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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 6, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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with a national carrier, and won't sell it seats, nor will they say when or whether they will be coming back. andrew thomas, al jazeera, vanuatu. and you can get much more and everything else on the website. ♪ god bless the great state of wisconsin. [ cheers and applause ] >> let me take this opportunity to thank the people of wisconsin for their strong support. [ cheers and applause ] >> underdog upset, senators ted cruz and bernie sanders win big in wisconsin. backlash against new laws in the south, the fallout over the rules many say discriminate against the lbgt community.
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taking the lead, electric cars racing ahead of their gas-powered counterparts. ♪ this is al jazeera america live from new york city. i'm richelle carey. the underdogs in the presidential race are moving ahead today with big momentum after decisive wins in wisconsin. ted cruz dpeeted donald trump winning almost all of the state's delegates. and bernie sanders topped hillary clinton winning more than half of the delegates and tightening the race to the nomination. david shuster has more. >> we won in wisconsin! [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: for democrat bernie sanders and republican ted cruz, it was the night both nomination challengers had been hoping for. >> god bless the great state of wisconsin. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: with nearly all of
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the wisconsin primary votes counted cruz soundly dpeeted republican front runner, donald trump. the outcome means trump's path to the nomination will be more difficult, because his odds of winning enough delegates before the summer convention are now slim. trump, who campaigned hard in wisconsin though he stopped short of putting on a cheese head did not speak tuesday night. but cruz was banking on a contested convention celebrated in milwaukee, loudly. >> three weeks ago the media said wisconsin was a perfect state for donald trump. [ booing ] >> but the hardworking men and women of wisconsin stood and campaigned tirelessly to make sure that tonight was a victory for every american. >> reporter: in the democratic race, bernie sanders's wisconsin win is now his seventh victory in the last eight contests. sanders spoke tuesday night from
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wyoming. >> real change never ever takes place from the top on down. it always takes place from the bottom on up. >> reporter: sanders margin of victory was fuelled in part by younger voters and by white working class democrats, many of them angry at free trade. wisconsin's manufacturing base over the past decade has been hollowed out. and sanders made sure voters were aware of his efforts to block free trade deals that clinton supported. sanders's wisconsin victory could give him a crucial bounce heading into new york's delegate rich primary in two weeks. in order to close clinton's overall delegate lead, sanders still needs to win 57% of all pledged delegates that remain. >> when we stand together, there is nothing we cannot accomplish. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: in the end, wisconsin was a rough state for
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the party's front runners, raising new questions about their campaign strengths, and keeping their challenger's hopes lye. david shuster, al jazeera. after his wisconsin loss trump lashed out at ted cruz. trump's campaign released a statement saying: this is trump's first primary or caucus without a win. donald trump still leads with 739, but ted cruz is close behind with 502. bernie sanders is also getting clearer to hillary clinton. he now trails by less than 250 delegates. though if you add in the super-delegates her lead is much larger. always good to talk to you, bill.
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can you put the win for cruz and the win for sanders in perspective for us? >> well, they mean that both nominations are likely to be contested, especially the republican nomination. it means it will be very difficult for trump to go into the convention with a absolute majority. and that means wheeling and dealing at the convention. trump just warned that the party wants to, in his words steal the nomination from him, by gathering forces against him and nominating someone else. that really is a veiled threat to disrupt the convention if it doesn't nominate trump. >> so you don't see donald trump's campaign necessarily trying to learn any lessonings from this? >> donald trump learning lessons, i don't think so. [ laughter ] >> okay. let's talk about ted cruz's strategy going forward.
