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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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announcer: this is al jazeera. hello, this is the newshour live from london. 29 children among the 70 killed in the lahore bombing. thousands rally in support of blasphemy laws. a police officer hurt and a suspect custody the first pictures emerge from inside palmyra since isil
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was driven out of the ancient syrian city mexican police believe they have caught one of the senior cartel money men there has been a shock at the miami open and guilty at charged an administration of taking bribes in the-- admission of taking bribes in the f.i.f.a. corruption scandal an investigation after a suicide bomber targeted christians in a park in lahore killing sp people. most were women and children. many were muslim. prime minister sharif avowed to avenge the deaths.
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thousands rally for a better day. they are angry at the execution of a security guard who i accused the governor. >> reporter: lahore is the political power base and visited the victims in hospital: it's innocent people soft targets. my brothers and sisters. i promise. hundreds were injured. many countered the explosions
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and the aftermath. >> i was standing near the seesaw when the blast went off. as we rushed over, there was a pool of blood and people laying everywhere. there was no security arrangements. the parks was packed with fans celebrating on easter sunday. the bomber used a crude explosive. a splinter group from the pakistani taliban said it carried out the attack and was targetting christians. >> the message is that no part of pakistan is safe. they have chosen to attack soft targets in pakistan. the softest of the targets is minorities. there's little to protect them. >> reporter: the military launched a series of raids. attacks like this were not new in pakistan. the government has been battling armed groups for a decade. lahore largely escaped the
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violence. the latest bombing sends a sobering reminder that the fight is over al jazeera's kamal hyder listened to an address by sharif and sended this report. >> the prime minister addressed his nation in what appears to be a prerecorded message. in that he said that the terrorists, wherever they may be, and the cancer of terrorism will be removed from pakistan. he spoke about the military successes, and north and south waziristan saying that the military achieved a great success. however, there were some pockets of problems across the country, and that had to be tacked the
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prime minister spoke about the attacks. >> it was a problem that was happening in other countries as well. he would say no one would be able to stop the path of process that pakistan had sustain, and he was confident that he was overcome, and the nation would overcome. in a message to the protesters, staging a sit-in outside parliament. he said that there would be no compromise, and they would not be allow to play with the emotions of incident people. saying the government's restrain should not be seen as a sign of weakness. >> the attack was child vial and senseless. pope francis demanded more protection for religious minorities. >> translation: easter was bloodied by an attack.
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especially women and children gathered in a public park to enjoy the joy of the easter holidays. i wish to express my closeness, and invite you to pray to the lord for the many victims and their loved ones. i appeal to civil authorities. in particular, the most vulnerable religious minorities. >> hasan joins us now via skype. thank you for being was. do you think the crackdown promised will make a difference. >> a crackdown can make a difference if it is done in a sustained manner. the attack happened in 2009/2010, in 2013. we have not heard that those
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people found involved have been taken to ask for to court yes, saying it makes sense. i have not seen a sustained plan or effort to go against the militants who are attacking not only christians and hindus, but muslim groups as well. >> tell us more about the splinter group. clearly they have shown they wan carry out analysis -- they can carry out mass attacks. tell us about their background and how strong or weak they are. >> it is a splinter group, called pakistani taliban. the base is in the boarder region, the federally administered tribal area. the group has more support in one area, the mormon agency, and this is the only group, in fact, which had shown allegiance to
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isis. when they emerged a year or so ago. this had limited support base. but they have a network of suicide bombers of smthizers. they -- sympathizers, and christians, a park, this was an easy target is it targetting what you described as easy target because they can't reach the military targets or military installations that they would want to target. >> that is true. those installations have been beefed up. the law and ord situation, overall in pakistan, improved in the last couple of years. since the start of the military operation in fatah. many of the minority groups are more vulnerable because government cannot defend each and every religious place.
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we have not seen any effective law enforcement action at a sustained level and we have not seen a conviction in court. you can push back the terrorists. unless there's an overall attempt in the criminal justice system to stop hate speech, to stop bullying and oppression of minorities, these things will not go away. >> what about the accusation that sometimes the pakistan security services have had relationships with these groups, and allowed them - in the past the groups would have acted outside the country, so the security services have turned a blind eye to them, and perhaps not acted against them in a way they should have done, what do you make of that suggestion. that was in the 199 #s.
