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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  April 9, 2016 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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for a better life, but people say i don't belong here... i'm an american too. >> al jazeera america - proud to tell your stories. >> the last key suspect in the paris attacks is arrested, along with four other people. hello i'm darren jordan in doha with the world news from al jazeera. also ahead: saudi arabia and egypt announce they will build a bridge across the red sea. >> back in power, djibouti's president is back in power, making him one of africa's longest serving leaders.
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and a rocket lands, we'll tell you why that's important. one of europe's most wanted men is now in custody. mohammed abrini is expected of taking part in last year's paris attacks. he also pay be connected to the brussels bombings. >> belgian police arrest a man on the street in central brussels. part of the investigation into the recent attacks in paris and brussels. among them this man, mohammed abrini. on the run for five months he was wanted in connection with the paris plot. >> translator: this afternoon, mohammed abrini was arrested, plus two other people. their digital prinlt prints anda
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were.identified. >> abrini was last seen in this cctv picture, he was with his childhood friend, paris suspect, salah abdeslam. the prosecutor says it's too early to say if abrini is the so-called man in the hat. seen in the brussels airport just before the attacks. catching abrini is better than not. >> in the raid in paris, where they were able to get the paris attack ring leader aboed, everyone in that raid was killed. so the belgians say we take a little bit longer but we're
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capturing them alive. >> also arrested is osama bakay, also thought to have helicopter at the time malbeck metro station. malmaalbeek metro station. >> televised press conference, president sisi says it's a break through. >> there was an historic announcement, a plan to build a bridge, linking egypt and saudi arabia across the red sea. >> this is an historic step to connect the two continents, africa and asian, and increase the trade across the two
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continue nendz. continents. >> a physical link would be a mutual sign of solidarity. >> the extent owhich the strong and deep rooted would allow us to face mutual challenges. our cooperation will certainly allow us to resolve all of our regional crisis, such as palestine, lebanon libya and syria. >> a warning that saudi arabia and egypt would stand together against outside interference by we they mean iran for interference in the region. the two nations are signing agreements including a multibillion dollar deal whereby saudi arabia would finance egypt's fuel needs.
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saudi arabia and other gulf nations have provided president sisi with important support since he came to power in 2013 but this package from saudi arabia to egypt dwarves all previous agreements. mohammed val, al jazeera. >> syrian observatory for human rights reports that a local government negotiated an agreement. i.s.i.l. said it killed four workers for being druds. >> the syrian government has freed an american freelance photographer who was an deducted in the country. kevin patrick doors. he has been transferred to moscow and handed over to the u.s. embassy. hilary mann leveritt says this
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play mark a turning point between the u.s. and russia. >> it is a striking element in the u.s. russian relationship. the u.s. russian relationship has been deteriorating for past few years whether it's because of ukraine or syria. they have been on the opposite on serious international issues. in fact, u.s. has been sanctioning russia for the last few years. this marks a new chapter, an unusual striking development and shows really the depth of work that both be secretary of state kerry and russian minister
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lavrov have do condition. coalition air strikes destroy i.s.i.l.'s headquarters in the city of mosul while iraqi troops conduct preparations for the eventually ground assault to retake that city. nearly two years after u.s. moved into that area in iraq. conditions are slowly improving. >> daesh is getting weaker by the day. equipment and air strikes is working. >> even as kerry was speaking i.s.i.l. set off eight car bombs in heat, a strategic city for i.s.i.l. because of the supply lines it gives them into western anbar province. and a critical time for prime minister haider al-abadi. tumbling price of oil and
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thousands of citizens have been protesting. analysts say after investing years ago and billions of dollars in iraq the obama administration is nervous. >> i think there's a very clear understanding in washington that we need baghdad to essentially be healthy. that the iraqi government is a very critical component to our counterinsurgency success within iraq. and so right now, the fact that there is a bit of domestic turmoil going on is not just a domestic issue but is very much an international one that kerry is certainly aware of and concerned about. >> reporter: so kerry bought abadi some relief, $150 million for food and shelter for iraqis displaced by i.s.i.l. and a word of caution, this is not the time for partisan
