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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 1, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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another chamber is behind it. >> you can find out more on that and everything else that we have been covering on the program on our website. the page on your scenes right now address >> testing the world's resolve, north korea reportedly fires a ballistic missile at the u.s., and prepares allies. damaging winds in the south, isolated tornadoes in the southern states, and the threat is not over. and plus, tesla rolls out it's affordable electric car.
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this is aljazeera america, live from new york city. i'm richelle carey. we're following new developments out of north korea for you right now. a top north korean envoy told reuters that north korea is pursuing a nuclear ballistic program. there's a state of semi-war on the korean peninsula. south korea said just this morning, the north fired another ballistic missile into its waters. this all comes as president obama is at his fourth and final nuclear security summit in washington. thousands of leaders are gathered there today. thursday night, the leaders vowed to ramp up pressure. live for us in washington outside of the summit, jailly, we have heard threats from north korea before. and what's different now? >> well, not a whole lot, concept the level of bellicose
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rhetoric continues to escalate, as well as north korea's actions. it's a source of real concern in washington, and something that consumed much of president obama's day yesterday as he met with the leaders of south korea and japan, to talk about coordinated action, and separately with the prime minister of china to talk about what can be done to try to deescalate the tensions on the korean peninsula. north korea is rehearsing for invasion, and a lot of their actions seem to be at intimidating the united states and others from taking any of that action. don't forget, by the way, that technically, the u.s. and the u.n. are at a state of war with north korea and that never ended with a peace treaty, but with an armistice, the cessation of hostilities, and they have never resolved that.
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there has always been tension, and it's particularly high now, with north korea conducting nuclear tests, and missile technology, and its getting closer to the point where in theory it might be able to threaten the united states with some sort of a nuclear weapon. >> jamie, what's the latest coming out of there today? >> a lot of discussion here about the threat of nuclear terrorism, groups like isil or other people getting their hands on radioactive material that can be used to make a so-called dirty bomb. and president obama today, in making his opening statements to the delegations and leaders here in washington, said that the best defense against that remains securing nuclear material wherever it is around the world. >> the threat of nuclear terrorism persists and continues to evolve. fortunately, because of our coordinated efforts, no group has succeeded thus far in obtaining a nuclear weapon or a
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dirty bomb made of radioactive materials. there's no doubt that if these madmen got their hands on a nuclear bomb or material they would use it to kill as many people as possible. >> now, the president said that there has been significant progress since he convened the first nuclear summit in washington four years ago. in securing nuclear material around the world. but he admitted that there's a long way to go. more than 2,000 metric tons of highly enriched uranium are in place that's the u.s. doesn't consider fully secure. that's not counting the radioactive materials that are used in medicine and have industry. so at this conference, there are discussions among individual countries about things that they can do to ensure that those kinds of materials are secure and cannot fall into the wrong hands. richelle some. >> jamie mcintyre, thank you. china is criticizing the u.s. over a stance of disputed
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islands in the south china see. the white house is concerned that china might create an air defense zone over the island, china, malaysia, philippines and taiwan all claim to have a stake in the island chain. the officials have detained five people in the collapse. they want to know what caused the collapse of the bridge in call cut a workers are clearing the rubble. and they don't expect to find any more survivors. the sole survivor in the paris attacks could be extradieted to france. salah abdelslam is in brussels. the transfer could take place in the next ten days. 130 people were killed in the
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attacks. now to politics. hillary clinton was caught on camera, having a heated exchange with a green peace activists. it was over always that's her campaign had taken money from the fossil fuel industry. >> i am so sick of them lying about this. >> the activists hit back, i do not work for, and am no way affiliated with the sanders campaign, which clinton insinuated. bernie sanders signed a pledge to reject fossil fuel money, which clinton had not, the super pact supporting her have received 4 millions from the fossil fuel industry.
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and sanders is trying to make new york his hometown, which was formally senator clinton's home turf. aljazeera's david schuster reports. >> reporter: fresh off victories in the last seven contests, bernie sanders hopes to replicate in new york what polls suggest that he has done in wisconsin. after a string of large rallies, the poll ahead of the primary indicates that sanders is leading hillary clinton 49% to 35. >> when we stand together, there's nothing that we cannot accomplish. >> reporter: but gaining on clinton in new york, her own backyard may not be so easy. >> you are leading the next president of the united states. >> a large number of powerful
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political allies. in a harlem coffee shop, rangel. at the famous apollo theater, never charles schumer, and in westchester county where she lives, print onpledged that new york is hers. >> serving as your senator for eight years was one of the greatest honors of my life. >> reporter: in a sign of the heightened tension the and the support of the new york race, sanders was interrupted at the clinton event. >> oh, i know the bernie people came to say that, we're very sorry you're leaving. >> if you want to vote democrat, you should vote bernie. >> in the republican contest, donald trump appears to being one of his most high-profile defenders. ann coultis coulter lashed out a
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radio show. >> do you realize that our anddate is mental? its like constantly having to bail out your 16-year-old from prison. >> that was before trump's comments wednesday on abortion. >> the answer is there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yes. >> trump's campaign said that it was a misspeak, and seldom only actually punish doctors. >> and donald trump is hoping to bury the hatchet with the republican party as he goes closer to the nomination. on thursday, he tweeted about it on his twitter page. he called the meeting very nice, and the rnc called it productive. at the town hall, he's taking back the pledge to support the nominee if it's not him. there's a violent storm system pushing across the south. and tornadoes have already hit alabama, indiskinned mississippi.
