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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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good evening, i'm antonio mora, this is al jazeera america. >> there is a serious question as to whether or not fed can do this. >> the next commander in chief is standing on the stage. >> when i'm president of the united states, we'll win the war in i.s.i.s. >> the war of words among the presidential candidates, the issues, squabbles and what we learnt. >> shot and killed by police, video the chicago police blocked from the public for years, and
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the changes made in the city's police department. >> also, indonesia rattled by a deadly bomb and gunfire attack. i.s.i.l. claims responsibility, three men are under arrest. and you need a skeleton to start to understands these animals. meet one of the largest dinosaurs ever discovered and the fans it's attracting of all ages. >> we begin in south carolina, where the republican candidates scared off. t republicans scared off in
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opposition to what the president said on tuesday. david shuster joins us. a lot of attack on hillary clinton, each other and entertaining. >> entertaining and attacks on president obamament frankly they are over the top, at least that's what democrats would say. you had, for example, marco rubio saying that president obama took every opportunity to undermine the second amendment. jed bush said that under president obama the world has been torn asunder. they were going after president obama and the record of hillary clinton. they were going after each other. and they new the charge was coming. ted cruz faced a question of eligibility. there's a cloud hanging over ted cruz and whether he's eligible to be president. here is part of it. >> back in september my friend donald said that he had his lawyers look at this from every which way, and there was no
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issue there, there was nothing to this birther issue. since september, the constitution has not changed. [ laughs ] >> but the poll numbers have. >> n.b.c. "the wall street journal" came out with a poll, head - trump way up, cruz going down. you can't - they don't like "the wall street journal" or n.b.c., but i like the poll. >> trump acknowledged the reason he brought it up was cruz was showing momentum, and so donald trump said of course i did it, he was showing signs of life. the results of an interesting moment between jed bush and donald trump, jed bush asked if donald trump would take back the comments about banning muslims entering the country. >> we are running for presidency of the united states, this is not, you know, a different kind of job. you have to leave.
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you cannot make rash statements and expect the rest of the world to responds as though, well, it's politics. every time we send signals like this, it's weakness, not strength. it was hinging on his statement. which is why i'm asking him to consider changing his views. >> i want security for this country, okay. i want security, i'm tired of seeing what is coming over. people come, in live, shoot. i want security for the country. >> donald trump responded to nicky hayley, the public response for the state of the union, accusing donald trump of running on anger. and he said yeah, i am angry. fascinating. >> smiling in the audience. >> stay with us. political correspondent michael shore is in charleston for the debate. ted cruise seemed prepared for the attack expected to come his
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way. >> that's right. when you go into the debate as ted produce, they come after on my wife's lone the loan he took out. a huge number of fuel is a lit until controversial. he was prepared for the first two. i think that's important. ted cruz is a good debater, speaking to iowa was. he knows that that is the competition in iowa, it was a good debate for him. surprised that nothing came up on ethanol. it's not a debate about substance, and more a debate about show business and the pez as and one miners. ted crows played hits way. the debate because of crews's
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rise is less trump centered than earlier debates. >> yes, it was. i mean, i think trump was the last candidate to be asked a question. he is the focal point of debates. you are waiting for him to speak. i likened it to when tiger woods was in the last pairing, everyone is waiting for tiger woods, or at a time they were, in the press room, where was trump. a lot of answers on substance that were - john kassig gave solid answers when asked about the economy, stimulus, the voters, debate watchers were not listening to that. another thing that was interesting. these candidates are running against president obama, hillary clinton, but when you look at the polls on the democratic side. they should spend a little time mentioning bernie sanders. they did a little bit, they are going after hillary clinton. iowa and new hampshire. both are close. >> you talk how they weren't
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listening to the substance that kassig was talking. it seems like that audience was more involved than audiences in past debates. they were more so than other debates, when no one knew what they'd get. i think they were very involved just now they want rand coming up. he was devoted to the under-card. that probably made him the win are of the under-card debate. they were very emotional. they were booing. it was not as trump friendly as a lot of people thought. cory - we talked to him earlier, the head of the trump campaign, he said they wanted more tickets, they didn't get enough, it seemed like the crowd was not
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as in favour. >> a lot of boos at tames when trump was talking. the last fox business moderated debate was substantive. was in much substance? >> there was a lot of talk about policy, and policy on guns. neil did a good job, as did his cohost, trying to get at the controversies, such assist marco rubio, and the battle he had in which they have won a lot of applicants. he is trying to slime his way to the white house. fox news was trying to slime his way to the white house. what does that say. trying to draw out the distinctions that ted cruz and donald trump has been making. they did fine, the moderators, combining substance. >> i'll make you both be analysts. who did you think won?
