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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 13, 2016 3:00am-3:31am EST

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at least 14 people are killed by a bomb blast near a polio vaccination center in pakistan. welcome to al jazeera live from our headquarters in doha. also ahead raids and arrests in turkey following an explosion in istanbul that killed ten people. police detaped three russian nationals. south korea demands tougher sanctions against its northern neighbor to punish it for the latest nuclear chest.
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china town's richest man buys a hollywood studio a bomb blast in south-western pakistan has killed at least 14 people close to a polio vaccination center. the attack targeted security forces. they were preparing for a door to door policy yoe vaccination drive. they have been targeted in the past by i.s.i.l. workers. going to our correspondent who is joining us live from islamabad. what more can you tell us about this attack? >> reporter: this particular attack took place in a residential area of quetta in a
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satellite town. this is the third day of an anti polio campaign. under this program 2.4 million children are to be immu nizd. it is a campaign that is across the country. today as the attack took place outside a polio center from where the polio work is set out across the city, luckily numb of the workers were hit, but the police that were guarding the center was the target of attack and according to the police sources, this was a suicide bomber who blew himself up with devastating consequences. it was outer cordon of that perimeter which the police was
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guarding. we saw the police guarding most of the polio centers you've mentioned the risks that the workers are facing. it's not the first time they have been targeted. why are they being attacked in pakistan? >> reporter: first of all, you have to go back to a fake immunisation program that was to find out about bin laden. this led the groups to say it was an affront. that alienated a lot of the population and that is the pretext under which they have been attacking those polio workers, but the important thing is that pakistan and afghanistan are in a high-risk zone. this is a disease which has been wiped out across the world and
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the whole world is watching to see the progress. despite the sacrifices, the government is determined that it will continue with this program whatever the cost pakistan and afghanistan is only two countries that has the disease now. we're getting reports of intense fighting between security forces in the eastern afghan city of jalalabad. there was a sooudz attack which left at least four people dead. more from the capital kabul. >> reporter: a statement from the afghan ministry of interior here in kabul said that around 8.50 local time a number of attackers detonated a suicide attack against the police vehicle outside the pakistani consulate in the eastern city of
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jalalab jalalabad. at least two policemen were killed in the attack. it also went on saying that a number of attackers entered the guest mouse and that the-- house and that the afghan forces in the area cordoned off the area and there is still ongoing fighting. other official sources in jalalabad, in the city of jalalabad, are telling us that at least four people have been killed so far and the fighting is ongoing, heavy clashes going on. jalalabad is a city and the wider province has the presence of islamic state fighters of islamic state in iraq and the levant and so far no-one has claimed responsibility u.s. navy commanders want the return of two vessels and their crews seized by the eye rain navy. -- iranian navy. the spokesman for iran's armed forces wants the u.s. government to apologise and was unable to confirm or deny that the ten
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crew members will be returned on wednesday. it is the latest skirmish in the gulf. >> translation: we witnessed that the naval force and their frigate had air and air mauves in the area. it shows the lack of commitment to lack peace in the region. peace was restored in the area after our actions and the situation came completely under our control turkish police have detained three russian citizens of suspected having links to i.s.i.l. it comes after tuesday's suicide attack in istanbul which killed ten tourists. early morning raids and 59 fighters have been detained.
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more from our correspondent. >> reporter: moments after the explosion at the foot of the obelisk an eary silence and then the medics arrive. on the ground the bodies of german tourists. they come to marvel at the city's salt sultanahmet-- sultanahmet square. one eyewitness says it shook the ground add another thought it was then der >> translation: it was a suicide bomb, yes. everyone was running around. police didn't see this coming. they were trying to evacuate the area because they said a second bomb could go off >> reporter: a peruvian tourist was killed as well as many injuries. the bomber is nabil fadli. he crossed from syria illegally
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as a refugee with others. he went to a police station in istanbul to register his refugee status on january 5 when his fingerprints were taken. that's how his identity was confirmed. prime minister said the investigation would track any accomplices and called on the world to support turkey after last november's attacks. >> translation: the perpetrators of this attack will be unveiled. they will get the punishment they deserve. i call on all humanity. we need to stand in global solidarity. >> reporter: tuesday's attack in turkey is a fourth in the year. at least 102 people were killed in october in a double suicide blast on a peace rally in the
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capital an car ar. last july a 20-year-old suicide bomber killed over 30 people at a cultural center close to the syrian border. sultanahmet square was hit last january when a woman blew herself up killing a police officer. this wasn't just meant to kill but to strike a blow on turkish's tourism industry. it could well change turkey's relations with germany. soon afterwards chancellor angela merkel urged solidarity. >> translation: today we have seen attacks in many places. international terror chooses different places, but the goal is always the same, our free life in our free society. terrorists are the enemy of all free people. yes, the enemies of all mankind, whether in syria, turkey, france or germany. >> reporter: five million germans visit turkey every year.
