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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 8, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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.>> we begin with another round of presidential primaries and cocaine cusses, four states up for grabs tonight. the primary spot is on michigan. it has one of the highest delegate counts in the country, mississippi and michigan holding primaries for both parties. the polls have just closed in michigan, two states a big test for donald trump trump tonight. he was leading in the polls but will he pull it out. idaho has a republican primary. hawaii holds a gop caucus tonight. let's get started with david shooter. >> as you mentioned with the polls closing mississippi we expect to make a call in the next minute or two. hillary clinton will be the winner of the democratic primary in mississippi.
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this is another one of those states, 36 delegates, which is mostly african-americans again, compelling hillary clinton to victory. mississippi is another southern state with a large african-american turnout, so again, we do expect that a majority of the shirt six delegates in mississippi will go to hillary clinton. the only question is that is the proportion again. keep in mind on the democratic side, it is proportional tonight. that is also the case in michigan. this is going to be perhaps the big defining batting tonight on the democratic side, michigan, 130 delegates at stake. this should have been a state pretty good for better than ber. a lot of younger voters, 20-25% african-american vote, that's a bit smaller than the southern states. two weeks ago, bernie sanders was down 20-25 points, that lead according spue polling has shrunk. with the way debt gets are
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proportioned, if hillary clinton say were to win michigan by 15 or 20, then you start to see her run up the numbers in the delegate count and 130 dell gets at stake in the state of michigan. this is the big one on the democratic side. let's take a look at the republicans. again, we do expect to make a call perhaps in the next couple of minutes on the republican side in mississippi. this is a state donald trump was expecting to win, polls showing he would do well, but ted cruz is trying to shrink the margin. mississippi is a state it will be entering to warning the percentage because you need 15% or more to win delegates. if ted cruz or marco rubio foul below 15%, they walk with that with anything. in michigan is another 15% threshold. the govern of ohio was endorsed by several michigan newspapers.
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his numbers have been surging for the last week or so. again, it's another state where ted cruz was trying to make the argument that he should be the donald trump alternative and the entire field has been chasing donald trump again in the state of michigan. there's also of course a primary tonight in idaho, donald trump trying to show that he can also win in the western part of the united states. this will be an interesting test for him. of course there are the caucus ins hawaii tonight, republicans only, republican caucuses in who way. perhaps bragging rights because there are only 19 delegates at fake. again watch the margins of bolt the democratic and republican side, both parties are awarding delegates by proportion tonight. on the republican side, you need 15% to walk away with any delegates in your favor. john. >> we'll get back to you. jonathan martin is in jackson mississippi tonight with more on hillary clinton's victory on the democratic side. talk about the turnout today. >> hey there, i don't know.
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really a lot of precincts reported pretty low turn out. as gave mentioned. hillary clinton coming out with the win here tonight, not such a big surprise as she has done well in a lot of these deep south states. she did well in arkansas, alabama, no surprise she has done well here in mississippi where there is also a large number of african-american voters. she did not do a lot of campaigning here. she did not really come to mississippi. neither did bernie sanders but bill clinton did come here and campaign on hillary clinton's behalf. hillary clinton coming out with the win tonight, no big surprise on the democratic side, john. >> let's talk republicans for a second now. the polls show that donald trump has been leading and yet some republicans, especially ted cruz, is pointing to louisiana, where it got very tight despite what the polls said, right? >> yeah, you know, donald trump as the people have been saying has sort of so far swept the
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deep south. he also did well a week ago on super tuesday but on saturday in louisiana he only won by four percentage points. the question is can he win mississippi and if he does win, will he win by a big margin. ted cruz hopes to come out on top. his campaign said at this point mississippi is a big question mark. ted cruz got a big endorsement by mississippi's governor. if ted cruz can win, he can make the argument that donald trump is losing support in the south and if he z win but comes close, he can say look at louisiana, donald trump barely won. look at mississippi, donald trump barely won if that happens. ted cruz's campaign hopes to win but if not, come close. >> jonathan martin, thank you. let's go to ann arbor michigan where mike sell sure is standing by at the local bernie sanders campaign headquarters. bad news is mississippi, the question is whether he'll get the same sort of news in
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michigan, right? >> yeah, exactly, john. they are trying here in michigan to say it doesn't matter what happened in mississippi, we want to do well in michigan. to give you a feel of where we are, this is the campaign headquarters. this is what it's like on a campaign. very often, we are giving our reports from in front of the speeches at the end of the night, but there are people gathering all over the state in little offices like this, they are trickling in tonight. they have been out in the field canvas be voters trying to remind people to get out and vote. we had a chance to talk to some of those voters. >> the biggest prize on tuesday's rafter of primaries and caucuses is the state of michigan with 59 delegates at stake for the gop and 130 for the democrats. michigan veers are focused on issues that they feel are not just local. >> in terms of michigan, well, you know, we have the flint issue with the water, but for me, that's a national issue, as we look at the infrastructure.
