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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 3, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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thanks for joining us. i'm richelle carey. the news continues next live from london. ♪ >> and a very warm welcome from me to this al jazeera news hour. live from london, let's take a look at what we will be studying in detail in the next 60 minutes. >> refugees trapped in grease, block a train line economic migrants get this warning. >> wherever you are from, do not come to europe. >> the report has a rapid rise in the number of children ab ducted by the large resistence army in
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central african republic. we will look at that in detail, plus. >> donald trump is a flaw, his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. former republican nominee pulls no punches as he warns against the prospect of president trump. >> and in sport, the refugee set to find a home at the olympics, we will have details. at the rio games. ♪ . >> as european leaders continue to struggle with the worsening crisis on their borders, desperation appears to be growing particularly among refugee whose are stranded at the greek crossing into macedonia. hundreds have block add railway line laying down on
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the tracks and preventing a freight trail from traveling into greece. they are protesting against the border restrictions which have left more than 25,000 refugees stuck in greece. compare that to the 500 refugees who were allowed into macedonia in the 24 hours into thursday morning. >> all night, they have been crying all night all night crying all night. >> all the babies all the time. we are tired. very tired. >> we arrive from this to find -- this isn't great. our path the greece macedonia order is our correspondent. >> the lives condition this is this makeshift town are becoming more and more difficult, simply because of the sheer volume of people that continue arrive here,
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hoping to make it through, now there's an incredible amount of young children, and have seen some walking barefoot. there are uncertainty in the past days now you have dispair, and anger, and frustration. and tempers flare a lot around the camp, you can see people not able to contain their emotions any more. you see people ask canning we go back to syria, maybe it was less humiliated to be back there, even though it was also less safe than to be here. now, at the crossing itself it is complete chaos. greek authorities have tried to put order, but people there have also been waiting for days, and they want -- they are eager to get as quick as possible across. only 500 have passed over 24 hours but some of them have been pushed back, this has to do with the new guidance about the paperwork.
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now one of the main issues is the registration paper in was given by the greek authorities when they first land on one of the islands. where the week authorities add the name, and then stamp, at this stage, macedonians are not accepting that piece of paper, and wanted to go restamped again, so you have very long line of people that are going through that process. >> the prime minister of the netherlands says that turkey must ensure that the number of refugees leaving it's shores dropped down towards zero. the european council president is trying to secure an agreement on reducing the number of people who are trying to reach western europe. he has been to turkey and agrees where he delivered this particularly blunt message. >> i want to appeal to all
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potential illegal economic migrants. wherever you are from do not come to europe. do not believe the smugglers. do not risk your lives, and your money, it is all for nothing greece or any other country, will no longer be a transit country. >> standing alongside the freak prime minister, and he fought for sanctions to be imposed on any state which refuses to take it's share of refugees. >> when it comes to the refugee crisis he has taken a burden compared to the capabilities. however, our response was
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immediate and beyond our obligations but it is also our duty to our own culture, where we have refugees in need of help. not being violent against them, it turns out other cultures are not the same. >> britain and france have had a meeting to talk about the referendum. it is an an yule by lateral summit, and comes just days before eu leaders get together to talk about what they could do. with the refugee issue the situation in the camp known as the jungle, that is in calley, the northern french port has tommed the agenda. in the jungle paul brennen reports. >> a century ago, france and britain fought should tore shouldner the fields around the modern city. and there was heavy symbolism in the prime minister cameron starting their annual summit with a wreath laying at the war memorial.
