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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  April 2, 2016 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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>> the u.n. says there has ban sharp rice in the number of people killed in violence in iraq in march. new figures show that more than 1,100 died almost the double the figure in february. and that does not lead to accounts of people who die from secondary violence of those who flee their homes and die from lack of exposure an. >> anbar province, they're prepare to go retake a mall town off the euphrates near ramadi. last year isil was estimated to have lost 14% of the territory
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it had control in the north including kirkuk. and it still has areas around that city. >> there are many reasons behind the increasing of the death toll that is brought by the united nations and iraq. the clashes and the fighting against isil is still going on. when iraqi forces announced that they're going to launch or they did launch more than operation and more than one area. nomany areas, vast areas in iraq are subjected to military operation between iraqi forces and isil as well. also, we have to take into consideration that the very bad circumstances that surround the
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area from all directions. sieged by iraqi forces and people inside fallujah they're talking about very bad circumstances that they're witnessing and passing through. many people died because of this circumstances of this siege made by iraqi forces. now everybody is saying that the coming battle inside mosul or ongoing operation close to mosul could increase the number of death of people in the future. >> the armenian defense ministry said that heavy fighting has broken out. a small mountainous enclave is located between them. fighting over the past 24 hours is said to be the worse since cease-fire agreements ended the war in the 1990s as they have
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demanded that armenia return the territory, but they have not been able to find a peaceful solution. in the last few months azerbaijan has increased the offenses against armenian installations. as we know they were recently in washington. now that those meetings have finished, all of a sudden we see large scale offensive. the cease-fire that has been in place for the last 22 years has violated i. they've been trying to maintain a peaceful, and by launching a
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large-scale offensive it continues the loss of innocent lives. they have called for an immediate cease-fire and it is continuing to monitor the situation. beyond that we have no other news as to what russia will do. in terms of the international community, i have to say that this corner of the world has been long ignored, even with the effort of the ose mincmintz group. >> three people were killed in a drone strike near the kenyan border. the pentagon said that one man was involved in two attacks in mogadishu more than a year ago. one in an airport and one at a
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hospita hotel. >> people have been taking part of a marathon for the victims. vigil and prayers will be held later in the day in the capital of nairobi. >> we're here to say sorry for what has happened, and also to say that this is an important day that will never be forgotten by the community ingaries is a and kenya in general. >> and malcolm webb at garissa university where opportunities have gathered to mark that anniversary. >> some politicians, government officials, university staff, residents of garissa town and a handful of students gather for a ceremony. there were prayers. some account testimonies of what happened more than a year ago
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when this attack happened. this memorial is recently been constructed, and it lists the names of people that were killed that day. there were a lot of painful memories laid to rest. >> the u.n. security council has agreed to send u.n. police to burundi. the country has experienced unrest since april of last year when the president decided to seek a third time. nearly 500 people have been killed and a quarter million people have fled to neighboring countries. turkey's president is attending the opening of a new islamic center in the u.s. state of maryland land. president erdogan is set to inaugurate the center in america which has a turkish-style mosque. it was funded by the turkish
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government. i speak with john hedron who joins us from maryland. i imagine that the turkish president is not there just to open this particular mosque. what else is he up to? >> i'm sorry, i can't hear you. you can hear the opening music right now. rain will have stopped by then. he's opening the islamic cultural center. it will have a mosque and designed to spread turkish culture, and also to give a place to pray. of course, that is a diverse group here on the east coast of the united states. this is something that erdogan is doing in other countries as well and he's expected to do
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tend it is funded by the turkish government. >> president obama had been invited to this event, the white house cited a conflict of schedules erdogan wanted a bilateral meeting, an one-on-one that is a prestigious thing that erdogan was attending and the white house said it could not accommodate that request. president obama did speak with erdogan on the sidelines of that event, but that was a lower-profile incident. it was not a bilateral meeting and clearly a snub. during the time that erdogan has been here the americans have
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announced the pull out of hundreds of american troops from the declining security there. he said that erdogan's crackdown on the press in turkey was disappointing i think the world he used was discouraging. so the white house has been very concerned about some of the things that erdogan has been doing in this country. some of what people have been calling anti-democratic measures. the fact that erdogan is not having a high-profile meeting with the president is not an accident. >> that's the picture of the maryland and the united states. thank you. residents on the greek-macedonia border are protesting about the blocking of a bridge. they say they're tired of it being used as a refugee camp.