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that was more those that claimed to be fighting for freedom in kashmir or the militants. they are still there in suburbs of lahore, but in my view, it is unlikely that they'll conduct this kind of activity. there other group in south punjab, groups involved in attacks in india. the problem is that militants jump from one group to the other when they realise some are banned. this specific attack is conducted by a group with networks in the areas. so that is also effective, which is reaching global dimensions. >> thank you for your perspective on the story.
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>> thank you well, for a second day the pakistani army has been trying to gin control of protesters that flooded the streets of islamabad. the protesters are staging a sit-in near parliament. imran khan reports. >> this defined protest came out from nowhere. on sunday thousands came to celebrate the life of the karvery. a police officer killing a man he was to protect. he took up the cause of a christian woman who was accused of blasphemy. his support of her case angered some. kadri was executed for that crime on february 29th of this year.
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since then pakistan's hardlined religious groups have rallied in his support. they have spoken out against the government, and knows that they are against islam. >> translation: people from within your ranks will kill you, your body guards, your servants. people will rise up. no one is safe. the people will not spare even the prime minister. god put hope in their hearts. >> the protest brought the center to a standstill. the army is on the streets trying to contain the crowd. some of the protesters include groups showing open sympathy to the taliban. the mobs attacked anything they saw as symbols of the government. behinds me you can see containers. they were put there to stop people coming in. and it shows you how angry they were. look at the damage around you. demands are clear. they want kadri to be declared a hero. and the christian woman to be
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rearrested and executed. and wants those in gaol to face the same fate. iraq's parliament extended the deadline for a parliament reshuffle, spurred by mass protests. mukhtar al-sadr is staging a sit in. jane arraf has more from baghdad. >> reporter: some had waited a lifetime for this moment. shia cleric mukhtar al-sadr, normally seen on video, standing in front of them in baghdad, promising a new era. >> translation: my beloved followers who live in luxury, forget about the poor and insist there's no sign of corruption, but i insist otherwise. >> reporter: across the city, sadr's followers had been waiting for his word to storm the green zone.
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a barricaded neighbourhood where iraqi officials and documents live and work. instead, sadr diffused the threat, but seized the spotlight. >> translation: i'm the representative of the people by the grace of god. i will sit in the green zone and you sit outside the green zone. everyone remain in their tents and stay in their places. his followers obeyed. iraqi military officials led sadr through concrete barriers. toll a tent. an iraqi army general in charge of green zone security kissed his hand. sadr says he will leave only when there's a new cabinet. the prime minister haider al-abadi said he is trying but will need a few days to get the political parties to agree to now cabinet ministers. this challenge is different to
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the one sadr imposed in 2003 and 2004. that's when the mekdi army militia fought american soldiers and iraqi forces in the street. the militia played a lead the role in iraq's sectarian war. sadr disbanded the army to create a new political movement. now he says he speaks for all iraqis. for almost two weeks, they camped outside the green zone. they are mostly sadder followers much. -- followers, but they mostly carry the iraqi flag. people here want what they think people in the green zone have - a share of the oil wealth. protesters are keen on dismantling what they see as keeping them poor. >> reporter: this man comes from a poor area of iraq. >> we have a lot of widows, orphans, poor, unemployed. people with university degrees,
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working as labourers. >> reporter: sadr has capped -- tapped into a deep vein of anger against corruption officials blamed for driving the country into ruin. they have had nothing but promises. they are demanding that the government deliver still ahead - belgium police released tv footage, and freed the only person arrested over the attacks castro criticism. the u.s. president obama, and a buzz surrounding baseball. >> a gunman reportedly filed shots. the white house and u.s. a
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police officer was wounded. the officer's injuries were not serious. >> the secret service cleared tourists from an area around the white house, they are reopened the area. >> chief of police said based on preliminary information he believed the shooting was the work of a single person, and nothing more than a criminal act. >> today, at approximately 2:39 p.m. an adult male subject entered the north screening facility of the capitol business center. during a screen, the individual drew what appeared to be a weapon and pointed at officers. an officer fired and struck the suspect, who was suspectly treated by medical personnel. the suspect was custody and transported to the hospital for treatment. the suspect is undergoing surgery, his condition unknown
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at this time. a weapon was recovered on the scene. an uninvolved 35-40-year-old bystander also suffered what appeared to be minor injuries and was transported to the hospital. knoll fers were injured. it's not been determined how many officers fired the weapons. >> the u.s. ka capital police investigation, the police officer responsibility and the metropolitan police conducted investigations into the matter. >> i'm joined by robert pope. an international security affairs expert. in some ways they are playing down the security scare. >> we have seen this the last couple of times, we had people jumping the fence and bizarre
