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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 22, 2016 11:00am-11:31am EST

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>> only on al jazeera america. >> an agreement is reached between u.s. and russia calling for hostilities to stop in syria. also coming up in this program. afghan forces conceding control to the taliban. uganda's main opposition leaders held by police promising to protest after disputed elections.
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people die in a cyclone hits fijcyclone that reaches 300 kilometers an hour hits fiji . >> a draft deal has been reached between the united states and russia saying that hostilities in syria should stop. the >> we have details now. and the detailed timeline which is going to be announced from high level diplomatic sources in the coming hours by the u.s. secretary of state john kerry when we assume that they are the cochairs. so what is the timeline is that by midday on friday damascus time any party to the conflict,
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any group must by mid day friday damascus time say they're prepared to take part in this cessation of hostilities and then 12 hours later the actual cessation is supposed to start that's midnight friday night going into saturday morning. the time they're giving is damascus time if. >> in what sense is it at all enforceable. >> you have to get on the ground to agree. what they're asking for is that they come up with a focal point. someone who is responsible, someone who could contact in the event, and it's very likely this
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would happen across syria given the intensity of fighting and the number of groups involved of the agreement. they also say that they have delineated the isil territory that is clearly marked on the map, and most of us know where that is if we look at the map of the current battlefield. al nusra is spread over many areas, and they're fighting along side some of the other rebel groups. one of the problems here is that the russian air force may say it's till targeting al nusra and could fact hit other opposition groups on the ground. i think there is a potential for problems here but certainly we
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now have a timeline in the coming hours for a cessation of hostilities. we're adding to that according to the diplomats, that we're hoping that after the cessation starts after midnight going into saturday, that within seven days they can get those stalled peace talks in geneva going again. >> thank you. that's james bays in new york, the united states united state at the united nations. they say that the cessation of hostilities would an good idea. what is the take on how this is going to work, and why this coming friday? >> well, it seems at the moment that all the information is coming from where james is. the russians are not saying much at all. but what we do no from the foreign ministry over the last couple of days that sergei
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lavrov and john kerry were having huge phone conversations on saturday and sunday. and it was fed back to their respective president, and the foreign i ministries were in complete agreement of how the cessation of hostilities might take place in syria. but it is worth pointing out there are a couple of things worth poisoning over. one has said they'll keep on their complain in campaign an . the other thing to remember here is that in the last few weeks or so there have been comments coming from bashar al-assad
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which suggests that maybe he might not be on board with this totally. he has said recently he would like to keep push to go retake the whole of syria. now he was sort of politely reprimanded by russia's ambassador to the u.s. and suggests that many shut remember how much they have been involved. >> nothing is violent. actually delivered, rory, thank you. thank you very much. >> the government fighting on two particular fronts in the aleppo countryside. this footage provided by activists is said to show a
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plane dropping barrel bombs north of aleppo. the airstrikes have starting along the country side, and that could help the ypg advance along that particular area. here are some of the people fleeing the violence. tens of thousands running from i violence. more than 90,000 are thought to be displaced in the last two weeks alone. one of the relief workers say that they've had more displaced people than the original population. >> afghan forces have pulled out of a second district in helmand province in the space of three days. that leaves the tall bang in control of the northern part of the area. the retreat comes when troops left last week. afghan military insisted the
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strategic conditions. some have seen some of the fearest battles and the u.s.-led invasion of 2001. >> we will pull our troops out and get them ready for a new defensive. those troops that have been pulled are still on the ground. they have not gone somewhere else. we're providing them with new training and equipping them in order to get them ready for a spring offensive. >> this is a development that does not body well for the afghan government and afghan security forces in their fight against the taliban, according to a senior military official, who asked not to be named. they have pulled out of the critical district in a very important province of helmand in southern, action. it means that within the past
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three days two districts in elman project which would seem to suggest that the taliban are gaining we should point out the spokesperson for th the defense telling al jazeera that it was parts of reorganization in preparation for an offensive against the taliban coming up in the days and weeks ahead. this development comes just one day before the government to the united states, pakistan, afghanistan and china are set to discuss the framework of peace talks with the taliban. however, this troop pull out adds more uncertainty to these peace talks, if, indeed, they
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ever happen. >> uganda's opposition group claiis arrested. the group's leader alleged he was about to lead a large group to th the commission's office without consent. the u.s. has also expressed its concerns. let's go to malcolm web in kampala. >> is there any suggestion that it is getting more serious. that there are charge levied against him and that they may take it further?
