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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 19, 2016 6:00am-6:31am EST

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♪ uganda's opposition leader has been arrested again with elections marred by arrests and vote rigging allegations. ♪ hello and welcome i'm peter at headquarters in doha and also in the 30 minutes russia warns ally bashar al-assad to tone down the rhetoric for a fight to the end in syria and to take the diplomatic route. it's a tightrope walk for david cameron and has talks in brussels how the uk can stay in
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the european union. and south africa taking to the streets against racism more than 20 years after the end of apartheid. ♪ the main opposition leader in uganda has been rearrested and was arrested earlier in the capitol campala after trying to show reporters what he claimed was an operation to rig vote and presidential election show the long-term president is ahead animal come web is in campala and joining us live and what is the latest on the arrest, malcolm. >> reporter: a short while ago we had the main opposition leader who was taken by police again and him and some of his party members were at the office of their party trying to give a press conference to journalists which they wanted to announce their tally of the vote and dispute the tally that is going on here, this is the national
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tally center belonging to the electoral commission and say because of the rigging it's not accurate and it's not fair and wanted to announce their own and the electoral commissioner here and the spokesperson just a short while ago told us this is illegal and have not heard yet from the police the reasons they are getting for the better days resent detention but we understand the position of the earlier material commission and the government is that for the opposition to be announcing its own result is they say illegal. >> social media was closed down for a bit and put that together with the arrests and detentions and also we understand in certain polling areas different groups are counting the votes depending whether they are with the government or with the opposition, does that mean we are heading to a situation do we think malcolm where somebody may be able to say realistically the elections are not fair and free? >> well, the opposition would definitely have said that and
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still do what they have been saying that for some years ago because they said the electoral commission since the last election and the ones before that is not independent and they were demanding electoral reforms before entering any other election but they never got those reforms so they entered the election anyway and said it would never be free and fair and denies the ruling party and say it's a free and fair process but they did say in spite of the rigging he alleges he says this time he could do it and really doesn't have enough votes to be able to pull it off but it seems the blogs coming through here giving a seven-year lead are giving him a lead and certainly are going to be a lot of disputes over what actually happened. it's hard to imagine a sigma significant majority accepting one or the other. >> does it feel that the situation, right now, today given one polling station we are
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reporting on didn't accept the voters until today and should have happened yesterday and does this across the country feel slightly combustible? >> combustible, you can only really probably say that about the capitol. it's here in campala where there is a dense population and lots of supporters and people who are employed or under employed and tends to be the most flammable areas where unrest can be seen. the other 85% of the people live in rural villages and many are farmers and in those populations it's not dense enough to put together a protest and people tend to have different priorities, here in the capitol there has been reports of unrest today and yesterday at polling stations where people didn't get to vote. there was tear gas fired and certainly seems possible we could be seeing a bit more of that here in the city but it is worth bearing in mind that says
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85% of uganda people live if the villages and fell shuns are deemed free and fair it would be them to decide who would but uganda's next leader. >> when will we get a result that mostly everyone can live with? >> the result from the official electoral commission tallying center here in the stadium is expected in just about 24 hours from now. they are counting votes from all over the country but as you said, as i said before the opposition are very unlikely. they would say it's rigged and not fair and very unlikely to accept that result, the opposition are trying to work on their own. as i mentioned before as well here in the capitol the opposition does have a lot of support so here in the city people are unlikely to or likely to dispute the result that comes out of here but it doesn't look likely that any of these results from any of the parties involved
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is going to be undisputed. >> malcolm thank you very much and we are staying with the story and we have a spokesman for the uganda electoral commission and denies allegations of vote rigging. >> we have been shown where this took place and if we have that information this is different than an allegation. in my view we did very well, a very good job. whatever we did it was transparent. we had agents and if anything like that it was they are doing something that is not clear but if they are not sharing that information with us and they are talking to the media then it remains an allegation which unfortunately i don't know how we can rest.