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34 people across 13 states could be impact bid the severe weather. >> the strongest storm hit oklahoma where there were reports of several tornadoes. thousands of people in the tulsa area had their power knocked out and many homes and vehicles destroyed. tornadoes were reported in parts of mississippi, louisiana and alabama. heavy rain in the mississippi delta caused widespread flooding and prompted evacuations. in the southern town of purvis, high winds toppled trees and are power lines. in the alabama county state line, at least a dozen homes werer damaged. >> they were messing with my carcar all of a sudden my wife called me and said you need to come in, the sirens are going off. i didn't hear them. when we were coming off the shop, there was tin flying off the shop there, and it's more
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thannive ever seen or been in. >> the crews rescued a 16-year-old after his car was stuck in a ditch. two twisters hit, knocking out power, but no one in the state was hurt. >> that risk of severe weather continues today. let's bring in nicole mitchell. >> yes, we had so many severe storm reports yesterday that they were well over 100 extend to the great lakes. high winds, and in addition to the reports that we saw yesterday and a few more the day before in places like oklahoma. so the problem today, with the front stl lingering through the south, we have concerns, and any more rain, which we'll see some of, will just add to that problem, and the other thing, though the severe threat is still winding down, we still have it. so a lesser risk, not as many reports, but anywhere from the gulf coast up to the atlantic, watch for that potential today.
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and as we continue going forward, still a couple of days of rain for some places. so the rain, up and down the coastline to the gulf coast, and by the time you get to tomorrow, there's a system coming across the great lakes region, and it will stay active while the other areas start to clear out and there's still kind of a chance for snow on the day on sunday. yes, i did say snow. we have exceptionally warm temperatures ahead of this system. and a lot of temperatures into the 70s up and down the east coast. behind that, as the system goes through, some of the temperatures drop off 20-30° for the weekend. back to you. >> ferguson, missouri, has a new police chief. he's a veteran and he's black, and the department is mostly white. he has his work cut out for him. >> once moss was growing up in miami, two officers stopped and frisked him and called him racial slurs, andizzite the right there to become an
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officer himself. >> i wanted to my community better service than i was getting. >> the 23-year veteran of the miami police has been chosen in ferguson, missouri, to be their first time african-american police chief. torn apart, after the shooting of 18-year-old michael brown by darren wilson. it's not only to make sure, but a lot of the police officers are from the very community that they protect. >> whether brown was in the police department, only four african-american police officers were serving a
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prominently african-american city. the chief resigned, and a six-month department of justice investigation found that they used unreasonable force and used traffic stops to generate revenue for the city. >> change doesn't come easy, but i will be ready. >> delfrish moss will be challenged with the pd to one that's less adversarial and one that the community trusts. >> to communicate, i think that we stand a great chance of movinger forward. >> john henry smith, aljazeera. >> a bitter dispute with chicago's 400,000 students without teachers today. what the educators say that the district needs to do to get them back in the classroom. and employers in march.
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>> chicago teachers are
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walking off the job today. they have been working without a contract since last summer. the district said that the walkout is illegal. some chicago teachers are asking if their union is doing the right thing. >> reporter: fifth grade teacher, erica wozniak, doesn't want to walk the picket line, but it's necessary. >> we are showing that this is an urgent matter. and the schools need to be funded. we can't take any more cuts here. >> reporter: it's a lack of funding between ram emanuel and the chicago teacher's union that started three years ago when the city closed 50 public schools. the latest battle involves a new labor contract. the old one expired last spring. the teachers can't strike until may, when a fact finding is completed. but a one-week walk out citing unfair labor practices. the city wants to stop it based
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on the experience or educational level. the city claims that many delegates who voted no want a full grown strike. >> why don't we do a strike now and be done did. >> the chicago ceo said that if there's a strike friday, the teachers will be breaking the law. >> when we get through this, we'll look at our legal options and talk to the lawyers on how we pursue them. >them. teachers who don't show up on friday and don't have an excuse will be docked a day's pay. but if they go to the school and cross the picket line, they could be in trouble with the union. he believes that they're putting the teachers in a difficult situation. >> the legality of it is number one, that most teachers feel apprehensive not doing it. >> mackiony is not sure if he
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will picket. they could decide if the strike is illegal or if it could be brought against the union and the 20,000 teachers. diane eastabrook, aljazeera, chicago. new york is the latest state to push for a higher minimum wage. governor andrew cuomy and other leaders pushed a budget deal to get it up to $15 an hour. increases will be slower across the state and the counties won't reach $15 until 2022. in california, it has reached the governor's desk for a bill to give workers a raise of $15 an hour. over 2 million in the state are affected by the raise. and they say that it's about fairness and equality. >> california's minimum wage must be a living wage.
