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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 8, 2016 9:30am-10:01am EST

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received support from across latin america. they hope they'll spur a movement that's heard beyond the streets of mexico. al jazeera, mexico city. >> as always, there's lots more on our website, get the latest on all the stories we are following there. >> back to the polls, voters in four more states have their say on who should represent their party in the race for the white house. the vice president visits the middle east, his hopes of through itenning ties with allies. turkey and europe reach an agreement on that they say will help thousands stranded on a desperate journey.
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voters in four states getting their chance to make their choice today fortunate presidential race, the polls opening in michigan a little over two hours ago, officials saying they expect a record turnout with upwards of 2 million people casting their ballots. there's also a primary today in mississippi and republican only contest in idaho and hawaii. voters have a lot on their minds. bisi onile-ere is live for us in detroit. what are voters concerned about as they go to the polls? >> i can tell you that the polls here in michigan opened several hours ago and election officials tell me that they are as you mentioned expecting record voter turnout. we've talked to quite a bit of voters and many have a lot on their minds, including clean, safe drinking water, as well as
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jobs. >> millions of good jobs lost, communities devastated, the jobs moved overseas. >> in michigan, the political ads are hard to miss. >> hillary clinton came here to show that she's standing with us. >> he'll do for michigan what he's done for ohio. >> ahead of tuesday's primary, presidential election, the candidates are hitting the campaign trail hard in the great lakes state. >> ladies and gentlemen, the democratic candidate date for president of the united states. >> democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders squared off in flint, a city plagued by a nearly two year long water crisis. >> it is raining lead in flint and the state is derelict in not coming forward with the money that is required. >> the gone of this state should understand that his dereliction of duty was irresponsible. he should resign. >> as the city of flint works towards a long term fix to its water crisis, michigan governor
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rick snyder is under mounting pressure. monday, the board of state canvassers approved a second recall petitioner against the governor over flint's toxic water in a class action lawsuit on behalf of thousands of residents was filed this week against the govern and other state firms. the democratic debate phut flint in the spotlight, but many voters remain split on whether it will make a real difference. >> i don't generally have a lot of hope for promises made by candidates, because i mean, not that they won't do what they're going to do but i'm always skeptical first. i like to see it before i believe it but i'm glad they're bringing it up. it's important that they bring it up. >> it's sad to see what's going on and the lives that are being affected. hopefully the debate will focus on that and we'll see where we go from there.
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>> the state economy is improving, an issue that came up in last week's republican debate. >> i'm saying saving through negotiation throughout the economy, you'll save thee hundred billion dollars a year. >> of the four states with contests on tuesday, michigan has the most delegates to award, with 59 for the republicans and 147 for the democrats, making michigan a key battleground state in the race for the white house. >> if you take a look at the recent poll numbers, hillary clinton and donald trump are in the lead and just to give you an example of the significance of this presidential primary, i'm told that absentee ballots are up compared to 2012. >> bisi onile-ere, you have been on the ground there since day one. how important is the flint water crisis going to play, what role is it going to play in the
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outcome of today's vote? >> i think that it's going to play a significant role, del. i mean if you go to just about anywhere in the state, everyone seems to have an opinion and what's happening in flint and during the debate, the most recent democratic debate, hillary clinton made it very clear that flint will not go ignored if she is elected, so i think there are voters out there who want to see if she'll hold true to her words. >> bisi onile-ere for us live in detroit, thank you very much. michael bloomberg saying he won't run in an op ed. the former new york city mayor said an independent bid could put donald trump or ted cruz in the white house, a risk he says he will not take. he added trump's campaign blaze on people's fierce but also called out the democrats saying that they've moved too far to the left when it comes to wall street and trade. bloomberg did not go as far as endorsing a candidate. utah's planned parenthood is asking the federal court to --
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showing planned parenthood employees talking about fetal tissue from owe boringses. vice president biden is in dubai this morning as part of a tour to the middle east. he met with the vice president of the united arab emirates. biden visited the air base in be a
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>> this was the last time john kerry saw the israeli prime minister and the last time he met the palestinian authority president. what did not come out of the meetings in late november, a resumption of the peace process. the obama administration denies its given up, and this notion that it's more of we've given it up, that it's something that needs to be kick started would be -- you know, conveys this idea that we did at some point and that's just not the way the secretary looks at this. >> isil, syria, north carolina, some experts say president barack obama has given up on the mideast peace pros. there haven't been face-to-face talks between top negotiators in several years.