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>> hillary clinton and better than sand want to keep the focus on the failures in flint and the michigan successes of the obama administration. >> of course i voted in the one senate vote that i had the opportunity to vote with support the automobile industry. >> i had a chance to get to universal coverage. we're at 90% coverage, we have 10% to go. >> republicans have their hands full and for the three of them. the biggest issue is donald trump. trump was once polling in the 40s but has seen his numbers drop. john kasich, marco rubio and ted cruz see this as a place where the touch mystique can begin to fade. for voters in downtown detroit, the issue of water is well, trumping all others. >> for michigan, we have had -- we have a government now who has
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really dropped the ball, you know in terms of water. not only in flint, but throughout the state. >> i was worried about flint and the children and the duties there with their sickness not only from now, but how it's going to treat them later in life. >> michiganders have not heard much. >> the politicizing is unfair. i don't think someone said let's figure out how to poison the water that hurt someone. >> the republicans have largely steered clear of the issue and on primary night, all the candidates, republican and democratic are steering clear of michigan and turning their focus to next week's contest in ohio, florida and three other states that could determine who stays on and who goes home. >> john, that's exactly right. the candidates, hillary clinton, john kasich in ohio, ted cruz in
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north carolina, they have moved part michigan waiting for those results to come in, but this is a dynamic process, as you know, john. >> quick question here. the latest national poll shows the republican race tightening up. does that say anything about michigan in your opinion. >> it probably does. donald trump was polling as we talked about into the 40's and then this is tightening up. you see john kasich surging. one of the things i heard jonathan martin talk about the republicans. one thing to look at tonight, if marco rubio finishes fourth here in michigan, that's going to be a lot of the republican narrative. that is changing the discussion of this race, john. >> michael, thank you. now to our political panel, represent joe watkins, former aid to george w. bush is in philadelphia. in los angeles, bill snyder, a
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visitors profitsor at the school of communications and david shuster all here tonight. joe, trump has been hit hard in the last week by rubio and cruz and his performance in this weekend's primaries. it wasn't stellar. what are the stakes tonight for trump. how big does he need to win in order to block cruz and rubio from the nomination? >> he needs convincing wins, of course. he would be well served to win by a big number in michigan and also in mississippi. i don't know that that's going to happen. i expect him to win in both states, but it may be more narrow than initially thought. this is important, because you've got next week's races, critical for all the candidates, you've got ohio and florida, winner take all states. rubio has to win florida to stay viable. he may lose it to trump and kasich has to win ohio to stay in the race. this is an important time.
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trump's lead is narrowing a bit. we'll see what happens tonight. >> bill, there's an interesting abc news poll that shows rubio and cruz would both win over trump. what does that tell you about the republican electorate? >> that donald trump is very lucky to have many opponents, not just one. if he had one, they mate be able to boat him. on the dispersal of his opponents, kasich, rubio, cruz, he can maintain a lead over all of them. if he has a big lead over the second place finisher, he'll be able to say that the party should not take the nomination away from him. >> so much has been said about louisiana and how well or why donald trump didn't do better in louisiana, even though you won, why it was so close. what does donald trump, i mean, are we making too much of that? >> there's a phenomenon and there's some recordings from
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that that should make democrats very nervous. the reports from the state of michigan that saw michigan democratic officials particularly in southeast michigan are reporting that hundreds of democrats signed up to vote in the republican primary because they wanted to vote for donald trump. there's also a report from ohio that in particular industrial areas in how hope in one particular county, a thousand registered democrats have already crossed over, registered as republicans and said they want to vote for donald trump. it is a phenomenon that has some crossover appeal and again, that should show you the economic populace that donald trump is bringing, it goes beyond the republican party. >> joe, donald trump is now fighting comparisons to adolf hitler and hitler's campaign tactics. trump addressed that on abc. >> yesterday, the mexican president said you are using the same kind of language that ushered in hitler and moose
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leany. does it suggest you should tone down your rhetoric and tactics? >> i have a tremendous following. we want to make america great again. i don't know about the hitler comparison. i hadn't heard that. it's material, i'm not happy about that, certainly, i don't want that comparison. >> he talked about fixing the economy which is broken and duke what the other candidates haven't done in terms of getting past the gridlock and getting things done with the congress. those appeal to voters. he has got democrats willing to cross the lines in some states to support him. that's why he's got some appeal. >> let's move to kasich.