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infighting. >> it is important the have stability, a functioning government as rapidly as possible in order to move forward so that all of these operation is are not affected. >> reporter: but there is little the u.s. can do to ensure that political stability. rosiland jordan, al jazeera, jordan. >> the djibouti president has won a fourth year in office, looking to extend his 17 year ruled over the african nation. he was widely expected to win and many opposition groups boycotted the vote. mohammed ado has the story. >> 77% of the vote, thereby declaring him the winner. the closest to the president, has garnered 7.32% with the rest
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of the votes divided among the remaining four candidates from the opposition and independent candidates who were contesting for presidency of djibouti. now the president has another five year term which will make his rule of djibouti up to 22 years. thereby making him one of the longest serving african leaders. he's credited with developing djibouti's infrastructure primarily establishing as a maritime hub, the strait of which 22,000 ships travel through each year. up to 43% of the population of this country still live under the poverty line. >> protesters in kosovo released
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tear gas at the inauguration ceremony for the new president. kosovo's opposition boycotted the vote in february, vitaci was elected. a new test for an engine of an intercontinental ballistic missile. it doesn't specify the dates. the test was conducted at a missile station near north korea's west coast. but south korea says the north is years away from developing such a missile. 13 koreans working at the same restaurant have defected to south korea. the biggest d defection since km
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jong-un took office. pope francis published new guidelines on family values . the long awaited document called the joy of love lists the pontiff's views on marriage, raising children, the church should not throw stones. >> he presents a theological ideal of marriage, artificially constructed far from concrete situation is and the real possibilities of families. >> lots more to come here on al jazeera. venezuelans are working a shorter week, but maduro's plans could short cull the family. more on that stay with us.
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it will take more than a few rocks to stop me from doin' what i have to do. >> suddenly heroin seems to be everywhere. >> there's no way i am willing to give up my family for a drug ever again. >> getting to the heart of the matter. proud to tell your stories. al jazeera america.
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>> welcome back. a quick reminder of our top stories here on al jazeera. the last key suspect in the paris attacks mohammed abrini has been arrested in brussels. four others have been arrested. saudi arabia's king salman has announced that a bridge over the red sea will be built to connect the countries of egypt and saudi arabia. the monarch's five day visit to cairo. djibouti's president omar
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galla has won reelection, extending his 16 year rule over the nation. yemen following a u.n. backed deal by warring parties to stop the fighting on sunday. the kingdom will commit to a truce if houthis will pull out, talks aimed at bringing the year long war to an end are scheduled in two weeks time. now so far greece has returned more than 300 refugees to turkey. under the eu deal which came into effect on monday. two boats carrying many pakistani migrants, be arrived in dakili, boarding buses to reception centers where they will be processed. harry fawcett reports.
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>> they arrived on two separate boats, one bringing people from the island of lesbos, others, who were collected on samos and kos and returned here. these were as we were told, voluntary detainees, majority of them pakistani men, they had health checks carried out and that process is now over. their next stop will be a deportation center in northwestern turkey very close witto the land border with grea. for all intents and purposes it seems as if they will be repatriated and deported. largest majority going back to pakistan. there is some concern here in turkey as there has been in greece in terms of the process, in terms of how much information they have, what kind of rights they have to claim asylum.
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what legal representation they have. nevertheless that is their destiny in the future. if you ask different turkish authorities, you hear two different things. we're told by the turkish governmental there are no syrians involved in today's transfer either. as you say the whole hub of this deal was to bring syrians back to turkey, designateas a safe country, from the civil war still raging in their home country. >> italy has recalled its ambassador from egypt. egypt denies allegations of a death of julian fabrini.
