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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 14, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

5:00 pm starvation is a war >> ban ki-moon blasts all sides of the conflict. as the second aid convey reefs the town of madaya. ♪ . >> lauren taylor this is al jazeera live from london, also coming up. isil claims responsibility for coordinated attacks in central duke cat that. seven of them are dead, five attackers.
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plus. survival leaves the oscars race with 12 nominations, could leonardo decap prime minister row western his first award. >> the united nations secretary general has criticized all sides in the syrian conflict, for committing what he called atrocious abouts. the starvation of tens of thousands in the bescreened government held town, amounts to a war crime. his comments came as a second convey arrived in h town this week, with desperately needed food and medicine. it comes too late for 13-month-old baby and a teenager boy that died on thursday. at least eight people have starved to death there many the last week. our diplomatic editor has more. >> more aid is finally delivered to the starving
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people of madaya, a town blockaded by the syrian government. this is the second delivery of food and medicine this week, but before that the town was cut off for three months. at least 28 people died from starvation. in his strongest commented yet, after almost five years, the u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon told the u.n. general assembly, this was a war crime. >> the power has been the victim of deliberate starvation. let me be clear, the use of food as a weapon of war, is a war crime. all sides including the syrian government which has the primary responsibility to protect syrians. prohibited under international humanitarian law.
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where 400,000 people are cut off from food and assistance, should be on the agenda, that stirrian peace talks in geneva due to start in ten days. how to deliver the humanitarian assistant without any impediment. this is a very important building measure. >> the u.n. security council will be meeting to discuss the besieges area, in an open session on friday, and despite the fact that ban ki-moon has described these as war crimes the council won't be taking any action on that, a referral to the international criminal court require as vote by the security council, and it is certain on an issue like this, that russia and china would use their veto. james because al jazeera. >> across syria, around
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400,000 people are trapped in 15 civilian areas that are under siege. >> our heart is telling us we are going to get killed inside. when we get out, we took a breath of freedom. we begged for a piece of bread. i ate like a starving person. >> duma is under siege, and is frequently the target of air strikes. they say the little aid that does get in is controlled by those controlling the area. >> the last we got here barely anything from what managed to come in was taken by those controlling the area.
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the ones running the centers would sell the aid to us for a price, if you have money, come and get it, if you don't, die from hunger. this is what happened to us, no one has mercy. >> ma dire is also on the outskirts of damascus. people there are receiving aid. blocked off that area too. have been struggled out and into lebanon, but the father was taken from the car by syrian authorities. >> madaya is under siege, we would go for three days without food, and then we would just get grass to boil and eat it. >> we would go around but it wasn't really as cool. we wouldn't write or read, all the kids would go starving. marry head spinning throwing up, no one able to write or read. no one comprehending anything.
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those who have escaped from syria know how bad it can get when people don't get supplies of food and medicine. >> our heart is still there, we have kids still under siege in hungry, we know people that sold their homes to just eat. at the moment, very few syrians are able to travel to this side of the border. the ones that have been able to have escaped from desperate situations. living in areas held under siege by all sides in the war. caroline malone, al jazeera on the syria border.
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>> a multipronged atrack close to the office of the united nations and the popular shining mall. >> has released this picture of a suspect that is carrying a gun, one bomb is known to have gone off near a star buck cafe and a police post was destroyed. >> we cannot be afraid, we cannot be defeated by these terror attacks and i urge people to stay long and under control.
