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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 18, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> only on al jazeera america. > announcer: this is al jazeera. welcome to the newshour, i'm here in doha. these are the top stories? al jazeera. turkey blames kurdish groups for the bomb attack in ankara. launching air strikes against the kurdish army in northern iraq voting under way in uganda as the president seeks to extend his 30 year rule. >> venezuela rush to to obtain
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petrol as prices are cut and tensions in the south china sea are causing a rapid military build up now, turkey is blaming kurdish rebels for the car bomb attack in the capital ankara. it launched air strikes against kurdish groups. they have called on allies to stop backing the y.p.g., kurdish syrian group, fighting i.s.i.l. in parts of syria. 28 people are confirmed dead, and 61 people were injured by the blast. >> it targeted a convoy of military. waiting for traffic signals near the turkish parliament. we go to ankara. and we are joined live from there. first of all, clearly turkey
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pointing the finger at the y.p.g. fighters, and promising more evidence. tell us about that. >> well, the prime minister in his statement said that he had managed to figure out not only the y.p.g. was behind the attack, but identified a 228-year-old syrian as -- 22-year-old syrian as the perpetrator of the car bomb. they were behind this and would continue in the security crackdown. now, significantly, it's not just the y.p.g., but they are point the finger at damascus military, claiming that they are
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promming up the snippets that they had to take. >> translation: they had every right to take steps. from this moment on the syrian regime is responsible for it. >> reporter: i can imagine a lot of anger there. they talk now about striking back. they say now that options are on the table when it comes to combatting who we consider terrorists. obviously syria was the air strikes on the base. in the last couple of weeks, it's the kurdish fighters. unfortunately, it's not here. the narrative or the commonality for the main group that is
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fighting i.s.i.l. in syria so far as the y.p.g. and the syrian regime, based on the allies, bashar al-assad, trying to destabilize the areas. allowing for y.p.g. to open up. that is something that angered ankara considering that the international community has what is standard when it comes to terrorism, when attacks are taking place in paris, when they find the communities wrapped around the country. they have not received the same amount of support. president recep tayyip erdogan, and others have been passionate saying they expect allies to put
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their money where their mouth is, the people to consider terrorists. obviously it is to be an ongoing war in syria. as far as turks or anyone is concerned. it's making it more difficult. right now it is russia who patrols the skies over syria. turkey are the perpetrators, who they believe are the perpetrators of the attack. they need to have the conflict in syria, or come to an agreement or a deal that they will be liable for. it is very difficult considering the current relationship between moscow, ankara and the russian violated matters of a couple of months ago we'll thank you for the update and continue the discussion on the issue.
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zeina khodr is live for us in southern turkey. first of all. let's talk about the turkish prime minister blamed the pyg's military wing. the kurdish group in syria, their strikes have been carried out against kurds in iraq. tell us about that first of all. >> yes, hour after the bombing in ankara, turkish air force started to target positions as the p.k.k. outlawed the kurdistan workers. they have made this very clear for some time, believing the y.p.g. in syria is an offshoot. they are targetting the positions in the south-east of the country. turkey declared war on the p.k.k. in july after the ceasefire collapsed. we heard the turkish prime minister say that he would take all measures in syria as well.
