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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 13, 2017 11:00am-11:34am AST

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with its economy stagnant mexico's president implemented drastic and controversial energy reforms mexico's oil opened by the mexican people for seventy five years is being sold to private international companies. and as with the country's agricultural sector it's exposed to exploitation by profit driven multinational corporations crude harvest at this time on al-jazeera. mian mars leader decides to skip the un general assembly as she faces fierce condemnation over the handling of the a hinge a crisis. hello and welcome to dhabi you're watching al-jazeera live from doha also ahead north
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korea warns of a fast a push to its nuclear program after new u.n. sanctions plus. tensions over the gulf crisis boil over at a meeting of the arab league. an eye on victory iraqi forces prepare for what they hope is the last phase of their war against eisel. me and my son suchi has canceled her plans to attend the un general assembly meeting later this month she has been widely condemned since the violence against muslim or hindu in rakhine state escalated late last month after visiting makeshift camps on tuesday the bangladeshi prime minister sheikh hasina promise you'll speak out about the crisis at the u.n. meeting in new york a closed door u.n. security council meeting is also expected on weapons day florence louis has more
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from the city of yangon. a foreign ministry spokesman has told al jazeera that aung san suu kyi the country's leader will not be attending the united nations general assembly in new york later this week because she has to stay back in the country while the president is abroad for medical treatment and she staying behind to deal with the situation in rakhine state there have been suggestions that she may not be attending the meeting even though she attended the one last year because she doesn't want to face criticism and she has been coming under fire a lot of fire lately not only for the way her government has been handling the situation in northern rakhine but for her silence about the plight of the will hinge or now don't forget her first public comments about the matter came nearly two weeks after the fighting started and what did she say she appealed for patience to allow the country to deal with the situation because this was a problem that dated back to pre-colonial times but others have defended her saying she's not fully in charge of the country because the military is still
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a very powerful institution it handed back power after running the country for several decades but it still retains control of very important ministries and has reserved twenty five percent of seats in parliament and the person in charge of the military operation in northern rakhine state is the military chief playing the u.n. high commissioner for refugees is calling for more help to look after the root injured difficult problem has more from cox's bazar in bangladesh. well humanitarian organizations here say the camps and the dark conditions are finally getting the attention it needs the bangladeshi prime minister was here yesterday assess the situation and has promised aid but exactly what kind of relief the governments will be sending are supplying is not clear at play max is also expected to arrive they will have a look for themselves of the conditions in these camps and then report back to their individual countries the u.n. h.c.r.
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chief of operations is also going to be looking at these camps later in the day the u.n. agency or has already. brought in about ninety one of metric tons of food and supplies for the refugees they are on their way to caucasus bazaar and should be arriving any time during the day but those supplies are only for about one hundred twenty five thousand people far short of what is needed you have to remember that there were already refugees here before the latest influx so now around eight hundred thousand refugees are in need of food aid and any kind of relief now aid workers tell us there's still another hundred thousand people waiting to cross the border there's also concern about the status of women and children coming in seventy percent of those coming in are women and children also a lot of concern about women and girls who've been assaulted as their villages have been attacked in especially after they made this arduous journey over here they are
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in need of medical not only medical help but also psychological help north korea's foreign ministry has done a new u.n. sanctions over its nuclear program in a statement the ministry says the resolution was fabricated by the u.s. employing all sorts of despicable and vicious means and methods pyongyang also promised to quote redouble efforts to increase its strength to safeguard the country so for inching its ambassador to the u.n. is threatening consequences for the u.s. . the forthcoming ms use by d.p. r. k. will make the us suffer creates pain its never experienced in its history well the u.s. president donald trump says the sanctions are only a very small step towards dealing with pyongyang nuclear program we had a vote yesterday on sanctions we think it's just another very small step. not a big deal rex and i were just discussing not not big i don't know if it has any
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impact but certainly it was nice to get a fifteen to nothing vote but those sanctions are nothing compared to what ultimately will have to happen and or thomas as our correspondent monitoring events in the region of our bureau in seoul andrew the reaction there where you are. well the south koreans have been reacting to the north korean statement as you say the foreign ministry in pyongyang put out a statement earlier on wednesday condemning the resolution they called it illegal and evil heena provocation and they've said all the resolution will do will strengthen their results to follow this road the road towards nuclear missiles at a faster pace without the slightest diversion the south koreans have said that they want the north to just stop this cycle of provocation followed by sanction followed by further provocation or the flow they fear might be coming from the north with another missile or even a nuclear test in coming days they want to get the north koreans back to the
