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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  April 2, 2016 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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>> were you here 50 years ago? >> yes to support the cause for voter's rights. >> we've come a long way. we've got a long ways to go. >> al jazeera america - proud to tell your stories. >> these madmen ever got their hands on a nuclear bomb or nuclear material, they most certainly would use it to kill as many innocent people as possible. >> the nuclear summit in washington ends with a promise of better global security. hello, we have world news from al jazeera. also ahead. >> i apologize. >> south africa's president said he's sorry for using public money on his private home. and deporting refugees to turkey.
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>> i'm in cambodia where the united nations says thousands of children in orphanages are, in fact, not orphans. >> world leaders have ratified a treaty to keep materials safe. roslind jordan reports. >> all smiles at the end of the nuclear system summit in washington, and for good reason. the international treaty that requires countries to do more safeguard of nuclear material is about to take effect. the u.s. president barack obama warned his fellow leaders that more needs to be done. >> there is no doubt that if these madmen ever got their hands on a nuclear bomb or
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nuclear material, they most certainly will use it to kill as many innocent people as possible. >> obama's warning comes just weeks after the isil attacks in brussels. and amid reports the suspects might have been spying on a nuclear scientist. [ protesting ] >> some nuclear activists say they may have focused this summit on the wrong threat. they want more cups in the u.s. and russia. they don't want north korea to become a nuclear state. that's matter obama discussed with his chinese, japanese, and south korean counterparts on thursday. some analysts say that the administration has tried not to choose between nuclear security and none proliferation. >> civilian nuclear material is found in far more states than just these states with nuclear weapons. 24 countries have material that could be used for a nuclear weapon. so what president obama did was really elevate political
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attention to these materials and provide political momentum for securing them, and ideally eliminating these materials. >> this is the final summit of its kind. what happens now? >> today we have agreed to maintain a small architecture including through the united nations, the international atomic energy agency and interpol to carry on this work. >> but the real test of the summit's success is whether they'll continue their work safeguarding nuclear material without a nudge from the white house. roslind jordan, al jazeera, washington. >> north korea said it will continue its weapons program. south korea said that the north fired another short-ranged missile on friday. a north korean official said that the peninsula is now in the state of setting war. south africa's president has
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expressed regret after he was ordered to repay private money spent on improving his private home. but he said that he did not act dishonestly. we have more from joes hansberg. >> the country's highest court delivered the final damn be werder bremen on the president and the national assembly. both breached the constitution. it ordered the president to repay the money used for improving things like an amphitheater and swimming pool. the president said that the gross over spend should never have happened. >> the matter has caused a lot of frustration and confusion for which i apologize on my behalf and on behalf of government. >> but he defended his actions saying he always intended to pay back the money.
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>> i respect the judgment and will abide by it. i have consistently stated that i would pay an amount towards the unknown security upgrades. >> but zuma was dismissive of the demand that he repay some of the money spent on upgrading his sprawling home. the country's corruption watchdog investigated after costs ballooned. and they looked to see if he should repay a portion of the features. but he dismissed the findings, and the africa national led congress gave a report that exonerated him of any wrongdoing. he did an u-turn acknowledging that he did owe some money. but that was not enough of some of his critics.
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>> they say they will force zuma from office. the opposition democratic alliance wants him to redesign and they called his dress to the nation contradictory and insulting. they may not have won his resignation but they have a lot of ammunition ahead of this year's elections. >> they have wholeheartedly backed zuma and thank him for the apology. they under scored the domination of the anc which gives the support of south africas. although the president and the party are under unprecedented pressure. >> the united nations has criticized a deal between the e.u. and turkey on refugees. on the greek island hundreds of refugees protested after clashes broke out at their holding center. at least ten people were injured. about 300 broke through a fence and ran away to avoid being
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deported to turkey. we have this update on the greece-macedonia border. >> reporter: the u.n. yet again expressing concern about the e.u. turkey deal just three days before this was to be implemented. hundreds of migrants and refugee who is landed on greece's shores since the 20th of march are now being held in detention facilities. the u.n. is concerned about the conditions inside those detention facilities, which are basically prisons. the u.n. said that they're overcrowded, lack of sanitation but it's not just that. the world organization is worried that these people, their asylum requests are not being processed because of lack of time. and they're also concern thad international law could be violated. >> today we're urging the parties to the recent e.u. and turkey agreement on refugees and migrants to insure that all
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safeguards are in place before any returns begin. this is in light of this continued serious gaps in both countries. >> the u.n. is also concerned about the 50,000 migrants and refugees who are now stranded in greece. these people are not part of the e.u.-turkey deal. they have been trapped since europe closed it's borders. the u.n. saying that the anxiety and frustration is growing and tensions have been on the rise. in fact, we have heard of fights between the different communities on the ground. and many of those stranded in greece say they have not been able to apply for asylum. no one picks up their calls. the u.n. is worried that greece does not have the capacity to process all the asylum requests. >> without urgent further e.u. support, the limited capacity of the greek asylum service to register and process asylum claims will create more problems. there are very limited hours of
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registration. lack of access to the skype system for registration whereby people receive their appointments and their interviews villa skype. this is adding to the anxiety. >> the e.u. seems intent on implementing the deal. it will be an important show of force to show migrants and refugees that they are serious. especially since the deal came into effect on march 20th. but the arrivals continue undoubtedly much lower number than in the past. people still continue to land on greece's shores. deportations could be scene as a deterrent. >> syrian state media has reported the discovery of a mass grave in the city of palmyra. the reports say that they've found the remains of 40 people. 23 of them women and children. syrian troops continue to clear the city of landmines planted by isil fighters after recapturing it on sunday.
