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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  February 27, 2016 3:00am-3:31am EST

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united nations sets a new date for talks on syria as a conditional ceasefire comes into effect. we welcome to al jazeera. at least 14 people have been killed in an attack in the somalia capital. iran elections underway. the new man elected to head f.i.f.a. vows to restore trust
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in football's governing body activists in syria are reporting a conditional ceasefire is being honoured. there has been some fire but no major attacks have been reported. the main opposition group says almost a hundred reb factions have agreed to respect of truce, but it doesn't include one of the most powerful armed groups in the country al-nusra and i.s.i.l. al-nusra is calling on the groups to ignore the truce. deraa is excluded by the truce from the regime. the syrian government says it will continue to bomb the area. the u.n. security council voted unanimously to back the truce. talks to end the war will begin
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on march 7. james bays has more from the u.n. headquarters in new york >> reporter: just over 40 minutes before the cessation of hostilities was due to come into effect a vote by the u.n. security council to endorse it. it was unanimous. ambassadors were addressed by video link by staffan de mistura who said it would be an important moment advertisement we are ready for this, we should not be impressed, overly concerned. we should address it. and realise that this is part of any ceasefire. >> reporter: in the hours before the cessation of hostilities came into effect, there was an increase in violence, including fresh bombardment by the air force of russian which with the u.s. is posed to be one of the main sponsors of this process. >> many of the towns being hit
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by syrian and russian bombers are towns like derayaa. a suburb of damascus that is pummelled up to this very day. a town not held by i.s.i.l. or the al-nusra front. it is hard to seem serious and sincere about ceasing hostilities when you ramp up fighting right up to the minute the cessation of hostilities is to take effect. >> reporter: behind the scenes there was also disagreement between countries that are usually allies. the start of the meeting was delayed after the u.s. changed the text of the draft resolution at the last minute. the new version removed mention of the main opposition block the high negotiations committee. >> the h mc represents a broad sweep of the opposition forces fighting in syria against the tyranny of bashar al-assad. they deserve our wholehearted support which regrettably was not reflected in this
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resolution. >> reporter: everyone knows there are bound to be violations of this cessation of hostilities. diplomats tell me best they could hope for is a lull in the violence and then, perhaps, they can persuade the warring parties to resume those talks in geneva. a new date has been set, 7 march our correspondent joins us from the syrian border. how is it holding now? >> reporter: it's largely calm compared to other days, of course. however, we are hearing reports of minor breaches, if you will. there is, according to the syrian state television, a car bomb in hama, south east two people were killed. there's also clashes between the syrian fighters and i.s.i.l. i.s.i.l. is not party to this
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truce, so it is not technically the truce applies to them. areas near the border with syria which is called the turkman mountain, a group there accused the syrian army of attacking it around four or 5 local time this morning, so clearly after the truce started. they say three of its members were killed, but the most important thing to highlight is that we haven't seen or heard any reports with regards to russian or syrian government fighter jets hitting areas inside syria. some activists are saying that the mayhem military base in the province of latakia, that's the russian military base, is very calm this morning thars for that upba date. a suicide attack in afghanistan has killed 11 people and injured 40 more. a local police commander is
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among the dead. >> reporter: the taliban, these insurgent groups are still active in parts of afghanistan and they're going after some significant targets. the suicide attack took place a couple of hours ago in the town of assab and kumar province, next to the border of pakistan. according to police the target of this attack was a very power and international leader by the name of han john. he was in front of police headquarters this morning when high suicide attacker approached on motorbike and detonated his explosive. 11 people killed, 40 people injured. that number could go up in the coming hours. nobody has claimed responsibility for this attack, but the province is an area where the taliban have long fought government forces as well aspro government forces.
