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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  March 13, 2016 12:00am-12:31am EST

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syria's government says it will be attending talks to end the war but sets preconditions. welcome to al jazeera. coming up in the next half hour, venezuela's opposition starts its campaign to oust the president. aid for taiz in yemen after government forces take back parts of city besieged by houthi fighters. a new reality tv in sudan to
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help entrepreneurs to get their businesses off the ground syria's foreign minister has confirmed that the government will be attending talks in geneva on monday. there are some preconditions. his delegates will only wait for 24 hours and then head home if the opposition doesn't show up. he is also rejecting calls for presidential elections to be held within the next 18 months. the place of bashar al-assad has been the main obstacle previously. james bays has the latest >> reporter: both main sides say they're coming to geneva for the talks. the confirmation from the government come from the deputy prime minister and foreign minister at a news conference in damascus, but he made it clear the role of president bashar al-assad was not up for discussion.
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>> translation: we are adamant on holding the integrity and sovereign ultimately of syria as one state. at least this is what has been reiterated by the international documents released, including those released in an attempt to resolve the situation in syria. >> reporter: those comments have angered the opposition. they have made it clear there should be no preconditions for the talks. staffan de mistura says he hopes to get to the substantive shs on day one. >> in concrete, we can say that when we started talks in earnest, in other words, the substantive talks on the 14th, we will have some preparatory meetings before that, we will be able to at least tell everyone this is happening, therefore, one is not enough and we need to
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push further, and, two, now we can concentrate on the real agenda, what is it? the political process. what is that? well, it is a new governance that is a very carefully chosen word in vienna to conclude something completely different in terms of what we're having at the moment. second, a new constitution, not the old preach approach and, they're, new elections with u.n. supervision >> reporter: the stage is set for an important day on monday. the first day of this round of talks and they're going to discuss the crunch issues, the future governance of syria the syria's main negotiator insists that bashar al-assad must leave before the syrian conflict can be roefld. resolved.
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we consider that the bashar al-assad situation should be considered and he should not be in power all parties have been called to negotiate. >> reporter: rebels say they're taking villages from government allied forces. earlier in the week people in aleppo said they have been hit by government air strikes. >> translation: military aeroplanes launched air strikes after prayers. >> reporter: people felt safe enough to come out onto the streets once again in idlib. there have been protests against the government since the
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ceasefire began. on friday crowds came out in support of an fsa commander. >> translation: we are here to serve you, the syrian people are king and the jewel on the crown. you are the true masters. you are our leaders. this land is ours. [technical difficulties]
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particularly amid an economic crisis. >> reporter: these are the
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streets of down town city today. there is a decree that rules that venezuela is a threat to the national security. these were those same streets when the late chavas was still in power. it was a time of plenty. funned by record high oil prices, a time when the larger than life leader was making the calls. today the country is ranked as one of the worst managed economies in the world. food sold at regulated prices is hard to come by and for some even harder to pay for. >> translation: people are not going to these marches because they're standing in line outside shops hoping to find food. if you march you can't get food for your children. >> reporter: in this oil rich nation protesting has become a luxury. a couple of years ago this avenue right behind me would have become what was known here
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as the red tied with hundreds of thousands of supporters attending their leader's call to defend the revolution. in the area of the city where the opposition was holding its rallies, it was no different. just like it is no different today at the twin march that the opposition has called to demand the president resign. >> translation: i came thinking this was going to be huge, but there was a very poor turn out. maybe it is because the media is controlled by the government and people know about it. >> reporter:-- people don't know about it. >> reporter: street presentations has been a part of the landscape for decades. a lack of unified membership, a memory of police depression, and the economic situation has left people feeling powerless and unable to seek out change peacefully to the u.s. where republican presidential candidate marco
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rubio has won the caucus vote in the capital of washington dc. his rival donald trump has changed the location for his ohio rally on sunday due to security concerns. >> reporter: back on the campaign trail but towards the end of his event in ohio a moment of concern for the republican front runner. aat presents that someone tried to get on stage. donald trump quickly surrounded by secret service. >> thank you for the warning. i was ready for them, but it's much easier if the cops do it. >> reporter: this week has seen an event in chicago where it was cancelled after hundreds of protesters got into the hall as people began to file out. several fights broke out. police cleared the hall and
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there was violence outside with five people arrested and two police officers injured. donald trump insists he doesn't need to change his tone. >> mr trump should get up and this morning tell his people to be nice. my people are nice, folks. >> reporter: donald trump was said not to be blameless. >> we should not have a threat of violence, without anger and rage and hatred directed at each other >> donald trump has created a toxic environment and a toxic envoirnt has allowed his supporters and those who sometimes seek confrontation to come together in violence. there is no place for this. >> reporter: just this week a protester who was being led from an event in north carolina was punched in the face. the attacker told u.s. tv show inside edition he was unrepentant >> he deserved it.