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ceremonials complete, the two men and their ministers got down to business, an agenda dominated by their cooperation on refugees and security. i don't want to scare you, i just want to say the truth, there will be consequences if the united kingdom leaves the e.u., there will be con wednesdays in many areas. single market, financial trade, economic development, i don't want to give you a cot catastrophic scenario, but there will be cobs wednesdays. >> . >> the headline british response was to simply promise more financial support so most refugees stay on french soil. >> we will invest an additional 17 million-pounds in priority security infrastructure to assist the work of the french police. the money will go towards efforts to move people from
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the camps to facilities elsewhere, and we will fund joint work, to their home countries. the real challenge is in the eastern mediterranean. where we need to break the business model of the criminals. and persuade people from embarking in a perilous journey in search of a new life in europe. >> the demolition of parts of the camp known as the jungle continues. undeterred by sporadic fires among the huts clearance teams and bulldozers have now flatten at large area of the southern sector of the camp. >> the jungle has been a potent symbol of the refugee crisis here in northern europe. and the clearance of large areas of nit the past couple of days by the authorities certainly send as powerful message to those refugees still hoping to come here, in the expectation of being able to reach the u.k. but there are questions about whether simply throwing money at the problem, is a real solution. >> it is not only a money issue, with your refugees who
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are trying here in france to cross from this side to the u.k., it is not a money issue, it is a visa issue. a global picture of what europe wants to do with all the people that are coming from our countries. are they real refugees and have they a ride to be here in europe. or not. >> and that question can only be effectively addressed at the full year upon union summit. and being convened next week. paul brennen, al jazeera, the jungle. >> good to have you with us, do you get the sense with what we are seeing at calais, what we are seeing on the greek macedonian border, what we are hearing from people like donald tusk, the sense now is we have to make it as unpleasant as possible that people want to come here.
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>> what do you think? just a statement by the president of the european union will make it unpleasant it is remarkable that this is expected somehow to change the incentives or people that are fleeing for their lives simply to take into account they might lose their money because of the smugglers i am afraid i don't think it will have any sort of practical resonance to those that was the target audience. the target audience is the economic migrants. >> you are a lecturer in law, but legally, when greece says look, we are shouldering the vast majority of that is cases when they say you can't forcetous bring this down to zero, in terms of the number of refugees or migrants leaving our shores are does that leave the rest of the
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european union? >> i don't think it's a matter of law to resolve for the resolution of the problem. the law is there to give flesh to a political arrangement that has to be swiftly decided among various partners including neighbor partners like turkey. it is not a matter of law, it is purely political decision, a lot of the leaders need to make quickly when we hear they have been ramped up by the supreme ally commander, at nato saying refugees migrants are being militarized by countries such as russia who are to bombing them in syria to force them into europe to create a problem. you might say yes, he is playing to an audience because he is talking to members of the armed services but donald touch has said the same thing in the last hour, he says some powers are using
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the migrant crisis as a political tool. is that the way you see it? >> i think it is not a very you can understand why this specific choice of words has been made. i do not subscribe to that, not the at least because the other side of p edivision, russia, could easily say something similar, with regards to the involvement of the western powers. including the u.n., in the region. perhaps you remember that donald rumsfeld gave recently an interview on charm 4, where police agency said that the choice was vindicated by
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the fact that the issue of terrorism was not something that was direct threats in the of the u.s. shores. it was far away. so you can see that from different angles but i don't think it is a constructive way of looking at it. >> good to get your perspective, talking to us from nottingham, appreciate your time. >> coming up on the news hour, back at baghdad airport, the iraqi refugees who gave up on a life in europe. one of europe's top managers speaks out over the possibility of playing an empty stadium in euro 2016, we have that and the rest of the sport with andy coming up. ♪ . >> electricity we understand now slowly being restored to
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part of syria after state media report add nationwide blackout. the full power will be back by midnight, and the cause of the blackout isn't known yet. britain and france have called on the government, and it's allies among them russia to stop attacking the opposition forces. >> his claims that air strikes on the syrian town just days after a cessation of hostilities came into effect. all sides in the conflict accusing one another of violating a partial truce which started on saturday. amnesty international is accused the russian government of deliberately targeting hospitals. the riots group said jets carried out air strikes on medical facilities simply to allow the forces to advance on aleppo. and as the fragile truce was being negotiated the syrian government and it's allies are accused of actually intensifying their attacks.
