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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 9, 2016 9:30am-10:01am EST

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pumping the adrenaline. >> indonesia uses the total eclipse to promote tourism. next year, on august 21, it's the united states' turn to be amazed. there's lots more on our website, get the latest on all the stories we're following there. a pivotal night for a race in the white house. donald trump tightens his grip on the republican nomination. >> go ahead and shoot me, put the laser right there, put the bullet through the head. >> under scrutiny, the f.b.i. investigates its own in the fatal standoff with oregon occupier finnegan. ♪ legendary music producer
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george martin dies. this is al jazeera america live from new york city, i'm stephanie sy. this morning, bernie sanders is celebrating a big upset in the presidential race. he took about 50% have the vote, beating hillary clinton in michigan despite every poll showing clinton with a double digit lead going into that contest. clinton did win mississippi and picked up delegates in michigan, as well. she still holds a commanding lead in the delegate count. for the republicans, donald trump had a big night with wins in michigan, mississippi and hawaii. al jazeera's david shuster begins our covering. >> with the swagger of a conquering hero, donald trump claimed the michigan and mississippi primaries by double digits, defying his challengers and the anti-trump republican establishment. >> i don't think i've ever had so many horrible, horrible things said about me in one
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week. $38 million worth of horrible lies, but that's ok. it shows you how brilliant the public is. >> trump thanked his supporters who were not swayed by an all out attack against him led by former presidential candidate mitt romney coming into tuesday's primaries. >> every single person, we started off with 17, we're down to four. of the four, they're pretty much all gone. ok? pretty much. they didn't do so well tonight, folks. i'm not going to say anybody didn't do well, they didn't do well. there's only one person who did well tonight, donald trump, i'll tell you. >> no one had a worse night than marco rubio, the favorite candidate of the republican establishment. rubio walked away empty handed, finishing last in mississippi and michigan, in the single
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digits, despite help from romney. >> i'm calling on behalf of marco rubio. >> on the democratic side, a huge upset, hillary clinton saw her double digit lead in michigan evaporate, bernie sanders took the state with just over 50% of the vote. >> what tonight means is that the bernie sanders campaign, the people's, the revolution, people's revolution that we are talking about, the political revolution that we are talking about is strong in every part of the country, and frankly, we believe that our strongest areas are yet to happen. >> clinton, though, pulled off a decisive win in mississippi with more than 80% of the vote there, and she still leads the overall delegate count by a wide margin. idaho voters turned in their votes for ted cruz in the hawaii caucuses, republican's favorite donald trump. with three more states in the trump column and momentum on his side, donald trump had a message for those in his party looking to take him out.
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>> i say let's come together, folks, we're going to win. i say let's come together. >> david shuster, al jazeera. >> let's go live to bisi onile-ere in detroit. a lot of attention on trump, but sanders win in michigan, a big surprise. what drove reporters to the polls as far as issues? >> good morning, stephanie. there are a lot of issues that drove voters to the polls, one being poverty, jobs loss, as well as clean water. a lot of focus over the past couple months has been on flint, michigan, both bernie sanders and hillary clinton have spent time there addressing flint's toxic water. it was tainted with lead about nearly two years ago, and it's just enough getting national attention, and next week, the governor of the state will testify before members of congress about what went wrong. considering that the polls had the hillary clinton leading during the majority of this
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time, a lot of people here were stunned by the results, but bernie sanders made it very clear a few days ago that if there was a high voter turnout here in michigan that he had a good chance of winning michigan. more than 2 million people cast ballots yesterday, breaking a record that was set back in 1972, so clearly big wins, huge victories for both donald trump and bernie sanders. >> the sanders campaign did spend a lot of money in michigan. who came out in support of sanders? >> a lot of young voters came out to support bernie sanders. just to put it into perspective, clinton talked about as you mentioned, that bernie sanders invest add lot of money here in michigan, and her campaign didn't do that as much. what is also interesting is that hillary clinton, she attracted a lot of the black vote, and also,
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bernie sanders was able to narrow that gap, and just because sanders won michigan here doesn't guarantee a lock for the democratic nomination. it's important to note that although he won, he's projected to get about 65 delegates and clinton 58 delegates here in michigan, but she still leads by 200 delegates. clearly still a lot of work to do for the sanders campaign. >> michigan has that proportional awarding of delegates. on the republican side, john kasich put a lot of hopes on doing well in michigan, marco rubio, as well. what's next for those candidates? >> i talked to political analysts before yesterday's primary. they told me that michigan was really a must-win state for ohio governor john kasich. he came in second for the majority of the evening but knocked down to third. he addressed supporters last night saying he is not throwing in the tall just yet.
