inches of rain turned this
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drought baked california hillside into a disaster. now that el niño's rains have arrived, the risk to california is clear. >> take those small events and have it rain longer over a large area and that gives you an image of how things could go badly. >> geologist jeff mount is an expert on california's rivers and water supply. >> we are not ready as a state for the very large floods. >> to keep floodwaters under control, california has over 13,000 miles of levees, which have been called a mess, a katrina type disaster poised to flood california. >> there's two kinds of levees, those that have failed and those that will fail. eventually, your levee system will be overwhelmed, and so the question we always have every year, is this the year. is this the year that the levee system somewhere is overwhelmed.
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>> the california delta encompasses 1,000 miles of waterways, it is home to thousands of people and the state capital. mike is an engineer with the california department of water resources. he spots a major levee repair going on here and shows it to us. it's a fix that costs $5 million to $10 million per mile. it's a rehab that apparently rarely happens. >> something of this scale, maybe once a decade, if that. >> repairs are crucial. for decades, report after report has warned of possible levee breaks in the delta. there's one area mike is particularly worried about. >> we're working our way up to sea level here. a portion of this island is actually located below sea level. >> at first, it's not exactly clear what the problem is. >> this is a very peaceful setting, but you are talking about this being ground zero. why is that? >> this is one of the lowest points in the system and i would not be a bit surprised if this winter that we had waves crashing over these levees taller than you. >> wow. wow. that seems unimaginable. >> given a strong enough storm,
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it may be a reality, with catastrophic results. mother nature may be giving california a 1-2 punch, first a record drought and then a possibly catastrophic el niño. it's not just mother nature to blame, it's decades of neglect of california's infrastructure. >> we stopped paying for this stuff a long time ago. why should we be shocked? we have the nerve to be surprised that these systems are falling down around our ears, bridges failing, roadways failing. we chose not to pay for it. >> the truth is that california and the nation will pay one way or another. the question is whether the bill has just arrived in this state. jacob ward, al jazeera, sacramento. ending the affordable care act, the congressional vote that has the president promising a veto. a show of support, the
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professor who shows support with muslims get a boost despite the effort to fire her.
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iran said saudi war planes attacked the iranian embassy in yemen. the iranian foreign ministry said saudi arabia is responsible for the damage on the embassy building and injury to some of its staff in yemen's capital, but an associated press reporter who visited the site said there
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is no visible damage. the sawed colation fighting in yemen will investigate the claims. there are allegation today that russia was behind a power outage in western ukraine. officials are westing if hackers carried out a nightmare scenario taking down a pure grid. >> the c.i.a. and security firms are investigating whether russia is behind a power attack in ukraine. it came weeks after power was cut to cream i can't. multiple reports say malicious software was found on a ukrainian power company's network. russia is blamed for the december 23 outage. if confirmed, this would be the first documented cyber attack on a power facility, something security experts have warned about for years. >> before the internet, you had to get physical access to protect it. now everything is going digital. we're taking old technology, trying to mesh it with new technology, put it on the
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internet and anything that touches the internet or wireless has the vulnerability that comes with being on the internet. >> some u.s. power facilities were the target of a malicious software campaign in 2014 and last spring, the department of homeland security put out a bulletin warning power companies about the malware known at black energy, writing if you're connected, you're likely infected. the majority of attributed to accidents and the natural causes. last we're the state department and white house were in the dark. terrorism and criminal activity were quickly ruled out. the local power company said a piece of falling metal was to blame. al jazeera. several probate judges in alabama say they'll ignore the state chief justice's order to not issue same-sex marriage licenses. on wednesday, roy moore said
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that the state's gay marriage ban is still in effect. that is despite the u.s. supreme court ruling last june, making same-sex marriage legal nationwide, and a federal injunction requiring alabama to comply. in his order, moore said there are too many questions about how to apply the high court's ruling. this morning a bill undoing the affordable care act is making its way to president obama's desk where it awaits a certain veto. it passed the republican held house on monday. the gop hopes to use the veto to send a message to voters. >> the motion i als is adopted.
