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tv   Ali Velshi on Target  Al Jazeera  February 18, 2016 6:30am-7:01am EST

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border, the film festival is providing a reminder of conditions left behind. >> you want to get more on the story and the others unfortunate been telling me about. head over to the website at >> i'm ali velshi. >> i'm david schuster in for ali velshi. "on target" tonight. donald trump a long shot for wing the nomination, has even the democrats worried that he's going to roll all the way to the white house. there is no dismissing donald trump. just three days before the south carolina republican presidential primary, this polling shows that the no holds barred real estate tycoon and reality television star is simply
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crushing his rivals. the monmouth university poll, 16 points ahead of the number 2 candidates, texas senator ted cruz, meanwhile, senator marco rubio of florida rounds out third at just 17%. for months now the media, the pundits and much of the republican party refuse to believe that donald trump last ochance to capture the presidential nomination. no one this crazy and politically incorrect has the staying power to web the party ticket once the primarying season begins. the chorus of talking heads arrayed defense him who wanted to believe he was finished when he lost the iowa caucuses to ted cruz by 3 points, they were i don'wrong. are since then he has won the new hampshire primary and well
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could have done the same thing in south carolina this saturday. other states who have primaries an caucuses on supertuesday march 1st, feel he is unforgettable. democrats are coming around to the fact that maybe he may just be challenging them in the fall.just weeks ago, president obama dismissany chance of trump winning his party's nomination but listen to how the president views trump now. >> i continue to believe mr. trump will not be president. and the reason is, because i have a lot of faith in the american people. and i think they recognize that being president is a serious job. it's not hosting a talk show. or a reality show. it's not promotion. it's not marketing.
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it's hard. >> do you notice there at the beginning president obama said that donald trump will not be president? but that doesn't mean that trump will not be the republican party's nominee for president. for more let's go to al jazeera america's political correspondent michael shure, he joins us from los angeles. michael what do you may of the president's exasperation of explaining donald trump to the asian leaders meeting yesterday in california? >> how you doing, shu? you remember that donald trump was the biggest mouth piece for the birther movement, he was questioning president obama's birth certificate all the way. there is a change in tone certainly, but i also think that when you say, when you hear the president of the united states, barack obama and you're a republican, you hear him complaining about donald trump and you're republican, it makes you want even more to giver your vote to donald trump.
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maybe there is a psycho-play. because he deems him the most beatable in the fall. >> part of the play that the president offered yesterday is he talked about the enormous responsibilities and duties that sit on the shoulders of the president. watch this and i'll get your reaction, watch. >> whoever's standing where i'm standing right now has the nuclear codes with them. and can order 21-year-olds into a firefight, and have to make sure that the banking system doesn't collapse, and is often responsible for not just the united states of america, but 20 other countries that are having big problems or falling apart and are going to be looking for us to do something. and the american people are pretty sensible. and i think they'll make a sensible choice this the end.
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>> michael what i saw at the beginning there he's talking about the launch skills. i was blown away. i've never heard the president talk about it quite like that. is that the best argument that can be made against donald trump and it's only an argument that maybe barack obama can make? argument. i don't remember it either. we have always heard it implicitly, who do you want to answer the phone at 3:00 a.m., that famous phone ad? it's curious to me why the president is employing this now, as it goes on this is the argument that the democrats are going to make against donald trump in the fall should he be the nominee. as you said at the top of the show, it does seem a little bit like this is headed that way right now. i mean there's nothing -- as you look at the map you don't see a place where donald trump stops being the nominee. and that is the kind of thing that you would expect the democrats to save in their literally in their arsenal, when you are talking
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about the nuclear codes going forward. >> the race against donald trump, a lot of the republican establishment had early hopes on jeb bush the guy who would essentially have the race and then there was donald trump. jeb bush has now pulled some of his advertising from supertuesday primary and caucus states, he is not using that money in south carolina. is this a sign in your estimation this is the end of the line for jeb bush and even the superpac is recognize thrag? >> is i don't think that. they are pulling the ads. it is really a delay. what the pac is saying, we are going to see where to best target supertuesday depending on the results in south carolina. it's not great right now for jeb in south carolina. so they want to be a little bit more judicious where they spend. i don't think so because he has that much money that south carolina is going to be the end of jeb bush. i think he wants to stay on the ballot until florida.
