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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  January 10, 2016 10:00am-11:01am EST

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>> only on al jazeera america. this is the message that we've got from the meeting. once again, i'd like to thank our colleagues for their novel stands and novel situations rewarding the iranian provocative -- and i think my partnership and i'd like to thank the secretary general of the arab league as well for the hello, welcome to the news efforts of the arab league and hour live from doha. thank you very much. still waiting and still starving, aid agencies say it >> thank you, after what has will be monday before help been said by the sheik and reaches besieged communities in syria. minister, i'd like at the same arab foreign ministers hold time to put things into the right framework. the right framework is the arab an emergency meeting accusing iran of disturbing regional peace. worry about freedom of countries, for sometime we need speech, thousands gather in hong a good sort of neighborhood. kong to ask what's happened to five missing book sellers. we have decisions and we have we have the sport, including
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resolutions reward the turkish an upset for federer as canadian aggression on iraq and the iranian interference since in the arab countries and we have set so many examples in this serves up sweet revenge at the final. connection. as a matter of fact, if we analyze the situations of the countries, we can say that the kingdom of saudi arabia has been tens of thousands of people supported fully and i will allow who are starving to death in myself to say iraq has some three syrian towns will have to wait at least another day before feedbacks, lebanon has certain help reaches them. problem rewarding the hezbollah. aid agencies hopes trucks would arrive sunday. some are so debt pretty they are i'd likes to the full support eating leaves and grass. we have the latest from beirut. was given to saudi arabia as >> the u.n. says now they are expected, and we need to discuss ready to deliver aid to three villages in syria where people so many other things amongst the arab countries, the resolution desperately need some kind of human assistance. mentioned about so many country we are talking about a town on committee and the arab league, the outskirts of damascus under as well, to discuss more about siege by government and allied forces and two other villages in how to find a way to stop the idlib about 250 kilometers to the north where people have been iranian interferences and this
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under siege by rebel forces, so is quite important. two distinct sides involved we have other previous here. the u.n. has been helping to resolutions and decisions, as i negotiate this deal from back in september. said, and we need to say it's that's when they had helped to not the iranian aggression or agree on a ceasefire with the two differing sides. the iranian storming to the last week, fighters were reds and their families, as well, so embassy and the consulate know it's taken until this stage, a complicated process to be able there are other things before to help people who really need that and these things are to be aid in those areas. discussed. remember, there's plenty of thank you. other people in syria who desperately need human assistance, as well, 400,000 people across the whole country really need u.n. and n.g.o. >> i'd like to start with a question from a lady, but support. the u.n. wants to deliver aid, tried last year to deliver aid but only managed to get access anyhow... this is the second to 10% of those areas. a good proportion of people who stand unified by the arab need aid now are in an area held league. the first was later to that by isil fighters and there's no current aid delivery plans for iraqi turkish issue, now that region at the moment. rewarding iran, saudi arabia. the u.k. government is due the question is do you think to respond to a petition arguing when it comes to the saudi for air drops of food aid into
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syria by british aircraft. the petition has been signed by arabia-iran issue, as i said, 40,000 people so far, meaning a there are some escalating government response is required. procedures against iran, iran if the campaign gets over doesn't stop. 100,000 signatures, it will be has saudi arabia -- rewarding considered for a parliament the expansion of the procedures debate. it reads while the civil war against iran, and at the same continues in syria and every it time, there are some fears for militarily is made to bring it to an end, the u.n. has armed forces capable in humanitarian missions. people are starving to death in the despot to be sunni shia many places, let us be the ones to feed them. despot. what about the iranian >> while the man behind the petition is christopher bridges, occupation to the three united he joins us now from the u.k. arab emiratessized and you have thank you so much for being on a vision regarding the al jazeera. escalation with iran. 40,000 signatures and counting. there is a certain strategic are you surprised at the amount of support you are getting on conflict. what do you say? this campaign? >> thank you very much. >> not really, no. the kingdom of saudi arabia doesn't want and doesn't believe the emotion that has been outpoured by the british public in sectarian conflict. we refuse sectarianism. is natural when they see the images that they see on social it's a real threat, but the
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media and television of these emace 80 bodies and people situation is about conflict starving to death and it's something that could quite between sects after 1979. easily be -- could be relieved, and nothing's happening. >> why did you, christopher, before 1979, we haven't heard about sectarianism at all in the personally start this petition? what does it mean for you? gulf countries or even the saudi >> about a couple of weeks ago, i saw all of these pictures, and arabia. after the iranian revolution, we have seen that. you cannot help but be moved to iran is playing a role. tears to see these children dying, and they are dying right iran is interfering in the internal affairs under the claim now, and it's worth noting that of supporting the shiite the government should have responded to this petition when minorities but at the end of the it passed 10,000 signatures. four hours ago, they had 24 day, they are arabs, saudis, hours from yesterday at they are not iranians. 11:00 a.m. and they still haven't done that and this is iran has tried to create a wrist indicative of this government and how they are not responding to the will of the people to save people in other lands that between the sheiks and their were quite happy to bomb but not societies. iran has failed and failed in happy to save the lives. other countries, but iran still >> enough there is a precedent plays that role.