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he has a sight set on winning ohio next week. as for rubio, political analysts said that last night wasn't a good turnout for him, so it's likely that his campaign days are trailed. back to you. >> bisi onile-ere live for us in detroit, thank you. earlier we spoke with jeannie zano. she said last night will make the department race tighter. >> i don't think right now they are setting themselves up for a fractured convention because they have enter delegates and that is partly of the math. they are not popular, but they are the vast majority for hillary clinton. they could change their mind. that's part of the math and it's difficult to imagine that he could catch up at this point, unless she has some kind of catastrophe in her campaign and
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certainly something like that could happen. >> i want to go back to what you just said about the general election. if the presumptive nominees at this point are trump and clinton, does it bowed ill for clinton that trump and sanders both did well in a state like michigan with populace messages about the economy anti free trade protectist messages? >> it is a huge challenge for her. i think this is where she really has to be wary of donald trump because the nominee versus a ted cruz, because he is playing to that same base with the same populaced message. if he does well in the rust belt and he very well could, that could pose a significant challenge to her. >> all right, so next tuesday will be another super tuesday of sorts. five states will hold both democratic and republican primary contests and all five have a considerable number of delegates. voters in florida, ohio, illinois, north carolina and missouri cast ballots march 15.
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800 delegates are up for grabs for the democrats, 350 for the republicans. today the public will get their first chances to goodbye to nancy reagan. viewings start in a few hours at the reagan library in california and continue until tomorrow. her funeral is friday. mrs. reagan wanted to be buried as close as possible to her husband. jennifer london has more. >> it was nancy reagan's wish to be laid to rest alongside her husband here, at the ronald reagan presidential library. before the private funeral on friday, the public will have a chance to honor and say their final goodbye to the former first lady. >> she will lay in repose in the closed casket in the reagan library. >> this morning, the casket will arrive here at the library. every detail has been meticulously planned by the first lady herself.
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>> everything from the actual pal bearers walking with the casket to the family members and people participating in the ceremony, they are hollywood people, they are government people, they are friends of the family, to the people who actually invited, the flowers, so we know we are carrying out her wishes. >> as the nation prepares to say goodbye, her life and legacy is especially significant here in california. from the movie studios in hollywood to the state capital in sacramento. nancy lady was a first lady long before she arrived in washington. new details in the killing of an armed protestor from oregon. his wife accuses the f.b.i. of a cover up. the f.b.i. and police insist that isn't the case.
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>> the f.b.i. has released video from inside of the truck of finecum. >> go ahead and shoot me. >> he was the spokesman for the armed protestors in oregon earlier this year. the new video, synchronized with overhead video shows him goading them before reaching twice for a concealed handgun. >> i have concluded all six shots fired, the three into the truck and three that struck him are justified. >> but their reports list a total of eight shots fired on january 26. oregon police say the other two came from f.b.i. guns, as he stepped from his truck. >> go ahead and shoot me. >> those shots missed him.