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to the best of my knowledge all has gone well so far. >> reporter: the u.n. envoy to syria says talks on ending the five-year long civil war won't resume in geneva next week as he had planned and staffan de mistura comments come as military experts from russia and u.s. and other countries will discuss how a ceasefire may be i'm med and meeting in geneva following last week's agreement in munich and russia reacted to comments by the syrian president bashar al-assad that his army will continue fighting until all the rebels are defeated and the kremlin is warning that quote a difficult situation may arise if assad doesn't accept diplomacy and the u.n. is planning air drops of humanitarian cities which is besieged by i.s.i.l. fighters. 200,000 people there are in desperate need of food and medicine and daniel lack with more. >> reporter: convoys of badly needed food and medicine began
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rolling in this week, aid trucks were allowed in government and rebel controlled areas and officials say there will be deliveries by road to others soon and ground access is not possible and under government control but surrounded by i.s.i.l. fighters. u.n. says the only way in is by air. >> we will also hope then to have progress in reaching the poor people inside of here which as you know is besieged by islamic state. that can only be done by air drops and world food program has now a concrete plan of doing so, it's a complicated operation and would be in many ways the first of its kind ever. >> reporter: in south sudan the world food program has dropped supplies from the air, air drops
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are expensive and difficult to organize but sometimes the only way to save lives. the u.n. special envoy on syria says it's not just this place that has urgent need that can only be met from above. >> even if aleppo and eastern guta many other places including this one where people are in need of help. >> reporter: the logistical challenges will be immense and planes will have to fly high above the fighting to avoid coming under fire and russian aircraft are here and prompting questions from journalists at headquarters in new york about plans to use a contractor from russia to fly some of the air drop missions. >> if there were any air drop i think involved any air drop in syria, you know, in dasour and other places the wfp planning would be a high altitude air drop which would demand some
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very specific skills and experience in terms of doing these kinds of air drops so that is why they are considering using one of their contractors which has worked for them this south sudan. >> u.n. officials stress that only a ceasefire and work towards a political settlement will begin to ease the huge humanitarian crisis in syria but with peace talks in geneva making little if any progress convoys and soon air drops may be the only way to get help to the millions of syrians in desperate need in their country. daniel lack, al jazeera, at the united nations. to europe and prime minister trying to negotiate a deal with eu leaders to keep the eu and david cameron is forcing them to make key reformings before this and angela merkel says reaching an agreement will not be easy
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and david cameron says he will do all he can to push through a deal. >> i was here until 5:00 this morning working through this. we made some progress but there is still no deal and as i've said not only do a deal if we get written need so we are going to get back in there and do some more work and i'll do everything i can. >> reporter: live now to brussels and al jazeera's correspondent emma hayward and at the center of all this there is the idea of money contributed for migrants arriving in europe day after day of course and one of the central principles of the eu this idea of constant expansion, ever expanding towards the east. >> yes, absolutely but the thrust of this today really is this idea of the word that has been made up to discuss the possible, possibly the uk leaving the eu and david cameron was here as he said there and to 5:00 this morning, very, very
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long night of negotiations and very tough negotiations and i think much harder than many people here were anticipating and certainly he was anticipating and his aids were anticipating and a tough night and a tough few hours ahead of more meetings, more bilateral meetings and just finished today and whether it will go on until tomorrow we are not sure at the moment but david cameron looked very, very tired when he arrived and that is no surprise given he has had very little sleep. >> so they delayed the england breakfast to have an england lunch 12:30 local time because he is caught between the devil and a hard place and wants to come back having secured concessions, concessions that the uk signed up to when they signed up things like the rome accord, you know, the mastrick agreement and the documents that pepper the eu and want to go in union perhaps a yes ticket but
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eu light membership. >> yeah, and i think one of the problems that some of the other leaders have is that they don't want to see a take and mixed europe and think the same rules should apply to everybody and francois hollande arrives this morning for more talks saying he didn't want some countries that were not in the euro zone to basically have an advantage of countries within the euro zone if the deal goes ahead and that is one of the sticking points here and another major sticking point is the proposed curbs on migrant benefits which some of the eastern blocked countries have really opposed to so it's going to be a tough say and i think it's worth saying pete their a lot of this is political posturing and of course downing street and david cameron's team want to show he is having a tough time because if he gets the deal he wants to go back and
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say i've got a good deal and it's hard to get because he wants to get people on sight and wants to stay in the eu and convince the british people that is the right thing to do if we have the referendum as early as june. >> emma thanks very much. plenty more still to come on al jazeera including the u.n. says violence at an a camp for displace people in south sudan is a crime and new deli and kathmandu after months of tensions over nepal's new constitution. ♪
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>> "inside story" takes you beyond the headlines, beyond the quick cuts, beyond the soundbites. we're giving you a deeper dive into the stories that are making our world what it is.
