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tv   Ali Velshi on Target  Al Jazeera  March 2, 2016 1:00am-1:31am EST

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i'm michael oku. >> our american story is written everyday. it's not always pretty, but it's real... and we show you like no-one else can. this is our american story. this is america tonight. there is a 20% threshold, donald state. it look like ted cruz will pick up some at 23%, marco rubio unless he breaks the 20% threshold, so he may pick up a couple of delegates here and there but largely could be shut out f they get shut out, these delegates would be awarded to ted cruz and donald trump, the people who broke the 20% threshold. vermont, not many delegates in the republican side, but donald trump is leading 32% to 30 over john kasich. this may be the only delegate or two that he gets tonight. he may get 7 or 8 the way things
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are going and that would be it for john kasich. again, marco rubio could get shut out in the state of the vermont. it is a rich history again in terms of why the republicans what they did. it look like it is coming back to purn them because it is essentially giving donald trump even more momentum that he would have had under the rules from four years ago yes. stay with me. we will bring michael shaw in electric from the marco rubio headquarters which looks like an empty room. this was designed in some of the states after met romney had to limp over the line. the republican sat around in its post-mortem after the last election saying if we have someone a front runner early on, we want to protect them and make
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sure they're not open to attacks. that has come back to bite the republican party. >> that's exactly right. what they were trying to do was talk about an incumbent president romney which they were expected to have. if you look at these states, how it's frond loaded, the-- front loaded, the thresh holds to be met. that's perfectly designed for a candidate who would be the choice of the party, as would be an incumbent president which they were hoping we on would have the president going through all the states tonight. it didn't do that. it back fired. you talk about him limping towards the nomination. it sucked a lot of air out of the party. it was a lot of back and forth. they said they didn't want to do that. four years later you're here having the same conversation about candidates shrugging it
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out and-- slugging it out and coming into the primary in states that are so important, even massachusetts. vermont as well. you will see how that back fired. they can't change these rules until july, but you will be sure that the republican party, whoever the nominee is, they will sit down and find out what went wrong and how they can do it better next time you heard donald trump taking the swipes against marco rubio, calling him a light weight, saying he used to like him until marco rubio turned against him largely at the debate that we were at. then you heard ted cruz say if donald trump faces a divided field, he will win, that's bad for republicans and conservatives. the republican establishment agrees with ted cruz, but that was an indication to marco rubio
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to step out of the race. is that even a likelihood before march 15 primaries? >> tonight they called this the florida kick-off. unlikely that he will do that. they might sit down tomorrow and think about how to get through it. ted cruz is saying, i'm already won a state and you haven't won anything. marco rubio still has not won a state. the request becomes why shouldn't ted cruz saying step aside. i've beaten donald trump. give me a shot at it. so many people since new hampshire and south carolina have come out, so many of what they call mainstream. again, you have the mainstream
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of the party trying to get behind marco rubio and that getting slapped down again. look at massachusetts. i want to talk about that for a second because i find it fascinating. david shuster was saying that bernie sanders may lose massachusetts. what a thing, to have the state of massachusetts going to hillary clinton when it seems so right for bernie sanders. same thing for the republicans because look, the figures, charlie baker , donald trump to the republican party. just amazing thanks so much. don't be the last guy out. have somebody else switch the lights out for you. back to the studio we're going to miami. hillary clinton spoke there earlier tonight. mike vercara joinss there. >> while the republican political class appeared to have
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feet of clay, donald trump is defying them every step of the way. when bernie sanders came close to upsetting hillary clinton in ohio at the caucuses there, people were saying look at this, this is an unprecedented year. it still is by virtue of the fact that donald trump is doing what he is doing, but hillary clinton now emerging as the favorite that she always was and essentially bernie sanders back to where he started in june when his campaign was launch ed ed. that is a long shot. the math is very grim for him. the unfor giving math. hillary clinton here march 15 in two weeks time, but tomorrow she is flying to a post super tuesday rally.
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trying to create that air of inevitablity. inevitablity. >> we have come too far to stop now. we've got to keep going, keep working, keep breaking down those barriers and imagine what we can build together when each and every american has a chance to live up to his or her own got given potential. thank you all so very much. thank you. what we've seen from hillary clinton over the course of the last few days, again tonight on the massive delegate allegation on super tuesday, calling for unity with the democratic party and going out after donald trump it doesn't look like we're going to see unity any time soon, despite the jubilation in the clinton campaign headquarters. we're going to the bernie sanders campaign. john
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terrett is there in vermont. it was not a jubilant night there? >> it kind of was, though. good evening from vermont. the problem is they don't want to give up here. his wife said yesterday and this morning that he wroent be giving up until july. he has a tonne of money in the bank. they raised 6 million dollars before the february deadline. they have 41.6 million in the bank. they can go on and on. it hasn't been the kind of night that they were hoping for, winning only oklahoma and vermont, which was a given anyway. massachusetts is still in play right now. not that you would have known any of this had you been here when i was when he came out. he came out super early in order to guarantee tv time. the crowd went wild .