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the next time we see him we might have to kill him. >> reporter: there are many who believe donald trump has encouraged such behaviour. >> get out of here. i would like to punch him in the face. i love the old days. they used to do carry them out on a stretcher. i promise you, i will pay for the legal fees. i promise. >> reporter: donald trump's campaign manager is also facing criminal allegations of roughing up a reporter. accusations the campaign say are entirely false. for ordinary candidates in previous elections, all of this would be a problem >> we're going to win >> reporter: donald trump is no organise candidate and this is no organise election donald trump's opponents have criticized him from inciting violence at his rallies. hillary clinton says it is important to stand up to someone
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like donald trump. [technical difficulties] tony harris gives you a fast-paced recap of the day's events. >> this is the first line of defense. >> we have an exclusive story tonight. >> then at 8:00 - john seigenthaler brings you the top stories from across america.
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>> the question is, will these dams hold? >> and at 9:00 - >> i'm ali velshi, on target tonight... >> ali velshi on target. digging deeper into the issues that matter. >> i'm trying to get a sense for what iranians are feeling.
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avenue right behind me would have become what was known here as the red tied with hundreds of thousands of supporters attending their leader's call to defend the revolution. welcome back. a quick recap of the stories. syria's government has confirmed it will be attending the next round of talks in geneva scheduled for monday. breaking up the country was not an option. in venezuela hundreds of opposition supporters held a mass rally as part of a campaign to oust the president. his popularity has fallen because of prolonged and economic crisis. donald trump has had to change the location for his ohio rally on sunday due to security concerns of the his rally in dayton was sdupd on saturday less than 24 hours after an event in chicago had to be cancelled. to yemen now where the first convoy carrying medical supplies
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has entered taiz [technical difficulties]
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>> reporter: this at the do that the houthis might lose the war an israeli air strike has killed two children in gaza. the palestinian health ministry says shrapnel from the blast killed a 10 year old boy and his sister died in hospital. we called the ambulance and it arrived after two hours after we had taken him to the hospitals in a car refugees stuck on the greek side of the macedonian border has staged another process on the train line. there are at least 12,000 refugees now stranded at the makeshift camp in idomeni.
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their trip to europe has been blocked. more than 30,000 other refugees are currently stuck in transit in greece. >> translation: please, i beg you, have mercy on women and children. we don't want to eat. we don't want to drink. we don't want anything. we want to feel humanity, we want to feel like human beings. we don't want anything. we need to feel like we are humans the greek minister in charge of refugees says he will try to convince people stranded at the idomeni crossing to move to reception centers. the greek army has set up a camp 25 kilometers from the border. that is housing 3,000 refugees to 24-hour medical care as well as electricity, hot water and proper toilets. moving on to germany where the refugee crisis will be a major issue in regional elections
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taking place. german chancellor will be center stage. >> reporter: this is where people have come for a demonstration called by the right wing against angela merkel. it's called merkel must [indistinct] to leave her position. the view that people here have very much dominated created, perhaps, by the asylum policy of the coalition government here. i've been speaking to some of the demonstrators who come here today and they told me that they believe the refugee policy, the policy of the coalition government here in germany is the wrong policy. >> translation: i am critical of their going it alone. they're ignoring other people, whether it is their own population or the european countries. we have a different way of
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thinking about this. >> reporter: i have come through the police cordon to the other side where a protest is here by the other side. here people are pro-refugee, pro the asylum movement. they're concerned about the shift that they fear germany may be making. >> translation: oebl that germany - diabetes i believe that germany is undergoing political change because it is becoming more nationalistic. it is directed at people from other countries. i think this is really difficult. it is about time that we contain it against p again. >> reporter: the issue of how germany deals with the asylum seekers, the refugees that it has encouraged to this country has become a dominant factor in politics in 2016. we know how the voters feel about this situation in three
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key states after the elections to state parliaments on sunday the u.s. military is being criticized for providing inadequate compensation to families killed in an attack. more than 140 people were left dead and injured. a report from kabul. >> reporter: he sits a broken man, his body scarred and battered. he lost a hand and one eye last october, 42 others were killed, nearly a hundred injured. now the military is offering what it calls condolence payments of between three and six thousand dollars. >> translation: i received 3,000 dollars and this is a small amount. in looks like a joke, an insult to us. it is not acceptable to any >> reporter: she lost her house.