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>> i think michael is right. ted cruz had a good night. he was well prepared, he's done these before: he had snappy one liners. cruz helped himself. >> trump did not give an inch. hi repeated teams about protecting north america. trump inched up in the polls, and was not taken off message either. >> you said ted cruz did well. do you thing he was the sole winner? >> yes, i think he was - listen, i think he was the sole winner, if he woke uch and had a to-do list. and had everything to do. google did a lot of trending, looking at statistics. new hampshire was the state where more were tuned into the debate. he probably did good there. jed bush came out. for the first time a republican
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on a debate stage said they could let muslims in to the united states. nicky hayley, the governor of south carolina, who sympathizers with that, and had a round of applause. that's something he likes. you may say that he's scored points. i think it was ted cruz's night so far. michael shure, a smart man. >> thank you both after a long legal battle, the city of chicago released video of another deadly police shooting, showing a police officer opening fire on an unarmed 17-year-old three years ago. the officer who shot cedric chapman is still on patrol. >> the city of chicago tried for years to block the release of a video of a police shooting and killing of cedric chapman in 2015. just as they tried to block the release of the la quam edmonton
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shooting. the -- macdonald shooting. the city backed down now the fap is out. towards the right you see the officer trying to grab cedric chapman. as he gets out of a career allegedly stole. he is unarmed, he was holding something. a box for a smartphone. within 7 seconds the officer shoots from behind. he is on the ground, dying as the officer hand cuffs him. officer fry told investigators, he thought chapman was holding a dark object. at no time did the officers communicate. >> the shooting was ultimately ruled within police department policy, and fry never faced discipline. at the time, the lead investigator for the city's independent police review authority, or i.p.r.a. was lorenzo davis. he found the shooting not
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justified and would have recommend the charges. davis was overruled by his boss and later was fired. we talked to davis about the video's release. >> i do feel syndicated every timar video comes out. i do feel like - vindicated that there's more transparency. >> davis's boss was fired after the release of the la can mcdonald video. that was ruled is justifiable shooting. that officer is facing a hurter charge. >> if we believe that i.p.r.a. is independent and what they are telling us is truthful. that is great. no one can trust them. the interim police superintendent said the department is working on coming up with new guidelines for when the officers can and cannot use deadly force. >> our goal is to chang the way
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officers think. establishing time and distance. and physical space to promote a safer environment. >> the changes will come too late for demonstrators who took to the streets after a video, and are taking credit for the city backing down on the release of a chapman video. they killed them. it's like a jungle. >> that former investigator, lorenzo davis. the officer shot two other people and of a slew of force against them. he remains on the beat today federal bureau of investigation director james comey said the shooting of a philadelphia police officer is investigated as a terror attack. no links have been found between
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the gunman and i.s.i.l. he was told he was acting in the name of islam. injuring the officer. >> archer has been charged with attempted murder. >> i.s.i.l. claims responsibility for a series of attacks in indonesia. >> authorities say it arrested three people, appearing to copy the massacre with the far current death toll. six bombs exploded in jakarta. >> the blast tore through the downtown area, six separate explosions and gunfire, a multipronged attack through the united nations and the dzhokhar tsarnaev shopping mall. -- sareena shopping hall. >> he did that mass killing. >> indonesian information
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released these pictures of a suspect carrying a knom. one is known to have gone off. indonesia's president kt short a visit. >> we don't be afraid or defeated by the terror attacks. and i urge people to stay calm because everything is under control. >> i.s.i.l. claimed responsibility for the attacks. according to him, there's a competition going on among i.s.i.l. for control in south-east asia, and that's why the attack happened. >> today, the attacks were concentrated around the street. a busy thorough fair closed to the u.n. offices and a presidential palace. traffic and people that clog the streets are gone, replaced with heavy security the cost of oil is lower than it has been in years.
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there's no sign it will rise any time soon. next, how the plunge in prices is hurting economies around the world and how politics are playing a role. >> planned parenthood hist back at the group releasing videos meant to hurt the organization.