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for this christopher, last year, iran has started sectarianism in the r.a.f. dropped aid to the arab world after the iranian revolution. we don't want to say or even thousands of yazidis fleeing isil in iraq. many say the environment in have heard about sectarian imbut syria is more complicated and iran has imposed this in the complex. region and in international as madea is in territory held by the syrian regime who have well. the steps adopted by saudi access to sophisticated as far as to air missiles, so it is arabia is a sort of reaction more complicated than in iraq. rewarding what has been started what do you say to them? by iran. the kingdom of saudi arabia >> the yazidis last year, naturally we needed to save them but they were in a more remote hasn't sent cells to do active sabotage in iran. position than the people in syria are now and the syrian saudi arabia hasn't recruited government and the herman that individuals to do or to commit crimes in iran. they have fighting for them would be absolutely in sane to the kingdom of saudi arabia shoot down a humanitarian hasn't asked its people to storm airplane dropping aid on these the iranian embassy in the places. if they were to do so, they would -- well, they're breaking kingdom. the kingdom of saudi arabia hasn't recruited militias to international law already, but they couldn't possibly consider fight in some of the iranian shooting down an airplane full
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of aid and food stuffs for starving people. places and areas. it would be absolutely insane the steps adopted by the kingdom and they would regret it. >> are you confident, of saudi arabia in cooperation christopher that you'll get the 100,000 signatures and there about will be a debate will with its countries in the gulf eventually lead to air drops for and in the arab world aim as the syrians who are besieged stopping the iranian aggressions white now in many areas across and the iranian actions. the country? >> this government has a duty to the vision is clear now. respond to the people and i am the arab world, islamic world, sure that it will. the international world will -- would be complicit to the never accept this behavior from iran. crimes assad is committing the iranian government has to change its policies. himself -- >> ok, christopher, thank you so we don't have a problem at all much for taking the time to speak to us. with the iranian people. christopher bridges, who launched the syria aid petition personally, i don't think the joining us view. iranian people can accept the >> skype from leeds. policies adopted by its >> thank you. government to leave iran meanwhile, the j envoy to isolated in the region and in the area, because the negative syria has met with iran's foreign minister. he is in tehran to lay the policies or attitudes are not
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for the sake of iran and we have groundwork for peace talks later this month. his trip follows talks with the syrian government. to be unified. damascus says it is ready for the islamic world, arab word, talks but expressed concern however who is invited. international community, he will meet opposition leaders international world has to be in istanbul on monday. unified to face the aggressions a member of the syrian national of iran, face the iranian coalition is demanding an end to government attacks on civilians policies and to convince iran to before talks can begin. adopt different policies, to >> this is the -- what the opposition is asking, is have relations with other countries according to good confidence building measures, basically the ending of neighborhood, non-interference starvation evenings, and a halt in internal affairs, solving our of the bombing of civilians as problems in a peaceful way. the populated areas, and that's what we need. thank you. >> i need to stress something in releasing of political prisoners. these are the confidence this regard. building measures which are all the issues between the arab mentioned also in the latest security council resolution to countries on one hand and iran on the other hand have been fight for. during an emergency session by the arab league, saudi arabia mentioned, whether rewarding united arab emirates or bahrain accused iran of undermining
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regional security. or yell men or the kingdom of the meeting was requested by saudi arabia or even related to riyadh which cut ties with the syrian crisis the riyadh. the protestors were angry about the execution of a prominent shia cleric in saudi arabia. international interference in >> the iranian threat to arab lebanon by iraq, we mentioned everything and we have examined internal affairs is quite clear. everything. iran is using sectarianism as an yes, iran at the end of the day is our neighbor, but we can not excuse. iran has trained terrorists to create chaos. brothers and sisters, we need our meeting to show our support determine who is that neighbor. to our sovereignty, security and we need to prevent interference iran has to determine what kind in our internal affairs. >> joining us in doha is the of neighbor iran wants to be. does iran want to be a good professor, coordinating neighbor, or does iran want to political researcher at qatar be the other way? university. very good to have you on the we are now seeing something that program. we are waiting to hear from the arab league, a statement is lot logic, that is not expected shortly. we'll go to that live in just a accepted from iran. few minutes, but first, what do iran doesn't care about the you think the saudi's are trying to accomplish here? region. iran wants to have good relations with the west, but not we had an extraordinary meeting of the g.c.c. yesterday in in the region.