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negotiating table but at the same time the south koreans on wednesday have released footage of their own missile test carried out on tuesday or so they say they're fifteen k. fighter jets flying over south korea dropping a missile from that plane which then flies independently and then land from very precise targets on an island we're told off the south korean coast the south koreans here trying to make their point that they have missiles too and that they are ready to use those missiles to strike a precise location in north korea if they believe the threat from the north is imminent so on the one hand south korea is the north to pull back to stop doing these tests to stop the need for further u.n. resolutions and on the other hand they're saying that if you are going to carry on them we're ready for you and those comments from donald trump with the pretty much to be expected. i think they were the u.s. obviously wanted a much stronger resolution it's fairly common knowledge and in new york ahead of
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the vote they wanted a complete oil embargo on north korea instead what they got was a cap on the oil going to north korea of course they had to have that because if they'd done what they want to do and had stronger sanctions then either china or russia or both would have vetoed a resolution and this donald trump said in the clip you played just then he got the fifteen to zero resolution passed every member of the security council voted for it had it been stronger it probably wouldn't have passed the feeling here there in south korea much as donald trump was putting into words there is that this resolution will do little to stop north korea in testing they expect more to come but what donald trump means by the fact that the u.s. and other countries will need to go further that this is only a small step does he mean military action does he simply mean tougher sanctions because there is at least some movement there that still can come but other sanctions well of course that is the great unknown the unpredictability of kim jong un is well known the unpredictability of donald trump of course is new to this
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region and potentially the most a stabilizing force out there but in south korea they do support the u.s. president saying that there needs to be tougher action they don't believe this will have much effect here in seoul though at the moment the atmosphere is still calm thank you. i mean singh of the arab league in cairo descended into a shouting match with ministers from cattle and the four blockading countries trading accusations cattery diplomat accused quotes some regimes of waging a media campaign against it drew an angry response from egypt which rejected the accusations and baseless insults the heated exchange then descended into a full on squabble with the saudi arabian cattery representatives telling each other to be quiet efforts to resolve the three month long dispute suffered a setback on saturday when saudi arabia suspended any potential dialogue with cata it happened just after a phone call between leaders of the two countries suggested there might be a breakthrough it's now one hundred days since the four arab states cut trade and
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diplomatic ties with cats are accusing it of sponsoring terrorism a charge that strongly denies one of the main fall out from the gulf crisis has been its impact on education for more than two hundred countries students one student we spoke to was only one day away from finishing his degree when the gulf crisis began from doha his caroline malone. him used to fall solder is on a mission to save his education he studied for a bachelor's then a master's degree in your for more than six years at sharjah university in the u.a.e. he had an interview booked for his thesis on june sixth a day after the gulf crisis began and all categories were ordered out of bahrain egypt saudi arabia and the u.a.e. you know i don't have any that i asked about the u.a.e. or any county because you know. when you studied there more than six years and thus having so or should be. thinking about that yet you know i
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think should be studying in. any country. i can't get is tickets he needs from the u.a.e. to prove he's finished his studies he's enroll that katty university in the hope that he'll still qualify however. new students without academic records is difficult as the total number so far more than thirty three students in the four countries. saudi arabia the dilemma is the equivalency to make the course that the student already finished and that one of these country equivalent to make it quick to their one of the university you must compare the topics the content katter's human rights committee says they've heard from thousands of students who say their education has been disrupted by the crisis at least seven hundred bahrain is a mirage isn't saudis have had to leave camp to university and they were ordered to return home by their governments that score that in baghdad it will be in the minds
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of the new janeiro nation that it's certainly been bored of that regardless of which board. and which country you are and this is something that it is not easily been going to be you know raised with the political decision you know of those pocket country will change universities have reopened after the summer holidays and just like last year will include students from all over the region and other parts of the worlds. students are registering here for the new academic year a cattle university among them a students from the blockading countries who decide to stay on or register despite the restrictions and there are catteries who've been kicked out of other regional institutions and had to come back home to die hard to continue their degrees. student such as outsider who is grateful for the opportunity to secure an education despite the political arguments. caroline malone al jazeera.
