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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 29, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EST

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global alert over birth defects in babies thought to be caused by the rapidly spreading zika virus. we have the world news from al jazeera. also coming up syria setback, a rocky start as the main opposition stays away from talks in geneva >> you have to stick up for your rights. when you are treated badly, you have to a defiant donald trump goes solo while his rivals battle it out in debate but who fared
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best? plus find out what has got farmers all fired up in greece. first, the world health organization has warned the zika virus could affect up to four million people in the americas within a year. a global alert has been raised as the virus is suspected of having already caused birth defects in thousands of babies. our correspondent reports from santiago on what is being done to limit the spread of the virus. >> reporter: the health minister arrives at the international airport to distribute leaflets alerting travellers to take special precautions against the zika virus as they embark on their summer holidays. she advises pregnant women not to travel anywhere the virus has
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been reported in keeping with the world health organisation's directives. >> the possible links only recently suspected have rapidly changed the risk profile of zika from a mild threat to one of alarming proportions. the increase incidence of microcephaly is alarming as it places a heart breaking burden on families and communities. >> reporter: back at the airport the minister announces another measure. >> translation: there is an important festival in easter island next week. so we are giving repellants to everyone who gets off the plane there. >> reporter: this tiny island was one of the first places outside of africa to be infected with zika but when it
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experienced a new outbreak in 2014 it raised no alarm bells. >> translation: the numbers of people were very small so it was not registered. they built of immunity. in brazil the consequences are being clearly perceived. >> reporter: the majority of the people you see here are about to get on an aeroplane and going to countries where zika has been detected. the main airline has agreed to refund pregnant women, even with non-refundable tickets because of the unforeseen danger that travelling would represent to them. as they prepare to fly, this couple tells us they're again using birth control cancelling their plans to conceive a child while on holidays. >> translation: we have taken travel insurance and we will use insect repellant. >> reporter: as the w.h.o. considers declaring a worldwide
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health emergency next year it spreads unabated throughout the americas meanwhile brazil wants latin american companies to attend to an emergency meeting to discuss the virus. it is linked to be spread with microcephaly where babies are born with smaller heads and their brain development is affected. there are 4,000 suspected cases in brazil. >> translation: there will be a conference next wednesday. the president of brazil and other presidents will also be there. we is certain that other presidents will attend. this meeting is open to all presidents. this is a topic that is very important for south america and we have to treat it with high importance because the efforts cannot be individual but, rather jointly, which would make them more efficient some of the main syrian opposition groups are refusing
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to go to geneva for talks which are due to start today, friday. sources have told al jazeera that they won't attend until their demands are met. we go live to our diplomatic editor james bays who is there. it's 10 o'clock in the morning. if any talks were to begin, they would have started by now? >> reporter: they should i think, under the original plan. that is not what's going to happen. i think the talks process is going to begin here in geneva but not the real negotiations because, as you say, the main body of the opposition are not here. they say they can't come they have demands before they're going to come here. we're expecting in about an hour's time the syrian government delegation to land in geneva and make their way to the u.n. headquarters in geneva by late here. in fact already the syrian
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ambassador in geneva and his staff are waiting for them in this building. the delegation will be headed by the ambassador of syria to the u.n. in new york. he was the chief negotiator two years ago when there were talks and he was very much blamed by the opposition for not being constructive and for the collapse of those talks two years ago it was always going to be a very difficult task wasn't it to get these various groups sitting around various tables. as we understand it's not to be direct negotiation yet, is it. is it right to maintain some optimism that at least the process is underway? >> reporter: yes. i think so because the latest reports that i'm getting, and that is not properly confirmed yet from riyadh but diplomats are telling me that an idea that was floating around a couple of days ago have been revived, and that's the possibility that by the end of the day a very small
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delegation from riyadh from the high negotiating commission will come here and it seems that they're coming here to geneva to explain why their full delegation is not coming to geneva and to make their demands in person and have a discussion with the u.n. envoy staffan de mistura staffan de mistura. i suspect there's also something about the media coverage which is explaining why they're coming here as well because what you're going to have at the moment is the syrian government here speaking to mr staffan de mistura and i'm certain the ambassador of the u.n. will come straight out to the cameras and saying we came here for peace and where is the opposition? now it looks likely that a small group of opposition players coming from riyadh will be coming here by the very end of the day, but not a full negotiating delegation thank you for that.
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james bays will keep us right up-to-date with that. in the mean time turkey is saying that it hopes the syrian opposition will go to those talks. the prime minister says he is hoping the opposition groups preconditions for talks will be met. >> translation: the syrian opposition continues to hope talks. we hope they will decide to participate in these peace talks. it will be closely followed with the rightful demands are met. we hope that the conditions to start talks will be established as soon as possible, but more importantly, humanitarian aid will be delivered to everyone in syria and a new period will begin. turkey is ready to give every contribution for this purpose the united nations is investigating new allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse by peacekeepers in the central african republic.
