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tv   Art Trafficking  Al Jazeera  September 12, 2017 4:00am-5:01am AST

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the fluctuating cards half of the country struggles to make ends meet and so in times. economists calculate everything we don't want to think what will happen when the bank takes away our black. in search of putin's russia at this time. i'm rob matheson in doha the top stories on all dizzy the united nations security council has agreed to impose new sanctions on north korea base of very restrict fuel supplies and block north korean textile exports they also ban following countries from hiring north korean workers previous efforts to bring north korea to
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the negotiating table have failed they have repeatedly walked back every commitment they have made today the security council has acted in a different way today we are attempting to take the future of the north korean nuclear program out of the hands of its outlaw regime. we are done trying to prod the regime to do the right thing we are now acting to stop that from having the ability to continue doing the wrong thing china has urged the us to reduce its presence in the region. by. the strengthening of military deployment on the korean peninsula and the goal of the nuclearization of peace and stability run counter to each other the deployment of the fat anti missile system severely undermines the regional strategic balance it undermines the strategic security interests of many countries china included china strongly urge is relevant parties to halt its deployment and remove related equipment what's been known as hurrican has weakened
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to a tropical storm as it's made landfall in the u.s. mainland at least nine people have died in the u.s. and dozens more have been killed in the caribbean along its destructive path i do jocasta reports from tampa florida. the search for survivors begins in the florida keys where officials fear a humanitarian crisis and untold number of people defied evacuation orders ahead of him as a rival despite warnings that staying would be suicide. was lifted by the storm surge and carried across the highway one and posited about one hundred meters from where it originally came from as the florida death toll rises in other parts of the state have begun to clean up the storm a category four hurricane at its first u.s. landfall left a trail of destruction from miami to naples further to the north the city of tampa is breathing a huge sigh of relief the extent of irma's damage here some downed walls some trees
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and power lines now this was the best case scenario for this vulnerable region of days and more drainage that had originally been forecast to be in the bull's eye of the storm but instead east but the show. sheer mass of the storm meant no florida city was safe police in orlando had to evacuate some neighborhoods and life threatening flooding continues in jacksonville a disaster declaration covers the entire state of florida are you so you that everybody is going to work hard think about it is we going to keep everybody safe we've got to get we've got to get our hospitals back open we got to get our fuel back here we've got to get our roads open we got to get everybody their electricity back and i can't tell you it's not working with the majority of the state still without power life in florida may not return to normal for days or weeks meanwhile still
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a powerful tropical storm continues to churn north causing flooding in south carolina and beyond i did your castro al-jazeera tampa florida cuba has confirmed that ten people have been killed there over the weekend it takes the death toll in the caribbean to thirty eight rescuers are saying some have died after ignoring evacuation orders. britain's parliament has voted for a bill that would give ministers power to bypass parliament and create new laws the government says the bill is essential to allow the u.k. to leave the european union smoothly critics say it could dramatically undermine parliamentary democracy. guatemala's congress has protected president jimmy facing trial over illegal campaign finance allegations it voted to keep his immunity from prosecution despite a congressional committee saying he should be charged the committee says it's found evidence of on registered money in campaign funds and those are the headlines the
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news continues here on al-jazeera after art trafficking. antiquities trafficking is one of the most profitable illegal trades in the world estimated to be worth several billion dollars a year it ranks off to illegal arms and drugs precious objects plundered or discovered in clandestine excavations find their way onto the official market into museums and galleries. the main victims of the pillage nations are now demanding the return of their stolen treasures for a long time these demands or ignored.
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flood systematic ransacking of heritage sites meticulously staged by the islamic state of iraq and the levant isis has caused a global outcry and has reopened the debate with changing public opinion efforts to halt the trafficking have gained a new urgency but are nations prepared to act from berlin to beijing from rome to the syrian border an investigation into trafficking that's at the heart of an economic cultural and diplomatic war. paris february two thousand and nine crowds flocked to the ground parlay to admire
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the treasures contained in the private collection of eve son of home and pierre ballsy one of the most prestigious in the world a few days later these precious works were to be auctioned off by christie's. dozens of masterpieces will be changing hands including these two eighteenth century bronze hides a rat and a rabbit which had once been housed in the imperial palace in beijing their sale sparked an uproar in china. was. the. but the present owner doesn't agree. that she too has given due credit it is there is there. is no mark show me shake a fellow miners of your book will be today cryptic on that lake it actually.
