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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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s. good evening. this is al jazeera america. the f.b.i. unlocked the fine of one of the san bernardino shooters. t the only suspect charged in last week's brussels attack has been released. >> police shoot a man who pulled a gun at a checkpoint. what authorities know about him. >> i do not think we have to discriminate against anyone to protect the faith-based community in georgia. >> the governor on changes impacting the state's lgbt community and the impact for that same group in north
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carolina. ♪ the justice department says the f.b.i. has managed to unlock an iphone that belonged to one of the san bernardino attackers without any help from apple. investigators are analyzing the data inside. as a result, the doj said it is dropping the legalffort against apple. apple had been fighting an order to unlock the phone. jacob ward has more from san francisco. >> reporter: antonio, it's strange to see something fought as bitter lee as this battle end in this way. the justice department says it does not need apple's help any longer. in the early reporting about the possibility that they had found an outside solution to this problem, both the timing of the release and the way that they had talked about had many
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observers suggesting this was some sort of third-party contractor that the justice had employed to do this kind of work. >> may be who solved this problem. observers are suggesting it was probably some sort of copying of the contents of the phone off of the phone and then recopying them back on when you needed to basically start over in your efforts to try to break in. that's probably the technical essence of the solution. but all of that is really beside the point. the point here is that this fight is not over. this is not the last time you are going to see apple in court making the arguments that it wants to make in these sorts of cases. this phone, an iphone 5c was pretty primitive by the modern standards of it encription. it was the last generation of the hardware and software before apple wild lee upgraded its software. it's difficult for even itself to get into a phone of someone, of one of its customers.
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so, the f.b.i., although they have solved this problem with this particular phone has not necessarily solved the problem it's going to apply to any newer phone that i or maybe you carry. we are definitely going to see more fight about this in unsealed court documents. we have seen there are at least a half dozen other cases in which the justice department is telling apple to help them out and apple is objecting. the fight is 235r from over all though this particular case of iphone has been solved. >> jacob ward in san francisco 4 victims of the brussels attacked suck om today their wound. the judge ordered the release of the only person charged in last week's bombings. john terrett explains why. >> reporter: nearly a week after the attack on brussels airport, one of the city's metrotations, belgian police released this man.
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they thought he was one of the airport bombers. he was identified by the cab driver who took them there last tuesday. thou now say there is no evidence that he was connected to the blast. a spoekszman for the bell jan prosecutor said the evidence that led to the arrest was man named feisal c. was not sbstanstated. he has been freed. bell jan authorities let him go and they stepped up their hunt for the man they thought he was. seen here in a white jacket and hat calmly walking alongside two of the bombers. bell jan police have issued a new plea to the public to help identify him. meanwhile, a special mass was held tuesday in a cathedral in the belgian capitol. >> to all of the victims, to all of those who suffer around the world, dear god, offer them the patience to overcome sorrow and
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painful moments. >> the mass was held in memory of the victims including 20-year-old morman missionary taken claim surrounded by cards, cuddling a toy bunny. >> at this precise moment, i didn't feel because of the ad n adrenl adrenaline but then i saw the wounds of the other people and i found out i couldn't walk any more because of my leg. and i feel the burns so bad. >> brussel's airport has been closed since the attacks last week. officials are planning dry runs to make sure everything functions properly again before reopening, they hope, later this week. john terrett, al jazeera. tensions are running high in pakistan after a bomb killed 70 people in lahore on sunday. at least 29 children are among the dead. the pakistani splinter group claimed responsibility. government responded with
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tighter security across the country. >> armed groups in punjab province. >> nithe power base of pakistan prime minister in the wake of sunday's suicide attack, he traveled to the city and visited the victims at hospital. from a determined leader came this warning: >> i have a very good idea of the message that these terrorists are sending to make innocent people soft targets. my brothers and sisters, i promise that every ounce of blood that was lost will be accounted for. pakistan, funerals are being held. many of those killed, women and children, hundreds more were injured. some critically. witnesses are recounting the moment of the explosion at the chaotic aftermath. >> i was standing there near when the bombs went off.