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bill, john kasich's been saying once the primaries get to the midwest, he will do much better, but if trump beats kasich in michigan by a lot, will the calls grow louder for kasich to get out? >> if he did not do well in michigan, you're going to hear a lot of that. he's been picking up support. two candidates gaining support are cruz and kasich. michigan is right next door to his own ohio. he seems determined to stay in the race so that he can win ohio next week. i don't think michigan is the deciding factor, but if kasich can't win his own state of ohio, he's finished. >> can trump knock out cruz in michigan tonight in some ways? >> i'm not sure he can knock him out, because ted cruz that the money that rubio and kasich doesn't to go farther. he can widen his lead over cruz and again show that cruz has an incredibly difficult path to try to get to the nomination with the numbers. he can stay i'm on a glide path
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to get the numbers needed for the nomination, ted cruz simply can't get there. i think you'll see ted cruz and kasich and rubio hang in to be partly of the strategy to deny trump the majority, keep him from getting that majority before the convention. >> speaking of knocking someone out, or someone getting knocked out, let's talk about marco rubio. joe, he seems to be the crown prince of the gop establishment, but he hadn't won very much. what happens if he doesn't win anything tonight? >> if he doesn't win anything tonight that will be more bad news for his campaign. he won some delegates on sunday with the win in puerto rico but he's had a really, really tough time and of course, florida is upcoming next tuesday, that's his home state. he's had a hard time showing that he's winning florida. if he happens top lose florida, which is winner take all next tuesday, it's very, very hard for him to make the case going
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forward that he should be the party nominee. he's managed to come third and fourth in these primaries. >> a lot of people predicting that rubio would get out of race maybe before florida. if he loses florida and gets out of the race, what happens then? who does that help? does that help ted cruz? >> no, i don't think so. it could help. some of them will go to cruz, some to trump, a lot of them that kasich. kasich appeals to the same upscale suburb voter that is marco rubio is trying to get. next week is a really determining primary, because kasich has to win in ohio and rubio in florida, really to stay in the race. for rubio, i think beware the islands of his march, that's next tuesday. if he can't carry his own state, i don't know how he can possibly go on. >> i remember republican officials saying they hope to have a lot of this wrapped up by now and now, you know, under a number of dozen snare es, this
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party seems irreparablably dama. if your a supporter, you say he's enlarging the party, bringing over a lot of crossover democrats. if you're party establishment, you're thinking this is the worse thing ever, because he's doing it through demagoguery. we can't have define the party in the fall. >> hillary clinton and first lady michelle obama will attend first lady nancy reagan's funeral on friday. her most important request was to be laid as close to her
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husband at possible when she is laid to rest. the white house gets ready to reveal the secrets of the drone strike program. why benjamin netanyahu canceled talks with president obama. find fantasy shows.