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>> what is slightly different they have described their detention as brief detentions and per recommendtive measures. this time they said they would be charging him. they said him and his forces were creating protests and there would be violent opposition. they said it would be peaceful. this comes in contact where the opposition say that the election was rigged. local observers say it was rigged. and as you mentioned before, strong criticisms from the international community as well. a short while weigh we spoke to the former president of nigeria the chairman of the commonwealth groups of election observers. let's listen to what he had to say. >> well, first of all we have
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preliminary statement, which was made two days ago. before the election was formerly declared. we pointed out a number of anomalies in the process leading to the election. something that should not have happened that happened on the day of the election itself both in the cities and in the rural areas as we observe them and we say that this amounts to the competence, gross incompetence on the part of the electoral commission which they were fully
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prepared we said that these were inexcusable what has happened. >> is there anything, malcolm, to suggest that the allegations from people like him, the assertions from the former president of nigerian, that there were inconsistencies. is there anything to suggest that is something of concern to the presiden the man who has been president for the last 30 years. will he continue in that office? should he be worried? >> he spoke to the press said and said there was no rigging saying that the election was free and fair. they're probably interested in seeing how this plays out. they want to call for process and also possession in court the election results.
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they said that they try to gather the information from polling stations from around the country, he and his ten--day window for the president in the election to do that. and days one and two have passed, and he said that limited him. the commissioner said that tomorrow they'll deliver the papers that they need in that lifted up information. they said they want to complex that information and they want to-- >> thank you, malcolm webb in kampala. >> well, along greece's border
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refugees are stranded in a crackdown. we'll focus on that in just a couple of minutes. v
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>> the top stories, a draft agreement reached between the u.s. and russia. john kerry is to announce the agreement in the next few hours. afghan government forces have pulled out of the second district in southern helmand province where a fighting with
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the taliban has escalated. and the opposition group has denied that it's members plan to cause violence to the co election areas. >> it's a battle front key to the opposition survival in a town that has gained international attention. losing azaz could be a set back to the rebels who have already lost much territory. just a few kilometers from the board crossing with turkey it is a much-needed bait way. they're surrounded by two enmice and this ally from the military situation is now better after we've received reinforcements
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from idlib. we fortified our positions and we responsed you're no long an-- >> people think it's a safe place. that's why internally displaced people are here. this means that we have more patience not just providing care to people in azaz. all hospitals in the northern countryside no longer operate. we also lack staff. >> many in aleppo say they're not going to wait to be desieged by government-allied forces. from their positions inside the city they still have access to strongholds in western syria. >> they want to be besiege
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aleppo city, but we're using all our strengthens to fight that. it shows that her strong and they are whack. we've liberated the city with our blood. >> the opposition feel the same about azaz. it is now the opposition's last lifeline of defense. it can be used to lawful counter he cantic. >> the syrian democratic forces and. you it's allies, they have had a cans to advance into azaz but there was no movement on that front. there was a truth cruz truce.
