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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 11, 2016 9:30am-10:01am EST

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how around 3 million careens have felt the need to go through it. rob mcbride, al jazeera, seoul. there is lots more on our website, from critic to comrade, dr. ben carson saying he endorses donald trump. dishonorable discharge, two top executives losing their job over a scandal in the wounded warrior project. in texas, more rain on the way. ings this is aljazeera america
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live in new york city. i'm del walters. donald trump's presidential bid receiving another boost this morning just moments ago, dr. ben carson announced that he took was endorsing trump. >> it's not about me. it's not about mr. trump. it's about america and this is what we have to be thinking about. i have found in talking with him that, you know, there's a lot more alignment philosophically and spiritually than i ever thought that there was. >> carson's announcement coming a week after he suspended his own campaign and could give trump a leg up with evangelicals who heavily supported the retired neurosurgeon. michael shure is live in miami. how significant this endorsement for trump going into next week's primaries? >> it is very important. you heard the word spiritually come out of ben carson's mouth. that's exact lip the message donald trump wants voters to
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hear, evangelical voters. voters in florida, he wants them to hear he is ok spiritually. when you sling as much mulled as he has over the course of this campaign, it's very tough to undo that. these are tweets he sent over the course of this campaign, ben carson said in his own book that he has a pathological torture, wanting to hit his mother on the head with a hammer, don't people get it, things like that are tough to come around. the fact that ben carson is coming into donald trump's corner is bad news for ted cruz. last night, donald trump tried to take control of the debate by not doing what he's done so much. >> unlike previous republican debates, characterized by personal attacks and discord, thursday's debate in miami featured an intense discussion of the economy, education and
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foreign policy. the first question of the night went to governor john kasich on whether his support of trade deals was undermining the middle class. kasich played up his blue collar roots. >> my position has been we wanted to have free trade but fair trade. when people cheat, when countries cheat and they take advantage of us, we need to blow the whistle. >> the candidates differ on the issue of social security. >> my children would retire at 70, i would retire at 68. >> i want to make america great again and leave social security as is. when we get rid of waste, fraud and abuse. >> donald trump was challenged on the numbers, saying they don't add up. >> let's get rid of fraud and abuse and be more careful how we spent foreign aid. you have hundreds of billions of dollars of did he have fit to make up. cruz suggesting trump has a history of giving money to both sides. >> if you have a candidate who
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has been funding liberal democrats and funding the washington establishment, it's very hard to imagine how often suddenly this candidate is going to take on washington. >> trumps response. >> we're all in this together. we're going to come up with solutions. we're going to find be the answers to things and so far, i cannot believe how civil rights been up here. >> naturally, being in miami, the conversation drifted to diplomatic relations with cuba. miami is home to the largest cuban american population in the country. both cruz and rubio of are cuban descent. asked about president obama's decision to renew diplomatic ties with the caribbean nation, the candidate spoke up. >> cuba and its regime helped north korea evade u.n. sanctions. >> trump was questioned by cnn mod rater jake tapper about
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recent incidents of violence at his rallies. trump said he did not condone the behavior. >> people come with tremendous passion and love for the country and when they see protests in some cases, you're mentioning one case, i heard about it, which i don't like, but when they see what's going on in this country, they have anger that's unbelievable. >> with the possibility of a brokered convention looming, trump painted a primary process he said boiled down to ted cruz and himself. >> i'm going to have the delegates, ok? i think. let's see what happens. i think that whoever gets the most delegates should win. that's what i think. >> if you're one of the 65, 70% of republicans who raises if we nominate donald trump, hillary wins, that's why the media wants him to be the nominee so much. if you recognize that, i want to have it you if you've supported other candidates, come and join us. >> the next big republican
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primaries are tuesday. >> marco rubio in front of his home crowd had probably his best debate. many wonder if it was too little too late. trump supporters not exactly known for liking it when he turns the other cheek. did that civil tone last night in the debate help or hurt donald trump? >> it's hard to say. nothing he has done had hurt himself. there have been debates where he has been a little quieter, a little less rambunctious and those debates haven't hurt him either. it's hard to say whether or not this will. as long as he stays the course, things have been going pretty well for donald trump. >> michael, thank you very much. >> also dr. ben carson's endorsement of donald trump coming at a time when the opposition is growing louder and rowdier. a growing number of protestors showing up at the rallies and not all have been peaceful.
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al jazeera's david shuster has more. >> get him the hell out of here, will you please? >> after those angry words from donald trump, there is now more evidence of angry deeds by his fans. the latest came wednesday in north carolina. on the right, watch the man with the red sleeves, brown hat and ponytail. >> oh! >> following the sucker punch, police handcuffed and removed the african-american protestor who had been hit. >> kill, kill, kill, you ain't got to gab home like that. >> police charged the attacker for assault, an unpop jettic man. >> so he deserved it? >> every bit of it. yes, he deserved it. the next time we see him, we might have to kill him. >> the episode is just the latest trump event that has been marked by violence. trump faithful have literally dragged protestors and cursed
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and spit on them. the gop front runner has not exactly been quick to criticize the clashes. >> you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of them, would you no. >> the guards are walk them out, with a high five, laughing, i'd like to punch him, i'll tell you. >> critics say his tone is frightening especially for calls at recent rallies of loyalty pledges. >> raise your right hand. i do solemnly swear. >> trumps campaign said it helps his security team identify potential trouble makers. a holocaust survivor said the pledge mirror mirrors the nazi e and is gusting. >> president obama fired back.