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with x1 from xfinity. the wheels house said it is about transparency, set to reveal the number of people kid in no one combat zone drone strikes since 2009. the program was dramatically
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expanded by president obama, shrouded in reek secrecy and mired in criticism. >> the white house says the assessment to be released in the coming weeks will provide the first public acknowledgment of how many deaths have come from u.s. drone strikes outside recognized war zones. by one estimate, many thousands of people have been killed by j drones or other airstrikes in recent years. until now, there was no way to know if that number revealed by a member of congress a few years ago was accurate. now the white house is promising to provide a fuller accounting in the name of transparency. >> we know that not only is greater transparency the right thing to do, the best way to maintain the legitimacy of our counter terrorism actions and the broad support of our allies. >> the american civil liberties union which filed a freedom of
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information act lawsuit against the obama administration says the u.s. should not just release the raw numbers of how many were killed, but also the internal memos that supply the legal base for drone strikes. >> i think it matters because what we're talking about here are people that are outside of recognized battle fields. these are places where the united states is not at war in the same way that we've been at war in iraq or afghanistan. these are places where the united states has not engaged at that level. >> after two were killed in pakistan last april, president obama promised to be more for it coming about drone strikes, as well as the protocols used to approve them. >> mistakes, sometimes deadly mistakes can occur. but one of the things that sets america apart from many other nations, one of the things that makes us exceptional is our
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wiliness to confront squarely our jim perfections and to learn from our mistakes. >> but now, almost a year later, the aclu said it still has more questions than answers and says the reality that the u.s. can execute targeted individuals by remote control is something the world hasn't really come to terms with. >> i think this technology is still new, and it's a place where i think our ethical concerns about it, our debate on the morality of it in the country hasn't fully taken place. >> one issue that may be resolved when the numbers come out is the proportion of innocents killed in u.s. drone strikes, the u.s. has strict protocols to limit the potential for civilian casualties ant c.i.a. said a few years back that only a few have those killed were non-combatants but leaked government documents say it accounted be as high as 90 that%. >> that's jami macintyre reporting.
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an american was killed in israeli today. officials say 29-year-old west point graduate taylor forest was stabbed to death when a palestinian attacker went on a rampage. ten others were injured. taylor served in iraq and afghanistan. the suspect was later killed by police. the attack just one of several today as vice president joe biden arrived in israeli for meetings with israeli and palestinian leaders. also today, israeli prime benjamin netanyahu turned down an invitation to meant with president obama later this month. it is the latest snub in an already strained relationship we know two men. mike viqueira reports.
8:25 pm
>> the white house was caught flat fasted in public. it's a breach which protocol, says the president's spokesman on a matter that should have been handled privately. >> i think it's just good manners. >> while the white house said it's not a snub, given the history between the two, few were buying it. >> republicans invited netanyahu to address a joint meeting of congress last march where he asked them to reject the deal mr. obama was negotiating with iran over its nuclear program. >> leaving iran with a vast nuclear program. >> that angered the white house, which turned down an oval office meeting ocean that netanyahu was in the middle of a tough political campaign. and a meeting might be seen as an endorsement. now those who see this as a at
8:26 pm
this time far at that time, netanyahu said a meeting with obama might interfere with the on going u.s. presidential campaign. netanyahu lectured obama in 2011 on israeli security in history. >> it cannot go backs to the 1967. >> tuesday, biden landed in israeli, the latest effort to patch things up. on the table, an agreement on u.s. aid for israeli security, known as the memorandum of understanding. it would mean billions in u.s. military aid over 10 years. greeting elder statesman perez, biden had a message from mr. obama. >> i am delighted to be here. the president sends his greetings be and i -- we have absolute total unvarnished commitment to the security of israeli. >> mike viqueira, al jazeera,
8:27 pm
washington. >> iran has test fired several ballistic miss aisles, vying imposed sanctions this year involving iran's nuclear program. iran said sanctions would not stop iran from developing ballistic missiles. >> our long standing concerns with iran's program have been well chronicles and even earlier this year, the united states put in place sanctions against iran because of their ballistic missile activity. >> the white house press secretary said the move's not a violation of the nuclear agreement with the u.s. but is a worrying development nonetheless. coming up next on the broadcast, the latest primary results tonight from michigan and mississippi, as hillary clinton and donald trump look to extend their delegate lead. the toxic hot spots in one
8:28 pm
of the greenest cities in the u.s., portland, oregon. >> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on, not just in this country, but around the world. getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> ali velshi on target.
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>> our american story is written everyday. it's not always pretty, but it's real... and we show you like no-one else can. this is our american story. this is america tonight. , our top story, the race for president of the united states, polls have already closed in mississippi and at the top of the hour, all the polls will be closed in michigan. david shuster has more. >> lets look at votes coming in from mississippi.
