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tv   Ali Velshi on Target  Al Jazeera  March 4, 2016 6:30am-7:01am EST

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efforts and initiatives to bring in particular to aleppo but not only there, support and indispensable aid. also we have reaffirmed the how opportune cessation of hostilities is so we can start a political process again and the russians through vladimir putin recognize this principle of negotiation on the basis of the u.n. resolutions. we will no doubt have the opportunity for further telephone conversations to follow on this political transition process but there is an opportunity that exists. first of all to calm things down in the field, to make it as much
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as possible possible for the syrians to exist or live in a reality which has been unbearable. and finally to be able to have a political negotiation leading to a transition and to lead to an end of war which i remind you has made 300,000 victims roughly and then our meeting is not over and it will continue but we devoted it in part to the situation of the refugees as a link between the two questions or matters and if we solve the situation in syria we would have caused and appeased the situation on the refugees in particular of those who are in turkey, jordan, lebanon or displaced within syria itself.
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dealing with discretion of refugees france and germany have the same response. it has a name of europe, europe has to be able to bring those solutions that are expected so there to we wanted to prepare monday's european council meeting to bring together the turkish prime minister with two principles, syrian refugees fleeing war should be received as close as possible insofar as it is possible to their country, in other words, in turkey, lebanon, jordan and we have to bring the vital aid for this. and the second principle is that when those people come to the borders of europe we have to
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ensure where they come from, their journey and their rights, in particular in terms of asylum. hence, the importance of having external border controls which we will discuss or have discussed with turkey and also our partners, there has been progress in resent days because decisions have finally been implemented. in particular nato has decided to make some vessels between greece and turkey and the aegean and i will tell you france will make a vessel available for that force to ensure controls also nato is working with front text because they are responsible in
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the name of europe and turkey and has to be in continuous with front text and nato so that there can be some effective controls. also in greece we have to make sure the hot spots work when it's possible to identify the migrant and see who has a right to asylum and who should be sent back if they don't through admission procedures which also have to be accepted by turkey and we also have to unblock some funds so that the countries receiving refugees may do so while respecting human dignity. at the european council we have to ensure that the commitments made should be honored, in other words, cooperation with turkey so that the border should be as
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tight as possible and admission of regular migrants and support greece so they can be received in the best possible conditions for the people who do come in numbers, it is true far more limited than in the past. and finally our objective is to reorder through coordination, solidarity and the strengthening of joint means, that is the meaning of what we have to do together in terms of the dimension and border guards who will be deployed in the summer. so we have to assume our responsibilities and respect the decisions taken and have to ensure that turkey honors commitments and help turkey to be able to do it and we have to ensure that greece which is our common border that it can have
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support, thanks to european solidarity and with procedures which have to do with what we have created together in the same space and france and germany work with the same mindset and same intent and france will honor all its commitments and in particular in terms of the mechanics for distribution which have been set up. last september i set myself up to receive 30,000 syrian or iraqi refugees and that commitment will be honored. it's true it will be more honored insofar as we have rules on the agreement and we have no migrants coming without being so authorized so france will honor its commitments and that is the very principle that every country should honor its commitments so we can be able to
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deal with the situation i just described. i will conclude on a point which should also be dealt with in the meeting and the meeting of the agricultural on the 14th and also the meeting monday week that is a situation of agricultural and also the producers of talk there. they are waiting decisions which will have an immediate effect on all your countries. >> translator: thank you very much for the possibility of actually being here today and preparing the summit on monday. it was first of all important that we spoken the telephone with vladimir putin, the russian president and i would like to stress once again as well that
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the obligation to keeping the ceasefire is and important message that was once again also under lined and stressed by the russian president and that only al-nusra and da'esh may be targeted. we have asked russia to use its influence to make sure that the assad regime follows this as well. we have also pointed out that the situation in aleppo is of the utmost importance. we have all agreed and this is important that we all agreed that the political process has to start off as soon as possible because it's the basis of transformation. as and interim step of course it is of the utmost importance that the humanitarian situation improves, we have spoken about detailed questions as to where we can do more on a humanitarian level, i believe that this will be a very important message to
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the people in syria if the situation improves and first improvemen improvements are actually visible and also made it clear that we support the work of mr. staffan de mistura who is leading this political process and bringing together the political parties. it was important i think to have the talk with the russian president together with all tell european leaders and of course there are now links between the united states of america and russia and their actions so we have made it clear that we have a common line. as the french president francois hollande just said the situation in syria has a lot to do with the summit on monday and the question of how to cope with the refugee situation, france and germany totally agree that we have to protect our external
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border, first of all to make it sure that the free movement within the european area can be maintained and that we step by step can step away from the border controls and secondly also because of the security concerns because we need to know who comes to europe and greece there has an important position as a country with an external border and also the sea or maritime border with turkey and therefore the summit on monday was certainly focused on the meeting with the turkish prime minister amed and we will certainly inform each other on the process of what is europe doing on a humanitarian basis and how will we implement the three years that have been set aside for turkey and secondly if we achieve it what do we still have to do in order to control the influx of refugees, the nato
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mission really has to start, they are still on the prefary stage and hoping for progress on monday and glad to see france is also willing to provide one's ship an order to control the aegean sea better. the corporation with front text and the turkish coast guard is important here and we will talk now in the following talks about the readmission from greece to turkey of those refugees that do not get the status to stay in the eu and we have to work together and believe that unilateral solutions are no solution because there is no lasting reduction of the influx of refugees, even though at the moment we receive a few refugees in germany this is not a sustainable solution because greece has a bigger problem at
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the moment so we need to have a safeguarding of the external borders and at the same time supporting turkey and greece and working altogether. i think our common approach here will hopefully lead to progress and we believe that the periphery meetings has done a test and periphery work of the commission have been very useful. we are also talking about agricultural, that is true, this is a subject that is important for transcript and germany regarding the situation of the farmers and our agricultural ministers are working very closely together in order to find joint solutions together also with the commission and that is of course an important signal to the farmers concerned.