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as for the past few days. turkey is in the possessions in the north countryside of aleppo, to prevent them making advances against opposition groups which are supported by turkey. for the timebeing, this is what turkey can do. we know that russia controls the sides, and they have been thwarting the y.p.g. on the ground. turkey has been calling on international allies, pressing for a ground operation, making it clear that they are not going to take unilateral action. so far there doesn't seem to be an appetite i gains the the -- against the western allies to undertake ground operates in syria. at the same time it has been blamed for the attack in ankara. what are they saying about this? >> yes, pyg, with the y.p.g.,
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denying that they are responsible for the bombing. they do in the consider turkey an ally. at the same time they want turkey to respect the y.p.g.'s actions inside its own territory. believing that it's a syrian force. what they do on the ground has nothing to do with turkey. at the end of the day, like i mentioned, turkey considers them terrorists, and their advances as a threat to national security, they are approaching a key down close to the border recollects and this is a red line. now, the opposition has been struggling under a lot of pressure from the government from air strikes from the y p.d. we are getting reports on the ground that fighters from the western countryside of aleppo are not able to cross through the territory. they come into turkey and
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re-entered syria. the opposition getting reinforcements to prevent it. it is violet for the opposition to maintain control of the town. if it is going to launch any counterattack against what is happening on the grouped, the offenses against the opposition. that is zeina khodr. a senior scholar at the eastern policy center joins us now live from istanbul. the prime minister, of course, is blaming the y.p.g., and the bashar al-assad regime in syria. i think this will prompt deeper involvement across the border in syria. this is a $1 million question. it's a huge security failure. we should write this down somewhere.
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secondly, the turkish authorities weren't able to identify the culprit. we had three bombings in the last three years. never we had, you know, less than 24 hours. identification and it's availiation -- of illiation. which is as you reported an hour ago by the y.p.g., the kurds in syria. i mean they are two questions in my mind. why y.p.g. who never attacks turkey, should attack turkey now. this is an important question that we should bear in mind. if it was the y.p.g., i mean, is it enough reason for turkey to
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go into war with syria, so everyone as the questions in mind and people are asking whether there operation that hits the military, which is convinced about a move towards syria, is done to convince the turkish military to go ahead. >> on the one hand an involvement could bring turkey into conflict with not only the regime's forces, but russia, iran, focus domestically. we have seen attacks increasing domestically as a result of tensions with the kurds. what are the options. >> this is a deadly option really. turkish military has no habit.
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is not - doesn't know much about the operations. there are only four armies in the world. the british, the french, the russian and the american armies who perform military operations outside. and the turkish military doesn't know how to do all these things, and it's a major challenge, and this is why the turkish military was reluctant until now to go ahead. >> do you think the u.s. has to make a choice. can it be seen to publicly support a group like the y.p.g. which ankara is saying carries out attacks in turkey. >> the international resolution, the u.n. security council resolution which allows military operations in syria is what has taken after the paris blast. this is 2, 2, 4, 4.
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resolution 2244. but it's express - it talks about terrorist groups, and i.s.i.l. and the al-nusra, and the turkish military is clear on that. we need a redistribution of resolution 2249 to convince the turkish military to go ahead. >> we'll leave it there for now. thank you so much thank you. the united nations says aid trucks have converged in syria. the deliveries are part of an agreement with the syrian government to allow aid into areas that have been trapped. >> a ray of hope in the midst of war. over 100 trucks carrying humanitarian aid spreading out to besieged towns.
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in madaya near the lebanese border. they are bringing medical supply, a clinic and food. thousands are trapped. aid workers say 40 people have died of malnutrition in the town since october. >> we have people not able to bring medical support kits, but made the safety of people in -- assessments of people in need with extreme nutrition and food shortage. this is for the towns in the north. around 20,000 people have been cut off from the rebel groups. heavy gunfire near damascus. rebels guard the entrance to the city where trucks line up, carrying supplying ares for 20,000 people. more aid is arriving in deir ez-zor in the east. part held by i.s.i.l. it is part of an agreement in
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over a dozen countries, including the u.s. and russia, not all the towns under siege can be reached. why doesn't the northern countryside of homs get aid. is the u.n. waiting for the regime to force areas to surrender and await the ceasefires. >> reporter: the northern countryside of homs has been a battle ground. supply roots have been cut off. the u.n. says food shortages could get worse for 120,000 that live here. the last convoy to reach this side was in october. the area where tens of thousands live is close to being a siege. there's no sign that it will
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happen. an international force will hold a meeting. first they need to regard who is on the international list of terrorist groups talks to end the war must happen by march. negotiations are put on hold last month after renewed fighting and air strikes. >> translation: deep divisions persist preventing me calling talks. the parties are divided over whether a new round of talks should be convened. i have not unfortunately received sufficient assurances that should i call for one, a new ceasefire will be respected. >> apple refuses to allow access to the iphone, sparking debate on whether to protect privacy.