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there's every indication that donald trump is going to win mississippi. it is not official yet. you can see the splits here, only 1% reportling and exit poles need a little more nationals before the associated press officially declares for donald trump. the key thing to watch for mississippi again is the spread. if it is a 56-35 that would indicate that donald trump would get twice as many, 30 delegates in mississippi to ted cruz's 10. the split is going to be important and the again, kasich and rubio would get no delegates because they need to be above the 15% threshold. let's look at the state of michigan. the votes are starting to come in there. donald trump trying to prove he can win not only in the south but industrial midwest. 5% reporting and again, it's fairly close, 35-32. under this scenario, trump, kasich and cruz, of course trump would get the majority of the 59.
8:32 pm
idaho is having a republican primary, a 20% threshold. that would be the results to watch tonight. is it a trump ore cruz battle with the split. of course what is a caucus on the republican side in hawaii, paradise voters going to the polls on the republican side. those results will come in late. on the democratic side, we've declared that hillary clinton, hillary clinton has won the mississippi democratic primary. this was not unexpected and again the split will be important. if ate 3-12, hillary clinton would get 31, 32 of the delegates, bernie sanders only five or six. bernie sanders cannot afford to lose, to have a deficit of 25, 26 delegates in mississippi because it weakens his arguments in states like michigan. there is intriguing news in michigan. democratic officials and there you see bernie sanders with a 4% lead only 5% in. here's the good news for bernie sanders, democrats across the state of michigan are reporting
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record turnout for a democratic primary. in the city of grand rapids, democratic officials saying that they've already exceeded the number of votes in grand rapids than was the case in 2008 when that race was barack obama against hillary clinton. heavy turnout is great for bernie sanders. its looking for a surprise in michigan to make the argument that hillary clinton cannot rest night with the industrial midwest. the biggest problem for bernie sanders we saw because of mississippi, let's suppose this ends up 51-47. bernie sanders would perhaps win michigan with perhaps a delegate edge of 130 but doesn't make up for losing mississippi with a deficit of 20-25 delegates. the map favors hillary clinton in terms of her glide path toward the nomination. the overall vote, here are the numbers going into tonight, hillary clinton 673, bernie sanders 477, again a deficit of 200 delegates and while bernie
8:34 pm
sanders if he wins michigan that would be huge psychologically for his campaign, it doesn't change the fact that making up a 200 delegate deficit at this stage is very difficult because you have to essentially win 55-45, the entire rest of the way in order to make up this deficit. we'll see how this night blaze out. if bernie sanders were to win michigan, that would suggest some vulnerabilities that still exist in hillary clinton's campaign and of course that makes democrats very nervous when they think about her in the general election this fall. >> david, we should explain again, that the polls are closed in all of mississippi at 8:00. they closed at 8:00. they closed in parts of michigan at 8:00, but all of them will close at 9:00 eastern time, so we'll be following that. let me bring our guests back in. i want to talk about mississippi and republicans. ted cruz has been courting the evangelical vote, but we heard
8:35 pm
that the exit polls suggested that there were a lot more evangelicals in mississippi than in michigan. yet it appears that donald trump may win and may win big. does that tell us -- is there any trend here we can account that to? >> well, i think so. i think it really has to do with the economy. i think voters, despite their religious belief are really thinking a lot about their pocket books and donald trump is talking to issues that affect their pocket books, talking about the economy and putting americans back to work and saying he'll make america great again. people are angry about illegal immigration, feeling that illegal immigrants are taking jobs that might belong to american citizens. donald trump is talking about the issues that these voters care about and despite the fact that he may not come across as an evangelical christian,
8:36 pm
evangelical christians are giving him their vote in mississippi. >> you have this big businessman in new york and it looks like he is sweeping the south. how does that work? >> voters are angry. donald trump is getting votes from angry republican voters across the country across all categories. he does best among white voters without a college degree, but he does well even among those with post graduate degrees. any voter who is angry is attracted to donald trump. >> i want to go back to the michigan, the republican results. we only have 5% in, but it is looking like this might be closer than we manual. >> it could and the final polling suggested a 10 or 12-point hillary clinton win. if bernie sanders defies
8:37 pm