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it was loud. washed over and saw people lying everywhere. there was no public security arrangement here the park was packed with families celebrating easter sunday. the bomber used a crude explosive, four ball bearings for maximum impact. a splinter group from the pakistani taliban said it carried out the attack and was targeting christians. >> the message is that no part of pakistan is safe from the taliban. they have chosen to attack soft targets inside pakistan and the softest are the minorities because they have very little to protect them. >> reporter: the military said it launched a series of raids arresting dozens of suspects. unfortunately, attacks like this are not new in pakistan. the government has been battling armed groups for more than a decade but the weider province of punjab has escaped the violence. it's
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it's a sober reminder the fight is far from over. gerald tan, al jazeera. a shooting on capitol hill this morning prompted a massive police response. police say they shot a man who drew a weapon at the capitol visit orders' center. they say no officers were injured but a female bystander did sustain injuries. the wounded suspect was taken to the hospital for emergency surgery. >> based upon the initial investigation, we believe this is an act of a single person who has frequented the capitol grounds before. there is no reason to believe this is anything more than a criminal act. >> police say the suspect is the same tennessee man who disrupted the house chamber last fall. his name is larry dawson. he had been ordered to stay away from the capitol. the visitors' center is expected to reopen tomorrow. andrew cuomo has banned non-essential state travel to north carolina in response to a
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new law in north carolina say discriminates against lgbt people. it will comes on the same dega's governor said he would veto a similar bill. a report on the controversies in two southern states. >> reporter: the two states appear to be taking opposite path did for now. north carolina is under fire for a law that stops cities from passing rules to protect gay and transgendered people. but georgia's governor says he wouldn't sign a can group that would have given faith based organizations to deny jobs to lgbt people. >> georgia is a welcoming state. it is full of loving, kind and generous people. and that is what we should do. >> that's why he says he will veto a bill that would have allowed pastors to refuse to perform same sex marriages and let faith base groups to decline to serve people in the lgbt
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community. >> i do not think we have to discriminate against anyone to protect the faith-based community in georgia. >> reporter: lawmakers supporting the bill said it's about religious freedom and on monday, state senator josh mccunn said it is a fantasy that this bill would harm anyone but critics say it would have allowed a cover for dim criminal nation. some companies have threatened to pull business from georgia. film and t.v. production is a $6 milli $6 million business including capital america and civil war were shot. the governor said the pressure he faced had nothing to do with his decision. >> they should know, i do not respond very well to insults or threats. >> also on monday, a new lawsuit filed against the state of north carolina over a law that critics say treats lbgt people as second
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class citizens? >> this has been a defendant difficult week for gay and trans gender in north carolina. >> the law bans from passing lg lgbt. one plaintiff is a trans gender university employee? >> i am a trans gendered man. my family, my friends, my co-workers and many in the state confirm my male identity. >> cannot be stripped away by a bill such as this. what has been attacked is a right to feel protected and safe. >> north carolina's republican governor signed the bill into law last went, the same day it was passed by both chambers of the legislature. >> a 13-year-old boy who and in an award winning anti-gun violence video has been shot in chicago. he was hit by a stray bullet in his neighborhood on friday. he was just .1 of 28 people who
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were shot in chicago over the weekend. he spoke out against gun violence in a public service video last year that went viral. the teen remains in stable but critical situation after surgery. chicago police have made no arrests in the shooting. criticsists say oklahoma is as likely as california to have a damaging earthquake this year. how action is creating the danger. ted cruz calls donald trump a liar and trump calls cruz delusional. more on the name calling on the presidential cam payne trail.
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3 center racked up three more caucus ones in the democratic presidential race. the results make it more likely the nomination fight will be a long, drawn-out battle. on the republican side, the personal attacks continue. al jazeera's david shuster reports on the day's developments. >> with ted cruz accuses republican frontrunner donald trump of planting a "national enquirer story. >> he is doing badly and choking
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and he's making things up. i had nothing to do with the national inquirer story and frankly, i hope it's not true because it's pretty bad. >> cruz has repeatedly denounce did the story as false and a smear. over the weekend, he doubled down on his accusation that it came from trump. >> made up lies. they are garbage. but, you know, it's indicative of just how low donald trump will go. he makes up lies. >> this fight between the republican nomination fronts runner started with attacks on each other's wives's. ohio john kasich was running third lashed out sunday on nbc's "meet the press." "families have to be off limits. you cannot get to these attacks on families and if this becomes an order of the day, what kind of people are we going to have for people who are going to run from public. a recent new york cbs/"new york times" poll says 60% of primary
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voters say campaign made them mostly embarrassed. 27% said most of proud. the food fight in the republican party could benefit a united democratic party but democratic unity is not happening any time soon. >> we just want the state of washington. >> the victory in saturday was not close. bernie sanders 73%, hillary clinton 27. sanders romped to a 70/30 caucus win in hawaii and a landslide victory in alaska, 82% to 18. clinton leads the delegate count but most expect the battle to last until june. >> one of our campaigns has created an enormous amount of
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inthusiasm and energy to turn out in november. >> campaign. >> meanwhile, hillary clinton cannot seem to get away from news stories about her reliance on a private non-secured e-mail system while she was secretary of state. the los angeles times reports that investigators with the f.b.i. and the department of justice expect to interview clinton about the system in the weeks ahead. on monday, clinton ignored those reports and largely started talking about bernie sanders. then she spoke in a wisconsin rally about the future of the u.s. supreme court. >> if we are serious about fighting for the rest of the causes, we need to focus on the court, who sits on it, how we choose them and how much we let politics, partisan politics, dominate that process.