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>> thousands of afghan refugees are stranded. these afghan refugees have been stranded since macedon in a demanded additional ideas since trying to cross the border. the greek government said that there will be plenty more of them arriving in days ahead. how many people are you seeing there? what tends to be their determination of what to do next? >> well, you know, i was here yesterday and there was nobody here. there were just a few people inside the official camp. there are people setting up their tents. what happened is that the borders have been closing down
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not only the border between greece and macedonia, but the border between macedonia and serbia. we were in macedonia earlier in the day. officials are saying it's not our fault. we're just reacting to what syria did this causes panic among all refugees. many left the reception center, which is 20 till meter 20 kilometers from here. now they're stranded here, and the afghans are making sure that no one goes through. >> what do they plan to do now? >> well, they say they're going to stay there and block not only the processing point. but they're holding a sit in on the train track something that is costing greece a lot of
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money. that is a train track used for cargo. a lot of merchandise goes from here to central europe. they say that they know that this is harming greece, but they have no other choice. they made all those trips from afghanistan to here. i was talking with some young men just an hour ago, and they were saying, you know, we spent all our money on this. we're indebted. we can't go back. unless the borders are not open for us again, then we will make sure to put as much pressure as we can. now, as i said earlier this is something that is happening also for the north on the macedonia macedonian--serban border. between 500 and 800 afghans stranded there. and what they don't understand, and what is not clear really when you speak to officials is that this is a temporary measure or a permanent measure. i think this is what is holding although the of people, not only among the afghans, but the
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syrians and iraqis. they go in. they are running out of money. they don't know how long they'll have to stay here, and they're also in a hurry to reach their final destination. >> thank you. a deal has been reached in india to end days of protest by an inflatio influence farming community. the people are the jats, the government has pledged more jobs for the jats. aid workers are warning of a health crisis in fiji, the south paragraphs natio pacific nation was hit by a cyclone that wiped out the cities and crops.
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>> the word to use is flattened. these are villages on remote islands. on the main island the damage is bad enough, but no news has come from some of the islands hit the worst. phone lines have been cut. boats have not reached them yet or planes. it's not known how much wer how many people were injured or died. >> the damage has been widespread. homes have been destroyed. many low-lying areas have flooded, and many people have been left stunned. and confused about what to do. >> the cities of suva and nandes has escaped the full force, but
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there is still widespread destruction. >> this is nothing like what was here when the cyclone hit its peak. this was a restaurant. now half the roof is gone, and the debris is everywhere filling this swimming pool. debris everywhere, and there is a guesthouse totally destroyed. >> nearby houses have been strewn down the hillsides. and there is a house did survive. but only justice. she and her friends are creeping up, grateful to be alive. >> this is terror. it's just horrible. we heard about hurricanes and we've lived through so many of them. but this one, it was very terrible. it was horrible. >> in this part of fiji already crews are at work restoring fa fallen power lines and clamoring up to repair mobile masts. but there are many mobile masts
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down and the fear is what news will emerge once parts of the country currently cut off restore communication. andrew thomas. fiji. >> for years mobile phone makers have enjoyed golden times. year on year increases in sales, and billions of people around the world butte increasingly sophisticated hand sets. the trouble is those years appear to be over. just two out of the top five makers have increased in the last quarter. the reason, a slowing chinese market coupled with sat aggravation. if these phone companies
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continue, if the cells sales are down why not apply it to other things like dog collars. >> the ability to tag and follow are relevant. you can put them animals with a collar. you can follow them. the latest technology are the batteries in those devices will last up to ten years. >> this particular application. takes it to another level. not only can you look at the products you want to buy and bring them into a virtual situation, you can select them, put them i in in a basket.
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thisome of the smaller companies are still trying to pack more into less. this one has put a high-powered video projector inside the hand set. there is seemingly endless innovations with sales breathing new life for functionality into existing models seems to be the process. >> al jazeera, the mobile world wordin organization. >> virginia, 106, sharing a moment with the president and the first lady at the white house. she finally got her wish to meet the first african-american u.s. president. she said secret to a happy life is just to keep on moving.
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>> keep up-to-date. >> breaking news at this hour. u.s. officials saying that russia has now agreed to a truce in syria. >> when a random individual decides to be evil, i don't know how you stop that. >> the uber driver accused of going on a killing spree in kalamazoo, michigan, now guess before a judge. >> republicans prepare for tomorrow's caucuses while democrats set their sights on the south carolina primary.
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