expectations and gets a victory there, that would be huge for him, because it would suggest that bernie sanders was able to attract a huge turnout to the democratic side, energize younger voters and those with college education and perhaps start to pull some of the african-americans in michigan to his side, perhaps with his economic argument. >> we're looking at live picture of bernie sanders. where is he? >> he's in florida. >> he's in florida. >> what it does is it may not necessarily ching the trajectory in terms of hillary clinton having the map on her side but fuels more suspicion that maybe there's clear vulnerabilities that hillary clinton has and that bernie sanders, his economic mental, the idea that we have to break up wall street, beak up the biggest banks and some of these trade deals and that's where he's in alignment with donald trump, that has real resonance, especially states like michigan that have seen hundreds of thousands of jobs disappear over the past 20 years. >> i assume that the results we are seeing are in urban areas, in the eastern part, or you
8:38 pm
can't assume? >> you can't assume but when we have the information from democratic officials that turn out on the democratic side, michigan has been across the board heavy. it's been heavy in detroit, in the western part of the state of grand. a rids, especially heavy in ann arbor, even though a lot of michigan students are on their spring break. bernie sanders that found a way to energized voters and michigan democrats in a way that barack obama and hillary clinton were not able to eight years ago. again, democratic officials say that bernie sanders and hillary clinton clinton, this race that brought out more democrats to the polls in this primary than eight years ago. that is bernie sanders secret sauce. he needs that huge turnout in order to do well. >> joe, there was a suggestion that hillary clinton cared more about flint. at least that's when she was playing that she cared more about flint than bernie sanders, that she cared more about the car industry.
8:39 pm
that she cared more about detroit and michigan than bernie sanders. what would an upset for hillary clinton tonight mean for this race? >> well clearly it would show just how powerful, how well organized and inevitable hillary clinton is if the democratic candidate date for president. she's believe up a lead. bernie sanders has done away great job of nursing democrats, especially new, young democratic voters, voters who are angry and feel that the economy is rigged but hillary clinton has just been so powerful. she's really racked up a huge lead, and i think it's going to be hard, no matter what. even if she happens to lose michigan tonight, the math isn't there to say that bernie sanders somehow wins all this. >> in some ways, a win in michigan would give new life to the bernie sanders campaign, and give him a big push, beck's got the money to continue on the way to the convention, right? >> yes, exactly.
8:40 pm
remember this, hillary clinton has rapid herself tightly around barack obama and his record. she was part of his administration and she excuses bernie sanders of being insufficiently respectful and supportive of president obama. she therefore has become the candidate of the status quo. democratic to say want to continue obama policies are voting for hillary clinton. in michigan, a state hurting badly, it's beginning to recover are hurting economically. they've lost so many jobs there. voting against the status quo is what is helping bernie sanders. >> what are the exit polls showing? >> the exit polls suggest that perhaps hillary clinton may have that had something of a very difficult gaffe on sunday night during the last democratic debate. sunday night, hillary clinton claimed falsely that bernie sanders was opposed to the auto bailout. in fact, he was opposed to the tarp bailout and after that, president obama attached the auto bailout funds to it. what happened was never mind the
8:41 pm
specifics. >> that gets very confusing for me and voters. >> when the entire state of michigan, when you have the lead be newspapers, the lead be television stations all as they have been the last 24 hours calling out hillary clinton for a whopper against bernie sanders, what it has done is driven up the dishonesty ratings in the exit polls for hillary clinton. in other words, here at the end, hillary clinton is portrayed at least in the michigan media as saying something dishonest in this case about her opponent regardless of the specifics. that reminds voters about something with hillary clinton that they don't like and that's not the sort of thing that them blaze well at the end of a campaign. >> what are we looking for tonight over the next few hours? >> we're looking to see what happens in terms of these results in michigan, does it hold, is better than sand able to pull out a surprising victory there. donald trump is the phenomenon in every part of this country. is he able to win not only in mississippi but get a victory
8:42 pm
