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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 3, 2016 9:30am-10:01am EST

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al jazeera, brazil. you can read much more about that story on our website, there you'll find the other top stories on al jazeera. targeting trump, former nominee mitt romney calls him a phony and a fraud. stranded and angry, greece unveils a plan to move thousands of refugees left waiting in the macedonia border. >> north korea fires short range missiles into the and he hours after hit with tougher u.n. sanctions.
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>> this is aljazeera america live from new york city. i'm stephanie sy. the fight between donald trump and the republican establishment is reaching a new level this morning. in two hours, mitt romney will go public with his criticisms in a speech in utah. here's an excerpt: donald trump is a phony and fraud. his promises are as worth home runs as a degree from trump university. he gets a free ride to the white house and all we get is a lousy hat that. >> trump has said i am the only one who can beat hillary clinton. i am not a mitt romney who doesn't know how to win. he said romney begged for his endorsement in 2012. >> he failed at his campaign.
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it was a horribly run campaign. republicans didn't even go out to vote. he was a disaster the last month, month and a half, he wasn't on television. it was almost like he was lost and he ran one of the worst campaigns in presidential history. that was an election that should have been won by the republicans. he was a catastrophe. >> trump will be on the stage for the 11th republican debate. ben carson will not be there. he says he sees no path forward to the nomination although he has not officially ended his campaign. ted cruz, marco rubio and john kasich will be in detroit. the detroit news has endorsed kasich in the race. as david shuster reports, it's the latest effort to prop up a trump alternative. >> in the wake of donald trump's super tuesday run, the republican establishment seems more divided than ever. many view trump as unacceptable and the question for figures
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like party chair and gop lawmakers is whether trump can be contained by defeating him or contained by influencing him. >> america shouldn't have a president whose words would make you embarrassed if your children repeated them. >> texas senator ted cruz is urging everybody to join his effort to defeat trump. >> so long as the field remains divided, donald trump's path to the nomination remains more likely, and that would be a disaster for republicans. >> but with john kasich and marco rubio pledging to stay in through their home state primaries, any head-to-head matchup with trump is two weeks away. >> two weeks from tonight, right here in florida, we are going to send a message loud and clear. >> by then, trump's delegate math may be impossible to stop, so the growing number of republican senators, including
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party elders like utah's orrin hatch much to advocate containing trump by trying to influence and work with him. after his response to an endorsement by k.k.k. leader david duke, mitch mcconnell created distance but never mentioned trump by name. >> senate republicans condemn david duke, the k.k.k. and his racism. it has nothing, that is not the view of republicans that have been elected to the united states senate. >> republican house speaker paul ryan took a similar approach, avoiding personal antagonism aimed at trump. the gop front runner cautiously seems to approve. >> i'm going to get along great with congress, ok? paul ryan, i don't know him well, but i'm sure i'll get along great with him and if i don't, he's going to have to pay a big price, ok? the fear is that in november, it's the party that could pay
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the biggest price. many republicans believe that with trump as the nominee, the port could lose control of the house and senate and even if trump wins the white house, he is running away from positions on foreign policy and social programs. >> donald trump they are afraid could destroy the party. the rock versus losing badly versus destroying the party is a bad situation. >> it leaves the gop nerve arous and unsure as trump moves closer to the republican nomination. david shuster, al jazeera. >> the democrats are looking ahead to the next contest. this weekend, big wins on super tuesday means hillary clinton has widened her lead. but bernie sanders did win four contests and is trying to mount a comeback. he is in michigan today talking about bringing back jobs to that state. >> america made the decision that they didn't want to pay workers in this country a living wage, provide health benefits,
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protect environmental standards, negotiate with trade unions, they didn't want to do that. what they wanted to do was shut down plants in america, go to mexico, go to china, go to desperately poor countries, hire people for pennies an hour and then bring their products back into america. you didn't need to have a p.h.d. in economics to figure that one out. >> 11 key states are up in the next two weeks for sanders and clinton. more than 500 delegates at stake between florida, illinois and ohio. the justice department offered immunity to a former staffer who set up clinton's private email server. he worked on her presidential campaign. in 2009, he set up the server in her new york home. the f.b.i. is investigating whether she mishandled classified information. a spokesman for the clinton campaign said they are pleased that bag leanne know is cooperating approximate the inv.