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the fighting still going on in sort parts of syria, the u.n. does say that the progress is being made. >> in the % three months of last year, zero trucks reached an of the besieged areas. in syria. in the last three weeks, 236 trucks have served 115,000 people. many of these have received several convoys. turkish police have released the name of two women involved in an armed stand off, and confirm that they were members of an organization. we have seen here on security camera have been known as bernard, and yeahssy, they fired shots and threw a hand grenade at police. the feminist group the p.h.k.p.c. said it was behind the attack, the crew which
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opposed what it seizes as the organization turkey. the u.s. republican last presidential nominees launch add scathing attack on donald trump. mitt romney who lost to obama four years ago did not hold back in the slightest as he condemned the billionaire businessman in what was a very strongly worded speech. but you say wait, wait, wait, isn't he a huge business success. doesn't he know what he is talking about. no, he isn't. and no he doesn't. look, his bankruptcies have crushed small businesses. and the men and women who work for them. he inherited his business, he didn't create it. >> let's go to washington, d.c., my colleague patty coal haines there for us. one of the head lines was
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romney szczurs trump. that is one way of looking at it, you can also say that romney thrown in some red meat, and trump will feast on this. >> that's the question. is he going to, one of the allies of trump, donald trump sarah palin the former v.p. candidate, put out on twitter saying don't take the bait. it doesn't matter what romney says and that's the big question. the soundbite you ran there about that he is a bad businessman that's a bit of a pivot. who took the endorsement last time when he was running for president, but really this is what you are seeing here is the establishment fighting back. i think they have all been looking around to see who has the status to be able to take on a donald trump. and i think they have looked to mit romney as the past standard bearer for the republican party. he basically baiting him, and we want to see how he is going to react. he is going to have an appearance oin about 15 minutes if he is on time, so will it be interesting to see
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how he responds. one thing he said is i dare you to release your tax returns because they are hopeful within the circle that it will expose that which is either not that rich, or gotten away with not paying very many taxes or hasn't given to charity, inning that can derail what seems to be the path to the nomination, and he as basically said to him i dare you attack me. let's listen. >> watch by the way how he responds to my speech today. will he take about policy differences or attack me with low road insult. >> or will he ignore him, because trump may say mit romney yesterday's man, john mccain who has joined the circus here attacking
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trumpiester years man perhapses and all trump has to do is sort of ride out the storm, so what does the party, the establishment as you err the to it, what does it do? it would be smart for him to ignore its. the question does he have that kind of self-restraint. one thing in this very bizarre election, is nobody has wanted to take on donald trump because he basic clay threatened he would have a third party candidate, which would probably split much of the vote, and give the democratic nominee a clear path. now this is when it gets truly bizarre. we now have republicans saying if they do get the nomination, they will launch their own third party candidate, what you are seeing here is the republican party basically dissolving they are trying to figure out how to stop donald trump.
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and the money is following. they are going to flood the air waves with all of these negative attacks. people have criticized him before, but not like this the only question run mag, well, two, will he take the bait, we will find out shortly, and is it too late to stop him? we will see, patty, thank you. >> all right north korea has been accused of firing what is described as six short range projectiles into the sea. just hours after ordered against the country. the projectiles were fired from one son towards the east sea which is also known as the sea of japan. in the e.u. is considering further sanctions on north korea, the resolution was the result of weeks of negotiations between the u.s. and north korea traditional ally, china.