over john kasich in michigan. john saysic had been endorsed by most newspapers. that could send kasich hope. >> lit me interrupt you. the a.p. just called mississippi for donald trump. that is what we expected earlier tonight, but there you see, this is with just 1%, less than 1% have the precincts reporting, 52% to 37% that. if that were to hold a wide margin, that's a wig victory. >> it's a big setback for ted cruz. mississippi republicans, a lot of evangelical's, religious right voters, that should be ted cruz's sweet spot. if donald trump is able to come in and beat ted cruz in the southern states, it makes it very difficult for ted cruz to have a path toward the nomination. >> the exit polls, republicans identified more at evangelicals than in the state of michigan, but also identified as more
8:43 pm
angry than republicans in michigan, as well. >> that's interesting historically, because in michigan, you have the sort of, the eisenhower, romney republicans who believe that there is a role for government. republicans believe there is no role for government whatsoever, government shouldn't do anything except perhaps the social safety nest. it's a different fervor. with that anger, fervor, donald trump has been able to tap into both underscores what a phenomenon he is in this campaign. >> have to argue michigan democrats and republicans have a lot to be angry about. >> they have a lot to be angry about when it comes to the economy and that's when donald trump and bernie sanders, there is as marriage between the two economic messages and we may see that play out with bernie sanders with a strong finish in michigan if the numbers hold up and donald trump able to make the argument that you know all those train deals, nafta, all those trade deals everyone endorsed and said would be helpful to michigan, a lot of
8:44 pm
michigan workers lost their jobs as a result. >> the associated press projects that donald trump will be the winner in mississippi and hillary clinton will be the winner of the primary in mississippi, as well on the democratic side. all right, david, bill, and joe, thank you very much. we'll talk a little bit later. >> in other news, maryland's court of appeals ruled that a baltimore police officer charged in the death of freddie gray must testify against five colleagues. his first trial ended in a hung jury. his lawyer wanted to keep him off the stand until retrial, citing his fifth amendment rights. the state's highest court rejected that argument. new trial dates are set to begin for the five others indicted. now to chicago, and new details in the alleged gang related killing of a 9-year-old boy. police say tyshon's murder was
8:45 pm
more than sinister, it was a targeted assassination. >> the lead state prosecutor in this case said she's never seen a more depraved murder in her 30 year career. this is a story really being told by the suspect himself. of all chicago's recent murders, nothing that touched the city like the killing of 9-year-old tyson lee. 22-year-old doty was charged with firing the fatal shots. chicago media say a jailhouse informant secretly recorded the suspect while he was held on an unrelated charge. >> he also stated that his original plan was to torture this child by kidnapping and cutting off his fingers, and his ears. >> police say the 9-year-old boy's murder was the latest in a
8:46 pm
string of revenge shootings in a gang war. >> he was going to kilogram makes, mothers, and children, and they began going out daily, daily, armed with guns, looking to retaliate. >> police say he set his sights on rival gang member pierre stokes, father of tyshon lee who they found playing in a park in early november. he then asked the child if he wanted to go to the store. when tyshon said he didn't have money, doty said he would by him whatever he wanted. he shot him in an alley point blank. when family members and the community agreed, he apparently bolted. >> i quote, seeing that witch go in his head and shorty, he was like he couldn't take it no more. shorty couldn't take it no more." >> why would you do that to a child? he's completely innocent.
8:47 pm
>> in the neighborhood where the child was killed there is disbelieve. >> like it's unnecessary measures that they're using. we're torturing our own people. >> after weeks of protests over police shootings, some here say it's time to redirect that anger. >> as far as us having all of thieves rallies about police killing our kids, we need to have rallies about we killing each other. >> those three suspects are also accused of gunning down another innocent victim, a woman, just weeks before tyshaun lee was killed. >> portland oregon residents are dealing with the fallout caused by tree moss across the city. the study discovered previously unknown concentration of dangerous heavy metals. we have more from portland. >> in the moist mossy rain belt that is the pacific northwest,
8:48 pm
spring planting usually comes early, but not here, not this year. >> i don't think so. i'm really worried about planting in my guard june health authorities are advisor portland residents not to grow food in areas closest to to two hot spots where moss and air monitors revealed high levels of heavy metals linked to cancer. the sources are two companies that make colored glass and another that manufactures metal parts. regulators say all three companies were operating in compliance with current laws and are revising their processes, officials called the gardening ban a precaution. recent soil tests have come back safe, but jessica apple gate raising two children within a mile of two hot spots is worried. >> i am worried. under the influence tested with high levels of arsonic, dangerously high levels.
