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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 8, 2016 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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>> the pressure is mounting on another president. protesters demand argentina's mauricio macri step down in the wake of the panama papers scandal. and you're watching al jazeera live from doha. coming up in the next half hour, kidnapped by isil fighters, 300 construction workers go missing in syria. belgium police release pictures of a man wanted in connection with brussels airport bombing. and the boat industry changes strategy in the face of
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a sliding economy. >> growing argentina at argentina's president amidst of the fall out from the panama papers scandal. hundreds have gathered outside of the government house demanding that mauricio macri resign. some accuse him of corruption. on thursday a public prosecution asked for permission to investigate the president's role in offshore accounts after being named in the panama papers. we have reports now from buenos aires. >> argentina's president, mauricio macri won last year's election on promise of crackdown on corruption. and the details have been
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released in the panama papers. president macri has sworn he has done nothing illegal. >> i respect the law and i have nothing to hide. i'm going in front of the judge with all my information so he can verify the truth. >> but many in argentina think differently. >> once people have offshore companies, we want to know why the president is trying to hide something from the state. that's why macri needs to be investigated. >> and the prosecutors agrees. he has asked the judge to open the investigation into the president's alleged offshore dealings. he said that the company he held with his father was closed in 2008, and he was not a shareholder and never received any money from it. now it's up to the judge to decide if there is enough evidence to open an
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investigation. >> these revelations are happening at a very special time in argentina, when policemen and politicians close to former president christina chim christine kirchner is appearing in court every day. the call for investigation into president macri is being viewed as a bigger political fight happening in argentina between christin christina kirchner's party an. >> macri is facing other problems. rampant inplacing is not makin-n is not help and the reports in
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the paper are adding to the pressure. >> british prime minister david cameron's father was also named in the panama papers. he said that he sold his stake four months before entering downing street. he insists that he has nothing to hide. >> we owned 5,000 you wants in investment trust which we sold in january of 2010. that was worth £30,000. >> was there a profit on it? >> i paid income tax on the dividends. there was a profit but it was less, and it was subject to all the u.k. taxes and i want to be clear as i can about the past, about the present and future because frankly i don't have anything to hide. >> meanwhile, protests continued
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for a third day. iceland's prime minister has been replaced. >> al jazeera jamal has been following developments from beirut. >> there are conflicting reports records to the abduction of the factory workers, these cement workers with state television saying that isil kidnapped roughly 300 workers. sources on the ground and dna have told argentina that the number was far less than that. one of the armed rebel groups fighting regime as well as fighting isil managed to secure the release of most of them. they say that isil initially
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killed or beheaded ten of those that they took captive, accusing them of espionage and spying against them. that remains in the hands of isil. what this goes to show is what is taking praise on the ground because the dangerous nature and unfortunate fact that there is a difficulty in finding independent verification of things as they develop. what it also shows is that everyone in syria is a target even though they may not have aligned themselves with any one side. just those who go about their daily lives and going on with what is a horrid situation where some woke up one day and found themselves amidst this conflict. >> to iraq, hundred rights say
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that people have been forced to make soup from grass. few supplies have enter fallujah since last year. a few suspects have been released from the airport blooming. he escaped after his ex-plow i haveexplosives failed to detonate. >> this film shows the third suspect in the airport bombing. the so-called man in the hat who fled the airport when his bomb failed to explode. he has been shown without his distinctive jacket. investigators have pieced together surveillance images for two years after the attack. authorities hope that someone at street level may have spotted him. >> we appeal to people who may have taken a photograph of the suspect or link they can provide
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information on this issue. i remember they call the table number. evidently all information will be handled quickly. >> three attackers are believed to have attacked with th two of them blowing themselves up. one is suspected of being the bomb maker for the paris attacks which killed 130 people las last november. the other suspect is being held b by belgium. >> he will be handed off to
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france. but this will be in a few weeks because he needs to be heard from on another case. >> for the belgiums the priority now is to use the cctv images that they do have to find this man. al jazeera. >> italian and egyptian prosecutors have met in rome to discuss an investigation into the torture an murder of a student in cairo. he disappeared on january 25th, and his body was found in a ditch nine days later. we have the latest now from rome. >> it's a meeting that's been closely watched by italian public continue. egypt's general prosecutor and senior police official arrive in rome for talks. they could expect some tough questions from italian officials into the killing of the 28
