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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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good evening. this is al jazeera america. bombings in brussels killed dozens and put the western world on edge. tonight the manhunt for one of the suspects. another round of presidential contest. the states that could shake things up on the republican side and the anger over long lines in arizona. >> i have come here to bury the last remnant of the cold war in the americas from politics to baseball, the impact of president obama's trip to cuba
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it's just after 4am in brussels where a manhunt is on for a suspect following two attacks in the city. security officials have been conducting raids across belgium. prosecutors say one in a brussels neighborhood met an explosive device, chemicals and an i.s.i.l. flag. no sign of the man believed to be involved in tuesday's attacks. police say a taxi driver tipped them off to three suspicious men who drove to the airport. that led investigators to release this picture. they are looking for the man in the right in the light colored jacket and black hat. police blew the other two men blew themselves up. another explosion a short time later at a metro station killed 20. the attacks left more than 200 people wounded. i.s.i.l. has claimed responsibility and says more attacks are on the way. our coverage starts with al jazeera's neave barker in
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brussels. >> reporter: the immediate shock after the attack. an haze of confusion and chaos. the realisation of what just happened. once again, the routine of people's lives of making every day journeys shattered and a dash to escape the danger insid inside. >> i'm so scared. i feel like it's the end of the world. >> i heard an explosion and all the ceiling going down and i go under the sink. the second explosion and then
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everything is black. >> reporter: across the city another attack in the metro station. men, women and children abandoned the carriage escaping as quickly as they could. the injured treated on the pavement, the army keeping guard. the shock felt everywhere. an urgent shut down of the public transport system was ordered in brussels. the possibility of further attacks and immediate concern. one rescue organization appealed for people to stay where they were. belgium's federal prosecutor has confirmed that this is the image of three suspect. the authorities say are behind the deadly airport blasts. >> reporter: the shock waves of this apparently coordinated attack have already rimmed across the continent - ripped across the-- ripped across the continent. the fafk of verifying those killed begins. just months after the last major
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attacked in europe, fears of item strike on civilians in public place been realized. neave barker. al jazeera today's attacks wounded several americans. they include a lieutenant in the u.s. air force and members of his family. three mormans were also injured. >> we're in line to get ticket from what we understand and they were in line for about two minutes and then everything went orange and he blacked out and woke up and couldn't find the other missionaries around him so he said he was able to get up and run around and was able to find everybody. >> we hope that he gets better soon
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president obama said the belgium bombings are another reminder the world must unite to fight terrorism. a report from havana. >> reporter: in havana president obama began his much anticipated speech to the citizens of an old enemy with a pledge for a close ally. >> we will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally belgium in bringing to justice those who are responsible. >> reporter: mr obama called for a unified fight against what he referred to as the surge of terrorism. >> we company and we will follow this up >> reporter: there was want early morning calm with top security aids back in washington. while speaker of the house paul ryan expressed his solidarity with belgium
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>> we must confront this threat together. we must defend democracy and defeat terror >> reporter: testifying before congress secretary of defense ash carter said the military coalition against i.s.i.l. is vital, but it's only one part of the fight. >> we need the intelligence, we need the homeland security, the law enforcement and so do our partners because of the kind of thing you saw in brussels this morning. >> reporter: meanwhile at chicago's airport there were long lines and beefed up security. it was a similar scene in new york where the mayor tried to reassure the public. >> there is no specific and credible threat against new york city at this time, but we are on a high state of vigilance and readiness >> reporter: the nypd cop counter terrorism officials says there could be lessons >> what can we learn from what they can tell us and teach us, whether it's the actions of the
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terrorists or whether it's the advice we get from the local authorities that we can bring back here >> reporter: there were republican critics who said president obama should cut short his trip and return home immediately to washington to deal with the problem of terror. in an interview late on tuesday, the president said the entire premise of terror is to disrupt people's lives and late on tuesday he boarded air force one en route to his next part of his trip to argentina we will have more on the president's visit to cue band what he said later today. we will have updates on the brussels attacks tonight and tomorrow morning. coming up, the president race, donald trump and hillary clinton are trying to shore up their delegate leads in three western states. the live reports from arizona and utah next.
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voters in three states cast that are ballots for the presidential candidates of their choice today, arizona, utah and idaho. they're hoping the votes will beef up their leads. david shuster joins us with a look to the landscape.
