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tv   Ali Velshi on Target  Al Jazeera  March 5, 2016 9:30pm-10:01pm EST

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state control the race for the white house. a senior writer for politico. good to have you with us on al jazeera. the results coming in as we mentioned. starting with the democrats, sanders has won kansas, nebraska. these are predominantly white states. do you think, though that he he still has a chance in the democratic race? >> i think he has a chance, but you have to remember that generally speaking the democrats' base are not just white voters. it is a three-legged stool that includes african-americans and hispanic voters. bernie sanders does a bad job of attracting them. when we get to florida's primary, march 15, all of the polling and anecdotal evidence suggests that he will gex
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slaughtered. -- get. you can't mix the legs of a stool and hope to be balanced. what he has done is forced clinton to tack a little more left and give more to the democratic base, more to the liberal base to kind of prove her own liberal and businessmen accurate bona fides results so far on the right, ted cruz has won kansas and maine. how much of an upset is this for donald trump? >> it is an upset. i don't think this was expected. most of us didn't expect this. especially donald trump had the endorsement of maine's out spoken governor. in donald trump's column he has probably won louisiana. the results are still coming in, but it looks like a trump win. in the end, the republican race is a little less certain than the democratic race. cruz is certainly doing very
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well. donald trump still looks like the front runner and there will be a few more states and territorys vote up until march 15 and then a march 15 florida has its primary and ohio has its primary. you will see a test of the two-state candidates. those are the first big winner take all stakes. florida has 99 and ohio has 66. if those are denies to donald trump, it makes it more difficult for him to have a very clear and definite path to the nomination donald trump is polling very well and he is leading the republican race and he has won louisiana this evening. do you think he is the most electable to face the democratic candidate in the presidential election, the most electable of the republican candidates so far? >> a better for me to answer that is how the republican
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establishment, which is kind of an lucy-goosy term, they generally see marco rubio as being their best shot. they're divide on whether or not donald trump or ted cruz is a better nominee. ted cruz is sort of your pure conservative candidate for the republican party. but that gives a few folks some pause saying ted cruz might not be able to expand the tent and get enough voters in the general election. donald trump has said a lot of things that in prior years we would have said would probably make him disqualified as a candidate. he has offended a lot of groups or a lot of groups have taken offence at what he said. however, trump has brought out an extra vote of voters. a lot of people are excited about him. there are those in the republican establishment who say, well, at least donald trump might give us the opportunity to clean up or sweep in the mid west with the ruft belt, a place where manufacturing jobs have
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been lost because of his talk of free trade. it is unclear and uncertain. the problem that the republican party is right now the party's establishment doesn't like its front runner. it is worried about the number two guy who could be the front runner and wants the number three guy to be the front runner, but right now he has an uphill climb. if mor wins his home state, don't count him out from doing that on the point of the sense that donald trump has caused so far, do you think that he would be able to unite the republican party if he does get the nomination and if he remains as divisive as he has, what are the chances that a divided party, either party, can win the presidential election? >> as has been said before, a house divided cannot stand, but a lot of people early on discounted trump, thought he was
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a joke and didn't think he would be able to get this far. he surprised everyone. i do understand that general elections are different animals than primary elections, but it's safe to say that counting out donald trump is a bad strategic maneuver and i wouldn't count him out, certainly not at this stage. that something been said, it looks like a lot of minority groups, are a lot of latinos have taken a good amount of defense to illegal immigrants, and that will make it difficult for him to win with the hispanic vote which is one of the fastest growing demographic blocks in the u.s. thank you for that. to venezuela where former leader died three years ago and what many thought would be a long lasting legacy seems to be fading fast. the country is in recession and
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that is being made worse by the sharp drop in oil prices. our correspondent reports from toaz island. >> reporter: this looks peaceful and sleepy from afar. a lack of basic services means it's anything about that. it is a microcosm of all of venezuela's problems. for four days they have the wayed here demanding that tanker trucks make what is supposed to be regular visits to their homes to deliver water. >> translation: they stopped water supply on friday, saturday, sunday, monday. there are some trucks now, but it might not be enough for everyone. >> reporter: this retired teacher says the situation is nothing short of calam atous, where loss of water.
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the problems that the island has is endless. they have no electricity, no running water. a few kilometers away another group has had enough. blocking a road to protest what they view as a total decline in the quality of life. >> translation: before we had water, we had boats that worked. this so-called progress is only taking us backwards. >> reporter: analysts have warned that the collapse in public services like those on toas could increase the threat of social unrest. as the economic crisis continues to deepen. yet people, including this man, have learned to live with less. with only enough water for five days, he is down to a bucket to shower and just a cup to brush his teeth and wash his face. >> translation: in the end, all we can do is pray to god for a
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solution because all the state institutions are controlled by the executives. >> reporter: a view many in the country share because for at least the time being the pent government is struggling to find one brazilian president has visited her predecessor at his home. the visit comes one day after he was questioned by police as part of a corruption investigation involving the state-run oil company petrobras tens of thousands of people have rallied in rome calling on the government to grant civil unions and more rights to gay and lesbian couples. crowds gathered holding pink balloons and flags. the legislation introduced last month to allow civil unions doesn't go far enough because it doesn't grant custody of children to both parents.