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hillary clinton has been playing up her foreign policy credentials especially her time as secretary of state. a reporter from a french magazine said europeans see the rise of trump as a sign that america's political system is broken. >> he's perceived as marginal and also seen as the symptom of an ailing democracy. what people think here in general at least in liberal circle is that if a big political party like the republicans cannot promote another than that one to get access to the white house, there may be a problem somewhere and his sometime appliesistic approach of politics rewarding iran, iraq, syria, the nuclear deal with tehran or the
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relationship with moscow are at her received as pretty annoying for the future. >> he also sees many parallels between trump and sylvio berlusconi who was convicted of tax fraud and seen as a misogynist. thousands of angry migrants are demanding they be allowed to continue toward western europe. >> all the people here is angry because of the border is closed, and here, all the kids get sick, everyone is sick. there is not much food for anyone. >> macedonian authorities will onlylet in a few at a at a time, prompting dozens to block a rail line today. we are joined from the greece macedonia border. i can see people behind you with that what can you tell us about the situation there at the
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moment? >> well, the situation is certainly tense because of every day that passes, life here in this makeshift camp is becoming more and more difficult, people are running out of money, but i think what is really the most difficult for them to live through is the uncertainty they are facing, the worries they have, whether they will go through along the balkan route or not, macedonian forces of sealed off the border, only a trickle of people go through, about 500 over a period of 24 hours, and they are more than 10,000 that are in this makeshift camp alone. many, many more are other parts of greece. macedonia has closed the border simply because austria put new directives that it will not law, has put a cap on the amount of people that will be allowed to transit austria to reach
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germany, having a domino affect through to the macedonia border here. refugees, certainly a very dire situation. this is a very primitive camp in the sense there are no facilities for them. i was just talking to a woman while waiting to speak to you. she was saying that she didn't have a shower in 10 days and that her little daughter is getting more and more sick by the day. there's also lack of everything from in thaties to food to food to tents to change coats. aid organizations are trying their best, but it is a logistical nightmare. >> these people can't stay there forever in these tent cities. the pictures show really dire conditions. what are the prospects that macedonia does open its border to more migrant can go through? >> the greek authorities were saying today that they were bracing themselves to have about
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100,000 of these refugees and economic migrants, even though the economic migrants are a tiny minority. the vast majority are 16ens and iraqis. they were saying with the way things are going, they were point being the finger at the rest of europe, that the rest of europe was not sharing the burden of what is going on, but certainly, as of now, there is no indication in the pros of going through will speed up. also, there's a big problem with the paperwork that people have. there was a system when you registered as soon as you landed on one of the greek islands, and then that paper allowed you to continue your journey all the way to europe and some further so scandinavia. that has completely broken down. there's a new registration process at the macedonia border that allows you to go all the way to austria. now refugees are also asked to show different kinds of i.d.'s and a lot come from areas that were under that rebel control
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since many years, for example in syria and where there is no syrian government, so they do have the paperwork, but not enough to allow them further up, so certainly a lot of uncertainty for them and a lot of them tell you we sold a house. we spent every single penny we have to reach this point, and we can't go back. we have nowhere to go back. it's certainly a huge dilemma both for greece and for these people. >> on the greece macedonia border, thank you for your terrific reporting there. >> two women were killed after opening fire on a police station. video has surfaced. it shows the women opening fire on a bus transporting officers. they threw what appeared to be a hand grenade at the believe. it's not clear their motive and new group claimed responsibility. new tensions in the korean peninsula, south korea saying
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the north fired six projectiles. the rockets were allegedly launched on north korea's eastern coast. this happened hours after the u.n. security council approved the toughest sanctions on pyongyang in more than two decades. the south just passed its own laws to deal with the crisis. al jazeera reports. >> in that news conference, the ministry of defense in south korea saying a number of projectiles have been fired into the sea off the eastern coast of the korean peninsula, how the local media are reporting more fully. they do sometimes get briefings from unnamed military officials. they are talking about a range of apparently 100-150 kilometers. various numbers have been mentions, six or eight to nine projectiles. unclear whether they were short range missiles or perhaps from a multi-rocket launch system such as unveiled in a major parade in october in pyongyang last year.