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except that these heads were stolen back in the nineteenth century it was in eight hundred sixty june the second opium war when french and british troops plundered the forbidden city and ransacked the summer palace. the. still today the destruction and fair ft deep scar for the chinese people. beyond their aesthetic value the bronze heads are considered as priceless items of chinese heritage. should p.r. bags in there for a return. to see our kids are in no way to resign but you do to feel like i do it does she know our surveys it the it it every eighty. issue you are displaced so it goes as big. as your are for it that is your
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fate which probably publicly. took on the issue. you couldn't the tourism is. about the boulevard to d.c. it. was. very. new to. you. and. the two heads finally went for a combined price of twenty eight million euros the conclusive bids came from
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a chinese businessman who asked to remain anonymous but five days after the sale the mysterious bio revealed his identity at a press conference in beijing and his announcement was more than unexpected. ways is that in a city that's already been well. to look on but it is here today that. as the buyer refused to pay for the objects pillage from his country the big was cancelled and the two bronzes were returned to. in china people continue to demand the restitution a demand which took on political dimensions beijing viewed it as a way to exercise a national humiliation but also to confirm its newfound international clout the two bronzes in the sun the home begs
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a collection had become symbols of the plundering of their country by the west for christie's it was urgent to come things down with the chinese in twenty thirty the owner of christie's file swapping no himself sent emissaries to directly negotiate the purchase of the bronzes with p.r. . were to be agreed we could see. near. them for a therapy no yes this is. all there. he says is for perry an issue which. officially francoise be no returned the heads to beijing out of friendship for the people of china but that wasn't all a few weeks after the return of the bronzes in the presence of the french businessman the chinese government finally gave christie's permission to operate in the country and exchange as described it.
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the much publicized case of the summer palace bronzes is far from unique more and more pillaged countries are demanding the return of their cultural assets the trophies of the renowned museums of the western world. pillaged countries have a legal tool to negotiate for the return of their stolen treasures the nine hundred seventy unesco convention signed in june the era of de colonization imposes on all nations to return objects obtained illegally. in recent years the pressure on renowned museums has a. intensified. the pergamon museum the most visited in ballin is obliged to know the origins of its collections. you start to understand that what you have here is not just archaeological object but it's part
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of the cultural heritage of the region or of these countries and at that point you realize you're talking about a political dimension or a cultural political dimension as a director i cannot say i don't know when somebody asks me how did your collection actually come into being so my responsibility as director of this museum is to know everything about the objects. well the key documents in this file the ones that tell us basically that it was ok to take up the objects and this we have to do for everything and i'm considering that we have roughly five hundred thousand objects you know that this is a huge task ahead for us something that has to be done over decades really five hundred thousand objects all in there so that's an ongoing process that'll take until i'm retiring but the important thing is somebody is doing it every day
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because you have to have a lot of i was this is broke. the news going to close on the. bush said you know. the piece by example in just. a. designer. all the friends you see here have been pretty busy and we would be acquiring stuff and the program on stopped acquiring in the one nine hundred thirty s. forty years before the signing of the unesco convention which isn't retroactive this is. so the museum's collection is seemingly protected from demands for restitution but that's not the opinion in turkey especially in the city of gazi on tap young these are guys and if they should use me and can find committed on the order of a live force often only their enemies are. you know seeing. the who all told all
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and that we don't at all my given ever sat down on that was a coalition i was the man i should when there was a debate the internet. and a leg and then say and then i said enemies many people and if it and this is made and i laid. this black list includes objects on show in the british museum in london but also in the pentagon in berlin although they were all acquired before nine hundred seventy turkey still wants them back. it's not a question of museums anymore because it's a request of the state of turkey. they also are in the process of overcoming. colonial attitudes towards cultural heritage and in this process they have started to realize that. countries in the west have not