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she says the american money is not enough. >> if a woman doesn't have a husband or someone to take care of them, how did they live? the money they are given is not enough to raise even one of my children to the age of 12. >> reporter: he was working as a security guard at the hospital operated by doctors without borders. they said they had given nato forces the hospital's coordinates. >> an accident is difficult to believe. we are trying to understand how much the mistake was or how many mistakes were done and which types of mistakes were done. today it is only questions that we have. i think that we can have all the assumptions, but the answers are with the american army today. >> reporter: the hospital was destroyed, the u.s. plane fired 2011 shells in the 30-minute onslaught. people were shot from the air at they tried to escape.
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president obama apologised, u.s. forces said it was a mistake but resisted calls for an independent investigation preferring their own internal probe. those findings are yet to be released. we understand that several military personnel are due to face some kind of action. that won't be in the afghan court or any other international court for that matter and that leaves some afghan $thinking whether justice will be done. this 11 year old girl was in the hospital. he watched as she was engulfed in planes >> they have given us $6,000. it will cost more to take care of my own injuries and i am still shocked. they need to help us more. >> reporter: for the families here the money will help a bit, but it can never replace a daughter or a loved one a u.s. nuclear powered aircraft carrier has arrived in
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south korea as parliament of a multinational joint military drill. north korea is calling calling the drill nuclear war moves and threatened to respond with an all-out offensive. >> reporter: this is a show of force intended to impress. one of the set peace drills of these annual exercises involving thousands of troops from south korea and the united states. they come at a time of increased tensions on the korean pen insular. in response to these drills, north korea threatened pre-emptive describes while its leader was shown inspecting missile tests. far from provoking north korea, says the u.s. military, this show of force shows stability. >> at the end of the day we
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insearly believe in peace through strength. it is in the strength of our alives we believe we-- alliance we believe we can deter and avoid war. >> reporter: they believe this is forces being built up ahead of invasion. that has been denied. the u.s. contingent this year is the largest ever doing little to ease the fears of the north. >> reporter: out at sea a short ride offshore by military aircraft, some of the vessels assemble for these war games. like this assault ship, carrying up to 3,000 sailors and marines when deployed for conflict. the commander of this force insist these exercises have been planned for well over a year >> it is not in response to anything that north korea is doing, but we do think it's important to show at the time the dmiment to the alliance and ourp readiness.
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>> reporter: getting ready for whatever or when ever the next crisis will be in brazil at least 20 people have been killed by flooding and mud slides that hit the state of sao apalo. it is said government will be providing funds for families. thousands of people took to the streets of peru's capital on saturday to protest against abortion. the demonstration was organized by religious organizations in the deeply catholic country. abortion is illegal in peru except in cases of rape or when the mother's life is in danger. a sudan ease reality show is hoping to courage entrepreneurship in the country.
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>> reporter: this man's business is not even a year old. but he can already see it dominating the african continent. he poured his savings into this app. it allows australiaers to call for taxis and pay for the ride in tax. >> we are pioneering sudan to make this business model. >> reporter: in order to expand, he says he needs to launch an advertising campaign beyond social media. that's why he ask competing on this reality show promoting entrepreneurship. it is called my project. it is sponsored by the british government. the first prize is $30,000. he is one of six finalists whittled down from about 1500 applicants. aspiring entrepreneurs in sudan cannot get along without
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collateral. there are no investors search for the next event to fund. the hope is eventually banks will offer financing and the investors will follow. business owner says he created the reality show to your due talent-- nurture talent. the unemployment rate here is 15%. >> if you don't have a job where you can earn an income, or family support, the consequences can be very, very dire. this is a fact of life here. we do not have social security kilometer. you have to temper the enthusiasm sometimes and not go over board. he says he is already won because of the training he has received and the name recognition. >> i'm feeling happy now. a lot of people know who is what
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the company is and what they are doing, their services. >> reporter: he says he will continue working two other jobs as he has a family to support a quick reminder. you can keep up-to-date with the latest news at ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> thanks for joining us on "america tonight," i'm joie chen. this week we marked international women's day, when we commemorate the lives of women.


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