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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 8, 2016 9:30am-10:01am EST

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of contemporary history believeles it is important to publish its annotated version of mine camp of so that future generations are educate about the evils of national socialism. of course you can keep up to date with all the news on economic optimism, a payroll surge in december giving new north korea to the markets after a rough week. under siege and in the cold, desperate syrians starve. revisiting a dark past, hitler's manifesto goes on sale in germany for the first time in decades.
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this is aljazeera america live from new york city. i'm stephanie sy. wall street is starting the day with a jolt of good economic news. 292,000 jobs were added last month, stronger than expected. the report caps a tumult with us week on the world markets fueled by worry's over china's slowing economy. the dow is opening right now after what had been its worst four day start to a year in history. is the jobs report clearly good news? >> ok, so the headline number is great news, this is what wall street was looking for, 292,000 jobs is well ahead of expectations, well above that 200,000 mark, so that's a big warm blanket of good news, that headline number. >> does this mean the worries are over, though? >> i would say no, because when you dig further into the job report and eventually the exists will, there are trends not to
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promising and one of those is average hourly wages. they declined a penny to $25.24 an hour. now when the minutes of the federal reserve policy meeting came out, it showed fed officials were still very concerned about low prices, deflationary pressures on the economy. this is one thing that says we are not seeing wage pressures build up the way we would like. while we have this great headlines job number and the economy is creating jobs and better to create jobs than not create jobs, there are underlying concerns that inflation is not stoking. this goes back to commodity price and really the weakness in the global economy. this is where we talk about channels that weakness in the broader local economy can work its way to the economy in the united states. >> can the u.s. be an island of stability? can any country be an island? >> there is certainly a lot of investment managers that want the u.s. to be.
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they point that the economy is growing slowly and steadily. when you see the kind of jitters like this week over china, weakness in chain i can't, the authorities scrambling to amount some sort of effective policy response, it looks like they have lost the fight in many respects with regards to their economy. that worries the entire globe because half of the revenues from the s.&p.500 come from over seas sales. we have a strong dollar eating into profits and corporate sales. you may soon be able to buy stock in saudi aramco. it owns 15% have the world oil deposits. it is studying the option. a stock sale would bring billions to the sawed government, which is facing a billion dollars shortfall due to declining oil price. the last kuwaiti prisoner at
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guantanamo bay is being released. he has been held without charge for 14 years. defense secretary ash carter signed off on his relief. he is likely to be flown home to too wait this weekend. two detainees were transferred to guyana. president obama wants top close the prison down before he leaves office next year. >> two men are due in court facing federal terrorism charges. both came to the u.s. from iraq as refugees in 2012. the first was arrested in sacramento. prosecutors allege he traveled to syria to fight alongside extremist groups and then lied to u.s. authorities about his travels. in houston, another man was indicted on charges he tried to provide material support to isil. texas will the governor dan patrick said the houston arrest is one reason why his state wants to block the resettlement
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of syrian refugees saying texas may have prevented a catastrophic terrorism event in the making and saved countless lives. tucson will mark five years since the shooting that killed five and critically injured former canning woman gabrielle gifford. she was part of the audience when the president announced his efforts to limit gun violence. >> it was a follow up to president obama's emotional announcement on his executive action. there were no tears at the town hall, but there were some tough questions. this time, it wasn't just supporters in the crowd but also opponents of president obama's actions on guns. >> i have been unspeakably victimized once already and i refuse to let that happen again to myself or my kids. >> kimberly corbin is a rape victim. she told mr. obama his policies are making her and her family less safe. >> nothing that we're proposing
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prevents you or makes it harder for you to purchase a firearm. >> the widow of chris kyle, whose life was chronicled in the movie american sniper and was shot of and killed by a mentally unstable quaintance. she challenged the president showing statistics showing gun ownership is up, crime is down. >> we have to recognize that we cannot outlaw murder, because the people who are murdering arw but they also don't have the moral code that we have. >> mr. obama said he understands his new initiative is not going to stop gun violence completely. >> i think it's important for us not to suggest that if we can't solve every crime, we shouldn't try to solve any crimes. >> a sheriff from arizona, took issue with annal gee often used by that the president. if cars, toys and aspirin bottles can be made safe by