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situations whe situations where individuals ran the checkpoints and were chased down. what happened here has worked. the visitors's center was to stop this sort of matter hap. in 1998 there was an incident where someone came in and shot. there would be a buffer between visitors to capitol hill and members of congress. i have been to the visitors center myself. this is a situation where members can come out and greet visitors. someone that comes into the center u does not have free reem. the individual was stopped at
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the checkpoint and everyone is as secure as they could be. >> i suppose with these things a shelter and place kicked in and a lock down happened either way. do you think it's room for improvement in these kind of places? >> well, the capitol hill center, probably you will not find easy pictures of the exact checkpoint online. it is set up to prevent someone going through the checkpoint shooting the officers. it looks like it did what it was supposed to do. in this case there doesn't appear to be reason to think this is selected to islamic terrorism orieses. from early reports it looks like
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an isolated attempt. and in a country of 320 million. events like this will happen. >> if that remains at that level. what is the status of security alert at the moment, given the international event we a seen in the last few weeks. it is superhigh. i have no doubt that brussels has told everyone, including capitol hill security to be on the highest alert. they should be. what we have seen is a series of terrorist attacks that have killed dozens, if not 100 or more, over the last six months in major western countries, and capitol hill police know that, they are alert, and i think that if anything, now would be a
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difficult time for a lone wolf or an individual to walk in with a gun in the visitor's center. as we saw. he didn't get far. >> thank you for your analysis. >> experts are assessing the damage i.s.i.l. did to the world heritage site, now it's been recaptured by syrian forces. these are the first images of the ancient ruins in syria where isil had been in control. photos suggest that the damage is not as bad as many feared. >> it's a different story in the museum, where the damage is worse than expected. >> a number of artefacts were smashed. the antiquities are thousands of years old and predate the birth of chris. >> robert explains why isil destroyed certain monuments and left others intact.
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>> they have been selective in what they have chosen to destroy. >> they have chosen certain monuments which representatives what they wished to destroy idea logically. at the same time they are trying to create as much shock as possible. by choosing the monuments they have achieved what they want to do. in a sense, the or monuments, having made their points. the less of a priority to make a pint. this was not an explicitly religious monument. one of the motivations behind the heritage destruction that we have seen in iraq and syria was to generate revenues through the selling of antiquities.
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it's illegal in international law. this would not be an issue if people were not there buying these things. in my opinion people who are buying illegal antiquities should be prevented from doing so, prosecuted if need be. these people are funding a bloody war, and the insurgency that we see in syria and iraq at the moment. >> the u.n. is pushing for more aid to be delivered recollects while hostilities remain in place. >> several towns and villages are cuts off and desparately need understood and other supplies. >> reporter: this town - it is one of syria's devastated errors. the 250,000 population moved
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away. days before it started last month, people that saved behind lived under this. and this. leaving behind a town in ruins and destroyed. >> syrians took a break, they used everything on us, barrels, rockets, everything. >> nothing was spared. at this church, there was in easter mass, the worshippers have gone. >> for the people in this town, they have been stuck here in 2012. now they are hungry and straight. the world food program the
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people were forced to eat grass. >> translation: the bleeding has stopped. we didn't get aid. each minute that passes, we lose time. my children are losing a childhood. >> a neighbour says conditions are disastrous. >> it's catastrophic. the regime wants to end it. >> the opposition is accused of using it as a weapon. >> the union is calling on it, siing areas. the government refused to give prime ministers. the u.n. says preventing aid is
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a violation of international law. life under siege is hard. it goes on wowed food, medicine. >> through the weekend dozens died in a conflict between turkish forces and separatists. turkey's security forces have killed more than 5,300 armed kurds since the kurdistan workers party abandoned a ceasefire in july. 355 turkish soldiers, and british guards have been killed. most of the casualties took place in the south-eastern region. >> still ahead on this hour of news, the latest on a fire that broke out in a skyscraper in the u.a.e. plus... >> i'm daniel lack in the canadian rocky mountains in alberta. and i'll go under ground to find
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out how cave soil could help to reduce drug resilient bacteria and jason day puts down a marker ahead of the season's first marker. really going on in ferguson. >> they were so angry, because it could've been them. >> one hour special, only on al jazeera america.
