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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  April 10, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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working to fight to make changes. >> proud to tell your stories. at least 100 people are killed in a massive fire in a temple in southern india. you're watching al jazeera live from doha. also ahead, belgian police say a suspect has admitted to being the so-called man in the hat seen with the brussels airport attackers. g7 foreign minister gather for talks in hiroshima. on the eve of peru's election, a
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gurilla attack is at the top of the voters' concerns at least 100 people have died in a massive fire at a temple in the southern indian state of kerala. they say the fire started in a warehouse section of the temple compound where fireworks were stored. >> reporter: the rescue operations are over but many questions are being asked about how a disaster of this scale could have happened. officials say a spark from a fireworks display set-off other fireworks being stored in a shed next to the temple. it brought down parts of the temple and setting it ablaze. that's where most of the people were killed oninjured. there were were tens of thousands of people in around p around and the temple. the effects of the explosions
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were felt within a 1 kilometer radius with many windows, buildings and residences shattered in the area. it is a small fishing and residential town. its hospitals were not equipped to deal with an accident of this scale. many of the injured had to be transported to the capital 70 kilometers away. the state is also amidst elections. the prime minister has changed his schedule to visit the site foreign ministers from the group of seven industryingised nations are meeting in the person japanese city of hiroshima. top diplomats are discussing threat from armed groups. the leaders are expected to visit the peace memorial to pay tribute to the victims of the atomic bombing more than 70
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years ago. hay highly symbolic city. tell us what will be happening there. >> reporter: during the past few hours the g7 foreign ministers have arrived here. they have been greeted by the foreign minister of japan. he, of course, is hosting this g7 summit. at the moment i'm in the peace memorial park in the center of the city and just behind me on my right shoulder you can see the senate, and here that john kerry will come here to play flowers. this is the memorial that is in tribute to those who lost their lives after a u.s. atomic bomb was dropped on this city more than 70 years ago. this will be a highly symbolic moment because no senior u.s.
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politician has visited here befo before. john kerry becomes the highest-ranking u.s. fish to come here. there is a good deal of speck-- official to come here. there is a good deal of speculation that this could be a dress-rehearsal for obama attending the g7 leader summit next month, but the whis house would neither deny nor confirm that he will be coming here. japan is hosting the summit and it wants to see a declaration that really commits the g7 membership to really nonproliferation and also peace. here we have japan calling for peace and on the other side it's a country that relies on the nuclear blanket provided to it by the u.s.
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japan here performing something of a balancing act. some summit taking place in this context during the past few months north korea, the neighbor just to the north west of here, has been carrying out a number of rocket and missile tests and on saturday the north said it had tested the engine of a long range inter ballistic missile. that is proof once more that north korea continues to disregard the warnings from the west and continues to break sanctions imposed on it by the u.n. security council the north korea likely to be discussed. what about the regional tensions in the dispute in the south china sea, is that likely to come up as well? >> reporter: yes. security generally is what's going to dominate this summit, whether it's the nuclear issue of north korea and also what is happening in the south china
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sea. japan wants to raise the south china issue in spite of the minister warning japan not to do so. the chinese believe that japan is trying to internationalise the dispute taking place of the sea where china has been reclaiming land and building up islands. the prime minister says g7 should stick to talking about issues that affect the economy and development and not the south china sea. that doesn't belong in a venue like this. i think what we will see is certainly the g7 foreign minister's writing about their concerns, but it will be no stronger than that because many of the members here, britain, france, italy, enjoy trade relations with china and they won't want to jeopardize those about speaking too hashly about what they're doing in the south china sea. snoom thank you for that.
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a response to reports from the media that the country has tested a new engine from a ballistic missile. an undated video showed him supervising a test and military drills. south korea says the north is years away from developing such a weapon. more from washington. >> reporter: clearly there is concern that here we have yet another statement of some sort of progress in north korea's nuclear program. we've heard a stream of announcements over the last few months but also that sense to give outrageed statement is what the north koreas would want. there is a reluctance to oblige them on that. the south korean's say they may have perfected some engine.
