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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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that with so many critical issues faces both countries, letting the situation go may be in both of their interests. rosalind jordan, al jazeera, washington. >> the u.s. supreme court heard arguments today in a case involving $2 billion in iranian funds, family members of some of
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241 marines died in the 1983 bombing of the barracks? bow route are trying to collect that money but iran's central bank is trying to stop them. >> reporter: it comes as a sensitive time. as we wait for the deal to be implemented. 241 u.s. marines, sailors and soldiers on a peace-people mission killed. four stories reduce today rubble. crushing the men inside. a group the u.s. believes is link today iran claims responsibility. the families of those killed sued iran and in 2007 won a more than $2 billion judgment. now almost 30 years after the bombing the u.s. supreme court still trying to collect that money. her brother was among those who died, captain vincent smith. >> i want the people that killed
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my brother and the other 240 men to be held accountable for that murder. so that are they have not had anything happen. and so i want accountability. >> reporter: the arguments come at a politically sensitive time for iran and the united states. the issue you that the supreme court justice have his to grapple with is whether congress violated the u.s. constitution by dictating the outcome of this year. the lawyer for iran's central bank argued congress went too far when in 2012 it passed a law saying that iranian money in frozen accounts at citi bank in new york shout go to satisfy the judgments. chief justice john roberts seemed to agree, saying that our job is to pass laws, our job is to decide a case. ted olsen argued for the families. >> the money is here in the united states, it's here illegally it belong to his the
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government of iran that sponsored these terrorist acts and should be available to satisfy these judgments. >> reporter: former marine paul rivers survived the 1983 barracks bombing. >> it's been an emotional roller coaster ride for me. my friends are gone and they can never stand here and talk about this. >> reporter: a ruling is expected in june. antonio, those families wait aid long time. it's unclear if the supreme court ruling in june will give them the relief they seek. >> courtney in washington. a suicide bomb attack killed 15 people at a polio vaccination center in pakistan today. there have been no confirmed claims of responsibilities. officials say health workers were preparing for a door-to-door vaccination drive at the time. polio centers have been targeted in the past by groups that is a they have used to sterilize the local population. turkish officials say the sued side bomber responsible for yesterday's blast in instant bull entered the country as a refugee from syria. the massacre took place in the city's historic district.
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we have more on the investigate. >> reporter: the approach to an able gent egyptian obelisk where the tourists died a solemn group led bite prime minister. the interior ministers of turkey and germany also present. there is a surreal feeling here, the whole area has been cleaned up, red flowers are the only visual sense of death. there are no signs of blast damage. apart from some wood gouged out of the seat. turkey's government blames isil for the attack. saying it's the organization's third bombing in the country and the first aimed at foreigners. the sue suicide bomber has been named by security forces, as a 27-year-old syrian citizen born in saudi arabia. he's cited here on cctv footage when he is said to have given his fingerprint. istanbul only a week ago after
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an illegal border crossing. the only hours after the blast that the police say they were able to identify him from his fingerprints. they say he wasn't an isil suspect. one of the most historic places in the world on turkey's tourist industry with foreigners dead. it all sends a chilling message and a realization of the colossal task facing security and intelligence agencies. some tourists appear defy an. although many are staying away. >> life goes on and if you let these sort of attacks like impact our daily lives, i think we are giving in to the trend altogether. i think we stay confident and live our lives well. >> going to the like this place or there might be an issue from my side. yeah. >> reporter: turkey's interior minister with his visiting
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german counterpart alongside, and the arrest of one suspects accomplice and describe how many isil arrests have been made recently. >> translator: 3,318 people have been detained over links to islamic state and other radical groups since the beginning of the syrian conflict. one person was arrested following the investigation after yesterday's attack. >> reporter: as the morning begins for germans who lost their lives on a package tour in this historic setting. the leadership here is calling for foreign governments to show more solidarity and cooperation with turkey in its fight against isil. andrew simmons, al jazeera, istanbul. stocks plunged today on wall street. the dow fell 365 points a loss of more than 2%. the s & p officially entered correction territory. that index has fallen 10% from its november peak, the stocks
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sell off comes after oil halving around $30 a barrel. today's drop continues the drop of the stock market since the start of the year. and stock indexes are broadly lower in early trading in asia on what is now thursday there. al jazeera will cease operation buys april 30th this year, a statement from the company's ceo to employees explained that al jazeera's board is driven by the fact that our business mod is not sustainable in light of the economic challenges in the u.s. media marketplace. al jazeera america has done a brilliant job with an unrivaled commit to him great journalist and the most brilliant team that anyone could wish for. we have shown that there is a different way of reporting news and providing information. al jazeera america started on august 20 of 2013 and the last two 1/2 years the channel and website have been honored with an emmy, a george foster peabody
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awards, two grace eye wards, one front peja ward and three end ii apart among many other. the doha based al jazeera media network also issued a press release on wednesday stating its plans to expand its digital services in the united states. the first contest in the 2016 presidential election is less than three weeks away. and polls show the contact cusses are iowa are up for grabs in both parties. the latest shifts in the hawkeye state next.