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anyone who thinks that $15 an hour is way too much, try living on it. >> under the plan, the wages will go up to $10.60 next january, and they will gradually increase by 2022. 15,000 jobs were created last month, and the breaking down the numbers for us. >> solid is the perfect word for this, richelle. it's not a blockbuster report, or a terrible report. but it's a solid report and that's pretty good. the economy added 215,000 jobs last month, and that keeps everyone happy. and meanwhile, the unemployment rate picked up slightly, to 5p., but for the right reason, and that's because the number of people participating in the labor force, either looking or actively looking for a job edged up by 400,000 new
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workers, and that's a really good sign. perhaps the people on the sidelines are feeling better and coming back into the labor force, and that's good. construction added 30,000 new jobs, and chalk that up to warmering weather, but manufacturing took a hit. it lost 29,000 jobs last month, and you can chalk it up to the dollar, making u.s. goods more expensive to buy abroad. and making them more competitive. hourly wages, they picked up 7 cents to $7.43 an hour, so heading in the right direction. they fell back in february, with the hourly pages going up. but 2.3% year-over-year, which is nothing to write home about. >> so in new york, and other place trying to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, does that play a role in getting wages up? >> a lot of economists believe
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when the minimum is low, it raises across the board. and some economists say that if you do raise the minimum wage, it means that employers add fewer jobs. but probably when you look at all of the evidence, raising the minimum wage does have the effect of kicking of wages across the board. >> i know that you love all of numbers. fantasy sports, suspending on all states. it's part of a deal with the ncaa. all college contests will leave after this college basketball game. it's the most significant prior to football season and monday's championship football game. george washington nit champion, the colonials beat
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valparaiso in last night's championship game. as george washington's first nit championship. and george washington notched a school record of 28 wins. car enthusiasts, tesla's new car, and the latest eventer in the expanding field.
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>> they want to make life easier for drivers. drivers of a late model bmw can get apple alerts telling them to leave early in traffic the new app is powered by microsoft cloud. it works with 2014 or newer bmws, and an android version is due out this year. if you always wanted a tesla, but the price tag freaked you out, it may be your chance. the model 3 costs 35 thousand dollars and it can go 250 miles
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per charge. the excitement is already building. >> this is kind of crazy, but i just learned that the total number of orders for the model 3 in the past 24 hours has now passed 115,000. >> tesla's first electric car is aimed at mainstream auto buyers. and it will be in production next year. jacob moore takes a look. >> they're not just fans, and not just here to see the car for the first time. they're here to each put down $1,000 in cash. they won't be able to get them for another year at least. but the tesla model three makes sense to these folks. it's not a luxury car, though it competes with others. at a start of $35,000, with all of the government rebates and bonuses you get, it's quite affordable. and it gets you into the hov
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carpool lane, which is an enormous boom. it makes a tremendous amount of sense, but for tesla as a car company, it represents a challenge for this company. self models, the roadster, the model s and x, each of those was a life or death proposition, and this one raises the stakes again. tesla has been getting by on a luxury segment of the market. but now it's trying to compete with regular automakers, makers who price their car in the 20-$30,000 range. selling boatloads much cheap cars with funding for electric vehicles, tesla does not have that luxury. this is a turning point for the company to try to be, basically trying to earn its place among the highest valued automakers in the world. >> jacob ward reporting there, he said that the base model car
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will do 0-60 in less than 3 seconds. be careful what you do today. pranks have been spotted. lexus announcing velcro seats in cars, which hold the drivers in place, and google said a same day delivery service that seabeds out products via parachute. i would want to leave that. and and a new app that allows people to get a taste of the menu by licking pictures of the food on your phone. don't fall for it. thank you for joining
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>> good morning world leaders meet to discuss how to keep the world safe from attacks with nuclear weapons hello, you're watching al jazeera live are from loind. -- london. also, uncertain future, united nations issues a stark warning to refugees - that could be sent from greece to turkey. >> aung san suy kyi and a new post. what it involves. >> and to the