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the justice department is investigating why the f.b.i. didn't list the shots on their report. >> i can assure you that no one, the director of the f.b.i. found that each an everyone employee who was working in harney county wanted the situation to end in violence or death. >> it was an ambush involving a road block on a blind curve along a lonely stretch of highway, a dead man's blockade. my husband was murdered intentionally and deliberately and with malice. >> she disputes that he reached for a loaded gun. >> he was walking with his hands in the air, a symbol of surrender, when he reached down to his left, he was reaching to the pain of having been shot. >> the justice department probe is reportedly focused on five so far unnamed f.b.i. agents. john henry smith, al jazeera. a man wanted in the shooting of an idaho pastor has been arrested outside the white house. the secret service arrested kyle andrew odom last night. he was throwing objects over the
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white house fence. he is a former marine. he is accused of shooting pastor tim remington six times outside his church in idaho. remington is in the hospital recovering from his injuries. >> more severe weather could hit texas as the state tries to recover from deadly storms on tuesday. there was lightning flashes and a tornado destroyed some homes. at least one person was killed near houston and several others hurt across the state. texas is not the only place that could see severe storms today. let's bring in search corriveau for more on that. >> a a lot of the states that had the rain, had the flooding, had the severe weather, same places today unfortunately. let's take a look at the radar. you can see all the areas of green, very heavy rainfall, but we're also picking up these lines of thunderstorms and right now, we do have problems with severe weather. first of all, i want to show you all of the flood damage that we have seen. wait until you see these green dots up towards northeastern
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texas, northwestern louisiana where the flooding has been worse. some locations have seen over 1. we are looking at tornado warnings along the border of the accident and louisiana as well as down the coast. we talked about the severe weather threat for wind, as well as hail. i do expect this to continue in some locations actually expand in terms of the severe weather towards the rest of the day. in terms of flooding, though, this is going to be an ongoing problem. right now, we have particularly flash flood warnings in effect as well as down towards corpus christi and those are new because of the very heavy rain across the region. towards the weekend, we do expect to see more heavy rain. if we add what we had previously to what we are expected to receive, we could easily see over 22-inch it is of rain, particularly here in parts of louisiana and we know what that means, even hope to the rain is going to stop this weekend, the flooding is going to continue all the way through next week.
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>> that is a persistent system we are talking about. kevin corriveau, thank you very much. >> repairing the relationship. vice president biden meets with benjamin netanyahu in israeli. north korea's leader makes new claims over the countries nuclear program, including miniature warheads.
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vice president joe biden is in israel this morning for talks
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with israeli and palestinian leaders, but his trip has been marred by violence. as israeli police shot dead two palestinian drivers after the men opened fire on a bus in east jerusalem, speaking this morning alongside the prime, biden said the violence must end. >> this cannot become an accepted modus operandi. this cannot be viewed by civilized leaders as an appropriate way in which to behave, even if it appears to enure to the benefit of one side or the other. there was violence in the west bank as well where a palestinian was shot dead after attempting to stab an israeli soldier. al jazeera has more from jerusalem. >> two palestinian men were shot near a checkpoint that went up on tuesday. that was after reports that at least one of them had tried to attack a member of the israeli border police. we're now hearing that one of
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those palestinians has died of his wounds and he's been named locally as a 16-year-old, a teenager from the occupied west bank. not long before that, that incident in occupied east jerusalem, what happened first of all was that two palestinians traveling in a car fired towards an israeli bus, no one was hurt in that incident, but the israeli police gave chase and during that chase, the palestinians then fired at a jewish israeli and actually wound that had person before being shot dead by the israeli police. on tuesday, there were incidents, not just in occupied east jerusalem but in other parts in israel itself, including notably in the port city of jaffa outside tel-aviv
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where a man committed several stabbings before being shot, a palestinian attacker responsible for several different incidents. one of this is victims, an american tourist, died of his wounds. that happened just down the road from where u.s. vice president joe biden was holding a conference with the former president of israel perez, after he just landed in the country. >> the u.s. has condemned the stabbing attack that left an american visiting israel dead. taylor forest was a retired army officer who had served in iraq and afghanistan. he was with a group of students and staff members in israel to study global entrepreneurship. professor waxman told me earlier in our is a bad time to try to restart the israeli-palestinian peace process. >> there is no peace process, there's no trust between the two
