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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 12, 2016 9:30am-10:01am EST

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there is the main story of the day, it has been what is being described as a suicide bombing in the heart of istanbul, turkey's biggest city. find out more about that on the website, an explosion leaving 10 dead in istanbul, turkey's president saying it was a suicide bomb attack. a final address, president obama getting ready for his last state of the union address, a speech expected to try and define his legacy. back in business, those daily fantasy sports sites allowed to stay open in one state despite legal efforts to shut them down.
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this is aljazeera america live in new york city, i'm bell walt. in istanbul, 10 are dead following that explosion there that happened in the square on the european side of the city close to the blue mosque and grand bazaar, turkish police closing off the area. officials believe the attack was carried out by a 28-year-old syrian suicide bombers who may have had ties to terrorist groups. >> citizen rights and freedoms are being breached not by the turkish state, by terrorists oak misthat terrorists block roads, addition ditches, prevents our people from traveling. it is terrorists that bomb schools, mosques, offices, business centers and various other places. it is the terrorists that shoots at civilians and makes life a hell for them.
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as for that explosion, we have more. >> it's the heart of istanbul and one of its most popular tourist spots. this is the square, less than an hour after an explosion, the site cordoned off and security tight. it was chaos, everyone was running around. police didn't see this coming. they were upset, and trying a evacuate the area because they said a second bomb could go off. >> istanbul is the biggest city in turkey with a major attraction for tourists and turks alike. thousands visit every day. the district is also home to the museum and the blue mosque. some in turkey had been expecting attacks since turkish forces launched an offensive against isil, as well as kurdish p.k.k. fighters.
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in october, at least 102 people were killed in a double suicide blast on a peace rally in the capitol, ankara. >> i strongly condemn this attack, this apparent terrorist attack caused by a suicide bomber. i'd like to offer condolences to those who host loved ones and prayers for those who lost the lives. it's important to be united in the face of terrorism. turkeys resolute stance against terrorism will continue. >> the district is now locked down. its people left bewildered that a suicide bomb blast has torn through their beloved and historic city. al jazeera. >> we are joined live from the site of the bombing in istanbul. what has the international reaction been to the attack?
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>> shortly after the attack, we heard from the u.s. ambassador to turkey, john brass, saying that they were closely monitoring reports of the explosion that was shortly after the explosion. we haven't heard from the u.s. embassy since then. however, in the following hours, we've just heard from the european union foreign policy chief who strongly condemned the attack and said that the e.u. stands with turkey in the face of terror. the strongest criticism has comf support has come from germany, angela merkel saying they strongly condemn the attack in the strongest way. there is a report that the majority if not all those who lost their lives were game machine citizens. these are unconfirmed reports
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but angela merkel keeping a very close eye on things following a phone conversation with turkey's prime minister who gave her the assurances that those injured were being given the best care possible in turkish hospitals. >> isil has had a growing presence in turkey. are they connecting the events? >> not yet. it doesn't seem they are connecting it, the syrian citizens who isil just yet. we heard from president erdogan that this was a 28-year-old citizen. no links were made with any group, but i'm confident that the turkish government isn't ruling out any connections to isil, given that the two
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previous attacks that shocked this country in 2015, the bombing and double suicide bombing in ankara were carried out by isil. >> thank you very much. turkish firms telling al jazeera nine of the victims are german, but germany has yet to confirm that, 10 dead so far. iraq's prime minister promising to push isil out of his country after an attack killed dozens of people. it is located in a shia dominated area of baghdad, 18 killed in that attack. another 50 were hurt. in light of today's attacks and those recent ones in paris and san bernardino, california security is promised to be a large part of president obama's state of the union address. we are live in washington.