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it's understood analysis is underway on that point. the minister of defense saying that its military remains in a heightened state of readiness watching out for further actions by its counterparts in north carolina. >> we are coming into a period of annually heightened tensions between north and south, because there are military exercises due to get underway in the next few days under u.s. and south korea forces. this year it is expected they will be bigger than usual. there are reports that they might include rehearsals for a preemptive strike against north korean nuclear facilities, north korea saying it reserves the rights to attack south koreaen seats of government. we do expect a round of heightened tensions. this his the first north korean reaction to this passage, the resolution passage. it may well be there is more to follow in the days and weeks to come. >> it will be mainly china's responsibility to enforce u.n.
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sanctions. china is north korea's largest trading partner. >> still ahead, the freddie gray case shifts to maryland's highest court. at issue, can one officer be forced to testify against the others. decades of coverups, we speak to a pennsylvania lawmakers about how widespread the abuse within the catholic church may be.
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a federal judge in iowa is reportedly on president obama's
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list for the supreme court. "the new york times" says the f.b.i. has been conducting a background check on jane kelly, a former public defender who now serves on the eighth circuit court of appeals. she is from iowa, the home state of snoot judiciary committee grassley. he has said he won't hold nomination hearings for anyone the president nominates this time around. maryland will hear the case of several officers in the death of freddie gray, deciding whether one officer cab forced to testify against colleagues. his trial ended in a hung jury. prosecutors want him to testify against two other officers. former baltimore city prosecutor said the case against all the officers is in limbo in my the appeal is decided. >> the state i think is really now on a slippery slope and the
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dominos are rolling not necessarily in their favor, anytime you have to have an appeal. the state didn't anticipate a mistrial. that is no fault of theirs, because mistrials are so repair, they wanted officer porter to have his trial first and then regardless of what happens, whether there was a conviction, which they hoped for or whether this was an acquittal, he would have been free without any issues of jeopardy or any issues of self incrimination to testify against the other two officers. that didn't happen, as we know, so once the mistrial occurred, it puts them in kind of a limbo land, so the dominos are really not stacked the way they should be stacked in their favor, so we're here at the point where the maryland court of appeals is going to decide and anytime you have to have an appellate court decide, it can go either way, so we really don't know. >> a decision could come down
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today. many court watchers suspect it may take weeks for the judges to resolve the issues. a former catholic priest is beginning a 16 year prison term, sentenced on wednesday for molesting boys during missionary trips to honduras. the priest was one of several named in a damning report by a grand jury released tuesday, accusing the diocese of ignoring or hiding clergy sex abuse for decades. pennsylvania representative himself a victim of sex abuse by a priest said the current statute of limit is as further punishes all the victims. >> we must reform the statute of limit is as. we must eliminate the civil and criminal statutes and we must open up a two year window to give victims the ability to go to court and have their voices heard. just like this, many of these victims will never be able to go to court because of the ash stare statute of limit is as
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here in pennsylvania and we need to change that. >> legal experts say one of the reasons for limiting the number of years in which the victim can come forward, the so-called statute of limitations you were talking about is that victims may not remember exactly what happened, the details so many decades later. as a victim yourself, what would your response to that argument be? >> that is just b.s. that is a smoke screen. that is just another lie to stop victims from coming forward and telling their stories. victims don't forget what happened to them. i remember every single day that i go into my bathroom and go into my shower that i was raped by a priest. that doesn't change. by the time i was able to come forward and talk about it, i was 35 years old, my childhood friend committed suicide. when i was sexually abused and raped, the statute of limitation were i only had five years to come forward criminally and two
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years civilly. now that's ridiculous. first of all, as a 13 or 14-year-old, i didn't even know what a statute of limitation was. i don't want to hear from the opponents to this type of legislation. they need to get out of the way and we need to move forward you to give victims their voice. >> he says the catholic diocese is working to the change to the statutes don't move forward. going beyond just making the grade.
