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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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♪ good evening. i am antonio mora. this is al jazeera america. >> god bless the great state of wisconsin. >> let me thank the people of wisconsin for their choice. >> big wins for senator ted cruz and bernie sanders as the night's victories change the presidential campaign. >> i have been pushing for years to eliminate some of the injusticeses in our tax system. >> president obama praises calls for new efforts to crack down on corporate tax loop holes. >> i think it's a good deal. >> the governor okays a new state law allowing services to be refused to lgbt residents.
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i can't do it anymore. >> the need nfor speed without gas. we will take you behind the wheel of one of the world's fastest electric car races. >> a shack-up in the race for president tonight. ted cruz and bernie sanders are the projected winners in wisconsin. they each handley defeated the front runners giving big boosts to their campaigns. we start with david shuster in the latest results. it is possibly a game changing win borrow cruz it is because the margins tonight were a lot wider than a lot of people had expected. here are the latest total totals on republican side in wisconsin. as you can see, ted cruz getting 50% to donald trump's 32 trump
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thought he could keep it within 5 or six points. it's a landslide. you have 18 that are awarded right off of the bad. more based upon congressionalstruction. right now, it looks like donald's trump will get 3 out of the 42. the overall message here is that if you look at the big number, the tell gas, donald trump, there is no stopping ted cruz even because of tonight. basically no way ted cruz is going to be able to close this margin regarding the delegates needed for the nomination. what it does mean is that for donald trump to get to 1237 before the convention, that becomes much more difficult the odds of a contested convention go way up with donald's trump use losing wisconsin tonight. a lot of states favor him, including new jersey, new york, pennsylvania but donald trump is going to have to run the table if he has any chance now of getting the 1237 he needs before
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the convention. if you falls short, the possibility of multiple which ted cruz can line up up rubio. >> walks away.
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what it does is it means he starts to eat into hillary clinton's pledge delegate lead. here is what the spread is so f far. hillary clint on went into the night with about a 260 pledge delegate lead. it is shrinking. it will shrink as results come in tonight. there are caucuses in wyomings. sanders is expected to do well. can bernie sanders pull an upset in the state of new york? it is mathmatically possible for him to close lead perhaps by the end of the calendar before the convention. if he does that, if bernie sanders is able to get more pledge delegates by the ends of the nomination is the expectation the super delegates would then shift because they do not want to deny the nomination to whoever gets the most elected or pledge delegates of the
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that's where bernie sanders is taking a step in that direction. tonight, still at the very big uphill climb to get there. it means, antonio, his viability. >> stretching out his lead as the night has come on. it has become a bigger victory. making things uneasy david. >> chief political correspondent michael schor. a lot of happy people who said this is a turning point in the race. >> that's right. it was recallus here earlier when ted cruz came out, scott walker, the governor of the state introurts him. the krudz family came out acruz it was a big victory for the never trump movement. that's i think why ted cruz was very, very happy tonight. he did as you said call this a turning point. >> it is a rallying cry. it is a call from the hard
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working men and women of wisconsin to the people of america. >> we have a choice, a real choice. >> you know going with david shuster's numbers and going with what happened here, it is almost impossible for ted cruz to win this outright. what he is trying to do is sort of play on that never trump idea with a hashtag that turned into a movement here in wisconsin backed by scott walker and some others. the lieutenants governor here so many people working to deny donald trump not necessary to elevate ted cruz. you one thing you have to look at is ted cruz goes into new york, pennsylvania, all of nooepingz, delaware, maryland. that's not where he is most comfortable. he did what he had to do in denying a good number of delegates donald trump keeping the convention hope alive. >> bernie sanders is playing up
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his momentum but as david shuster said, he has an uphill battle. >> he does. the battle is less and less uphill every time he wins a state, antonio, he does what he has to do. you cannot deny he did that here this is a primary state, of course. it's a very white state, very typical for the kind of states bernie sanders has won when they have been in primaries. he moves on to wyoming and a caucus, very happy tonight. not in wisconsin but very happy when he spoke to his supporters. >> with our victory tonight in wisconsin >> we have now won seven out of eight of the last caucuses. senate sanders nos that's what he has to do. it's almost a rock face he has to climb up and now it's to new
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york. ty moment, this is a big victory for bernie sanders. he will take that. >> a few problems because some questions about how he would break up the banks too big to fail. michael schor, thanks. >> a former advisor to george h.w. bush joins us. david haynes is teditorial editr to. ted cruz didn't win by a little bit. it's looking like he can beats trump at this points around 17 percentage points. is the tide turning as cruz claimed or could this be his high point because as michael shore just said, he is ahead in the bigger states. >> i agree with michael's
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observation. i think that some of the upc upcoming states strongly favored donald trump so it's going to be uphill for ted cruz after this. it work hard enough for him to win enough delegates to go into the convention and say i am the party's nominee. there is no real math equation that shows him being in a position to do that. donald trump is the only one and now his path is a little more steep than it was before today's primary. but a lot of it was with the help of people who want to stop donald trump. it wasn't all for ted cruz. a lot was to stop donald trump. >> you raised the issue of a possibility of a contested convention. >> could be a double-edged sword for republicans. >> no doubt if developmented
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trump feels he is not being failure treated by republican party, he could bolt and form -- run as an independent for the presidency and that, again, would not bode well for the republican party. so very, very difficult choices. it's still going to be hard for republicans even tcontrol roomig the rules f donald trump enters the convention with less than 1237 but somewhere close to 1237, it's going to be hard to deny him the nomination. some difficult choices with the republican party. >> david, earlier in the year, polls in wisconsin were showing trump ahead or at least some of them were showing him ahead. >> seemed to change. virtually all of them showed ted cruz was going to have a win tonight, not a big a win as he has had how much of a role do you think all of the issues with trump's comments and his campaign played?
