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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 13, 2017 8:00am-8:34am AST

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pushing. into the. human condition. one hundred days on the gulf crisis boils over an arab league meeting in cairo. follow on down jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up facing
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a new round of u.n. sanctions north korea warns of great pain for the united states and i am victory iraqi forces prepare for what they hope is the last phase of their fight against isis. and apple unveils its new i phone export does not stand for extraordinary or expensive. a meeting of the arab league in cairo has descended into a shouting match as ministers from cats and the four states blockading the gulf nation trade insults. the us foreign minister said the blockade by his country saudi arabia and egypt will stay in place until qatar stops interfering in other nations' minister for state affairs said no evidence has been presented for the claims it supports terrorist organizations and called the embargo an assault on its sovereignty the rao on live t.v. . comes the crisis and to this one hundredth day on wednesday may not president trump
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has spoken to the crown prince of the united arab emirates in an effort to resolve the ongoing dispute he underscored the importance of unity among u.s. allies in the region saying all countries need to do more to defeat terrorism on the amateur comedy is a professor of conflict resolution at george mason university he says the meeting should have been a platform for diplomacy but wasn't this is a reminder of what the reality of the arab league has been for the last two two decades we all remember the famous exchange between the late saudi king abdullah and lately we leave that a mom also will remember the heated exchange with the syrian levy geisha in cairo so the arab public opinion is wondering once again where what are we doing with our conflict when the. when there should be at the rest of the screen the four hundred number two i think the cairo made it also provided the platform for certain nations
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to slowly defy the counterterrorism narrative and. their accusations against. radical called terrorist organisations so on the one hand we have an issue with. muslim brothers the strategy of the egyptians and all the nations that have you with the small movement in terms of where we should stand on that we saw in in a nutshell it was a platform for and diplomatic diplomacy. min miles later and sang suchi has canceled a visit to the u.n. general assembly later this month she's been widely criticized for failing to condemn violence against a range of muslims in rakhine state on tuesday the prime minister of bangladesh promised to help the more than three hundred seventy thousand ranger who sought
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safety in her country let's get more now from florence louise she joins us from young gone in me and florence any more details emerging as to why and sang suchi has canceled her trip to the u.n. later this month. well two spokesmen have confirmed that she won't be attending the general assembly meeting in new york one from the foreign affairs ministry and another from on san suu g.'s political party now one of them said that it was never confirmed that she was going to be at that meeting anyway although she did attend the one in new york last year now another said perhaps she had more pressing matters to deal with and said it definitely wasn't because she's afraid of dealing with criticism and she has come under a lot of fire recently not only for her government's handling of the crisis in northern rakhine state but also for failing to speak up on behalf of the rule hinges now and don't forget it took only two weeks before she made any public comments on the matter and even then she said this was a longstanding problem that dated back to pre-colonial times and she asked for the
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world's patience in allowing her government to deal with the matter and then she finally relented a day later and she said yes myanmar has a duty to protect everyone in this country but she made no direct reference to the rule hinder who have been fleeing in large numbers to bangladesh and she also said that the world that this was a this was a joy to defend at the government's position that this is that is dealing with. terrorism a counterterrorism operation now some analysts however have pointed out that her hands are tied because of the political situation in myanmar the military is still an extremely powerful institution it ruled the country for decades before it finally agreed to hand over some power but it has retained power as well by reserving twenty five percent of seats in parliament taining control of important ministries including defense border affairs and home affairs so it's the military that's really in charge of this operation particularly its military chief lane and
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just briefly florence the bangladeshi prime minister says that myanmar should take their nationals back is that going to happen. well the myanmar government's position is this yes we will take our citizens back but doesn't consider the real hinge or ethnicity since no do they hold national identity cards no they hold instead national verification cards which means their status is undetermined a government spokesman told al-jazeera yes we will allow refugees back into the country provided their documents are in order so he means if by documents he means id cards then while the engine won't be allowed back in if he means national verification cards then yes there's a chance but what are the chances that people who are fleeing for their lives have watched their homes and their villages and their possessions burned down would have these documents on them and that's look at how the myanmar has treated the is treating the four hundred thousand were injured who are already living in bangladesh before the military crackdown began they fled to bangladesh in waves