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riyadh, today in cairo, the arab iran has to exert the same league i guess meeting. what do the saudi's wants to? >> i think that they want the efforts that have been done to lift the sanctions and the same thing they wanted yesterday problem is with the five plus to come in front of all arab one group rewarding the nuclear countries. yesterday, they did the regional, today they want to do program with such enthusiasm, it in the whole arab perspective. iran can solve its problems with two weeks or three weeks ago, they tried to establish a kind the neighbors in the region, but of islamic alliance considered we heard things said, but we by some people a sunni alliance don't see deeds. against iran. i think they are trying to get or rather, we see negative support from all the region against iran. deeds, negative positions. >> ok, let's pause and listen to we need iran to stop this sort what the arab leaders are saying of negativity for proving that in cairo right now after their there is sort of a good will. extraordinary meeting. >> iran supports the militias to commit violence in some arab countries for so long time and >> we hear you, lady, we hear you are, go on. the kingdom of saudi arabia and i think the statement that we the arabs are saying enough is haven't received yet, i think the statement is happy with the enough.
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if iran says it wants to support to the kingdom of saudi positive role in the region, arabia, who has asked for this iran has to deal with the emergency meeting? you spoke about the procedures neighbors according to the good that could be adopted in neighborhood and not to addition to what was adopted in interfere into the internal cooperation with the other arab affairs and to reject terrorism. countries against iran. is there a sort of a time table, iran can live in the region as a time limit to apply these neighbor if iran stops these procedures in case iran doesn't commit itself to peaceful approaches, but if iran neighborhood and where can you continues this approach, iran in apply that we had seen iran this case will face opposition from the arab world. doesn't commit itself to other things, and we have seen the storming of the saudi embassy and consulate. what are these procedures, if you could tell us. >> thank you, very much. the decision has a time limit and has a scope through cooperation with the ministers of u.a.e., bahrain, saudi arabia
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and egypt. they all will follow the problem with iran and ways have stopping iran from interfering into the face of the arab countries within two months. the problem is we will be having meetings before the end of the two months, we can have a meeting within two weeks or something like that. particularly, there would be a meeting in the united arab emirates on the 25th and in this meeting, we will discuss in detail the topic and the relations with the neighbors in general, and the ministerial council will discuss it after that. >> i can't hear the question properly, but we might be listening to the answer. >> the kingdom of saudi arabia went to the security council an.