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then secretary of state hillary clinton launched the administration's first effort in 2010. john kerry tried again in 2013. both attempts fell apart and a new effort has not been made. >> obama's former mideast advisor dennis ross recently wrote that the lack of u.s. focus is putting the vision of a two-state solution at risk especially in light of the israeli government's continued building of settlements in the occupied west bank and attacks on israeli's and palestinians. ross' solution, try one more time to reach a deal but don't put so much pressure on the israelis to stop settlement building right now. laura friedman of americans for peace now which opposes settlement construction calls his idea laughable. >> what this really is saying is we want to fundamentally change the entire concept of israeli palestinian peace.
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we want to erase all of the understandings that both sides have agreed on since 1993, and we're going to start over based on the situation today. we're going to decree that and the palestinians are just going to have to accept it. >> in the end, some u.s. officials say that until they see a willingness from both palestinians and israelis to return to talks, all they can do is wait. rosalyn jordan, al jazeera, washington. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu canceling a trip that he was supposed to take to washington later this month also turned down an invitation to meet with president obama at the white house. that visit was to coincide with a major pro israeli summit employee netanyahu's office saying he didn't want to travel to the u.s. in the middle of a primary season. the white house said it was surprised to find out about the cancellation through the media. >> turkey and the european union reached an agreement they hope will end the european refugee crisis. thousands of refugees will
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return to turkey from greece. for every returned, one will be resettled in europe. turkish and greek leaders met to discuss the details. >> it's appropriate that this meeting between turkey's prime minister and greece's prime minister would be taking place in ismir, one of the main launching pad for refugees to launch the trip to greece. thousands along the coast go on these rickety makeshift boats every day to greece, so this being one of the main launching pads, there is also a large and thriving human smuggling network in this city. while the agendas haven't been officially announced, it's widely expected that the refugee crisis will be the top priority to be discussed by the turkish prime minister, the greek prime minister and the various members of those delegation.
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we've already seen members, senior members of turkeys coast guard, officials arriving here in the last half hour. it seems really clear that that would be high on the agenda if not the top item on the agenda to be discussed he especially after the agreement reached in brussels yesterday which both prime ministers had attended. also expected to happen today, meeting, bilateral meetings discussing ways in which the two countries can cooperate economically, can cap righty an security matters, can try to bolter trade between two countries, but again, really top on the agenda we expect today will be the refugee crisis and how these two countries can start to contain the refugee crisis in light of what was agreed upon yesterday in brussels. >> that is al jazeera's muhammed janjune in turkey. today marking two years
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since malaysian airlines m.h.370 disappeared. there were prayers from beijing to kuala lampur today for all 239 people onboard. to date, only one confirmed piece of that plane, a part of the wing has been discovered. another piece of possible debris was found last week and now being investigated. we have the latest. >> the second anniversary of the disappearance of flight m.h.370 was marked in malaysia in a rather low key manner. politicians held a minute's silence in parliament behind me to remember all 239 people who were onboard that plane when it disappeared. a team of international investigators has also issued an interim report. according to the international civil aviation organization, an interim report has to be issued on each anniversary of an aviation accident until a final report has been issued, so this is the second interim report. unfortunately, it does not
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disclose any new information or information that isn't already in the public domain. the prime minister of malaysia issued a statement on tuesday on the anniversary saying officials are doing all they can to find the plane and to solve what's described as the biggest civil aviation mystery in history. two encouraging pieces of evidence have been found. two pieces of possibly plane debris were found, one on reunion island, another on mozambique. investigators will try and determine if this did indeed come from the missing m.h.370. now investigators have also said that they expect the search operation, which is ongoing in the southern indian ocean to come to an end sometime in july this year. at that point, three countries, china, australia, and malaysia will make a decision whether or not to continue the search operation.
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>> that is al jazeera from kuala lampur. families of 12 chinese passengers are filing lawsuits against the airline. they are asking the courts to step in and find out what happened to the plane. survivors of a commuter train crash in california talk about what happened. the details of that multi-million dollars judgment in the case involving erin andrews.
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>> our american story is written everyday. it's not always pretty, but it's real... and we show you like no-one else can. this is our american story. this is america tonight.
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>> we want to take you live to california where at least 14 people are recovering after what you see here, a commuter train that crashed. it happened last night in a remote part of almeida county outside san francisco. the cleanup continues, two train cars derailed, one of them flying off the tracks on to the creek below. four have serious injuries, no one life threatening. people say they were shaken by what happened. >> right then, the train flipped over and then i saw people, you know, falling over from the other side of the train, because the train flipped and then the next thing we knew, the water, we started seeing water come into the bottom of the train. all 214 passengers onboard have now been accounted for. chicago police have charged a man in connection with a gang related killing of a 9-year-old boy.