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♪ welcome back, you are with al jazeera, i'm peter and the top stories today, the main opposition leader in uganda has been rearrested and it's not even 24 hours since he was briefly detained the first time on thursday trying to show reporters what he claimed was a operation to rig votes and presidential election show the long-time president is ahead by 62%. russia warning that a difficult situation could arise if the syrian president doesn't follow its lead on diplomacy. bashar al-assad said his army will fight on until all rebels are defeated and talks continuing between russia and the u.s. and other countries on how to implement a ceasefire. britain's prime minister david cameron meeting other eu leaders in brussels for a second day of talks to keep the uk in the eu and a deal is yet to be reached
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but will do his best to push through an agreement on eu reform. the u.n. says fighting in one of its camps for displaced people in south sudan may constitute a war crime and 18 people were killed including two members of the aid group doctors without borders and the camp is sheltering people escaping unrest in the town and alexander now reports. >> reporter: this is one of eight u.n. bases in south sudan meant to provide a safe haven for displaced people. since the conflict began in 2013. but and outbreak of violence between rival groups have left at least 18 people dead and more than 40 people injured including two staff members of doctors without borders. it started between the youths who started fighting each other. immediately we had the u.n. police who came on site and dispersed the crowd with tear gas. >> reporter: fighting broke out
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in the base in the northeast of the penal region with clashes continuing into thursday. >> the violence involved the smaller arms and very soon was controlled and the situation we mained very tense and very volatile. >> reporter: 40,000 people live in the base with 6,000 u.n. peace keepers deployed solely to protect the civilians. >> i have to remind all the parties, the warring parties that the u.n. installations as set are to be respected, the sanctity has to be respected and this may constitute a war crime. >> reporter: both government and rebel sides have been accused of carrying out ethnic mass massacres and 2.8 million people are in need in this country, in 2011 a political rift between south sudan's president and his deputy sparked
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violence among ethnic lines. tens of thousands of people were killed and over two million forced from their homes. a peace deal was reached six months ago and earlier this month hopes were raised when he reappointed the vice president but with mashal to return to duba to take up the post there is doubt if real efforts would be made to implement the fragile peace deal between the sides, brandy alexander, al jazeera. let's stay with that story and the coordinator in south sudan and joins us on the line from duba, what is the current situation in malakal as far as you know it, sir? >> the current situation is that in our nsf hospital which is the only remaining, functional hospital facility accessible for
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the idps in the camp, the medic teams are very, very busy attending patients. we had two massive influx of wounded in the early morning hours yesterday and again in the afternoon. at the latest figures are 73 wounded, 45 of them gunshot wounds. the team is very busy to stabilize patients who are in urgent need of surgery. the search capacity in the camp is very, very limited and as we speak the team is trying to prepare patients to be flown out to other hospitals to perform life-saving surgery. >> what was it that started the original violence? >> the tension inside the camp
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which is on the very, very small piece of land where people are squeezed together in very, very tight living conditions, representing also the ethnic diversity of this country, so all the tension outside of this camp is mirrored immediately inside the camp and the pressure is going high. we saw in the last couple of days the tension levels going up and we need a little spark to trigger massive violence inside the camp. >> is it your feeling that given the ethnic diversity of the country and therefore the ethnic diversity of the people and population inside this camp that they will be able to live in peace or not? >> i think we are working with
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very many colleagues who are msf stuff in this camp and they live there and have the families there. when we talked with them the big desire of the population is peace. to have an environment which is secure enough to pursue the normal regular lives. what list them in the camps is the lookout for protection. the population does not feel safe enough to leave the camp in malakal and many other camps in south sudan. so what urgently would be needed is protection, safety, and progress in making peace. >> given that your people on the ground are working so hard but also given that they are on the sharp end of this very much on the sharp end can your teams sustain what they feel they have to do today and tomorrow and perhaps even the day after?