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they don't think the north koreans have a reliable one to aattach the engine to nor do they think the north koreans have the ability to attach a nuclear war head. they say they do. there's also the issue of whether this is about the nuclear program at all. we have a major conference coming up next month. so we're wondering if this is about domestic politics after almost three weeks of searching, belgian prosecutors say they've identified the so-called man in the hat. he was captured on security cameras moments before suicide bombers detonated their explosives at brussels airport. it is this man who was wanted in connection with the paris attacks last november. he was one of four men charged on saturday. >> reporter: the so-called man in the hat was among europe's
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most wanted for weeks. he was seen here with the brussels airport suicide bombers and on friday after a series of raids in brussels, belgian police said they had their man. he says he is the man in the hat. he was also identified as a suspect of the november 13 paris attacks. he has been charged with participation in the activities of a terrorist group and terrorist murders. >> translation: we've expressed our appreciation to our security forces for their efforts. we all know that we have to stay very alert and that we have to be very careful. that's why at this moment a lot of military and police are on the ground to maintain our safety and security. >> reporter: a total of 162 people died in the attack ldz in brussels. >> translation: i hope he will be able to give explanations. hopefully they can find out if
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there are terrorist cells. >> translation: it's really important. the fact that belgian authorities got him. hopefully that means that the police are doing their job well. i think this is making brussels' residents and in belgium in general feel safer. >> reporter: members of the islamic community gather antidepressant outside the station on saturday to pay tribute to the victims of last month's attack. >> translation: this is something we do not tolerate. it is important for us to be present to show our support and thank the belgians who have supported us >> reporter: an expression of solidarity they say that's essential to make belgium safer and stronger among the nearly three million pref gees who have fled from turkey to syria, tens of thousands are thought to be
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children. >> reporter: this family has been through a lot. the terror of war in their syrian home town aleppo, the struggle to get out for the sake of their five children, but it was nothing compared to what happened when they made it here to istanbul. the disappearance of their 9-year-old daughter. >> give me back our daughter. i can't go without my daughter. >> reporter: she is described as a quit witnessed girl was playing outside the house when she vanished 18 months ago. they're convinced she was abducted and is alive. the authorities have done little to find her. in most cases when children go missing, they're left behind in dangerous places. what makes this more desperate is she went missing a few steps
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from her home. the desperation took them to a popular morning show. so far its staff have been unable to find her, but they have been successful in many other cases. in another district a refugee assistance group is staging a day of fun for displaced children. it is a demonstration to the local authorities of how many children rely on them, especially those separated from their families. >> translation: they're completely defenseless. they can say that turkey is shocked by the high numbers of refugees. it is trying to create a situation for managing the issue. >> reporter: he says there are more than 50,000 unaccompanied children this turkey. we have been unable to obtain an official figure in the government. they fear the effect all this is having on her brothers and sisters. >> translation: she can't go
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upstairs or outside. she says they took her. they will also take me. they cannot even go outside. my son has nightmares. >> reporter: so he does all that he feels he can. every weekend taking to the streets of this vast city hoping that someone will see a photograph, call a number and bring an end to the nightmare that he has been living for the past year and a half coming up after the break on al jazeera, raids and apologies as the fallout from the panama papers continues. plus the board game trend. trend. >> an historic election... >> you and i, we're going to change this country... and we will change the world. >> monumental decisions... >> mr. president, there's a one in three chance of a second
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great depression. >> first hand accounts from the people who were there. >> there opinion was shocking. >> the challenges... >> ... that i'm president and i can't make anything happen. >> he stood up, he said "i'm finished". >> the realities. >> i thought it was worth us taking a shot.
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welcome back. you're watching al jazeera. a reminder of our top stories now. at least 100 people have died in a fire the eight temple in southern india. the police say the blaze started when fireworks exploded during a religious festival. the suspect in the paris attacks admitted to being the man in the hat shown on footage. he was arrested on friday in brussels following a series of police raids. foreign ministers from the g7 groups are meeting in japan. they will discuss the threat from armed groups and north korea. in the philippines at least 20 soldiers have been killed and 50 others injured in fighting between the military and
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separatists. witnesses say about 100 fighters from the group battled troops in the southern island of basilan. going to our correspondent for more. this is the first flare-up of violence in a long time. do we know about what happened and why now? >> reporter: this is what we know. it is an entire battalian were held to a rebel-held area. about a month ago they were transferred from another island precisely for this particular operation. the philippine military now claims that in that operation it has killed a national who joined the group a few years ago who was involved in kidnapping
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operations and also known as a bomb maker. there are photos that proves that this person has been killed together with two other high level targets. however, the price for this operation is quite high. the timing is also suspicious. security has always been an iss issue. the philippine government is not releasing any other information apart from the fact that more than 20 people have already died and what we know as we speak is that some soldiers who are wounded are still in the area of battle and they're still trying to evacuate them until now the belief was that it had been weakened because there had been a decade of government offensives against the group, that they lost their strength. does this suggest the contrary? are they making a come back? >> reporter: definitely.
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when it started more than 16 years ago, they started as what they claim to be jihad >>s. they wanted to rule over the areas. in the course of many years they have been turned into nothing about but kidnapper ransom groups. they've held more than 16 foreigners, they've taken more than 10 indonesians over a week ago and others. they have become bolder and well equipped. their strategy is nothing but criminal operation. a lot of them are believed to have been involved in narcotics. it is difficult for the government to go after them. they're in areas held by civilians. it is a matter for the philippine army to trip to make sure it is surgical.
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the question is how many have been affected. the area of operation yesterday is surrounded by a lot of communities and civilians. there's no reports coming out whether they have been bolder, some have been hurt. no reports of displacement as well at this point of course, the timing in all this, elections are due in the philippines in three weeks time. what impact does this attack have on the conduct of the vote and the way people will vote in three weeks? >> reporter: it puts all of these islands in a difficult situation. a few years ago there were several failure of elections there. it is difficult to conduct operations in terms of voting. elections now have become automated. it doesn't make it very difficult because the chance for voters is difficult for the commission and the election. we don't know exactly why this happened, but there is a pattern here that is normal.