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>> i can't when trump couldn't answer the question about abortion or he didn't even seem to know what his position was, that was indicative for wisconsin voters he hadn't thought about it. they like their candidates to treat them like adults. donald trump in some ways didn't do that. i think this is a big night for ted cruz fodoubt. i think it's a very difficult climb for cruz to get to the nomination donald trump does look stronger in the state coming up. one thing to look at is ted cruz did very well with blue color republicans and white collar republicans in wisconsin. if he does that in the upcoming states, those states might be more of a toss up than we thought exit popes have shown so far have tended to go donald trump. one-of the exit polls in wisconsin that i thought was striking was that 4 in 10 of
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kraj voters felt that they would be afraid of donald trurp having the presidency. do you think that's representative of republicans around the country? >> i think it might be. i thought it was also striking one of out of three voters in exit polls or something to that effect said that they wouldn't vote for ted cruz or donald trump if they were given the nomination. >> i'm sorry. go ahead, david? >> i was going to say, i think what it says is that that split in the party is still there and there are deep woods that have to be healed. >> what i wanted to ask you about was that exit poll that showed that a third of the voters would not vote for trump in the general election. a third of the voters would not for ted cruz. talking about republicans what does that mean for the republican party? >> well, it will just means there is a lot of uphill
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sledding going forward. if trump is the nominee, he has to walk back some things he said earlier that were hurtful to so many l to so many different groups >> david, about the democrats, sanders, big win tonight. he is expected to win handley in wyoming and then we've got two
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weeks, you know, before -- two weeks from today before we get to new york. how much momentum do you think this will give sanders? >> i think it gives sanders some momentum. he did well here because this is a state that has a lot of progressive traditions and that's still en grained in the democratic party. he did great with young people as he always does. he did good with men. he did great with liberals but as pointed out by david shuster, he has an uphill climb here delegates are awarded in the democratic party proportionately. ebb with a blowout win, he is behind. it's possible he could close that gap if he continues to win. you can't count him out. ses he has been feisty and a real fighter. democratic voters here in wisconsin seem to line that. >> david hangs, joe watkins, very good to have your insights. alabama's governor may soon pass
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i am peoplement, robert bentley. bentley is accused of having an affair with a stamp. he did apologize for making inappropriate remarks to a married ex stamp. he said he will fight the move to impeach him. new regulations could prevent companies bevels moving addresses overseas to avoid paying american taxes? >> next, president obama's take on the rules and how they could kill plans for one of the so-called -- one of the biggest so-called inversions. also, mississippi en acts a law that critics say discriminates against gay people while north carolina loses business following a similar move.