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this-- as pro-government forces. this begins as the government is trying to establish some sort of peace and security by talks. the peace talks will resume within the first week of march. however, it is these types of attacks that indicate that at least some factions of the insurgency have no plans to stop fighting at least 14 people have been killed in a suspected al-shabab attack in a hotel in somalia. police say a car bomb exploded at the entrance of the syl hotel in mogadishu. three attackers were killed. >> translation: i heard a huge explosion next to our building. a blast shattered the windows causing me to loose conscientious for a while. blood was coming from my back. it was horrible niger's president has failed
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to win an outright majority. he received 48% of the vote. the second place candidate has been sthald since november. he will now contest the second run-off next month. -- jailed since november elections in iran says suggests for reformist candidates. voting on friday was the voting for parliament and body of experts jonah hull is live for us. what are the signs there? >> reporter: there are no early results as yet. these are the very early stages of a complicated counting process that could be fairly protracted. what we have in these early
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stages are signs, unofficial signs, that the reformist moderate/practising matist-- pragmatist combined to make the dent as big as possible in tail light structures, that they may have done fairly well. two semiofficial news agencies and an xit policy suggests that no political faction has won an overall majority here. that would suggest significant losses by the ultra conservatives and also suggesting a very turn out, possibly in excess of 70%. that would suggest a good showing for the reformist and the moderatists. we don't have any idea of numbers as yet. all of that said an interior
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ministry spokesman made a statement on national television on saturday morning suggesting that the turn out had, in fact, been something more like 58 to 60%. that may go up, of course, but warning against any speculation about the result saying the only official results would be announced by the interior ministry. we may have smaller and towns reporting on saturday, bigger cities and tehran possibly on sunday, but, indeed, that may take several days any improvement for the reformers or change in balance will have impact domestically and internationally. >> reporter: it certainly will. the signs that we see are heading in that direction. we don't know the extent of it as yet. no-one would have predicted before this election any sort of change of majority control. in other words, the reformists and method rifts winning a majority of control in the parliament and that crucial assembly of experts that get to
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choose the next supreme leader when the current supreme leader passes on. what they would have been hoping for and still hoping for is a unified solid minority block in which they would be able to slowly influence change and that would come about at the expense of ultra conservative components especially in parliament. this would be no less than the second step in the campaign. ethe first step was winning the leaks in 2013 against all odds. the second step bringing about the changes that will revooif the community and engaging with the rest of the world. if they are able to make gains, it determines the future path in this country will take thanks for that. ireland is facing political deadlock. the first exit poll from friday's parliamentary election indicates the ov governing coalition has failed to win
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enough votes to secure a second term. the prime minister center right gale party and coalition partner may be forced to seek support from other parties just to stay in government. more from dublin. >> reporter: it's early morning here. the long process of vote counting is about to begin. that could take some time largely because of the election system used here in ireland. something called the singlet transferrable vote. which allows people to choose and rank in order of preference a variety of different candidates from across the political spectrum and divide. meaning that they may well have been a degree of strategic voting involved in this year's election. in the last time the country has been led by the gale and labor party. it looks as if both of these parties may have lost support in this year's election making it harder to form a stable coalition government. they may have to look towards
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independent candidates and smaller parties to be able to form a government. something that we won't know about until early in the week. of course, the economy has been high on people's minds going into this year's election. it has been eight years since the financial crisis, six years since they sought a bail out. it is now one of the fastest growing economies in the european union but it looks as if addition solutionment has played a part as those traditional larger parties has lost a degree of support. -- disillusionment. coming up home to a film industry where women are still routinely paid less than their male counterparts. how does that reflect life as a whole in the u.s.
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a recap the headlines here on al jazeera. reports from syria suggests most fighting has stopped after the start of a temporary truce. it is meant to allow the delivery of aid to civil yaps. 11 people have been killed in a suicide attack in eastern afghanistan. 40 others were wounded in the incident in kunar province. early results from parliamentary election in iran suggests a win for reformists. donald trump has received a boost in his bid to win the u.s.
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republican presidential nomination. new jersey governor and former rival chris christie is backing the billionaire front runner. he dropped out a few weeks ago. he now says donald trump is the best candidate to take on hillary clinton. hillary clinton is hoping voters in south carolina will give her a big boost in the race for the white house. polls open in the primary in a few hours. >> reporter: we thank you for this wonderful gathering of women who are fearfully and wonderfully made created in your image >> reporter: it is a place where these african american women say assumptions of how they will vote in the primary cannot be taken for granted. >> amen >> the black community no longer needs one person speaking for them or telling them how they
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should vote. i see it as a positive sign and the evolution of our community. >> reporter: in most polls democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton leads in black support, votes she is counting on, but it's generational with mostly older women backing women >> it's time for a woman to hit the glass ceiling. if anybody is going to do that, secretary clinton can do it >> reporter: some younger black women appear sceptical, concerned about statements she made in 1996 calling at risk youth super predators. campaign stopped this week. one young voter demanded an apology. that's why some young african-americans are leaning towards bernie sanders who says for decades he has battled racial injustice and was even arrested in 1963 for civil
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rights activism. he doesn't believe that it's the woman's term in the white house >> most people are on the side of racing from the establishment way of doing things and putting and resting the power back in the hands of the people to pick and choose. so i'm not so much into the next in line candidate. >> obama promised change and senator clinton wants to bring us a political revolution, which is change. >> reporter: this week clinton has been working hard in south carolina reaching out to black voters asking them to back her. in the last presidential election african american women voted at a higher rate than any other group. it is support that hillary clinton knows it is critical if she is to win not just south carolina but also the white house
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tear gas has been fired inside parliament in kosovo to try and stop the election of a new president. he was elected in the third round of voting after the session was twice disrupted by opposition members. his opponents are critical of his role in an e.u. brokered deal with serbia. the u.n. has expressed concern over the use of force and arrests following the presidential election in uganda. at least two people were reportedly killed in clashes. 200 members of the opposition has been detained including besigye. the president won 60% of the vote but the opposition is disputing the count. memorial protests are planned in russia on the first anniversary of the assassination of the former deputy prime minister.