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a crisis center has been set up in berlin to coordinate the response to the bombing and help those affected. the syrian conflict has already taken its toll on turkey. the country had already given shelter to two million refugees since the war began. tourism figures are already well down since the attacks. this latest bombing in the center offise tan bull in the shadow of the blue mosque will drag the country even further into the syrian conflict for more on this going to andrew simons. a day after the attacks, what's the priority for police today? >> reporter: well, it's to try to get links to the people involved in i.s.i.l. which the turkish government says is completely responsible for this attack at the very heart of
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turkey's lucrative tourist industry, killing ten people, most of them german. we have heard that 59 arrests have been made in five different provinces in raids by the security forces. make no bones about it, there is a colossal effort to get more information to exactly the link appling to this attack. three russians, we've had word from a russian news agency that three russians have been arrested and they're being questioned, they've been detained in the southern city which is a major tourist designation for russians normally, but, of course, russians are being deterred from travelling to turkey after that incident when a russian war plane was shot down on the turkish border. these three russians, there's no indication as to where they are in the federation, where they've come from. they are said to the citizens.
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they are being questioned. it also has to be said that there are some russian nationals living in that area. it's very well populated by tourists, but no indication that this is definitely linked to the bombing here. indeed, all of those 59 arrests at 22 different addresses, plus the three russians, no indication that any of those are, in actual fact, linked to this meanwhile, quite a lot of information emerging on the identity of tuesday's suicide bomber. what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, as you heard it was an extraordinary amount of information about this 28-year-old saudi- born syrian citizen because he was fingerprinted here at a police station, came in illegally across the border from syria and he was not on the terror list in
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any shape or form. it indicates just how big this problem for turkey is now. this is the third attack in the past year in turkey, by no means the biggest because the biggist was, in fact, in ankara, the capital, more than 100 killed, but clear that i.s.i.l. is targeting the economy of turkey, it's upping the anti in terms of its targeting. turkey is insistent that it will track the perpetrators down, the prime minister having said that he will bring them to justice. he is determined to do so. there is a very big operation going on and the prime minister ahmet davutoglu is coming toise tan bull today to visit the injured in hospital and also to speak at a summit to discuss the security issues that abound
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thank you for that. a suicide bomber has killed at least ten people in a mosque in northern cameroon. no-one has claimed responsibility for the attack. boko haram stepped up attacks in neighboring cameroon, chad and niger last year. still ahead in the bulletin. >> we have to take them out at his final state of the union address, the u.s. president said to attack i.s.i.l. without insulting the muslim world. slim world.
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ise tan butanbul
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it's good to have you with us. these are the top stories. a bomb blast in south-west pakistan has killed at least 14 people close to a polio vaccination center. it appears that the attack in quetta targeted security forces who were on their way to guard the center. there has been heavy fighting between security forces and gunmen in the afghan city of jalalabad after a suicide attack after the pakistani consulate there. turkish police have carried out a series of early morning raids following the suicide bomb attack in istanbul. turkish police have also detained three russian citizens
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of having links to i.s.i.l. now the south korean military says it fired warning shots after seeing a north korean object along the border. more on this we're joined by our correspondent harry faucet. what can you tell us about this unknown object? >> reporter: it seems that a drone from north korea entered south korean airspace over the d mc about three hours ago now at 2.10 in the afternoon local time, that's according to the defense ministry here in south korea. they're saying that they fired 22 warning shots in the direction of this flying object. it then changed its course back northwards and retreated over the military demarcation line, within the demilitarized zone
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between north and south korea. this coming on the same day that south koreans found leaflets, propaganda leaflets in seoul, decrying south korea, especially the leader, park geun-hye, and the same day that she made her annual new year's address to the people. it comes in light of the fourth nuclear test carried out by north korea just a few days ago. she majord on that. that was the first thing that she talked about. the prospects of further provp indications, the need, as she put it, for a fundamentally changed response to the sanctions that we've seen before and to achieve that she put a lot of the spotlight on chin. south korea has been developing friend letter relations with china in the past but she said that it was up to china to act to make sure that there were proper firm sanctions that took place through the u.n. security
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council. >> reporter: it's tradition for a south korean to start the year with a national address. this time there was added urgency. park geun-hye on the subject on to the country's nuclear test. >> translation: considering north korean regime's deceitful behaviour, it could be realized there could always be bad relations. they could be moved to be true tralised through threatening capacity. >> reporter: the security council needed to exact previous sanctions to cause pyongyang real pain. she put an unusually harsh spot line on china's role, noting beijing's public opposition to the tests. >> translation: i'm certain that china is very well aware if such a strong will isn't followed by necessary steps, we
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will not be able to stop nuclear tests and weep cannotuarantee true peace and stability of the korean area. >> reporter: south korea's president has made a few tear of taking a stronger line against north korea provocations. she says the louder broadcasts will continue. north korea say a strike on their facilities will be rehearsed in annual drills with the u.s. counterparts due in march. in pyongyang, the forth nuclear test remains a triumph. state media quoting kim jong-un saying leaps forward. in all her talk this time for president park and her fellow leaders, that remains the problem. north korea has publicly vowed its intention to pursue nuclear weapons as a matter of national