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the kurdistan workers party or the pkk said it was behind a car bombing in the southeastern city where seven police officers died and 27 others were injured. >> the explosion shattered the calm of this residential neighborhood. a car backed with explosives detonated here. the damage is clear. the family is shocked. they survived the attack. >> my parents were cooking in the kitchen. i was in the bathroom. my children were studying in the living room. all of a sudden with the powerful explosion we felt the storm. and saw something very strong coming on to us. it was like an apocalypse. >> many onlockers stood in disbelief. many more scared. >> we heard the explosion. we thought it was an earthquake. we were worried and scared. >> the car was parked here and detonated by a remote control.
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ththe explosion was so powerful it shattered the windows of the surrounding buildings. security officials say they have identified the man in this cctv footage as the main suspect. they're increasingly being targeted. last month a suicide attack carried out by an isil suicide-bomber killed severalturists in istanbul. both ankara and istanbul has seen the spike in attacks since last year. the government said that the country security and economy are the targets. consulates have closed their missions and many have warned citizens from visiting the country, especially southeast turkey. the car bomb attacks will only increase fears of more attacks. >> and in the kurdish region of northern iraq three policemen were killed by a suicide car
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bombing. the attack happened in front of the government building. three other car bombs went off on the outskirts of the town. kurdish peshmerga forces were the apparent target. isil claims responsibility. >> anger in the philippines as police confront thousands of protesting farmers. serving up solutions for former rebel fighters.
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>> welcome back.
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the top stories here on al jazeera. barack obama said that the 102 nations have signed a treaty preventing groups like isil from obtaining nuclear materials. south african president jacob zuma said that he'll respect the court judgment ordering him to pay back public money used to upgrade his private home. the u.n. has criticized the e.u. plan to deport refugees back to turkey. it wants safeguards in place before refugees return. a soldier accused of killing an injured palestinian man can be key takenned in a military camp for now. a man was shot in the head in hebron in the occupied west bank. he allegedly attacked an israeli. charges against the soldier has been reduced from murder to manslaughter. we have more from west jerusalem. >> israel's chief military prosecutor appeared in court to try to fight the decision by the judge that was to release the
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soldier in arrest. he'll go to a military base unconfined and unarmed. just to read you some of the quotes we heard from him inside the session, the chief prosecutor said that the videos and testimony indicate the neutralized terrorists pose nod threat. these are military words. however many movement, none of the people including the commanders who were standing next to him were not alarmed, and this speaks volumes. this has to do with the defense of the soldier who said he felt threatened, that his colleagues were threatened by the 21-year-old palestinian, who was lying on the ground. he had been shot. he was incapacitated, but he believed that he had the potential to carry out another attack in terms of having ex-plowtives on him. the prosecution making it clear they were not buying this, and therefore they believed he should remain in custody. that has not happened. he's now on open arrest in a military base, and he'll appear in court on tuesday.
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>> indian police have detained six senior employees of a construction company after a section of the fly over collapsed in calcutta. at least 24 people were killed. 90 rescued, but no further severes--survivors are expected to be found. it will take three days to correct the slab hanging on the bridge. 10,000 children in in orphanages. but they say that many of them have at least one living parent. for more we go to cambodia. >> it is the night before exams and they're studying hard. home work is a privilege. he didn't start school until he was is ihe was 12. but he is not an orphan, neither are many of the children here.
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>> my parents sent me here because they have problems earning a living. >> a recent study by the government found that 12,000 children currently live in orphanages in cambodia, but three out of four of them have a living parent. concerns of cases of abuse and neglect the government and the u.n. are now pushing to return these children to the families. >> some of these institutions are not monitored. they're not following minimum standards of care. >> but some parents say that he's better off where he is. they say they can't afford to look after him. they earn less than $5 a day selling balloons on the street.