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>> a los angeles math teacher is getting dazzling results by sharing his personal story with students. jennifer london explains. >> a little bit easier. >> how do you get high school students interested and excited about equations and concepts behind calculus? in this case, the variable equals the constant, advanced placement calculus teacher in east los angeles. >> math to many people is complicated, and. >> i would be one of them. >> yes, so a lot of the times, you just have to sit and try many many times and for couple times you may not get it, but with the proper assistance, you will eventually get it. >> his students affectionately
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call him yong and gives him high marks for his teaching style. >> he expresses clearly that he knows we can do well and has us do lots of practice and stuff. i found it really helpful. >> let's do this same i willtainsly. >> it was his teaching and encouragement that led one of his students to a remarkable achievement on his advanced placement exam. >> we have a couple of critical numbers for to you consider. three hours, that is how long the exam lasted, students worldwide took this exam, only 12 students got a perfect score. his student cedric was one of them. >> i felt very prepared going into the exam, he gave us preparation in school during class where he had lecture us
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and give us lessons and out of class where we would have additional lessons, anything we didn't cover in class. he did a lot for us to do well. >> he said earning a perfect score is something he's not even sure he could achieve. >> to be really honest, i'm not sure if i could get it perfect, because i mean, i make mistakes on a daily basis and kids connect my mistakes when i'm teaching, as well, too. >> ironically enough, when he started teaching, things didn't quite add up. >> i was just trying to get by each day. i couldn't even look at the students, because i was busy looking at the notes, and. >> you were nervous. >> i was very nervous. >> instead of quitting, he followed his own advice and kept trying until he got it right. >> once i got to know the students at personal level, that's when things really turned around. i understood what their interest was, what their difficulty and what their strength and weakness was, so it was the kids that actually turned me around.
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>> if you could avoid it, you want to avoid it. >> he's been known to make things fun. want to talk about instantaneous valuesty? ali jumps off a building and lands in water and we're supposed to find out how hard she would hit the water or what she would hit the water. >> do we have a similar question on the homework? >> as a teacher, he is as much liked as feared. >> is he known as a g.p.a. killer? is he that tough? >> well can be typically, that's like his reputation around school, but it's just because he's well known to give a rigorous course. however the people who actually take it such as us, it's challenging, but at the same time, over time, you just kind of grow to it and it becomes really fun and engaging. >> in case you missed the subtlety of melissa's answer, it was yes. >> this is a time you get to show me how much you have learned. >> part of his relationship with his kids is that like many was
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an immigrant to this country, landing in the u.s. as a 12-year-old. lincoln high school is in a working class neighborhood, 20% of students are english language learners. he can relate. >> i share a lot of personal stories with them that i couldn't speak english when i came here. learning math and excelling in one subject, you know, actually changed my life. >> we know that he at least he believes in us and that we have someone that believes we can do so much better and that we're meant for so much more. >> right now, that more is another tough quiz. >> i wish you guys good luck, ok? >> is the g.p.a. killer about to strike again? for these students, the answer may be yes, but that means they'll just have to keep trying. >> when you saw that, you're like wow, i solved that. >> i had a couple of those g.p.a. killers in high school. i'm stephanie sy.
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the news continues next live from doha. have a great day. >> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ hello and welcome to the news hour. i'm in doha. here is what we're covering in the next 60 minutes. >> do not come to europe. >> the warning to economic migrants during a new push to solve the e.u.'s worsening refugee camp. two women are killed after attacking turkish police with guns and grenades. major coffee companies admit that some of their