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critics silenced as real madrid takes a step towards the quarterfinal. details coming up under way in uganda, presidential. the president is seeking to extend his 30 year rule. the main challenger. running against it for the fourth time. malcolm webb is in the capital kampala. >> how is the voting going. >> the polling station where we are is delayed. some of the people here have been here for six hours. voting started here, just at the
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side of the roads. a lot of people in the capital are skeptical. they think the delays are not just because of vote rigging. the opposition has alleged that there'll be rigging. nonetheless, in spite of running against the president. this is the fourth time. this time he can do it. we spoke to him and went to the final rallies. let's take a look at that story now. >> reporter: he came to power leading a rebel army. now the president wants another five year term. >> here at his final rally in the capital kampala, thousands
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of supporters waited in the sun for hours. >> what he's doing here is having the villages. >> when he started speaking, some left. people said they'd be told about $1.50 to attend. the ruling party denies paying people to attend rallies. the main opposition leader ran three times before, and lost in elections that he said were rigged. this time supporters have been handing money to him at rallies. >> he has more support than ever before. >> their voice is that they have been favourably in the last, and what could not be done in that long period, cannot be done in another five years. >> the other prominent candidate sa long-time loyalist and former
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prime minister. critics say he was involved in alleged corruption and violence. he denies it. supporters say he can bring change to powerful connections within the government. >> my main worry is the use of big machinery, support for one candidate against all the laws, and, two, the planned interference with offices, and the possibility of winning. >> reporter: on monday police stopped betajay and his supporters from attending a rally. otherwise campaigning has been peace: betajay has been arrested many times by police, and the unrest seemed to make him more popular at the final rallies. after driving around the kampala
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suburb for hours. wherever he goes, more and more supporters follow. there's no doubting that here in the capital he has the numbers. >> there's about 85% of ugandans live in rural areas, not in the city. all parties say they have the rural vote. >> ugandans are waiting to see if polling will be free and fair, and if the parties will accept the results. disputed results could lead to unrest. >> meanwhile, here in kampala a lot of people are complaining about the fact that social media sites are shut off. most of them complied. right now military police passing. we heard reports a short while ago that there were a crowd of angry youths at a polling stations and they were shouting in anger because of a delay.
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that car of military police may be on the way there. the social media had been shut off. that is for security reasons, but, of course, there's a lot of social media users in uganda don't believe that. they feel it doesn't add to the credibility or transparency of the electoral process. thank you so much, malcolm webb a protest that rocked a new dehli university spread. students and teachers in other cities are joining demands for the release of a future leader arrested on sedition charges. >> this man faces trial for demonstrating against the execution of a man convicted of the 2001 attack on parliament. wednesday, internationalists, including lawyers fought with demonstrators, accusing them of being anti-indian. >> u.s. secretary of state, john
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kerry says increasing militarization is a serious concern. they downplayed reports. there'll be more talks with china in the coming days. several countries lay claim to territory in the resource-rich region. >> the regional tension part of a spending spree at a large air show in singapore. >> reporter: the sky over the south brent seabrook is crowd -- south china sea is crowded. severely countries are -- several countries are accusing china of moving in on its sovereign territory. china disputes this saying 90% of the china sea is theirs. what is undeniable is the tension led to a military spree. >> the military expansion, increases and defense spending and actions, and the maritime area have, in fact, triggered
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something of an arms race. >> reporter: the united states military footprint in the region is not new. it's been growing over the last several years. >> militarization of the south china sea, and the artificial islands in that will be used for military purposes by china is a concern for the united states, but doesn't pose an existential threat. the u.s. wants its presence felt. this general controls all forces in the region. >> i can't tell you how much it means to me to go out and see the air power and what we are doing, and beak out here to show commitment. >> reporter: part of that show of strength in the region is this - one of the most
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sophisticated craft in the sky. the united states flies them over the disputed territories. >> whether it's singapore, the philippines, we were able to within the span of a short amount of time put a shet there and operate out of ... breaking in to listen to the turkish president recep tayyip erdogan speaking this anningar a. black ankara. let's listen in. >> we have said repeatedly that there's a strong link between them, without success, but this attack obviously, and our efforts will help our allies to understand. we have been saying this repeatedly, and so far what we said was only heard by us, but
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no doubt sooner or later we'll be able to reach our allies. we have documents, evidence, documentary evidence of those links, and one day these terrorist organizations and those that support them will be judged. as a nation. we are sad only four months ago an incident had taken place outside the station. the main area in ankara. this incident taking place, yet again. has saddened you us. >> i pray to god for mercy for those who lost their lives. and patience for those who are dead, loved ones and close ones.