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a statement from the security council and the kingdom of saudi arabia also resorted to the g.c.c. council and we had a statement and today, the arab league, we work now to have a meeting from -- conference and the meeting after they put sort of mechanism of caughtation, coordination and putting a -- rewarding the next and future stems in coordination with the other countries, saudi arabia put off relations with iran, diplomatic relations, airliner, trade, and the saudis not allowed to travel to iran. these are some steps taken by the kingdom of saudi arabia and we are looking, we are examining
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other measures if iran doesn't stop it's policies, its provocation and we will do that of course in cooperation with our countries in the region and our countries in the world. rewarding the time limit, we don't have that sort of time limit, but diplomacy and international policy works according to the development and according to the actions and the reactions. i can't hear the question, but... she said there is some sort of a mediation with that
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ok, we listen to the answer now. >> mask, i haven't heard about mediation, but there are some counterparts and colleagues who met other diplomats from iran and conveyed some memes to the iranian side. all were, i have heard is lee late to things that already affected in place, but we haven't heard an initiative. no contacts don't meet at all the mediation, and when it comes to the sir you know crisis, i think for the time being, we have some hopes about the meeting of the 25th between the opposition. accordings to the riyadh meetings in saudi arabia, with a
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delegation from the regime, representing the regime and accordingly, our countries, the arab countries and the countries under the vienna group will support that path. undoubtedly, it's very complex, and i'm talking now on behalf -- i'm not talking on behalf of my colleagues in the kingdom, but i have heard this will not hinder their -- between their political parties. let's say that we support the efforts aiming at reaching a solution through the vienna meetings, and we hope for that,
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despite the differences between us and iran, because the differences between us and iran were there. iran supports the regime, iran has forces in syria. iran is part of the problem in syria. iran is responsible with the regime rewarding the killing of more than 250,000 syrians and the displace of around 12 million syrians. of course, yes, we have differences with iran in this regard, but regarding the efforts aimed at reaching a peaceful solution after geneva one, the efforts are there, the efforts are being done and we support these efforts and this is -- ok, rewarding the mediation as said by my brother, sheik abdullah, there are some countries that have expressed to do something, but seriousness from the iranian side is not
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available. they have to show something. question from the bbc. why the united arab emirates hasn't followed the steps of saudi arabia and bahrain and cut off relations with iran? what is the reason behind that? >> listen, first of all, i need to give you facts. the united arab emirates, the volume which trade goes beyond $400 billion. the volume of our trade with iran is less than 4% of that amount of money, so if i am interested in what you have said, the 4% doesn't make anything.
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the foreign trade is not the core of the life and economy and the emirates, one sector in the emirates is more than the volume of the trade. the tourism, tourism represents 17 million visits to the emirates and these tourists make huge impact on the economy. yes, we have historic relation, commercial relations between iran and the emirates in the '60s and the '70's and the relation at that time was the core of the economy. the media are trying to mention that in the he will rats, we have half a million iranians but the fact is in the emirates, we
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have less than 90,000 iranians. you can go to the commerce chambers and ask the numbers of the iranian companies. they said there are tens of thousands of iranian companies, but no, very few thousand on paper and in reality, no more than 200 companies. we need not to exaggerate. and listen once again, rewarding severing diplomatic relations between the two countries, there needs -- rewarding diplomatic mission in iran, aggression of saudi arabia and aggression of course on the emirates, but i cannot find a real justification
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to cut off, so the best thing in this regard is to have lesser representation, but on the same level, i will take whatsoever decision to support the kingdom of saudi arabia, because in the emirates, we are fighting with the kingdom of saudi arabia with thousands of our soldiers to support legislative government in yemen. i thank you, because you gave me a chance to stress our positions. we are supporting the arabs. we are fully, completely supporting the kingdom of saudi arabia, and then our commercial interests will never overcome our political interests.
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they stopped exporting oil and petroleum to the united states because they have supported israel in the 1973 war. please don't have wrong impression about emirates and about its position that is always supporting the arab countries. >> we have heard now different things about mediation. iraq minister said he met -- he visited iran, met his counterpart, met the secretary general, met his political support and mentioned something about mediation but now you said no mediation. now a question, isn't it enough to consider the apologies given by iran to the security council rewarding storming the embassy and the consulate?