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still no numbers >> reporter: no. i thought the polls closed an hour ago. they did nor most of the arizona, but there's a part of the state that doesn't change to daylight savings time. so as a result arizona doesn't release results until later than expected. here is what is at stake here. 58 delegates from the republican side. arizona was winner take all. expectation was donald trump will perform well. we will see how that goes. what may make up for arizona is what is happening in utah because this is the state where ted cruz seemed to be favorite according to the polling. the key number to watch is the percentage because if somebody reaches above 50%, they get all 40 delegates. if they get below 50%, then it is split proportionally. the item is donald trump will walk away with any delegates in utah. even if ted cruz wins we won't know until we see the final result. the numbers on the republican
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side is important to watch. donald trump is up by 257 delegates. he is on a glide path to get to the 123 # before the convention if he wins arizona tonight. if he takes it some delegates in utah, and a couple of winner takes all states in the next couple of week. looking at bernie sanders, in order for him to close this pledged delegate gap with hillary clinton where he is behind by more than 220, he needs to win 58% of all the remaining pledged delegates through the california primary in june. 57/58%. how you might do that tonight, starting again in arizona. arizona is proportional. hillary clinton and bernie sanders, it's hard to know based on polling how they're going to do. there was some expectation that this would be close. let's assume they split the 75 delegates. going into two states where bernie sanders is expected to do very, very well. the first in the state of utah,
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mostly white state, democrats there, very progressive. very mindful of bernie sanders' economic message. bernie sanders is hoping to run up the score 80 to 20, 75/25. if he does that, and then he gets the line share of the idea hoe-- idaho, he might reach the 58% of all delegates that are at stake. the splits are very important on the democratic side. on the republican side everything to watch is the split in terms of utah and whether donald trump gets shut out of any delegates or whether donald trump was able to pick that up and also, perhaps, picking up arizona starting to come in from arizona. donald trump way ahead going to michael shaw in utah. we won't know for a while who
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has won. it wrapped up. it is a state where there is an interesting play where republicans are doing to try and stop donald trump. >> reporter: that's exactly right. this is so of the birth place of the blueprint of the stop trump effort. over my shoulder you see precinct chairs bringing their caucus results to the main lobby here where those ballots will be counted and reported. they're counted in the caucus rooms as well. it's very interesting. you have rinse saying that if donald trump-- republicans saying that if donald trump is the republican i will vote democratic. there are lots of interesting dynamics here. utah is the home to 63% of the mormans. it is very power and not what you would think of in terms of the conservative movement here. they are to the left of most
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republicans on issues and certainly donald trump on issues of immigration and interacting with muslims i spoke to a lot of voters here today. a lot talked about why it was important and why they were here to vote against donald trump >> a lot of happening with-- a lot that is happening with i.s.i.s. or i.s.i.l. ar whatever they're called today doesn't reflect what muslims truly feel. i think donald trump is trying to divide the country against the muslims. >> reporter: that was really something that you saw here tonight. people who just showed up to vote against donald trump, some problems also in voting. there is online voting. they say that they're not going to release results until that is closed. a lot of people throughout the state have that very difficult time getting on line to vote in this election mitt romney was supposed to vote there. he is spear heading the stop
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trump effort, but he didn't show up in person >> reporter: no. he didn't show up, but he sent his john josh who i had a chance to talk to. he said exactly what is behind this for his dad >> i think people realise the danger that donald trump would be to our party and potentially to our country. people are rallying behind ted cruz who has the best chance to stop donald trump and we're doing everything we can to get people to get out and vote for him >> reporter: i asked josh romney if the family has booked rooms in cleveland for the convention and they said no, they haven't done that thank you. there are long lines today as arizona voters went to the polls. add may joins us. do the lines play any role in what happens today? >> reporter: your guess is as good as mine.
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i've got tell you, the voting situation here in phoenix, arizona, has been an absolute disaster today. that's why we're only starting to see a few numbers coming in. it could be hours until we start to see some results. people have been waiting in line here more than two hours. all of this is the result of a cost-cutting measure that went into affect here. there were more than 200 different polling places here in 2008, but they cut that number down to 60. the result is these just horrible lines that people have been forced to stand in. i talked to so many voters today that they were going to turn away, they didn't have time, and there were issues with independence, trying to stand in those lines for hours only to find it is a closed election and arizona democrats have said that they're launching an investigation into all of this after many voters are making accusations that this is an effort to try and suppress the
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vote here in phoenix adam, on the republican side, ted cruz and donald trump were both fighting for conservative votes. donald trump using immigration and some powerful allies. >> reporter: yes. they have been sparring over immigration here, trying to see who is more hard lib on that issue, which is of issue, that polls very favorably amongst republicans here. it has been interesting to watch donald trump. he started campaigning here almost launching his campaign last summer here in the phoenix area and he has the support of a very popular former governor. he also got the endorsement from the sheriff here. he has been using that on the campaign trail. he was right at his side at the rally here outside of phoenix over the weekend. meanwhile, i talked to some
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republican voters and this is an area that is known for producing candidates that go on to seek the presidency. we talk about john mccain, goldwater. there are established republicans here. marco rubio did raise a tonne of money in this area before he dropped out of the race. the republican voters said they were concerned they were casting an anti trump vote and didn't know who to give it to and some days pointed that john kasich didn't campaign here in arizona an important state for bernie sanders. he is hoping he can pull off a win there and at least start eating into hillary clinton's lead. >> reporter: yes. he has an uphill battle. she has the support of the establishment democrats here. in arizona she was at a rally last night with former congress woman gifford. there is larnlg latino
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community. bernie sanders has been trying to chip into that making a lot of appearance in areas reaching out to the native american voters. they make up about 5% of the state population. that's where bernie sanders sees a possible way to try to break her lead here in arizona thank you for much adam may. we're just hearing that the associated press has called arizona for donald trump. joining us now from washington dc is bill snyder, a visiting professor at uc l.a.'s department of communication studies. we have a ways to go tonight. the associated press is projecting that donald trump will win arizona. what do you think is going to happen tonight? is every night - we assume that ted cruz wins utah. where he is aahead in the polls.