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a large investment bank involved in a housing bubble settled. goldman sachs reached a deal and lodged claims, he was accused of fraudulently marketing securities. it included 1.8 million in the form of mortgage forgiveness and refingerprinting. u.s. coid dipped -- crude yil dipped. low prices are good for consumers, but a problem for
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countries that rely on oil money to keep countries running. john terrett has more. >> that right. you might say to me i don't care about o.p.e.c. as long as my gas is chief. fair enough. at the same time, like everything else in life. a balance needs to be struck. the more oil you pull out of the ground. the more the price of a gallon of gas, the more saudi arabia is blamed for overproducing, risking the economies to get back at their rivals, like iran and us. the old ally in the united states. >> reporter: low prices at the pump are great for roadtrips. within the oil cartel o.p.e.c. there's concern the strategy leading to cheap gas has gone too far. fuel has gone down so much. the oil-producing nations can't function. like oil-rich nigeria, which is
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pushing to cut production. oil is hovering around 30 cens a barrel. the braking even price for exporters is higher. saudi arabia more than $100, less for key exporters, above where it's been trading for weeks. this week, british petroleum, b.p. cut 4,000 jobs. the blame for cheap oil is laid at the door of big oil producers. >> the saudis are saying we are not going to creed market share to others, and iran and iraq. they opened the spigots. it's not just the neighbours in the middle east. they are irritated with washington d.c., not the least for making nice with iran in the wake of a nuclear deal, but the u.s. is a major oil producer in its own right, technologies and discoveries, allowing private producers to add jobs and reduce long-standing dependencies on
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foreign sources of oil. >> this is part of a collapse that will affect china or the developing world. >> add to the mix the global slowdown, and you have a recipe for cheap oil as far as anyone can see. arab industries have a history of holding the world to ransom. o.p.e.c. was hardly out of the headlines. an embargo meant the price of a barrel shot up $3. it was known as the first oil shock. the same thing is happening today, but in reverse. >> there's no guarantee an emergency meeting of o.p.e.c. will do anything to drive up the price of oil. all sides seem unwilling to budge. as it stands, enjoy the pump prices, spare a thought for the effect it may have on the economy. snoop there's no word on an emergency o.p.e.c. meeting, if countries like nigeria get their way, one may take place in
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march, or sooner for the first time since the prison at guantanamo bay hoped in 2002. it holds less than 200. 10 men were transferred today, they are on their way to imam. they were held for more than a decade or more without charge. president obama pledged to close the prison. the administration has been releasing waves of prisoners as it prepares a plan for closing the facilities much congress is against that. 93 men are held in the prison. the u.s. church is in trouble with the global anglican church over its acceptance of same-sex marriage. it barred americans from policy studying roles in the church for three years. the church says it's forming a task force to reconcile conflicting views among the family of churches around the world. >> planned parenthood filed a
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lawsuit over videos, showing the agency profiting from the sale of aboard foetal tissue. >> one of the biggest dinosaurs recovered is about to go on display. what makes the skeleton special and why scientists say larger ones may be waiting to be found. >> an iconic actor that gave a human side to villains. remember alan rickman next.
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for the first time in nearly 80 years a hurricane developed in the atlantic ocean in january. hurricane alex is headed to the azores with wind speed of 85 miles per hour. it poses no threat to the united states. hurricane season is normally from june to november. the last time a hurricane formed in the atlantic in january was in 1838. >> everything is bigger and better in new york. our dinosaurs are no different. one of biggest found is now on display at the museum of natural history, al jazeera's gabriel elizonda checked out the beast. >> unveiled for the public, one of the biggest dino source
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discovered. at 37 meters or 122 feet, this is so long, it can't fit all the way in the museum gallery, so the head sits out the door. it's the first of its kind discovered. scientists don't have a name for it. until then, they are calling it the titanasaur. >> they are not sure if it's male or female. when it roamed the yarth, it weighed 70 tonnes, the equivalent of 10 african elements. >> i'm a tall guy. i only come up to the knee of the dinosaur. giving you a sense of how big it was. the crazy part is pail yentologist believe when it died, it was an ato lessened, not even a full-grown adult. you can only imagine how big the parents must have been. >> it took a team of
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paleontologists 18 months to excavate 200 bones. unlike most dinosaur remains where fragments are left. this dinosaur was 70% intact. >> you need a complete skeleton to understand these animals as living organisms, and this is what we can do with this highly complete skeleton. we'll be able to answer those questions. >> some of the remains were send to a laboratory in canada, where a cast was made. a team of workers at the american museum of natural history in new york but the dinosaur back together. a task unlike anything the museum has undertaken. the giant is now on display for young and old to gaze at and admire, now opening a unique window into unanswered questions on how the biggest of the big
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liveded and eventually died. >> fans around the world are mourning the death of british actor alan rickman, dying at the age of 69, after making his marks in the movies playing the bad guy. he won acclaim for his role in dye hard and played sever us snaip in the harry potter films. he died of cancer in london. oscar nominations are out. "the remnant" is in the lead. it got best picture and actor for leonardo dicaprio. eight pictures are up. the big night is february 28th i'm antonio mora, thanks for joining us, for the latest news any time head to ray suarez is up next with "inside story". have a great night. night.
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tonight the republican candidates for president will take the stage in an encounter sponsored by the fox business network. most of the candidates are skeptical about human activity having much to do with changing the climate while the business world coverd by and watching fox business is already thinking about how to get ready for a changed planet and protecting future business. it's a clash of politics and commerce and it is unclear whether fox plans to meet it head-on.