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it is now being debated in the lower house. the philippines has impounded a north korean ship in manilla. it is enforcing sanctions placed on pyongyang after a missile test. the boat's crew have been cooperative. so far there has been no response from north korea. a prominent political activist from myanmar has been denied bail after being arrested in january. he is a former monk who spent four years in jail for his part in protests against the previous military government. wayne hay reports from neighboring thailand. >> reporter: in recent years he has called thailand home. the former buddhist monk volunteers at a temple teaching english to be migrant workers. he is also active in myanmar and made regular trips back back to that where his family lives
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>> translation: for our family, living here is very bad compared to other places. even if we go for an eye check up, they're always following us. >> reporter: he travelled to a city where he was arrested on charges of entering the country illegally. he was going there to collect a new passport. his family believes the case against him is political and is another example of harassment that has seen him jailed several times. he played a leading role in the so-called saffron revolution in 2007. monks protested the government at the time. the following year he was sentenced to 68 years in jail. he was eventually released in 2012 but has suffered mental and physical health problems ever since and needs regular medical attention, something he is not receiving now. >> translation: my brother was
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tortured a lot in prison. the guards locked his arms and chained his legs. for a month they covered his head with a black bag and hit him with a stick covered by rubber until his bones broke >> reporter: his family hope that the future situation for activists like him will change an explosion on a river boat has created two people were badly injured. it exploded after the crew mixed two types of fuel in the gas tank four bodies have been discovered off the coast of indonesia after a ferry capsized. amateur video showed the boat sinking as rescue ships attempted to reach passengers.
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71 people were rescued. it is not clear what kauchd the accident. security has been tightened in the indonesian capital ahead of a meeting of leaders from 57 countries. delegates will discuss escalating tensions in the occupied palestinian territories and growing restrictions at islamic holy sites there. still ahead, how south korea are helping its teenagers who are addicted to their smart phones. in sport, red hot rinaldo scores four times and breaks more records in the process. the process. not reached the end of our efforts here and why monday is so important and intense of discussions are important but understand fully and i stress this that turkey expects the
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transition process but there is an opportunity that exists.
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first of all to calm things down in the field, to make it as much as possible possible for the u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon has visited refugee camps in southern algeria. the camps are home to people who fled decades of fighting in the western sahara. the u.n. wants to restart negotiations between the independence movement and morocco over the disputed territory. morocco took over the area from spain 40 years ago when the front says it belongs to ethnics. south korea has the highest level of smart phone addiction in the world. 29% of teens are dependent on their devices up from 11% just five years ago. ministers are planning to create treatment centers where young people are forced to live without their phones. harry fawcett visited a pilot project to see how the treatment
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works >> reporter: there are not many places where you can cut the invisible ties to the internet. this school is one of them. teenagers here are stripped of their phones, laptops and are encouraged to play games in the real world rather than the virtual one. >> translation: they get to experience the fact that they can live without their smart phones. we believe this can give them the ability to exercise self-control. >> reporter: the sessions last up to four weeks and are split into boys and girls group. they are not just about depriving them of their phones but they get one-on-one counselling, and to plan actively for their few times. this 16-year-old said he was spending 12 hours on his phone, playing games, messaging, watching videos. after two weeks at the center there are times he craves it.
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>> translation: when i'm about to sleep i feel like i want to use the phone. it is about time to use the phone. i want to do it. such thought occurred to me. as we all live together here, i can manage without it. it is okay. >> reporter: tensions do boil over. he had to be separated from one class mate. these are often young people were poor communication skills. the withdrawal felt in the first due days especially can lead to aggression. some even try to escape. staff say they simply walk with them until they're tired and they bring them quietly back. >> reporter: there's no question that this is shock therapy. several weeks of rural isolation without any access to the internet of any kind. the question is just how long its effects can last once these kids get back to normal life. for the staff here that depends largely on the parents. they say some are dedicated to see a change and some see it as a camp for child care and
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promising children a new phone at the end of it. >> translation: children live in environments where they can't help but use them in their every day life. we expect them to use it but with moderation. >> reporter: childhood is marked by loneliness, parents away long hours. but this addiction will still be there when these students get home the latest in sport now. here is jo. >> reporter: thank you very much. with the top three english premier leagues in action on saturday it is considered a krurnl day in deciding who will win this season's title. leicester took a win over watt forward. -- watford.
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tottenham and arsenal lost ground as they played out a two two draw. they were down to ten mens. they came from behind for the point. >> it's not the maturity, it's not the about nothing. this is because i can show you or can give a lot of the example with big players in the last minute. today was that and we can create a good chance and are lucky. >> i'm happy and proud of our performan performance. we refuse to lose a game. we have big regrets because, i think, i couldn't see how 11 against 11 could have dropped points today. >> reporter: man city had a four win over aston villa.