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22-year-old d write boonb a.m. di faces charged of murder for the execution death last november. police say the 9-year-old was a target because his father belonged to a gang. he was arrested last year on gun charges. l.a. getting a little sun that morning after rains. heavy rains flooding the streets and deep spite temperatures in the sitting's, there was also hail. as california recovers from those storms, south central u.s. is bracing for more severe weather. we've been talking about it. seems to be getting worse. >> since last night, we've seen a lot of activity in parts of texas. i want to show you what's going on. this line of storms happen just pushed through fort worth texas towards dallas. it's extending all the way down. you can see austin, big problems there. no tornadoes have yet been
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reported but we have seen quite a few wind damage reports here. i expect this only to get more extended through the rest of the day. we do have a tornado warning that is in effect just as of the last minutes down towards keleen. the area of yellow is a tornado watch, extending for most of the eastern central forces of texas, as well, we are also talks about severe thunderstorm watches and warnings just around the dallas, fort worth area. that will continue to make its way slowly over here towards the east. the big problem also is going to be where we are seeing that severe weather for the rest of the day down towards the south along the coast. tornadoes, wind damage and large hail are going to be the big problem. for the next 72 hours, since those thunderstorms and showers are staying in place, we're expect to see major flooding across the aislen. over 12 inches of rain,
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particularly kreutz parts of louisiana as well as up towards arc argue. of course, del, it is those beautiful temperatures across much of the eastern seaboard, we are looking at record breaking temperatures for the next couple of days. >> there's nothing wrong with that. thank you very much. a jury deciding with erin andrews in that high profile privacy case, awarded $55 million, much from the hotel she said was partially responsible for a stalker recording a neighborhood video of her. >> what amount of damages do i award the plaintiff erin an doctors, $55 million, correct? >> yes. >> the jury decided that marriott shares the blame for secret recordings made of erin andrews in 2008. former insurance salesman used a hacksaw to tamper with the peephole in andrews' room and record the video, video that has been seen by millions and remains available on line today.
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andrews broke down several times during the trial. >> everybody put up that i was doing it for publicity and that ripped me apart. >> the jury found him 51% liable, more than half of the judgment, the hotel management the rest, $27 million, andrews lawyers successfully argued that the hotel made it far too easy for him to verify andrews was staying there and then get a room next to the espn reporter. he admitted of cell phone videoing her through the peephole. >> they connected me, so i knew what room she was in. >> i'm just very upset. if they had called me and said we are putting this man next to you that requested you, i would have called the cops.
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we could gotten him. i'm so angry, i'm so mad. >> attorneys for the hotel say they are disappointed. >> we believe and we continue to believe that this was not foreseeable, that what mr. barrett did was unforeseeable to industry, had never happened prior to that. >> on twitter andrews wrote: a basketball phenom proving he's got game despite battling a rare disease.
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al jazeera america. it is a day to celebrate women around the world. ♪ >> one day we will play in the major leagues. >> google creating this special doodle only international women's day, the holiday first organized by the socialist party of america back in 1909. it has since been celebrated around the world since 1911. some countries including russia mark today as a public holiday. many residents in moscow bought flowers for their loved ones. we are a week away from march madness. one team blaze in difficulties two, but one of its stars wins the game just by setting foot on the court. we have his story. >> here he is in the paint. look at the finger roll. >> at first glance, this
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6'6" starting guard from florida has it all, a mean drive, quick feet, a killer float shot. >> line drives that one in. >> when coach ryan marks on the university of st. francis in joliet illinois was considering recruiting landis anderson, something seemed off. >> after a minute, i'm going like he really, like he's only playing with his left article. what's the deal here. >> anderson has a neurological disorder that allows him limited use of his right hand. a disability, his mother was having none of it. >> i remember struggling and saying mom, i can't do it. she got on me about that. >> his mom actually learned how to tie her own shoes with one hand just to prove to anderson that it could be done. >> my dad helped out as well, but it was my mom that showed me that tough love and didn't take
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it easy on me and pretty much taught me i could do whatever i wanted. >> it didn't hurt that both his parents played collegiate basketball. in fact, during a stellar high school career, landis was always so focused on being a better player, he never realized he was at a disadvantage, except for the occasional cat calls from fans of opposing teams, including some parents. >> i'll make like a good play or something and hear parents say stop him, he only has one arm or something like that. i can remember looking up at my mom and she giving me this scary face like you better go and play farther. >> landis is thriving at the university of st. francis. some cultures may have never considered signing him, but coach marks looked beyond his disability and saw something extraordinary. >> he has this upbeat energy and tenacity with which he attacks
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every day, so whatever the antithesis of feeling sorry for
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