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regulation, why not guns. >> aspirin, toys and cars are not written about in the constitution. >> just before the president took the stage at a town hall in nearby northern virginia, he published an op ed including a new pledge he. when asked by the program's host cnn's anderson cooper that he is trying to confiscate guns, the president bristled. >> are you saying that we are creating a plot to take everyone's guns away so we can impose martial law on a conspiracy? >> three years ago, his daughter was killed by a bullet while standing in a chicago park with friends. >> how can we stop the trafficking of guns from states with looser gun laws and states with tougher gun laws, because i
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believe that's the case often in chicago, and possibly the source of the gun sha shot and murdered my daughter. >> mr. obama concedes his plan isn't a cure all but says his executive action i guess a step in the right direction. >> we can't guarantee that criminals are not going to have ways of getting guns. but for example, it may be a little more difficult and a little more expensive. >> what about the nra, whose headquarters is just a few miles from where the town hall took place in northern virginia. the organizer of the town hall, cnn said they were invited but the n.r.a. rejected that invitation tweeting that they would not be part of a p.r. stunt orchestrated by the white house. back to you. >> mike viqueira, thank you. earlier on your world this morning we spoke to a florida state representative who is a
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gun owner. >> i think it was very brave of him to do that. i think anytime an elected official appears in front of a town hall when it's going to be on open ended situation, i think it's a brave thing to do. i don't necessarily agree with how he's approaching this, so we can talk about that as you go forward. >> one of the notion that is emerged was the thought that the president somehow wants to seize all of the guns out there. as a gun owner, is that something you believe the president wants to do? >> well, i don't think he really wants to do that, but i do think that there's sort of a tone deafness that the president seems to have with regard to middle america. you know, and even with his own admission, you know, talked about being new to the sort of gun culture. i think that that's something that we need to really address, because there seems to be two americas here and as the president, i think he needs to be a uniter and not a divider. i think some of the things he's doing is hitting people and
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being divisive. >> the president has called on congress to set up a system that is efficient and creates a background check system that would stem at least some i will lyle gun activity. the mother of sandra bland is responding to the charges against the texas state trooper who arrested her daughter. she said it's not enough that a grand jury indicted trooper brian enseen in a for lying about the circumstances of the traffic stop and arrest. bland mother said she wanted the trooper charged with battery and false arrest. >> you don't indict the folks who last saw my daughter, had hand to hand contact with her but then i'm supposed to be excited about your misdemeanor? i'm not going to go start a riot, though, but i am absolutely angry, absolutely and the whole world should be to think that this would be put out here and we would just say all right, it's done. no! no one should be ok with this, no one. >> an arraignment date has not yet been set for the trooper, but the police department has begun termination proceedings.
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bland was arrested in july and later died in her jail cell. the medical examiner ruled out a suicide. >> the mother of the fugitive affluenza teen is due in court today. tonia couch will be arraigned in texas on charges she helped her son escape the country. she was extra dated from mexico where her son remains. he famously received probation despite killing four people driving drunk. his lawyer argued that his parents never taught him right from wrong. storms are bringing a rare site to southern california, snow from storms linked to el niño has fallen on big bear and the san bernardino mountains. it is the first time that area has seen that much fresh powder in six years. the homeless populations are put at risk. for months, the city has been working to keep the homeless away from dangerous river banks. al jazeera reports. >> the water ain't no joke.
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it will take you down in seconds. >> powerful el niño driven storms have been pounding southern california for days, but months before the downpour started, the danger of flash flooding has been pounded into the minds of the counties hundreds of homeless people who live on los angeles river beds. >> i looked at the water coming down. i live down and i said jeez, god, no. >> michael and the other homeless on the san gabriel river moved to higher ground be but keep a wary eye on the skies. the sheriff has been directing the homeless to temporary shelters. >> you cannot let anyone come back near the wore ways. if a flash flood or quick rain did club, then no one would get swept away. >> the sheriff and his men were given another chance to convince the few who stayed behind to get to a shelter.