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what should the take away be? >> he has momentum. he is the untrump. he is the remaining candidate who looks like he can stop trump. that is going to be tough for him. because the campaign is going to states where ted cruz doesn't have a base mchl new york, pennsylvania, california, those are the big states yet to vote. new jersey. in those states you don't find a lot of evangelical voters, or hard line conservatives who support ted cruz, the only way he is going to do well is if the voters give up on trump and say we don't like ted cruz, but we have got to stop trump. there's a possibility that could happen. >> both have said that they want john kasich out of this, and it should just be the two of them. first of all that's a bit rude. okay. but why is john kasich still in
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this? >> he believes if there is going to be a brokered convention, if there is a deal made at the convention, he is in line to benefit from that, because right now he's the one of the three republicans who stands the best chance of winning in november. all of the polls show that. if republicans want to nominate a likely winner, they would nominate john kasich. so he is determined to stay on until the convention, so he can make that argument. >> how much of a long shot is that? >> it's a pretty long shot, if he is as weak in delegates as he is now, it will be tough for him to persuade cruz delegates who really don't like john kasich, and trump supporters who don't like anybody except for trump to go for kasick.
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>> hillary clinton is there a reason she should be concerned about the primary in new york? >> yes, bernie sanders grew up in new york. she represented new york. she has an advantage in new york, because new york has a lot of minority voters, a lot of latinos a asian and african americans, and that -- those voters turn out heavily for hillary clinton. but bernie sanders got momentum from his wisconsin victory, which was bigger than anyone expected. and momentum can carry you pretty far in places like this. there are a lot of liberal and progressive voters in new york. so bernie sanders is hoping the wisconsin momentum will pay off in new york. will he get the nomination? it still seems unlikely, but he could have his way on a lot of platform positions and rule changes. >> all right. bill schneider thank you very
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much. alabama's governor is facing impeachment. state lawmakers have started formal proceedings against him. he is accused of having an affair with a staffer. >> we're looking at this governor who has essentially betrayed the trust of the people of alabama. as much the only course the people of alabama have to -- to address this issue, is through the impeachment process. >> bentley denies the allegation but he did apologize for making inappropriate remarks to a married ex-staffer. he says he will fight the move to impeach him. mississippi's governor has signed a law allowing religious groups to refuse service to people who go against their
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principals, including gay couples. a dramatic rescue from a rapidly growing wildfire in northern oklahoma. >> he needs to get out of there. >> come on, guy get out. >> he was attempting to drive away when he got stuck. and just as he ran for safety, his truck was engulfed in flames. it's a different story in michigan snow and freezing rain are falling there today. up to a foot in some places. severe weather has forced school districts to close and lead to crashes. that snow is still an issue for people around the great lakes. nicole mitchell has more. >> it is all part of the same system that is causing snow and high winds behind it.
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the highest winds are in the northern plains. the southern plains still gusty with low hue -- humidity. but the snow is still significant, some places will go over 6 inches total, and then it continues to move into the northeast. southern portions of all of this get the rain south of the ohio river valley. not very likely it will be severe weather with this particular system and a very wet day for portions of the northeast as all of this continues to move tomorrow back behind this with colder air moving in, there is still some spotty chances for that snow to continue. with all of that, the temperature is definitely going down as the system goes through ahead of this into the 40s and 50s on the east coast that goes up and then back down. the one place we have the warmth
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though, in some cases 10 to 20 degrees above average is the southwest. that goes down into tomorrow because of this moisture doing in finally for thursday and friday. some good chances for ryan in the southwest where it is deaf per rately needed. a huge pharmaceutical merger is off, pfizer is scrapping its deal with allergen after the treasury department rolled out new rules to crack down on tax inversions, corporate mergers designed to get around paying higher u.s. taxes. president obama championed the move. more bad news for residents of california, the town there that has had a massive gas leak. up next how thousands of people in and around los angeles could
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be impacted. and the havana connection, how the city of new orleans hope to rebuild a trading partnership with cuba. inform
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>> the only live national news show at 11:00 eastern. >> we start with breaking news. >> let's take a closer look. >> ali velshi, getting to the heart of the matter. >> what if there were no cameras here, would be the best solution? >> this goes to the heart of the argument. >> people out here are struggling and just trying to get by with whatever they can. >> new york city has a higher level of inequality of wealth than honduras and india. >> people need to demand reform. >> it's coming together little by little. >> we're making it the best that we can. >> we're not deterred.