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police chief says according to him there's a competition going on among isil for control in southeast asia and that's why this attack has happened today. which is close to the offices and the presidential palace. the traffic and people which normally clog these streets are gone. replaced with happy security, steadfast al jazeera. >> six people including a baby and a child have been killed in a bombilation in south eastern turkey, kurdish rebels are aa caused of charging a police station with a truck bomb, this brought down a building nearby housing police families andrew simmons reports. >> it was an attack on turkish security forces but here civilians who are asleep in their beds are rescued from what reare mains of
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their homes. one adult and two children were killed when this building next door to the police headquarters collapsed. rescue workers had searched through the rubble looking for suv vier veries. this woman overcome after being guided to safety. daylight shows how devastating the damage has been. this is what remains of a police complex targeted by a pickup truck full of explosives. one officer was killed the wife of another policeman died along with her five-month-old baby. the authorities blame the p.k.k., the turkish government two year cease fire with a group fell apart last july. >> i strongly condemn the
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attack on a police station in our town last night. five civilians were killed and a police officer was martyred in the attack. 35 citizens were wounded including six police officers. >> the prime minister says the commitment to what he called counter terrorism remains steadfast. >> shows what turkey is still up against. and it comes lets than 48 hours after the isil attack right after the heart of the old city. in turkey right now, no one really feels easy. at al jazeera, in istanbul. >> north korea has defended the nuclear program. he told al jazeera that they need a strong nuclear deterrent to protect it against aggresses sos like the united states.
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conduct this one this time. in the future too, we will strengthen continuously strengthen the lucrative difference. and less the policies against the country. >> athletics world governing body the i.a.a.f. must have been aware of drugs cheating but did nothing to stop it. that's according to the second part of an independent report, and the anti-doping agency. the former i.a.a.f. president also stands accused of organizing and enabling conspiracy and corruption within the sports governing body. although the head of the president has backed the commission. >> as far as the ability to
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remain at the head of the i.a.a. the, i think it is a fabulous opportunity for them. and under strong leadership to move forward. i can't think of anyone better than lord coe to lead that. >> still to come on the program, we meet the women hoping to beat taiwan's first female president. plus. it is one of the biggest dinosaurs ever discovered so big it barely everybody fits in this museum. that's story coming up next.
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president obama's pledge to end the disease and where the research stands now.
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>> that says the starvation of people in the besieged town amounts to a war crime. isil fighters have launch add series of bomb blasts killing two civilians five of the attackers also died. at least six people including a baby and a child have been killed in south eastern turkey. >> the trial of those involved has ended in the guilty verdicts the full story can be told. paul brennen reports.
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>> what security guards discovered on april the 7th was both shocking and amazing. the wall of the safe deposit vault concrete more than a meter thick, had been drilled clean through. from the ransacked boxes inside, around $20 million worth of valuables had been snatched. c.c. t.v. clearly showed the burglars going about their crime. they had entered the building not once, but on two nights. leaving no fingerprints it looked like the perfect crime. the crime doesn't pay. and six weeks later the police swooped and the story took a new twist. three of the ring leaders were well passed retirement age, brian rita is 76.
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of the other four, the youngest was 48. the details of the carefully plans height, particularly the advance ages of the thieves certainly captured the imagination of the public. compared with modern crime and violent robbery this was an old school robbery. albeit on a particularly grand scale. as one defense lawyer said in the court, it has the potential to make it as a movie, the title might be bad grandpas. only about $6 million worth has been recovered. 14 million remains untraced. when you look at the planning they were doing internet searches about the drill they would need to get into the vault, as early as 2012.
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it was him that let the gang into the building. a movie seems likely, but there will be no holiday ending for those facing their highlight years in jail. the british actor has died from cancerrage 69. he was best known for playing snape. he also showed his ms sensitive side in truly, madly, deeply, and love accused which wily. tributes have been payed to the actor winning for his role in robin hood prince of thieves. taiwan will go to the poles to elect a new legislature and president. it is only 20 years since taiwan became a democracy, now it could be about to change again. for polls are correct, than she is about to become the
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first woman president in an ethnic chinese society. politics in this country has been dominated for so long, what difference will it make if you become president? well, at this -- we get to prove that this is a place where we stress and then we achieve gender equality. she leads the democratic party, trailing behind her is eric choo of the nationalist party. that's dominated politics here and supports close ties with china. a similar is boll of that relationship, the historic hand shape between the outgoing president and china as president.