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>> the main gate way, but even though it is winter there should be more north korean tourists using their one day passes into china. buying supplies would seem simple in most of the world, but unavailable in their isolated country. they were layed off by a chinese state run business five years ago. they opened this restaurant in the heart and had been doing very well. until recently. >> our business has been effected a lot since people started talking about sanctions. there's a big decrease in the number of customers like yesterday, there were only two tables of customers from north korea, normally there would be four or five tables. >> but there will be a much bigger impact here nan a decline in tourism. >> they agree that all cargo
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that goes into or comes out of north korea will be inspected. that means that any cargo carrying carriage will be inspected that crosses these bridges. >> and the responsibility of policing these new sanctions here, rests on the chinese government. china says it agreed to tougher sanctions as they see them, as a way to pressure north korea, back to negotiations at the six party talks. they stalled eight years ago. >> china sees the talks as the best way to end and diplomatic confrontation between most of the world and north korea. an emblem of the high hopes of the north korean trade relationship, china spent $350 million on this bridge, that was due to open two years ago. but on the north korea side of the river, reportedly little work has been done only a dirt ramp. >> this may remain a bridge
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to nowhere for years to come. >> there's been a surge in the number of children which have been conducted. to overthrow the government in retaliation for it's treatment of the people. it was eventually forced out of uganda for attacking innocent civilians and forcing them to become fighters. no in the democratic congo and southern sudan so let's
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welcome sean paul, director of international programs at invisible children that helps attack the activities. >> that are tracking the l.r.a. and have been doing so for the past few years. and so many think that this is probably a move to replenish forces that they have lost under pressure. my additionally, they are likely using military activity to subdue local populations as they move into new geographic areas and find new places to evade forces that are attracting. >> so the large army, even though we don't hear much about it, these days is still
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fighting but it is fighting not in just one locality? >> yes. the l.r.a. is still fighting and all they have to fight for to win in the eyes of their leaders at this point is survival. and they have found basically to wait out this period of pressure. >> see this was about eight years ago, nine years ago, when we reported on it a pretty formidable group. under joseph cony, and give us an idea of the scale of it's demise, and if it is fighting simply to survive, how long do you think it can do this? well, it is difficult to say how many fighters or women and children are attacks to the group, many would say
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somewhere between 175 and 250 fighters because there's been a decline over the last eight years of numbers within the lra, they are becoming much more difficult to track, and they were more successful early on because the numbers were greater. they are lying pretty well, and waiting out forces and using to continue to continue to protect themselves and replenish their own fors. looking forward i think we will continue to see this activity. >> i suppose this was the question we would ask you,
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can they endure? with joseph still at large, and wanted be i the international authorities, it would seem that it's term farm fall him and his people, wouldn't it? yes, we have to look back and it's been almost 30 years since the l.a.a. forms and they have to be recognized as one of the most resilient arms groups in the world. >> we have written them off time after time, as the international community and awe though there has been an insurgence. the history, and seriously, and to not take the leadership of the group who have been right everly strong in figuring how to evade and survive. thank you that's sean paul talking to us, particularly children.
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this year by the resistence army, thank you. >> he acknowledges now that evil was committed. >> the challenges of protecting elephants where it is still legal to sell certain types of ivory. and in sport, after a time out which lasted more than a decade, details on the return of the world cup of hockey.
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>> these people have decided that today they will be arrested. >> i know that i'm being
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surveilled. >> people are not getting the care that they need. >> this is a crime against humanity. >> hands up... >> don't shoot. >> hands up... >> don't shoot. >> what do we want? >> justice. >> when do we want it? >> now. >> explosions going on... we're not quite sure - >> is that an i.e.d.? ♪ >> some of the head line stories refugee trapped in greece have stop add railway line into macedonia. the refusal to allow them in. the nominee mitt romney has launch add scathing attack on donald trump, calling him among other things a bully.