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newcastle and norwich both lost to stay in the relegation zone. how does the top of the table look? with nine games to play, leicester hold a five point lead at the top over second place tottenham and then arsenal at the same point last seen leicester were 20th. rinaldo has become the second highest goal scorer. he scored four times in the second half of the victory. owe now has 252 goals. it was also his 36 hat trick moving one head of messi on the all time list as well. that results sees real madrid stay in third. one point behind atletico, while barcelona who are eight points clear will also be in action. the cattalans aare away to extend their unbeaten streak
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even further. they have gone 35 games without a loss. that's a spanish record and they remain in with a chance of winning four trophies this season. brian m-- bayern munich held on for a goalless score against second place dortmund. that helped them preserve a nine point gap with nine gapes remaining. a champion has been crowned in qatar. this is his first title since 1995. what a day where millions of people around the dploeb are watching the top football teams in action. the sports law makers were voting in a number of changes to the way the game is played. the international football association board has now approved the use of video technology. it will be used to review so-called game changing
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situations. that means, of course, goals, penalty decisions, red cards and mistaken identity. the testing where conducted in private over the next 18 months before a live trial phase will begin in 2017. 13 leagues have expressed an interest in hosting those trials. >> we don't have to be afraid of doing everything we can to protect football and if protecting football means also, and it does mean also, to see whether technology can help really without affecting the game, then we have to and we are obliged to test, to experiment and then to draw the conclusions from them. >> reporter: the davis cup defending champions have hedged ahead of japan. andy murray teamed up with brother jamie for the doubles.
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they had a straight set win to hand britain a two one lead into sunday's reverse singles. world number one novak djokovic showed he can be out played. they lost in straight sets. less than two months after announcing his retirement from tennis lleyton hewitt made his return to the game. they took the experienced brian brothers to five sets, but in the end it was the u.s. a who prevailed. pakistan will send a delegation to india to assess security before allowing their cricket team to compete at thes world
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2020 tournament. pakistan could fly in on wednesday if the officials give them the go ahead. they're to play a high profile game on march 19. india to play bangladesh in t20 on sunday. after losing to india in their first game, the hosts have recorded wins to reach the final. they play an indian team who are unbeaten in the tourn mment. >> just treat it as another game. why think it's a final? you have to approach every game like you approached in this tournament. for us every game is a knock out and we have approached it in that fashion and we will approach that in no different manner. >> translation: this is the end
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of the match. the flavour is different. we will take it as a match. weep want to play our best cricket like the last three. hopefully we will keep it going. >> reporter: the best skier in the world for a fifth seen, hirscher held his title in slovenia with one race to spare. he beat friday's winner. he leads the slalom standings. meanwhile, the women's giant slalom in slovakia had to be cancelled. the course could barely been seen. it has been rescheduled to monday. that is all the sport for now finally, the democratic republic of congo where music is
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a lifeline for many people, now a group of self-taught musicians is taking center stage. catherine soi reports. >> reporter: it is early evening in one of the poorer neighborhoods of the capital where the symphony or orchestra is rehearsing of the most of the musicians don't have a steady income. we find them rehearsing the conductor's own compensation, a story of the tribulations and how they're over coming them. this man created the orchestra back in 1992. then he had only three instruments and small space in his father's church. >> translation: things have changed. it is not where we were years ago and when people came for kon
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concerts. we're seeing more people coming, but there is still much more to do. >> reporter: in down town, local music come natures the night scene-- dominates the night scene. people come out to listen and dance to songss by some of the continent's greatest artists. this area has a rich music culture. the most popular kind of music in the country. getting people here to appreciate classical music has been difficult. the band tries out a classical tune. they tell us it's not something that would young go to watch >> translation: our music is so popular because it is our language. the young people today just want to play lavend to foreign music. >> reporter: back at the church
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is the children's turn to reherself. they are not hitting the perfect notes, but they're passionate and practice every day. this boy says playing his violin keeps him grounded. he is in primary school and he hopes to join the senior group. one day he plans to write and conduct his own music. >> translation: i love music. when i saw the others playing it, i want to teach music not just here but also abroad. >> reporter: the young musician and his dad have to go home before it is too dark. they live in may more dangerous part of the neighborhood. his older siblings are in the orchestra and help him where they can. they say the music is a perfect example of breaking barriers and overcoming the odds that does it for the news
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hour. thank you for watching. that the first projects are actually being put on the road so that there are real projects
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>> al jazeera america brings you independent reporting without spin. >> not everybody is asking the questions you're asking me today. >> we give you more perspectives >> the separatists took control a few days ago. >> and a global view. >> now everybody in this country can hear them. >> getting the story first-hand. >> they have travelled for weeks, sometimes months. >> what's your message then? >> we need help now. >> you're watching al jazeera america. >> welcome to al jazeera america. more reporters, more stories, more perspective. >> from our award-winning news teams across america and beyond. >> we've got global news covered.
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