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can't the saudi's accept such apology in order to go beyond the crisis, the current crisis? >> i will allow myself to mention yes, i have met for around 90 minutes. it's not a mediation. we talked or he talked about just easing the matter. we need to make this very clear. no mediation, thank you. no mediation. >> we have seen the message sent by the iranian foreign minister to the unit nations and there were a lot of mistakes. he said what has been done in tehran was beyond the control of the iranian government, and this is not true at all. he spoke about the exclusion of
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a saudi citizen and this is not again true at all. what took place in tehran is because of the policies are iran towards the kingdom which saudi arabia, the interference of iran in the in term affairs of saudi arabia. he is a saudi citizen. that's who was executed. iran has nothing to do with that, absolutely nothing to do with that. iran has stated different things, and the embassy of the consulate were stormed at iran and in -- and the consulate and embassy were not protected and even there were security people, but we have made nothing, the protestors that stormed the embassy, they took the computers
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and some documents and the embassy, the consulate were not at all protected and then iran said we have arrested some of the protestors and at the same time, we can listen and hear a lot of condemnation to the exclusion of the saudi citizen, so we have to tune their positions, iran has to tune the exposition to apologized for stay neutral. the picture of the emirate is not clear at all. we have to evaluate the iranian policies according to the deeds and not to the words. we need to know that iran is serious about telling the policy and stop its provocation and aggression. question from a kuwaiti newspaper. i hope this will be the last
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question. >> excuse me, i have a question and i don't want diplomatic answers. we are in the house of the arab league. the question is can we determine, can we say as arab citizens that the arab decision adopted today will go further on the international level in order to stop iran immediately and to force iran not to interfere in the arab's internal affairs including the syrian crisis, the yemeni crisis and iraqi problem away from mediation as mentioned by some colleagues and how can we really stop the iranian provocation and how can we trust iran to withdraw from emirate
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islands as required by iran long ago? >> in politics, we don't have the term mediation rejection. we don't have the term endless differences. iran will be our neighbor and we have to deal with iran according to this. the question is can we restore the releases with iran as they used to be before. can we deal with the mention with the things that we have mentioned with all appreciation towards the iranian apology? the iranian apology can be accepted in normal situation, can be accepted from countries
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who commit themselves to neighbor, good neighborhood. we cannot say is iran a country or is iran a revolution. this is a question asked yesterday by my brother. kingdom of saudi arabia's foreign minister. he asked is iran a country or is iran a revolution? we need to know the answers, and we cannot deal with iran in a serious way if the answer is not clear cut. we don't need conflict. we don't need confrontation. we don't need war. call it whatever, name it whatever. in our countries, we need to see development. we need to develop our countries, our peoples, our region, the arab countries have a lot of wealth. they have the people, the human resources and they have the
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wealth. they have the money. we can achieve the whops and aspirations of our people, but for years, we have so many conflicts. we have so many problems that have really prevented us from achieving the full homes of our people. we need not iran to harm us and we need not iran to benefit us. this might be good for us, leave alone, just leave alone. the harm -- the hardships from iran is much more bigger in volume than the good things. iran has to get rid of that revolutionary breath, if i could say. iran exploits its people. iran exploits its citizens to draw that religious
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revolutionary emimagine and this sort of -- and we need not to have more of this. >> excuse me. excuse me. excuse me. let me complete my sentence please. what i want to say is today, i personally can say that we all need natural relations with iran. iran has to prove that through words and through deeds before even can be able to deal with iran as we used to deal. thank you very much. thank you. >> you've been watching a press conference with arab league foreign ministers in cairo this after the emergency meeting they held in response to saudi arabia's request to condemn what it calls ires violation of the kingdom's embassy and consulate in tehran.
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after this meeting, the arab leaders expressed their full support to saudi arabia after they what called iran's provocative actions. this meeting comes after another emergency meeting of the gulf corporation council, the g.c.c. on saturday during which those ministers expressed support for saudi arabia in a dip dispute with iran. i remind you that this meeting today and the one yesterday has been called after the escalating tensions between iran and saudi arabia after saudi arabia announced the execution of a prominent saudi shia cleric nimr al nimr which followed then protests in iran and an attack on the saudi embassy in tehran. joining us here for more on this is a coordinating political researcher at qatar university. thank you verthank you very mucg with us and listening in to this press conference with us. we are arab leaders expressing
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support to saudi arabia. the arab league is a bigger, larger organization, including iraq and lebanon. why was it important for saudi arabia to get the support of the arab league? >> i think that the objective is trying to generalize this feeling of threat perception from iran to all the arab world, not only in the gulf region, but on the arab -- the whole arab world. i think it's clear from their responses from the questions that they want to have a joint front against iranian intervention meddling in -- >> how strong of a joint front, when you have countries like lebanon, like iraq within this organization and many other countries in fact like tunisia and algeria which expressed caution in this escalating dispute? >> this is the point. i don't think that the saudis were effective enough in order to get the responses they wanted
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from the arab countries, not even from the g.c.c. i think they expected more countries to cut relations with iran but we hear very clearly that even the emirates were justifying that there is no need to cut relations because of this event on the embassy, so it is not complicated enough to decide to cut relations with the country, so only few countries, bahrain, sudan have cut ties with iran. >> other countries downgraded relations. >> they had to do something in order to support the international law, which is correct, which everybody should do that, because what's happening in iran is not acceptable. >> indeed. >> but not so strong in order to justify -- >> the iranians again and we heard one of the journalists ask the question, the iranians did apologize and send a letter of apology to the united nations and saudiis don't seem interested in an apology, saying
10:33 am
cutting diplomatic ties with iran is a first step and they would consider further actions if iran stuck to its policies. are they considering further action or is this rhetoric? >> that's the point. we couldn't hear which other steps they were asked about, which measures. if they cannot make other countries downgrade relations with iran apart from a boycott to iranian products, which already started by the saudis, i don't see what kind of measure they can implement in order to stop iran. they said that they want deeds or fact rather than words, but what can they do, the iranians can do if they already apologized and sent a letter to the united nations security council and already started to prosecute or detain the people who was involved in this storming. what they basically said is that they don't believe in what the iranians said. >> and they're not interested in mediation we heard there.