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well let's go back to that meeting of the arab league for a second joining us live on skype from ghassan c.f. in turkey is rodger shanahan he's a research fellow at the lowy institute for international policy what shanahan looking at the tone of that arab league meeting it doesn't look as if there's anything here to build on anything positive asshole. certainly i mean it's very worrying that the arab league meeting can a few days after what turned out initially to be positive signs of the phone call between the qatari and and saudi ladies that even that is out of the complex conflict their prospects don't seem to be particularly rosy looking ahead does the world does the region have to accept a quarter is increasingly looking like a new status quo here i think we've lost the skype line to get into it will give it one more go roger can
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you hear us is peter in doha here yes again ok good i think we lost comms with you there ever so slightly i'll ask the question again one more time just in case you didn't catch my my question is this a new status quo where the g.c.c. is in effect fractured and may stay fractured well obviously that's a significant concern but i think seen anybody's interests for lead to be the case or the same steps previously in the j.c. say but they have tended to gain and fixed relatively quickly and without too much profile this is different in. quantity and the quality of the split at the moment but i think everybody q.a. and the u.s. is trying to make sure that the j c c doesn't. interesting you mention kuwait there a couple of weeks back we were hearing a lot about the emir of kuwait who's got cross generational cross royal family support around the region we haven't heard so much from him or about him in the
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past what we call ten days what's happening with him. well he's appeared in washington with president trunk and i think president trump has given him. top coverage probably the best best way to describe it present trump himself has said that cain in the future trying to get a shot directly between qatar and saudi if he's required to do that and the subtext to that was he doesn't want to get involved at this stage and he's still pinning his hopes on the q.a.t.'s to be able to bring some kind of the gay shit as a solution between the parties which doesn't appear to be anytime soon from what we say at the late night roger. thank you. we'll have much more on the first one hundred days of the gulf crisis later in a special edition of the newsgroup with santa maria be sure to join the team at fifteen hours g.m.t. here on al-jazeera. still ahead for you on this channel the disturbing results of
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a child refugee report what millions of children are missing out on and what it could mean for the future. and casualties of war we look at how fighting in the philippines island of mindanao is taking a toll on the local economy known for its arts and culture. by the scandal in the nation. or off the coast of the italian riviera. hello there wet and windy weather is working its way across europe at the moment you can see it on the satellite picture this area of low pressure here it's worked its way across the british isles and now it's edging its way eastwards and it's going to give some very very strong winds through parts of germany there we could see winds gusting over one hundred kilometers per hour and we could also see a coastal surge for some of us here as well and as well as being very very windy
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it's also going to be incredibly wet as this system works its way eastwards eventually the low pressure whips up towards the northeast there as we head through into thursday but he's dangling his feet further south and so the cooler weather is pushing through parts of france there across the outs and that's where we also see some very very heavy rain as we head through thursday the southeastern corner of europe though here is generally fine and settled now but still pretty hot be caressed up at twenty nine degrees and for rome we're getting to around twenty five now for the other side of the mediterranean here with the winds filtering down from the north so along the north coast of egypt it's not too hot temperatures do rise pretty quickly as you go further inland by the time you get there up at thirty five little bit further towards the west maybe a bit of cloud around robots that will give us the old shout perhaps twenty six degrees the maximum temperature here in force in june is a slight change in the wind direction will allow those temperatures to saw there with sponsored by qatar and. i just want to make sure all of our audience is on the
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same page where they're online what the u.s. citizens here and what pollutes people of iraq for one and the same or if you join us on sat i was never put aside all been looked at differently because i'm darker than all before but i'm a lot this is a dialogue with tweet us with hash tag a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make you laugh so join the global conversation . this time on how to. welcome back here with al-jazeera top stories for you the me in mali the uncensored she has canceled plans to attend the u.n. general assembly this month jasmine condemned for failing to criticize the violence
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against muslim or injured in the northern states of rakhine. a meeting of the arab league in cairo descended into acrimony with ministers from cata and the four states blockading it trading accusations a cattery diplomatic used some regime's quotes of waging a media campaign against it and north korea is threatening to fast track its nuclear program in response to the latest round of un sanctions president trump says the move is only a small step in dealing with pyongyang nuclear ambitions. the president of the european commission says the bloc will propose a new migrants deportation policy at the end of the month. made that announcement as part of his annual state of the union address to. the six percent of migrant situation are sent back it is obvious that we have to consider play strength and activities in this area this is the only way that europe. maybe
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ever to show proof of solidarity with regard to the refugees who really need protection. millions of child refugees around the world are missing out on an education according to a un report half of the world's refugees are school age but the report says three point five million of them didn't get one single day of education last year just sixty one percent of child refugees secure places in primary schools compared to ninety one percent of children not living in war and famine zones and only twenty three percent of teenage refugees were in rolled in secondary school last year that's compared to eighty four percent elsewhere in the world. enrollment levels for refugee children are on the rise in lebanon but the numbers are still nowhere near where aid workers say they should be many of the children are still forced to work to support their families severely limiting their time in the classroom mohammed jam juma now reports from the bekaa valley in lebanon.