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hello, a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera. pakistan is to launch a special paramilitary crackdown to help find those responsible for the suicide blast that killed 70 people, women and children. iraq's parliament extended a deadline on a cabinet reshuffle, following mass protests temporary lockdown on capitol hill after a gunman was in the national visitor's center in washington d.c. belgium police arrested a man released. they are asking for help identifying another and have released security video. the man in the hat was seen with
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two attackers that blew himself up. police believe he dumped his suitcase bomb and fled the scene. it came as four died. bringing the total number of victims from tuesday's bombings to 35. jacky rowland has been following event in brussels. >> the latest development in the investigation, the suspect has been released. he had previously on saturday been charged with participation and activities of a terrorist group, murders and attempted terrorist murders. the prosecutor's office said will there were clues that led to his arrest. they have not been confirmed as the investigation involved. he has been released, leaving again a big question of who is the third man in the c c.t.v. image.
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there were two men that blew themselves up. there was a third man wearing a light jacket. media speculated that he was faycalc. there is now a question of who the third man is. clearly the suspect is keen to speak to be have been learning another three people. charged with participation, charged with activities, they were arrested during a number of raids on sunday. we aren't given details about whether they are charged in relation to the attacks here in brussels a week ago, or whether they've been charged in relation to some other unspecified activities. the first reading of a controversial bill that would let members of the parliament, the knesset extend colleagues has narrowly passed.
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politicians can be expended or expelled, or for rejecting the right to exist. they argued that the bill was rejected against them. >> cuba's retired leader fidel castro wrote a letter criticizing president obama, rejecting his offers of help. fidel castro wrote: he led cuba from 1959 until 2006 when he handed over the reins to his brother. he did not meet obama last week. our latin american editor lucia newman joins us live. is that part of the problem, he didn't get to meet obama. was that his way of getting back at him. >> hello. very well maybe. it was a snub. the white house glossed over it
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saying it was on the agenda. certainly president obama was the only head of state that went to cuba and hasn't met the former president. it goes beyond that, this was an historic visit and happened at a time that he is no longer in power. there was no lip service paid to him by the white house, or by president obama, and the fact that it underscores the separation between the time that raul castro was in power, this must nag at him. >> what about ordinary people. what do they make of these comments at this point? >> this was concludesical jesus castillo. the word evil is assumed when referring to the united states. he didn't recognise a difference between president obama and
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previous u.s. properties even though president barack obama weakened what is happening in cuba, when he said the cuban people are capable of providing for food. i think that the cubans are saying no, that is not true. you can't have it both ways, you have a u.s. president trying to weaken the embargo or you have the old policy. and fidel castro feels like he is left out of this whole thing. what about raul's reaction. it's a bit awkward for that to be happening.
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>> i think it is. this reflects a different point of view. there are many that believe like fidel castro, that they are getting too close to the united states. they don't trust president obama's kind and gentle version. they think it's a trojon horse. i think that fidel castro's letter will resonate with some, but not all. there'll be a congress in a few weeks where this will be behind closed doors. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> mexican police arrested a man alleged to be the main money launderer.
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he was said to have been arrested and is a key figure for the sinaloa car tell. >> reporter: this man was arrested because he sat atop a major money laundering operation here in mexico. he laundered $4 billion. that's the most sophisticated and one of the largest drug cartel. it's run by aldo rafael mendez guzman taken back into custody, after being on the land for some time. this man was so successful that they called him king mid us. it shows you how important money
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laundering is. there are many criminal organizations that rely on the money launderers to literally launder billions every year. some 19 billion of money is laundered every year in mexico, and other non-governmental organizations estimate that more than $30 billion leaves mexico, tainted from a list of earnings, that is money earnt from drug running, smuggling, extortion, political corruption. it makes mexico the third largest supplier of illicit funds after china and russia. >> massive fires broke out at a skyscraper in the united arab city. video shows flames spreading up the size of the building as chunks of material burnt to the ground. police say it's unclear if there
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has been casualties. last year a large fire swept through a skyscraper, one of the tallest buildings in the world. refugees and migrants struck at the northern boarder. people in the camp have been protesting talking about reopening the borders. scuffles broke out. crossing north into macedonia. around 600 people have moved from the camps, but as zeina khodr reports it's a change for authorities to find places for the 50,000. they spent weeks in tents, where life that is within a struggle. the syrians are waiting to be
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housed in a government center. the conditions were bad. especially for the children, and my father is lined. the u.s. told them the boarder is not open. the effort has only started. so far a few hundred are given proper shelter and assistance, refugees are worried the new found government could become a problem. >> translation: we don't know our fate. we are ready to apply to the relocation programme. no one answers. i wish they could come here and process our papers. >> it's a concern of all those here, none of them had plans to stay in greece. it was not easy for the authorities in greece to convince migrants in refugees to leave the camps and move to
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accommodation centers like this. people are worried they'll be locked up and deported. now they know that's not the case. persuading people that the migrant trail was not reopening was not the only challenge. >> it was a huge effort from the greek state. every day places with conditions that are needed to host the refugees. the fences are not the solution, the closed boarder, this is not the europe that we like, the europe that we know. greece is in front. and now the refugees are hosting all this problem. this is a european problem, and they must solve the problem in cooperation. >> refugees have to wait. the family is still scared to reveal the identities. the city has been recaptured by the government. and they say they can't go back. >> for us, the reconciliation agreements do not change anything. the pressure faced from the regime is the same.