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they really love him here and he loves them. the revolution, as he would say, goes on, pointing out in this clip that they've come an awful long way since they started. take a look. >> we have come a very long way in ten months. at the end of tonight 15 states will have voted 35 states remain, and let me aassure you, that we are going to take our fight for economic justice, for social justice, for environmental sanity, for a world of peace to every one of those states. [ cheers ] >> certainly no indication there of the inevitable ultimately of a
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clinton-- inevitablity of a hillary clinton win. the revolution will go on it may still be going on tonight in minnesota because in the early returns, bernie sanders is ahead. he might get a boost out of that. thank you. we're joined by a political consultant and you a former press secretary for the campaign committee. he joins us from washington. good to see you. while the rebels seem to be winning on the republican side, the rebel on the democratic side not having such a goodnight. >> i think secretary clinton, if you were to tell - you know, if she pulls out massachusetts tonight, you have to say that she is being close to being the nominee.
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she has close contests heading to march 15. that's ohio, florida and north corolina. bernie sanders has not been able to connect with significant portions of the democratic party, hispanic, african-americans and that ended up hurting him in the south states tonight. he has to figure out a way to connect with a huge part of the democratic party or he is not going to be hanging around here much longer we've talked so much about the divisions inside the republican party and what is going on there, but you have to think about the divisions inside the democratic party because you have a real generation trap and bernie sanders hasn't connected with lapt ian owes and afterry-- latinos and african-americans. there are divisions amongst the democrats >> we're a very diverse party. during the primary season there is always divisions. there were in 2008 when obama
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ran against clinton. the important thing for the clinton campaign, i think, moving forward is that that they have to make sure that they don't alienateate any of sanders supporters. i doubt she will go hard on him. i think she will turn her attention towards donald trump and the republicans. she is going to try to start extending an olive branch to younger voters, voters who are supportive of bernie sanders. he is getting a lot of independents. she has to figure out how she can attract independents to her campaign. i think you will hear a lot of her embracing a lot of what bernie sanders is saying as well as pivoting to november and the general election the democrats must be thrilled as they go to the general election because of the infighting in the republican party, but at the same time republicans have seen a lot of thumb. they've been seeing record turn
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out at the policies over and over again, something the democrats are not seeing. is there at least some hesitation going toward the general that the republicans might have turnout that will help them in november? >> to your first point, i think this republican primary season has been a disaster for them. the last week or so you've had conversations about the kkk, paul ryan and mich mcconnell having to disainvoice the kkk. you have marco rubio talking about the size of someone's hands. it's crazy-- disavow the kkk. >> they're going to need to do better in 2012. to the point about the excitement gap, that's something that democrats have to be - they have to be concerned about that in terms of making sure that they're motivating all parts of
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democratic party to turn out. i will say that traditionally democrats, the numbers during a primary season are not always what the republicans are - we tend to take more resources to turn out and we will tune in later, especially during a general election. there is a lot of talk about inexcitement or enthusiasm gap in 2012 between romner and obama. we know how that turned out. i'm worried about it, but i also think that we have time to address it. that's going to be a huge priority for whoever the nominee is, whether that's clinton or sanders in 2008 there were big primary. >> absolutely it will be interesting to see how things have changed. thank you >> thanks for having me checking in with david shuster who is keeping an eye on the democratic side.
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>> hillary clinton ahead 50% to 47. bernie sanders in massachusetts is doing very well. hillary clinton is doing well in boston and the boston suburbs. this race is close but it is a race that bernie sanders had thought would be part of his five states that he had a chance of winning tonight. this would be a major setback if hillary clinton wins it. a couple of states are that are still out. the minnesota caucus was thought to be a place where bernie sanders was doing well. he is hoping to have a victory there to make up for some decisive victories that hillary clinton had in the south. in the other state for bernie sanders, is c,
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lorado. he is up by 14 points. a sizeable count there. the whole argument from the bernie sanders campaign is we're going to win states outside of the south, we will show that when it comes to whiting class voters the progressers are moving towards us. they still have a lot of work to do with african-americans. it shows that some broke from hillary clinton four to one. voters under the age of 30 broke by the ratio of three to one. here is the map. bernie sanders is winning in oklahoma and vermont, hillary clinton taking us texas, arkansaw and others. virginia by 20 points or more. that is fair bigger margin than sanders was counting on. the big problem for him is that hillary clinton is exceeding these margins and running up the delegate camp.
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335 to 145 with about 850 or so delegates at stake. bernie sanders was hoping to cope that number within 100, but it looks like it will be wider. it is more difficult for the bernie sanders campaign as they move. it is very difficult to overcome a deficit like you're seeing tonight even if he wins minnesota he will split those with hillary clinton. going to our panel .