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>> i have been blamed by republicans for a lot of things, but being blamed for their primaries and who they're selecting for their party is novel. >> the president insisted that trump is the product of the republican base and conservative media outlets who have insisted that any compromise with the democratic administration is a betrayal. >> what i'm not going to do is to validate some notion that the republican crack up that's been taking place is a consequence of actions that i've taken. >> david shuster, al jazeera. >> hillary clinton taking a
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break from campaigning today. she will be at nancy reagan's funeral. in florida on thursday, she said it doesn't matter to her which republican she faces in november. bernie sanders facing rallies in tampa and gainesville hoping for an upset win that in state. he tells crowds that he's getting the same feeling in michigan when he defeated clinton. >> first lady michelle obama going to be at nancy reagan's funeral today. thousands of people have been filing past her casket over the past two days. she will be buried next to her late husband. it could be another day before the rain that soaked the south for much of the week lets up. five people now dead across the region. a state of emergency is in effect for parts of louisiana. we have the story from new orleans. >> from louisiana to texas to tennessee, much of the south is
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under several feet of water after days of heavy rain. forecasters say the rain may not let up until this weekend. northwestern louisiana was one of the hardest-hit places. drone video shows water inundating neighborhoods near shreveport. thousands of people were told to leave their homes. those who stayed had to use boats to get around. >> roadways are completely flooded. you can't see any of the signage, basically feeling your way through high water. >> for rents of water swept cars and trucks off highways. louisiana's governor called up the national guard to help dozens of residents and motorists stranded. across the region, authorities say dozens of people and animals had to be rescued. >> this was an event that kind of sneaks up on you. as fast and as much rain came down at one time, you're really
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not proactive for, you kind of become reactive to it. >> heavy rains and streams were sent flowing over their banks. in louisiana, finish were swimming in the streets and heavy rain caused this landslide in memphis. with roads in many parts of the south flooded, in some places, schools closed. communities are trying to keep the water at bay and people are doing their best to cope because it could be several days before the region dries out. jonathan martin, al jazeera, new orleans. >> you are not supposed to see fish swimming on the streets, so it is going to end? >> eventually, but it's going to take one or two days before this is over. the broad picture, this was attached to a frontal boundary, the northern end of this kept moving. the northeast is drying out through the day today and you can kind of see how that pushed off. the southern end went more stationery and then on the tail of this, you can kind of pick it out, a little spin over the
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accident, very low pressure redeveloped. what that means is not only the boundary kept that moisture in place but now this and the flow around the low is reintensifying that moisture. it has been a very wet couple of days. widespread looking at reports, arkansas through mississippi through louisiana, widespread areas have gotten rain. the red means you already had the flooding going and through the next 24 hours, you can see the core where we'll get more rain. this continues through dade and we get little breaks possibly into tomorrow, but it's really not until sunday that we start to see more of this left out, so we have a lot still left to go. rivers rising, as well, so it will be a while before we get out of this. warm air ahead of this, it's less into new york like with the front going through but that's
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just because the front went through, still in the 60's, way above average. >> it has been a busy weather year, nicole, that you can very much. >> when we come back with spending scandal for the wounded warrior projects. there are reports the that arty squandered millions of dollars. 18 elephants taken out of a drought ridden part of africa. an activist says the u.s. is not the right home for them.
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>> "inside story" takes you beyond the headlines, beyond the quick cuts, beyond the soundbites. we're giving you a deeper dive into the stories that are making our world what it is.