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and i'd like to thank you all for your presence we've been listening to the turkish president addressing the public from ankara talking about expressing, in fact, his condolences to relatives of the victims of that bombing which happened in ankara yesterday. and also calling upon turkey's allies, to, as turkey sees it, to see the groups which carry out that attack which turkey blames him as being a terrorist group, changing their position and ending the report. we'll bring you more on that. clearly a developing story, as soon as we get it. not only politics heating um. they'll tell us about how it's no surprise world weather is lating up too. >> that's right. the climate change talks, cop 21
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in paris have been and gone, there's an agreement to keep rises to 22 degrees celsius. the climatologisty waits for no man. last year was the warmest on record, beating the year before, and so on, going out the way back to 1880. all you see is years from the 2000s. we start with 2016 and warm conditions. 2016 is the warmest year on record. december 2015 was the warmest month on record. january 2016, will it beat it, not quite. >> jan 2016 is 1.04 degrees celsius. december is 1.15. not much in it. we are getting that trend. it is getting warmer at an alarming rate. looking at analysis from satellite data, the ocean temperatures are the highest on record. the land temperatures is the
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highest on record. if we go up to the arctic circle, the ice in january is at its lowest in 38 years. while we wait for the politicians to enact the policies, the world gets warmer still to come on al jazeera - a fear of fading military freedoms in kazakhstan, and sports where nike terminatesize contract with boxer manny pacquiao. details later.
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welcome back. let's have another look at the headlines here on al jazeera. turkey's prime minister says kurdish rebels are behind an attack that killed 28 people in ankara. the suicide car bomber has been confirmed as a syrian national. the blast on wednesday targeted military buses. >> the united nations says aid is being distributed in a besieged area. trucks carrying food, water, medicines of 100,000 people reached villages and towns on wednesday. >> ugandans are casting their votes in the country's presidential election, and incumbent leader is seeking to extend the 30 year rule. the challenges are formeral lies of the president three decades in power started well. in recent years leadership came under criticism. after becoming president.