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refugees are blocking the area because they're not allowed to cross the border and continue their destination. many are trying to get to the greek island of lesbos from turkey. they were intercepted by the turkish coast guard. ankara has promised to take back refugees who cross illegally in agreement of resettling other refugees in europe. there will be a limited number of passengers flights. the reopening was delayed as they allow passengers to reenter the airport terminals. we have more ahead on al jazeera, including in mexico
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a new scheme is bringing butterflies back. >> i'm in cambodia where the united nations says thousands of children in orphanages are, in fact, orphans.
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>> once again you're watching al jazeera. the top stories, the u.n. said there has been a sharp rise of iraqis killed violently in march, almost double the previous month's figures.
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half of those killed were civilians. heavy fighting has broken out in armenia. the fighting is said to be the worse since the seize violence agreement in 1994. more than $100 billion of financial assistance poured into afghanistan over the last 15 years. half of that was emarked for infrastructure development. but many are asking where that money went. we have this report. >> it said the best way to get to know a city is to walk it. but that's a tall order for the nearly 6 million residents of kabul.
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>> our children are stranded inside the school. many people are having lots of trouble going anywhere. >> whenever it rains damaged roads and gutters full of garbage and blood turn streets into rivers. most cars can't navigate through the streets and puddles. many are often abandoned. >> there is no water drainage system. all we see is what is floating in the city. there is no one to do the work properly. everyone is filling their own pocket. this problem has to be solved. >> billions of dollars of international aid has poured into post-war afghanistan. most residents say they think the money has been misspent by ministers and greedy politicians. they say government officials
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hire their own businesses for construction projects or get kickbacks when awarding contracts. >> if the money was spent the right way then there would not be a situation like this. >> millions of dollars of money was all wasted. >> some residents even say that the construction materials used in public works projects are often substandard. residents say most of the new roads and infrastructure last only a few years, and then repairs or a rebuild. >> we all know that kabul city is not a normal city. many areas were built without urban planning. >> international assistance in the past two decades was wildly believed to be a rare opportunity for afghanistan to reinvent itself. and become a 21st century city.
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now with little chance there won't be any more outworing of assistance. afghan said that they'll have to address the crisis themselves, take responsibility and rely on their own resources and resourcefulness. al jazeera. >> three people are dead and several injured in clashes between police and farmers in the southern philippines. demonstrators were angry about the lack of government help during the country's worst droughts in years. we have reports now. >> the fields are dry. crops have failed. drought has hit many areas and brought farmers to their knees. unable to feed their families they try to get their voices heard. they protest in the nearby town but on friday it got out of hand. rocks were thrown at the police. police then broke the lines at the protesters. then shots can be heard.
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eduardo is was one of the farmers killed. he blames the police for his brother's death. >> the only reason we came here was to demand raise from the governor. we were surprised to see the police. the reason there was trouble was because the police tried to stop our demonstration. >> this is the city highway, and it's a city road on both days. earlier this week farmers were given permits to demonstrate, but not to block the highway. when the police came there were clashes and as many as three people were killed. whole families have taken refugee wherever they can on the grounds of the churn. the young and old sweatering from thsweat--sheltering from the swelle sweltering heat of the day. the police mr. given permission
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to search for weapons. the police are allowing some food donation but only after long discussions with civil society. >> we cannot delay any more on this government because we've experienced their bullets. we rely now on the support and these farmers would go home not empty handed. >> while farming families waited it out there was hope for a breakthrough. >> there are some who believe we're here to arrest them. >> it's believed that an agreement to end the protest may be reached over the weekend. but how to solve their long-term problems remain the question for the government. >> north korea said it has successfully tested a new
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anti-aircraft weapons system. state media has released recent photographs which appear to show kim jong-un monitoring the launch. it's unclear when or where they were taken. they said they fired it off the east coast of friday. ratifying the treaty to keep weapons under lock and key. u.s. president barack obama warned against groups trying to get access to nuclear weapons. >> all smiles at the nuclear summit in washington, and for good reason. an international treaty that requires countries to do more to safeguard nuclear materials is go "b" to take effect. but the u.s. president barack obama warned his fell low years that more needs to be done.