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every night that is a draw is a good thing for the leaders? >> yes. donald trump is ahead and when he has a draw he will stay ahead. what the other candidates should firing out how to get trump from getting the majority of the delegates. they're trying to get as many votes as possible. john kasich is staying in the race. they think that can stop him there the associated press has just called that hillary clinton will win arizona. bernie sanders' hope is that he will pull off a win in utah. it is the same problem on the democratic side. if we keep this tit for tat situation it's good for hillary clinton. >> yes ch. bernie sanders will have to get 60% of the remaining delegates to win a majority.
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that's going to be very difficult because the democratic races are proportional. they don't have winners take all. even if sanders does well he can't amass that many delegates so he can surpass hillary clinton attacks in brussels became fodder for them. does this fear that he is feeding on help him? >> yes. i think it does among republicans, yes, because he takes a hard line against muslims. they're angry and they see the spectre of muslims imgreatlying to the u.s.-- immigrating to the u.s. some of them could be dangerous, so we wants to keep them all out. i think in the long run it will help hillary clinton because she has experience in the world. it will also help in the general
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election which is a long way off donald trump talked about cutting back on u.s. involvement in nato. i wonder how that will play given that these tacks were in the city where nato is headquartered. i want to talk about a couple of new york times and cnn polls that came out it this week. they show donald trump beating and others trailing. the only one who does well against the democrats is john kasich. do you think republicans are going to pay attention to electablity? >> no. i don't think. they're going to pick someone that they like, that they want. that may well be donald trump. a lot of voters in those polls said, including republicans, i think the majority said they would be embarrassed to have him win their nomination, embarrassed. he is going to face resistance in the republican party. it would be difficult to see him as electable, although not impossible. john kasich is clearly the most lekible republican, the moderate
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candidate which is exactly why a lot of republicans don't trust him bernie sanders does all the better too. thank you. president obama has pronounced a new day in u.s. relations with cuba, but me didn't shy away from criticizing the country's government on his last day. his message to the cuban people next.
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love romance? get lost in every embrace. into sports? follow every pitch, every play and every win. change the way you experience tv with x1 from xfinity. president obama wrapped up his historic trip to cuba today. our correspondent reports on just how cubans react to the president's visit. >> reporter: well, this president was very popular to begin with in this country. according to one poll he is more popular than fidel kastro or
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raoul castro. the last couple of days has been a very packed for the president. we have had iconic moments that will certainly go down into history. for once the star the baseball field was not on the field. obama together with his guest watched a game between major league baseball game. >> there's a sliding catch out there. >> reporter: fun but also symbolic of the difficult relationship the two countries have had and still have. the defectss of cuban-- defectsions of baseball players has been damaging to the country's reputation. the trip has generally achieved
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more in symbols than substance. he delivered his main speech broadcast live across the country >> i have come here to bury the last remnant of the cold war in the americas. i have come here to extend the hand of friendship to the cuban people. >> reporter: he also repeated a similar message on democracy that he had mentioned a day earlier to kastro. >> i believe citizens should free to speak their mind without fear. to organise and to criticise their government. around to protest peacefully. that the rule of law should not include arbitrary detentions of people who exercise those rights. >> reporter: and to underscore the point, mr obama met with cuban human rights activists shortly after the speech. in gen cubans have welcomed his speech, many saying they want to see change and as always an end
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to embargo >> translation: when you have to buy medicine you have to look for it in japan. if it has a northern american component they don't sell it to you. that is damage to businessmen and to the cue pan people >> reporter: that most important change of all depends not on this visit but on congress. several times in the last two days the president has called on congress to end the embargo, a reminder to cubans that on some matters the president of the u.s. can't act alone. one thing the presidential did talk about that was very interesting are the limits to his executive authority. he said that the list is getting shorter every day of what he can do to move and skirt around the embargo. that is up to congress to make that big change and get rid of the embargo. he is confident that it will end one day. he is just not sure entirely when thank you. for your baseball fans out there, they won today's game four to one. thank you for joining us.
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inside story is next. we leave you an image of the empire state building tonight darkened in memory of the victims of the brussels' attacks. >> it's a new day of mourning in a major metropolis. tonight, thoughts echoing from the center of belgium to virtually every city and town around the globe. explosions tearing through the airport and a subway station in brussels. a ruthless attack targeting ordinary people going about their day, just four days after the lone surviving