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we're building a historic project here. >> how big do you see this getting? >> we're trying to get a feel for what the people of iran are thinking right now. >> the galleries and the art and the parties, everything. it's getting better. >> greece is this close to running out of cash. i went there to show you first-hand. >> if you paid taxes, you expect to having something back. >> the city is a powder keg at the moment. >> we're back square minus one. >> now it's time for something different. >> this is the entrance to the global seed vault. nations around the world contribute stashes of every kind of seed imaginable if something really bad were to happen, humankind can start all over again. >> all year long we are continuing with our conversation on america's middle-class. >> i'm on a mission that i have to keep. keep this business going. >> the middle-class is a reflection of a city's economic health. it fuels the local economy like it's been doing here at philadelphia's italian market for the last 100 years. >> these are middle-class people who decided it's much better to
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come back here and they're working to fight to make changes. >> proud to tell your stories. baltimore prosecutors are trying to force another police officer involved in the death of freddie gray to testify against his colleagues. last month the state's highest court ruled another officer, could be compelled to testify. gray died last april after being seriously injured while in police custody. a new development today on that debunk t rolling stone article about the gang rape. the magazine retracted the story after an investigation uncovered discrepancies. there's new trouble in the
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aftermath of the huge gas leak in southern california. officials say the leak could lead to summertime blackouts. john henry smith explains why. >> the leak in the storage field is permanently sealed. >> reporter: that february announcement trumpeted the end of nearly four months of methane gas leaking. now there is a new worry. while only one of the sites was leaking, the state has ordered all sites shut down so they can be tested. that means a lot of one-fifth of the areas natural gas capacity. 17 million customers will face a shortage of gas. their report warns that will mean up to 14 days of blackouts during the hot summer months, also residents should expect an additional 8 to 18 days of
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outages later in the year. it's another problem for a community that has already suffered health problems to expose sure to the methane gas cloud. >> our 13 year old daughter, she has been sick as well, and missed school, and has a horrible, horrible cough. >> reporter: the state's anal cyst has drawn protests from the utility industry. they say they have plenty of gas to serve the needs, and reports hinting at blackouts are irresponsible. the panama paper scandal now threatens the new leader of international soccer. they say he signed a contract in 2006 with an off-shore company. today swiss police raided their
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offices in zurich, he says he is dismayed by the report and that his integrity is being doubted. more help is coming to researchers tries to stop the zika virus any obama administration says it will transfer money left over from the battle of ebola to fight zika virus instead. congressman from louisiana and arkansas head to cuba today. they say they are hoping for a return to the good old days, when most of cubas imports and exports passed through the thriving port of new orleans. cuba could make louisiana the global leader in the rice trade facilitated. jonathan martin reports. >> reporter: american businesses have been cut off from trade with cuba for more than half a century. many americans still see the
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castro regime as an enemy, but others are hoping to capitalize on a new market in a communist country. for this fourth generation louisiana farmer, it's promising. before the trade embargo, cuba was the largest importer of louisiana's rice. >> they import a lot of rice. it's almost the size of louisiana's whole crop, so as you could see, it would be significant if we could get back to what we were doing before or more. >> reporter: with louisiana's ports stand ling the mississippi river and just 700 miles from cuba, the agricultural commissioner says it is in a prime spot to trade with cuba. this week congressmen from louisiana and arkansas along with farmers andal culture leaders from both states are visiting cuba. >> we expect within the first year 15 to 20% increase in sales of louisiana products, louisiana
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products, going into cuba. >> reporter: opening trade with cuba could add millions to the state's economy and create jobs, but critics say as long as fiddle cast troe maintains influence, opportunities will be few. >> he will block trade with the united states. he told president obama in the editorial the day after president obama left cuba, he said cuba doesn't need anything from the empire. he considers the united states the empire. >> reporter: george fled cuba as a child. he says opening trade does nothing for the people still struggling in cuba. >> they don't have the money to buy. cubans make $30 a month. >> reporter: kevin says he too is sensitive to the needs of those in cuba, but feels decades
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of trade restrictions have put u.s. farmers at a disadvantage. >> we're the ones being hurt for not being able to trade with cuba. they get their rice from somewheres else. charged up and ready to go, the race cars that are fulfilling the need for speed without gas. ♪
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>> you and i, we're going to change this country, and we will change the world. >> mr. president, there's a one in three chance of a second grade depression. >> first hand accounts from the people who are there. >> your opinion was shocking. >> ...that i am president of the united states and i can't make anything happen. >> he stood up and said, "that's it, i'm finished." >> al jazeera america brings you independent reporting without spin. >> not everybody is asking the questions you're asking me today.