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always been upfront about their practices of acquiring collections. here's john dowd and they can. do given busy. busy on some shanty can and can't and then. the ritual is set. i made. sure that in this new they are musing in. the pillagers happened over a century ago but turkey isn't ready to forget. like china and italy turkey has made the restitution of its treasures a political priority. within its culture ministry the turkish government has set up a special restitution unit. forty or so lawsuits have already been won
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resulting in the return of over four thousand objects. one of the special units successes is the restitution of this music of orpheus stolen in the nine hundred fifty s. then purchased by the dallas museum of art after several years of legal wrangling the museum was obliged to return it. while pillage nations like turkey have a legal framework to demand reparations this isn't the case in the private sector where only the market rules. in this antique shop window how many artifacts have a perfectly established origin in many cases it's practically impossible to verify . does the private antiquities
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market have its own rules immune to international legislation you know asco had attempted to extend its nine hundred seventy convention to better control private transactions a new convention adopted in one thousand nine hundred five the unit the wired convention on stolen or illegally exported cultural objects obliges sellers to prove the legal origin of an artifact it also obliges buyers to demand proof but although the original unesco convention is recognized by one hundred thirteen nations only thirty seven party states have committed to the united wired convention. so the market is winning thriving with its own often shady rules chadian as
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embodied by the freeport system one of the main thoroughfares of art market trafficking. the best known are here in geneva but the exist throughout the world free ports were originally special economic zones which stocked in transit merchandise to reduce or avoid customs duties are dealers were soon renting space in these huge warehouses to discreetly store artifacts by allowing people to store all kinds of objects without the slightest control reports have long been considered as a hub of antiquities trafficking it's estimated there are over a million works deposited here more than twice the number contained in the movie. this swiss establishment guarantees its clients one hundred percent confidentiality its high security site is protected from theft but also from prying eyes artifacts
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can be stored safely here for years sit behind cars are parked on pulling on the. nokia also i know of. no i mean more joy and would you like to find a not understood it was in zones should one image with one on sauce fiske at all when your d.v.r. would order to keep the tax. amassed. no taxation an appealing advantage for our dealers while the works remain inside a free port they can be sold and bought without being subjected to any kind of tax customs duties are only paid once when a work definitively leaves the freeport a perfectly legal tax haven right in the heart of europe.
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these facilities explain why the gallery phoenix keeps most of its merchandise in free ports and the showcases only a small part of the collection is displayed the gallery belongs to tom one of the biggest antiquities dealers in the world. in twenty ten customs discovered in alley times warehouse in the freeport of geneva this is second century roman sarcophagus since then it has been the center of a complex legal battle. it will be awful you know all of you to prevent thank are up on love on do i live on this on the on and off and off on the oxygen for that's off leak put on their own music. so decided they don't. know jane i'll come problem. first i said proposition the don't assume
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she miss you want you i think that you do say that i just don't know. will perform a shop will add me read of get this used extraordinaire in just the midpoint get don't get those the large i met count down to. earth going there next year cities used to get an exam play a good new morning don't say i'm a modest shock silliman are they more. often than not they're learning the calculus . near zero lead to cannot as your phony palomar shown sitting success on the course that the president asked for don't know haven't. really had many and depend on the year the. mariana kids who are out there here yes just the most ridiculous who belong on. this is soccer first elapse of the documentation please understand see levity the question more in the clear goodness.