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>> after two days of meetings, egyptian delegation had little to offer italian prosecutors. now italy says it's recalling its ambassador from cairo for consultations. the prime minister says italy will not stop until the truth is recovered. egypt's response, they had no idea why the ambassador was being recalled. no statement has been released on the outcome of the meeting. julio regeni's body was discovered in a ditch outside cairo, nine days after he was gone missing. julio's mother said she could only recognize him by the tip of his nose. on top of the killing, an allegation cairo has repeatedly
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denied. >> the egyptian authorities have been unable to collaborate. they have given noncredible versions of offense. it is offensive to the memory of julio. >> two weeks ago his mother threatened to publish a photo of her dead son's body if there was no progress in the case. the murder of julio has risen ire here in italy. who was behind the killing of this italian student? sonia gallego, al jazeera, rome. days after prime minister stood down antigovernment protesters have protested, after the resignation of sigmundo you
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gunlaugsson. >> fidel castro last appeared in public for the first time in nine months. last week he wrote a scathing editor about barack obama. editorial about barack obama. independent commission will examine the outcome ever how 43 students website mittsing in guerrero state. three separate commissions have been held into the disappearance but families and relatives dispute the findings. now for thousands of years, farmers have prayed for rain but in venezuela they also need water to generate leverage.
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with the country in the midst of a drought, emergency measures have had to be taken. trees treeteresa vo has the sto. >> cutting back on small business. for juan, the measure has meant less work. >> i made half of what i usually make because this measure won't work because people still use energy by staying home. >> in a population battling the world's highest inflation and shortages of all kinds. >> these corridors are usually
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bustling with activity. but if venezuela could not solve its energy crisis. a three day weekend is more a sign that venezuela is worse off than she thought. >> it made me feel very restricted in my own home. i don't have any money to go on a holiday, and instead i'll have to do what i do in four days, what i usually do in five. >> we're only producing enough energy to survive, not to generate economic activity. in fact one way to measure how robust the economy is how much energy they consume. this is a dying country.
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>> reporter: dense leaden clouds have hovered over caracas in the past weeks but no rain has come. as the whole nation waits for el nino to end, many wonder if the government's measures are doing more harm than good. the concern is that reducing working hours would only paralyze a country whose are competent is in shambles. virginia lopez, al jazeera. >> dhak reports. >> water is the key to make good beer. the prospect of a massive international company taking
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large quantities of waters from those springs is worrying the brew master. >> nearly 700,000 liters of waiter is a significant a about i'm not going to predict the outcome but the evidence is certainly there. if you are extracting 700 million leerts per year, tha lis a significant amount. >> a public meeting of opponents to nestle's proposals. these are townspeople and farmers worried about their water becoming a commodity that can be sold to the highest bidder. >> this is a madness what we're doing with the public comments around the world. the world is mismanaging and
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polluting and running into shornlings, an rshortages. why should that be an opportunity for others? >> the company says it's committed to sustainable use and keeping the water pure for future generations. >> i understand those concerns but it's important to note that there's also a team of experts behind me that this is our primary focus. we are here to make sure that there's no adverse impacts, to make sure that there's no impacts to the surrounding flora and fauna. we have been operating 13 years and there's been no impact. >> canada has fresh water reservation and a relatively spall population. what it doesn't have is a policy how those resources are managed. >> this myth of abundance causes
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us to say yes to the gain. >> this spring water is what nestlé want to bottle. it's all part of a national debate in this country about the future of its most important sororities. daniel lak, al jazeera. carrying an unusual payload, one that could change how humans live and work in space. our tarek bazley reports. >> the launch of the falcon 2 has become a usual curntion. usual occurrence.
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>> once the operation is complete, nasa astronauts will deploy the beam, it will expand out to its further e-actual structure. >> normally, spacecraft size is limited by the type of rocket they're launched on but to gets around those, bigelow aerospace haste developed an expandable vehicle. >> this can be a complete game changesser, in terms of making trips to the asteroid, the major everymoon, mashes. inflatable technologies allow you to have a smaller volume. >> radiation and heat
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revocationen similar to what you just i. >> i would vote for the kevlar. when it comes to both radiation and physical debris. which is why these will keep astronauts face far into the future. the company says, it will make long term space travel cheaper and more. >> as you spend more time in a extremely tight environment, psychologically it is more important to you if you have a volume. the different between a is youth hostel or a five-star hotel room. you want more volume.
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>> the station understand goes test, if it's as durable and continuous effective, it could change the way people live and tral in space, thanexperiment i. >> more at that's that's what he sh control over. >> inside the debate in california - that could ripple across the nation. should medically assisted suicide be legalized. >> we cannot legislation morality. this is a matter of personal choice. ks


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