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a new life in europe, that is the dream we are often told of many refugees from conflict torn countries. but many end up feeling isolated even discriminated against, and some chosen to make a go of things while others have decided that the old ways perhaps works better. there are almost 378 iraqi refugees last year, at least 3,300 of them voluntarily went back home. they left 14 different european countries. >> it is a busy day, their visit to europe they say was at best a disappointment, at worst it was a dangerous play to stay. some experienced racism others were frustrated by delays. most just didn't feel
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welcome, so they have come back to iraq, back to the violence, and unrest, put also back to a place they call home. >> i have returned to iraq because there are so many refugees in europe, and the resettlement process is very slow. only a small number of people have processed. they want as many as possible to come back. >> iraqi forces estimate that 117,000 people left iraq last year. up to 40% have already returned. overs say it paige clear they have only be allowed to stay in europe temporarily. amar is one of a growing number that have returned home. last year he lived in germany before settling in sweden, he spent eight months waiting for papers to be processed without success. eventually he gave up trying. >> i decided to come back
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when i heard that the prime minister said he would only give temporary he says he didn't feel welcome. >> europe to me was a lie, people are concerned about the humanitarian situation, but there's also a lot of ratism. >> the government is issuing refugees to enable them to come home quickly, it expects that up to 1,000 a month will return home from europe, this year has met some of the
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victims in evidence to what is an australian inquiry in rome, he admitted he should have done more about claims of a pedophile prust in the 1970's. after giving evidence for the past four days one of the most powerful cardinals in the catholic church emerged from a meeting which has been dig kades in the meeting. >> i just met with about a dozen support people and survivors. and i have heard of their suffering. it was hard. and honest and occasionally, emotional meeting.
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question didn't talk about the past, what he can do in his position, and what the catholic church can do to help the survivors going forward. >> humility, becoming forgiveness, do everything they can to restore lives. more than words, no, words is what we give. >> throughout the evidence, he drew criticism, and sometimes scorn for his own illusive answers and his apparent lack of empathy for the victims. it is a sad story and wasn't of much interest to me. >> the commission accused him of i looing and called his claim that he was unaware of what was going on around him,
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implausible. >> following the evidence, child abuse in australia have called to either retire or resign, but some of the survivors here say they would rather work with him to make sure that the catholic church will do more in the future to protect children from pedophile prisons. >> al jazeera, rome. >> a outspoken activist for the rights of the indigenous population of honduras. they have broken into her house in the early hour oz if morning and shot her as she slept. the israel opposition coalition revealed it's plan to oust the current president before his term ends in the
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2019. the opposition is going to try to change the constitution, to cut the door of the term short, it is going to the press it says for a referendum for the resignation. it won control of the national assembly in desks but the street court immediately reduced the powerful 230 maz jordy by ruling that three of the lawmakers just couldn't take their seats because of a pending case over alleged fraud. when the opposition disregarded that, the supreme court ruled that any decisions made by the assembly which included those
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politician would be null and void, and on tuesday, it curbs the national assembly power to review the government's supreme court justices. the only six leader says the government is investigating his management of the state when he was governor, as revenge of trying to oust president madu row. it is a complicated intertwined picture, as virginia lopez will tell us catastrophic, it was the worse he used to describe the state of affairs during his speech. and it is a word that by removing him from power, opposition leader, enrique is trying to avoided using again.
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and an assembly that redrafts the constitution. according to a wing of the opposition, a recall referendum can be passed without the approval of the supreme court that they claim is passed by government lawyers. it can also be passed before the first half of the term in office is over. the constitution states that after this period the vice president automatically assume power until the term is over. the calls for change, within the assembly, echo what according to recent polls more than 70% of the population also wants. but how and when this early departure might happen would have dramatically different effects for the whole country. >> by stepping down, he would avoided the lengthy process of a recall referendum. a recall referendum would