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he began to rebuild the economy, damaged after years of civil war. when restrictions on media were lifted and an aides prevention campaign cut the rates. for the 2001 elections were mired in violence. and was only with the constitution that they were able to secure a third term. he was accused of cracking down on the opposition and media. it was signed into law an anti-homosexuality bill. we are joined by political analyst adham hussain in nairobi. >> do you think most people feel they'll get a free and fair election. >> the feeling is not that clear. more people feel that there will be no free and fair election. so that puts a lot of agitation
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in the population in uganda. >> there has been claims of voting irregularities, delays at polling stations. social media has been distrupted. how orderly a process has been going on. this process falls into the already arranged and predesigned arrangements whereby the free and fair election, stronghold where oppositions have a stay being curtailed. the fact that it is linked to security is something that has not been witnessed in uganda. for the first time social media is closed down. this is all part and parcel of what people have been saying the
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regime is clamping down on the opposition of winning or having a fair election. >> what is the chance of violence, of this turning ugly? do you think all parties will accept the results? >> the potential is there are there's fighting using the system, and the security to clampdown on youth who may be disenchanted. it's something that can be quelled down. the possibility of having a frak us here and there are likely, particularly in the urban centers. >> regardless of what happens, even if he stays in power, do you think a lot of reforms will
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be needed, climate changes. >> a lot of changes are needed and reforms to absorb the use. the - them becoming productive members of the society and contributing into the uganda government. uganda has not generated demuf. there is a need for changes to be done, to take advantage of the community to, if possible, let the community, without which they'll be sitting on a time bomb the economy is at the center as the country prepares to elected a new president.
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over 40% have been listed despite reserves of natural resources. hamid is in the capital and sent us this report. >> reporter: this man, if he's lucky today, will sell enough to feed his family. something he did two years ago. only to return frustrated. he has a wish to take. god gives us a good leader so we no longer need to migrate to other countries. the biggest problem is unemployment among the use. the second priority should be to help small farmers with pesticides and fertilisers. >> more than 80% of the population in niger depend on subsistence farming. a year of the drought in
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political institutions affected people's livelihoods. niger is rich in minerals, it's the fourth largest producer of uranium in the world. it has joined the club of oil-rich nations with reserves estimated at more than a billion barrels. the opposition says the riches are wasted through mismanagement and incompetence. >> we were on the right path to fix the problems of the country. with the unfortunate military coup of 2010, it brought it to an end. counter policies discouraged growth, bad governance at the root of the problem. the government said it achieved record growth. >> we are starting to build. we are rehabilitate, we have achieved 6% growth rate for the five years. we have never done such growth rate during the past period. >> niger politicians will tell
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you that this election is about democracy, security, stability, and they will mention economy. for the people like these goodnight me. what is at stake is the likelihood that it has been affected for decades because of policies by the governments. now they want that to change. >> according to the local line-up, political change is a myth. democracy is deception, and the poor should rely on themselves. he's one of tens of thousands venturing to the far-flung desert in search of gold. in a part of the country where drought has all but obliterated in the beliefs. >> we can cross over. live to us from niger's capital.
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good to have you with us. how is the process going. to people think they are getting a free and fair election? >> depends on who you ask. if you ask the ruling party. they'll te you the election process has been going smoothly, and there are minor incidents that can be described. this confirms there's a lot of newspapers and television channels. all the matters are on bored and i'm talking about the mood of the parties. no one boycotted the selection. it is a legal process. he was imply indicated in a scandal.