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republicans getting the senate onboard in a vote last month using reconciliation, needing a simple majority to pass. despite a veto threat from the white house, republicans are still declaring a political win, trying to focus on g.o.p. priorities in 2016. >> we are standing for life. we are confronting the president with the hard honest truth. obamacare doesn't work. >> a woman's right to choose is her choice, not their choice. >> democrats say the fight over planned parenthood and health insurance is one they can win in congress and in. opinion. >> every woman in america should just think of herself, her own decisions, and how they want to put themselves between that woman, her family, her doctor, her faith, her god, in decisions about family planning. this is a very personal assault. >> a battle over planned
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parenthood has been brewing for months after a group calmed the center for medical process showed videos of profiting from fetal tissue which plant parent hood denies. no federal dollars pay for abortions, but in october, republicans threatened to shut down the government over its funding. the fight over abortions and health care has heated up the presidential race. >> i don't support giving planned parenthood $500 million of federal government money. >> i will defend the affordable care act, which the republicans are trying to repeal, but they never tell you what they would put in its place. >> both sides say this fight is far from over, but who prevails will depend on which party wins the white house. al jazeera. wheaton college in illinois is taking steps to fire a tenured political science professor. she was suspended after she wrote a facebook post linking
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muslims and christians. she also wore a hijab in solidarity with muslims. we have the story. >> i wasn't ever be put in a corner again. >> surrounded by supporters, including the reverend jesse jackson, dr. hawkins said she wasn't intimidated by her suspension and now possible firing by wheaton college. >> it cannot intimidate me to sowerring and fear as the enemy of the month as defined by real estate moguls, bashar al assad got and fundamentalists of all stripes. >> hawkins is a christian, and the only black female sendure professor at the liberal arts school. last month she posted on facebook that she stands in religious solidarity with muslims and also pope francis stated, we worship the same god. hawkins an sort professor of political science had begun wearing a hijab in support of
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muslims. wheaton asked her to submit a statement explaining her beliefs, which she said it did. they have had discussions about her doctrines. they said they were suspendle her for the facebook post and not wearing a hijab. they said she did not support the college's statement of fate which says though as lamb and christianity have one god, there are fundamental differences about the nature of that god. this week, the school added hawkins declined to participate in further dialogue about the threologyical discussions about her statements. she said the school kept changing the goal posts of what they have wanted to hear from her. >> i have dignity, i've answered your question and my statement stands. >> with here's and a tight smile, she listened at speakers defended her. >> today is a sad day to be an alumni and student of wheaton
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college. >> on campus and on line in the last few weeks, there have been demonstration in support of hawkins opinion her critics have also spoken out, saying she broke the rules, and now her fate lies with wheaton's board of trustees, al jazeera, chicago. hawkins told al jazeera though religious freedom is central to this issue, so are the principles of academia. >> the major issue here is one of what does tenure actually mean? i've worked again at the institution for eight and a half years. this is my ninth school year at the college. i've won teaching awards at institution. there's no reason to revoke my tippure. my desire is reconciliation. tenure means for life and this is also more than about me, it's about my colleagues at wheaton college and my colleagues across academia because if ton err
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means nothing, then we're all in danger and also it's academic freedom and religious freedom and voice within the confines of a college's right to define a statement of faith, if my religious voice is quell whiched, so can my colleagues be at wheaton college. >> she road the muslim women she knows made the choice to wear the hijab. the slugger and the catcher making their way to cooperstown.
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a high school basketball coach in pennsylvania is on administrative leave after a confrontation with a referee which you are about to see on the right of your screen. jerry devine rushes to the court to protest a call instead knocks down a different refugee using a head butt. did he vine has been the head basketball coach for 10 years at the high school. this morning, there are two new members in the bail hall of fame. while one volt was nearly unanimous, the other was a bit more controversial. >> one was a first overall draft pick, the other a long shot 62nd round pick. these two pennsylvania natives both defined baseball for the 1990's and beyond and now both ken griffey, jr. and mike piazza are newly voted members of the baseball hall of fame. griffey gave this reaction to espn. >> it means a lot. you have -- it's a small group.
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>> griffey is most famous as a seattle mariner. overnight, his number 24 flew over seattle's space needle. he is one of only three players ever to hit over 500 home runs and win 10 gold gloves. he set a record, getting 99% of the selection vote. as for piazza, he's considered one of the greatest hitting catchers to ever play the game. he hit 427 home runs, a record 396 of them while playing catcher. he didn't just hit for power. he finished his career with a .308 batting average. it took four tries for him to be selected. there have long been questions over the suppplements he admits taking as a player which include a muscle builder later banned by the league, though he insisted he never took any actively banned performance enhancing drugs and he has never been implicated in any p.e.d. use. two players not selected, barry
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bonds and roger clemens. both received too few votes. both were directly linked in an m.l.b. performance enhancing drug investigation. piazza was asked about that saying there's no question the issue has been a dark cloud over the game, but at the end of the day, people know how especially is and we have to learn about that. pitch roy halladay took a more direct approach about bonds and clemens, tweeting: >> ken griffey, jr. and mike piazza will be officially admitted to the hall of fame july 24 in cooperstown, new york. john henry smith, al jazeera. thanks for watching. i'm stephanie sy. the news continues next live from doha.
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this is al jazeera. ♪ >> hello, and welcome you are watching the news hour with me here in doha. the u.n. says the syrian government has agreed to give them access to this bah sieged town where people are starving to death. a man wearing a fake explosives belt is shot dead in paris after he tried to attack the police with a knife. at least 60 policemen are kill at a