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going there to our correspondent who joins us at the u.n. the result of that investigation is due to be published soon? >> reporter: it is but what we are hearing just within the last few minutes from the u.n. officers in geneva, they sent out some information that their investigatorss have come up with new allegations, new allegations of alleged sexual abuse of minors by european union soldiers as well as french soldiers in the central african republic. this just came from us just within the last few minutes. i want to go through it because it is very important. there are six total new cases. two of them according to the u.n. involve french soldiers allegations of sexual misconduct with children two children a
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boy and a girl aged 7 and 9. those two children told investigators that they were sexually abuse by french soldiers. these crimes apparently took place in 2014 but just now are coming to light as part of this new investigation. there are currently about 900 french soldiers in the car. they have been there since 2014. also this new information just released by the u.n. saying that allegedly there is also new allegations of european union troops in the central african republic four cases of alleged sexual misconduct. this information and i'm looking at this information now, apparently four children between the ages of 13 and 16 girls said that they were sexually abused by e.u. soldiers. it's unclear on all the
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nationalities according to the u.n., but according to the victims they say at least two of the cases if not more were perpetrated by troops from the country of georgia. the u.n. high commissioner for human rights in this statement that just came out said they will have a zero tolerance policy and the u.n. have sent the cases to the relevant countries involved and the e.u. european union and georgia are cooperating investigation we have been wear of these kinds of allegations for some time a whole raft of them in fact involving misdemeanors being carried out in various countries. what happens, the u.n. does the investigating, then refers the soldiers to the countries from which they come.
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what happens then? is it incumbent on those countries to pursue the prosecution? it is complicated. the u.n. in some regards has their hands tied. that's because while these - these particular troops were not u.n. peacekeepers. we have to make that very clear, but they were working in the central african republic under the auspices of the u.n. council mandate to be working there. all the u.n. can do is investigate, and all they can do is send these troops back to their home countries to face local jurisdiction or local laws or local courts there, to face local judges in their home countries. that's really all that the u.n. can do. they can investigate themselves and that's what the u.n. has done. ban ki-moon, the secretary general, after other cases have come to light, put an independent panel in place last
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year to look into other allegations of sexual misconduct by troops working in central african republic and that independent panel found that there was "gross institutional failure", by the u.n. to deal with these cases. it's very complicated, as you mentioned, and the u.n. basically is saying that they informed what they call troop countries that send troops to the car, but ultimately it's up to local jurisdiction in the home countries where these troops are from to prosecute or not alleged crimes thank you for that. the breaking news that the u.n. has identified new cases of sexual abuse in the central african republic. thanks for that.
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the contenders have squared off before the vote in iowa. that has been a drawn out struggle for the nomination. donald trump skipped the debate complaining of unfair treatment by the host network fox news but the front runner still cast a shadow over the event. >> reporter: the final debate before the first vote and the biggest name the front runner missing. donald trump's no show had to be the subject of the first question >> let me say i'm a maniac and everyone on this stage is stupid fat and ugly. ben, you're a terrible surgeon. now that we've got the donald trump portion out of the way. >> reporter: as trump and cruz top the polls, they are led by marco rubio >> it's not about donald trump, he is an entertaining guy, this
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campaign is about the greatest country in the world and a president who has destroyed many of the things that made america special. >> reporter: across town donald trump held his own event attracting hundreds and publicity, explaining his boycott. >> you have to stick up for yourself rights. when you're treated badly, you have to stick up for your rights. you have to do it. whether we like it or not, whether it's something we want to do or not, and that's what our country has to do. as an example, iran the way they've been treating us with all this horrible - the deal is one of the worst deals i've seen goerntd under any circumstances. we just-- negotiated. we just take it. >> reporter: it provoked loud exchanges in the hall. >> i move on to the topic of immigration >> reporter: one of the most spirited parts of the debate the question of immigration.
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whether they had switched position >> when that battle was waged, my friend senator rubia stoke with obama and others and support amnesty >> the truth is you've been willing to say and do anything in order to get votes. you worked for george w bush's campaigns. you helped to design his immigration policy >> reporter: this is a night that shows how bizarre bizarre this has been. they're explaining why they should get everyone's votes and the only channel donald trump putting his reasons forward why he should be the republican nominee. he has raised more than 6 million for his charity event, apparently but the important numbers will be here on monday
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still to come on the program, we will have the latest from the u.s. state of oregon where some armed protesters continue to occupy government lands. the changing landscape of the oil industry in the u.s. where fraking oil was promising riches.