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a minute's silence was snubbed in the lower house. the new president the f.i.f.a. is promising to restore trust in the world governing body of football. gianni infantino described his election as a new era for the sport following the controversy and arrest of f.i.f.a. executives. he fended off other candidates for the position. like his predecessor, sep blatter, he is swiss and lawyer turned sports administrator. he joined u.a.f.a. in august 20000. he held various positions before working his way up to secretary general in october 2009. his boss at uefa was michel platini who was banned together
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with blatter for six years. >> reporter: chosen by f.i.f.a. as the man to lead them into a new cleaner future, gianni infantino. the swiss was only standing for f.i.f.a. president because his boss in europe was banned for corruption. he was not the favorite. in his intense lobbying across the globe worked. he won with a majority 115 votes to 88. in the first vote to go to a second round for over 40 years. >> we will restore the image of f.i.f.a. and respect of f.i.f.a. everyone in the world will applaud all of us and all of you for what we will do in f.i.f.a. in the future. we have to be proud of f.i.f.a. and everyone has to be proud of f.i.f.a. and we have to be proud of what we will do together.
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>> reporter: an extraordinary raise to the biggest job in world football for the man who was secretary general of uefa. he has a huge job to stabilize a corporation that became rotten at the core. his election pledge of 5 million dollars per federation raises questions of how an organization 550 million dollars under their financial target for the year can afford it. disappointment and some bemusement from his opponent. the asean confederation chief who thought he had more than he had. some pledges didn't come through. if he had been elected, questions over his human rights record which brought protesters to congress may have left onned shadow over f.i.f.a. it can barely afford. 207 national representatives came to zurich knowing it was crucial they got this right and
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pushed through the reforms the organization desperately needed. 89% of them agreed to do so. they hope it will be enough to satisfy the u.s. and swiss authorities who wanted f.i.f.a. radically over hauled. after the glory gianni infantino will need to work tirelessly to show that the new f.i.f.a. can be trusted thousands of people have turned out in south korea's capital city to protest government policies and the closure of the jointly run industrial park 10 kilometers inside north korea. over a hundred south korean companies were forced to shut down causing significant cross-border tensions. the protesters also denounced plans to launch balancise stick systems. thousands of sex workers, small
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business owners and their families are being evicted in jakarta. >> reporter: this river has been a popular designation for sailors and traders for as long as people can remember. not any more. sex workers and bar workers are now all out of work. this is where this woman raised her children and grandchildren, making money doing laundry. >> translation: i'm crying all the time. i can't even eat. i want to eat but i don't have the money to buy food now. i feel sad that my grandchildren will also have to go through this. >> reporter: it is a world where generations made a living. these forced evictions make an end to an era. they're having to pack up their
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lives. 200 of the 1300 evicted families have been given a low cost apartment. more sex workers returned to villages, but some residents refused to go. >> translation: our country has failed to give proper jobs, to provide proper education. these sex workers are indonesian citizen who needs money to survive >> reporter: the governor says the evictions are needed to turn the area into a park >> translation: our laws don't allow red light districts, but if you want to paracel your body in a hotel or your home, that's your own business, if you want to be arrested by police. >> reporter: many are sceptical about the government's drive to close all red light districts >> translation: prostitution has always been a part of our culture. you can destroy their places but you can't make them disappear. they will always be here. they do this pause they see no
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other options since they're poor. >> reporter: those who remain only have a few days to decide if necessity will leave voluntarily or face the prospect of bum dozers moving in on february 29 to the fight for equality in the bright lights of hollywood. a rousing acceptance speech at the oscars. as the awards are laid down, a fight for equal pay and opportunities is being stepped up. >> the oscar goes to patricia arkette. >> reporter: that was expected, but maybe hollywood wasn't prepared for the next bet bit >> to every woman who gave birth, to every taxpayer and citizen of this nation it is our time to have wage equality once and for all. >> reporter: everyone here knows
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her. hollywoods women are all too familiar with her message. they are used to be paid less than men. >> we have to make a radical shift. >> reporter: she has spent the last year producing this documentary highlighting how that pay gap extends beyond film on to waem across the u.s. alongside that sympathy has launched a change dot org petition and it hit 30,000 signatures in its first few hours alone >> because of inequality, there's 33 million women and children in the u.s. that are living in poverty even though the mum is working full-time. if we made sure that women are paid the full dollar, we could really address a lot of child hunger in the u.s. >> reporter: in terms of hollywood, robert downy junior is the highest actor. he took home 80 million dollars. the highest paid actress jennifer lawrence. she made 52 million dollars.
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this is about opportunity available to women versus men. the top 100 films. in that year how many in female actors 28%. >> reporter: behind the camera even fewer. 18% of producers being women. 11% writers and when it comes to directors only 2% of directors here are female. >> you see more men than you do women >> reporter: in woman moved to l.a. to pursue her deem. she has been in commercials and movies. >> hollywood is tough. it's not fair. i know so many male actors, writers, directors that don't give us opportunities as well and it's not because of sexism. >> reporter: diversity in general is the talk of this town at the moment as hollywood prepares for its big night for a
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place that deals in stories, it is having to face uncomfortable truths as well you can get more on that story as well as all the others if you head over to our website >> on august 3rd 2014 us and afghan special operations forces deployed to charkh district about sixty miles south of kabul to clear taliban from the area. there's nothing unusual about this. us special operations forces often accompany afghan soldiers on these sorts of missions. i was in afghanistan at the time


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