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they continue to search homes and make ash pri rests. >> many say they had no other joys but to leave the country. many were stuck, after the borders closed and e.u. were stuck in turkey. a quarter of them live out in the open, close to the boarder. so far some 600 have given up waiting for the border to open. since it's likely to be aong wait. the government is planning to give them a sense much normality mexico's volcano came to life firing ash 2km into the sky. they are encouraging locals to breathe through a moist towel, and one of the most active volcanos erupted triggering a red alert. the survey recorded tremors on the ground when the volcano
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erupted. spewing ash more than 6.5km into the air. >> our next guest extensively researched volcanos, was there much warning before the eruption of pav love. >> i don't believe so. that is common for volcanos, that erupt frequently to not give much warning. in contrast volcanos had been quiet for a long time, tending to give extended warning. >> tell us a bit about how far the ash is going and what the impact will be? >> well i think satellite shows that the ash is travelling about 650km. the impact will be simply on
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aviation. small aircraft travelling between communities and large transpacific flights going between north america and eastern asia. those go - many of those go pretty much right over the illusion range and very close to camp chakra, which has many active volcanos. those are subjected to encountering ash clouds. they'll have to take on extra fuel so they have the flexibility. >> tell us a bit about the volcanos themselves. how much does climate affect their activity? >> we know that their activity
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can affect climate. and there isized that the loss of significant ice masks on a volcano can increase the likelihood of erupting, and it's been well-established in iceland - i suppose this is kind of a climate affect. that draining of a lake in the crater is enough to reduce pressure on the magna underneath the volcano and cause it to erupt. >> i suppose in our terms we'll be mentioning the volcano in mexico and alaska. is it not usual that they are erupting at the same time. >> no, it's not unusual at all. of course, the volcanos are a long way apart. for example, of many volcanos
5:47 pm
erupting that are closer to each other. the peninsula of russian far east house five volcanos erupting. sometimes the volcanos erupt at the same time. then it's clear that there's some subsurface connection. but it's really not plausible that there's a relationship there. >> thank you for sharing your thoughts on the volcanos. >> you're welcome a grouch of disabled bolivians embarked on an arduous journey. on wheelchairs and crutches, they are travelling to la paz. ahead - man down in miami.
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we explain why a tennis player took a tumble at the masters tournament in sport, in a moment.
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again, with counter antibiotics proving in effective, the key to fighting some super-bug infections might come from underground. scientists have been digging deep to take on bacteria. daniel lack reports from the gave below the rocky mountains.
5:50 pm
>> reporter: a deep cave beneath canada's rocky mountain, it's dark, wet. they can't stop humans reaching the caverns. >> reporter: there's life in the soil that hasn't been exposed to the drugs and diseases. the ex-beddings leader is part of a scientific effort to beat antibiodic super-bugs. >> people are looking at the extreme environments, especially underground. i'm waiting to find out what they are using half the samples we are collecting for . >> the dirt from deep down end up here at thompson rivers university, the department of microbiology. microbes they've isolated are put in petry dishes. they are having a startling effect. >> hundreds of bacteria my students isolated. they chose promising activity.
5:51 pm
we have filed a good group that produced metabolites that killed multidrug resistant bacteria. >> it's been decades since new antibiotics have been invented. the lodge process means the -- long process means antibiotics found may not be used. but the prevalence of super-bugs could speed things up. >> i believe that we still need to widen our toolbox. if you think of it as a toolbox, i mean to have antibiotics as a toolbox. we are running out of tools. we need to fill the box. >> reporter: for nick science is part of the reason he ventures into the world of elaborate deep and fascinating caves.