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i think he wants to go head to head with marco rubio in some of these other states. he had a disappointment today not getting an endorsement that he wanted very badly. but i do think that when it comes to his superpac they are going to target where they want to spend the money. spend in south carolina for now and then see where to go rather than spending it everywhere. >> you mentioned the endorsement, nic nikki haley, some family members tried the convince her to support bush, she came out to rubio. how big a boost is it to marco rubio and do you see any way that south carolina winnows down the field the just one establishment candidate on the gop side? >> okay, i'll take those questions in order. i think it's a blow to jeb bush. i think it's a bigger boost to marco rubio, and i don't think it's going to winnow too much. you look at john kasich, he's going to be looking at michigan
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and ohio on march 15th. he's going to be around until he gets those two states in play for him. going back to the haley endorsement, the bush campaign did lobby hard. i did talk to tim, and he said george w. bush and jeb bush called nikki haley in her response to the state of the union. going against the former president of her same party, very, very difficult to do, haley and bush were never in office at the same time, but this endorsement shouldn't be taken light. she has over an 80% approval rating in that state. it's very important to him. >> we are going to be talking to
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a clinton supporter about race relations, both hillary clinton and bernie sanders are make strong appeals, 55% of the vote in south carolina is expected to come from african americans. what do you see in the race between clinton and sanders? >> they are going to tout their records on issues against african americans, bernie sanders as a his at least a little part in the civil rights movement and is he trying to burnish that. he has not really run that in a state with a high black population, it's not just saturday in south carolina, 15% of the democratic electorate in nevada which also votes on saturday in their caucuses are minorities. we have results, bernie sanders doesn't and we've always been there for african american vote. again it's a frustrating thing for hillary clinton to go into south carolina eight years after she went in there still trying to get the african american vote
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from a democratic competitor but she's going to have to work for it. and the polling there and all indications seem to be that that is in her favor. >> given that bernie sanders needed to seacial had a must-win with new hampshire he got it, the polls are showing somewhat of a dead heat in south nevada, that south carolina has emerged as a must-win for hillary clinton? >> it's sensational to say that. i don't think it is. because supertuesday there are 12 states in play, she's up ten of the 12 polls and the two she's not is vermont and massachusetts. as far as bernie sanders needs to create and keep momentum, needs to keep it, it would not be good news for hillary clinton would she to lose in south carolina. also, it would get a lot of voters who are not paying as close attention who will be bombarded with these ads and these candidates going into the
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march 1st ration h races to pay attention to bernie sanders. it's hard to believe, there are many, many voters particularly hispanic voters who don't know bernie sanders well. >> michael shure, as always, great stuff, we appreciate it. >> appreciate it. >> bernie sanders is working hard to win the african american vote in south carolina. fire wall for clinton could, just could have some contraction. we'll talk about that and to a clinton supporter, next.
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>> the democratic primary in south carolina comes on saturday, march the 27th, one week after the republican contest in that state. many democrats believe the lag time could provide a window for bernie sanders to make a case that his history and policies are better for african american voters than hillary clinton. polls show that sanders are now
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even with young african american voters but is losing against older black voters in south carolina. earlier hillary gave ospeech on racism. >> i want to tear down all the barriers of black americans across racial lines, because our country only can live up to its potential when every single american has a chance to live up to theirs. >> most campaign ads in south carolina targeting african american voters, they both spoke about racial injustice at the last political debate. >> when you have childhood african american poverty rates of 35%, when you have youth unemployment at 51%, when you have unbelievable rates of incarceration which by the way, leaves the children back home without a dad or even a mother
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clearly we are looking at institutional racism, at an economy where the rich get richer and poor get poorer and sadly in america today a whole lot of those people are african american. >> joining us today, a big supporter of hillary clinton, elie, how nervous are you as this race heads towards south carolina? >> i'm not nervous at all. she's got enough of a lead that bernie will not be able to come back. for the immediate future she's in good shape. >> the latest polls show that bernie sanders and hillary clinton are in a dead heat in nevada. in december in south carolina hillary clinton was up by 45, in january she was up by 30 and now she's up by 20. the trend line is certainly moving in sanders direction.
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>> not moving quickly enough in his direction. in any race anywhere there's going to be a tightening, as people start paying more attention. 20 points is pretty insurmountable. she is so far away ahead, in terms of popularity and approval by the older generation of african americans, those are the ones who reliably come out to the polls. i don't think that bernie sanders will get enough in the polls to flip he those to his side. >> the welfare reform bill that she supported with her husband in the 1990s, those actually hurt the african american community. bernie sanders voted in favor of the crime bill. as bernie sanders was able to make that point isn't there perhaps a reconsideration among elderly african american voters that maybe hillary clinton isn't quite as reliable to them as they thought? >> i don't think the numbers show that, i don't think the numbers will show that.