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sides. there's a great deal of animosity. this is one of the lowest points there has been in recent years between two sides, so any kind of talk coming out at the white house about trying to resurrect negotiations or move the process forward, given the ongoing violence really seems like completely removed from reality. every president seem to be attracted by the idea of trying to achieve the impossible, trying to resolve this long and bitter process between the palestinians. obama is no different. he's going to try to really unilaterally through the united nations or making his own speech to do something at least. he doesn't need netanyahu's cooperation on this. clearly, you know, netanyahu's relationship with obama is not good, they've had seven years now with squabbles and slides and misunderstandings. i think the leaders around interested in trying to repair that relationship. i think the fact that biden is
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in israel and there are on going talks about a new american defense package indicates whatever the relationship is between obama and knelt net, the underlying relationship between the united states and israel remains strong. >> waxman said if the president tries to move on the peace pros in the coming months, it could backfire and hurt the democrats in the upcoming presidential election. one of israel's biggest concerns has been iran's nuclear program. iran fired two nor ballistic missiles, defying a u.s. threat of new sanctions against the country. iran's revolutionary guard fired missiles and tuesday, saying they are kind to hit israel. earlier this year, the u.s. sanctioned businesses and individuals linked to the missile prom over a test conducted last october. >> our long standing concerns with iran's bliss still missiles program have been well chronicled and even earlier this year, the united states put in place sanctions against iran because of their bliss system
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missile activity. >> the white house says the tests are not a violation of the nuclear agreement with the u.s. but are worried. a republican guard commander said sanctions will not stop tehran from developing ballistic missiles. >> new threat from north korea leader kim jong-un, saying his country miniaturized warheads that can be mounded on ballistic missiles. he has called for his military to get ready to strike first. >> the statements by kim jong-un have apparently been made during a visit by the north korean leader to see work on his country's nuclear program, meeting with scientists and technicians. it's accompanied by a photograph being carried in the main north korean newspaper showing kim with that appears to be the device in question. kim is being quoted as saying that his country now has the technology to minimize a nuclear warhead and put it on top of a ballistic missile.
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these claims are not new and treated with skepticism by south korea and the united states. they believe north carolina's technology is not there yet. north korea does now seem to be recycling their claims. this is a time of heightened tensions on the korean peninsula. we have the sanctions imposed by the u.n., unilateral sanctions from south korea and of course beginning this week, military exercises between south korea and the united states, so this does seem to be the latest response to all of that from north korea. >> rob mcbride reporting from seoul. in january, north korea carried out a nuke test claiming to have set off a miniaturized hydrogen bomb. experts say the blast from that test was too small to back up the report. still to come:
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♪ >> the man behind the music, a look back at the life and legacy of beatles producer, george martin.
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>> am son is promises a big delivery, blue origin expects to launch humans into space next year. it has been competing with space x to be the first to do it. there wasn't be paying customers, but thousands of possible space travelers have expressed interest.
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beatles fans are mourning the man behind their sound, producer george martin dead at the age of 90. martin's impact on the beatles and music word was profound. >> george martin became known as the fifth beatle, a producer who signed the original fab four in 1962 at a time when many other british labels has passed, he was behind two dozen number one singles in the u.s. and 30 in the u.k. martin suggested the beatles replace their studio drummer with ringo starr and ringo shared the news of martin's death via twitter. lenny kravitz to david cameron also took to social media to commemorate martin. he was born in london and grew up playing piano. after serving in the royal navy, he chose the industry as his career, first working for the bbc and then becoming a producer. he was also a composer.
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he conducted the string section for eleanor rigby and suggested strings be added to yesterday. >> when we did it, paul scribbled on it, he said i've got my name on it, this is it, here. he wrote on it, on the top here, by paul mccartney, john lennon, george martin, esquire, and mozart, just his reference that it was kind of a classical piece of music. >> the song became one of the most covered of all time. martin produced for other artists, ella fitzgerald, carly simon and elton john. he was knighted by the queen in 1996 and inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in 1999. thanks for watching, the news continues next live from doha. have a great day.
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>> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ hello, welcome to the news hour. this is al jazeera live from doha. here is what is coming up in the next 60 minutes. no hope in sight. more bad news for refugees stuck in greece and slovenia introduces new border restrictions. you never need to doubt that the united states of america has israel's back. >> vice president joe biden meets with benjamin netenyahu in west jerusalem.