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over the last few decades to escape persecution myanmar hasn't taken them back and the myanmar government's position is this the real hinge or who are referred to as been garley in myanmar because to imply they are migrants from bangladesh don't belong in this country florence thank you north korea's foreign ministry has denounced the new sanctions approved by the un security council on monday in a statement the ministry says the resolution was fabricated by the us employing all sorts of despicable and vicious means and methods pyongyang also promised to redouble efforts to increase its strength to safeguard the country's sovereignty its ambassador to the u.n. is threatening consequences for the u.s. the forthcoming misuse by d.p. article. will make of the us so full to create pain is never experienced in its history the us president donald trump says the new u.n. sanctions are only a very small step towards dealing with pyongyang's nuclear program. we had
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a vote yesterday on sanctions we think it's just another very small step. not a big deal rex and i were just discussing the big i don't know if it has any impact but certainly it was nice to get a fifteen to nothing vote but those sanctions are nothing compared to what ultimately will have to happen. you know that joins us now from the south korean capital seoul cathy so yet more defiant language out of north korea today yes in the statement from the foreign ministry calling the sanctions a heinous provocation the sanctions of course are designed as a punishment for north korea's latest and most powerful nuclear test and also designed to try to deprive north korea of some of the hard currency it gets from its exports to try to force it back to the negotiating table but instead the foreign ministry is saying that it will redouble its efforts to continue developing
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missiles and nuclear technology and for its part south korea's unification ministry says that it is going to wait and see when it comes to what north korea will do next because it says that so far it has issued this statement from the foreign ministry but in the past what we have seen is a cycle of provocations from north korea followed by sanctions followed by more provocation so south korea is urging north korea to stop that cycle and return to the go shooting table it seems unlikely though with this language coming out of north korea that that is going to happen i'm kathy president trump says the sanctions are only a small step so while they're likely to have any effect any impact on the ground. well part of the reason that these are being seen as a small step is because a draft u.s. resolution was circulated before the vote which showed many that there are war or more stringent method more stringent. proposals pardon
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me coming out of the us what the u.s. really wanted was a complete embargo on oil that's coming largely from china that would cut off some of the oil supply that would be going to the north korean military because it was cleared to reporters who had seen this draft resolution and to the international community that the final result did not go as far as the u.s. had hoped it is being seen as not going far enough and acknowledged by president trump as a small step so what south korea had been saying was that it was important that there was a consensus on this resolution that it was important that china and russia signed up but clearly what donald trump wants to see is more stringent measures and he's warning that there may be more to come what they really want to do is cut off north korea's ability to continue to develop this missile and nuclear technology but china does not want to cut off all of the oil going into north korea because it
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does not want to destabilize the regime there and risk refugees flowing into its border and risk a unified korea with u.s. troops on its border dan cathy thank you lots more still to come here in al-jazeera including the death toll. rises officials across the caribbean and the u.s. struggle for a full assessment of the storm's damage more than. with . hello there we've got a few bits of cloud of the drifting their way across the northern parts of iran at the moment showing up on the satellite picture here just edging their way eastwards maybe giving one or two showers nothing more than that still the temperatures in toronto can to around thirty two degrees on wednesday before the south is far hotter than that still in kuwait it's been very very hot for the past few months forty seven degrees the maximum there on wednesday no real change for us even as we
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head through thursday before the south is not that hot here in doha and that's because it is more humid in the winds are likely to pick up a little bit over the next few days so feeling even stickier if anything looking at around forty or forty one degrees further south where with a bit more cloud around the coast of somalia they should see a little bit of drizzle at times twenty eight degrees will be our maximum down to the southern parts of africa and here there's a bit of cloud in the southwest in parts of our map that's ensuring cape town's not too hot will only get to wear around sixteen degrees at sixty one in fahrenheit old wednesday and no huge change really as we head through thursday maybe you're just a degree or so high but what you will notice with a bit more sunshine it should feel a little bit warmer towards the east a little bit more in the way of cloud around when that will make things a little bit cooler than they might be twenty one degrees the maximum for us but in the sunshine antananarivo will get to twenty eight. with.