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over the course of 25-plus years the clintons have kind of put themselves into that community. bill clinton was always referred to as the first black president. that wasn't cliche saying, it was something the community believed. regardless what policies had what impact 20, 25 years down the line, i think support in the community is still very, very high. >> why do you see younger voters, whether it's african american or latino or white voters coming out so strongly for bernie sanders over hillary clinton? >> i think this is something that we've talked about in the past, a lot of people have been talking about. there's the enthusiasm gap. the same thing that donald trump is doing damage to the republican prognostication of what willing happen in the party. anger is definitely felt by the younger generation, more so than the older generation perhaps because the older generation doesn't necessarily see the
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future that they thought they had up until a few years ago. and that really talks to the younger generation rather than the older generation. talking in these platitudes without details, governor yoa mario quomo had a quote, and megalomaniac statement -- >> meg low mayb megalomaniac? >> absolutely. none of his plans take into the aspect that congress has and bernie just saying that he's going to push through these plans regardless how good they it. >> do you actually think hillary clinton is going to have more success dealing with the republican congress than barack obama has? the republicans have blocked him every step of the way. why would hillary clinton be any different? >> i don't think any democrat would have good success against
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republican congress. to build relationships with some of the people who are the biggest enemies of her husband -- >> let me stop through. if we accept your argument that nobody is going to have a good time dealing with a republican congress, why shouldn't a democrat say, let's go for the revolutionary, further to the left, if there is going to be any compromise, would be further to the left than if you started negotiating with yourself, some progressives accuse hillary clinton of doing now. >> history has shown, moving the party further to the right than it had been beforehand or george bush, you end up governing from the center regardless where you campaign from. why would you risk the responsibility of affecting change? >> does this get to the nub of the debate, if you assume that a lot of people look at their
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policies and their ultimate approach is the same, pragmatic let's take it one step at a time, particularly for african americans and others who see progress on civil rights, for younger americans who want to dream big, that is where bernie sanders could say it better? >> i think that's exactly what's going on, pragmatism over a long period of time, is going to end up pulling more people into her camp. as bernie continues to speak in great amazing ways, saying he is going to take apart the banks diagnose to do this, going to do that, hillary goes and gets it done and that's what's going to play out in the end. >> i'm not sure the pragmatism will pull people into their camp. i've been proven wrong before, i might be now. elie jacobs thank you for joining us. >> thank you. the dawn of the
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technological revolution, why some will ride the wave and others will get left behind.
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al jazeera america. >> every so often, a technological revolution takes hold that redefines how society functions and how companies do business. in the 18th century it was the use of water and steam power to mechanize production. in the 20th century it was
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henry ford's assembly line then it was the dot-com boom in silicon valley. now, a fourth world is integration of smart interconnected mche machines and human labor. it has the power to reproduce human labor and speed unprecedented. but in each revolution, swuns someone will be left behind. in davo switzerland, ali velshi put the question to the president of cisco system. >> the fourth industrial revolution that we're talking about is the digital era, in the 1990s. president clinton contributed 22
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million jobs, he create18% growth in real gdp and raised the average income of every american by 17%. this digital era wim do the same thing except five to ten times the impact. the implications are 1 to 3 pers gdp growth to every country in the world, it will result in disruption however. you've got to think of it in terms of innovation startup companies, rescaling your workforce, you've got to think about health care and education and we'll go with connecting a thousand devices in cisco, first form in 1984, from 14 billion to 500 billion. getting the right innovation to the right machine, right decision on health care, entertainment but it does require all of this changing and it will be very disruptive. i think it will create a much larger middle class in the
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middle east, where countries are known as startup nations, not in the traditional industries but health care and education, i'm the optimist on the middle east but it requires the government leaders, business leaders and the citizens coming together. >> and fundamentally it's the implementation of academies, places where people can get easy access to the education and training required to introduce them into these world where they can be involved in startups and forge apps. >> you're seeing france do that which hollande, their president, is very high on a digital france. they have got to create a million jobs per month this india as they go forward. it does require an education reset, and an education economy.
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we are going to take up to two million with twort academies. with, if they complete the whole program set they get five to six offers. so it realize talks about the importance of rescaling a region, regardless of age, regardless of gender, et cetera. >> lets talk about the fourth industrial revolution, it is all the tack at davos, what we are discussing here, is past the computer age, into this age of things that you and i have been talking about for a few years where everything is digitized and connected. one of the difficulties i feel is that we honor innovation and technology, we honor it in the markets we honor what happens. >> yes. >> but we sort of ignore the dislocation and the disruption the jobs that will be lost. so we're very excited about autonomous cars and driverless
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cars but we're not so sure what to do with the drivers who make a living if it. how should we be dealing with it? >> let me answer your question directly and then let me share what france is doing and india is doing and you'll see the commonality on it. when the first revolution came through, president clinton introduced it to us all as to what impact it could have, many were concerned about the disruption of jobs, that it would create ohave and have not society -- a have and a have not society, the reverse was true, 22 and a half million jobs, 17% growth in real per capita income for real americans on average. i'm the optimist, will there be disruption of jobs, absolutely. 40% of the companies in the u.s. and the middle east will not exist but there will be more than that number of new companies created. >> they don't employ in the same way.
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>> oh i think they actually may. not in the same way, good point. i think they will employ more people than exist today but the people will be doing different joshes. and so when you think of what it means in the future, you might be writing the obligations for how a driverless car works or instead of going out if you're an insurance person and look at the dma damage from a storm, you might fly drone and look at the damage and come back. it does require a rescaling of operations. >> so interesting. i'm david schuster in for ali velshi. thanks for watching, have a great night, everybody. >> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on, not just in this country, but around the world. getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> ali velshi on target.
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campaign crunch - new numbers showing donald trump may be losing his lead as we inch closer to the next primary. >> president obama plans a visit to cuba, the first president in eight decades. a deadly explosion in ankara. the government is launching counterattacks. >> i'm scott heidler in sink for. how territorial disputes in the china sea are causing a rapid military build up welcome to your wor


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