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sanders, though, pounds the fight between trump and cruz irresistible. >> what they are spending this time on are impacting each other's lives. how crazy is that? >> david shuster, al jazeera. >> alaska's pavlov volcano sent ash 20 feet in the sky and caused a red alert. the size of the ash cloud isn't unusual for this volcano. it's highest recorded 9 miles. states that are earthquake prone, california maybe alaska, but oklahoma has surpassed california to take second place in earthquake frequency. scen scenes like this were not common in oklahoma until recently. fracking and over other oil and gas drilling have sent the number of tremors soaring. now the latest quake risk assessment finds some oklahomans
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and kansasages could face the threat of major earthquakes. joining us is pat abbott, professor emeritus. it is good to see you. i want to start here seeing the increase in seismic events in oklahoma and other states where frac something occurring. there is no question there is a direct correlation? >> almost definitely. but i would like to separate two different things, the fragging of taking one well and breaking rock apart to free natural gas or oil is not as much an effect for causing earthquakes. it's an effect. but the ones that are most responsible are the waste water disposal wells taking volumes of waste water and shoving that back underground under huge pressure. that's the ones that are triggering the majority of these earthquakes. >> that waste water is injected thousands of feet underground. >> puts more pressure on subterranean faults?
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exactly and the -- if it's just heading in regular rocks, just pushing the water into rocks t will rupture, and a rupture is what generates an earthquake. that's liveable. a lot of small earthquakes but the biggest fear or worry is there is an ancients history. there are some large faults from an earlier time been either the surface in oklahoma and if we use a lot of that water under pressure to, shall we say, begin to pry apart one of those ancients faults, we might be able to have one of those faults move tore a long time at a long distance and, of course, that's the key for earthquake size. the longer the rupture distancewise and the longer time it is rupturing, putting out energy, the larger earthquake. >> a soaring number of earthquakes but an increase already in intensity of earthquakes in these fracking states? >> exactly. for the most part, so far, it's just been large number of increases much earthquakes, 3.5,
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4.5. things that rattle you a little bit but they are not really a great has addressed. now, the recordquake size in oklahoma recently at 5.7 magnitude, that knocks down some chimneys and does things that aren't good. but so far, we have stayed below the catastrophic level. in t in the u.s. globally, remember the chinaquake in 2008, 87,000 people killed and some giant pandas? that almost certainly was triggered by the building of a dam risks
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california governor jerry brown struck a deal to raise the state's minimum wage. melissa chan reports the plan will raise the state's minimum wage to $15 an hour. >> reporter: from los angeles to san francisco, major cities in san francisco have already raged minimum wage but a statewide hike would raise prices by more than 50% in some areas. >> this is a significant wage increase for the wage workers. we are in a place, in a state, wages have been stagnating or declining since the late 1970s. >> in oakland, minimum wage workers make $12.55.
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they would make more money if the law passes . >> i am for it. i have definitely been in a position where i have had to work, you know, minimum wage jobs that were like $67 an hour. >> we will probably have to, you know, juggle things around a little bit but, you know, i see my employees struggle with $12. so, i am all for it. >> state lawmakers were under pressure to make a deal. some of california's most powerful unions managed to get a ballot initiative straight to the voters. the united healthcare workers west issued this statement about the compromise saying, quote, if a california minimum wage bill passes and is signed into law by the governor, we will take a careful look at it. our executive board will decide with a to do with our ballot initiative. a vote in the california legislature could come as early as the end of the week and would make california the leader in the national campaign to
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increase pay for low income workers. new york is also considering a statewide minimum wage increase to $15 an hour. >> it is extremely popular issue. minimum wage increases are popular among democrats. they are popular among independent. they are popular among republicans. minimum wage has gone on the ballot in the reddest of reddest state and passed. >> the chain would mean a raise for one out of every three workers in the state. that's a huge impact. of course, in an election year with the debate on minimum wage a major topic in the presidential contest, this development will only add to the momentum for federal level change. melissa chan, al jazeera. >> researchers are reporting promising results using a simple blood test to diagnose concussions. studies lead authors are sometimes subtle and do not show up for several days.
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the test could reduce the use of ct scans in diagnosing concussions with 90% accuracy. ray suarez is up next with "inside story." have a great night. >> you can see the conflict playing now in arenas, on the streets, in marchs and in the anonymous alleyways of social media, not race war, but ugly cascades of charges and counter charges. black lives matter versus all lives matter, taking account of america's real race history versus charges of political correctness. preacher, theologian, social activist, jim wallace says that