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>> we give you more perspectives >> the separatists took control a few days ago. >> and a global view. >> now everybody in this country can hear them. >> getting the story first-hand. >> they have travelled for weeks, sometimes months. >> what's your message then? >> we need help now. >> you're watching al jazeera america. if you are one of the more than a billion people who use what's app any messages you send now will be fully encrypted. it means if you send a message the only person who can read it is the person you sent it to. the shift applies to all platforms. the high-performance racing community electric cars have always been considered a joke, but now e race cars are defeating gas-powered vehicles.
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that is changing the future of the sport. jake ward is in long beach, california. >> reporter: it's all of the muscle and excitement of auto racing, except for one thing. at the green light, all you hear is tires. the 2016 formula e race in long beach, california is the world's premiere electric vehicle competition. winning this race can be the ticket into formula 1, the big time. the difficulty is teaching the drivers to be fast but efficient, a new way to drive. >> it's a very hard to train someone who's natural reaction ask power, go for it, but leaving corners with progressive throttle. >> i'm used to the v-8, and v-10s back in the day, so i'm used to the sound. i miss the sound. i always listened to the engine,
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and i can't do that anymore, so i really need to look at the steering wheel. >> reporter: they are practicing to switch out tires like any good pit crew would, but here is a pressure of how primtive e-racing is. the battery won't last as long as the tires will. driven hard the battery only lasts around 20 minutes, so it defines everything about this roughly 45-minute race. so most of what i'm looking at here is battery. >> yes, this black box, this huge box here, and you can see it goes up into the cockpit. >> so it is impossible to take the battery out. >> no, the driver literally gets out of car number 1, and hops into car number 2 and takes off in a different car.
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>> reporter: in convention races a driver never gets out of the car. >> it's quite exciting to jump from one car to the other. it's different than i'm used to. you have around 32 seconds to change from one car to the other, and be completely ready, sometimes it's quite tight, but normally you would do it in around 26, 27 seconds. racing is at a turning point. at the paks peak international hill climb the, an electric vehicle beat all internal combustion challengers for the first time ever. now even the drivers could be replaced. in 2010, audi and stanford university sent an autonomous vehicle up the course, and next year's formula e race will feature a ro bot division. it's clear that an autonomous race car can drive a competitive lap time, but can it avoid the
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other cars on the track while doing it? >> i suspect they will find it harder than they think. the mechanism of driving a vehicle arrange the track, i think they can get that up to the level fairly quickly. but what happens when the bloke in front of you is spinning. which way does the car go? because it brake? or aim for the spinning car which is what you tell a real racing driver to do. 20 cars all firing into the same corner, that will be the moment when the question is answered. >> reporter: in a few decades it's unlikely any professional races will involve gasoline, and they may not even involve a human at the wheel. jake ward, al jazeera. an historic run on the basketball court. the university of connecticut, once again they are champions of women's college basketball. >> the national championship goes to connecticut for the fourth year in a row. >> yes, they are pretty used to
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this. the husky's .ended their undefeated season by easily defeating syracuse. the team is now the only players in college basketball history, men or women to win four titles in a row. >> they have left an imprint on this game that is going to last a really long time, and i think it's a blueprint for kids coming after them, that if you want to know how to do it, they -- they showed everybody how to do it, and they did it the right way. >> reporter: the coach is pretty used to winning too. it's the sixth in program history, and they also extended their winning streak to 75 straight games. the coach moved last the legendary men's coach for the most championships all time.
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that's 11. congratulations to them. keep it here next more live news there london. >> continuing to risk it all. refugees determined to go to greece even though many will be sent back. >> hello, i'm barbara serra. late coming up why a merger has been dropped between the world's largest pharmaceutical companies. wins for bernie sanders and ted cruz in wisconsin. will it be enough to push them ahead of the front