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>> our teams are working at their maximum capacities as we speak, we are rotating other team members in to support the team working in the malakal and many of our colleague have been working in permanent in the past 48 hours which of course is not sustainable. we fear and we need to prepare that more casualties and more violence might occur and we need to deal with many, many, many more wounded. so we are preparing the capacities, the medical supplies, the medical human resources, the support resources to support this intensity of work for the upcoming weeks. >> good to talk to you thank you and good to talk to you and
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thanks for your time. breaking news suicide attack killed 12 in northern cameroon and took place close to the border of nigeria and no one took responsibility and it's the latest in deadly attacks in northern cameroon suspected being carried out by the armed group boko haram. the governing party in south africa the anc marching against racism in the capitol pretoria and demonstrators demanding action after racist action and are in the spotlight two decades after the end of apartheid and we are in pretoria. >> gathering here at pretoria and the african national congress and rulingly party says it's a call for all south africans to come together and stand for democracy and a united country and the vast majority of people yet if not all are anc members, they are here to
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support their party. >> we are here today to warn those who are calling us with names like monkeys that no one plays games in africa. >> reporter: the anc uses the opportunity to rally support ahead of a local government election later this year. and views the opportunity to get people to register but also to ravage the democratic alliance who says are racist and racism has come under the spotlight in resent weeks with prominentent rallying south africans against the racist incidents and the democratic alliance goes back to the international congress said they have not done enough through economic empowerment so this very much becoming a rallying point for political parties to gather support ahead of elections. u.s. president barack obama
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flying to cuba at the end of next month and due to be the first american sitting american president to visit the communist neighbor in almost 100 years and the white house hopes it will be similar to when the berlin war came down ending decades of cold war hostility. prime minister in india for the first visit since he was sworn this and over the next six days he will discuss ways to fix ties damaged over nepal's new constitution. earlier this month the unofficial five-month blockade of the india, nepal border was lifted and one of the conditions before the visit, from kathmandu we tell you what exactly the napeles will come out of the trip. >> reporter: prime minister of the country and the aim is normalized relationship between the two countries and ratifies this and accused of supporting
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protesters in the past by imposing a 4 1/2 long economic blockade, this is what the prime minister had to say before he left for india. >> translator: this visit becomes a special time and have been disagreements between nepal and india in the past few months and experienced an sect of this and what caused by disagreements system cooing to an end and there is nothing to take the turn and a loss of reconstruction and development. >> reporter: and this is the result of the crisis, and choked supply lines now everyone in nepal has suffered especially victims of nepal's earthquake, rebuilding has not started yet. the standoff finally ended early this month after the parliament amended its constitution but supplies have not normalized yet and nepal did reach out to its northern neighbor china and
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prime minister modi expected to visit china after he returns from india. >> india has been very paranoid about nepal's relationship and it won't be easy for india to impose another economic blockade so what are the leverages india can use to try to influence prime minister oly not to improve the economic integration with china is a question to ask. >> reporter: oly says he is not playing the china card and many analysts say both nepal and india manage to push themselves in the corner with the blockade and said the visit is a face saver and there are some hopes and one is nepal eastern guy crisis will be over with india's help with extension of transmission line and development of hydropower but first many here who are tired of this and the hope is the prime minister will play his cards right and their lives will normalize soon as well. always good to hear from
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you, do check out the website, al and you can get lots more on the top story, uganda opposition leader being held for a second time in the past 36 hours or so and also talk to some twitter or facebook and tweet me and i'll tweet you back and headlines for you in about five seconds. ♪ i'm david shuster in for ali velshi. tonight - two political parties in danger of being overrun. donald trump on the righted. bernie sanders on the left. and the pitch fork brigade are getting stronger tonight there are more indications that both democratic and republican parties, revealing a populous realignment. the latest polls indicate that bernie sanders and donald trump


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