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>> we'd like you to be out of the waterway, ok? would you come on up for me. >> brian smith knows the danger but finds the temporary shelter a difficult compromise. >> i went to the shelter and they wake us up at 5:00 and drop us off at 6:00 and we have nowhere to go the next day, so if it rained, i'd be under the bridge. >> with more than 200 beds available, this is one of several he weather activated shelters. >> we set these up in conjunction with the county of los angeles to be able to protect as many homeless persons as possible during the el niño rains and the this unpredictable winter season. >> on wednesday, a civil grand jury that monitors l.a. county government issued a scathing report. it said the county's efforts to help the homeless have been unconscionable and grossly inadequate. the county's temporary shelters are in addition to 16 others that can serve 3100 people. that's a drop in the bucket
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compared to the 44,000 homeless. visitors like simone living on skid row is one of the lucky ones. >> it's very significant former, very significant and i'm very, very grateful to have it. >> with more rain on the way, officials know they have a lot more work ahead of them. >> it's hard for us to leave because we can't go in the streets and stuff and live, you know, because right here, we're happy, you know, and it's like second community. it's like our house. >> al jazeera, los angeles. native american leaders join the call for an end to the occupation at a wildlife refuge in oregon. why they say those armed protestors have no claim to the land. hitler's manifesto, after a 70 year ban, new copies of mein kampf are back on the shelves in germany.
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♪ it will be several more days before food and medical aid arrives in a syrian town where more than 40,000 people are starving, some children in maday on the outskirts of damascus have not eaten in more than a week and days ago the assad government agreed to let supplies in but won't get there until sunday and we have more from lebanon. >> reporter: we have spoken to the u.n. office in syria and damascus earlier today and told us that yes there is going to be
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an opportunity to get aid into some of the perceived areas particularly madaya ten kilometers away from the area but it will take a few days to get the aid in and predicting sunday or monday or later than that. and it's all part of a four-stage deal actually we started back in september. it was a u.n. brokered deal and turkey and iran helped negotiate on different sides there and basically to help initially a seize fire in the air close to where we are now on the border and idlib with shia villages had agreed to a ceasefire and last week people were released and fighters from different size released from both areas as well and now we hear the part of the deal is aid to go in a few days before that is going to happen. >> carolyn malone with the latest in lebanon. this morning one of histories most controversial books is returning to store shelves in germany, hitler or my struggle outlines the nazi's leader ideology and deep anti-semitism
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and copyright expired on the first of the year and a curator at the museum in washington told me earlier on your world this morning the book is an important teaching tool. >> i think there is a real concern about the rise of anti-semitism, the rise of racism and whether mind comp will actually fuel some of this extremism and radicalism. but i think the challenge is how do we deal with that. is banning it the answer or is it confronting it directly? and i think this is a challenge particularly in our contemporary environment. anybody that wants this book can go to the internet and download it for free. you can download it in a variety of different languages so the way to best address this is to really confront it and in publish forum and education and
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collar ship. >> it has not been ban from being published in the united states the new york police department promising big changes after reaching a settlement over the monitoring of muslims and al jazeera john henry smith has the story. ♪ the reports that the new york police department had been monitoring muslims at mosques and in student groups sparked protests and lawsuits. >> mosques and sanctuary and what sends them in the organization for ten years at a time. >> reporter: a settlement in two of the three cases of new york pd will mean tighter restrictions for the police and part of the settlement they will have an independent attorney to monitor the intelligence unit a role the department eliminated after 9-11 and department also agreed to place shorter time limit on its investigations and put in writing the investigations into religious or political activity have to be based on evidence rather than affiliation and the department
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has agreed to remove a report called radicalzation in the west from its website. the report has been discredited and some consider it discriminatory. the city of new york and the nypd will not have to admit any wrongdoing and long maintained they never acted on any information gleaned from those surveillance activities. in a statement the acl u said we hope the nypd's reforms help make clear effective policing can and must be achieved without unconstitutional religious profiling of muslims or any other communities. new york mayor bill deblasio said new york city muslim residence are strong partners in the fight against terrorism and the settlement represents an important step to building our relationship with the muslim community. the nypd says these new modifications bring the department surveillance guidelines closer to those used by the f.b.i. john henry smith, al jazeera.