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story breaks. like blanket coverage follows experts and politicians offer platitudes and sound bites strong and stable leadership trying to play the media and shape the message in an age of simplistic narratives the listening post critiques the mainstream response today and the two hundredth day of this administration exposing the influences that drive the headlines at this time on al jazeera. welcome back a quick reminder of our top stories this hour a meeting of the arab league in cairo descended into a shouting match as ministers from qatar the four states blockade in the gulf
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nation traded insults the u.s. saudi arabia bahrain egypt all cut them out of ties with qatar one hundred days of . has canceled a visit to the u.n. general assembly later this month she's been widely criticized for failing to condemn violence against range of muslims in rakhine state. and north korea has rejected the latest round of u.n. sanctions and is threatening painful consequences for the united states that measures are aimed at reigning in pyongyang's nuclear program president trump is warning of stronger action in the future. now fifty five people are confirmed dead in the united states and across the caribbean from hurricane there are fears the death toll could rise higher it killed thirty seven people in the caribbean when it barreled through as a category four storm destroyed much of the infrastructure in its path leaving the sixteen million people in the u.s. without power twelve people died in florida as well as four in south carolina and two in georgia irma's now weakened to
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a tropical depression but it continues to cause havoc with torrential rain and flooding in the u.s. well french president emanuel surveying the damage on st martin the eleven people died when our tours of the caribbean island which is split between the netherlands and france micro is promising to boost security as people rebuild. the priority and what we're focusing all our efforts on is returning the island to normal life or as normal as possible in terms of public order we have massively deployed police military police and soldiers which will come from this region and from france and from ghana this will boost the number of security and military personnel by two thousand and that number will rise to three thousand by the end of this week well the island of has suffered extensive damage most people have been flown to antigua nearby john home and as more. you may be able to see in the oven
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you go home it's just like any of the other news here on bob you've completely sort of abandoned this really is a desert island right now there's no water there's little food and there's no inhabitants apart from a couple of ponies or horses and dogs and cats around here the only other things here us and a few people from the government officials that don't just come out just to check out at this stage what exactly the scale of the disaster is and if we pan a little bit to our left you can get some sort of idea going past a call that just someone left you see is an area of concrete that was. shot a shoe shop at a clothing shop before you see it's not just damaged it's actually just completely gone all you've got there is the concrete floor and we've seen other things and it's just the same in the other not everything is not dummies we've also seen houses just got the fronts ripped off of them like the old house and other structures are relatively ok but the government says that about ninety percent of
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the island has suffered severe structural damage here and of course it's not just about buildings that's people's homes and their lives as well things in homes like malta log watches that have just bought clothes toys that have had to be abandoned the whole population about one thousand six hundred people have been evacuated to the island next door. and they're just waiting really to see how many months it's going to be before things go back to something approaching normality here so they can resume their lives we talking to some people from the government here and they just said listen this is too big for us to get hold of class cells we're going to need international aid there are some countries that apparently pitching in already been as well you know which has close ties to the caribbean islands which of form the sort of bastion of support for them as a partner or been already been pitching in for help and they're looking for help from other sources the government's put a price tag on everything that has to be done through coup. the island of bob uta at about two hundred million dollars it's not just the things we already talked
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about there's also the electricity the telephone systems are down well they're saying is that we want to try to remake this island but also remake it better so the next hurricane that comes along with more prepared to deal with it meanwhile in florida millions remain without power as the cleanup operation begins a quarter of all homes in the florida keys have been destroyed al-jazeera and gallagher reports now from miami. for days the florida keys were cut off but as residents slowly begin to return they're being greeted by scenes of devastation basic amenities like water power and medical services limited and will remain so for weeks if not months millions of homes and businesses across the state remain without power restoration is now a priority for officials bring people back a trauma lot normal life as fast as possible so we've got a lot of work to do. but you're going to come together we're going to you know get this say rebuilt. on florida's southeast coast the cleanup has begun in earnest
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along miami's iconic ocean drive sands being removed his business is prepared to open the doors and ports and ports a steadily reopening to allow visitors to leave because i mean this morning i think we get on a cruise this morning but i just i was it was on the ship had to go out there you know i mean back until about five a.m. so we're going to have to wait around the next six hours until we can board basically it was a little hectic but we managed to get through it tourism remains the backbone of florida's economy hotel and business owners a keen to get the message out that they're open for business horton for our guests that we have here that missed unfortunately due to hurricane arma to get them back here on the beach so with the help of our team our family we want to get all of our hotels restaurants back going and will be open tonight in florida's panhandle flood waters have yet to recede and in some parts of the state tidal surge is still a danger florida is used to clean ups and power cuts this state is hit by more