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that is something in the hands of a justice system. they can't interfere with it. they are not specific about them. they mentioned this man that is in gaol, and they say that this process is not part of the campaigning for his election special. and they will tell you that they have not been allowed. that is the criticism of the opposition. we don't have major instances in the protest. >> there were attacks on the ruling party. i'm wondering if there was concern there could be those
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sort of of attacks if the results don't come out to everyone's pleasing. >> no one said that they'd resort to violence in the case of one of the parties, some of the parties losing the election. if we talk to the ruling government here, the incident that happened a couple of months ago. the limited number, the subject of al jazeera. now it's obsolete and gone. niger has become a democracy. once again since the cute de tar which lead to a democratic election in 2011. which deposed the city president to power. and seeing them come to the polls again, electing a government, with the knowledge that this process will turn
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bloody thanks. now, venezuela increased from the equivalent of 2.4 u.s. cents a litre. it's the first rise in 20 years. president nicolas muduro says the hike is needed to balance the economy. >> according to the state-run economy, few cost the country 50 million an i can't remember i can't. with the current crisis, the state is paying to fill up tanks. >> this will receive every extra resource. the venezuelan gas prices. it will cost one bolivar, and gasoline 95 will cost six per litre. >> the magnitude of this crisis is such that people didn't wait
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for nicolas maduro to finish his speech, to rush to fill up. some say they wanted to take advantage of the last of cheap fuel. it was long overdue. >> it comes too late. had it been done slowly, not so thoroughly. the affect on the property was huge. >> reporter: the move comes as maduro faces pressure from an opposition. only two months, the ruling socialist party suffered a defeat in parliament elections due to anger over the crisis. but raising the price of fuel is not easy, in 1989, a similar increase in food and gasoline prices left thousands in the street to protest. spo traumatic were the events of those days that fears of a repeat had kept prices as such
5:44 am
for 20 years. batting food prices, wages that are worthless. an increase in petrol prices will lead to an increase in the cost of the transport, food and basic services. the measures, though welcome, could fall short in the country that even at the new price still has the world adds cheapest petrol now, thousands of people have gathered in the capital demanding the government call for early elections. the country marked eight years of independence. the opposition blocking parliamentary activity with a series of protests. the government accused the opposition of trying to come to power through violence. >> a court in kazakhstan sentenced two men for at least two year gaol terms for what is called offenses to national
5:45 am
pride and honour. the men posted excerpts from a book. the ruling alarmed observers. kazakhstan harassed minor critics. >> exploring kazakh identity is central to the art. recasting something familiar with a symbol. whether the works are inspired depends on one's opinion. and opinion really matters. >> they tried to take me to court and get me convicted, depending on the way the wind is blowing. dangerous times we live in now. >> two men were handed gaol sentences. for putting excerpts from material defending pride and
5:46 am
honour. >> since 2012, dozens have been prosecuted for incitement. among them environmental activists and this blocker and said that kazakhstan should be part of russia. many cases were filed under article 174 of the penal code. >> article 174 criminalizes actions that insight social, national, tribal, racial class or religious hatred or insults dignity or honour. the critics say it's a vague definition, open to interpretation and abuse rights groups warn that anyone can be a tart. >> there are a lot of gaps in the law. a lot of ignorance. there's little tolerance among the population as a hold. little culture of discussion. >> prosecutions are justified says the government when
5:47 am
kazakhstan's diverse population, and its sovereignty are threatened. >> kazakhstan is in central europe. it's a different region, for us, stability within society, entering ethnic harmon knli, it's -- harmony. >> kazakhstan occupies an uncomfortable vacuum. in europe and asia, between two superpower neighbours. >> i don't want to harm the image of kazakhstan. i don't want to offend my own people. >> he believes art should have no red lines, not thin ones, between self-expression and sedition still ahead in sport. former world number one getting back to her best form, the dubai
5:48 am
terrorist championships coming up with jacky rowland. -- with raul. pa pass
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welcome back. now, the white house is trying to calm people's concerns on security after an fbi request to apple to access the phone of one of the san bernardino attackers. apple boss tim cook says getting around security software risks the privacy of all. >> reporter: a late schedule,
5:50 am
president obama announcing a task force to improve cyber security. >> the american people understand that this is a problem. >> reporter: there's an area that his government says data is too secure, trying to force apple to create software to disable a security feature. the phone is wiped clone. they have put in codes. the obama administration is defending the case. they are not asking apple to recreate a product. they are asking for something that would have an impact on this one device. >> critics say that is misleading. >> they say it's only for a phone. it's not possible to create software plying to one phone. if apple were to create the software and give it to the f.b.i. that would be a master key that
5:51 am
could apply to iphones around the world. >> apple built a system they can't abbing. >> if -- ant hack. >> if apple provided the data, it could be an order from the u.s. or countries that may not be favourable to the u.s. >> the case has the ability to impact cell phone users across the globe. >> it's the same technology deployed in theous. u.s. apple is reluctant to create the back door. they see the same pressure around the world. this is tim cook taking in an edge up to what may be the supreme court in the u.s. to make a decision about what sw required to comply with the u.s. law. >> the basic question, should the government be able to get information off the smartphone. the answer in the u.s. could
5:52 am
have an impact worldwide now for the sport, here is raul. >> thank you very much. we'll start why the champion's league. and cristiano ronaldo's away goal helping real madrid take a step towards the quarterfinal. the 10-time cup winners playing. hector rondon's 12th -- cristiano ronaldo's 12th goal. giving yacouba isaac zida a win -- sid an a lead as coach. >> the team matters to me, the whole group. there's one that makes the difference, it will always be like that. today, for example, it was christiano. those that don't play. we'll see them motivate the others, that is something that is important for me. >> i think tonight we had the chance. we cannot take them. i'm sorry. we thought about it. it wasn't possible.