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>> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on, not just in this country, but around the world. getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> ali velshi on target.
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♪ ♪ less than three weeks from now iowa voters will take part in the contest in the 2016 presidential race, as is caucuses near polls suggest the nomination racing are tightening. david shuster reports the timing could be good news foy a candidate long considered to be an odd man out. >> whoa. >> reporter: with just over two weeks until the iowa caucuses. democratic candidate bernie sanders appears to be surging at the right time. the latest poll of democrats in the hawkeye state indicates he's now ahead of hillary clinton 49-45. in new hampshire the most recent tolls suggests she's up by 14
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points, 53-49. and nationally where hillary clinton had a 20 points edge over sanders just a month ago. the latest new york times poll it's 48-41. throughout his campaign sanders has promoted economic pop you limb. >> let's have the courage not to beat up on mexicans or muslims but to take on the bill january air class. sanders wants to break up the biggest banks and immaterial pose new regulations on wall street. his fiscal plans are more progressive than hillary clintons who has big donors a wall street. a point zen sandersed mentioned repeatedly in his avalanche of television ads. >> the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i am bernie sanders and i approve in message, join for us real change. >> reporter: in the face of the latest polls this week, hillary clinton has stopped her attacks on sanders we have differences on guns on taxes on healthcare and i think people should have
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that information before they go to the caucus. >> reporter: on tuesday in new hampshire. even chelsea clinton hit sanders for his support of a single-payer healthcare system. >> senator sanders want do to dismantle obama care. >> reporter: he is it's not true, he wants to go beyond obama care. david axlerod said, quote, it's really not an honest attacker it's not something that they should have sent her and chelsea out to do. also appears to be getting tighter. the latest polls indicate trump and tread cruise are running even. and now trump is ratcheted up his claims that cruz is not run for this presidency because -- is not qualified because he was born this canada. >> a lot of people think that you have to be born here. >> reporter: most legal experts call the issue you nonsense but chris hasn't been put on the defensive. >> i have never breathed air on
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this planet when i was not a u.s. citizen i was not naturalized it was the process of being born that made me a u.s. sit 10. >> reporter: no months cruz largely i go noticer donald trump. not anymore. >> donald comes from new york and embodies new york values and listen, the donald seems to be rattled. >> reporter: the iowa caucuses matter in both parties in part because of the first time many americans will pay attention to the nomination rates. as it stands now donald trump and hillary clinton seem to be facing the grim chance of opening with a headline grab loss. david shuster, al jazeera. just hours after delivering his final state of the union address president obama was out spread his message, today he was in the republican state of nebraska. his first meeting took place at the home of a high schoolteacher. later he spoke to a crowd in nebraska. he outlined in last night's state of the union address.
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>> we have to make choices. do we respond to these changes with fear and do we turn on each other or do we face the future of confidence? who we are. and what we stand for. and all the incredible things we can get done together? 67. >> the president covered everything from religious tolerance to the economy, the iran nuclear deal. but it was a brief visit. tonight he made a stop in louisiana. >> jerry brown declared an emergency a week ago because of a methane gas leak in los angeles. the gas has been spewing from a well since october and it could take months to stop. jennifer london returned to the san fernando valley to find that the gas leak knows no borders. >> it's hard as a parents, you want to protect your children. you want to not have them sick. but i can't take care of the air. >> reporter: brenda rarely lets her boys outside to play. if she does, they have to wear
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protective masks. the air she says is making her family sick. >> this is for my older boy and this is what he is taking for migraines. this is my younger son's inhaler because he's been having asthma attacks, he had one last night. he had another one today 67 at jennifer's house. >> it's reckless, it's irresponsible. to play around with people's health. the health of my child. it means more to me than anybody. >> reporter: three miles away, methane gas has been leaking from this storage facility since october 23rd. nearly three months and counting in the first few weeks following the like the focus was on the 30,000 residents that live down winds in porter los angeles. thousands fled their home. thousands are waiting to be moved in to temporary housing. every day you find long lines outside the community resource center. but what about residents like brendan and jennifer, who live
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in neighboring communities. >> we were told that porter ranch residents have priority with being relocated so anyone outside the porter ranch zip code were at the bottom of the list. >> reporter: how did that make you feel to be told that you are at the bottom of the list? >> it made me feelin' visible. like they didn't care. that they didn't understand that the gas didn't just stay in porter ranch. it actually moves with the wind. >> reporter: the owner of the storage facility so cal gas has put in weather stripping and so-called air scrub and that's had a little. but homeowners here say it's like put a small band-aid on a gaping wound. ruptured gas line didn't have a safety shut off valve which means the only way to stop the leak is to drill a relief well. that will take months. >> why was there a safety valve on the well so that it could be stopped immediately and not have to wait months and months for a relief well to be drilled? >> this well was in total compliance with its regulations