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>> i heard the pakistanis offer some kind of mediation and they said we are not interested in mediation. what is the objective? isolate iran just to prevent iran to do anything in the region. >> one last question before we let you go. we have these talks on syria due to start later this month after a huge international push, of course. what impact do you expect the current tensions between iran and saudi arabia to have on that process, the syria process? >> i'm not very -- even though the ministry of saudii said that iran is part of the problem so we need iran to be part of the solution, as well, but the -- i think they want to have another meeting to work, to elaborate more on the sanctions of furthee same day as the talks in geneva. i'm not sure these two events can happen at the same time without influencing each other.
10:35 am
even though saudi said they do not want to have any war with iran, i don't see the measures that they can think they are not driving. >> you think this will diminish the chance of a breakthrough. >> i think so. >> very good to hear your thoughts. thank you for coming in. the mexican government says an interview with hollywood actor sean penn led them to the country's most wanted drug lord. sean penn interviewed joaquin el chapo guzman late last year. guzman was recaptured on friday. how exactly did a hollywood actor lead mexican police to their most wanted man? >> well, according to sean penn's article, he flew from southern california, flew to an
10:36 am
undisclosed airport in mexico before meeting contacts for el chapo guzman, the purported head of the sinaloa cartel and that he was constantly worried approximate the d.e.a., u.s. or mexican officials following his movements or tracking him. he was throwing away cell phones right and left, he said. according to the mexican attorney general as early as friday after announcing the capture of el chapo guzman, they said they had found him in part because they had a bead on hollywood producers and actors meeting with him about a possible movie about his life. this is before anybody knew about this interview sean penn had with guzman at an undisclosed location. it was published on the rolling stone website and you had mexican officials telling several media outlets that that meeting is what led them in part
10:37 am
they say at least to a hideout in the neighboring state of el chapo guzman and later by finding him there led them to this house where the raid was carried out on friday. >> this will certainly make for a great movie. thank you for joining us from mexico. thank you. the disappearance of five book publishesser in honk con pro vote a mass marsh in fears that china is undermining hong kong's press freedom and independence of the law. china is not confirming they are in china. they have been missing for two months after selling books about chinese communist leaders. ethiopa is relatively calm after a crack down on anti-government protestors, security forces are on high alert. protestors fear development projects will take their land. we have more from addis ababa.