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. >> translator: mr. chancellor how do you want to get to the turkish side? >> translator: i would like to stress that turkey has taken quite a number of steps, there are visa requirements for syrians from jordan and lebanon for instance, for travelers from iraq, iran, afghanistan. the turkish government furthermore has done something that is very important to make sure that refugees can stay close to their home country ie they have offered work permits to syrian refugees and together with germany, turkey has signed two mous where we are working more closely with the police forces and turkey has agreed to have nato as and extra force to
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help safeguarding the borders and further negotiations of course with the commission and the dutch presidency on the question of how to readmit refugees. this week will be the first week when turkey will actually readmit a larger number of refugees back to turkey. this of course is a come kayed complicated process and it's clear to everybody and refugee numbers are very high but i would like to make it clear compared to october and november they have gone down quite a bit and we have spring in the aegean sea area at the moment so i can see there is a certain change compared with the autumn situation last year but we have not reached the end of our efforts here and why monday is so important and intense of discussions are important but understand fully and i stress this that turkey expects the european union to deliver and that the first projects are actually being put on the road
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so that there are real projects for the refugees. of course there is also and agenda of further cooperation on the level with turkey and opening of the chapters, et ceter cetera. >> reporter: you have been listening to angela merkel the chancellor of germany along with president francois hollande the french leader there talking about not just the ceasefire in syria both saying that they -- it was very important to have a telephone conversation with russia to try to emphasize with russia as well as the syrian government adhere to the current fragile ceasefire to allow for humanitarian aid to be distributed and make headway for political success or political progress to end the syrian war and also spoke about europe having to come together to bring
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some sort of solution to the current refugee crisis that europe is facing at the moment. of course all this is ahead of monday's eu meeting to happen in paris and the summit is expected to cover the issue of the refugee crisis. let's go now to our correspondent paul brennan who is there in paris, very interesting, paul, that angela merkel as well as francois hollande emphasized that it is important to speak to russia about adhering to this current ceasefire in syria. >> reporter: yeah, as you say very much a realization that the cause and effect of the syrian conflict and the refugee crisis is there for all to see and addressing one without addressing the other is simply a nonstarter so it's important they said the two leaders said they had this telephone
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conference call with the russian leader vladimir putin and british prime minister david cameron as well and i will go through some points of what we just heard and the french president francois hollande said hostilities needed to be observed everywhere and the only way it could be broken is against the al-nusra front and if there was anything less than observing through the whole of syria then it would be a break down of the cessation of the hostilities and not a helpful situation and said there would be further phone calls regarding vladimir putin and said it exists to calm down things in the field and make the unbearable bearable and have a political transition he hoped and two main principles that the two leaders the french and german leaders today and the european leaders and turkey will abide by when they meet on monday and those two principles
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are as follows syrian refugees he said should be kept as close as they possibly can to their home country and that means refugee camps in turkey, in lebanon, not allowing the refugees if you like to make this transit across europe to germany and to western europe. the second principle was that when people do arrive at the borders of the european union there needs to be a mechanism in place to establish what their status is, where they are from, who they are and that was necessary for border security so there was acknowledgment there the eu border security force needs to have more resources put into it and skipping forward to what angela merkel the german chancellor said humanitarian law must improve and unilateral decisions simply do not work and needs to be a comprehensive solution, accepting some refugees is not, sorry, continuing to accept refugees at
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infitinum is simply not a sustainable solution to the over all situation. she said the refugee numbers are still high but compared to november, december they have gone down quite a bit. so the other thing they emphasize is unity, both countries are on the same page they said and they will be taking those ideas forward to the meeting which takes place in brussels on that >> paul brennan speaking to us from paris where we are listening to angela merkel as well as francois hollande and we now go to mohamed who is speaking to us from the border crossing between greece and macedonia where thousands of these refugees that angela merkel and francois hollande have been talking about have been amassing there and they have not been given the permission to cross the border. talk to us about the conditions that these people are facing at the moment, hoda. >> reporter: well, the living
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conditions are very difficult and it's raining again and has been raining the whole overnight so much of the makeshift camp has now turning into mud and also you have people who have been in their tents, a lot of the tents they brought summer tents so the water has been seeping inside their tents and if you just look at pictures here those who can have been trying to cover the tip of their tents with blankets, coats, rain coats whatever they have just to be a little bit dry but i think the most difficult is they don't know what will happen next and we heard in the press con conference how to control the borders of turkey and southern borders and heard that greece is becoming a hotspot meaning a lot of these refugees it seems for the first time since the balkin route started staying here for a while. the border keeps on opening and