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>> there are new developments in the search for malaysian airlines flight 370. a south african man saying his son might have found a piece of the missing jet on a beach in mozambique. not sure if that was where another piece of debris was found two weeks ago. the family found it in december but didn't call authorities. the flight vanished on its way from kuala lampur to beijing two years ago, 239 on a board. the fate of a controversy education bill now in the hands of virginia's governor to prevent kids from reading sexual content in school books. some say the measure threatens public school education and could lead to classic literature being banned, the governor nat saying whether he will sign the bill. there is a big shakeup at the wounded warrior charity amid
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spending too much on travel and luxury hotels and not on the veterans themselves. >> i felt broken. i thought that i was going to take my life. >> there's a good chance you see their ads, often starring celebrities. >> i want to tell you about these true american heroes and how you can show your thanks by helping them through wounded warrior project. >> that organization that taken in millions of donation dollars since forming in 2003, but facing allegations of misuse of those donations, the c.e.o. and c.o.o. have been fired. the group has been plagued by low ratings from charity watch organizations. one says it spent 60% or less on veterans, the rest towards overhead, including $2.2 million
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in salary for the group's top 11 executives, another $32 million spent in 2014 on fundraising. scrutiny for the wounded warrior project intensified earlier this year when "the new york times" and cbs shared stories from former employees. they spoke of lavish spending on travel and parties, including a $3 million team building trip to a colorado resort. >> donors don't want you to have a $2,500 bar tab or fly staff members to a five star resort and whoop it up. >> veterans are tabbed to serve as temporary c.e.o. the son of a former top commander in iraq and army chief of staff will fill the position. there is growing anger tailed at three american zoos, all three secretly flying a group of 18 elephants out of
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swaziland. conservatives say it is cruel and outdated but zoo officials say they did so because of a drought threatening the elephants and the u.s. fish and wildlife service said the elephants were going to be killed. joyce pool is the founder of elephant voices. she studies animals in the wild and joins us from kenya via skype. thanks for being with us this morning. first of all, in your opinion, what is the real situation on the ground in kenya, are these elephants in dang officer. >> no, they are not. there are places where elephants are being approached, but it is much safer here in the wild than it is in captivity. >> so with reward to the elephants, why are they being removed? >> well, the zoos will say it's unsafe in africa. the zoos will say that there is a drought and the elephants had to be killed, but that's a lot of misinformation as far as i'm concerned. >> there is always the argument
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that people in zoos don't care for the animals as much as people in the wild care for the animals. are you saying that this is being done because they don't care for the well being of the elephants as opposed to that they are trying to remove them because they truly believe these elephants are in danger? >> i think people looking after elephant in captivity care for those elephants but many don't understand elephants. they see the animals that they have held captive and think those animals are behaving normally, when they're not, so they may believe that they're helping these animals, but they're not. they're now doomed to impoverished lives in captivity where they're splitting up families when there were other alternatives for those elephants. >> you are a friend of the lawsuit in this case. one of the thing that jumped out was this language, if the zoos
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succeed, they will be removing more than one third of all the remaining elephants in swaziland, leaving behind 21 with that how much of this is on the shoulders of the government? >> oh, a lot. the government of swaziland or the country has no business i think having elephants if they don't have space for them or if they're going to cram them into a small area. there is more space available or elephants in other parts of africa and in swaziland. those elephants were or fans from a cull in southern africa and they didn't have business taking them if they weren't able to care for them. this is the second time that they are shipping elephants off to willing zoos in the states, you know, and it's just, they're basically breeding elephants for zoos. >> so if there were a perfect world, what would that perfect world be for you?
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>> if there were a perfect world, those elephants would have been sent back to other countries in africa to lead a wildlife, not sent to zoos. basically elephants should not be in zoos. we should either take the remaining elephants in zoos in the united states and put them in much larger spaces, in sanctuaries, but certainly not bringing in anymore. right now, china is trying to bring in 200 baby elephants from zimbabwe. now the u.s. has set a great example for them. >> joyce pool joining us from kenya via skype, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> when we come back, depicting the donald, the man who is now using art, taking aim at donald trump.
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>> it is no secret that donald trump has dominated the political scene, his style at times being over the top. now artists are using trump as a canvas for satire. we have this report. >> chicago based street artist jacob tomas is putting finishing touches on his latest work. >> i'm using acrylic, silk screens. >> it is a pop art rendition of marilyn monroe, but the pucker is unmistakable. >> i've paired it with pop art.
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>> it was this moment that pushed him to draw his first work of trump, he called it the bat trump. >> i created this illustration of him as batman and from there, the ideas kept coming to me and the basic concept behind the whole thing is if people are laughing at him, then they're not taking him serious as a presidential candidate. >> images depicting him as richy rich, even hitler. >> it's just the kind of stuff that comes out of his mouth is just scaring me and it kind of feels like this is how it started with hitler. >> the crown jewel of the collection is actually a porcelain throne. >> the inspiration is he lies about everything he's saying and basically is full of [bleep]
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>> donald trump j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. >> people were upset and shocked, but people weren't that angry. it was kind of confusing to me. they were like no, no, he's just funny, he's so crazy, no one's taking him seriously. i'm like actually, he just said like the most vicious hate speech that he could, making us feel as though we might be the japanese back in the 1950's in the u.s. or like theees were treated in nazi germany. >> muslim actor created a mockumentary about his daughter. >> if trump supporters are white evangelical muslim haters, then the one thing donald trump
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cannot say he loves isthmus limbs. he can't say oh, it's so great that a muslim woman is satirically playing my muslim daughter, oh, it's great, it's true. he can't say that. >> both are drawing attention to the man they fear could be president but fear it is worse to not speak out at all. amazing images our argentina to show you. it's a big chunk of the glacier northern as the white giant. it collapsed at 3,000 people watched. it's created as the glacier grows and cuts off part of a lake. every fewer or five years, the ice dam collapses. it last happened in 2012. it happened that time in the middle of the night. thanks for watching, the news continues live from doha, next.
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>> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ hello, welcome to the news hour. i'm in doha and these are some of the stories we're covering in the next 60 minutes. south sudan government denies ordering its soldiers to commitment atrocities which are detailed in a disturbing u.n. report. tens of thousands gather to hear a powerful iraqi cleric push on for his demands for a political overhaul. five years on,