5:53 am
they don't come many times german side wolves burg wins. they have been down, two late goals almost saw them snatch a draw. >> i think my team played an understanding game over 80 minutes. max missed a chance to score to make it 4-0. it may have been a goal too much then. the team did great. >> lionel messi bim the first player to score 300 la liga goals. the barcelona strikers scoring his 301st goals in the victory over sporting. lionel messi's second of the night was barcelona's 10,000nth goal. barca extending the lead to six points, and are unbeaten in 31 actions. there was actions in the copper libber tora. it nearly wasn't in el salvador
5:54 am
and chile. the floodlight went out after 12 minutes of play. after quarter of an hour, they managed to pay the bill and get the lights switched on. now footballer from malaysia's super league became an overnight sensation. pictures have gone viral. helping his team to a 4-1. it was compared to the well faced free kick. it was no fluke. they'd been training hard to perfect the kick. >> the asian football confederation urged members to vote as the upcoming elections. in a meeting on wednesday, the chairman told the members to
5:55 am
support the sheikh, elections will take place next week in zurich nike terminated their contract with boxer manny pacquiao after comments made about homosexuality. the sports manufacturers have a history of supporting the l.g.b.t. a world champion will fight jenna bradfield in april and is running for a seat in the senate. >> what nike did was their decision, i respect it. they sponsored shirts for the fight golf rory mcilroy and jordan spieth will go head to head at the northern trust open in california. >> roy rah was replaced by world number two jason day. it will be the first time the
5:56 am
northern irishman compete. it's the first tour event of the season. >> i'm more selective on this side of the pond because of obligations that i have. it's great to play week in, week out against some of the best fields in the world. you want to challenge and test yourself against the best that's out there. over the next few weeks. obviously as you move into florida. >> tennis reigning champion has been knocked out of championships by ana ivanovic. the second-round match lasting two hours. former world number one ana ivanovic winning in straight sets. manchester united midfielder. patrick schweinsteiger red bull are expecting a difficult year ahead. last season was the first time since 2008 that they didn't wane a single race. a new look on an old car in
5:57 am
london, keeping a new vehicle under wraps until testing starts. danny ricardo will be a driver. red bull threatened to leave the sport after a partnership with reno fell apart. >> it looks good. looks aggressive and has a self-look about it. yes, if you can't win, as long as you look good. i have faith and optimism that it will be better. how much, it's guesswork. we can get closer to more regular podiums and hopefully get back in the winners podium. >> testing for the f1 teams begins stay with us here on al jazeera, we have another full bulletin of nows in a couple you have minutes.
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-- in a couple of minutes. >> welcome to al jazeera america. more reporters, more stories, more perspective. >> from our award-winning news teams across america and beyond. >> we've got global news covered.
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turkey blames kurdish groups for the bomb attack in ankara. launching air strikes against the kurdish army in northern voting under way in uganda hello, from doha, these are the stop stories on al jazeera - oting under way in uganda as the president seeks to extend his 30 year rule. >> venezuela rush to buy cheap petrol as prices are cut and tensions in the south china sea are causinra


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