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apply that the opposition and the government mobilize their supporters and this could lead to increase polar vagues. and all the other methods are short cuts. debt race is reaching a new high. the economy contracted by 10%, last year. and will do so by 7% this year. political analysts say that it is got ton the point where solving the crisis now requires a political change ands indeed a catastrophic situation. which can be made better if both parties entering negotiations. but in venezuela that's a word seldom used. >> in indonesian that are officials that are saying tsunami warning which will put in vulnerable island,
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well, they just didn't work after wednesday's powerful earthquake, the disaster agency says the 22 have been vandalized and there's not enough to fix them. the year after the 2004 boxing day tsunami that killed 230,000 people. >> a student union -- excuse me, a student i don't know i don't know president that was arrested in india has been released on bail. he was released amido high support. marking the anniversary of the execution. who attacked the indian parliament in 2001. it is world wild life day, an event establishes by the u.n. to celebrate and to protect
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wild life diversity. this year the focus is on african and asian elephants. the illegal ivory trade has made poaching and trafficking of elephant as lucrative business it is estimated that the global elephant population is now fallen below half a million. at the tunc of the 20th century it was well over 2 million. between 2010 and 2012, about 100,000 elephants were killed for their tusks. and every year, about 8% of the entire elephant population is poached asia especially china is the main market, where it is popular for decorative uses. in 2010 and 2014, the price of ivory has tripled. more from thailand. >> iochronically the elephant is regards as the national animal, and yet this country is one of the key trends roots in the trade, a lot of
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it is trafficked into thailand, from africa, and then on to countries like laos, vie unanimous, and china. and it is thought that thailand has one of the world's largest ivory carving industries the problem is that wild elephants is illegal in thailand, but selling ivory from domesticated thai eln't facilities is legal and that makes it very difficult for authorities to tell where the ivory is coming from, and it is thought most of the products for sale come from african elephants. last year the government pass add law stating that owners of domesticated thai elephants must register their animals along with any legally sourced ivory but clearly the demand is still outstripping the legal supply. not unalive oary but shark fins are a much sought after
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dell cassie where ands served up in soup. w a third of all sharks instinct. demanding an end to the trade, sara clark reports from hong kong. this area is always a high of activity, with these being restocked. what is sold here is fruit and vegetables as well as seafood, but it is shark fin that is the most controversy. it is considering an ingredient in soup, and considers a status of wealth but it is having a devastating effect on shark mortality globally. >> many people consume shark fin in the restaurants so as of today, one a shark in the chinese restaurant, they are selling shark fins. to hotel ms. of them have banished shark fin, but the problem is. >> now restricted under an international agreement, but there's no system in place to
1:46 pm
track which species is being traded. other markets across asia are still going strong. vietnam now the large zest growing a people of aircraft is to be analyzed to see whether it is from the missing malaysia airline flight mh 370. officials say it is highly likely that the debris is from a boeing triple seven. and it is discovery on the east african coast supports the theory that it crashed into the indian ocean. we are going to head to the northwest coast at the moment, take a look at this, you can't see it allthe americs he will tell us about that in the rest of the sport, stay with us if you can on the news hour.
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the brazilian hosts were keep to focus on the news that a team of refugees will be given the chance to compete about the games. our correspondent was there. the messages are and the public, and they need to keep getting those messages out, because they say it is another difficult week for
1:49 pm
them. seven still concerns over the virus, and the need to reassure the public, we still have the problems with the water pollution, they are not going away, despite the reassurance that they try to put out that events like this. and also you have an issue with tickets under half of the 7.5 million tickets have been sold. so what a difference for them, that the story has come out from the olympic committee about refugees and the fact that the team will be competing. it is going to be interesting to see that the team will come out. just before the brazilians in the opening ceremonies so will it be a big deal with the world watching. thomas barker has said there are 43 refugee outlets. they won't all make way, what will happen is he thinks around five or ten will make it. they will have the talent to
1:50 pm
compete at the level they need in an olympics. and this is a welcome piece of positive news for the i.o.c. as well as a brazilian organizer. >> we have resume one, i think suppose one that was flying judo. if you will remember, and we supported the i.o.c. with this, we supported the refugees to participate. and then with this we have to seven participating at countries. >> it is not the time the international committee is dominating. under four years ago it is london games he is from south sudan but south sudan wasn't recognized yet and was allowed to compete. this is all part of the biggest picture of the olympic ideal.