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for children who've seen too much war and struggle to far too long singing about syria it seems. from all the poverty that's damaged their families from of the work even if you were. twelve year old syrian refugee raps about issues most people twice her age couldn't begin to understand. like the long days she used to toil in a field collecting vegetables in order to support her family. happy to be learning again she demonstrates her newfound musical ability there is no such activity. i'm really happy that i'm singing here i met new friends and we meant gold and we started writing songs about child labor and children's rights and about peace until recently is sort of us fellow band member was also worked on
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a farm in lebanon's bekaa valley now the fifteen year old isn't just back in the classroom she's decided she wants to become a journalist when philosophic generalism i can deliver the message i want highlighting the suffering of all the refugees whose voice is on tat and i can also express myself through my writing how many of the children attending this informal school also have a job coming to class on days off from their exhaustion is evident but their thirst for knowledge is far more apparent. they lack the works with the beyond association and helps run the center she tells us life for these children has been extremely difficult. or not you know what have the tally and they were deprived of their rights and they were out for a long time long hours and hard labor they had no rights to tool and what we're trying to do is lessen the amount of suffering aid workers say programs like these
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also help ease trauma and act as a form of therapy and elaborate on there are at least half a million syrian refugee children and to give you some idea of why there is so much concern about their futures according to the u.n. h.c.r. in the past school year less than half of those kids had enrolled in schools here. for the moment at least these youngsters are transported on this makeshift stage where dream easier to obtain in this unofficial classroom where they hope an education will always be available. in the bekaa valley. russia's defense minister is in damascus to discuss military cooperation in the ongoing war the held a meeting with the president bashar al assad focusing on efforts to take control of the city of which has been held by eisel for more than three years they also agreed to increase efforts against opposition fighters. iraqi government forces are
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preparing for what they hope is the final phase of their war against isis the group is surrounded and its last remaining stronghold us the town of how we judge but some iraqis fear isis ideology will continue to influence long after it's maybe defeated in rank outcome now reports. this is the image the popular mobilization of forces in iraq want you to see. in control and ready to fight the shared militias are surrounding the last remaining eisel stronghold of whole region p m f command is a confident the next battle will be swift and decisive. we shall retake how we judge just like we took mosul and we are now waiting for the orders to advance to who we are in the process of reinforcing our positions and fortifying our defense lines and i feel rats will be squashed by how. well confidence is high the military
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operation to recapture who ija is expected to be a complicated one there are two main front lines for the region here at west of the town and a at southwest. both battle fronts are linked by a series of watchtowers and trenches. soldiers are clearing the surrounding desert by burning bushes to make it easier for them to move in their armored vehicles the battle won't just be fought by militias providing support will be the iraqi army counterterrorism forces and the federal police the kurdish peshmerga will also be involved but given tensions in nearby kirkuk which the kurds claim the government leaders in baghdad say is federal iraqi territory corp it will be complicated. there are mountain tensions and crack cocaine caused by the sectarian dimension that is making it boil and might lead to the deterioration of security situation leading to a standoff among the different forces. despite the potentia. take over the last
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remaining eisen stronghold in iraq the group's ideology will not be completely wiped out and it will remain a challenge. the problem is not with eisel alone it is by the oppression of the sunni communities even if i still is the fee to encourage cooks how we for example the oppression of the sunni community continues by the shia led government then we may see another wave of violence maybe worse than i saw the ideology of i still would still resonate among the people combating the groups ideology is a concern for many both here and abroad many iraqis say that the root causes for the rise of a group like i still haven't been addressed and there's also the issue of what to do with the fighters and their family members after all they are some of them iraqi citizens now there's no concrete plan from the kurdish or the iraqi authorities for rehabilitation or even imprisonment leaving many to wonder if there is a concrete plan for post eisel iraq iraq on al-jazeera how to build. the lower