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hurricanes than any other and it was a large and powerful storm but thanks in part to accurate predictions well practiced emergency plans and a storm that quickly weakened the devastation wasn't as bad as some predicted that may be a problem next time officials tell people to leave but for now the state's focused on repairing and rebuilding and gallacher al-jazeera miami beach florida. iraqi government forces are preparing for what they hope is the final phase of their fight against eisel the fighters are surrounding and their last remaining urban stronghold the town of how we judge morale in the iraqi army is high following recent victories but some iraqis are worried i suppose ideology will remain a threat long after it's defeated him and reports. this is the image the popular mobilization of forces in iraq want you to see. in control and ready to fight the shelob militias are surrounding the last remaining eyesore stronghold of whole egypt p.l.f. command is
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a confident the next battle will be swift and decisive. we shall retake how we judge just like we took mosul in tal afar we are now waiting for the orders to advance to who we are in the process of reinforcing our positions and fortifying our defense lines and i feel rats will be squashed by how. well confidence is high the military operation to recapture who ija is expected to be a complicated one there are two main front lines for what we here at west of the town and here at southwest. both battlefronts are linked by a series of watch towers and trenches. soldiers are clearing the surrounding desert by burning bushes to make it easier for them to move in their armored vehicles the battle won't just be fought by militias providing support will be the iraqi army counterterrorism forces and the federal police the kurdish peshmerga will also be involved but given tensions in nearby could cook which the kurds claim the
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government leaders in baghdad say is federal iraqi territory corp it will be complicated. there are mountain tension and sinker cook caused by the sectarian dimension that is making it boil and might lead to the deterioration of security situation leading to a standoff among the different forces. despite the patel. take over the last remaining eisen stronghold in iraq the group's ideology will not be completely wiped out and it will remain a challenge. the problem is not with eisel alone it is by the oppression of the sunni communities even if i still is the fee to incur cooke's how we for example the oppression of the sunni community continues by the shia led government then we may see another wave of violence maybe worse than i saw the ideology of i still would still resonate among the people. in the groups ideology is a concern for many both here and abroad many iraqis say that the root causes for
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the rise of a group like i still haven't been addressed and there's also the issue of what to do with the fighters and their family members after all they are some of them iraqi citizens now there's no concrete plan from the kurdish or the iraqi authorities for rehabilitation or even imprisonment leaving many to wonder if there is a concrete plan proposed to eisele iraq iraq on al-jazeera how to build iraq's parliament has rejected this month's referendum on independence by the semi autonomous kurdish region campaigning is already underway for the vote on september twenty fifth in iraq as well as neighboring turkey and iran oppose the non-binding referendum they fear it could destabilize an already volatile region but israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu says an independent kurdish state has his country support. syria's president bashar al assad on the russian defense minister are in damascus to discuss their military cooperation in the civil war they said their focus is now on the city of barrow's all which had been held by ice over more than
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three years they agreed to bolster efforts against opposition fighters. now aleppo used to be known as syria's economic hub before it became one of the most brutal battlegrounds in the war syrian and russian forces fought opposition groups for control leaving eastern aleppo under siege for three years while nine months after the syrian government recapture the city it's allowed cameras in to see how some parts of being rebuilt reports. fixing a square that was once a frontline. and lipo was the battleground for one of the deadliest episodes of the syrian civil war tens of thousands died here when syria's largest city it's now rebuilding under president assad's watch and with the support of the regional governor you know you're looking at. the renovate social institutes and infrastructure health care education but first of all roads and bridges are doing that not only in aleppo but also in the eastern part of aleppo province. the syrian
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observatory for human rights says thousands have now returned to their homes from refugee camps just last week the governor says electricity was fully restored to the city. this school when a government how the neighborhood was protected from the worst of the war and yet this third floor classroom still has no glass in the windows after a missile strike in two thousand and sixteen two children died in this were four were killed in the playground bemoan what is it and so when the war started shelling started to fall on this school most of the children were here in the classroom as you can say there is only a metal net on the windows shell is hit here and killed children assad wants the world to see her rebuilding reporters were invited to visit by his allies in the russian defense ministry but an east in aleppo no amount of spin can hide the scars
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left by the coalition. children here learn the price of war every time they go outside the east of the city was under siege for three years until government forces regained control in december this is where syria's opposition made its last stand and nine months later neighborhoods here are the lowest priority ballasts al jazeera they dominican republic has invited delegates from venezuela as government and opposition to see if they can resume talks to end the political crisis around one hundred thirty people have died in the anti-government protests in april demonstrators blame president nicolas maduro the high inflation and a shortage of basic goods. kenya's president who are kenyatta has addressed parliament for the first time since last month's election the supreme court an old his victory citing irregularities electoral commission and set new elections for october
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seventeenth but the opposition is threatening a boycott unless there are guarantees against fraud kenyatta says he was spec's the court's verdict tens of thousands of people in france have joined nationwide protests against labor law reforms president emanuel says they're essential to energize the french economy critics say they'll wipe out hard won protection for workers one of the main changes includes making it easier for small and medium businesses to sack staff apple has unveiled a new line of products on tuesday that has technology lovers buzzing the i phone ten comes with new features but a hefty price tag al-jazeera has gabler's on the reports from new york. yes i phone yeah and annual event for apple with billions of dollars of future sales on the line. front and center stage was a device called i phone ten the new one is that i phone x.