5:52 pm
>> we are fighting new ones, continuing exploring and discovering things. we can go back to some of the new caves and discovering a new species that no one noticed before. >> reporter: cavers have known for years mysteries of the deep. what lays beneath the surface of the other. scientists are sharing in their fascination. much of what is found down there could be useful to the rest of us. >> now forms of life, possibilities buried under ground, coming to light. here is robin in doha with the sport. >> thank you. the former president of honduras has pleaded guilty to charges of bribery. he was under investigation by the u.s. authorities as part of the f.i.f.a. scandal. the 72-year-old previously had denied wrongdoing but admitted guilt in a court in new york on
5:53 pm
monday. he accepted bribes amounting to $200 million and distributed some of that to others. he will be sentenced in august. >> football teams across africa continue their place in a final, winners against swaziland. african republic took the top spot in group b, beating madda cas car and a hat-trick. qualifying for the 2018 world cup in russia takes center stage on tuesday. the asian champs play jordan. australia, who led group b. need a draw to lynch the top spot. jordan must win. harry redknapp received an 8-0 thrashing. they'll be full of confidence. they beat imam.
5:54 pm
the aussie coach is keen to stress, he is not up for revenge. >> revenge is best left to the movies, this is real life. we want to go out there and progress the football, and fash this group off strongly. we have got stronger as the information process has sort of developed. and, you know, we want to finish it off tomorrow night. >> when i came over i had no idea at all about jordan, the national team. how good they were. it was not something i looked at. when i arrived i had an open mind. i have been surprised at the standard. it's much, much higher than i expected. yes, we are underdogs, but underdogs with a fighting chance. >> let's get updated on the latest tennis news.
5:55 pm
serena williams 20-match winning streak has come to an end. she was bidding for a fourth straight title. >> in the men's masters, she crewed into the quourth round. this is the result settled in 72 minutes. >> there was a bit of drama. an accident striking of his partner. the brazilian fell to the ground, helped to his feet. didn't sustain serious injury. play resumed a few minutes later. they were seeded second and went on to lose in straight sets. >> it might have been a dead rubber. but sri lanka's cricketers put on a show at the world t20 with
5:56 pm
sri lanka and the proteas out of the semifinal picture. there was pride at stake. south africa won the toss. the opponent seemed to bat. at 45 without loss, wickets tumbled on regular intervals. they were all out for 120. it came at an unbeaten 26. 14 goals to spare. >> the first major of the season, gets under way. the masters, the new world number one chasing day, heading into augusta in good form. he first had to beat the defending champions rory mcilroy in the semifinals. the lead changed seven times here. they are holding on for victory. >> the final wasn't as close.
5:57 pm
taking five and four to become a champion for the second time in three years. they have a buzz surrounding the game. the seattle mariners play on saturday. cubs out-fielder jason heyward was at the center of all of those things. they tried to climb a fence, into a swarm of bees. he was stung several times. the game was delayed. the cubs had to abandon the bullpen. to steer clear. we leave it there, back to lauren in london. >> thank you very much indeed. >> a quick reminder. the address is that's it for me. i'll be back for a full round up
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of the news. thanks for watching. >> the only live national news show at 11:00 eastern. >> we start with breaking news. >> let's take a closer look.
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>> singer / songwriter natalie merchant. >> i became fully human when i became a mother. >> devoted community activist. >> people become victimized by their circumstances. >> revelations about her new solo album. >> i was just trying to make music that transferred what was in my heart to other people. >> i lived that character. >> we will be able to see change. >> pushing the boundaries of science. >> we are on the tipping point. >> we can save species. >> it's the biggest question out there. >> it's a revolutionary approach. >> we are pushing the boundaries. >> techknow is going to blow your mind. >> our experts go inside the innovations, impacting you. >> this is the first time anybody's done this. >> i really feel my life changing. >> techknow, where technology meets humanity. only on al jazeera america.
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this week on "talk to al jazeera" sinner song writer natalie merchant >> i stumbled into this as a way of life. i had no intention of being in a band or a singer. it happened to me by accident she has rerecorded her break through solo album tigerlily, but this time with a twist. the essence of the songs remains unchanged >> i think tigerlily, a song like carnival is not politic.