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house of the philippines congress has approved an annual budget of just twenty dollars for the national human rights commission in twenty seventeen the budget was nearly fifteen million the rights body has repeatedly criticized president roderigo to thirty years violent crackdown on drug crime thousands of people have been killed by the police over the past year the new budget requires one more vote and approval by the senate before it becomes final meanwhile the army in the philippines continues to fight and i saw linked group which had deceived the city of morale we all knew southern little mindanao martial law was imposed in may from . an indoor gun takes a look now at the economic impact of this ongoing conflict. doesn't allow we would says these are the worst times has been the wood carver all his life pieces like this one take at least six months to make in the past he was easily able to sell
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his carvings not anymore. my children don't know how to make these and there are very few of us who can do it. and nobody buys the city of morality less than hour by road from here remains under siege the philippine army continues to battle it out against the local armed group called them out fighters inspired by ice so who are battling to set up an islamic state in the southern philippines more than three hundred filipinos have been killed and at least two hundred thousand have been forced from their homes we isn't the only place on the island of mindanao be affected by the conflict the guy is a town along synonymous with modern art named after a tree that can only be found here to gaia is in the northern part of those are province. you know school recognized as the home for culture and heritage in
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mindanao the people of to go are also suffering more than ninety percent of the villagers here are dependent on trading in for their livelihood and since the same began they have lost their income and they're now entirely dependent on aid the mayor of today are says president of the go to churches imposition of martial law is making life even more difficult. for so many workshops like this one are and team orders had stopped. this mosque was designed and built by villagers in didn't one nine hundred fifty s. it's a symbol of what's known here as. an art depicting the identity of med analysis they see their home maybe see from the bombs to continue to for america but we remain
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worried the fighting doesn't only obliterate buildings it can also raise the identity of the people similarly. you know until sore something. three astronauts have arrived to spend nearly six months on board the international space station the two americans and a russian top six hours after they blasted off in a soyuz capsule from kazakhstan on tuesday they join three others have been on the station since july. recapping our top story so far this the leader of me and my son suchi has canceled plans to attend the u.n. general assembly later this month she has been criticized for failing to condemn the violence against the range of muslims in rakhine state at least three hundred seventy thousand granger have escaped to bangladesh the u.n.
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is calling for aid agencies to step up their operations quote massively. north korea's threat is threatening to fast track its nuclear program in response to the latest round of un sanctions president donald trump says the move is only a small step in dealing with pyongyang's nuclear ambitions the forthcoming the us by the parakey will make a day u.s. cell phone creates pain is never experienced in its history the us president donald trump says the sanctions are just a very small step towards dealing with pyongyang's nuclear program. we had a vote yesterday on sanctions we think it's just another very small step. not a big deal rex and i were just discussing not not big i don't know if it has any impact but certainly it was nice to get a fifteen to nothing vote but those sanctions are nothing compared to what ultimately will have to happen. ok maybe
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a meeting of the arab league in cairo has descended into a shouting match with ministers from cata and the four blockading countries trading accusations cats are did raise the issue of the boy kind of boycott despite the fact it wasn't on the original agenda that led to a fiery exchange. russia's defense minister is in damascus to discuss military cooperation in the ongoing war and conflict there he held a meeting with the president bashar al assad focusing on efforts to take control of the city of durham which has been held by ice all for more than three years they also agreed to increase their efforts against opposition fighters. three astronauts have arrived to spend nearly six months on board the international space station the two americans and a russian docked six hours after they blasted off in a soyuz capsule from kazakhstan on tuesday they join three others who've been on board the station since july tweek male teacher back i met peter dobby one you're
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right up to date with all the top stories more news in half an hour see you then between now and then it's the stream. facing the reality of the air space that they have belonged to that it belongs to the international community getting to the heart of the matter they can understand how to get. this news story with a story on top to how to say at this time. i mean ok and you're in the stream davis is a white. infiltrating a white supremacist organization you tell us about it on today's show. come over and join us welcome to the strain.


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