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faced with doubts over the object's origin the sale was finally cancelled as the so called because it was probably looted in turkey swiss authorities decided to allow it to ankara let your idea for me do cool let your key sit there. but said you. will poison you i did it was a key man who thought they did agree. to set this. short to sit for you call the steam press and yes you're reported for it. as the tumble blues don't. look as shit. on a lot of the story of it we're talking my live only the longer two they clearly allowed one or both own them. except that after being restored in london there's
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a conflict as didn't return to geneva until two thousand and nine so the turkish lawyer heading the case believes it comes under the new swiss law which demands every approachable origins for all works of art imported after two thousand and five in september twenty fifteen swiss justice finally ordered the repatriation of the second office to turkey but on the other tom continues to claim ownership based on a certificate delivered by the company art loss register all for years that if you get a positive early. look of us buyers it adds to the glare is that if you last night is asking these or cope what is a really really classic may see. don't let down. you are getting the. loves there is sucky sucky sucky due to a for me. what is an art loss register certificate the precious open
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sesame of the art market a document which states that an object wasn't stolen. founded in london twenty five years ago as a private information service with over four hundred thousand listed objects are lost register owns the largest database of stolen artifacts in the world for a fee any buyer or seller can ask art loss register to verify that a piece is not listed on its database. these registrations these. could also be registrations from uneasy just in case biting is ever started and now register them on the database just in case they show off for sale somewhere else the most obvious examples are the surface from the national museum of iraq. in two thousand and three twenty thousand full. and what was amazing is they were very
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careful and you can tell it was well planned because they went into the basement once they'd stolen everything and they destroyed all the documentation for the objects so that people would know what had been stolen unfortunately the major objects have been recorded elsewhere. they can say actually different words that we've entered just to help bring that up so here they were. they were put. braided have something like that. in the case of the baghdad museum an inventor really existed so stolen objects could be captured on to the database but in war zones very few museums keep precise inventer his and there's no way that objects discovered during illegal digs will ever be listed obviously that's incredibly difficult when you're looking at looted archaeological material that has been looted out of the ground it was taken out of the ground and potentially the only
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people that even know of its existence of the people dug it out. and yet this certificate is widely used on the antiquities market as is the case for ali abu tom's sarcophagus. i wish i had paper powers. no i would say. it's we've always been very clear about what our certificates are for and they state very clearly that an item is not in our database and it's not being registered with us but that not every theft or loss or looting event is registered with us so it's not complete. the art loss register certificate nonetheless remains the main document supplied by a seller to prove his or her good faith a precious certificate which can multiply the price of an object by ten but why is
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this service provided by a private company and not by a public body at least on a european level changes in national laws you go across and reach the nation state in the make it very difficult to resolve issues relating to stolen art in particular because suddenly limitation periods change principles of acquiring good title change is something that people take advantage of to get around the system. i just want to make sure all of our audience is on the same page where they're online and want to pollute the u.s.
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citizens here and what pollutes people of iraq don't want and the same or if you join us on saturday i was never put a file been looked at differently because i'm dacogen all the people but i'm a lot less is a dialogue tweet us with hostile a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. if you turn your back on the far. this would be collateral damage. at the mark. over. the operation. clarity by trust. the victim. being his past as an instrument of pinochet's brutal dictatorship
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a father tries to forget. but his son's quest for answers reveals there are often two sides to even the darkest of stories witness the color of the chameleon at this time on al-jazeera. i wrote matheson in doha the top stories on al-jazeera the united nations security council has agreed to impose new sanctions on north korea they severely restrict fuel supplies and block north korean textile exports they also ban foreign countries from hiring north korean workers previous efforts to bring north korea to
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the negotiating table have failed they have repeatedly walked back every commitment they have made today the security council has acted in a different way today we are attempting to take the future of the north korean nuclear program out of the hands of its outlaw regime we are done trying to prod the regime to do the right thing we are now acting to stop them from having the ability to continue doing the wrong thing what's been known as hurricane has weakened to a tropical storm off to ravage through the florida keys in the u.s. northeastern florida is now facing flash floods as the storm heads out to rob the state towards georgia at least nine people have died in the u.s. cuba has confirmed that ten people have been killed there by how to over the weekend it takes the death toll in the caribbean to thirty eight rescuers are saying some have died after ignoring evacuation orders britain's parliament has