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welcome back. you're with al jazeera. looking at the top stories. the w.h.o. is warning that the zika virus is spreading in the americas. the mosquito-born disease could infect up to four million people
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within a year. news just this is the united nations is investigating new allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse by peacekeepers in the car. the knew cases involve troops from france and georgia who are accused of sexually abusing children. some of the main opposition groups in syria are refusing to attend talks due to start in geneva today, that's friday. sources have told al jazeera they won't attend until their demands are met, including an end to attacks on civilians. just four occupiers remain on the u.s. wildlife refuge that was taken over by an armed militia early this month. the f.b.i. has released videos that led to the death of-- of a stop that led to the death of one. >> reporter: the f.b.i. says it
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released this video to dispel the issue around the death of lavoy finicum. two vehicles are seen stopping at the roadblock established by oregon state troopers. lavoy finicum is driving the white pick-up. militia leader ammon bundy is a passenger in the jeep. if you look carefully, one person can be seen in the lower right of the screen with his hands in the air. nearly four minutes passed while the agents demands that the others surrender. then lavoy finicum speeds off >> there is a spike strip across the road but lavoy finicum missed it as he attempted to drive around the roadblock. he nearly hits an f.b.i. agent as he maneuvers to the left. the truck gets stuck. >> reporter: that's when lavoy finicum gets outs and reaches towards his jacket where according to the f.b.i. he was carrying a weapon. state police opened fire. >> we did everything we could to
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bring this situation to a peaceful resolution. second, as was noted in the video, we waited a very long time, that we were able to get one individual out of that truck safely back and in custody. >> reporter: f.b.i. officials say they know the occupation of the wildlife refuge has caused disruption and stress for local residents. they say negotiators are working around the clock to get those remaining out of there safely and quickly. just four people remain on the refuge. three men and a woman who say in videos posted online they will leave with assurances that they won't be arrested. >> we want to go home peacefully safely. >> reporter: speaking through his attorney their jailed leader called on them to leave. >> my message still remains turn yourselves in. do not use physical force. use the national platform that
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we have to continue to defend liberty. >> reporter: he vowed to continue their fight for local control of federal lands through the courts two journalists have been arrested whilst reporting the unrest in burundi. one is french and another a british journalist. they were arrested while they were with armed criminals in the company of bujumbura. government's crackdown on the press forcing some local journalists in exile. mass graves have been reported to have been found in burundi. they were found on the outskirts of bujumbura. many have been displaced since the president campaigned for a
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third term in office. french police are questioning a man who was carrying two handguns in disneyland in paris. his female partner was later arrested. a state of emergency is in force across france following the paris attacks of november. roads have been blocked in greece by farmers protesting against taxes and new skoeshl security costs. leaders say by paying more taxes now farmers will receive higher pensions. the farmers complain they won't survive long enough to get their pensions. >> reporter: anger that has been simmering for months breaks out into the open. hundreds of farmers storm a farming exhibition where the agory cull tufr minister was--
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agriculture minister was due to speak but he stayed away due to the protests. for days farmers have blocked motor ways diverting traffic. >> translation: today 50% of farmers can't pay their social security. they have no hope of a pension and no health coverage. people needed an operation and they had to borrow money to do it. >> reporter: farmers were once a pampered group. two decades ago they paid no social security and until two years ago their tax was just 6%. austerity came late and swiftly. >> reporter: their income tax doubled to 13% two years ago. they elected a president who promised a return to earlier days. they feel betrayed and fear they won't survive. they're gradually losing more than half their farm subsidies
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from brussels. they need to cut two billion dollars from their annual security costs and the farmers' social security is subside diesd by nearly double that. many have another job. it is they who are most at risk. this man hoped to leave his farm to his two sons. he fears he will have to sell the land cheaply because it is not worth working it. >> reporter: those with you to two hectares of property are finished. i make $10,000 euro which was all claimed by taxes and prices. >> reporter: here in the countryside it is tearing people off the land they have held for generations. many would rather mark the end of an era with a bang and not an
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whimper rescuers in china have been digging for miners who have been trapped for a month. at least one miner died 13 others remain missing and 11 others were able to escape. water, food and lamps have been lowered to the men who are waiting to be freed from the mine global oil prices continue to plunge and one small city is rapidly going from boom to bust. when the times were good there were not enough people to fill the jobs in the oil industry in this town. now there is not enough work. a report on the concerns facing those who are still there. >> reporter: over the past few years a few cities in the u.s. has seen the changes like those witnessed in willaston. this has been at the epicenter of annex employeeding industry
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due to an fraking industry to get oil. thousands of laborers took up oil jobs and it became better known as boom town. as oil prices plummeted, more people lost their jobs and demand for foot package-- food packages have been needed. >> they're losing their housing and jobs and possibly their vehicle >> reporter: at one time it bouftd one of the lowest unemployment in the country, now those looking for work say different >> nobody is working any more. my friends are moving out of here.
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>> reporter: we found one worker who has been living in his car for three months. >> this is my stuff, my blanket. just i sleep here. >> reporter: he prefer that we don't use his name but he came here from ethiopia to work and facing desperate times. >> in my country, everybody is like america good everything is good but it is very bad here. >> reporter: it is hard to quantify just how many people arrived during the boom have now left during the bust but just outside of town we found this scrap yard where dozens of mobile homes looked to have been abandoned. the tags are fairly new. one family left in such a rush that basic items like flour and even medicine have simply been abandoned. >> reporter: during the boom years many predicted that fraking this city for generations. the only solution for many is to
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leave leave here at al jazeera we're concentrating on those talks or no talks taking place in geneva today. go to the website and you can find out a lot of background as to who is taking part and who is not. remain republicans? i will ask one who resigned disappointed with his own party. in your panel should you be able to protect your property from drones that might be flying over head. students that go hungry every day in third world countries in the world. i'm adam may and this is third rail. the g.o.p. is in turmoil with establishment candidates for president running well behind insurgent billionaire donald trump.