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priority the president obama has painted an optimistic future in his latest address. he sought to defend his record on the economy while urging politicians to fight what he called terrorism without discriminating against muslims. >> the president of the united states >> reporter: u.s. president obama is hoping that will be april member of his political party. so he spent much of his speech detailing what he seize as an accomplishment. high higher minimum wage, gun control, immigration reform. he was also highly critical without naming them of presidential candidates like donald trump who suggested a ban on muslims entering the u.s. >> when politician insult muslims, whether abroad or our fellow citizens, when a mosque
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is vandalized, or a kid is called names, that doesn't make us safer. that's not telling it like it is. it's just wrong. >> reporter: in the republican response they echoed a call for tolerance. >> we cannot continue to allow immigrants to come here illegally, and in this age of terrorism, we must not let refugees whose intentions cannot be determined. >> reporter: this was a night all about the next election, two sides laying out very different visions for the country. the president at the same time renewed his call for bipartisanship in washington saying the lack of it was one of the few regrets of his presidency, but that didn't seem to change the dynamic >> i think it is a little late for a lecture that we don't get
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along. we do. >> god bless the united states of america >> reporter: at the same time the president made it clear he may not give enough speech, but he had another year and he plans to continue to make changes with or without congress's help a u.n. commission of inquiry documenting war crimes in syria is reportedly gathering evidence from residents of madaya. reports say u.n. investigators are collecting testimonies on how residents have been deprived of food in violation of international law. the who has urged the government to allow mobile teams to assess. trucks carrying aids reached the besieged town on monday. to el salvador where al jazeera has access to a self proclaimed death squad. they say they're killing centimetres that belong to gangs because government is failing to act. it's in one of the most
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dangerous areas in the world >> reporter: this is what justice has come to in el salvador, members of a death squad saying why they are killing alleged gang members. >> translation: we have seen the government try different solutions, but the fact is the government is complicit with the gangs and we feel we have no other choice than to do what we have to do. we are here to eradicate these groups, because we have the conviction. we believe in a better slavld. we have to hunt them down - el salvador. >> reporter: they told us they receive intelligence from members of the armed forces, people who want to save el salvador. we told the defense minister of these claims. >> translation: i can assure you that there are no members of the armed forces who are involved in death squads. >> reporter: el salvador is so long accustomed to violence
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seems to grow more violent every day. dozens of people are shot and killed on a typical day of this country of only six moil i don't know people. witnesses claim this massacre was the work of aa death squad. the victims were taken on january 2 by hooded men claiming to be police. at least one of the suspected gang members was a minor. we have just had news of this man shot down of the. more than 30 people killed the other day. more than 155 in the first week of 2016. this country is the murder capital of the world. another day, another body. the death toll mounts and people carry on. at the scene police as usual aassumed the victim, this time a 15-year-old street vendor, was a member of a gang. victim dehumanised. politicians on the left and right deny there are death squads. one congress man from the ruling
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party said there is no need to cry over dead criminals. the number of murder were almost cut in half but now people believe the only way to make the country safer is more killing. >> translation: it is very difficult for someone like that to do a nine to five job. they're not going to change their mentality. the only way is to eliminate them. >> reporter: a dark message from a committed killer in a country that every day is falling deeper into violence vw are saving more problems and costs in the u.s. because of the diesel emissions scandal. they say vw's plan to fix thousands of cars are incomplete, deficient and fall far short of the legal requirements. 600,000 vehicles in the u.s.
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need software which sheets submissions test reaise placed 11,000 cars worldwide also need to be tested. one of china's richest men is playing a leading role in hollywood. he has spent three and a half billion dollars to buy the u.s. film company, legend as ry entertainment. >> reporter: it has produced several films that were hits in china, like godzilla and pacific rim. it is over take as one of the biggest movie going in the world >> i think it is a very good acquisition for both the company and him because they're very complimentary. it fills needs for both. this is one plank in a larger strategy to be a world class
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company. >> reporter: it is building what it says will be the largest film and tv studio complex in china and recently bought major movie chains in the u.s. and australia. the richest person has close ties to the government in beijing, but critics say it is unlikely that the company's roster of monster and robot flicks will be used to advance the political agenda. >> the head is quite forward and saying it's not going to affect the way we do deals. >> reporter: the film in the pipeline include another remake of king kong >> his big move reflects not only the company's global ambitions, by china's desire to exercise soft power in sprant and culture >> reporter: he esaid his goal is to take a dominant role in
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modern media to control 20% of the global film market by 2020 a reminder, you can always keep up-to-date with all the news on our website. that's >> each year, nearly 12 million arrests are made in the united states. >> is this pretty full for you guys? >> no, no this is just average, i guess you could say. >> okay. >> that's the population of los angeles and new york combined, booked into thousands of local jails. >> do you know how long some of these men have been held here? >> mmmm. i don't, off the top of my head,