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this morning another group is calling on those armed protesters in oregon to leave a federal wildlife center and protesters have been there nearly a week as al jazeera's allen tells us a local tribal leaders say enough is enough. [dog barking] on the indian reservations outside of town council member kennedy offers a blunt message to the group that has taken over federal property. >> dumb, we don't need for you to stand up for us unaccounted people and they are burial grounds and get the hell out of here and want nothing to do with you. >> reporter: ancestors made the high desert home for thousands of years before being scattered by the westward expansion and traditional land taken by white settlers and the government. the burns did not gain formal federal recognition until 1972. about half the tribe 200 people or so live on the current reservation. >> we have to look at the
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planning down the road, not just at this moment because each of us got grandkids coming up. >> reporter: tribal leaders among those who spoke up at the emotional community meeting called by the county sheriff. >> they have no understanding, they have no concept with what i mean did the world just start back in the 1860s when the first settlers came into this area? >> the issue of native american lands and sovereignty not part of the stated plan to return federal property to the control of local ranchers. >> i don't know much about that so that is interesting and have rights as well and would like to see them be freed from the federal government as well. they are controlled and regulated by the federal government, very tightly. and i think they have a right to be free like everybody else.
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>> reporter: as the armed occupation at the wildlife refuge continues tribal council member kennedy concedes broader land issue use issues are worth discussing but also questions how the take over is being handled and he wonders how it might end. >> if i was out there with my guns and rifles and a bunch of my native brothers what would happen. >> reporter: what will happen is still anybody's guess and despite the tone of the community meeting the occupiers say they are still getting support and encouragement from locals. but it's clear little of that support is coming from the original residents of this land. allen with al jazeera, outside burns, oregon. new rules for what you eat, the government is out with its latest guidelines on the american diet.
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>> i've seen people sitting there for 10 or 11 months, and i don't even know why they're in jail. >> if you don't have any money, you're finished. >> you can get mental scars from this. >> how many kids have they thrown away? >> al jazeera america's... >> today they will be arrested.
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>> they're firing canisters of gas at us. >>emmy award-winning investigative series. a major food company plans to disclose the presence of genetically modified ingredients and campbell known for soup say state by state rules make it difficult to comply and new labels expected to be implemented over the next 18 months, obama administration has released its latest guidance on what americans should and should not eat, dietary guidelines are updated every five years and based on the latest nutritional science but as al jazeera reports what makes the list can also be influenced by politics. >> limit your sugar one of the recommendations in the new federal dietary guidelines. they say americans should take
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in no more than 10% of daily calories and added sugars and recommend a mix of fruit and vegetables, whole grains and proteins and oils. >> foods that are good for you and that taste good too. >> reporter: guidelines influence the foods chosen for school lunch programs feeding 30 million children a day. >> we are out of milk. >> are you kidding me? >>. they also still recommend low fat diary products even though resent studies show americans may be better off with whole milk products. >> we have these guidelines that have pushed people away from eggs and butter and milk and so forth and then they come back and say well we were wrong, you know. and so my question is for both of you what are we going to do to make sure that doesn't happen in the future. >> reporter: with the exception of cholesterol limits which were eliminated last march health officials have said their position for most issues have not changed but critics say the recommendations may not really be the most healthy and they allege the guidelines often
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tiptoe around the agricultural industry. >> we hear more cryptic like major sources of trans fatty acids how about eat less cheese? or guideline like drink less soda or eat less meat particularly processed meat. >> advisory committee suggested cutting back on red and processed meats and dropped from the final guidelines, instead the recommendations say teen boys and adult men are consuming too much protein and advices them to reduce the over all intake of meat, polltry and eggs, al jazeera. for the first time in decades the u.s. fish and wildlife service proposing to take the manatee off the endangered species list and the number on florida coast can be considered threatened and not extinct and have been listed as endangered since 1967. thanks for watching i'm stephanie sy the news continues next live from doha.
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>> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ hello, welcome to the news hour. i'm laura kyle in doha. starvation as a weapon of war. 400,000 syrians under siege says the u.n. belgian prosecutors believe they found the appoint used as a hideout by one of the paris attackers. winter comes to nepal, we report on how communities devastated by last year's earthquake are