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voted in favor of a bill that would give ministers part of bypass parliament and create a new laws the government says the bill is essential to allow the u.k. to leave the european union smoothly critics say it will dramatically undermine parliamentary democracy. guatemala's congress has protected president jimmy about alice from facing trial over illegal campaign finance allegations it voted to keep his immunity from prosecution despite a congressional committee saying he should be charged the un human rights chief says the violence and injustice faced by a million people is a textbook example of ethnic cleansing on monday a witness reported hundreds of muslims running from a village and security forces fired guns and set fire to homes more than three hundred thirteen thousand range you have now he skipped in neighboring bangladesh memorial services have been held in the u.s. to mark sixteen years since the september the eleventh. victims' relatives survivors and rescuers gathered at the former world trade center in new york
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president donald trump paid tribute at the pentagon those are the headlines in this . traffic. and. with the absence of common legislation and with skyrocketing prices trafficking has taken on industrial proportions. that it might be in. there when it was very very good but there isn't a less pretty when i meet them i get up but they. come and join us and repeat their story to us a lot of the semester the second that out of the second at the argument and in the night is that the bus if you know your generality and if you don't know is that the teacher just. got to go get. them. today lou jews have direct access to the market all they need to do is post their
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object online where it can be sold anonymously in recent years the number of websites selling archaeological artifacts has increased our hundred fold on one of them we found this clay nail probably from a rock officially this type of object has been banned from sale since two thousand and four but on these platforms no one cares about origin export licenses or legal documents it's the final stage of what has become global trafficking. believed to be the third highest illegal trade in the world antiquities trafficking was rarely in the public eye and. yes it has gone unnoticed for years but footage of destruction by the islamic state of iraq and the levant isis has caused a major international commotion. on any i being here oh me me me
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me me me really let the. moon. the music it did tweet music. live music. did this we show on you hike you. say and save i'm not a super thought about i gather. eon street buy me a classic is it on me hi can you talk of. the age of the tweet that could. produce song battle in the city limits you know dancing and of going to come i said petition that c'mon they're demented he said hugh. the state's destruction by eisel hides another reality much harder to
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measure mass looting. since its founding has been suspected of part financing its activities through antiquities trafficking . poor. again i guess what i should not stay. in created and that's to securely tied in through so now that i took it to then this is like if i thought . this was a key subject at a press conference to present the new red list published by i called the international council of museums for fifteen years i come has been publishing lists of rare objects from various countries which threatened to turn up on the international art market this time it concerned antiquities from iraq and syria suspected of financing eisel operations as proof that the subject is being taken
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seriously several international figures attended the meeting including richard stengel representing the us government who would launch the offensive. we just don't go and when john has these the department. also why. are you going to. evening i'm delighted to be here. what we've seen over the last year is i saw as weaponization of information and the cultural destruction that they are practicing is the weaponization culture so this is a destruction of history and destruction of culture and a destruction of human beings thousands of human beings at the risk of being too graphic. i would say that the buying or selling i mean artifact is where finances
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the beheadings of muslims in the middle east. that's one quick solution thank you. know by now salim is a very good slogan it's obviously impossible to completely police it and to be certain about it. one of the things that we've seen is that isolates using existing criminal markets that have existed over ten twenty thirty years in the region are using those people as middlemen to finance their operations. but how do we know what exactly is going on in the field absent the association for the protection of syrian archaeology has been recording cases of plundering in syria the association based in strasbourg and founded in twenty eleven at the outbreak of the country's civil war is headed by syrian archaeologist. according to
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information gathered by absa eisel isn't the only armed group plundering sites in syria all the actors in the conflict are to blame to really. act here in mass military talks here young. man year. an example. this is the most complex here like you see on the dash. many of the many people. say. what's the extent of this trafficking and how do the local networks that supply it
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operate to find the answers you need to go into the field most makes regular visits to turkey. to meet other members of his association. early in the war as correspondents could easily cross the turkish syrian border but turkey recently closed entry into its territory. because the same year the stock of. the c.e.o. but they are. not the sessions on the piece they did you. push it up to the cover. we see you. got to get it kitty don't use it on the whole case for to increase never we do you know his lawsuit was the best able to come up to. to fuck you. little easy but little more to make known to sit in a semi know so little to do that they snap you. and
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i limited my sight one moment most new vanish joint program here is repeated on your people be any possible did not know me. see again how they have seen in this world i don't why did you speak. with you. should have been meant for levy you didn't get some on those you prove also why he personally emmett not to respond it's there you are going to continue to contact . via skype it will go to others or more you know not only can you.