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especially if xian becomes the next president. >> a victory in both the parliamentary and presidential elections would be a set back for china, but xai insists she wants to maintain a stable relationship. >> how would you do it? >> well, it's a matter of communication, communication, communication. >> some say she now appears to been moderating her stance. >> maybe she has come to the realization, that in order to win, you have to be more pragmatic, and also be low key, in terms of particularly those sensitive issues. >> like independence. >> but the many, the real issue in this election is the economy. fourth of 1%, wages stagnated. >> i think the economy is a priority for the election. soy don't care who will be elected. >> i hope the new president
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can promote the economy. >> this can still be a close election, with one been poll suggesting up to 25% of voters remain undecided. adrian brown, al jazeera taiwan. from witness hopeful to several others hoping to become the republican nominee in the race for the white house. among those taking part in another depate tonight. where it is being hailed he joins us live, will all eyes be on donald trump again? >> he is the main show here, he is the man that is bringing in the ratings for all of these debates. he will also come under attack, you can see that the republican establishment is beginning to be concerned but the real possibility, of a donald trump presidency, we see that in the latest national been poll that he is a double digit lead over every other single candidate. it is an important mark for
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donald trump. we saw on tuesday in the reare ply to the state of the union, articulating some of the concerns that the republican party has about donald trump and trying to call him into lying. today we live in a time of threats kit be tempting to follow the siren call of the angriest voices. where must resist that temptation, no one that is willing to work hard abide by our laws and love our tradition should ever feel unwelcomed in this country. >> and allen, what should we be watching out for this evening? >> there are questions about
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whether he be president. he believes that when donald trump falls out of in race, a lot of support will come to cruise, so does he go on the attack to pull back some of the leads that donald trump has nationally? jeb bush has to perform well, chris christie, they are all under pressure to do well enough, now remember, we are only two weeks away from the debate in iowa, and then a few days after that, we are into the first caucus can, so this is the business end. all the debates have been significant, and every time what counts has been ramped up and we are getting it again in the next few hours. allen fisher thank you very much indeed. an investigation into the kidnapping of 250 school girls. earlier protestors marched
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demanding that more be done to bring back the girls. almost two years ago. >> now from king kong to godzila. it's fair share of huge creatures other the years but the latest giant visitor has one important difference, it really did exist. gabriel went to have a look. >> unveiled to the public for the first time, one of the biggest dinosaurs ever discovered. at 37 meters or 122 feet, this dinosaur is so long, it can't even fit all the way in the museum gallery, so the head sticks out the door. scientists don't even have a official ban for it yet. it weighs 70 upons or the equivalent of ten african elephants.
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>> i am a pretty tall guy, as you can see i only come up to the knee of this dinosaur. it gives you a sense of how big it was, but the crazy part paleontologies believe when this died it was only an adolescent, so you can only imagine how big it's parents must have been. >> it was unearthed in a remote part of the pant goya region in 2014, and took a team of palillogy i don't understands 18 months to excavate the more than 200 bones. unlike most, were only fragments are left this dinosaur was 70% infor his
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befrail of the late apple finder for his role in thrombo. then there's matt damon, he survived being stranded on mars we are getting an oscar. you have leonardo decap prime
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minister row, he is seen as the one to beat. this surgery has never been attempted before. >> it is killing you. it is my only hope. this is not my body. i have to let it go. blue keep your eye on this woman, not just up now an oscar as well. would you uh like to come visit me this sunday? >> yes. are.hat a strange girl you >> why? >> plum out of space.
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>> and then there is best film, this is the big one that's why they are eight films in this category, some names we have seen there, but there are two that are getting critics extra excited, they are bridge of spies and the remnant, this is the one to watch. >> . >> the nominees are now known, and there are just six rather long weeks to wait, and a lot of predictionses and a lot of excitement, still to come. >> london is looking bright, as the capitol is lit up for the lue mere festival, a key feature in this year's show is a worn sculpture.
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held up by four buildings. this is one of several lighting based artworks being installed and around 30 locations around the city before the festival. the address for that is >> this week on talk to al jazeera - the founder of wikipedia, jimmy wales. >> everything you see on the website, including the choice of what goes on the front page, the article of the day, picture of the day, all of that is controlled fully by the community. >> in 2001, the internet entrepreneur created the open content encyclopedia and decided it should be free. the reference site is now the world's largest. >> we have a policy, "neutral point of view," that wikipedia itself shouldn't take a stand on any controversial issue.