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i want to start with jo watkins here. marco rubio may win minnesota so he may save something for the night. he has had a bad night >> it has been a very hard night for him. at least he gets to say that he has won one race. if you heard ted cruz saying he is the only one who has beaten donald trump. marco rubio will say he beat him now ahead. >> he will use that as a narrative to say that's why i need to stick in the race. it is very difficult math path to victory for him on the democratic side, the opposite of the republican side. it was a goodnight for the democratic establishment. >> it was a great night for the democratic establishment, but really what it was, was a great
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night for democrats in the full range of our party. i think there are just a lot of good representation for hillary clinton among people of color, among women and some of the groups that she is weaker with like millennials are in the election. something being missed in the comments so far is that as the party has shrunk in the south, the white base in the south has gotten more liberal. i think one of the things hurting bernie sanders in the south is if you don't have a rapport are african-american voters, white voters are not going to be sympathetic with you in the primary. her strength is appealing to whites and african-americans ted cruz, a better night than expected because he
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won texas and oklahoma. he called for the republicans to unite behind him as the anti trump alternative. the question for the republicans now, or for the republican establishment, is whether they want an anti trump candidate coalesced around one or preferable to have the vote divided among many and having a brokered convention and beat donald trump that way >> i think that's the way they would want. do you want to push out the candidates that beat the presumptive democrat nominee, even if ted cruz wins and beat donald trump if he loses in november it is a wash anyway. do you want to push out the two peek ted cruz and john kasich that could win them. they're in third and fourth and very tough republican primary where they're not far enough to
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the right, but when it is time to really win the actual independent vote in the middle vote, they have shown the ability to at least get the ear of the american voter. that's where the rub is with the republican party now donald trump has been underestimated repeatedly by pretty much everyone, do you think that those polls showing him losing in head to head elections with hillary clinton and bernie sanders are just something we're seeing in february and much could change by november? >> i think he will be if he gets the nomination a weak contender. he has a lot of critics and enemies. a lot of americans say they would be imprafsed to have the president as the u.n. he will be very hard to elect it. it won't be impossible, but it very very hard. it is hard for a party to elect the president three times in a row. it hasn't happened since
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1998. clinton represents continuity and they won't stop saying a vote for her is a vote for obama no party has won three elections in a row, but the polls are showing that the two leading candidates are the ones that have the highest negatives of all, donald trump and hillary clinton. clinton. >> in the general leks but not in their own primaries. i think there is a sense that both of them had to have a hard fought race to emerge in their prarms and that's part-- primaries and that's controversial. they mobilize their base, but they're polarizing for the opposite party space. i'm not the only polster on here
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but bill is one too he deserves the shout out. the polarizing aspect of this, if it ends up being donald trump and hillary clinton, we've seen a pretty ugly primary campaign. the general election could get even worse >> yes, but you have something that come into play that didn't in 1988 which is the opportunity to create history because, yes, although republicans will say this is the third term of obama, the independents and democrats will say within their generation within a short period of time they were able to elect the first african-american president and the first woman president. she talked about that when she announced. she hasn't said that much lately. i guarantee it comes back into the narrative tarting july. if you have donald trump that will be an easy narrative to take. do you want to make history
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twice in a row or vote for donald trump with all the baggage he has brought to the table in this race he was a bit more presidential tonight. do you see he maybe able to win this will change him? >> he certainly understands the news cycles, how quickly news moves, he knows how transitory all these events are. he is able to seize the moment in each case. you're hearing as he begins to rack up these delegates, a more presidential donald trump, somebody who talks well of his opponents. you will see a change in him as he gets closer to winning the nomination ali velshi, what was the react there to mr cruz's speech? >> first of all, i wanted to tell you you're right. the noticeable difference in ted
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cruz was his demeanour. it was much lower energy than it is, much less forceful. he didn't have that crowd. he normally has a huge crowd. then you come here. those guys were waiting up on stage for 30 or 40 minutes until donald trump stopped talking. it almost looked like he was running up the clock. ted cruz's speech was about donald trump. what he talked about was how he is the only viable candidate to defeat donald trump and if this primary season moves forward with a divided field, it becomes donald trump's and that will be an affront to republicans and conservatives. that was his theme. he has decided that he is trying to get marco rubio out of the race. donald trump kept calling himself the unifier. cruz kept talking about the fact that he is the guy to bring this party together to defeat donald trump
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seems unlikely that either senator will drop out. thank you alley
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>> in 2014, president obama nominated a new ambassador no mexico to take the place of the serbian ambassador. and she got no hearing and withdrew. nine months ago, the president nominated a replacement and she has had no senate confirmation vote. when one of this country's most important bilateral relationships is overseen by an acting ambassador, what happens to all ond


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