1:51 pm
request all the problems organizing here, it is good to have that positive glow over the olympics. he thinks there's no chances of games being played in empty stadiums. saying it could happen if there are safety concerns. they have increased their security plan following november's paris attacks. france's match with germany was targeted on that occasion. at a meeting in paris, they say the country is doing everything possible to ensure the schedule proceeds as planned. >> there is no chance of playing in empty stadiums. they will be full, i think the french are doing everything they can to have a maximum of security. today guaranteeing 100% security is not possible, but you must not be worried or afraid.
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>> the correct world has been paying tribute to one of the all time greats. martin crow who has died at the age of 53. he had been battling cancer since 2012. he played in close to 151 day internationals. scoring 17 test century and that remains a national record. now crow is recognizes and highly respected for his thoughts on the game, he pioneer add shorter format back in the mid 90's, and that involved into the hugest successful 2020. new zealand against australia, that was back in 1982. he became captain in 1991, and shared a then world record partnership of 467 with andrew jones against sri lanka. he also led new zealand to the semifinal oz if world cup. he was the player of the tournament, and the innovative captain as he set the template for the way correct would be played in the future.
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and at last year, crows inducted into the i.c.c. cricket hall of fame. for a time out, lasting more than ten years the count down is back on ahead of the world cup of hockey. eight teams including canada, the u.s.a., and russia are set to take part, canada set to host the event in september. there's now a commitment to staging it every four years as the game expanding it's global appeal. >> and the reigning america's cup champions team are in bermuda training for the defense of their title but their latest practice session not going to plan. the 45-foot cat ma ran capsizing. there were no injuries, and only slight damage to the electronics. let's go back to david in london. >> andy, thank you. a little bit more sport or not, the threat's ocar pistorius will be going back to jail after he was denied leave for murdered his girlfriend.
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the ruling by the court means the athlete will now be sentenced in april. pistorius who killed her on valentines day in 2013, faces a minimum sentence of five keep years after a previous conviction for manslaughter was overturned in favor of a verdict of murder. with many crusadin crusading tt and designs as well. brothers in arms but divided by a flag. these current and previous new see land soldiers are used to working together on the battlefield. >> that was horrible. >> but a miles apart off it when it comes to deciding if the country is really for a new flag. >> i think the new flag represents the new multicultural museum so the links to the past and celebrates our present, and also very bravely looks to
1:55 pm
the future. >> i don't believe it is worth making the change now we should still be flying the union on our flag in the time referendum. costing taxpayers $27 million. in the first vote in november last year, voters were asked to choose between five designs to go up against the current 114-year-old flag. they chose this one. the silver fin flag by kyle lock ward. historian says despite the long and democratic process, it hasn't come at the right time. becoming a republican, sought africa's flag changes after nelson mandela is released to prison. so we haven't had one of those big events which is why i think a lot of people are
1:56 pm
thighing why bother. >> the sculptor flag is one of the hand full left with the union flag on it, those for a change say it is too often confused with the australian one. they are also considering a change, proponents there are urging new zealand to be the first placing this ad in the national newspaper. >> it is also to major events so it has a lot of history behind it. >> it is meant to unite a country, but this process is shown just how emotional and divisive a flag change can be. one way or the other, new zealanders will find out which flag will take them in two weeks time. al jazeera, new england.
1:57 pm
>> the union jack, stars and stripes. this is a campaign rally in portland oregon, you can see who is expecting on stage, any moment, the interesting thing about the moment, right now is that he has been attacked by leading republican figures, figures from his own party, mit romney, john mccain, the arizona senator, and of course -- i think he has come back. know we understand that he has been urged by chris christie to not leave the republican party, at which point it is good buy for me.
1:58 pm
>> at 9:30 - "america tonight" - top investigative reporting, uncovering new perspectives. >> everything that's happening here is illegal. >> then at 10:00 - it's "reports from around rights crisis. >> and at 11:00 - "news wrap-up". clear... concise... complete.
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.{enter} q. frustrated refugees trapped in greece block a railway line
2:00 pm
into macedonia. hello there. this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up. >> dishonesty is donald trump's hall mark the last republican presidential canned daylight launches a scathing attack on donald trump. -- candidate launch