10:38 am
>> a member of the security forces shot mother of two in her neck during a recent protest. when her condition began to deteriorate in hospital, she insisted her father take her back to her village so she could see her children. >> we went to demonstrate. they allowed us past the first checkpoint. at the second, somebody threw a stone. security forces then took action. people threw themselves on the ground. >> the people here are afraid to talk. this man insisted we hide his identity. he says police in his town arrest men who gather in groups of more than two. >> our future is uncertain. we don't know whether we will be detained or killed. we are so afraid, we don't even like walking on the streets. >> the government admits security forces have killed dozens of people in the crackdown on these protests and promised to launch an investigation into who is responsibility for those deaths, but certainly the people living
10:39 am
here say they have little hope that they will get justice, or that their long standing political demands will be met. the largest ethnic group in ethiopia have long complained that the government has ignored their political economic and cultural rights. al jazeera has no way of independently verifying this video uploaded on the internet. protests were recently sparked by opposition to the government's so-called addis ababa incident graded development plan, the government said it's to develop the region around the capital. many of the people are calling it an unconstitutional land grab. activists and opposition members say security services have killed 140 people. hundreds of others have been wounded, arrested and detained. >> the problem with the government is simply the government is trying to avoid recognizing real problems in the
10:40 am
society. the youth, the young people, they have lost hope, total hope. >> the government admits the people have legitimate concerns that it needs to address. it says it has suspended the addis ababa immigrate development plan and blames violence on individuals with links to what it describes as a terrorist organization. >> the implementation of the plan is basically questioned. only the people have the final say. >> back at her home, her son is too young to have any say in his future. he just hopes his mother doesn't die. al jazeera, ethiopia. time to catch up on sports, here's jo. >> we start with tennis and roger federer's hopes of going into the australian open on a winning note have been dealt a blow. he hoped for a second straight
10:41 am
title at the brisbane international sunday. he was up against a player he beat a year ago in the same stage. a serving blitz, he toppled federer 6-4, 6-4. it's sweet revenge. >> of course i'd like to congratulate him on a great start to the year here in brisbane. you played great last year. i thought it was epic last year on many levels and now this year, you got it, you deserve it and good luck at the australian open. >> french open champion has cruised to his third straight title. the world number four beat croatian teenager 6-3, 7-5. it's a big boost as the player looks to repeat his 2014 suction but the crowd saved their
10:42 am
biggest cheer when he hit it for six. english champions chelsea started cup campaign with a man who led them to victory in 2009. he got them going, sealing the win. they march into the fourth round and their billionaire owner looked like a happy man indeed. there's been an upset in league two, dumping them out of the competition with the 3-2 win. it will be the third appearance in the fourth round since 1999. lester's manager admitted reaching the final would be an incredible achievement. >> i haven't been able to say a
10:43 am
lot of fantastic things but never in wembley. also understand never on the pitch and i would like to go there, but this is a dream. now this is the first match for us and then our focus is on the match, not on the dream. athletico madrid currently goalless. government's number one going into sunday's final round in hawaii.
10:44 am
speith turning that into an eagle, his second of the week p.m. he sits at 24 under par with kept kerr at 19 under. the chiefs ended a 22 year wait for playoff victory. they did it with a 30-0 demolition of the houston texans. the steelers will play the superbowl champion new england patriots in the divisional round after a narrow 18-16 win over the bengals. the seattle seahawks take on the minnesota vikings and washington redskins and green pay packers are the final meeting. a tough test of endurance of the game in minneapolis will be because the temperature kick off is expected to dip to minus 16
10:45 am
celsius. extreme cold conditions lien the playing surfaces had to be kept undercover with heaters so that it doesn't freeze. the players are preparing themselves for some hard knocks in the game. >> you've got to set your mind. you know it's going to be cold, those guys are going to be cold, as well, the element, the turf, it's mind over matter. you've got to go out and deliver the blow. >> the players will be wearing a special kind of material designed by a company in minnesota that expands as they sweat to help keep the warm in. it's been away record breaking day for new zealand cricketers powering to a victory against sri lanka. hitting the countries fastest 15 format of the game off 19 balls. the record was broken not long after that by a fellow batsman collin machine row who sparked a
10:46 am
14 bowl half century, the red caps winning by nine wickets. sri lanka lose their t20 world number one ranking. a spectator has been killed after hit by a competitor's car. it's the first fatallalty involving a spectator at the race since 2013. he came second in saturday's stage, which border hops between bolivia and argentina. the frenchman finished behind two time chan from spain. the first woman driver to race in the formula world one championship has died at the aim of ate 18. the italian started three grand pres in 1958 for masarati.
10:47 am
she was quoted saying the only helmet a beautiful woman should wear is the one at the hair dressers. she became the on represident of the grand prix drivers club. that is all the sport for now. thank you very much. that's it for this news hour from doha. thanks for watching. we are live from london next. stay with us.
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