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>> "inside story" takes you beyond the headlines, beyond the quick cuts, beyond the sound bites. we're giving you a deeper dive into the stories that are making our world what it is. >> ray suarez hosts "inside story". only on al jazeera america. ford is expanding it operations south of the border. today, the auto maker announced plans to build a new assembly plant in mexico. the facility will be constructed. ford says the plant will be staffed by about 2800 employees. it's expected to be used to build compact cars. president obama praised the treasury department's new effort to crack down on corporate tax inversion. that's what u.s. companies moving their headquarters to another company to pay a lower tax rates. mike viqueira reports from
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washington. it's a practicing raising eyebrows with a high profile case. the american pharmaceutical giant, pfizer, a potential merger with a much smaller irish concern out of dub lirn iron to avoid as much as 40 billion. allergen a smaller concern but pfizer would move overseas where the tax rate, some 12 and a half percent, compare that with the top tax rate in the united states of 35%. many people are out raked. it's become an issue on the campaign trail. championed first and foremost by bernie sanders. the department of treasury krashingz cracked down putting new rules that would stop that pfizer transaction as well as potentially many others. president obama and in a white house briefing room to back it
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up i am very pleased the department has taken now, to the panama papers showing many rich and powerful around the world are hiding their money. pom says he is making it illegal. in order to avoid taxes. the state faces a backlash after the governor signed the bill as
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paul bebinban reports other states are facing heat or backing away. >> governor fill bryant wasted no time signing the new law tuesday so did the legislature. saying it that it will cost the state dearly. mississippi needs only to look as far as north carolina to see how damaging discrimination can be to a state's reputation and
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economy among other things it forces people to use bathrooms according to the gender on their birth certificate. tar heel state is feeling the heat today. online gaming service paypal announced it was cancelling a major expansion in north carolina. >> i anticipate pay pal will provide their services and accept our consumer money in the state of north carolina as they also accept money in the nations throughout the world. i have disagreements with some of the policies that they are agreeing with a number of governors and mayors have banned all but essential travel for government employees to north carolina. a number of companies have threatened to boycott the state entirely. georgia faced similar threats after lawmakers there approved a similar bill last week governor nathan deal vetoed it. >> i do not think that we have to discriminate against anyone to protect the faith-based
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community in georgia. >> governs in virginia and south dakota also vetoed similar bills and measures all prompted by last june's supreme court decision that effectively legalized gay marriage nationwide. still some states seem determined to resist despite paying a price. paul beban, new york. >> electric cars are concurring new territory, the racetrack. vehicles competing without gasoline and soon without drivers.
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researchers say the cost of insulin has more than tripled since 2002. a letter in today's american million association say it cost $231 in 2002 it was up to $736. in 2013.
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a major driver of the increasing cost is analog insulin, a man-made insulin in the 1990s. it was thought to be better than oldser versions of insulin. some say it might not be worth the price for some. >> the high performance rating community had shunned electric cars. that's starting to change like with the formula e grand prix in california. as jacob ward reports, some electric cars are beating their gas-powered counterparts. >> it's all the muscle and excitement of auto racing except for one thing: >> here are the lines. >> at the green light, all you hear is tires. the 2016 formula e race in long beach california is the world's premier electric vehicle competition. >> trying to jockey into position. >> winning this race can be the ticket into formula one, the big time. so formula e attracts real drivers. the difficultie is teaching them
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to be fast but efficient, a new way to drive? >> it's very hard, someone whose natural action is power, go for it but leaving corners . >> i am used to the v-8, v-10 back in the day so i am used to the sound. i miss the sound. i also listen to the engine at which point to pick up. i can't do that anymore. so i really need to look at the steering wheel. >> they are practicing to switch out tires but here is a measure of how primitive it is. at this point, the battery won't last as long as the tires do. if all goes well, they won't ever have to do this during a race. the battery lasts about twenty minutes. it defines everything being this roughly 45 minute race. >> the most of what i am look at
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here is battery. >> this black box, fuse box here up into the cockpit. >> it was impossible to take the battery out. you can't refuel it in a pit stop. right? >> brace the battery. gets out of car number 1 and hops in car number 2 and takes off in a different car. that's why he is driving. >> in conventional races, a driver never gets outs of the car. >> it's quite exciting to jump from one car to another. it's different than i am used to. >> racing is at a turning point. an electric vehicle beat all
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internal combustion challengers for the first time ever. >> now, even drivers could be replaced. in 2010, audi and stanford university sent an autonomous vehicle on the pike's peek course. it's clear an autonomous race car can drive a competitive lap time but can it avoid the other cars on the track while doing it? >> in my opinion, i suspect they will find it harder than they think. mechanisms of driving around the track. that's a problem quickly what happens when the bloke in front of you is spinning, which way does the car go? for the gas? aim for the car which is kind of what real racing drivers do. turn one, 20 cars all firing through the same corner. that will be the moment the way the question is answer did. >> in a few decades, it's unlikely any professional races
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will involve gasoline and they may not even involve a human at the wheel. jacob ward, al jazeera, long beach california, california . >> i am antonio mora thanks for joining us. ray suarez up next with inside story. have a great night. >> the islamic state is spreading to affiliates in libya and nigeria and ter cells in europe. the islamic state is shrinking, the territory that it controls in western iraq and syria, under constant pressure, it's top leaders killed in drone strikes, it's money drying up. which is it? is isil losing on the battlefield and winning on the internet and as bombs explode in europe and africa and the middle east, losing and lethal, that's the "inside