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closing and even the 500 daily cap is often not met, a lot of people go in are pushed back because there are new restrictions all the time like for example the latest one is anyone who stays at the crossing that he is going to western europe for family unification because they are escaping military recruitment back in syria or iraq or because of education purposes will not be allowed in. you must say you are fleeing war, that is the only thing that will make you go through if you are eligible. so it's certainly a very difficult situation for the people here for understand and we didn't hear in the press conference what would happen to these 30,000 refugees who are not only in this camp but all over greece at the moment and the island in athens and about 12000 of them just here, that is something they want to know as much as possible, specifically that many will tell you that they have paid everything they
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have to reach this point and the choice of going back is not a choice for them even if it's going back to turkey, there are a lot of syrian kurds here who tell you they don't want to stay in turkey because they have problems as kurds being in turkey so really it is a very complex situation and every group of people, every family has its own specific circumstances and that something is a huge challenge to sift through and decide who would be allowed to get refugee status in europe or who will have to go back to turkey and if that happens i think we are going to see very dramatic pictures, if the idea, the news spreads that maybe some people were relocated back to where they came from i think think is going to cause a lot of stress and twho some have camped for two weeks in certainly difficult positions. >> speaking to us on the greece, macedonia border. china is expected to raise
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defense spending by up to 8% this year. the exact numbers will be announced on saturday at the communist party's annual conference and xi jinping is positioning himself as the country's most powerful leader as adrian brown reports. >> reporter: president xi jinping made the rounds of state media recently. adoring journalists could barely contain their excitement. but as they gathered around him he issued his own blunt news alert, your job the president reminded them was first and foremost to serve the party. >> his purpose there was to say that the media has to fall in line with the central party which means him, that no decent is allowed in the media. >> reporter: online the adulation is even more forwarding. ♪ this song dedicated to the
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president says if you want to marry, marry someone like uncle xi jinping. the state news agency has turned to rap releasing a cartoon video to promote party slogans. ♪ the lyrics don't exactly roll off the tongue and the singer infuses it's every one's dream to build a moderate prosperous society comprehensively and analysts say president xi jinping regards himself as the most powerful leader. >> he is creating a cultive personality around him and the media and putting out an mowist style line of leadership where everybody has to line up with him. >> reporter: in the days leading up to the national people's congress, president xi jinping ordered the parties 88 million members to study the
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1949 guidelines on party discipline. earlier this year the president saw the pledge of loyalty from top generals after announcing sweeping reforms in the people's liberation army and aimed at wiping out corruption and making the military a more effective fighting force. few world leaders face the economic and social challenges now confronting xi jinping. but his campaigns against corruption and decent suggest that what matters most to him right now is party allegiance. if some party members are resentful of the president's style they won't show it at the congress and know to survive they need to unite between xi jinping in both thought and action, adrian brown, beijing. a russian pilot accused of killing them she will go on hunger strike and has been held in russia since 2014 and
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protesting what she says is an unfair trial and russian authorities say she provided the ukrainian army information that killed the journalist and other civilians. a prison fire killed 16 people in the capitol of georgetown. inmates set fires to protest against over crowding and it led to a riot. eight prisoners were taken to hospital for burns and smoke inhalation. and 11 people have been killed in peru drawing a torrential rain when they blocked cars and to the capitol lima and thousands have been forced to flee their homes. unique exhibition in thailand is causing a bit of a pandomonium and pandas on the plight on endangered animals and we have the story. >> reporter: the pandas flash
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mobbing their way around the world and in thailand and for the next month they will be popping up at various locations to try to raise awareness of the plight of their real counterparts, there are 1600 of them because back in 2008 when this exhibit first started that is the number of pandas that were alive in the wild. the good news is that number is a bit out of date because according to a survey in 2014 which was carried out by the world wildlife fund which is sponsoring this exhibit there are now more than 1800 pandas alive in the wild but they are still regarded as one of the most endangered in the world. nasa release add new photo showing what appears to be snow on pluto's mountains and scientists say the bright material on the image could be ice and the agency new horizon team say it goes across the region and stay with us, more news at the top of the hour.
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♪ the last person that hillary clinton wants to face is donald trump that i can tell you. >> move on and with all respect we have questions. >> reporter: personal attacks, a verbal slug fest at last night's presidential debate and will the revolt of the frontrunner slow donald trump's momentum. guns in the hands of children and a proposed law in iowa to allow kids to use firearms at any age. a man donated houses to the homeless and why the properties are now being seized. ♪


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