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courtney, the president has been working his entire presidency on getting the troops out of iraq and afghanistan and now there is this fight against isil. how much will his strategy be part of tonight's address? >> well, dell, the problem for obama today and his challenges that he faces is to reassure an increasingly anxious public. polls show that americans are more anxious about terrorism. it's the greatest height of anxiety since the week after 9/11. he'll offer resharpses. his challenge will also be doing that in the face of the latest attacks in iraq and turkey. that's definitely going to overshadow issues that he's talking about. house majorry leader kevin mccarthy wants president obama to tell his strategy for defeating isil. we still have the u.s. led coalition. he's going to be talking about that, offering reassurances that the u.s. hasn't overextended themselves, that they don't have boots on the ground but that the policies is working slowly but
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steadily. >> also, syria is a challenge on so many fronts from president bashar al assad to the refugee crisis. how do we expect the president to characterize the situation for americans? >> he's going to be facing challenges to talk about what that become an abyss of despair in syria, civil war that led to the death of 250,000 people and mass exodus into europe, the largest mass migration into europe and refugee crisis since world war ii. the way he's going to do that is probably through a poignant moment, he has a guest, recent syrian refugee that has arrived in the u.s. with his remaining family, his wife and daughters were killed in an air strike before big league syria. he will be the guest of michelle obama. there will be mention of the syrian refugee and his family, and that will also offer up more of his policy and his sympathies and compassion, really for
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syria, for the mess that it's in, the intractability of the conflict and put a much more human face on the issue for tonight. >> courtney, thank you very much. you will be able to watch our live coverage of the state of the union address beginning at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. one of the democrats who wants to be the next president is endorsed by one of the nation's largest gun control groups. hillary clinton accepts the endorsement from the brady campaign. her views were incited when she received the endorsement of gabby giffords and the mother of trayvon martin. >> we have got to move towards immigration reform and path towards citizenship. if congress does not do what they should be doing, i will use the executive offices of the presidency. >> i have come out against the
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raised. i do not think the raised are an appropriate tool to enforce the immigration laws. in fact, i think they are divisive, they are sewing discord and fear. >> the latest poll showing clinton's lead is shrinking, that with the iowa caucuses 20 days away. as for the republicans, two won't be on the stage for the main debate, rand paul and carly fiorina failing to make the cut for thursday's event. they had been invited to the earlier second tier debate with mike puck beand rick santorum. rand paul saying he won't be there, going directly to new hampshire and iowa for campaigning. it is going to be another snowy day in buffalo, new york, up to a half foot more expected along with freezing winds off of lake erie all on top of what is already there this week and this is if you can manage to get your car out of the snow and ice in the first place. some cars like this one in
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buffalo totally frozen over. more snow is in the forecast all up and down the northeast. it's going to be cold. kevin corriveau, winter is here. >> that's right, classic winter is finally here, all that warm air is gone. you won't see anything and down there, we are talking about temperatures only reaching 17 degrees today. the next storm system makes it way to the northeast, this is called an alberta clipper, little moving pretty quickly, clipping along there. we are going to see snow coming into the northeast into the rest of the day. it is starting to come into parts of new jersey right now up towards the northern part of new york, the central part of new york, as well. the problem is we're going to see accumulations with this storm. it really depends on where you are on how much we're bog to be seeing. previously with the lake effect snow, lorraine new york off lake ontario saw 32-inches, more is going to be on top of that.
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here is a look across parts of new york. you can see snow making its way in. northwestern new jersey, you may get a half inch to three quarters inch there. the warnings are out. we're focused on the northern parts of the state especially new england and maine where we expect touses 14 inches of snow. temperatures across the region all below zero. you have to go down to washington, d.c. if you want to get above freezing there. here's the forecast for the rest of the day, more snow across the north. we may see a little bit of light sprinkles as the temperature comes just above freezing along the coastal areas. tomorrow, we do expect to see more lake effect snow for many parts of the areas and temperatures are going to continue to stay low. >> cold is the word of the day. bowe bergdahl going before a
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military judge, going into the court a few moments ago faces life in prison for walking from his army outpost in afghanistan. he was then held for five years by the taliban. we have details from fort bragg. >> sergeant bowe bergdahl making his second appearance in the court here in fort bragg, the first back in december where he was arraigned, now both sides of the camp will meet today again, they'll file motions and discuss what they want in the proceedings moving forward. now one thing that that come up i also the podcast called serial that bowe bergdahl has been doing these interviews with. the fourth installment came out the past few days where he's released a lot of information about what this was like to be in the captivity for five years, held by the tall bonn on that pakistani border. let's listen to what he had to say. >> that one thing and look at another thing and keep looking back and forth at different things, keep scanning the walls, keep scanning whatever it is, the doorway, the cracks, you
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know, and they be the darkness, you're looking at shadows, europe noting lieuing at shadows. if it's too dark, you can't see anything, but you're still moving, still looking at your hands, but can't see your hands, so you're touching your face. >> sergeant bergdahl releasing more information about his personal experiences, why he's doing this, no one can clearly answer that. the military intrigued by it, will this affect a jury pool or member selection, that's the big question, because a lot of no information is now public and with social media, so many people able to listen to what sergeant bergdahl has said. we don't know whether or not that will change the judge's mind on proceedings going forward, but on the docket, this is all supposed to begin in august, the trial that is, but bowe bergdahl's camp saying they probably don't want it to happen here at fort bragg, north carolina. that's what we'll hear in motions today and possibly
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tomorrow, and one last thing, remember that bowe bergdahl has not entered any kind of plea. he hasn't said whether he's guilty or not guilty. al jazeera, fort bragg, north carolina. still ahead, g.m. on trial over faulty ignition switches. nasa's new armageddon office, the space agencies mission to try to watch any threats that are falling from space.
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the plaintiff claiming he suffered injuries after caring his car, blames g.m. for its bad
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switch. as bisi onile-ere tess us, it is a case with far reaching implications. >> lawyers for the plaintiff are expected to argue that a defective ignition switch prevented his airbags from deploying when he crashed his saturn ion into a tree. he claims he has neck and back problems. general motors argues that those claims aren't true, saying that that defect did not cause his injuries. as you recall, general motors ignition switch problems came up about a couple of years ago. that's when it was revealed that g.m. knew about its defective ignition swishes for about a decade but waited until 2014 to issue a massive recall. more than 100 people died and dozens were injured. the plaintiff is basically saying that general motors put his life at risk. we know that there is a tarp in the courtroom covering a portion of a vehicle.