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>> if he stays with us, he has to work hard. he will end up as a construction working. >> staff at the cambodia orphanage say that he has a chance for a better future if he stays with them. >> in this situation if you send them back i don't gray. >> they say the wonderful of these children must come first. but the question is who can offer better care? the government has yet to regulate their children with parents must return home. organizations like together for cambodia are hoping that it does not come to that. al jazeera, cambodia. >> violence in the southern
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philippines pitching farmers against police leaving two people dead. >> gunfire broke out as police stride to disperse the crowds. we have the latest in the southern philippines. >> the stand off between protesters mainly comprising of farmers and their supporters and the police authorities continue here in central area. now on friday we saw the police tried to move them away from the highway to a confirmed dead. early on saturday a search warrant was issued on the church authorities because the protesters and farmers who are the large majority, were sit
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waited in the compounds. the police wanted to make sure there were no firearms in the area. so with senior church figurers and senior politicians from the local area there was a search of the location. nothing has been found. both sides accuse the other of starting the firing. at the moment, the demands are to get relief aid that was not available when the drought continued. the drought has been conditioning in the area for many, many months. there was supposed to be aid given in january. nothing has been given so far. very little, and that's what these farmers are protesting about. they want the authorities to do something. this is causing great anxiety in the lead up to the general election. >> zimbabwe's government has
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been holding tucks for victoried land owners. they say they might raise the funds by taxing black farmers who benefited from the land seizures. over the past 15 years some a thousand white farmers were evacuated as a result of mugabe's land reform. three people were killed in an airstrike. linked to two attacks in the capital much mogadishu. one at the airport and another at a hospital. >> it had a been five years since ethiopian engineers started a project designed to power an entire region on the blue nile in western ethiopia, we have our reports. >> it's costing more than $4 billion of ethiopian taxpayer's money to build. when complete the dam on the
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blue nile is expected to generate 6,000 mega watts of power. the electricity will be used domestically and sold to countries in the region and beyond. the convincing neighboring countries with the benefits remain a challenge for the ethiopian government. the reservoir when filled will stretch around 240 kilometers in that direction. and the water level will come up to where i'm standing. the surface area is expected to be 1,800 square kilometers. the construction of this project is posing some serious geopolitical questions for countries in the region. down stream countries, egypt and sudan are especially worried. if this reservoir is filled too quickly it so seriously diminish the flow of the river. >> the blue nile will flow through these four culverts. study has shown it has not been
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effected. ethiopia has vowed not to fill during the dry season. but there is concern that it could increase high levels of salt in the nile area, an area where egypt depends on for agriculture production. government leaders fear for the safety of the main dam to stop water from escaping the main dam reservoir. >> we're carrying out all the studies necessary in the international standards, and we're carrying them out in a professional matter. >> pledging to increase cooperation over the dam, but it wasn't until last december when the agreement was finally reached oh in which two companies will conduct their own studies.
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>> we'll study how to fill the dam. when to fill the dam and the various options of filling the dam and impacting the countries. >> despite the agreements some have called for the destruction of the dam. >> we should respect all countries. >> completion an is expected in the next three years. but building trust among countries which east cope i can't says will benefit from one of the greatest engineering projects could take a lot longer than that. charles stratford, al jazeera. >> new pictures have emerged which show the existing u.s.-mexico border fence is not
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much of a barrier. two mexican boys with large back tacks scaling the wall from the mexican side into the u.s. state ostate. we have more from mexico city. >> this video captures what was a brazen encorings into u.s. territory apparently carrying contraband with what authorities suspect were drugs. they climbed over it in less than 30 seconds showing that they do this quite often. we have filmed at that very board several times. we have spoken with smuggler who tape heroin to their body and cross legally into the u.s. with visas they use to go back and
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forth from school. they found tunnels under that same fence and we've seen footage of catapults being used to sling marijuana and cocaine into the border. it shows that drug cartels and criminal organizations will use any means at their disposal. they have to then get money back into mexico and they use some of the same very strategies. >> now an up market restaurant in columbia, a restaurant started hiring unemployed army veterans. but it's owner would go on one step further. >> one of latin america's top 50 restaurant. for the past eight years it has been serving more than fancy food. it offers training and employment to wounded army veterans and now to former rebel
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fighters. >> a perspective employer wants to know your experience and who can recommend you. as a former rebel what can i answer. but here i didn't have to lie. >> she left her hometown after threats and could not find a job to feed her children. when the government agency connected her with this restaurant she worried about not being able to work with a restaurant and feared working shoulder to shoulder with her former enemy. >> when i saw him for the first time i had the shivers. i didn't know what the reaction would be. the first dame we talked, i cried and since then he has been my support. >> her cooking lost his left eye and right leg to a farc landmine. >> my first reaction was harsh. it was hard for me to accept the idea. we shared our stories, and i understood that they were victims as well. it helped me to move on and
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removed a huge burden. >> the restaurant originally only hired former soldiers. this was a bigger leap. >> there were fears about security, about political opinion, many things. but at the end we said we didn't do it, no one would do it. >> the kitchen has become a symbol of columbia efforts to overcome its conflict convincing most entrepreneurs to participate in a program like this one, many say they would not hire a former fighter. >> we have an issue of stigmaization. it's not enough to train these people and then show responsibility if the moment they step out of the process they face a society that is not ready to receive them. >> workers know the restaurant alone is not likely to reverse decades of fear and mistrust,
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but they were convinced and might hold the key for receipe of reconciliation. >> and a reminder you can keep up-to-date with all the latest on nuclear. for more go to that's >> thanks for joining us on "america tonight." i'm joie chen. this week we marked international women's day when we commemorate the achievements of women. but there are still great challenges for them, too, like limited opportunity, inequity


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