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test the leak. and those kind valves are not required on these kinds of wells. >> reporter: in hindsight that doesn't sound like a very good argument given what's currently going on. >> it would be purity speculative to try and ascertain whether a safety involve like that would have made any difference on this well. >> the regulations are so old. they are older that the facility itself which was built in noon 70. they don't have the shut off valves or as should be required on every single well. i mean, it's ridiculous. that we are living in this and this day and age and when it's in our back yard and these rules are so old and draconian they don't protection the very people that live in the community. that needs to change. >> reporter: residents from all over the west san fernando valley or also demanding change, but they want more than just new regulations. >> i will not be happy until that entire facility is shutdown
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and those wells are either moved to some other place where it's not around a community like anybody should never be subjected to 246789 is the gas company willing to senior shutting this facility down because it doesn't appear to be safe. this is an integral facility, the energy security of southern california. and you have to think of this facility much like a water reservoir, just like we maintain water surprise. >> reporter: water doesn't poison people if there is a leak. people are being poisoned. >> and natural gas does not poison people either. if you look at the science you will see that natural gas is nontoxic and does not poison people. >> reporter: but people are not sick right now, mike. they are feeling symptoms and we are sorry for this. after a brief visit last week governor jerry brown declared a state of emergency. in the city of county of los angeles did last month. many living with the stench and sickness say the governor's long awaited proclamation means little. has anything changed that you
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can see? >> not one thing. not one thing. exempt for some headline that his say that he was here and he's now declared state of emergency, i guess it finally looks good form me a little too late. >> how long will this be? how long do my children have to suffer? how long does my little boy have to get up and say, mom, i can't breathe. my chest hurts. i can't take a deep breath. >> reporter: it's a question thousands of asking but with no immediate relief in sight. it will be months before residents here can start to breathe a little easier. jennifer london, al jazeera, chatsworth, california. members of the michigan national guard are arriving in plenty to help a door to door effort to provide residents with clean water. michigan's governor activated the guard yesterday and asked fema to yard nate a recovery plan. heavily polluted water from the toxin flint river was pump ed in to the homes of flint residents after the government plays the city under financial restrictions.
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we now know the numbers and we are waiting to see in anyone won the biggest jackpot in history. the finances of powerball next.
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atlantic city got two doses of bad financial news today. the head of the senate in new jersey is calling for the state to take control of atlantic city's troubled finances aura
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how the town to declare bankruptcy is you. just hours of that an investment firm announced that the revenue has been cut in half over the laugh nine years they are already overstate oversight but still has an will he effected mayor and council. wait is over. six lucky numbers were drown in the $1.5 billion powerball jackpot the biggest in history. and the california lotto tweeted that one winning ticket was sold in that state. but we don't know if there are anymore winners, epic lines like this one in california were seen around the country. players not only crossed state lines to buy tickets, they crossed the borders too. al jazeera's andy takes a close are look at where all the proceeds go. >> reporter: with cash out of their pockets, and stars in their eyes. the powerball players are imagining what they would do with an unmanageable jackpot. >> i would help a lot people in the homeless community.
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i am really big on helping. it would be a lot of people to help. >> reporter: in one office pool entire company of workers night cease to exist in debra picked the right numbers. >> we would leave the doors open and the computers on. >> reporter: just as jackpot winners don't win the entire jackpot. states don't pick up as much as you might think either. about 60% of the ticket mon goes back to the winner about 5% is shaved off for administrative costs and commissions. for the stores that sell the tickets, leaving about 35% for the 44 states washington, d.c. and two u.s. territories that play powerball. >> many people have found that the price, the way they structure the lottery appears to maximize the states. >> reporter: although many states designate a significant chunk to education, they have the option of simply replenishing general funds while promising to funds education down the road.
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not in texas where it's mandatory and where powerball cycles $70 million for the schools. >> i can tell you, though, that that money goes for things like classrooms, books, equipment, furniture, everything that it takes to run public education. >> reporter: and while at least powerball states are told they will be getting something, there is no such guarantee for the players. >> we are all like, well, you know, are we going torque my yormallorca, where are we goingo go to to have our club kind of move on. >> reporter: andy, al jazeera, chicago. one new york driver's bad luck with month never nature has become a social media phenomenon. pictures of the so-called ice war went viral after he made the mistake of leaving his car parked overnight next to erie on sunday. successfully used 350 pounds of chloride flakes to free the car from its tomb of ice.
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mechanics pictures to have the car back on the road in no time. i am antoine grow mora, thank for joining us for the latest news name. head over to ray suarez is up next with "inside story." have a great night. >> the advanced word was the president was going to deliver a different kind of state of the union last night. and for the first two-thirds of the speech it looked like that was less than an accurate warning, and then he returned to the themes that featured broadly for his run for the white house, a desire to transform american politics, and he admitted that he wasn't able to pull it off in his first two terms. if that falls to younger americans now, can they pull it off?