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apple probably hopes consumers interpret the x as stand in for extraordinary and not expensive every time you glance at your i phone to text your face it does come with new face scanning technology that allows the user to unlock the phone and introduces what they're calling an emotion it can turn one's facial expressions into emotion by many people facial muscles in real time it was all unveiled at apple's new state of the art headquarters which reportedly cost five billion dollars to build someone has to pay for that the price of the new phone might help the new i phone is the most expensive phone apple has ever released more than double the price of the first i phone released more than a decade ago leaving many to wonder if this new phone is nothing more than an expensive toy for those fortunate enough to be able to buy it in many countries the monthly median income doesn't even come close to the price tag of the new phone for
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example in brazil households make just six hundred twenty seven dollars a month in china it's five hundred fifteen dollars meaning a household would need to work two months to afford the phone and in nigeria at two hundred twenty two dollars the average family makes only a fourth of what one new i phone ten costs i think they stick the stick to their core principles of design first and excellence and they price it but those things in mind i don't think they deliberately tried to come up with an economy model of things but yeah they have their target market and they stick to it on the streets of new york there were mixed riyad. to the steep price of the new for. a lot of money right i mean a if you could do magic tricks. future i'm the smart phone apple once again showing it's a company that can dazzle its fans with innovative technology but now more than ever
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it comes at a steep price. new york three astronauts of arrive to spend nearly six months on the international space station the two americans and a russian docked six hours after they blasted off in a soldier's capsule from kazakhstan on tuesday join three of the astronauts who have been on the station since july all and he was of course on our website there it is on your screen the address al-jazeera dot com. dot com. reminder other top stories here on al-jazeera a meeting of the arab league in cairo has descended into a shouting match as ministers from the four states blockading the gulf nation traded insults the u.s. saudi arabia bahrain and egypt all cut diplomatic ties with one hundred days ago.
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has canceled a visit to the u.n. general assembly later this month she's been widely criticized for failing to condemn violence against range of muslims in rakhine state at least one hundred thirty thousand range have escaped a nearby bangladesh fifty five people are now confirmed dead in the united states and across the caribbean from hurricane. there are fears that death toll could rise even higher it is now weakened to a tropical depression and continues to cause havoc with torrential rain and flooding in the united states french president emanuel mcroy surveying the damage on st maarten eleven people died on the caribbean island which is split between the netherlands and france promising to boost security as people rebuild. that's. the priority and what we're focusing all our efforts on is returning the island to normal life or as normal as possible in terms of public order we have massively deployed police military police and soldiers which
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will come from this region and from france and from ghana this will boost the number of security and military personnel by two thousand and that number will rise to three thousand by the end of the. north korea has rejected the latest round of u.n. sanctions and is threatening painful consequences for the united states the measures aimed at reigning in pyongyang's nuclear program include restrictions on fuel supplies and a ban on textile exports president donald trump is warning of stronger action in the future the lower house of the philippine congress has approved an annual budget of just twenty dollars for the human rights commission it's twenty seven thousand budget was nearly fifteen million dollars the brights party has repeatedly criticized president regurgitate it is violent crackdown on drug crime and the dominican republic has invited delegates from venezuela's government and opposition to see if they can resume talks to end the political crisis around out and thirty people have died in anti-government protests since april but those are the
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headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after listening post statement thanks autographing up. a clan the stein world of illegal trade what you have here is not just archaeological objects you're talking about a political dimension where the spoils of war are smuggled and sold to walk in houses and private collectors the bank for selling an artifact is where finances the beheadings of muslims in the middle east don't sal don't die that's one quick solution. trafficking at this time on al-jazeera. i think you have i don't think my. fellow well i think you know my heart my. god oh my god yes i have a shotgun but not all i want to.


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