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student. the post graduate student was found mutilated in cairo. among italian officials there have been skepticism of how well the crime has been investigated. they were originally told that he was killed in a car accident. the erupting public anger is putting pressure on the government to insure that justice is being done. some italian media have suggested that the egyptian government has been giving misinformation to italian prosecutors. the tes case is a test between egypt and italy. italian authorities ask egyptian investigators to give them data including data of calls to and from the student's phone as well as surveillance video. italy's foreign minister told the senate in rome on tuesday
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that the egyptian authorities had failed to hand over those two sets of information. >> there is not a change intact the government is ready to reacts. adopting measures that are both immediate and proportionate. >> egyptian authorities say the investigation is transparent. the visiting officials are reported to have brought large amounts of data with them to roam to discuss with their counterparts. all the while the family of the student are agonizing over why their son was killed, and who was behind it. al jazeera, rome. >> saudi arabia's king salman is in egypt's capital on a five-day trip. saudi arabia is expected to sign a $20 million deal to finance egypt's petroleum needs for the next five years. hundreds of students have
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taken part in protests in bangladesh demanding justice for a blogger who wasacked to death. the latest victim in attacks against bloggers and activists expressing secular views. four men attacked him as he walked home from an evening class. wellwell, well, he said democracy is key to overcoming decisions in society. >> if you have an environment where you can speak, that needs to be insured. over the years, as i mentioned, the democratic state has trunk. freedom of search has come under threat from militant groups and from the government. what we see is a culture of fear. and the culture of fear has permeated throughout society. we see that they're discontent against the government. it has been dealt with viciously
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in a ruthless manner. you cannot simply think that one thing will go right even owe other things are going wrong. at this point my understanding is addressing this issue most importantly is to take all these things together, create an environment of the democratic environment where opinions can be expressed freely, whether it is criticizing the region or criticizing the government. we have to see that who benefits from this kind of thing? those non-democratic forces benefit from this, whether it is within the government or outside. it is the responsibility of the government to address this issue, to stifle freedom of expression help the mill tan groups. >> we'll tell you why venezuelans are getting an extra day off at weekends. and pakistani film producers want a ban on bollywood movie.
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>> you're watching al jazeera, a reminder of our top stories this hour and hunts of protesters are demanding the resignation of argentina's president who has been implicated in the panama papers scandal. many are outside government house demanding mauricio macri
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step down. new pictures have been released of a man wanted by belgium police in connection with brussels airport bombing. he's believed to have escaped after explosives stakeholder to detonate. djibouti's president is hoping for a fourth term when voters go to the poll on friday. opposition parties say the campaign has been unfair. we have reports now from gentleman butte at this. >> the president is campaigning for a fourth time. he's widely expected to continue his tight hold on power. >> i will continue to fight
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unemployment. we'll establish an industrial zone. we'll take our share of employment opportunities in africa and beyond. >> this show of support in the final hours of campaigning is a reminder of politics here in djibouti in the past 17 years. there is a support of confidence in another five years. >> six opposition candidates are running for president. this man, a djibouti independence hero is one of them. >> we won't allow, no one can steal the will of the people. they're ready to defend their will. >> a huge portrait of the president and campaign slogans are visible everywhere.
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opposition other word leaders complain. others are courting the elections. >> the abject poverty is estimated up to 43% of the population. and we're not so many. we're not that many. only 800,000. >> opposition is also angry that the president rescinded his position not to seek a fourth term. >> i asked the president why he chose to stayen. >> the decision belongs to the people. i'm not here by force but by the will of the people. i cannot ignore their wishes. >> as they dance on election day, many understand too well that these elections may not bring about a change of government. >> more refugees are being deported from the island of
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lesbos back to turkey. this is footage of the first boat heading back to turkey. this is all part of the e.u.-turkey deal in which greece has agreed to deport illegal refugees back to turkey. the agreement came in effect on monday and is aimed at stemming the influx of refugees to europe. we're told there are 45 migrants all male and pakistani in that boat. al jazeera has been told they're voltaire return. diplomatic measures are being stepped up to help protect the delicate cease-fire between armenian and azerbaijani forces in the fight over nagorno ca over in a governor kno nagorno
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kara back. azerbaijan sees an opportunity to kick start the process for a comprehensive settlement. >> it's a must for everyone who has recognized that it is not only unsustainable, it's unacceptable. soon they will be naive ideas that they can keep it as it is forever, and then it will be more of the clashes of the assault. >> what azerbaijan wants is for pressure to be put on armenia, to withdraw its army from occupying the territory. the country best positioned to apply that pressure is russia. they have lobbied hard for both sides to step back and it has strong relations with arrest
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pena. >> undoubtedly we're more interested. but this conflict is resolved as soon as possible. those who suffer are displaced people. people who live in the region and the region itself. it's integrity as a transit region is undermined. >> russian prime minister was in the area on thursday to meet his armenian counterparts. he warned against allowing the conflict to slide into what he called a hot phase. so far russia has been unable or unwilling to push as hard as azerbaijan wants. armenia shows little signs of leaving the breakaway regions.