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not so long ago it was still possible to cross the border and large quantities of merchandise alive here in gaza and ten sixty kilometers from the syrian border. according to several sources this turkish city is a hub for the trafficking of objects plundered by i still. can't thing. doesn't have is full of antiquity stores in one window check most spots what he thinks artifacts smuggled in from syria. before the.
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start. the initials. the way he says here are some. of those below sound would mean. they happen. to know most if you see if i believe. new. york.
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one of these are. all. you know because we don't want credo paperwork you. don't peek that's pretty full essentially mean obviously peña nieto. in order. to.
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i think in. some part of. the. sikkim keep on i'll buy it if you can match them but not us if you cannot be chic they could actually. stand the thought that the sun don't. shine cos it comes on the lead the. yeah the cossack of their heritage like you not supposed to. say. it's normal group possible to publicly sell all purchase an archaeological object without legal documented proof of origin. the pressure on private collectors has
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increased. any of their acquisitions can be examined at a time. as i was there were. reporters who. were going to do so is that when you don't have your walk on water as possibly much more he is a pretty good question you. know you are in the gallery and sources say forty killing anybody who says it is legal or. they really question the clues each year and took my two kids like you don't know me a place go to school going to see if i move knowing me into the p.s. room sumanda p.s. if we had it was i said to him what i think of him nor what he thinks of me.
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some don't say on except that of course in the. scheme of. the forms you get you file. them so somebody getting one is a such deposit i'm sure. because when you call me waiting on them. the folly got told paul but it was. almost. always a question when yeah it was a predictable. repressed moment when yalit in the sure. for the full fuel or me a gallon to the vehicle fuel for the work. after an eight hour search the customs
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officers seized one hundred and twenty three pieces archaeologists have estimated the value of the collection at ninety five dollars a year old was a collector will be questioned further the customs officers is facing three years in jail. she she got they took it as they said was ok. if you were there if you know it there's territories no interstate. they able to call in your order if you're not safe in. the hippo she said. the. legal the shop. as european dealers and collectors are subjected to a growing number of controls they now represent only a small part of the international antiquities market far behind the chinese
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a new category of collector has appeared every year in europe they flock to specialized auctions ready to spend fortunes to buy back their national heritage. a spending spree that has seen prices skyrocket yet guaranteed. that you don't get . very good. stated as i spun r.c.l. a day as a mother she wondered if all event all and the taliban for the. meat puppet who were certain subjects so you may appreciate one of these examples of it it is owned by hope of a gentleman the near lake he belongs with no hole they can only bust like usual the boys hold on i need your meals as a meal to me your. guess is still in your back and once you are.
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barry had a better year coming up after new year on a jet sheen. that's it i know you don't got personal but your machine. for this is so much elaine they don't p.m.u. sounds her soft largest thank you for you did they. say good to you or not was good to clap question around about their. present don't tell and this only present doctor. don't. want to push to be. good but that slip up where dad said they didn't i see a defective in your so so i began. the reason gomez is sure he'll find a nato is prepared to buy this chinese steel is because wealthy chinese buyers are willing to invest fortunes in highly symbolic assets.
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these assets include a good number of plunder its national treasures objects with a high financial and ideological value. purchases are driven by a strong pottery arctic feeling and encouraged by the state. you're hundreds. of feet down toward and up. and down obama the one the one with the well digger draw away your hard yards home being sure drily. this is about believes that those who wish to become cultured should invest in safeguarding national heritage she has even founded an association which aims to repatriate historical masterpieces through any means.