8:49 pm
>> port land environmental act visits say the pollution is a regulatory break down by the federal government. scientists sheaf it as a breakthrough in measuring air quality. it all started with this and two forestry researchers who raised the alarm. >> basically, moss is a primitive stand, it has little stems, little leaves, absorbs nutrients from the also mere sort of lining a little sponge. basically pollutants can get accumulated right in the cells of the emotional. >> moss is easy and cheap to collect and test. the researchers say it's a great air monitor and that their method could be applied in many parts of the country. >> the regulation aren't written in terms of micro grams of heavy metal to a kilogram of moss, so you need to confirm these results with air monitors, but we have so few of them, we see our role as pointing the finger and saying this is an area of concern. >> concern is something of an
8:50 pm
understatement. the moss test results has been a stab to the heart of port land said self image of a green eco city. hundreds attended community forums. >> it comes as a shock that this issue has been discovered and then it's been happening for a long time, so i think when it's exposed beyond just the concerns that people have about their children and their garden and their families is really what's been in place or what are are the policy gaps that have allowed this to happen and to continue. >> those policy gaps may not be unique to oregon. >> so that it really took this moss study to identify how much wasn't being tracked. >> in a statement, the environmental protection agency said it has asked regional offices to gather information on similar art glass plants across the country. >> all three identified sources of heavy metals here in portland
8:51 pm
were operating within the letter of the law. now both glass companies have voluntarily agreed to stop using cadmium, arsonic and chromium. >> bullseye also says it plans to install an industrial emissions filter within a month. lawyers won't wait. the class action lawsuit against bullseye was filed this week. catherine barrett, al jazeera, portland, oregon. >> we're going to take a break. before we do, we want to look at the michigan primary results. for the republicans, 13% of the vote reported, 37% for donald trump, 27% for john kasich and 21% for ted cruz and rubio at nine. the democrats, bernie sanders running ahead of hillary clinton with 13% of the vote in, this could be a long night for the democrats. we'll be back right after this, and coming up, aiming for total
8:52 pm
equality, celebrating the success and the struggles on this international women's day.
8:53 pm
8:54 pm
tuesday marks international women's day, a look at women around the world. how does that stack up? we looked around the world. >> from microsoft. to google. >> one day we want to see every girl in school. >> corporations have lined up behind international women's day. >> imagine that we finally make it clear women have a right to make their own health care decisions! >> while there's a good chance america could elect its first female president this year, there is a pronounced gender gap. only 20% of women serve in the senate, about the same in the
8:55 pm
house. just six state governors are women. president obama's cabinet is a boys club. 11 of 15 members of men. the u.s. is still the only industrialized country in the world who's government doesn't provide paid maternity leave. congress passed the amendment which would have guaranteed equality despite gender under the constitution but came up shy for ratification. the u.s. doesn't farewell on the global gender gap index, ranking pay gaps, gender balance in the workforce, health and education. the u.s. came in just 28t 28th believe rwanda, and burundi. change in the u.s. may not be coming as fast as everyone would like but is coming. the number of women in the house, and governs manages have improved. a century back, american women hadn't yet won the right to vote
8:56 pm
but in the last presidential election made up 53% of voters. back with the election results after this.
8:57 pm
>> al jazeera america brings you independent reporting without spin. >> not everybody is asking the questions you're asking me today. >> we give you more perspectives >> the separatists took control a few days ago. >> and a global view. >> now everybody in this country can hear them. >> getting the story first-hand. >> they have travelled for weeks, sometimes months. >> what's your message then? >> we need help now. >> you're watching al jazeera america. , everyone. david shuster is here again. >> mississippi has gone with donald trump on the republican side, with hillary clinton on the democratic side. no surprise there, but fascinating, something of a
8:58 pm
surprise in both parties in michigan, donald trump if you look at the results now with about 14, 15% in is up double digits in terms of the percentage of the raw vote. this was a race that was supposed to be much closer with john kasich. donald trump is showing he can win in the saw the and perform well in the upper industrial midwest. bernie sanders economic message about bad trade deals has clearly resonated. he is giving hillary clinton an even race in michigan. that pour tends perhaps bad news for the democrats in the hillary clinton versus donald trump battle in the fall, suggesting that donald trump's economic message could have some resonance in a place like michigan. >> david, thank you. that's our broadcast. we'll see you tomorrow. david will be back, right after this.
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