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during election season that's when kidnap operations are rife. a lot of the leaders are affiliated with local politicians. analysts believe that this is a good source of funding campaign for local politicians there. it is a trend that kidnapping operations go up into these areas thank you for that. four people have been killed and seven others injured in an attack on the eve of peru's presidential election. the authorities believe that rebels are behind the attack. three of those killed were soldiers and the fourth was a driver. they were taken forces to guard voting stations. special forces have been deployed to the region. security and primaries are on voters' minds. opinion polls suggests that the front runner is moulding on to
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her lead but it unlikely to win outright in the first round. >> reporter: last month this man was standing outside his home. a young man walked up to him and shot him twice in the head. his family says he died from a wave of violence. >> translation: now youngsters who walk around armed and they have become more aggressive. there has to be a new strategy to change all of this. >> reporter: crime is increasing and getting more violent. shootings and armed robberies happen in daylight. police say one in every three murders are committed by a hit man. she says she goes to the market carrying only the money she will spend. she doesn't trust there are enough police to protect the population. >> translation: you go out in fear. you can't have more money because you walk around scared.
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they kill you for nothing. that's what i would like the next government to change. >> reporter: the national institute of statistics say nearly one thing of the 10 million residents have been a victim of some form of crime. surveys say that most people unsafe outside their homes. it seems this issue is more important for voters than economy, poverty, health and education. >> reporter: all candidates say they will improe security. it clues using the army to protect government institutions and improving policing and investigations of crime. some would favor the death penalty for the most serious crimes. >> translation: the last 10 years have been marked by failure and abandonment by the police. the security and judicial
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institutions haven't received attention. it is a great challenge for the next government. focusing on violent crime by strengthening investigations and criminal intelligence. >> reporter: the family says there should be more and better trained police. they say they hope the next government will put security on top of its agenda the polls are open in chad where the president is seeking a fifth term in office. he seized power in 1990. he was won elections by a landslide in the past. but he could have a battle this year. he has won support and influence in the west by having a hard line on the fight against armed groups in africa british prime minister david cameron has released his tax details in an attempt top
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diffuse anger in relation to his connection to an offshore trust. he the details emerged in the panama papers leak which shows how rich and powerful create companies on paper to avoid tax. >> reporter: el salvador, the latest country to launch an investigation related to the panama papers. this law firm at the center of the leak had its offices raided by police after they suspected it was about to close down. >> translation: at this moment we are unable to speak of a crime. what we do know is we had had to do our job and find information and examine it and determine from a financial point of view, accounting point of view and legal point of view. >> reporter: the leak of millions of the dollars show how
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the-- of documents show how many hide their riches and avoid pay tax. anger is brewing in britain. david cameron is under scrutiny in his involvement in an offshore fund relating to his late father. he says he has done nothing illegal >> i bought shares in a unit trust, paid tax on them. i sold those. i sold all the shares that i owned on becoming prime minister. later on i will be publish aring my - the information that goes my tax return, not just for this years but other years because i want to be completely transparent and open about these things. >> reporter: for some that's not enough. the anger here is palpable. they organized themselves very quickly and they say they will
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not leave downing street until he resigns or closes all tax loopholes >> the main focus should be on the government to really look to clamp down on it. not just cameron but the whole of the parties. >> the whole agenda of this government is to crackdown on tax evasion. >> reporter: iceland's prime minister resigned over his involvement in the issues. the firm says it has broken no laws in this digital age most people play games on smart phones or computers, but the canadaian city of the toronto is heading back to an older
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definition of entertainment. >> reporter: it's the weekly settlors of catan game night. created in germany 11 years ago, it is played by millions around the world. some play in places like this. the newest board game >> we're just learning it. we many started coming every monday. there's a lot of strategy. a lot of different elements. there's something for everyone in it. >> reporter: who is going to win here? all of the city's 13 board games cafe offer food and drinks, some sem alcohol, but the main attractions is the shelves around the room. >> lots of games, where you desooef each other, fool somebody in a game of bluffing and your p you're trying to see
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if you're telling the truth or not. >> reporter: the first cafe of its kind here was snakes and ladders. this has the largest establishment in the world. there are more than a thousand games to live here. >> the collection, i make sure that is full of games that our customers will enjoy. i'm in charge of training the staff to be able to make recommendations and teach the games to our customers. >> reporter: it's not clear why it is among the world leaders for world board games. maybe it is for those who want to leave the digital world at home >> it's a good place to come and be away from our screens, computers and phones. >> my favorite part is to win and on to show nigh family how prosecutor i am to them. >> reporter: so far it has been
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wildly successful on weekends the line-ups match any popular nightclub. the trend is travelling around the area, that everything old is new again. >> each year, nearly 12 million arrests are made in the united states. >> is this pretty full for you guys? >> no, no this is just average, i guess you could say. >> okay. >> that's the population of los angeles and new york combined, booked into thousands of local jails. >> do you know how long some of these men have been held here? >> mmmm.


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