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so much. pressure you didn't feed how shitty means that this is your father said that he could see him truly that john fit how you show that. this regularly visits mrs barnes home at headquarters to collect the funds necessary for buying back plundered chinese works that are sold in europe i am a foreigner working in china since long time i understood that when there isn't a question of relief. there is no big yawn of china's but only one voice it's a national really it belongs to our national and everybody is saying the same things you know is very different than our countries. german soldiers. did. but what year that they had to do it or.
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bears are coming out the tranny the only just to wash out and up and. down and about are told are slim. so so quaint so gentle so jennifer usher she. has their feet haha. and then are washing. she heads out that you know. the message got across in the west too plundered artifacts must be returned to china otherwise sooner or later you will be held accountable former president of the french union of antique dealers christian did you personally paid the price in the late one nine hundred ninety s. he bought a collection of chinese gold plates the for selling part of it to french businessmen is wrong swapping no for one million euros later the two men donated the plates to
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the queen mainly newseum in paris. one of the most welcome again yearly players from me a few years after their donation to the chinese announced that the plates had been looted and beijing demanded the repatriation in two thousand and seven the first lawsuit was filed but not pursued eighty years on did he receive a phone call from the french culture ministry is old you. see your huge lizard g.t.p. you knew no you. don't see it if i see you don't also also send you prove i knew little i don't as you need for this and that you'll be doing it. but only real name law accomplices usually most if you don't assume she is she ok. so christian did cancelled his donation to the green a museum and flew to china to return the plates to the authorities the other
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generous patron of the arts françois pino would return his plates in person to the chinese ambassador in paris a month before the official visit to beijing by french foreign minister fabulous a model for cultural diplomacy. is our set emperor hakan uneek. dar. or mimi needs to proceed on you know as they plan. dani baggage but you have a claim as you all were to do mondale of a whole called. civil a campaign but all. the dead he says on t.v. in film it is yours as if it was a little less all fed little do need a buzz the i pray you had to deal guess your loss. as.
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bargaining that has taken on a new dimension. and. heritage is now being used for political leverage as a bargaining chip between states. the status of antiquities has changed and once thought of as part of the heritage of all mankind cultural assets are now being held hostage by armed groups and used by states for a narrow nationalist political and economic agenda that's. action is needed by imposing tougher rules recognized by all through international organizations cultural heritage may regain its true place in our societies.
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well how has now been downgraded to a tropical storm we are still seeing some very heavy rain making its way across the far south east of the u.s. the still a snow massive amounts of clouds streaming in through much of florida across the panhandle into alabama into georgia pushing right up into
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a good part of the carolinas north of that is not too bad it's all some warm sunshine in new york at around twenty six hours just although it will cloud over into the mid twenty's there to four so we're getting up to around twenty three celsius on the other side of the country seattle at around twenty three degrees but you can see what those numbers around for when he picked that's the hot spot temperatures here are thirty two degrees celsius and on tuesday afternoon it will be noticeably colder basin places of cloud maybe wanted to showers there when he paid to stay twenty four celsius colder two for seattle it's ninety degrees and i only had eleven there for calgary meanwhile well let's see how this doing breaking out nicely still some other heavy rain pushing up towards kentucky towards tennessee we'll see some wet weather a possibility as well just making its way down towards mississippi so down into the caribbean here we go we can see them making its way away clear skies gradually coming in behind choose day looks like a dry. with
4:59 am
. documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. with bureaus spanning six continents across the globe. al-jazeera has correspondents live in the stories they tell. about. news. a deadly attack destroyed her
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family and left her badly wounded. with us for the last time from gaza to california and little girls journey of love through adversity but i was very timid when she came over time progress she became our family. that would touch the hearts of the people around her ever i was excited to come but when i saw the situation. on al-jazeera wild at this time. this is al jazeera. and i'm rob matheson this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes these are by far the strongest measures ever imposed on north korea
5:01 am
the united nations security council approves new sanctions todd.


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