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>> there is no doubt that if these madmen ever got mirror hands on a nuclear bomb or nuclear material they may use it to kill as many innocent people as possible. >> obama's warning come just weeks. and amid reports the suspects may have been spying on a newell scientist. [ protesting ] >> but some say that they may have focused this summit on the wrong threat. they want more cuts in the u.s. and russia. they don't want north korea to become a nuclear state. that's a matter that chinese, snappees on thursday. >> civilian nuclear material is found in far more states than just these states with nuclear weapons. 24 countries have material that could be used for an illegal
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weapon. what president obama did was elevate political attention to these materials and provide political momentum for securing and ideally eliminating these materials. >> what happens now? >> today we agree to maintain a strong architect cure, including at the united nations, the interpol to enter on this work. >> but the real test will be whether nations continue their work on safeguarding their nuclear material without a nudge from the white house. roslind jordan, al jazeera, washington. >> parliament has sworn in a top policeman as new president was head of the internal security agency which has astrofell human rights record. the post of the president is the second most powerful position in vietnam.
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almost 12,000 children in cambodia live in orphanages, but a recent study shows that more than 70% have at least one living parent. they're trying to reunite these children with their families. >> the second of our two-part series from cambodia. >> it's the night before exams and they are studying hard. home work is a privilege. he didn't start school until he has 12 after coming to this orphanage. but sand luke is not an orphan, and neither are many of the children here. >> my parents sent me here seven years august because they have problems earning a living. they couldn't send me to school, and we didn't have found. >> a study found 12,000 children currently live in orphanages in
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cambodia, but three out of four of them have a living parent. cases of abuse and neglect in some orphanages, the government is pushing to return these children to their families. >> some of these institutions are not carefully monitored. they're not respecting a minimum standard of care. and what is important is that there are mechanisms in place to respect those institutions regularly. >> but this boy's parents say that he's better off where he is. they say they can't look after him. they earn less than $5 a day selling balloons on the street. if. >> if he states with us he'll have to work hard. my son will end up as a construction worker. >> at the together for cambodia
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orphanage, they say he has a better chance of a future if he stays with them. >> both the u.n. and orphanages say that the welfare of these children must come first. but the question is who can offer better care? >> the government has yet to regulate that children with parents must return home organizations like "together for cambodia" are hoping that it doesn't come to that. al jazeera, cambodia. >> anyone who has come into contact with an ebola virus will be given the vaccination for the disease. it wa guinea was announceed
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ebola free but there have been eight new announcements of the disease. >> zika is spreading fast around south america and protection kits are given to pregnant women. the monarch butterfly is making a comeback in mexico. >> butterflies in their winter home. millions of butterflies travel from canada to mexico. it's you one of the largest mass migrations and one of the most precarious.
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they say nature and man have helped the insects out. >> the climate has been very benevolent this winter. the public of the u.s. has helped to conserve and plant milk weed, which is the chief food sort of the monarch butterfly. >> canada, the u.s. and mexico have started a campaign to get the plants back in the gardens, and schools along the route. many schools are doing their best. >> the basic idea which the children are enthusiastic about is for the monarch butterflies
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they do it us immigrate using an internal campus through areas they've never seen before. >> i think it's really too early to declare it a success. we got to keep watching to see what will happen in the long term population. >> obstacles still lie ahead 3 herbicides are the biggest danger. scientific data shows between 199 the an 1999 to 2010 has
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shown a w a decline of the monarch butterfly. >> more on that story and everything else we've been covering right there on our website >> the frustration of a synthetic voice for those who computers? >> it sounds like a robot. >> researchers creating sounds that capture individual pers personality giving a face. >> what about your speech. >> my tongue. >> for those in need, new voice technologies that over the sweet sounds of success. >> it is funky. >> yeah. like you. >> this is "techknow" a sho


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