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right now it's unclear if that's in fact his car, because we know that his car was totaled. jurors will also hear depositions from general motors exception such as g.m. c.e.o. marrmary barra. the remaining bellwether trials will take course this year. ray hand fryberg was convict of illegally owning six guns. a protection order banned him from buying guns but that record never made it to criminal databases. his son used his guns to kill four classmates and turned the gun on himself. gun dealers will have 48 hours
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to file reports of stolen guns. a.t.f. said guns are linked to 1300 crimes every year. the u.n. is calling for hundreds of people to be evacuated from madaya. they are in need of medical help. monday, the food managed to make its way into that town. we talked to the international committee of the red cross helping to coordinate aid. she told us the world should not have whited for those horrific pictures to act. >> it is very sad to see that the world indeed waits for some photos to get out to react, and top put pressure and to take action. i've been following syria since more than three years now, and this is not the first time i do interviews to speak about very dire humanitarian situation in many areas and we have seen similar photos from other places such as the yarmouk camp for example.
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the world needs to wake up and remember there is an ongoing conflict where millions of people are paying an extremely heavy price. our head of delegation has been there five years now. she said this is the worst she that seen in syria. from information and when we talk to people in different areas, whether we have access or whether we don't have access but are in contact with people, we know that there are dire need and people need food. they need medicine, they need water. they need access to health care. five years of conflict have weakened the syria, had weakened the economy, the people. they are on their knees. >> she went on to say that the international committee for the red cross calling on all parties in the syrian conflict to cease fighting for the sake of people's lives. if you're worried about as trades hitting the earth, nasa setting up a special office to deal with the threat.
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>> it was nearly three years ago that a small asteroid exploded above russia injuring more than a thousand people and shattering windows. nasa is spearing a new office of planetary defense to protect the earth. >> this is not just a science fiction contest or something that will happen 500 years in the future. >> for years, scientists have sounded the alarm on a possibility they insist is certain. >> it is one 100% guaranteed that an asteroid will hit the earth if we don't prevent it. >> scientists estimated 1,000 asteroids, a small volume of what is out there. >> there's about a million asteroids large enough to destroy new york city or larger out there. we know there's about a million, because we have only surveyed a small volume of space, so our challenge is to find these asteroids before they find us. >> part of the team's goal is to implement new technologies to
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track an asteroid years in advance and then redirect it so that it misses earth. >> if you have lots of time or smaller asteroid, you can use slow techniques, which is slowly move the orbit of the asteroid. if you have less time or larger object, you can use kinetic impacters where a spacecraft slams into it, changing the orbit. >> if there is no advanced warning, the mission becomes focused on preparedness or evacuations. coordinating with fema on how to respond if an asteroid strikes. all bets are on, daily taint see given the go ahead in new york for now.
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the cheers echo from arizona to alabama, alabama's crimson tide the champs of football defeated the crimson tigers last night. in the fourth quarter, calling for on-side kick, coming after a game tying field goal. alabama recovered and went on to score the go ahead touchdown.
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>> when it comes to competing and making plays when we needed to make them, it was probably as good as it gets. i think that's the kind of competitors that win championships and that's probably why we're sitting here. >> saban saying he called that on-side kick because his defense was tired. he didn't think they had a chance without the three. this is his fifth title, four at alabama, one at l.s.u. the game's not over for the two biggest fantasy gaming websites. draft kings and fan duel can offer games to fans in new york while they appeal the case. >> the two leading fantasy gaming sites now have permission from a panel of new york appeals judges to keep accepting money from state residents who want to play their games through may. that covers the ncaa basketball tournament and the start of the nba and nhl playoffs. this is just the latest
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development in the industry's back and forth battle with new york's attorney general. this past fall, eric schneider man ruled they were illegal gambling operations under state law. a state judge agreed and suspended praises in new york. in granting this stay of the judge's ruling, the appeals judges seem to agree with the site that is shutting them down would cause irreparable harm. according to a research firm, losing the new york market could cost around $35 million per year. >> all the statement was the appellate court said until we have a chance to look at this, nothing should change. >> a draft kings lawyer said the addition means hundreds of thousands of new yorkers who love fantasy sports can continue the contest they love, but the attorney general's office said we look forward to demonstrating to the pellet division that the trial judge was correct, draft kings and fan duel are indeed operating illegal gambling
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operations in new york and should be permanently barred from doing business in new york. john henry smith, al jazeera. be finally a pennsylvania calm are having a hard time selling a house with a famous part. it was used at buffalo bill's home in the movie silence of the lamb. they've gotten a lot of publicity and visitors, but no sales. they have now dropped their asking price by about $50,000. the house foyer and dining room were shown in the film. the famous pit in the basement was filmed on a sound stage. thank you for watching. the news continues live from doha next. al jazeera will bring you coverage of the president's state of the union address beginning at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. you can find us 24 hours a day by going to
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>> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ hello, and welcome to the al jazeera news hour. i'm martine dennis in doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes, a suicide bomber suspected of setting off an explosion in the heart of turkey's biggest city. and over the border food and medicine finally arrive for people suffering in some of syria's besieged towns. oil prices continue