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for any final comprehensive settlement to have a chance at success, azerbaijan, armenia and nagorno karabakh will have to put behind years of bad blood and take on the risk of compromise. it's not clear that moment has been reached yet. al jazeera, azerbaijan. >> for the next two months venezuelans will begin their weekends on fridays. the government's decision is an effort to curb power consumption as the main hydroelectri hydroelectric dam hits historic lows. >> it's hard to imagine that grooming habits might solve the electricity problem. >> this is a problem that has been foretold for ten years and of which advocate measures have
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never been taken. it's not something that blow drying our hair can help. >> but rent announcements show that it just might be the case. on wednesday the government cut short of the working he week for the next 60 days, and president nicolás maduro asked women to stop drying their hair. >> diminish the use of drying machines and use hair dryers for special occasion and half the time in the next 60 days. do you think, women, this is possible? >> the reservoir provides 65% of the country's electricity. it is only three peters away from the 400-meter level that would force it to shut down operations. unless it rains soon, and a lot, people are taking tiny measures.
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candles were usually bought by devout catholics to light to their saints. >> candles are hard to come by. i have them, but they have become too expensive for most or simply hard to find. >> now people buy them in case of much-feared blackouts but only when they can. they're describing a situation all too familiar for venezuelans, a shortage of ache things an and a constant increase in price. >> the lack of raw materials means that it's been forced to close its doors. the situation currently facing venezuela has been called a crisis. but it prolonged blacks outs were to take place, the country could be faced with a major collapse. virginia lopez, al jazeera, caracas.
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>> bollywood films are not as welcomed in pakistan as they are in the rest of the world. a group of film distributers have filed a motion in high court to ban the films. saying they're effecting the local industry. imran khan has more. >> in recent years going to the cinema has become more popular in pakistan. four years ago there were only 12 screens, now there are 32. now the director of cinema in lahore. he said the popularity of bollywood is better quality films. >> there is a need of these films. if these films don't come here they will go back to being a niche industry. >> but a group of film distributors wants to change all that have. it's asked the city's high court
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to ban the films. >> the government said that pakistani cinema is growing. but the industry is only growing in the middle class areas. because of bollywood we can't make new films. that's why we want the films bad. they say that foreign films are a threat. in cinema houses often owned by the same company who use the money from tickets to fund new films. films have become a middle class activity, and some of lahores oldest will suffer and they'll close down because they won't have enough money to show the films that people here want to watch. it's a he question of traditional for the modern. >> to compete with bollywood budgets for pakistani films have gotten bigger and tickets more
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expensive. >> the defense here are better for family. those cinemas are too far away and expensive. >> crassdown with "n" one of lahore's more affluent areas it is a different story. >> indian films are necessary because they're entertaining, they have stories, technology, sound effects. pakistani films don't have that. >> it's clear that pakistani film industry is changing. but for producers and cinema goers alike ar argue whether that is a good thing. >> many yacht makers have had to change their tactics. >> the china boat show billed as the largest of its kind in asia. but this year the number of exhibiters has fallen. the boat industry has taken a
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hit. they say there are two reasons for this. it has led the ultra rich to avoid spending money on luxury items lest they come under scrutiny. so yacht makers are now eyeing a new segment of customers. >> today we're centered and focused on taking people on the sea, trying to get people together to go out sail, compete, and have fun, and then we can grow a small community and show the pleasure. >> and in the shift in buyers is a shift in product. >> this is what yacht makers are focusing on. this one goes for 200,000, and it's one of manufacturers interan entry level product. >> the market in china is
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relatively small compared to europe and the u.s. but the private sector finds that it has the government behind it with a new emphasis on water sports. >> the state council has issued guidelines. it wants to promote water sports as a sporting and eitherrer activity. we'll see strong support in infrastructure being built in the next few years. >> it has not been smooth sailing for the yachting industry in china as some would have liked but things may pick up. al jazeera, shanghai. thrives online.